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Log Home Repair / Replacement

  Question: I have a small Pan Abode and a couple of the lower wall 'logs'are rotting. I cant rationize a big repair.
Can I try to remove the rot and fill with some wood filler product ? Or maybe cut out the offending log and somehow insert a milled replacement.
  Question: Can you give me thoughts on dismantling a log home built 1975 for the purpose of rebuilding it else where. Is appears to have notchs running log ways top and bottom with a board between them
  Question: The gable dormers on my log home have issues with the log siding and fascia rotting. Only the siding closest to the roof is rotting and the end of the fascia boards. Both were installed with a gap between the roof and the wood. Should there be something installed between the siding and the roof? What can be done for the fascia?
  Question: We have a log home that is less then 20 years old and we have a leaking issue with our logs when hard rains come. it isn't the roof and leaks in inside and out from the log joints how do you repair this?
  Question: Sort of a strange question, but do you know if punky logs insulate better than solid logs? I know insulating factors increase with air pockets and conductivity decreases. While realizing that punky logs will not have the shear strength of solid logs, I cant help but think that they may be better insulators... Thoughts?
  Question: Just bought a modernized log cabin home in the city. It has2front doors, and I hate it. The things is they're symmetrical on my front porch and I'm wondering if one can be converted to a Window or something else when I have boo idea to find the logs that were used to build my house in the first place so it still looks the same
  Question: We bought a two-story log home built by combining two kits in the early 1980s. It has a loft, three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. All have very tall ceilings and all are uncomfortably hot in the Summer. I have been told that MAYBE the proper roof insulation was not added. Is it possible to think of the upstairs as an "attic" and install solar-powered attic fans to move the hot air pocket out?
  Question: We are considering buying our first log home. A repair was needed due to water damage, so the owner made the repairs, but used log siding instead of replacing the logs.
From what I understand, it is common to cut back a log and replace it with a cut in half log, but have not seen siding being used for this type of repair.
I am wondering if this can be considered an acceptable or common repair?
  Question: When it rains and we have wind we have major leaks, we have done the things I have read that you suggest and we still have leaks..... what do we do next
  Question: We have a Real Log home that my family built in the mid '70s. My dad had a window air conditioner in one of the upstairs windows that appears to have "leaked: down the outside wall. It has rotten some of the log in the corner. How do I get them replaced?
  Question: I just powerwashed fir deckings, all enclosed porches. Before I had a few boards that were "furry". I have more now. Do they have to be sanded out? I'd like to seal the decks & paint with PPG Advantage 900.
Thank you.
  Question: I have loose stair treads that are half log attatched to a full log stringer with lag bolts. assuming this was the common technique for a log home built in the mid 90's can I repair by drilling thru and securing with a bolt and nut
  Question: our log home is 30 years old. we are in need of repair on inside of a log where our dog gnawed a large hole in it. how can we fix this?
  Question: My husband I have always dreamed of owning a log cabin and one has recently become available in our area - Western NY. The only downside is that its a foreclosure and has to be taken as is. During our walkthrough, we noticed in one corner of the cathedral ceiling a black spot that looks like it could be black mold. We didnt see it anywhere else and if related to water damage, we feel like it would be on the walls next to the spot as well. When we asked the realtor about it, he said log homes are
  Question: Hello, I'm currently building a deck using cedar posts as the uprights. My question is, how do I install log hand rails onto log posts that are already in place?
  Question: We have a 10 year old log home in Texas. We have experienced cracking sounds over the years but recently have had real loud cracking sounds in the same place. Is this normal?
  Question: There is an old log bedroom attached to the rest of the house we just bought. INSIDE is great, outside not so great. Is there anyway to cover up the logs so we could go over the outside of the bedroom with rough cut cedar? Obviously we don't want moisture issues or critter issues either. Thanks!!
  Question: I used a chainsaw to cut logs length wise and to hollow the center a little then wrapped a pole with the logs. When I lag the 2 half together you can still see about 1/2" gap where chainsaw cut was. Plenty of center hollowed out there's play around the pole to know this. How do I full this gap to look like the log? It's pine. Is there a caulk?
  Question: My father built a log home in Kerrville, Texas from Real Log Homes out of Wimberly, Texas about 38 years ago. He never stained the logs, and bugs ate and destroyed many of the logs before he realized it. He's partially deaf and didn't hear them. He sprayed the logs and killed the bugs. He also claims that he was given misinformation about the foundation, and it is about 3 inches too short. It appears to be structurally sound, and much of the interior is fine. Many logs are rotting. My husband
  Question: We have a cedardale log home. They are no longer in business. We have logs on the bottom floor outside that have termite damage. We need to
replace them with something. We were thinking of slabs. What should we do?
  Question: I have a log home built with 6"x12" square logs. One wall has bowed in the middle about 2 1/2". Can I use a steel channel on both sides to pull it together or maybe one log on one side with lags to straighten this?
  Question: Have old timer log home, 71/2 inch D logs, need to replaces a couple of places. Where can I find log? Company out of business, pine log.
  Question: Can a log home be converted to brick?
  Question: I'm getting ready to purchase a log cabin but the main roof line you can see is sagging. It's not terrible but is noticeable. Is this an expensive fix? is it worth fixing? How would you go about fixing it?
  Question: I have a 100 plus year old log cabin in Maine. the logs are horizontal. The walls are starting to bow out I installed 2 turnbuckles on iron rods to pull the walls back in. All that did was pull the top log in. Any suggestions? I was wondering about a vertical steel plate on the exterior being pulled in by the turnbuckle but not sure how that would work as the turnbuckle needs to be up high so the plate would just pivot out from the hole in which the iron rod was attached. thanks
  Question: How can you tell what type of exterior stain is on a log home. Is there an easy way to tell the difference between a water based stain and oil based one?
We bought one 3years ago from someone who flipped the house and didn't know anything about it.
  Question: We live in a manufactured home that has an addition built on the back(just one room.) It was built to go with the rustic appearance of the rest of the house. I have discovered that some of the wood used is creosote treated. The smell is really strong when it's hot. We also have a small wood stove for use in winter. is it possible to cover the treated logs or does that wood need to be removed. I'm very concerned about the toxic effects especially since 2 people in our household have had cancer.
  Question: i have a cathedral ceiling in my log home and the main beam that goes through the home is splitting pretty good. is this a concern?
  Question: We are looking at purchasing a log home. It is 16 years old and has been well taken care. We have one concern. In the dining area one of the wall tie beams. ( i believe that is what they are called). There is one coming in from both sides and three from the roof that all tie together with a steel plate. One of the beams is warped. It has a arch to it. Is that something to be concerned about? Does it need to be repaired? Is it an expensive repair if it needs addressed?

  Question: what type of caulk should i use inside between the logs my house is located in fort lauderdale florida
  Question: We have a log home that was built by Satterwhite Log Homes in Longview, TX in 2002. We have always had problems with air coming in from around the windows and doors and outlets. What can we use to insulate this so we can cut back on our electrical bill due to air coming in?
  Question: Have a log veneer home and can't find anywhere to purchase replacement logs near me. We have done it before but the place we got them closed. Any suggestions near St. Louis mo. Thank u
  Question: We own a 2 story log home with full basement. It was build in 2002, we purchased it in 2012. The center support beam going from the second floor to top is spliting. There are several splits that I measured at 3/4" that stagger up one side of log the entire length. Other logs are also starting to do this. Logs on staircase, logs on 1st floor under this main support log. Who would we even contact to look at if so it can be corrected?
Thank you for any advice you can give.
  Question: my log home makes loud bang near the roof. Several times a day
in the cold winter. Is this normal?
  Question: how hard is it to put a window in an existing log home? Or can a hole be cut years(35) after assemdly.
  Question: Searching for quarter round cedar logs for exterior renovation project in or near San Antonio, Texas...any leads on suppliers?
  Question: What would be the best way to install concrete board over interior log walls?
  Question: We have D style log home 15 years old. Windows are jeldwen wood Windows. We have leaks around a couple Windows. We have caulked using polyurethane caulking and it didn't help. I've researched online and found a special caulking for logs that is gritty texture hat will seep into cracks and adhere better. Problem is we still have a leak around one of he Windows. Any advise?
  Question: I work for a company that does fire and flood restoration, WE are in the process of drying out a log cabin home that had pipe break and about 200,00 gallons of water came through. Is there a special way to dry out a log cabin house to make sure we dont crack or split the logs.We have dehumidifiers and air movers going right now?
  Question: I have a 25 year old cedar log home, one story that hasn't had the proper maintenance that these homes require over the years. The ends of the house face north and south. The south end walls cry when it rains, in spots I can see light from outside. There are large gaps between the logs on every side of the house. Never heard of chink until recently, always used caulk on the exterior. Bugs are problem to. In places there is visible log rot inside and log splitting on the outside. What's the bes
  Question: Builder has the wood stove in the corner by the dining room. I would like to move it to the opposite corner in the living room and eventually tie in my TV to sit above a faux rock fireplace that we would build around this stove. The ceiling is tung and groove. Any ideas of how to either repair, cover, or construct new around the old ceiling opening? Would eventually remodel kitchen opposite dining room as well. (Think L shape with dining in corner and kitchen and living at each end)
  Question: I am trying to find out how much glue would be need to buils a 24x32 log home.
Thank You
  Question: how to repair a log cabin home that has some rotten
logs. We have removed the rotten wood and need to have some type of glue or filler to replace the interior, before we install the exterior wood siding
  Question: We had extensive river flooding which submerged our three year old, Finnish cabin for about one day. During construction, we placed small crosses of foam insulation at the corners between each tier. We also placed a thin strip of insulation running the length of the log between each tier. We have removed every other part of insulation. Can we avoid a major mold problem without tearing our entire structure apart?
  Question: I have a log home in Park City, Utah that needs exterior restoration as well as one rotten log replaced. Can you give me a recommendation for repairs?

  Question: We recently purchased a 15 year old log home (D log main floor, D log siding on upper floor). On the south wall of the home we have water leaks at the interior beams of the home, where the beams connect to the upper most log. We have caulked the windows, window flashing, the top three logs across the house that includes where the top log meets the log siding and we still experience leaks (primarily in storms from south with wind element). We are on a ridge so driving rain is a common occurrance.
  Question: I have a log cabin that's had an addition. So the inside wall used to be the outdide wall but it's covered with sheetrock. Can I cut down the wall to create more space?
  Question: Our 1903 hand-hewn home has been added on to both up and out multiple times. We took the drywall off of the interior, hoping to expose the logs. There are many old windows that now look into interior rooms. The ceilings were also lower before so second story windows are not below the ceiling on the first floor. What is the best way to fill in the windows? Any way to match/repair/patch the holes left by the windows? Thank you.
  Question: Hi I'm looking at a log cabin to purchase. The home needs a good bit of work. The bottom living area is 1248 Sq ft the 2nd story is 949 Sq ft. The whole roof needs to be replaced and the whole front of the home is pretty much gone (rotten). I guess what I'm asking is can this be done? If so can you give me an estimate on what a job like this would cost
  Question: we recently purchased a 14 year old log home in Brasstown NC. According to the previous owners, the flashing above the windows leaked and all new window framing was installed. However, there are 9 ft logs (6x8 D logs) between the two windows that are rotted in some areas. Do you happen to have the contact info of someone locally that could replace (possibly 9) rotted logs?
  Question: We are replacing all the windows in our log home in Colorado and would love a recommendation. we live at 8500 feet and receive a great deal of sun, wind and wintry weather.
Thank you in advance for your time.
  Question: Sorry.
Should have included that I live in Mobile, AL and the humidity (and sun) is always a consideration. There are no professionals in my area (that I have been able to locate) to hire or consult.
Thanks again
  Question: I purchased a cabin that was going to be torn down. The logs are 10" round on round double tongue and groove (chinkless) white cedar, milled smooth, no taper. I am looking for information on the correct way to re-build, using the correct products, in the correct order.
I have sanded the logs to the bare wood to remove the stain and degraded wood. The logs had a bead of caulk on the top of each tongue. No gasket seal or any kind of backer rod anywhere. I do not know the manufacture company so
  Question: we had a modular 48x28 log home build by Amish then deliver to site the ceiling is leaking sometimes during the day and at different places it has a metal roof what is causing this.
  Question: Hi, thank you for your time. I have the possibility of disassembling a 1800's 2 story log home and rebuilding it. It has been covered with siding for the last many of years. How much does it usually cost rebuild these homes per square foot. Its a 25' by 32' might leave it open with no second floor. Also, in the mean time, should the home be sprayed around the perimeter for bug and insects to stop or prevent any possible insect invasion.
  Question: We moved into our first log home that is 15 years old and are finding cracks (some maybe 1/8 inch wide) on some interior logs. Should we be concerned? Thanks
  Question: We are buying a log home. The pine planks on the wall inside have light marks where everything they had hung. How can we cover all these marks up??
  Question: We have a log home that has a crack in the metal flashing from the slab down. A piece of heavy equipment backed into it while clearing shrub. I would like to know how to fill the crack so cold etc can not get in through the broken area.It is in a place that is not easily seen and rather than replace would prefer to repair. Thanks
  Question: My husband and I inherited an old log home built in 1836 in central PA that we are attempting to renovate. I'm mostly curious about the chimney thats in the home. It's a two story home, but the chimney has been boarded up on both levels. Nearly 60 yrs ago the house was hit by a car on the chimney side. The chimney sits vertically until you get to the attic where it's on a permanent 30 angle. It hasn't moved in all of those 60 yrs. Any help? We're lost!
  Question: I have a log home on a harbor in northern Michigan.
I have been here about 18 years, and recall when the cabin was painted a cherry red; in the past10 years, it was painted by a professional with some combination of paint , stain and sealant.
The NE side if the cabin is nearly bare logs now, so I decided to paint that side the original cherry paint- now I am reading NEVER paint logs as they will rot. It is half painted! Help! How should I proceed? I have 10 days and leave then for winter!th
  Question: How do I replace rotten log on the coners of a log house
  Question: I have a stucco and cedar log cabin. The front was covered with siding, when we took the siding down we found that the two bottom logs are rotting in several spots. What would be the correct way to repair them.
  Question: Our tiny kitchen doesn't have a window and is very dark in there. The kitchen is on the back side of the house. Would it be doable to cut through the logs to add a window or would this no be a good ideal to do?
  Question: We live near Shawnee, Oklahoma. We cannot find anyone to do maintenance on our log home. Do you know of anyone in this area who does the washing & restraining? Thanks
  Question: We have a 10 yr old satterwhite log home. There is a white powder that looks like mold forming between the foundation and the first course of logs. We have a 3 ft wrap covered around patio. Also a rancid smell every time the a/c comes on. Any ideas what this might be & what we should do?
  Question: my husband and I are going to make a four poster log bed, so we went to the mountains and pick out some logs, we brought them home and now they are cracking some all across the log but not through it, can we use these logs still or will there be problems if we do? please help, thank you
  Question: we have found a few logs with what appears to be old frass and dry powder material 1/2 way thru the log what or how should we treat and repair the damage?
  Question: approx. How much could it cost to have a2 story 32 by 32 foot log home fumigated for possible old house borer beetles in the state of Maine?
  Question: We own a loghome in Debary, Fl. It was built 1987 (kit type ) we are 3rd owners for 15 years now. There are a few logs around the bottom , close to the foundation, that are rotting & need replaced(contractor or materials in our area?) help(also need new windows-suggestion)
  Question: I have purchased an antique log cabin built in 1850 If I decide to errect the cabin in florida I have to have it engineered. How do i get around this.
  Question: i have 1835 log house , i see a spot about 2" x6' long spot that looks very dried out , how do i fix? thank you
  Question: Sheetrocking interior walls of a bathroom in a log home. How do I identify where the wiring is so I'm not drilling into existing wiring within the log?
  Question: Hello,
We are looking at purchasing a log home that was built in the 1980's. The problem with the house is that gutters were never installed and there is several places that have substantial water damage. The logs have some type of coating that has been put on them i guess to treat them but its ruined the natural look at least on the exterior. The interior seems to be fine, there are a couple of places that need to be addressed so my question is on the exterior. I know you cannot put another m
  Question: We are considering buying a log home(of which I know nothing about)It was built 1983 in Barnhart, Mo. On a couple of spots on the exterior wall,some of the logs seem twisted or bowed. What concerns should I have? Thank you.
  Question: Is there a way to dampen the sounds that travel between the tongue and groove ceiling/floor. We are recarpeting our log homes upstairs and considering an underlay called Acoustiguard in the bedrooms. Any suggestions?
  Question: hi I might have bug bites and wonder if it would be in the log bed I have, can it be replaced or fixed.
  Question: How much are logs from a log house built in the 1800's worth? Or how could I find out?
  Question: I'm wanting to put up split log on the walls inside my cabin. My concern is the weight difference between using split log vs Sheetrock. Would it be more weight on the foundation using split log?
  Question: We just bought log home that is 25 years old. Noticing come cracks in the wood that are appearing this winter. We have been using a wood stove as secondary heat. It has D logs that need interior restaining. Should the cracking stop with use of humidifier? Can we fill the cracks when we restain in Spring? What should we use? Also noticed new splotches in wood and some darkening near cracks. Thanks for your help.
  Question: My friend loge home need new loges in two wall repace. do you no where you can get them and how much.
  Question: I have the opportunity to get a 24x33 one story, log cabin for nothing if I move it off site. To move it whole will cost $15,000 to $20,000. My husband just suggested having some guys cut it to sections to move. I said that would ruin all the exterior and interior rectangular logs. Is there a safe way to cut up a log cabin?
  Question: I have a home built in 93. I appear to have what looks like creosote leaching out of the purlins in my ceiling. The logs affected are right next to my woodstove and another fireplace on the other side of the house. Is this an issue with the logs having to much heat on them? The oozing will still occur after there hasn't been a fire for days.
  Question: Hi, We physically built our house(NELOGHOMES--out of business now) together in 1987. Tom always wanted a log home, it is on 10+ acres here in CT. He passed away almost 5 yrs. ago, always healthy, but a brain tumor. My little house (1800+sq. ft.)is in dire need of a facelift. I think it's begun to look a bit like drift wood. I need to find an honest, and reputable contractor. I will be contacting PermaChink for recommendations, too. We always used those products but my little house hasn't had a
  Question: How do you cut a 4 inch opening through the log for venting outdoors?
  Question: have a 84 year old log cabin in Colorado mountains. the roof pitch is very shallow 15 degrees. it is a asphalt shingle roof and no insulation. Should I worry about snow weight on the roof after 84 years ?
  Question: We are considering the purchase of a log home built in the 80's, however, I dislike the closed in feel of the main floor. Can we cut through interior log walls without affecting the structural integrity of the home (the logs are greater than 1 ft in diameter)? Can we expand existing openings? What is the best way of "modernizing" a traditional log home?
  Question: My logs on the rear of my cabin are badly rotted. This work will need to be done in 2015 in the Spring. Is there anything I can do for the winter months to protect them from the snow and ice and elements that would help?
  Question: I have several log cabins built between 1960 and 1975. They are all black spruce and have been stained almost every year since they were built. they look aged and some are starting to turn black. I am wondering what is the best way to "spruce" them up? I like the rustic look but I think it has gone too far. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  Question: I Have a Satterwhite Longview loghome made out of cedar logs, I bought the home in 2007 and its approx 25 years old. I have never treated the logs and would like to know what I need to do and what to use for stain. I have one rotted log where the water drips down from the roof near the back garage the log is on the bottom what is your recommedations?

Thank you
  Question: We built a house using reclaimed oak beams from an old barn- most are hand hewed and vary in size- some are as large as 12inches by 12- the past year some of the small cracks have become larger and there is dry rot in some of them-is there something we can apply to stop further dry rot and splitting.
  Question: We have log house built in 1999, crew that put up the shell missed butyl sealant between a few of the logs (tongue and groove D-style, Kuhns Bros). When a driving rain (winds over 20 mph) from the east hits that side of the house, some water comes through. Outside has been chalked by a professional, but we still (maybe twice a year) get water through these seams. How should I repair this leak?
  Question: On our log home we have a metal roof with hidden screws, T&G ceiling with foam/plywood insulation. We have water dripping in several areas inside. What is the least expensive way to repair. Thanks
  Question: We had a fire in the left upperside bedroom that burnt thru the roof log system, side walls, plus burnt the end off the collar tie & upper part log wall to the livingroom & a few of the log roof rafters in the livingroom. We need to replace with new logs. this Cabin is Aprox 32 Years old. How do I order Replacement Logs to rebuild what is Existing to it,s original condition.
  Question: we own a30x28 log cabin and are having a bad time with our roof. camp has 4x6 rafters, tongue and grooves boards, 2 layers of 4x8 insulation, 1'air space, plywood and asphalt shingles. Roof started to show water marks. Took the roof and insulation off. Replaced with closed cell foam insulation ,plywood and new shingles. Two years later our roof looks like a waffle board, bumps and sags all over. Would you have some idea of why I'm having such a hard time with this roof, Thanx JOE
  Question: Hello,
We have some mold (tested) in the fiberglass insulation around windows and between logs in a ~40 years old log cabin located in a coastal area of Alaska (moist weather). Chink was not placed everywhere in the cabin and therefore, the insulation with molds is exposed inside the cabin and affects the air quality. Do you have experience/knowledge of similar case and how it was solved to improve air quality? Thank you.
  Question: We have a 7 year old log home we had built. We are having issuses with air leaks around doors and windows. They were cut out with a chainsaw,don't know if that's how it is suppose to be done. Anyway can you recommend how we might be able to stop our air leaks. We've tried numerous things with no luck.

Connie Spoon
  Question: the bottom log under my patio door is rotten. what is simplist way for me to repair the rot damage. the rot extends the length of the patio door..


  Question: What is the most effective way to remove scented candle soot from tongue and grove walls/ceiling? Large area 20x20x14 room. Thanks!
  Question: The end side of two story log home is bowed outwards about 10 inches from bottom to roof. Can this be repaired and what are approximate repair costs?
  Question: We have a small log home (25 X 25) in northern Maine about 25-30 years old. Chinking between the logs but logs have been painted about 8 years ago. Not sure if it had stain on it before. Generally the logs on the east and west sides are very good. Starting to see bottom log on north side getting soft due to rain hitting the deck and splashing against it. Also seeing a few extended butt ends of the logs splintering apart, a couple of them loose. Not sure if we should be concerned of a structu
  Question: I have an attached log garage that is shifting with a log twist. It appears that the builder forgot a piece of rebar in the side front to keep the logs aligned. It is shifting at one point(approx.1") and it is pulling the whole front of the garage to one side. I am planning on putting a jack under the affected garage opening to take off the weight load and installing an iron c-beam with 1" all-thread rods to the outside of the logs to try and pull the logs back into alignment. Am I on the right
  Question: Endations?We have a log siding ( cedar ) home in Colorado that has sustained severe hail damage. we have tried re-staining but damage shows thru. Any recomm
  Question: My son purchased a log home built 1982. The logs on the south side at the base are rotting. Do you know anyone in the area that repairs log homes. Colfax, California.
  Question: We want to replace logs were a patio door is. What is the correct way to place the logs and set them in properly. What product do we use to place log on log. I believe the logs that are on our home has a type of weather stripping in between each log and then calking. Do you use some type of stakes pounded into each log as you stack one on top of the other? We put a call into you guys, but never received a call back. I'm sure you are crazy busy. Please answer all the questions I have asked. I se
  Question: I'm planning on cutting out an old bedroom window and installing an entry door in a 40 year old log home I just bought. How is this installation different from a regular custom stick built house? What are the common mistakes made from your experience? Thanks for your prompt attention and looking forward to hearing back from you. PD
  Question: We have a log home that is in North Pole Alaska. The was built in 1971. There is a fireplace in the dining room that causes severe drafts and hear loss in the winter. We want to remove the fireplace but are Un sure on what to put in its place. There are logs on both side of the fireplace and we want the home to still look nice. The home was appraised at 300,000 and don't want this removal and repair to look so out of place that we loss that value. Fireplaces are useless here in Alaska so we
  Question: Squirrels have chewed away a 4x8 inch strip out of one of my logs. It is about a half inch deep. I would lime to fill it but don't know what o use that I'll take a stain to be the same color. My logs are pine . Any help would be appreciated.
  Question: We have a log and stucco home at 9,600' up in the Colorado Rockies which we had built about 10 years ago. The first few years we were told by the builder to expect cracking noises as the logs "checked". It's 10 years later and we still hear the noises at night after the sun sets and it gets cooler. Same time each night. We do have visible bats in the area and have seen droppings on our roof and are trying to determine if the noises are bats in the rafters (we do not have an attic) or hopefully
  Question: Bought a cabin that has pine planks with rope in between the planks. The rope has a strong smell. How do you get rid of the smell or a reasonable cost effective way to replace with something else?
  Question: Have you had much problems with the oak log siding that is secured from the inside out with a screw
  Question: Thank you so much for the very quick response. I have a follow up question. If there could be an issue with my sanding using 80 grit, what grit sandpaper do you suggest for white cedar? Since I'm not sure I will get to stain this year, I could go over once more with 60 or 40 grit next spring, do you think that would re-rough the surface for better adhesion.
  Question: Do you know of a licensed log home inspector in the Brenham/Bellville Texas area?
  Question: Our log home is 8 years old, we just bought it. We have almost constant creaking and popping noise coming from all over the house. Since our house is already 8 yrs old could this still be the logs expanding and shrinking? Recently the temperatures have dropped no more than 20-25 degrees. Any suggestions on the cause?
  Question: I recently purchased an 18 year old log home, i need to fill in wall after removing an unused exterior door. Door has no purpose in bedroom. Please tell me the proper procedure to do this. Thanks1
  Question: we have a 6 year old log cabin with ~ 8.5" diameter logs. the dryer is 1' from the wall and I would like to cut a 4" hole straight through. current run has 6 90 deg turns and another 25 feet of run. is it ok to go straight through the log wall? I have googled and checked and don't see information on this. Thanks, Tim
  Question: wondering if you can recommend a Log Home Repair company for home at border Hudson Valley NY/Berkshires MA?
  Question: We are adding onto our log home - several damaged logs on the west faciing side and we were going to just frame in the logs and have the addition go out from there. If structually they are framed in and stablized do we still need to repace the damaged logs?
  Question: I have a log cabin that was built around 1962. When my wife and I purchased the cabin it was in pretty bad shape. We had to tear everything from the top course of logs up off due to roof being too low to install a standard door. We recently installed a new door in the front wall and the wall is bowing out about 2" and I need to straighten it so that the trim will go on properly. Any suggestions as to the best way to go about doing this? I have some ideas but not sure which is the best one. The c
  Question: Thank You in advance for your website and this opportunity to ask a question.
The log cabin I bought has some broken and missing concrete, about 4 feet long, under the bottom log of this 60 yr old log home (pieces of broken foundation fitting), and dirt is coming inside the house, along with carpenter ants and mice.
Also the concrete slab is cracked about 2 inches in from the fitting, caused by shrinkage I presume.
The bottom log sits at ground level and has a dirt garden outside of it
  Question: We need to replace 3 logs in our entryway that have rotted. Do you have a recommendation for someone near Seattle? We are in Redmond, about 30 min east of Seattle. Also, we noticed powder post beetles in one of the logs. Will they likely return once the logs are replaced if the new logs are treated correctly? Thank you!
  Question: If I am installing a window near the peak of my log home, are there specific distances I need to keep from joyces, peak, or ceiling/roof? I have standing seam roof, adding the window to the loft. Thanks.
  Question: Hello,
We just purchased a cedar log home built in the 80s. I am located in central Texas. We have several rotten logs that need replaced or repaired. Do you know anyone in this area that could do this kind of work?
Thank you.
  Question: Hello,
I am preparing to strip and stain our log home and need to replace the wood trim around the windows. The house is 8" pine D log. All of the south facing trim is in in poor shape. My question is, what type of wood do I use that will hold up to the sun?
  Question: My log home is approaching 20 years old. Should I be doing anything to treat or protect the exterior as well as the pine interior. Also, many of the ceiling logs have severe chinking. Is that a problem? Thank you.
  Question: Hello,
I am preparing to strip and stain our log home and need to replace the wood trim around the windows. The house is 8" pine D log. All of the south facing trim is in in poor shape. My question is, what type of wood do I use that will hold up to the sun?
  Question: Have log home built in 1930s with interior finished in t&g 4"-6" panels (walls and trayed ceilings). In spring the furnace appears to have caught fire or had an internal explosion that resulted in major smoke damage to the contents. It is/was a mbr 2 diesel fuel oil furnace and the soot film is EVERYWHERE. It is a silky like soot which is very difficult to remove and clean. What is best method to clean from walls, floors, ceilings, logs (one room is natural log finish) and contents and furni
  Question: I recently had a house fire to my log home; half round logs backed with flat ones; I believe like Lincoln logs. It is a small house and the fire effected one side of the house; can you tell me how they would go about replacing that wall without causing structural damage to the rest of the house.

Also have quite a bit of smoke/water damage and wondering how that would affect the logs.

  Question: Would like to put siding over our 20 year old full log home to reduce maintenance and bugs. Any advice?
  Question: My wives father built a rectangular log cabin 30 years ago and it has now fallen n me to maintain it.

I recently found a log about half way up the wall (4') that has some rot.

Can you suggest somewhere that i can learn how to replace this log?

The cabin is 2 hours from any major center so I would prefer to take care of this on my own.

  Question: Hello, I Have de barked 10 " white cedar logs with partial root bases I'm using as columns for a portico ,what should i put between the concrete and the posts for rot
  Question: I have an old log cabin that has rotted logs on the bottom of the front wall 5 logs up. I have the logs to replace it but how do I begin to start this job.Do I have to jack the front to lift the logs and brace it somehow so we can remove log by log without having the wall collapse on us. Any info would be very appreciated
  Question: I am thinking about purchasing an old log home built around 1830 here in central Ohio. It has been lived in and remodeled over the years and appears to be in good shape. Where can I locate information about antique log home maintenance and repairs? Thanks
  Question: I have a log home built in the 40's that i need to replace all of the cornice logs due to rot. I plan on using fasteners like log boss screws to reattach logs. What is the best way to conceal the fasteners after installation?
  Question: I have a Amish log cabin w/6" thick x 10" tall logs stacked on top of each other .I want to go up 4 logs higher to make lofts into bedrooms and add head space. Its 40' long x 16' wide .the center 25' of one wall is leaning out from the weight of the existing roof. Its leaning about 2" on the top 3 logs.The logs are joined with a series of threaded rod which have probably bent.Should I have the center of all these logs replaced and straighten out the wall that way or is there a (turnbuckle) s
  Question: Pine log cabin, 2000 sq' of exterior needs restraining, and some logs repaired or replaced. Looking for someone in the Austin, Texas area to advise and do the work.
  Question: we have a white pine log home approx 30 yrs old. It is in southeastern NC, and was constructed by Waccamaw Log Homes, who have gone out of business. Where can we find replacement logs?
  Question: We need to wash the outside rails and apply a protective coating. Should we use water and bleach? There are some cracks in the railing. Any other recommendations?
  Question: Are the extended ends of the logs functional or just decorative? I've seen some homes without the log extensions - just flush.
  Question: we live in a log cabin over 100 years old..made of old growth logs, set on large stones... no mortor between.
How do I seal this foundation so the crawlspace and basement keep the warmth of the wood stove in during the winter months??
  Question: I purchased a log home that had been painted/coated on the outside, there appears to be a silicone sealant between the logs. I would like to change the color, what would you recommend to complete this task?
Overall the house and logs are in excellent shape, no cracking,rot or leaking is apparent, some peeling on the eves, hence the need to repaint, figured I would change color as well.
  Question: Log home is about 8 years old and ever since it was stained the logs have been weeping sap where there are nots in the wood. Spots were sanded and re-stained at some point but the have continued to weep sap. We have been told by some the logs were too wet when it was built. What do we have to do to clean up, stop the weeping and then stain so they do not rot and it looks nice? Thank you
  Question: We are building a new log home out of 6x12 double t&g flat beams joined with polyurethane adhesive and olylog screws. We didn't catch it until we started the plumbing that a interior wall and an exterior window were put in the wrong place, not to plan. If we move the wall it will intersect the window. I really want the builder to move the wall and window to the spec location per the plans. Is this going to be a huge deal
  Question: I have a 25 year old log home and need some of logs replace. Need some guidance on who I can hire to do this. I live in Connecticut. Any info will be helpful. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  Question: I have white pine log railings installed( with woodguard applied) about 5 years ago .I know I'm overdue on retreating and am getting ready to restain but I notice they have large vertical and horizontal cracks.The area gets alot of snow and this winter was particulary tough . It is a south east exposure .How do I remedy this ?and do you have any ideas for strengthening the rail into the trek deck ? Since there are young children about I don't want to give them anything to 'climb on '.Thanks
  Question: My husband and I live in a lincoln log style home (with flat log on the interior)- approx 35 years old. We want to replace 2 of the windows. They are single hung windows. The frame of the windows need to be replaced as well. Are we able to buy "new construction" windows or do we need to buy a special type of window designed for a log home? Thanks.
  Question: I have a classic D log home 7 yr old in south NJ in great shape. It does need to be re-stained in spots and the window cills are bare.It also needs to be treated for carpenter bees they are flying around but haven't got in yet. What do you think is the best stain and sealer along with what additive for the bees. Do you also have any list of companies in south jersey that are reputable.
  Question: Our log home (12 yrs) has settled more than the builders expected (Amish built - no recourse as to warranty, etc.). We have three sliding glass doors out to our wraparound deck that will no longer open. My husband is extremely handy but we are concerned w/breaking :( We're thinking it's probably best to remove the trim and trim down the log above the doors??? Any suggestions? Thx!!!
  Question: I just bought a 35 year old house. The natural log beams are dirty and cobwebby. The bark is coming off in some places. I am wondering if this is why former owner did not clean them. How do I clean them and how do I prevent any more bark from coming off? Is there anyway to restore where bark has already come off?
  Question: Our 6 yr old cabin has cathedral-style beadboard ceiling. Carpenter left narrow gaps between beadboard sheets behind where beams run across ceiling. Gaps are visible and bugs hide there. Is using narrow pieces of wood trim to close gaps a viable solution or will they likely come loose pretty quickly due to normal house settling? Thanks!
  Question: Hi I am in Connecticut and am looking for a place to purchase a few replacement logs
  Question: I purchased a log home last year and am in the process of replacing doors and windows, there is a door to the outside in the master bedroom, I would like to fill this and put in a window. what would n=be the best way to do this?
  Question: We have an old chestnut cabin built in 1951. The cabin is maintained regularly( chinking, caulking, etc.) and isin sound codition. There is a check in a main interior carrying beam which appears to have become larger. Do you think after all these years that would be possible? Would a band or strap like that on a mast of a sailing be benificial? Thanks Don
  Question: I recently bought a log cabin that was 13 years old. I do not know what kind of log it was made of. I want to move a toyo stove which has a 3 inch diameter vent to the outside through the 8 inch log wall. My problem is everyone I talk to about it says to plug the hole with spray foam. I'm not sure I like this. Do you have a different solution/suggestion? Thank you
  Question: Hi....I live in a 1983 log house....I have several rotted log ends where they crisscross....what is the best way to fix this problem? I'm in Martinsville, VA..thank you..
  Question: My husband & I are looking to purchase a log home here in Washington state located on the Olympic Peninsula. Is there someone you can recommend that does log home inspections in our area? Thanks! Love this website!!
  Question: We have a 1980s built log cabin. After Hurricane Sandy we have some water damage/ water stains to the inside of the logs. I have since sealed the chinking with a product from PermaChink. How do I get rid of the water marks?
  Question: our scouts have a log cabin approximately 20' x20' with a loft. the bottom log on one side is soft and this side has dropped about 6". need a prefered way to lift the cabin? No road no power. Is it possible to save the cabin if the corner ends are shrinking with rot (on one corner)?
  Question: How is the best way to repair dry rot in logs. I own a log home made with white pine. I have some dry rot located at the corners where the cellar dormer is attached to the back of the house and want to get it repaired before washing and staining the house this summer.

Thanks a Lot.
Jim Rollins
Acushnet, MA
  Question: My log home was built in 1993. My windows are all anderson double hung. I now have a problem with the windows. In two of them are lop sided. In other words you cannot move them up and down easily. I'm sure they just need an adjustment. Not sure how to do this. Thanks
  Question: we just bought our supposedly dream home and found out logs are rotten and will fall apart in 10 yrs or less. How can we prove that the homeowner knew these logs were rotten prior to him selling?
  Question: Have huge hand hewn barn beams as support in my 40 year old home. Builder put electric boxes between floors and ran a 3/4 inch hole and metal pipe thru beam for power wires it use with flush mount lights. This works well if the light has a big enough canopy for the wiring and wire nuts. What is the best way to make/cut/drill/etc. a big enough hole to fit a small box or just to make room for the 03 wire nuts on a flush mount light that has no roomy canopy?
  Question: Can you use lag screws or other similar systems to attach to the interior or exterior log wall? If not what is the preferred method of attachment?
Thanks, j
  Question: What company arrouned Mariposa is good with log homes that need to be restained on a older log home that has been needing ReSTAIN some kind of seajer also,
  Question: I wanted to restore an old shed built in 1957 on the property of a log cabin house on the lake in medford lakes. I wanted to keep it original to match the house if possible. It is small. I wanted to also get an estimate for painting the entire exterior of the log cabin house. I don't know who, if you can refer anyone, to me in this area with a good reputation, that can conquer the job. Thank you.
  Question: We are in the process of buying our first home. This is an old 1880 Wood beam home. The inspection just came back (pasted it below). What happened is, several years ago, the owners raised the roof and added a stairs. But in order to do this, they cut out some beams. Now the one wall is bowing. What do we do? We only have days to let them know.
General Comments
The exterior of the home is generally in good condition. The exterior of the home shows normal wear and tear for a home of
this age.
  Question: Hello, I have a log home with a cathedral ceiling in the main part of the house with no attic of course. It has no wiring run to large center beam at the peak of the ceiling. I would like to install a pair of ceiling fans for air circulation. Being everything is solid i have no alternative but to run wire covers correct? I can't think of any other logical method. Any imput would greatly be appreciated. Thanks....
  Question: I just bought a log cabin, structurally it appears to be in good shape, no sagging etc, but there are some cancer spots. It is a small 1 story 1300 square foot rectangle. One of the corners has some surface rot, but underneath is solid. On the opposite side of the house by one of the window four logs are seriously rotten about 2 ft by 2 ft square. The previous owners tried to spruce it up for sale 2 years ago by putting a cheap coat of paint on it in attempt to make it look nicer. It foreclosed,
  Question: I have recently purchased a log cabin, I am looking at adding an entry door to the rear of the cabin. The logs are engineered logs and there is no exterior electrical ran through the walls. Can I mark the hole and cut it out with a chainsaw to add the doorways without compromising the integrity of the wall? Will I need to add support to the sides of the logs where the hole is cut? or finish it with a 2*8? or will the door jamb be fine?

  Question: Just bought a 1924 log home on the Oregon Coast. Roof sags and bows and logs run from sides to center peak and are positioned nose to nose with no ridge beam support of any kind and no bracing. They are all 4 feet apart. Upon these logs the "underlayment" is tongue and groove 1 x 6. It feels very squishy and scarey and the roof is 12/12 pitch. One set of logs has pulled apart 6 inches and is not nose to nose any more. Roofing and wedging at perimeter is all that holds it in place. How can I rein
  Question: We have a log home with a high cathedral ceiling in the great room open to the loft above. During heavy winds the house make loud popping and creaking noises in the roof area, is that normal?
  Question: We are restoring log home built in the Appalachian Mountains around 1860. We had to replace one floor due to rot The question is what what was done about floor coloring. Was paint or stain used? What colors were common in 1860?
  Question: I have used woodguard on my antique log house outside, then after that I used pressured treated wood stain, is this ok to use to protect my logs? I really like the color it takes from the stain.
  Question: How can I finish where the logs meet the drywall. There is a big gap from shrinking and wood trim would be very time consuming. A groove was cut but was not deep enough.
  Question: I am in the process of making an offer on a property with a 30 year old log home. The owners pretty much completely neglected this home and there is a lot of external log rot. My plans are to tear this 1900 sq st log home down and build a new home there, however I know nothing about log homes and at what point one says "tear it down". I'd like to at least have someone look at it and tell me if it's worth trying to rehab or that it should be torn down. Also there are a lot of logs that can
  Question: We are restoring log home built in the Appalachian Mountains around 1860. We had to replace one floor due to rot The question is what what was done about floor coloring. Was paint or stain used? What colors were common in 1860?
  Question: I am purchasing a 3,600 sq/ft log home built in 1984. It has a walkout basement that has full concrete walls to the main level except for a section of about 16 feet that is log down to grade in the basement walkout. This 16 ft section of log is in the middle of a 48' wall. This log section has settled and is now causing the two floors above it to be off level by about 3" only above this section of the home. I have a contractor who says he should be able to jack up the settled section in the bas
  Question: We are thinking about purchasing a foreclosed log home, unfortunately the previous owners went in and cut the wiring in the door frames, removed all facets and broke all sinks and commodes. my question is if I were to repair the wiring myself, how would I go about doing so. Is the wiring in the door frames usually the outlets and switches? We would of course need to get the electricity up in running for water ect. Your help would be appreciated.. Thank you in advance, Kris
  Question: I have a 9" swedish cove log home that I want to add a garage to. What's the best way to tie the new logs into the existing and not have it look like an "add-on"?
  Question: We recently bought a 90-year old hand hewn log cabin. The logs were painted on the exterior. We know we need to blast and strip and seal the exterior, but we also need to raise the foundation. We are thinking that some of the lower logs need to be replaced too. Which should we do first: blast and restore or raise foundation and replace lower, more damaged logs?
  Question: I own a brick ranch with unfinished basement. I was wanting to gut the whole inside of my home and make it like a log home just on the inside. Is this possible or am I just dreaming. I would like to stay in my current home, but have always wanted a log home. I am country all the way and that gives me the feel I am looking for without having to move and build.

Thanks for any info,
Trisha Boggess
  Question: I own a 50 year old pan-a-bod home, I would like to put an interior 2x4,insulated wall on an existing exterior cedar log wall.Then board and tile a new shower.My question is,can I do this,do I need an air space
  Question: What is the snow load for a 40 year old Pan Abode?
  Question: Replacing logs on cabin in flagstaff AZ, are there any logs dealers near this location? Scandinavian Scribe fit notch logs
  Question: What is the best wood protection for the interior and exterior? And the best crack fillers?
  Question: What are the best type of windows to put in a log home?? I have sliders now they don't seal well we love in cold winters and need help !! Also what's the best brand of chinking? We are done settling so it's time ?? Thank you for your help
  Question: Very helpful site .. thanks!
I live in a 50 year old 24'x24'log home with a crawl space under it. It does have large windows including a beautiful 5' hexagonal one. Can log homes be raised to create a full height basement and how difficult and costly is it to do?
  Question: Thank you for your site, appreciate all this information so much. We are considering converting our log home into a regular home - the reason being that I cannot find a stain that I tolerate (due to chemical sensitivities) and don't want to leave the logs unstained (which would lead to mold). Our home has a lot of weather exposure, so it requires staining every 1-2 years and makes me sick. Have you ever heard of someone converting a log home to a regular home? We had the idea of putting up insu
  Question: Who does log home water damage repair/restoration in western Pennsylvania near Butler? A couple days ago, We had a water pipe break above the master bedroom and now have water stains on the log walls and what looks to be green mold happening. Thanks!
  Question: Do you know where i could buy Replacement logs at in Bedford Indiana?
  Question: I have a few questions about my log home and would like to talk to someone in person about my issues. Can you recommend someone in the southern Illinois area that I can contact. Thanks
  Question: I need some repairs to a 22 year old log home, including replacement of some exterior support logs for a second floor balcony. Is there anyone in the Pittsburgh, PA area who can provide the logs and do this work?
  Question: We have a Greatwoods Log Home 25 years old. We are currently experiencing the coldest weather since we built it. We are hearing cracking sounds in the logs at times. Is this due to expansion/shrinkage due to the cold. I know we on a solid foundation as we were concrete contractors and did it ourselves. Any help would be appreciated
  Question: Inside our cabin, we have three logs that span the main room. They are halfway up in height and span the wide open "cathedral" room. The logs are approximately 10" to 12" in diameter and 25 feet long. The one closest to the wood stove that we use to heat is showing considerable splits and cracks along the length. Are we drying out this wood by using the wood stove for heat and / or how do we repair / prevent?
  Question: We recently had a pipe break in our log home it is an engineered log with the male and female sides that fit together. The inside walls and ceilings are not solid log and they have insulation and tongue and groove white pine siding covering them. My question is this. The leak was not discovered for 5-7 days and 93,547 gallons of water came through the ceiling into the main bathroom and the hallway and ran to the back of the house and out some went through the very nice oak highly sealed floor
  Question: Am looking for a location in the Keller, TX area to purchase replacement logs and half-logs for my Real Log Home.
  Question: Purchasing a 30 year old jack pine log home, wondering if a small window can be installed into a south facing wall to let in some light? Also, a wood stove and chimney? Home is on piles and grade beam and very well cared for
  Question: Problem with sound. Downstairs bedroom ceiling (fir) is flooring for upstairs bedroom and sound transference is a problem. What is the fix?
  Question: We own a log cabin home built in 1986 in Northern Texas. The ceilings are low on the first floor approx. 8 ft. Going up the stairs to the second floor is a log that is less than 6 ft from the step to the top of the log. Needless to say many of our family and friends have hit their heads and before we knock someone out we would like to cut out an opening in this log. We have been told it is a support log to the second floor and they are not interested in taking this task on. Any suggestions.
  Question: Last night it got down to about 15 below and there were "popping" sounds at intervals throughout the night. (Most of the sounds came from the roof.) We did have lots of icicles falling but could those "popping" noises be something more serious? Thanks.
  Question: looking for a log home repair company that can service the central arkansas area, we have log damage to 3-4 logs approx 6-8 ft long. from rain off roof hitting the air units, we now have rain gutters. thanks
  Question: How do I a fix bowed log wall?
  Question: I'm looking for 6" X 8" "D" Logs, in the Buffalo NY area, do you have any idea who sells them in that region. Thanks.

  Question: I have 100 year old redwood log house in coastal California. The hewn logs are substantial and came from old growth redwood forests logged at the turn of the last century. The logs have held up well without any treatment but the exposed ends are checked and there is some minor dry rot. I would like to seal them without changing their appearance. Any suggestions?
  Question: We have a "D" log home. I want to hang Christmas decorations inside using small hooks screwed between the logs so the hole wont show later. My wife insists that this will damage the log. I say it will not. Whose right.
  Question: This past summer we purchased a piece of property near the Straits of Mackinac which included the logs from a 1940's log home dismantled in the Gaylord area approx 10 years ago and relocated to the property with the intent to recontruct it. The project was never started and we need to know where to start assessing the viability of the project after this much time??? Anyone able to help?
  Question: I have a log home in upstate NY. We recently noticed a exterior wall has started to bow out about 2-3 inches.
What would cause this?
And if I add bow ties into main beams help?
  Question: I am replacing some rotten logs in a full scribe round notch log house. House has been dismantled and will be rebuilt. Any trick for replicating the top of the new log to the old long groove and notch of the good old log above it? Thanks
  Question: Wind leakage. We have an 1860s log house that has been wood sided. It has horrible air leaks that are getting worse every year here in the Valley near Gettysburg, Md. The winter winds are fierce and it seems like we are living outdoors with all the air leaks. New custom storm windows fixed that issue, but the logs leak winter winds everywhere. Quilts and blankets on the walls don't help much nor did they do much for medieval castles, I suspect. Help.
  Question: Do you know of any contractors and painters it the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California.
  Question: We have a log home that is past log replacement. We were thinking of cladding the cabin with T111. Whats the best way to do this?
  Question: We recently sold our log cabin. The inspection found one log that tested wet. How do you dry the log or does it have to be replaced. Approximately, what would be the cost?
  Question: The logs on the side of the front door jamb have bowed in approximately 2" halfway up the door jamb. This only occurs on one side of the front door frame. What causes this and what can be done to fix it.

  Question: My husband & I are purchasing a 10yr old log home.(our dream!)On inspection I noticed on the stone fireplace a large stone, near the top, which looked as if it still had the wire around the stone which the stone mason left. Is this normal, a mistake or stone mason superstition not to remove it?
  Question: We own a 1926 700 sq Stiener log home with very low ceilings. I was wondering if adding another log to the base of the house is ridiculously expensive? We are raising the cabin next summer to put it on a proper foundation so was toying with the idea of doing it then. Any thoughts?
  Question: Considering purchase of a modest D log home ranch style. All the interior walls are covered with drywall . If we remove the drywall from the log walls how difficult is it to make the log walls presentable (nail,screw wholes or glue residue) . So far we can't verify what was used to attach drywall .
  Question: why does our log home make loud popping sounds?
  Question: I have a leak where an interior ceiling log beam meets the exterior log wall. What product should I use to seal and protect from water continuing to penetrate this wall?
  Question: Have a 30 year old white pine log home. Have discovered rot in a few logs. Had a bee's nest in one of the logs and in getting rid of the bee's, found the rot. Looking for replacement logs in Eastern North Carolina. Need 8 to 10 logs, D logs. Know of any place in my area that would have any logs?
  Question: my question is that im looking at a 28 year old cabin , built on a cement block foundation , floor is in good shape. i think the logs are spruce there is a couple of small areas of old termite damage ( dormer side edge)(is fixable) my real concern is about the exterior wall texture, im assuming over time the log butt ends, they show a ( curling out?) is that normal or should i be concern about the structural integrity, can i repair them by notching them at the point of curve and push them back a
  Question: I put an offer on a 60 year old home. Interior is great condition with recent windows, roof, bathroom, paint, etc. The house inspection has indicated that there is about 3/4 " dry rot in the main beam of this home. There is no basement - just a crawl space. Would this be a problem that could cause grave concerns in the near future?
  Question: We have a log home that was built in 1977. We had some reserved wood from when it was built and have used all of it to make repairs, but it's all gone now and we don't know from where we can purchase more. We need 7" wide bowed on one side, flat on the other) pieces of any length over 6', 3" thick.
  Question: I have a log home with square logs and spline board, insulation and chink between the logs. There is a 3 foot section beside a window that has too far around the bend and I want to replace the log. I added epoxy but not satisfied- it needs to go. I have a section of log for replacement and after I cut the dove tail, I want to jack the corner section with a Railroad jack take out the bad log and insert the new. No electric in wall- just some nails to cut at the window jam. I need about 1.5 inches
  Question: Hello Log Doctor, we have a log staircase that has not been installed yet. It was tarped and on skids outsiide. There are several large shakes/cracks. What do you recommend to fill the cracks? Caulk? Epoxy? Leave them? This will be an inside staircase.
  Question: My cabin is 11 yrs old. Have owned it for 1 1/2 yrs. Had it stained and caulked. The cabin has 3 floors. The 1st floor is partially underground. This is a new issue, water drips from 1st floor ceiling. No water on 2nd floor. This has happened twice after a hard rain. I was told the water is getting in thru the checking. This is possible since we are 2000 ft up and the wind gets fierce. I was told there is no remedy for water seeping thru checks. Any suggestions?
  Question: I have a log cabin about 10 years old and learned that one of the corners of the roof has leaked and caused some inside staining on the corner of a BR wall. It's starting to have black stains and I assume it is mold damage. What's the best way to treat an indoor problem on the logs?
  Question: I recently noticed a log rot issue on an exterior wall. I have a stone chimney on that goes up the side of my house, part of which has a
firewood storage box with a slate roof at a 45 degree angle that butts against the side of the house. There is about a 1/2" gap between the slate and the logs that is filled with mortar and topped with some type of gray caulking that is peeling off. I noticed it peeling off and chiseled away some of the mortar to check and sure enough one of the logs is rotti
  Question: 12 year old, 3600 square foot D log home (8" logs), pine. While sanding and prepping for stain, found an area beneath a window on the exterior that completely collapsed with rot when the sander hit the area. It is approximately 36" wide, 3" high, and at least 4" deep. It is between the first log row that sits on the basement foundation and the second log, raised approximately four and a half feet off of the ground. The board beneath the affected pieces is siding to hide the foundation seam.
  Question: im about to buy a log cabin and i need to know a few thing about it. it was built in the 1980's and when a hurricane hit water leaked in its not on the roof or the top, it starts from the middle down (its a log cabin kit) and wanted to see if I can fix it or don't waste my time or money on it? they say they have sealed it and it hasn't leaked after that but how do I get rid of the water stains?
  Question: we are aboaut to build a log cabin in florida and everyone speaks about their wood red cypress , white pine, what do you find is the best and should they all be borax treated for pests?
  Question: New logs holding up my porch, two of them are developing splitting. How do I repair the splits? is there a type of caulking thats use that can also hold sealerstain?
  Question: We just purchased a 2006 log home in Northern CA. There are 6 logs approx. 12' tall, 1' in diameter supporting the roof (vertically) in the front porch area. There are steel bands at the top/bottom of each log, but the vertical log checks continue to open up wider (now approx. 2-3" across, 4-5" deep), which we are getting concerned about. Should we add more metal bands to the middle section of the logs so they don't get worse? We are worried that the snow load this winter may make them sp
  Question: I have a 1930's log home, or rather, a log base with stick frame on top. i had a vehicle hit my house at a load barring point and shifted the entire part of the house that is on the log base as some is on slab. my question is that the contractor says they will comealong the base back to original position and just finish the drywall and this does not seem possible to me with a log base. any input would be greatly appropriated
  Question: We are looking to purchase a 5000 sq ft log home in Whistler BC Its quite an investment. But the owner has been letting the renters smoke cigerettes and we think marijuana has been smoked in it as well. Is there anyway of getting this smell out? We also have 4 young children. Would sandblasting work? And ripping out all carpets?
  Question: Can You recommend anyone doing log cabin repairs in the Central New York area?
  Question: We have a tung and groove pine log home that has a log that has a rotten place in it about 4 inches deep and six inches long would it be better to replace it or to fix it if i fix it what would i feel the hole with and what do i use to fix it if not where can i find a replacement log we live in Gretna va
  Question: If wood does not transfer heat.... Why is my log home so hot inside?
  Question: One of the logs that supports the roof of my front porch (beam running perpendicular to the front of the house) has moved away from the face of the house so only a small amount of the tenon is holding the beam up. What would cause this? How can this be repaired?
  Question: We have a 20 year old lodge pole pine whole log home. Can a double window be converted to a door way? or can the logs be cut out for a conventional door to an add on addition?
  Question: Have a very old chestnut log cabin that was restored back in the early 1970's. Has been maintained to the best of our knowledge ever since. The chinking that was used in the restoration seems to be a concrete mortar. We are thinking it may be time to re-chink since some of this is falling out and there is some leaking/weeping into interior on some of the hard driving rains. A waterproofing was applied about 4 years ago. Looking for direction and suggestions on keeping these logs perserved a
  Question: Our 1950's cabin just survived a major flood here in Alberta Canada. We need to raise the cabin and the foundation to flood proof. While we have the cabin raised, we would like to add three levels of logs to the base to increase our ceiling height. Our cabin is 30 x 50. Any guesstimates on adding spruce logs would be appreciated. Contractors and company estimates are hard to come by as more than 100,000 people were affected by the flood. We appreciate any insights!
  Question: We have a very small area that looks like it will rot soon it is cracked, and discolored. Can we chisel it out and fill with woodfiller?
  Question: I just discover serious rot in some external logs in my 20 year old log house. The inside is fine. The outside is soft enough to push your finger into 1 small section. I have 3 or so logs about 3 feet in length that seem to be in this condition. I live in the Twin Mountain NH area. What should I do or who should I call to?
  Question: We need someone in the central florida area to repair rotted logs. Home was built in the 1980's with D logs.
  Question: I have a 1981 real log home out of Carson city Nevada, wher can I buy replacement logs these are single tongue and groove 8" wide
Logs each course is 6" tall
  Question: I have disassembled and moved my grandparents mid-1800's log cabin (20.5 ft by 18.5 ft) and am beginning to reassemble it. Many of the logs have dry rot in the corners and some have it in other places. The bottom logs are to far gone to repair and the inside east wall is heavily damaged on the inside. I would be replacing a lot of wood, thus destroying its character. I was very close to ordering CPES until I saw your website. What products would you use, CPES, Liquid Wood, or boron? or Would
  Question: Bought a log home that has been on fire looking to clean the wood from smoke damage any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  Question: I have a 27 year old log home in West Central Alabama. Initially, I only had problems with carpenter bee and Pileated woodpecker damage on my roof and 2nd story facial boards, but, now, due to the age of the logs (western hemlock I believe) the bees are drilling in the logs and the Pileated woodpeckers are starting to chisel large chunks out of my logs. I spoke with a wood science professor from MSU and he told me until I get rid of the bees, I will not get rid of the woodpeckers. He also sta
  Question: we have a Viceroy cedar tung and groove prefab cedar cottage built in the 1970's...we hired a handyman to remove 20+years of Sikken stain and then restain.
He powerwashed, one wall- the water came inside the cottage soaking the floors, walls and foundation. The exterior is rather damaged, gouged, uneven...we've asked him not to continue powerwashing...Now how do we remove the rest of the stain....chemical stripper, belt sander? Then how do we stain. Brush where the tung and groove meet and
  Question: I bought a log cabin from a farmer that pushed it down with a tractor. He asked if I would buy it and I did. Looks like it is 1850-1900's. heart cypress and pine. Square pegs in only top or bottom logs. My problem is how to rebuild it on my property. It is 18x18 and will be my companys new office.
  Question: I am looking into buying a foreclosed log house. It has wood bee and woodpecker damage with holes, particularly on one side of the house. Who would you suggest as a company to come and estimate costs and damage. I live in Russell Springs, Ky
  Question: I am looking at a D log cabin which is 10 years old. It appears to be in good shape, solid foundation, no apparent air leaks. But there is evidence of water leaks around several windows (probably due to improper flashing or installation) and also along the logs on the southern side of the cabin. Cabin is subject to rain and snow with significant wind storms at times on the south side. My question is what is the best way to deal with the leaks around the logs? Note that I am a neophyte when
  Question: Hi my husband and I are thinking of buying a log home but we have been warned by somebody that it used to be a GROW UP
I'm not sure what that is but it didn't sound too good. We were thinking of sanding all the logs down inside and out to restore them and replace the tin roof with singles would this solve the problem? Thanks
  Question: 25yo log house, rotted logs at one corner, 3 logs each about 3 linear feet, dove tail join. We've had a quote of $5000 to $7000 to replace these three sections. I've seen elsewhere on your site a quote of $60 to $100 per linear foot to replace a rotted log. This man's quote seems outrageously high to me. Opinion?
  Question: We are looking to buy a 900 sq foot log cabin built in 1960 in Narragansett, RI. There is a deck on the back of the house, and there is some rotted logs where the deck meets the house and near the back door. Also I can't tell if the house has been painted or if it is a solid stain, but it is peeling. Could you recommend someone to inspect this and give us an estimate for how much it will cost to repair? Thanks!
  Question: My project has taken about 4 years. I am now ready to stain the outside. In the interim some of the exposed pine has started to turn a barn board grey. what is the best way, other than high pressure spray to clean this wood without bringig in a professional as the job woud be too small.
  Question: Can you recommend someone to repair a dry rot problem in a hand hewn log home, located in rural Ottawa, IL, about 90 miles southwest of Chicago?
  Question: I am replacing the doors in our log house.
Is there a correct way to finish exterior frame on a log home to cover and protect mounted door to casing?
  Question: Looking for rotten log repair in the lakes region of NH
  Question: My question concerns log home glass. My Jim Barna home is approximnately 14 years old and has 6 rectangular insulated glass panes with the largest being 70" x 24". The two large panes and now one of the middle size panes have seal leaks causing the glass to contain condensation between the panes. No way to fix must replace the glass. Actually one of the larger panes was replaced due to a crack just under 10 years ago. They are expensive to replace and the local company that does this says they w
  Question: I recently bought a log home needing major repair mostly due to the fact that it had thick latex paint on the logs. I hired a sandblasting contractor who assured me he could safely remove the paint without damage. Needless to say he gouged many logs removing the paint ( 1/4" deep ruts) I also have many dry rotted logs needing repair and or replacing. The repairs are overwhelming.
Its to the point that I want to cover the logs with stucco. What is the best way to prep the logs for stucco?
  Question: We have a log home that is approx. 69 years old; at the time is was built there was no code requirement for a ridge beam. Recently, we decided to add a 700 sq. ft addition to the front & building permit requirements sing-off by a structural engineer. We hired an engineer to make an on-site visit; the engineer said additon of a 'ridge beam' wouldd be required to meet construction code at this time. Do you think this feasible? How would we ever bring a ridge beam inside our home & then suppo
  Question: What can I use to fill the spaces between the boards in my upstairs log house when I take up the carpet?
  Question: I have a log home, 7 years old, that literally gushes air about mantel height inside. It is a rock propane fireplace. Do I need to seal around the outside of the fireplace. It is also rock outside the house. I'd hate for water to also seep in. What would I use, caulk or chinking? Also the home has all double paned vinyl windows. Some leak water and it pools on the inside window seal. All of them are really hard to open and close. I don't think they were put in perfectly level. It is such a mes
  Question: We have a Log sided Barn and some of the siding in the rear have rotted. It looks like the windows are going to fall out and the inside dry wall has cracks.
Do you know of a reputable expert to look at this and diagnose, and repair ? We live in Reading, PA
  Question: Hello, I am looking at purchasing a log home that was built in 1987 with Canadian logs. The second floor is bowed running the length of the home just above the main support beam which has caused the flooring to separate. I am told the wood dried out because the previous owner used wood stove all the time and it is easily replaced? Can the flooring be fixed? Might the support jacks need adjusting?
  Question: Our log home seems to shifting and the windows and doors are crooked.

We live in Quebec Canada, can you advise me if you have a company to recommend to us. Thank you,
Angela Macleod
  Question: Purchasing a log home near Whitewater Wisconsin (approx 1Hr from either Milwaukee or Madison). A couple of the logs appear to have minimal rotting and a couple of the splits concern me (primarily to prevent big infestation). Who in SE Wisconsin or near Whitewater would you recommend for help? Thanks!
  Question: Is there anyone in SE Pennsylvania that can repair a log home?
  Question: Do you repair log homes in Massachusetts?
  Question: I have a 22 year old hand hewn cabin that the porch columns are rotting and I am contemplating ordering the logs and having a carpenter replace the seven log columns. Does your company sell hand hewn logs with a circumference of 22-23 inches and eight feet in length?
  Question: Log home 11 yrs old has a butt joint where one log has twisted outward from the joint, even exposing the wood dowel pin between the connecting log ends. Tried a two pieces thick metal with threaded rod all winter, tightening every week until log was nearly flat, but it twisted back out a bit when removed. Need to "toenail" the log, I guess. Exactly how? Logs on just that one side of house are all very dry and get the most sun. Thanks so much.
  Question: I have a circa 1820's hand-hewn log house and am need of a contractor to assess possible single log replacement. I am located in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area. I know that this is outside of your service area but can you recommend someone local for me?
  Question: I am looking into purchasing a log home. It has an exterior door that leads into the bathroom. Is there a way to close this door in or make it into a window?
  Question: We have a 1800's Log Cabin we purchased that has been covered up with different layers of siding. Is it best to recover the logs again with new siding or do the logs need to breathe on the outside. The inside logs are in in perfect shape. However, the outside logs shows signs of dry rot and rot damage close to the dove tail.
  Question: I had a fire in my log home which is built with fiberglass insulation between the logs. Should the fiberglass insulation be replaced or will cleaning be effective to remove smoke smell and mold liability issues.
  Question: I have a log cabin that is aprox 35 years old, it is a story and 1/2 the front wall of our cabin is in bad shape, we have been keeping up with it as much as possible but we think we will need to replace the front wall sooner than later, it is a small wall aprox 20 ft long and only 10 ft high it also contains a front door, a large window and a picture window. The rest of the structure is in great shape but this wall gets all the weather, how should we go about replacing this front piece? Thanks C
  Question: My wife and I just bought a beautiful 160 year old hand hewn log home. We knew when we purchased it that we had some work to do and some more money to spend. That being said, there are two logs 24' long 14"-16" tall and 10"-12" thick that are located just above the second floor that bow outward at least 4" in the center. How do I go about straightening them? Can they be straightened
  Question: What would cause our log home to have extreme wood popping noises?
  Question: We are purchasing a home that has logs as the otter siding. The issue we have is that some of the logs are severely water damaged and are very soft. How do we fix this. All new log siding or can the wood siding be treated with some type of resin?
  Question: Hello! I live in Estonia, but please answer me, have jou seen ever painted white logg walls? Tradiotinally they paint them yellow. If you love skandinavian style, then post me some links, where to see inside white walls. Best regards, KAire
  Question: My cypress tree support beam seems to be getting more check in the trunk. Should we repair it somehow or is it ok? Also, our wood seems to be making popping noises. Our house is mainly cypress.
  Question: Have what looks like mold under the finish of our beams in our ceiling that's now coming down into the wall.Have tried several things without success and need professionals to do what we can't. Please HELP.
  Question: On an addition I'm tying a framed wall to the exterior of a round log home. Do I need to plane the round logs flat for my siding, 2x6 frame, and drywall
  Question: My grandma lives in a log house that my grandfater built thirty years ago. We have had some rain the last couple of days. She called me and told me the house had sprung a leak. Probably a knot hole. But their are some other damaged logs. When it is cold out and the wind is blowing you get cod drafts of air coming in. What is the easiest and cheapest way to fix these problems? And how can I inspect the other logs for smillar problems?
  Question: I have a milled log home that has no chinking. Recently I notice a gap between the logs with some air coming in. How would you fix this problem?
  Question: I have a 12 year old half log home. The windows are very drafty and we have year round cluster fly problem that may be do the poor window quality or poor installation. They have storms that we clip on. The windows don't fit tight to the sill or lock tightly. I want to start replacing windows on the 2nd floor. What method do you reccomentd. Thank you Sally
  Question: Can I replace windows with doors in my log cabin. Only the outside shows the log the inside is finished with wall board.
  Question: i just purchase a log home my floor is really cold how can i reduce the cold?
  Question: We are purchasing a log home that was built in 1986.
It has a huge sloping metal roof and one little tiny sky light in it. The windows are all very small and the front entrance is barely noticeable. Is it possible to enlarge the windows a significant amount 9Make them Taller and Wider? Also could we add anymore skylights in the roof? In addition could we change the front entrance by adding a gable with a large window. Are any of these things possible and would they be quite costly to do?
  Question: I own a 3 level home. The 1st level is frames, the second level turned logs, and the third level is framed. I want to frame over the logs on the middle level and reframe the upper level so everything is flush. Is it possible just to trip the ends of the logs a little and frame and insulate right over the existing logs then put siding over that? The logs are not in good shape but are structurally sound.
  Question: In my log cabin they built over the great room and put a bedroom.the floor on the loft is down more than a few inches because of this and there are some large cracks in the log that spans the house and supports the loft. We have taken that bedroom down and are trying to figure out how to make the floor more even as well as help the large cracks in the log.
  Question: We are looking to buy a home that is two houses combined. One half is an 1890 log cabin that needs to have some of the logs replaced. my queastion is how hard is it going to be to replace what needs to be replaced and how much will it cost?
  Question: My husband and I purchased a square log home which was built from reclaimed square logs from a barn on another property back in the 70s. We figure the barn was already a few years old. For the most part the structure is in good shape but there are some issues, specificly some of the square beam log ends are missing chunks of wood from decay or birds. It looks like the builder used a lot of chinking at one point to patch this. My question is how do we go about repairing these log ends. I have hea
  Question: I am looking for knowledgable person to advise on dismantle and reconstruct of 1800 hand hewn dovetailed log cabin in mid and northern lower Michigan. Also need advise and possible help on repair,replace,logs and chinking and finishing. Need estimates also. Thanks
  Question: I am looking at a log home to buy it is about 18yrs old. inside some of the walls are bowing. and a window has popped out. I was wondering what the cause of this is and how to fix it. the home inspector the home owner has. says (that it is significant structural movement and flaws.)
  Question: Hi, we're looking at buying a 750 square-foot cabin built in 1998 using reclaimed logs from an 1860's barn. We know to get an inspection and tap the logs looking for rot, and to budget $1-$1.50 per year per square foot for maintenance, but what else should we look out for? Also, we would like to be able to add on to the structure in the future if need be. How hard would it be to do this, ideally using more vintage logs?
  Question: We have a log home that is 10 years old. Purchased a kit through a builder in our area and had his company do the building. About 4 years ago one of the primary beams in the kitchen bowed. After months of going back and forth with the manufacturer they agreed to replace it. A few years after the replacement the beam bowed again. By now we only had about a year left on our structural warranty. I contacted the manufacturer and they denied knowing anything about the first replacement. Our builder h
  Question: My husband and I are interested in buying a 32-year-old log home. It appears to have been very well cared for. The exterior is dark brown, and it looks like they have used a solid-color stain on it. On the exterior we saw no wet places, no bowed walls, no signs of rot, etc, but of course we know little about log houses, so we may have overlooked major issues. The inside logs look perfect to us--very consistent color, no questionable areas. I short, we love the house. Two questions...1. Is
  Question: My husband and I are looking to purchase a log home that was built in 2001. I don't have much information about it like if it was from a kit or what kind of logs they used. I am unfamiliar with log home construction. Obviously this puts me at a severe disadvantage.

This home has been sitting vacant for the past 3 years, with no maintenance done to it. When we went through the home for the first time we noticed that all the outside walls had noticable water stains under all the windows, whic
  Question: We have a few logs on our home which need to be replaced can you give me the name of a contractor in Sherman/Denison, TX area? Thank you
  Question: My husband and I just bought a log home and the couple that lived here before us had STUFF hanging on every wall. There are some small nail holes that are not noticable and then some larger screw holes. Is there any way to fill them so we don't have to hang something on every wall???
  Question: I have lived in a square log home for the last 10 years. The home is about 15 years old. We live in a very windy area on a hill and the house moves so much it is impossible to sleep with the trim cracking as the walls move. Even 25mph winds will keep us up. Is there a way to build more structure to the existing walls? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  Question: We purchased a heartstone log cabin in 1997. It was built in 88. in 2004 we cleaned and restained it. couple of years ago we found log rotting. a company came in and refaced them. but there was still water coming in under a couple of windows.another company came and repaced windows and said they were th only problem with the leaking. but I want to restain the house again and found lots of problems on the corner with rotting and over a support beam. I am hopeing we have that fixed but I would li
  Question: I have a question about my log cabin in Kodiak, Alaska.
My grandpa had built it back in the late 60's with spruce logs from the island and over the years and hard winters and blowing salt water and wind from ocean since it sits on cliff overlooking the ocean has resulted in some damage to logs especially on one side. My mother hasn't kept the best care of it so it's up to me to try to save it now but just last year noticed the logs that the big plate glass picture window sits on our soft a
  Question: I am looking at buying a log home that is 15 years old. One of the exterior logs has a huge crack (probably 1 to 1 1/2 inch wide at one end) that narrows down for about 8 feet before it disappears. The crack is slightly above the middle of the log. Is that going to be a problem for me?
  Question: i am interested in finding out the current average price per square foot to rebuild a log cabin in jefferson, colorado. this is primarily for insurance purposes. the current cabin is 18 years old, 660 sq ft, exterior is log, interior is drywall. heating is woodstove. well water. kitchen: elect stove, fridge. no dishwaster.
  Question: Hi, looking for a recommendation for a company to replace rotten logs. Located in Northern Illinois. Thank you!
  Question: What are the benefits and pitfalls of a metal roof on a log cabin with existing shingles nailed thru 2"insulation to back of ceiling?Thanks
  Question: I am interested in placing veneerstone on areas of our log home (east and west sides) which need the most maintenance as well as accents on the porches. I'm wondering what would be required for application? The first level is 100% log and the second level is log siding. We live in the Texas panhandle with few trees and horrific winds and heat. Can adding veneerstone be done without harming the logs beneath it?
  Question: Our ridge beam has cracked all the way thru on one section. Should I drill thru and bolt it to bring it back together?
Dick in Derry NH
  Question: We own a 150+ year-old log cabin. I want to retire there soon. Family is concerned with insulation, and are encouraging us to drywall the interior. I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. I love the logs. Can this cabin be heat efficient with proper insulation in the roof and air-tight windows/doors?
  Question: I have logs from 1880's. I have had some wanting to buy them but don't know how much they are worth, is it possible you could give a ball park figure on them.
  Question: a few windows in our log house seem to be tilting in.
when you look from the side angle they are really leaning in. We bought the house from owners who had it built from a kitabout 20 years ago. The house does have screw jacks.
  Question: Hello look at a log home to buy . But looks like might have foot water damage while it was beening built . There is some water spots on some of the walls . Can I get them off and should I be worried . Also a couple of the log have black spot on the surface
  Question: I have a 25 year old log home. One of the top corner logs that juts out has rotted. Do I just cut off the rotted part? If so, how do I seal the end where I made the cut? Also,do you know anyone in the Johnson City area of East Tennessee who repairs log homes?
Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.
  Question: Our cabin recently was damaged by a furnace repairman which resulted in the the furnace running at maximum for 3 weeks before being noticed. The wood interior walls ceilings, wood furniture and the inside of the logs completely dried out and shrank.Moisture measurement were 0-5% and the log chinking has seperated from logs and cracks in the interior of logs have widened. I am having problems trying to find out the actual damage to cabin. The contractor's insurance adjuster is no expert on log c
  Question: So now that in 2003 we had the house power washed and the logs are now sqishy and we have sealed them with 3 layers of Behr sealant with stain which looks to me like paint, what do we do??? some of the logs are so hollow sounding they are like 1 inch from the inside wall - please help
  Question: I have 16" 13 foot vertical logs holding up the roof of a 2000 sq ft home. One log has severe checking on the whole 13' averaging approximately 3/4" wide ate the surface going about 6 to 7" deep into the log. One recommendation was to drill thru center of log every vertical foot of the log and run a treaded bolt thru. Then with nuts on either side tighten to close the check as much as possible to strenghten the log. Should I do this? Will it harm or weeken the log?? It is carrying a lot of weig
  Question: I need to find some poderosa pine logs that are round on two side and flat with a groove on the top with a groove for the seal and flat on the bottom I live in Texas any help would be great
  Question: We have a house built in 1898 and it has several holes in the logs from wood peckers and carpenter bees. Some up to 1/2 inch. What is the best way to go about filling these in and re staining?
  Question: there are spaces where the splint logs butt up against the drywall-it looks unfinished -how do we fill in those spaces ?
  Question: we are looking to buy a 20yr old log cabin.the biggest issue we notice it the ceiling log beams are twisted and not the upstairs floor is not level.has this already caused structural damage?can this be 'easily' fixed?is this an expensive fix?
  Question: I have a 65 year old log home.. It's in great shape except in between the logs needs some sort of caulk.. There are spots where the old substance is peeling away. What could I use? Also some gaps in the corners need filled in.. Can you recommend a good product? Thank you.
  Question: Looking at a 17 year old Gastineau log home in Missouri, vacant for past 3 years. Major concern is a 12ft long verticle angle iron brace attached to south exterior wall attached with lag screws. Would this be a "fatal flaw" or was this an poor man's attempt to suck up a bowing wall? Can send pictures. Some settling in upstairs farmebuilt area, 1 3/4" slope from centerline to front of bedroom. Thanks You!
  Question: Our neighborhood has a large pine long at our entrance laying on it's side with the name of our subdivision on it.
The top portion of the long at one end is rotting!
Is it fixable or should the our HOA purchase another log?
  Question: husband and I put every cent we have into buying a log home on 49 acres...for our adopted granddaughter to grow up on. Now we are discovering, to our horror, that many of the logs, the ones closest to the ground, are rotted. I' m sure this was something the seller (we bought only 15 months ago) must have been aware of, as he restored this home. Our inspector must not have been too sharp, either. We are looking for help here in the New Hampshire area. Thanks for ANY info!
  Question: I have a 30 year old log home and intend on framing in the attached garage. It is a two door (~9 foot openings) with 2x8 dimensional framing in place. Have you ever "filled in" with new logs, framed in and covered with log siding, or some other technique? Any thoughts appreciated. I live in western MT.
  Question: I have a log home in Connecticut that needs the screw jacks let down. I'm the second owner and the house is 8 years old. I lacked the knowledge this needed to be done until I noticed the main beam sagging. This prompted me to investigate and take a few measurements. I removed some trim and found these jacks in the center of the house and also on front porch. It appears the previous owner started the process by the wrench marks. Can you recommend someone who can do this?
  Question: I am a real estate agent in Napa, CA selling a Log Home that has some dry rot. Is there anyone in this area that can help?
  Question: I own a 30 year old panabode home. I hired a glazier to install new wood clad windows. He attached the flanges to the logs instead of building a buck in the rough opening.
should I be concerned?
  Question: I really, really want to build a log cabin, We live in South Georgia and my husband is saying that he has talked to another log home owner in town and he hads had to replace a couple of walls in cabin several times, now my husband dont want a log cabin because he is scared of termites, what can we do when we decide to build to keep termites away?
  Question: This is going to sound crazy, but, we have a 15 year old log home we built from a kit. We have already hired a company to corncob blast off awful stain and re-stain it. It totally needs a lot of work again. I don't have the money or the engery to keep up the maitenance of the exterior every few years. Can I cut off the corners, put plywood up and side or brick it, not sure how to handle windows and doors. Anyone else ever want and actually did something like this?
  Question: I own a Satterwhite loghome that was not maintained for many years, i have found some logs that seem to look fine inside the house as well as outside yet they have huge cracks in them and appear to be "rotten" inside the "D" shaped log. What can i do?
  Question: We are wanting to sand down and re-stain some rough interior logs. The house had linseed oil applied to the logs. Any attempt at sanding just leaves the sandpaper pad covered in linseed oil residue.
  Question: I have a small either dry or wet rot spot running about 1/4 inch and about 8 inches long at the bottom of my rounded log. ALl the other logs are in excellent shape. I have no problem with cauging out the small amount of soft wood. But my concern is how do I know when to stop. Concerned about spores or other matter that might continue to be in there and continue to erode or rot out the wood once I close it up. Also, what would you recommend to close up a small area of that size?
  Question: we are repairing a log house built in the 1980's and it has multiple layers of ext. latex paint, logs are rotting and it appears to have been corn husk blasted sometime ago. The lady cant afford to corn blast again and we need to remove paint,do you have any suggestions? We are using a power plainer by hand and belt sander, very tiresome HELP!
  Question: I am buying a log home. It is very datk, can I add windows to the log structure?
  Question: My logs are bowing and separating (no chinking) causing air/noise to come in between edges of solid logs in multiple locations. (I am not referring to normal drying/checking) We think our builder did not put enough lag bolts to hold solid logs together. How can we tell and how do we fix?
  Question: In Eastern Ontario Canada, old square log home with dovetail ends. 1850's
Stonebasement needs repair, bowing in, do we repair the inside first with portland cement then excavate the outside to prevent leaks, will put tile drain down.
Bottom logs rotted and must be replaced, have the logs from old barn. Do we rechink upper logs for stability then remove bottom log and replace then rechink?
What material do I use, Portland Cement, Mortar mix?
Thank you Rochelle
  Question: I have a log house that is 60 years old. It has been painted. The paint was not kept up. There are horizontal cracks forming in the logs. I would like to sand, fill the cracks with something?, prime and paint. The damage is frim the sun, since it is a south facing exterior wall. Your suggestions appreciated.

  Question: Hi,
I have a log home in Au Gres,MI and we have some logs that have rot on the bottom and we need to know of someone to call in our area,or some tips to fix it with epoxy or cement.
Thank you,
  Question: We bought a Pan Abode (1950s)that is painted on the outside. Is this bad? Should we take the paint of and stain it? Also, can you recommend anyone on Vancouver Island BC for log repair or advice?
  Question: Hello I have a log cabin, I now have water damage, and the wood got black. How do I restore it back to its original color ( i believe they have been stained?)
  Question: We have a 20 yr old log home and are thinking of putting stucco on the outside. We have butt and pass corners. Can we cut them flush to make a 90 degree corner, or will it compromise the itegrity of the structure?
  Question: We acquired a log cabin with many alterations to it including painted for many years now. There is constant smell now. From mold possibly (and mice probably). Is there a way to reverse the damage and save the logs?
  Question: We are restoring a log home in Canada and I am wondering what the minimum length the log ends should be? Should they be uniform in length? Is there any benenfit to trimming them to expose new wood before staining and sealing the log ends?
Thank you.
  Question: I have a rectangle log home with cantilevered logs at corners. I would like to build a stud framed addition on one eave side. The addition would be flush with the exterior logs on two sides. The existing exterior log wall would be removed (roof and horizontal ties to be carried by beams). I would need to cut back the lapped log corners to get the new framing past the corner intersection. Eventually, I will replace all log walls with stud framing. The existing corner(s) becomes a seam in an exter
  Question: Have a 25 year old Hearthstone log home. 12"x6" rough hewn hemlock logs, 4" chinking. Very tired of maintenance. Exterior very irregular - not plumb due to rough logs. Can it be wrapped somehow and covered with Hardie board or Hardie shingle?
  Question: We live in Malvern Alabama, we are looking in to buying a log cabin kit. The salesman told me about some of there wood & he kept talking about pine. This company is out of Birmingham Alabama. We are wanting to move north, way up Washington state north. My question is will are southern pines be fine or hold up for ever as long as we treat the wood like your supposed to
  Question: At this point I have one log that has rotted in the corner where the logs crisscross. It is due to a missing rain gutter I think. Are there any companies that service Conneticut.
  Question: Do you have a preference on replacment window mounting? changing casement to double hung?

Mike Clarke
  Question: We recently purchased a log home in Anchorage Alaska I planed to blast and re stain myself but have found some rotten logs is there anyone you can recommend in AK for log replacement.

Thanks John
  Question: Can you recommend anyone in the Buffalo,N.Y. that can do log home repair, corn blasting and staining?
  Question: We are looking at purchasing a log home in Bellville, Texas. House was built in 1983 and has has some settling and at least 1 rotten log. Can you recommend someone for repairs and maintenance? Thanks
  Question: My great grandparent's small log home (square logs)was relocated by my late father about 10 years ago. The house is 100+ years old located in Bellevue, Ohio 44811. It is in desperate need of repair. Is there anyone nearby that can give us an estimate?
  Question: thinking of buying a 1977cabin 2story logs are flat on top and bottom with rounded edges basement foundation is in great condition no shifting but north and west side the logs are popping out everywhere some 3" where logs butt together entire wall doing this .cant afford to invest any money for major repairs logs look dried out on exterior .some interior logs doin same doors window open /shut fine what to do
  Question: the log ends on our home are rotting is there anything we can do. our log home was built in 1977-we are log inside and out & live in the albany ny area.not all ends have this problem can you help
thank you
  Question: We are transforming part of our loft into a bedroom and need to build a floor over an open 6 x 13 space above the living room. It is framed by 3 large beams and the fireplace rockface. I have one 7 foot beam to go above the fireplace and 2 longer 13 foot beams to support the floor. What is the most secure way to attach these beams? Notching? Brackets?
  Question: The roof of my log cabin has no insulation and no attic. Just bought it 3 months ago and was wondering why it was burning up so much fuel, what are my options the interior ceiling is beautiful tung and grove do not want to mess with it. Thanks George
  Question: Kitchen ceiling is 7x3 1/2 beam with single tongue and groove floor above the joists for the bedroom. I want to insulate for sound and still have the beams showing. I was thinking there would be a ceiling for cedar log homes to fit between the beams (26 1/2" between beams) which would leave the beams showing (7" minus 1" insulation minus 3/4" tongue and groove. Is there a market ceiling or do I have to make it myself with 1" foam insulation and 3/4" tongue and groove with a wood trim running
  Question: i need to clamp my wooden outside swing- round post- do they make a hose type of clamp that is antique looking ? the wood is splitting and i put some metal hose clamps on it for now but would like to have a better looking clamp ?
  Question: Hi we have a few logs that need repair/replacement on our log home in Medford Lakes,NJ. Wondering if you might be able to recommend anyone in this area who can do this kind of work. Thank you so much.
  Question: how do you fix main suports in floor do to rot
  Question: We need to replace windows in our log home but don't know whether to go with wood or vinyl. Need some help
  Question: I am replacing a rotten log. What prep does the new log need prior to installation?
  Question: I need to replace a rotted log on my home. the log has about eight feet long but only the two feet against a window sill are rotted. should I replace the whole log, or just half of it?
  Question: Can you provide a list of characteritics that seem to be common among the homes you have to repair?
  Question: I visited Powhaten Pt,Ohio way,way back when I was a kid ( I'm 72 now ) My father took my brothers and me down there to visit our aunts,uncles and cousins,What I'm trying to say is that I am curious if there are any Olens or anybody that was married to an Olen? I'm talking maybe 60/65 years ago.
  Question: I recently purchased a hunting cabin on 800 acres that my grandfather built 70 yrs ago. The house has not been repainted since 1985. The foundation can be fixed. The inside is fine - lots of charm with bunk beds etc - needs new kitchen and windows. The outside needs help. 5% of the boards are rotted - painting is work - I'd like to come up with a long term solution with little work - but the idea of using vinyl is not appealing - I've been told to rebuild the who;e cabin but would prefer
  Question: We are buying a log home kit that is composed of 8" tall by 4" wide square logs and are going to build in southern Louisiana. I need to know if that is thick enough to only use the logs for inside and outside logs, or if we will have to pretty much make it a "log sided" home?
  Question: Hi, my fiance and I are purchasing a log cabin in Wautoma Wisconsin on Silver Lake. There are areas where the logs have rotted. I would like to have the exterior sided and based on research i've read we'd first have to replace the rotted logs. Do you have any company in Waushara County Wisconsin you could recommend to help us with this? Thank you so much!
  Question: I want to remove my upper kitchen cabinets but if I do the log walls underneath will be much lighter in color. Is there something I can do or apply tothe log walls so they appear the same color? Also, what causes the variation when an area of log has been covered?
  Question: I have a 20x10 cabin by our pond made of landscape timbers. I plan on really fixing it up inside, it has a full electrical panel in it. I want to put 1/4 log end matched t&g siding over interior walls on ends and knotty pine t&g planks over walls and ceiling. Question, how do i insulate and do i need vapor barrier? Do i need to vent such a small room at ceiling, has cedar shingles. Thanks!!
  Question: I'm interested in buying a log cabin home in Charlotte NC. The cabins appears to be in good condition. what general maintenance do you recommend yeary to maintain the beauty of the cabin? Are there any repair professional in the area that I can contact.
  Question: My family and I are renting a home in Wisconsin that we are considering buying. The interior is faux log, siding is cedar and the roof is old. I keep thinking I am seeing wet looking logs near the top of the cathedrial ceiling where the flashing may be bad. If the roof is indeed leaking, how easy would this be to see from a distance in the logs/wood ceiling? If the logs are indeed wet, do they need to be completley replaced or can they just dry out? Willing to replace the roof, not half the logs
  Question: My family has a cabin in southern IL built out of pine logs. We have to replace a few logs do to rot issues. I would like to know how to anchor the new logs in place and what kind of chinkum we should use. We used the traditional chinkum and it is failing to due the job. It is the cement style. I have heard that there is a more plyable type out there and would like to know what to use.

  Question: please show me peterson'sg10g18
  Question: can I cut a 1/4 inch slit about 1/1/2 inches deep down my log wall to insert a piece of paneling to hide the v gap where two logs meet a non log wall.Walls were not properly notched in.Will a cut this size compromise the strength of wall.I am trying to make a neat v instead of filling it up with caulk.
  Question: Hi! We are planning on putting a new kitchen in our log home. The problem is there are 4 low lying windows, one of which is in the way. Is it possible to remove the one window and fix the hole in the logs so a part of the kitchen can be there instead? thanks, Jessi Olsen
  Question: I'm building a new log home and want to know the best method to insulate the inside of the wall logs. The plan is to build 2x4 walls on the inside and insulate between or behind them.
  Question: Hi,
We have a log home (4"x6" milled logs) that is 26x42 feet. One end (26 feet) has been bowed outward for a number of years. The bottom half of the wall is fine across the 24' length. However, the upper half starts to bow outward near the middle of the wall length and by the top of the wall it is now out about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom. The logs are nailed together with 6" barn spikes and have two beads of expandable foam (similar to Red Devil foam) between each row. Is there any way
  Question: I have a log stump that I want to make a table out of. I stripped off the bark and sanded smooth. Ive had it outside in the moist air but it felt dry to the touch. I stained it with a semi gloss for the natural wood shine. It looked great, but after a few days it started to turn black and have rough crystalization on it. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?
  Question: I'm thinking of buy a 1943 Gingerbread Log Cabin it's only 600 sqft....How hard would it be for me to add to this log cabin....maybe 2 more bedrooms and den???
  Question: I would like to sell off a vertical pole log cabin erected in the teens to early 190s as a fishing cabin. It is located in southeastern Lake Genenva/Nippersink, WI area. It would need to be dismantled first. What forums or organizations are good conduits to sell this? Thank You!
  Question: I have a 25 year old log place locate in southern Ontario that has one side (south facing) that is a maintenance nightmare. Is there a way to cover this with siding or something similar in order to both protect it better from the weather and make it easier to maintain?
  Question: This log home is 20 yrs. and only just recently got sealed. We are looking to buy but there are logs that have long cracks and possibly some rot but not visible. We cannot find anyone to give info and no one who does this kind of work. Can you supply repair persons and basic info on repair techniques for such? This is in Muhlenburg County Ky. Gayle B.
  Question: Hi, found your site through google. we have a log cabin (>150 years old) near nashville TN and are looking for a society or group that may be interested in keeping it up in its "natural" state. We are all living too far away to take the care of it that she needs. Do you know of any groups that we could contact that may be able to help us preserve our history? Thanks, great site, wish we were closer so we could use your experience!
  Question: We are fixing up a log home that was built in the early 1990s in Western NY. The logs have never been treated or stained and as far as we can tell, the cabin has never been lived in. It was built along with several other cabins in the area by a large company and this one has been sitting idle. There is a serious boring beetle problem and there are marks ALL over all of the logs inside and out. Structurally, the cabin is in excellent shape but the logs look really dark and dingy, especially outsi
  Question: I need to repair the outside corner of a log house that has 10" milled logs. The gutter has been missing for years and all the logs are rotten. I have my own ideas but would like to hear what you would do. The logs need to be replaced approx. 4' to 6' from the corner. I also need to stagger the cuts.
  Question: In general would a 2000 sq ft well built log home need central air to keep it cool during the summer. I live in Southern michgan
  Question: We are looking at a Log home in SW Colorado that was built in 1973 and has been painted, (BLUE) and will need to have the outside painted again. I was thinking powerwash the flaking paint off and then cover with a darker earth tone paint. Good or bad idea? Other ideas
  Question: I cut a cedar tree approx 22 inches diameter and stripped the bark off it. Is there a timeframe I need to wait until I use it in a construction project? I can't have any change in size.
  Question: What's your opinion on stripping bark off cedar logs with a pressure washer?
  Question: For insurance purposes, how can we determine the replacement costs of our log home if it were to burn down?
  Question: I have a 50 year old log home in Fairbanks, Alaska, that had been built in stages. Where the front door used to be they added a foyer, arctic entry, bedroom, kitchen and garage. They covered the old corner of the house with drywall, when we removed the drywall where the front door used to be they had only left maybe a 1' of log which is lose and rotted. We are needing to do something, it doesnt seem like the logs are doing anything structural but there is nothing to help support that other en
  Question: I have a cypress log home in south louisiana, it is aproximately 12 years. The house is do for a wash and treatment; what product do you recomend for cypress? The company that built the house offers a product but the price is astronomical. Looking for a alternative.
  Question: we are purchasing a log hom in sheridan illinois....can you give me the name of anyone near sheridan that can inspect and repair some logs that have decay......thanks ken
  Question: I have a client that is looking to purchase a log home in the Nashville, TN area. This home has several logs that need to be replaced. We have no idea what type of wood this is and it is a foreclosure so the owner is long gone. Is there someone in this area that you could recommend to replace these logs? Thank You!
  Question: I am looking into buying and restoring a log home in Oregon. It's a two story and all the logs on the South wall are rotten. Is it possible to replace an entire wall? There is also burn damage to the NW corner on the outside, would those logs need replaced or can they be fixed?
  Question: we are considering buying a log home upstate ny built in 1948.appears to be in excellent condition except for some sagging of the floors on one side of the single story cabin. house is built on concrete and wood pilons. Is it expensive or even worth jacking and leveling the floor or would it cause more problems? we like the house and the property
  Question: I have an old handmade log cabin that I would like to restore and incorporate into a new log home. Looking for ways to layout the new home with the old small cabin a part of the layout. I'm looking for someone that can handle the restoration and the construction of the new home. I live in upstate NY.
  Question: what is the best material to use to fill large cracks in pine log home exterior and then what should be used to seal the exterior.
  Question: looking at purchasing a 23 yr old cedar log home with truss roof repaired 3 years ago w/metal roofing. Its been vacant/unheated for a while and the cedar cathedral ceiling has spots of black mildew/mold all over it. I dont see this on walls. What could be cause of this and how can it be eliminateed? The entire interior is wood, I worry about changing the patina on one part and onot all. What else should I be concerned about?
  Question: I was wondering if i could use fresh cut eastern cedar inside a cabin on the walls or if it needed to be cured first. How much shirkage would there be with fresh cut plained boards?
  Question: I have a 33 yr old log home in good condition,except for a few logs that have to be replaced on my deck. I have contacted two people to do this work, one in Delaware & one in Pa. I cannot seem to get an estimate from either place. Do you know of anyone that repairs log homes in or near Chester County, Penna. I would appreciate a name, address & phone number of someone in this area that repairs logs. Thank you.
  Question: I am buying a log home . there is a log close to the roof, that looks like a woodpecker has made a home in it. the hole in the log is about 12 inches and almost goes threw to the inside of the house . Will this be hard to fix and will it be costly?
  Question: Have a 30 year old log cabin with some log damage from rot and insects. The cabin is in SE Missouri. Do you know where I can get replacement logs? The logs are pine 6" tall, 4 1/2" deep, flat on back and round on front. We do most of the work ourselves can you offer additional info how we should do the replacement?
  Question: I am considering purchasing a 2700 sq ft log home built in 1997 that has been vacant for over a year. The west wall is very weathered with a lot of water stains on the inside and large cracks in the timber. Previous owner filled some of the cracks with foam insulation. Do the logs need replaced or how can we seal large cracks.
  Question: We had an explosion on wednesday, from propane leak at the boiler. Blew out some walls about 3 inches,all windows , etc. What do we do?Need a second opinion about damage. Thanks Bob Draper
  Question: We are remodeling our 100 year old farm house in Wisconsin which has vinyl siding. Replacing windows and removing plaster and lathe, to find beautiful square logs. Can I bring these back to life affordably and if so will it be fairly heat efficient or am I just better off drywalling? the logs but times are tight! Thank You
  Question: what is the best product to use on log with some weather rot is there a product to force into cavity and still maintain a good look to log and cure problem without replacing log?
  Question: what product can i use with saw dust to fill big wholes in the logs
  Question: There seems to be a problem with water leaking in at base of gable windows after a hard rain. Log home is less than 2 yrs old but contractor says his 1 yr warranty is up and I will need to pay for any repairs. I have already tried caulking the base side of the gable windows. any other suggestions? Should I pursue to have contractor responsible to fix. Shouldn't contractors be aware of the needed kind of sealing needed to prevent gable window leaks? I have heard many other home owners are h
  Question: We need to replace the windows in our log home. What are some things we need to consider when selecting the window manufacturer? Also, what things do we need to be aware of or consider when doing the installation? Thanks!
  Question: We are looking at a log house near Abilene, KS. We like the house a lot, but we are concerned about a couple of things. First, it has been painted. Second, the north side of the house has obviously been repaired. Spots have been filled with a spongy filler. In addition, some logs have areas covered with metal. Structurally everything seems sound. No signs of sagging or settling. Should we just walk away? Sale price of house seems good, but is it going to be a money pit?
  Question: we have a log home that sat empty for 2 years and we have a lot of air leaking in how can we seal so we dont get rotten logs
  Question: I am looking at purchasing a 2700 sqft log home in the Greensboro, NC area. The home is 35 years old and has some extensive rot damage in areas and I also suspect insect damage to many logs. The interior of the home looks very good, but I am concerned about the expense of restoring the exterior. The entire home would also need to be treated and stained. Any thoughts on expense or who in this area I could contact for a qoute? thank you for your help
  Question: I have a barn made entirely of yellow pine. My wife and I want to install a wood stove, most likely a single to double log size, nothing huge. We don't have a lot of money so we want to do this ourselves. My question is ( and I have no exp. ) what is the safe way to install one, also on that subject our house is frame built and the previous owner had a gas fireplace installed, which I would like to replace with a bigger wood stove... Concerned about safety and of course how to do this... Would
  Question: I have an 8 yr.old, cedar, log home. The roof has many problems. I think the builders were not that knowledgeable about putting on a log home roof. Furthermore, the ridge vent caps have caved in slightly & need to be replaced. I was told it's due to the type of cap that was used. It is for a different pitch & a less snowy climate?? Does that make sense? The shingles and paper have issues too. Can someone come and check things out & maybe repair everything? Furthermore, how much would it co
  Question: I own a log home and have been living here for about 5 years. The bottom logs around the side of the house that gets sun and the back porch where the water splashes on it are very rotten with wood rot.I want to clean out the rot, apply epoxy, put 2 X 6 wood in the cavity, spray foam in it and when it dries I'm going to seal with hardy board and put wood shingles on it, rather than hiring someone to do it. I have no money for a contractor. Is this feasible? I have to do something. Help!!! T
  Question: I have 2 year old, 9"milled log home, triple tongue and groove. 2 walls are bowed. The front wall is about 9ft high, and using a verticle board place from top to bottom log, the maximum deflection is 1.3" bow toward inside of house. also toungue and groove of logs around this area is seperating (up to .5" seperation). seals in window in the area let go, door came out of alignment, cocking in corners let go. also water runs on logs to inside house. Is 1.3" deflection too much over 9ft wall? what
  Question: we have a log cabin just put a new roof on last spring that helped a lot but when the wind blows the rain it's running down our walls need help
  Question: I am looking to go to an auction on a log home that was added onto in the 1990s. The original home was built in 1840 and the beams in the basement seemed to be rotting and once had a termite problem. I was wondering roughly what the cost would be to take care of these rotting beams and if they needed to be replaced, what that would look like?

  Question: hello im looking at a 1320sq ft. log home pine logs/ in farmington missouri inside nice but out side has rot on ends of some logs an all over at least 10 different places haf log gone someone patch with pices of logs just stuck it in an nailed it/ can you tell me how to fix it or is it worth buying or the name of a good inspector in Farmington 63640 be four i buy thank you rickie
  Question: what product do i use to fill cracks in a stained log cabin that will blend in well when using cwf with uv protection,and is ok to use bleach to kill mildew applied by pump sprayer? please give me some tips. thanks, jim
  Question: our cedar log home with pine ceiling has just sustained smoke damage from a fire in another part of the house that is an add-0n (and in not cedar). Is there a particular method of smoke/soot removal we should be doing on the cedar and pine.
  Question: Engineer looking at log cabin home circa 1930 in Sparta NJ (Lake Mohawk) There is one main center truss in which the top chord has failed. Looking to repair replace. Afraid replacing in kind will fail again under heavy snow. Would like to maintain same "log" look
  Question: I recetnly purchased an 1850's log home in Wisconsin. There appears to be a rotted log just above the foudation. Where can I find someone in my area to replace this?
  Question: I recently purchased a 14'x16' log cabin that was built in the 1930's. It has round logs. Some of the logs have rotten. I need to relocate this cabin to another location approx 90mi away (all single lane highway travel), would you recomend dismantling the cabin or trying to move it whole? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  Question: I would like to build a vertical log home. I have read about some using vertical poles spaced 24" apart and filling with horizontal logs. I have also read that when you flatten a side of the log you cut through the protective "seal" nature has on the log and it leaves the log vurnable to rot damage. I have thought I would like the logs cut in half so that the walls would be flat on the inside and also have the sides where the logs meet flat with a spline inserted. What kind of mess would I b
  Question: my mother lives in a log home built around 1982,recently she noticed some rotting logs,which appear to be rotted at least 1/2 way ,could you recomend some contractors for her to contact she lives in PA. zip code 15904
  Question: our log cabin is 85 years old, it is chinked with oakum. we have replaced some of the oakum but it is a very tedious job. we are thinking of painting the exterior of the building and chinking it from the outside, can this be done? if so what would you suggest.
  Question: I have 10" peeled logs(10 to 14 ft long) that are used to support my decking/roof. They are starting to split in several places, some are very deep and long. Is there a preferred method to stop this and a way to re-enforce the poles?
  Question: I have two small areas on my log home that have some log rot. I was just wondering if I should strip some of the wood back then apply an epoxy? Also, which epoxy/product do you recommended for log rot (mbalm vs CPES, etc.) Thank you.
  Question: I have a log home with rot under windows. Sills to small. I am replacing windows and have cut out rotted section of log. Can I install a piece of fir 1x as a shim before installing log siding over fir?
  Question: Have a 7 yr old pine 6 in tougne and grove log want to put a bigger window in 70 in wide what is the max span and could I lag screw to the next log up , how much space for settling? Thanks Bruce
  Question: We are purchasing a split log cabin and it looks like it needs stained & sealed. Also a few logs are pulling off the side of the house. It is a 1800 sq ft. house. Is it an expensive process to fix these type of things? We are considering dropping out of the contract if this is a big problem. Thanks!
  Question: I have a 15 year old swedish cope style 2 story log home. On the upper level is a walk out deck. Through the years we have had to tweak both outside doors, both upstairs and down. Now, I cannot open the upstairs door at all. It is a steel door and I had a guy come look at it and he had no clue what to do. I am in Northern CO if you could recommend anyone. I'm sure it is due to the logs settling in.
  Question: We own a vertical log home in the upper peninsula that was built i'm guessing in the early 1960's. The home is approx 24x24 with a small front porch 8x12. The home currently has maybe a 6/12 pitch roof with rafters not trusses. We would like to remove the entire roof and replace it with 12/12 pitch attic trusses to gain another bedroom or two. Will the vertical log with the vertical grove and spline support this change? We have also replaced the original footings and three block high wall.
  Question: The logs have settled in our 1976 log home. The added pressure on our two-story home has made our downstairs floor sag two inches along the line of our inside support. We are thinking about supporting the ceiling beams...then shortening the interior support wall two inches and then jacking up the floor. What do you recommend we do to repair this? Thank you.
Vic Jones
  Question: I have an 88 log home that is needing some lower d log replacement and want to add on a 2br 2 ba small home with breezeway between. What challenges will I have?
  Question: Own a 30 year old kit built D log home. Would like to replace some windows with larger ones. Do we need to worry about hitting metal rods or anything in the walls when we chainsaw the openings? Thanks!
  Question: I am looking at a log home to purchase but the 3 logs under the windows have begun to rott and i believe it is over 50%. Can i replace them myself or can i replace them with something else to make the job easier?
  Question: We have a 2 story log home in Colorado. The North side leaks rain and blowing snow. It seems to have shifted and the windows do not shut properly. During the recent coldsnap our hot water heat pipes in the two north bedrooms have frozen. We have covered the North side with siding. Is there anything else we can do?
  Question: we are purchasing a log home 30 years old we are new to this , we had home inspector check home and he found some rot in several of the logs on each end of the home (east and west ends) since this is home purchase we need to know approx repair costs to replace a log that has short areas of rot in it ,, thanks
  Question: I am buying a log home built in 2003 using a log home kit. What are the chances it has pcp in it, and should I have the inspector test for it?
  Question: i put the log siding in my self and i used trim nails on the lip it is staying pretty good but in a lot of areas the logs are shrinking our contracting and ive face nailed some and seems to help should i take a beed of super strength wood glue to keep it from expanding its inside and sealed
  Question: Hello,we are looking at a log home but there is an issue i,m afraid my not be able to be fixed.there is a sliding door,so obviously ends of logs,directly under this opening is a 16 ft garage door.needless to say it has sagged...a can look across the length of the house and see the logs have sagged about 3 inches.there is a gap under the slider and daylight comming thru between the metal roofing and the rafters over this area.i think it can be jacked up but the logs not being straight an
  Question: Friends of our have a 60 yr old log home which had a fire resulting from the chimney, gutting much of the home but not though the walls. Can this be repaired similar to a Reg. house and fire? if so what is a good method? there is charring on inside. Thx.
  Question: we have a log home that was built in the 30's one corner of it the second floor is coming down in the corner. How do we fix that? It also is getting uneavan in the middle what kind of jacks do we buy to fix that problem?
  Question: Our log home was built in alaska - i thing the wood was green - well I'm concerned about the long checking in it which at some areas about 3 inches wide and are splitting across the whole structual beam on all sides - is this safe - the wood seams to be dry, what should I do, Thank-you Debbie
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  Question: My wife and I are considering a cedar log home for purchase that was built in the mid 1800's and has been moved and resituated on a block foundation. Consider this, and would certainly have a log home inspector closely examine it all, can you provide a perspective on the logevity of such a log home which appears in very good condition?
  Question: We are looking to buy a log home but only if we can put an addition on it. It needs a door put on the side of the home. Can we do that?
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home built in 2009. One of the main supporting log has about a 2" crack in it. My husband thinks it is a crucial log supporting the upper story. Can a two inch or more crack be repaired or replaced?
  Question: my daughter has a 20 year old pan abode house and there is damp seeping through one of the walls has anyone any ideas how to repair this
  Question: I recently found some spots on our oak log house that are rotting (small areas)on the exterior on each side of a window seal. Is it possible to use some type of epoxy filler to fill in the area after they are cleaned out?
  Question: I live near Bloomington Ind. Have rob in several logs under window. Need repair. Do you suggest any one near me, southern Ind.
  Question: I removed a 6" diameter gas stove pipe going through my log (6" x 8") home exterior wall. How should the hole be filled in. I have some small sections of the original logs.
  Question: We have been in our cabin two years. It was built in 71 with three 35 foot span open beams in our vaulted ceiling. We are in North Pole, Alaska where our temperature changed from 40 and raining last week to -40 this week. We have a wood stove for heating along with a back up oil heater. It is around 80 in the house most of the time. This week we have noticed popping sounds from our beams and walls. Are the extremes in temperature causing this or the heat from the wood stove? Is there anythi
  Question: Hi, we have a three year old log home with hemock logs not siding. I have one log approximately 18 inches in lengh between a window and fire chimney. In the center of the log is a check that I can not stop from leaking rain water. I have sealed all around the chimney, put new flashing on the window casing. I can not trace the water from coming any direction cause everything round it is dry. The water just seem to appear straight through the log. I have chaulked the outside log about 5 times. Can
  Question: My fiance and I just bought a log kit from an ad on craigslist. Approximately 1/2 the logs were on an unfinished structure not protected by a roof but appeared to be in good but weathered condition. The other 1/2 were on railroad ties, still wire bundled and covered by a tarp. The problem is when the standing logs were dismantled much of the tongue and groove was rotten and they were not numbered as they were removed from the structure. The logs that were on the ground appear to be in good condi
  Question: i have rotten logs on my home i'm a do it yourself type person what is the process of getting to and replacing logs
  Question: Purchased a 1999yr built flat sided white pine log home. Want to insulate the interior site of the log wall and then cover with t & g prefinished white pine. Need good info on rigid insulation board insulation methods or other best options. I must avoid mold and dampness in the wall.
How would you insulate the interior side of the log wall and then apply the pine T & G to avoid mositure build up between the logs and the T &G??? Thanks for your time.
  Question: we are looking at purchasing a log home in MN from a bank foreclosure. There is evidence of water damage on the inside of the log walls in the family room. There is no mold, and the logs aren't wet... any what the problem is or how we can fix it so the logs don't show the water damage anymore?
  Question: I own a log cabin in a remote area of Nevada and I have some logs rotting. I have heard not to try to repair them myself. But I am afraid of getting ripped off. There are at least two about 3 fett off of the ground.Thanks Lynda
  Question: I need a companiesing. contact info. that does corn cob
  Question: Hello - I am currently renovating a log home and there are some logs with crayon on them (previously owned by a childrens summer camp); I have tried sanding these areas but the sand paper just gets very gummy and no longer useful, is there a product I can use to remove the crayon without having to literally chip away at the log? there are also a few sticky areas that sanding will not work. Thanks!
  Question: Hi, I have a (estimated) 120 year old log cabin in Algonac, MI (a very wet, high water table area). Local lore has it that it was built from logs taken from the property. At least 2-3 of the bottom logs have significat rot in the front of the home. I need an inspection, advice, and repairs, and am kind of freaking out. Can you help, or recommend someone in the area? TX, jane
  Question: I am looking to purchase an octagon log cabin. Four sides have rotten logs on the bottom 2 rows. Any idea who to contact in Southeast Pennsylvania?
  Question: How much bowig of log walls is too much? I have 10 foot high stacked side walls. The logs are 6" deep and 8" high each. I have 15 logs stacked to form a 10' wall. The logs at the top of the wall tilt from vertical about 8" at the top and starts bowing at about 8' from the floor. Is this too much?
  Question: Northern Indiana log home needing some repairs. Who would you recommend in this area? Wakarusa, Indiana
  Question: We have a 20'x30' verticial cedar log home with a loft that has a 8' joist height. It's dark and cramped feeling. I want to build out the loft and am debating 1. simple shed dormers, but feel limited by the height limitations on the new dormer ends. 2. Gable dormers and we are limited by floor space to 12' on one side and 10' of the loft question the proportions. 3. Build up a shed solution by adding side riser walls of 18"-12" to "bump up" the entire shed dormer above the current roof lin
  Question: I have an 80 year old log cabin in excellent condition but the front facing the lake, there are a few lower logs on upper deck are allowing leaks in when there are heavy rains for a few days. How can I repair those logs so they're secure against rain? Thank you.
  Question: I have a couple of logs that are rotten all in one area, the rot is mostly from rain. I have been looking for someone to replace the logs. I am located in Martinsville Indiana. Any information would be appreciated.
  Question: I have been asked to refinish a log home I have concluded that Q8 log oil is my best option, (early 70's log home)other than Manufacturer suggestions on prep I.E. cleaning is there something I should use in the spaces between the logs on the exterior chinking, caulking, anything?
  Question: We just purchased a 31 year-old log home. Luckily there is only a small amount of water-induced rot. It doesn't appear as though the home's exterior was ever treated. It is quite grey in color and some of the chinking is falling out. The interior of the logs are in beautiful condition. Home is in Northern MN so we would like to protect it from another winter. We have more time than money. Where should we start? Thanks
  Question: Where to purchase replacement logs?
  Question: Where can I purchase replacement logs, standing lodge pole pine from Montana, Mission Mt range, or will any pine do? Thanks
  Question: please describe a process for cleaning a 2 year old log cabin of sap and sealing it after the sap cleaning
  Question: We own an abandoned, 250 year old German log house. The rear corners have rotted from water damage, but a good portion of each log is solid. How do we repair the corners? Thank-you.
  Question: I just Purchased a log home and I have some logs that need repair, (D-Logs) small job. Located in Fowlerville Mi. do you know or recommend someone in that area? Also I would Like an Inspection of the condition of the log home.
  Question: The previous owner had the beams sticking out past the overhang two foot or so for LOOKS. Built in 74 they are now rotted. I had then cut off to just under the roof line but a couple of them are badly rotted and one is hollow. The roof is solid board that is supporting the overhang. What can I do for the rotted bean log ends, is there a product that can be put in there where the rot is? To replace the logs would be a major repair, they run the length of the cabin! Other wise the cabin is in grea
  Question: We have a vertical pole log cabin on a lake near San Antonio TX. It's cedar half rounds with a spline in a vertical groove between each log. It was built in the 30's and appears to have been a kit based on numbered floor joists. Am looking for info on who built kits like this (Sears? Wards?,etc)
  Question: Just bought what appears to be a kit log home (26x20 square). It is approximately 20 years old. There is substantial rot (mostly due from moisture and some from termite ...termite damage/treatment has been addressed).
The log cabin sits on a concrete foundation w crawlspace (not a slab).
The rot is in some of the critical corner question is ..."how in the word can this be repaired or at least stabilized"?
Is it possible to jack up the logs and replace the critical rotted sectio
  Question: Hello my name is Colin. I work for a company and all we do is strip and re-stain log homes. We live in Northern Michigan so their is a lot of cabins here.
In most cases we sand blast the old stain off the house sand it with nylon osborn brush's and then do a double coat of stain most of the time it is sikken's stain. What I would most like to know is a lot of these houses are not very old 3-10 year's old.I have came upon a lot of them that have sap leaking out we have tried many things to ge
  Question: I have some hollow rotten logs on the north side of my log cabin. Ive scooped out all of the rot. Can I fill this void with concrete?
  Question: Is dismantling a log home tricky and do you need any special tools? I was given a log home that I have to move with very little money but have plenty determination. The log home had a gable roof. 26'x32' dimensions,tongue and groove with spikes and approx.25yrs.old 8"round. Only logs standing now.
  Question: Some of the bottom logs of our home have sun damage. The logs have very tiny cracks & are darker than the other logs making it hard to stain and look good. It is only on one side of our home.We thought our wrap around porch would protect the logs.Can we sand the logs or what can we do?
  Question: Hi, We have a log home over a 100 yrs. old--would like to add a large window in one of the log walls..What is the best way to get started.. Or should I forget about it...Thanks for your help...
  Question: Why are my Basement ceiling joists dripping with saplike substance ?
  Question: How do you restore a full length log that has log rot and keep the full length without resorting to a butt joint in order to repair? Thank you.
  Question: What is the best way to remove exterior varathene in preparation to refinishing my log cottage and what would be the best finish to use to refinish??
  Question: I am building a log cabin accessory building. I am not sure on how to do the windows because of the settle gap. I have two 2 by 4's with slots for the settle gap. Now I need to frame the windows. How do I attach them especially at the top so that they are secure.
Thank you
  Question: Hi,
We have a log home (red and white pine), and have found powdery dark brown streaks on some of the logs on the inside, and little piles of the dust on top of the lops. It looks almost like cocoa. There is a fair bit of this substance. It has been very hot a humid lately. Any ideas what this could be?
  Question: I have a older log cabin house.I am redoing some of the rooms in it and noticed that a wall in a room is bowing out.I found out it has been this way for 15+ yrs. but I am being told to replace the whole wall now.I am not sure what to do.If it's been this way for a long time I think it would be ok to stay for a bit longer,but then on the other hand I don't want it to fall.I wasn't expecting to spend this amount of money at this time.What should I do?
  Question: Can buy a 200 yr.old 24' by 24' log house at what I feel is a very good price, but don't have any idea on cost to tear down and more about 70 miles. Would like to know what the going price is because I don't want to purchase and then find out tearing down and moving is not within my budget. Live in Berea, Ky.
  Question: Who do you recommend for log siding replacement in the Joplin Missouri area? I have some rot issues with some of the logs on my home. Not bad, but they need to be replaced. They range in length about 4 or 5 feet, by about 6 inches high, and about 3 or 4 inches thick. Plus 1 or 2 corner logs.
Thank you!
  Question: I live in the Cincinnati/Dayton, OH area and own a 3 y/o log home. We need to restain, but one side of the house is peeling badly and starting to blacken. Should we contact a mold specialist and/or can you recommend a restoration/refinishing company in this area?
  Question: The owner of the log home we're purchasing cut off the ends of the logs on the corners to install vinyl siding. We wish to remove the siding to restore back to log exterior. What options are there to repair the corners for appearance purposes? Are there log end pieces that could be purchased and affixed to the cut off ends or is there a better option? Thank you.
  Question: I have a 35 year old full lof home. I have rot in a few logs from lack of rain gutter on that side of the building. It has been suggested that I could chisel out the rot, put a sealant and then apply a half log as closely matched to mine as possible. I do not see any rot or softening of the wood on the interior. Is this a resonable solution?
  Question: I am is the process of finishing a three story log home. I was thinking of installing a deck. We have logs at about a 18 inch diameter and are worried about rot. Would you recommend a porch or a deck? We are in northern Michigan in the snow belt.

  Question: I have a 24 year old cabin and would like to replace the existing windows. Cabin is 10", milled, round logs. The window openings are framed out with 2X10. I am planning on measuring the existing opening and have new, custom windows made to fit the 2X10 rough openings. Do you have a window type and or manufacture you would recommend. vinyle, fiberglass, aluminum clad? Current windows are wood interior and exterior with wood brick mold trim, double hungs. I would like to have a maintenance f
  Question: I have ponderosa pine peeled log columns on the exterior of my new construction. I would like a glossy finsh that will seal, protect and last. What product would be best for this application?
  Question: Thinking of buying 2500sq' 2001 home w/extensive rot in logs. They were painted on outside, poly-coated on inside. Rot hasn't made it to inside. Would covering the outside w/board and batton let the logs dry out. prevent further damage? Should I paint the logs w/wood preservative? Any advice?
  Question: I have a log on the very bottom of the cabin with water damage how do I replace
  Question: what can be done to remove funges from porch main beams?
  Question: On the second story of my log home the outside walls have bowed out about 1 1/2". It is four years old. Is this cause for concern or par for the course in a log home? I live in Alaska.
  Question: I am currently planing to build a log home using 6"x8" double flat (flat inside and out) tounge and grove white pine logs. the outer dimensions of the house will be 20' wide and 30' long, basically the base of the house will be a rectangle. I have umlimited access to a very old stand of white pines, and also a lumbermate 2000 13 hp saw mill, the only problem is the mill will only cut logs up to 13' long. Ive strategacly placed windows and doors to make up the distance, as best i can, for most
  Question: I have a Northern white cedar log home on Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke Va. We recently had a fire and am looking for a company to do the reconstruction. Can you help.
  Question: I have a log home at the ocean where there is lot of wind. I,ve notice that when it rains and is windy the butt joints leak water inside the home. I would like to know the best way to seal the leaking joints ?
  Question: I have a 100+ year old historic log barn in the Wyoming mountains. Some of the logs have a bit of rot. I just want to preserve the barn. Is there something I can put on the logs to preserve them?
  Question: i stain my deck every year with flood cwf clear. but sunday i stained it and it has rained now that is drying there are white streaks on the deck. what can i do?
  Question: I have a 15 year old log cabin in ohio and it is made of pine. I stained cabin and put insecticide for carpenter bees but they still are around. I went to the cabin this week and found a woodpecker severely damaged the logs getting at the larvae i guess the wholes are big can they be repaired or do i need to replace?
  Question: We have been given a 30 year old log home. We need to move it off the property. What would you suggest as to the best way to move it, as a whole or each log individually by numbering the logs?
  Question: We have been very fortunate to purchase (for $1.00!)
a 1930,s CCC 30x60 vertical log lodge in Mi. It is in remarkable condition. We need to dismantle and bring down state to our lake property. Recomendations?
  Question: i own a 30 yr old log home.i have some soft(rotted)right next to my wall unit AC.i believe either water is coming from the unit or splashing off the roof on to the ac and the wall.there are a few logs involved.i have never heard of half logs .how do they work and how would i know if i could use them or have to replace the whole log?can i send you pictures of the problem or is there another site i could send them too?thanks
  Question: I replaced 1 board in my hardwood floors and I have some gaps around the edges-I tried to match up the color with flexible putty but it didn't match & it was soft & came up when I washed it. I was told to use a 2 part apoxy & mix in with the stain to fill in the gaps & it will harden as well.Will that work or do you have any other ideas-Thanks,Michael
  Question: We are remodelling an older home that has 1x12 ceiling planks with gaps ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. We would like to leave the planks exposed, but need to find some method of sealing the gaps. We've thought about Perma-Chink and other similar products, but weren't sure if it would work on a horizontal surface. Also not sure what if anything to use for backing. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  Question: we live in a house that looks like a log home but its not it siding.we have lived here 6 years and not put anything on the walls.i noticed about 1 or 2 months ago we are getting some dark grey black colored spots going the along some of the siding.(going not on down all the siding but along the siding)now the question that mold?we did sand a small spot and it was white under.can i sand only the spot that have the dark spot and re stain all the wood?or do i have to sand all the walls?
  Question: I am a Realtor listing a log home that has a window that is leaking under the window silland in a log underneath the sill. Looking at it the caulking is cracked a little. How do I go about getting that fixed and who should I call to do this? Would any window company be able to handle this or do I need a specialist? Any information would be be appreciated.
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home that has been vacant for three years and water has damaged one corner of the home. Luckily I went to look at eh home during a down pour and got out and noticed the water was leaking out from the gutter onto one corner and the log ends are rotten. We still like the home put know that we want to find out how bad the damage is and how much it would cost. Any information you could give us would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Jim Leach - St Charles, Missour
  Question: Hello, we are renting a timber-frame home in NC. The home also has kempas hardwood floors throughout. Since we have moved in, small patches of what I would consider to be droplets of some sort of yellowy, waxy substance have appeared on the floor out of nowhere. When i try to clean it up, it leaves a dull, waxy patch on the floor; could the beams from the timberframe be dripping sap of some sort? I have noticed on some of the posts a yellowy, drippy substance, that is hardened over and can
  Question: My wife and I are looking at purchasing a log cabin in Louisville, KY. It is in need of repair due to log rot in a few places around the perimeter of the house (we assume splash from decking and no gutters). The house is about 25 years old and is made from yellow pine about 9" diameter logs. Do you know of someone in the area that could give an estimate to repair.
  Question: Is it acceptable to sheet over and wrap a log home to install a maintenance free siding? If so are there any procedures that should be done to ensure log preservation?
  Question: Our house is 15 years old and has not enough space was left above the drywall to allow for settling. Can the drywall walls be cut to allow for the floor to settle? Can you expect the bowed section to settle and the period of time it takes to settle.
  Question: We bought a log home that has been exposed to the sun on the interior for about 2 years. I would like to know if the discolor (gray) can be somehow reversed.
The discolor is on the inside and outside. The inside would be my greatest concern. It would not be practical for me to sand the walls, Is there a solution?
Thank You
  Question: What is the safest way to replace rotted log in walk exterior . Or a product that can be used to repaif that log.
  Question: I am installing a white cedar tree (de-barked) as a column, is there a way to remove the cambium layer other than sanding to prepare it.
  Question: I recently bought a small log cabin. The doors are not standard size; both are about 76 inches high. Both are not weather tight and need to be replaced. My brother says I should make the door opening bigger and put in standard size doors rather than buy custom size doors. This would mean cutting into the logs. Which would be a better solution?
  Question: I am in Minnesota and am looking at puchasing a log home. There look to be a few problem areas on the corners of the home that will need replacement logs and the home will need a complete Staining. Do you have any recommendations?
  Question: I am getting ready to purchase a mobile home. It is a Logcoft Cobra, 12ft wide and 39 ft long and the logs will need to be replaces due to termites and water damage. Can you give me a ball park figuure on the price, and is this where I would purchase them also. Thnak you for your time.
  Question: We live in Central Ga and are in desperate need of some log expertise. We along with opur 2 small kids are currently living in our two story 150 yr old log cabin. We have 10 rotten logs on the lower half, due to moisture, insects??? Not sure. % years ago had a contractor apply Perma-chink products now the logs are super rotten and mushy!!! Help! How do we find someone in our area who really does understand old logs. How can this be repaired while living in our home??
  Question: I have a square timber log home and I am noticing around door frame that the log wall is PUSHING the trim outwards from the door like the wall is bowing outwards .my foundation is perfectly straight .Does some bowing occur normally like this and how could I correct this ? I should also mention that if you look on the inside of the home it appears that the wall is moving outwards away from the studded drywalled wall in this same location.My home has very high walls and cathedral style ceilings .T
  Question: i have a log cabin 25yrs old. i am replacing some ( 5) of the logs that have rotted, they have rotted only half way through. I am thinking about replacing them with half logs. What is the simplest way to do this?
  Question: Just bought a 6 year old white pine log home in the UP of Michigan, no air conditioner and heats with a wood stove. Have noticed excessive humidity in home . Crawl pace has vapor barrier down, no leaks underneath, walls are insulated with foam, but upstairs the foor feels damp, you can feel dampness in the air even on dry days with windows open. we bought a dehumidifier bt we are on generator power so we don't want to use that too often, any suggestions? The floor up stairs is wood, carpet and
  Question: Hi Dr. I am looking to purchase a log home made with BC Red Cedar logs (square cut)which was built in 1972. The house is in great shape but is a little small. We are interested in adding an extention to this home. I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb as to the cost per sq. ft.? We are thinking about building up and out. What has your experiance been regarding this species of wood? We are located west on Montreal Quebec. Can you reccomend a builder in our area that could be trustworthy to
  Question: 8/12/09
The historical society of Goshen, Ohio. (30 minutes from Cincinnati , Ohio has uncovered a log home. The township has gone as far as it can in restoration.
The cabin is estimated to be of 1830 vintage and is approximately 30 x 20 two floors.

Everything done so far has been accomplished by the township volunteers. We now feel we need some professional paid help to make the finished product a Historical sight in our township...
Perhaps you could point us in the right direction for
  Question: We live in PA & are looking for a company that repairs logs. We are hoping to accomplish this before the end of this fall. Any suggestions?
  Question: need to fine 4 1/2 inch pine log railing in Upper Michigan
  Question: We have a New England log home,,hand peeled...8" full log. need to buy half logs to restore some rotted logs. where can be buy half logs that are "perfect" shaped? We live near Chicago, IL

thanks and God bless,
  Question: 3 years ago, I had a "professional" repair damage to bottom 3 logs of my cabin on the North side. His solution was to cut the original logs off at the dovetail corner & spike replacement logs to the dovetail ends; now the sill log has warped outwards & is now 3" off the foundation on the East side as the dovetails no longer tie the cabin together - Can this be fixed properly? The cabin is about 18 years old & made of 6" x 12" han hewn logs.
  Question: My white cedar log swing, has rotten posts on the A frame ends where the log sits on the ground. How can I rebuild the log ends and protect it from future rot. We had applied 3 coats of CWF stain protector over 10 year period but it still rotted.
Could the ends be rebuilt with an epoxy and mold?
  Question: Inheirited a vertical tongue and groove log cabin hand built by ancestors. Previously treated with linseed oil mixture of ? Local treatment person advised deterioration starting on bottom of logs, advised brushing on M-balm and then spray on stain or paint. Some family members want to stay with linseed oil. What is your opinion of this? Structure is over 50 years old.
  Question: I'm doing some remodeling with my log home. I'm putting in larger windows and cutting out larger door ways. I'm a woman and want to do it myself. How is the best way,
  Question: what is the fine white fungus type dust on the rafters in my loft
  Question: I have somewhat simple question. My grandson at the age of two, two and a half, used a crayon and "wrote" all over the log wall next to his bed --and I mean ALL OVER the wall that was within his reach. It affects only about two logs, but those two logs are covered. Is there a simple way to remove these marks or ... what? Thank you.
  Question: We own a 23 yr. old log home. Some of the interior walls look like they have water stains. Is there any way to get these water marks/stains out?
Thank you.
  Question: I purchased a 100 year old log cabin about 4 years ago. The previous owner was using oakum (sp?) instead of mortar or other chinking. Also, the logs were previously treated with creosote. There are many gaps where cold air, insects, and the occasional bat can enter. Can you tell me the best way to proceed for exterior maintenance. I think I need to pull out the old oakum, sand the logs as best I can, stain them with an appropriate preservative, then chink the logs. Does this sound right?
  Question: We have an oak log home from gastineau 6" wide x 8' tall logs our home is 12 years old and the front wall is bowing outward.How would we fix it?
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home that was built in 2006. However, all of the drywall in the house is buckled and needs to be replaced. The real estate agent says that was because the logs were "wet" and had not completely settled. I am concerned that there might be more to it than just aesthetics, like a structural problem. Is it normal for the drywall in a newly built log home to warp? What other conditions might be wrong with a home with a conditoin such as this?
  Question: I recently purchased a log home in Northern Ontario. It is ~10" hand-hewn, square pine logs and was built in 1980.

At some point in its history a deck was added all the way around the front (4 sides of octagonal home). The ledger board was nailed directly to the logs and I began to suspect that the trapped moisture/debris had caused rot.

Tonight I started removing the deck and in the first 20' section have dug out a rotted area approx. 5' long, 6" deep and 2-5" high.

Fortunately t
  Question: How do you clean smoke damaged logs?
  Question: Hi we are re-storing a 250 year old cabin.It is in need of some beam re-building ,or replacing.We have already done major foundation strengthening and restoration.So we have a good foundation,now we need to re-build the rotting beams ,mostly on the outside.It is a building that is in Pennsylvania,and will be for showing only,I heard of some product that you can re-build beams with,is that true? or must we re-place?
  Question: We have 15 yr old pine log home. We are preparing to re-stain, have alot of carpenter bee/woodpecker damage to logs. How do you suggest to repair. Do we use a foam first and a putty on top of that? A putty will be white? How does that work when using a semi-transparent stain? I looked thru your other posts, cannot believe more people have not had this problem.
Thanks for help, Ruth
  Question: We build log home in Florida. It stau 3 years, and now we found few hols which was done buy insect which looks like big bee. Outside just small round hole, but it is so deep/ We sprayed inside some poisone staf and how we can fill that hole? Need use some filler to fill whole hole , or hast close that?
  Question: We live in a 2 story log house the main beam is rotted and 70% gone from termite damage. Can this be replaced, as the other floor joists are notched in to the main beam?
  Question: I have two logs that the end six foot are totaly rotten can I replace the rotten six foot or do I have to replace the entire log? The Problem area is not on the corner it is where the logs meet the chimeny in the middle of the wall.
  Question: Heat problem
I heat with a pellet stove on the 1st flr
I have a 1976 kit log home tong and gruve, my master bed rm. is very cold this winter can I caulk the interior walls. The basement floor to this bed rm. is un -isulated and the basement is not being heated should I insulat w/R19 or what do you recomend, your help wouuld be geatly apprec.thanks Ron
  Question: We are building a log home. The center section has a plank and beam cathedral ceiling supported by two 6x12 beams. The span is 12' Our electrician drilled two 1" vertical holes along the centerline of the beams. I would like to repair the holes to restore the strength of the beam. I don't want to add plates to the beams as appearance is important. Do you think epoxying rebar in the holes will restore the beam's strength? If so, what type of epoxy would your recommend. Any other ideas woul
  Question: I have a log house that the outside has been covered with cedar siding. I would like to remove it and replace with half logs. The logs under the siding were going bad but they are still there.
  Question: We bought a 25 year old home 5 years ago. We had a lot of work done to the walls (re-chinked and log repair followed by a wood guard reseal) 3 years ago. Log man is back and several more logs need to be replaced. Country living is our dream (lots of kids, chickens, cows, dogs etc.) but this log home is becoming our money pit!!! Do you need to be a millionaire to own a log home? Any economical solutions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much-
  Question: I am a REALTOR and recently showed a house that had log walls inside with streaks running down the logs, particularly in the corners and underneath the windows. Replacement windows have been installed but the buyer I represent wants to know what can be done to remove the streaks on the existing logs. The damage to the interior logs came from moisture coming inside but now has been sealed. The exterior has been covered with vinyl siding-should this be any problem?
  Question: Our log home is about 11 years old. Recently I noticed that some of the roof support logs upstairs have turned at a slight angle and the nails have p;ulled out of the siding(slats) on the upstairs outside fo the house. Any suggestions?
  Question: I have an interior log wall running through the middle of the home. A doorway opening is cut out. a few logs about 5 feet up have started to bow out about an inch. The home was built in 2005-06. The logs are 8"x8" round-round with a t&g on the top & bottom. a little crack on one logs tounge has appeared. WHat is the best way to shore up this wall and allow for settlement?
  Question: We are going to move a15'x30' log cabin. We are going to brace it with 1/2plywood 2x4's 2x6's and skid it about 1/2 mile.Any suggestions on more bracing or how to skid it. It is a camp made of pine.
  Question: How can i put corner post on a butt and pass home without decreaseing stability?
  Question: We have a 6 month old log home. We have a 2 story great room celing.with a stone fireplace on one wall. Tounge and grove pine cover the celing. After 2 heavy days of rain we had water leaking through a knot hole in one of the pine tounge and groove boards. Our builder blames it on the fireplace guy that installed the flashing on the roof. Does this sound correct? Could a lot of "hidden" damage been caused by this??
  Question: I am looking for ship-lapped log siding that is 1 3/4" thick, with a 3" radius on the outside for my 1950's era log cabin in VT. Overall width is about 6". Do you know where I can get replacements?
  Question: I am preparing to complete a half log replacement and wanted suggestions on how to install the log. Both faces are pretty square. would an adhesive or caulk be best, then wood screws. I was quoted $1,000's to do the replacement, so far its cost me $75(mill) and a case of beer(kiln).
  Question: My log home is 14 years old,5years after it was built the man I hired to stain it with penofin first removed mold and mildew by spraying a chemical that is used to add to swimming pools. He srayed it on undiluted then powerwashed it off. I am tackling the job myself and need to know the best way to remove mold?
  Question: I am thinking of dimantling my great-grandmother's log cabin, moving it. It was moved back in the late 1800's to where it stands today and had been vacant for 20 years. Is there anything that can be done to help preserve the logs before they are reused? Not sure what kind of wood they are.
  Question: 1962 A-Frame. Peeler logs form the "A" and support the roof. One upstairs bedroom has high humidity. Out in dehumidifier. Lowered humidity 25-40 %. Peeler has started checking wider in original cracks. turned off dehumidifier. Have heard loud cracking sounds at night. Some cracks are 1/2 in larger then original. Log looks straight right now. Should this be filled, repaired? To replace would be to remove 2 1/2 inch TNG roof.

Thank you.
  Question: I was wondering what factors are involved in replacing a rotten log? I have a 30 year old home that one of the bottom logs on the cement block foundation are rotted.
  Question: We would like to dis-assemble, relocate and re-assemble an early 1800's log cabin. Can you suggest any research material to guide us through this project? Thank you.
  Question: I do not like the looks of the lag bolts showing in our beautiful new cedar log home. The only solution that I have thought of is cutting an appropriate sized dowel,etc. and filling. Do you know of any company that sells premade log plugs in different sizes. (There are many bolts!!) The only other solution that I have heard offered - if you don't like your lag bolts is paint them.I would much prefer making the lag bolts disappear behing wood. Thanks much for any input. Carol
  Question: I have a hoe that uses large (14" dia) logs as the upright support inside and outside of the house. Several of the logs are splitting severely. Should I try to find a steel brace of some sort to wrap the logs with? Do you have any idea where I can get them? The home is in Park City, Utah. Thanks
  Question: i need to reinstall windows on my parents log home due to leaking in a driving rain. What is the best way to weatherproof the windows when the exterior is round logs just like the interior
  Question: My greatgrandfather built a swedish style log cabin in 1929. Our family is embarking on a restoration work weekend and we are considering replacing a rotting bottom log on one side of the cabin. Do you have any tips or methods to go about this the right way? There are windows in said wall.

  Question: We have a 30 yr old log cabin.In the past have wash inside log walls with murphy oil the logs have nothing on the they are rough. Is there someing better to us? We live in up state ny on the river.
Thank you
  Question: I have purchased a log home which is 25 years old.The problem is that one wall has no windows because the previous owner never installed the or the fireplace. i would like to have 2 windows installed but do not know whom to contact. I also need the stairs repaired. Some are tilted upward and some downward. Is there someone in Northwest Illinois that can help.
  Question: Outside of home is spray stained. Do i stain right over this for upkeeping or do i have to remove old stain first? Also, exposed side is graying- will staining over prevent further graying? Or does this need to be addressed? thanks.
  Question: I have a mid 1980's solid wall (log with outside wall milled to look like clapboard) home. The front of the house is the weather side and has many badly rotted sections. How can it be repaired and where can I find replacement logs like these if necessary ?
  Question: Interior log stair case- 7 yrs. old- not sealed well originally- There are some major splits in the post and railing/slindels, I have seled the cracks with a clear wood selaer to prevent further spliting and replacement- Is there a product to fill and color some of the problems? the home is in Eastern Washington (mountain area).

Thanks Bill
  Question: Our 4-yr.-old log home was pelted with tennis size hail last week leaving much of the stain pockmarked with bare wood spots. How do we proceed with refinishing?
  Question: Do you know of any good references on 3 sided log construction? Thanks.
  Question: I am considering buying a log home but some of the homes are finished with drywall and I would rather have an entirely wood finished interior. Is it possible to remove this drywall finsh and what are my options? What is the approximate costs of these options?
  Question: while refinishing our 26 yr old log home I found some rot in one of the bottom (first run) logs. it is on the exposed cut end on the corner of the house. I dug most of the rot out and have a 4 inch pocket in the center of the log and about 6 inches deep. I sprayed borate in it when we were doing the rest of the house and also coated the inside with Sasco transformation stain Should I fill this with backer rod and chink over it or what?
  Question: I extended my logs from my loft area to make an upper deck. The three logs horizontal logs age showing signs of rot. I'm in Washington State (Bremerton area) and wonder if there is anyone you would recommend to sruvey the problem. Thanks!!
  Question: I am interested in purchasing and moving a log home that is approximately 5yrs old.
The home is a 2- story, constructed of full logs notched and stacked with a standing seam roof. Is it possible / practical to dis-assemble and re-assemble the structure?
  Question: My father's full log cabin home in the North Woods of Wisconsin, built in the early 1980's, suffered major fire damage 2 weeks ago. We have received mixed information as to whether the home can be restored. The fire started in the basement and burned through the ceiling into the living room above, then severely burned that room. There is extensive heat and smoke damage throughout the house affecting the plumbing. Since the fire was started by lightening all the electric has also been adver
  Question: what problems may occur from using pople trees to build log home?
  Question: We have condensation forming on only one AC vent and the water is dripping onto the floor. In an attempt to prevent Bats from coming into the attic(again), my hubby foam insulated the ridge vent. We live in Louisiana. Could the heat build up in the attic be causing the condensation on the cold metal ducts - or should I worry about other problems? Also, should i install a gable type vent (if they even make those for log walls) or an air vent that sits on top of the roof?
  Question: I would rather have all walls covered with sheetrock in a few rooms. Is it ok to cover log walls (the inside of perimeter walls) with sheetrock and what precautions should be taken? Thanks.
  Question: we have 2 tobacco barns that need repair-presently covered w green 'tar paper'. Where can we purchase this 'paper'? We've checked Co-ops & other suppiers in the Ontario tobacco belt (Delhi) with no luck.
  Question: can i use pople trees to build log home?
  Question: our log home is 5 Yrs. old. The whole front exterior wall has moved at least 1/2 to 3/4 guarters of an inch, where you can actually see outside. We do not heat our log cabin in the winter, we live in Michigan. (go to Florida all winter) How do we fix the exterior wall? We had a lot of mold all over our furniture when we got home this year. Thanks for the advice..
  Question: I am looking at purchasing a 16 log house. The logs are milled (flat inside and out, but rough as well) which are stacked and dovetailed together. I was told it was chinked well after contruction by another owner. I am not certain of the type of wood but the outside has some greyish coating and the inside is raw as well in one very large area (around entrance & one room). Cracks (checks I believe they're called) 1/4" wide along the length prevail both inside and out along the length of the beam
  Question: Log home is 26 years old, I have owned 12 years, house has been angled grinded, stained with Sikkens, chinked, and maintained. Wall on North side of house wind driven rain. 1 10 ft. long outside shell intack however large check that had been treated with Mbalm, backer rod and permachink now needs restoration. Do I use mbalm, then fill the gap with ? ?(ewood turns green colour and does not take up stain). I have searched internet found BCSinc. Wood restoration Products. :) I am capable of doi
  Question: Just bought 20 year old log home. Would like to install a livingroom propane stove. Had a pellet stove, need to fill that hold and make another. What would be the best way to do this? Thanks
  Question: Bought 1993 log cabin last year, Utah, found water damage in wall.Tapped logs, found several logs have rotted out in 3-4 foot sections. Leaks came from logs cantilevered in holding up balcony on 2nd floor. Dug out some rotted beam and log, filled with foam (oops). Worst leakage is under a sliding glass door at balcony. Is structural failure possible? How do I replace logs in exterior wall?
  Question: we have some logs that are rotten due to water damage. The logs are near the bottom where the deck connects and they are right in the middle. do I cut them out and replace the bad sections or do I need to replace the entire length of the house or log??? Am extremely new to this!! Thanks!!
  Question: We're considering purchasing an AmeriLink Log Home built in 98'. We may want to take out a sliding door and possibly a large window. Can you get logs to fill in the openings and will it leave seams in the siding?
  Question: We have split log siding on our home. The previous owners stained the logs before they had time to dry,now there is sap leaking from the knots in the siding. How do I remove the sap before I stain agin and how do I prevent the sap from continuing to run on the logs?
  Question: our home was built in the 1800's. it has log beam supports in basement that are rotting but do not need replaced. how can we stop the rot and restore them? is there some kind of sealer to put on them?
  Question: Methods for insulating interior walls of a 3 sided log house. I am in Alaska and my biggest fear is creating moisture between the outer edge of the insulation (2" rigid foam sheets) and the inner flat surface of the log wall. Walls are only 6" three sided logs so I need to gain some insulating value with the high fuel costs. Thanks, Chuck
  Question: Can you provide proper framing details for applying log siding to concrete block foundation walls? The block walls below the first floor elevations were not covered and we would like to finish them with a combination of stone and log siding. I want to make sure the log home builder/contractor uses the appropriate framing details and does not create a moisture issue. Thanks.
  Question: My wife and I just bought a 27 year old log home the previous owner added a room he cut through the side of the home about 5 feet from the main beam supporting the second floor.In doing this the main beam has lost a great deal of it's support from the wall and the wall is now starting to bow by a good 3 inches between the beam and were he cut the door.My plan now is to run a steel support down through the floor to the basement to support to the second floor beam.Is their a way for me to realine
  Question: we have an old log cabin and barn on a farm we recently purchased. we have been told they are old chestnut -- how can we tell if it is chestnut or oak?
  Question: my dad tells me not to build a log cabin since i will only be using it on the weekends during the winter and it will contract and expand too much. it would be located near lake ontario in n.y. is that correct or will kiln dry be fine?
  Question: bought a southland log home that was built in 2003 6 months ago. After a 3 inch day of rain(we live in KY)we noticed rain leaking into the inside of the house through a few logs. It was very moist not pouring through but obviously Iam worried. What should we do? thnks
  Question: Just purchased land that has two old hand hewn tobacco barns. Would like to dismantle and rebuild these barns . I was wanting to know if there were any how to books available to help with this project.
  Question: We want to complete the loft in our 3 sided log cabin. It has a full center beam but we need to add cross beams and then the tongue and groove. What is the best and easiest way to cut into the log walls to create the "pocket" for the cross beam log? How deep should the "pockets" be (the walls are 8" 3 sided logs) and do they need to be attached with log screws? Also, should we start with another cross beam right next to the one that is currently the edge of the loft or should we give it som
  Question: We have just moved a 20X25' log cabin and are getting ready to construct the CMU block foundation under it - before we lower the cabin onto the foundation should we put some kind of seal between the wood and the cement block? Also what is the best way to tie it to the foundation? Straps? Thank you!
  Question: know anybody in eastern Pa/NJ? have a rental property. 16'x25' 1 story with full log purlins. walls are 6x6 's tongue and groove, milled on 3 sides. staggered, random lengths 5', 8' and 10 feet long. 4 ' deep crawl space-- 2 rows of concrete block on top of poured concrete. Sill plate and bottom log are rotted/eaten by carpenter ants a little bit less than half the perimeter. Not out of plumb yet. Out of 6 contractors to look at it. Got one estimate for a two step process..lif
  Question: recently built 6 in. toung n grove cedar log home. now want to add on w/half basement. How do you add on at the corners where the logs cross?
  Question: Hello-
Looking at purchasing a 1930 cabin in Gettysburg, PA. It does have some termite damage, a window that is not set properly in the wall(there is a one inch gap between the window frame and house) and the floor between the dining area and living room has a slight slope. Can you reccomend some one in this area that would be able to give me a cost estimate on repairs to the structure?
many thanks...
  Question: if i have a older log home from the early 1900 how do i add a addition of loggs to create a addition. This home is 2 story with our desire to add a area to rear that is one level. Dovetail notched and heavy timber.
  Question: We have a 27 year old pine kit log home in NJ, and want to do full replacements (including frame and sill) on all the old single pane windows. Is there anything specialized involved in this window replacement that we need to know about? Or is it basically the same as any window replacement would be in a wood frame house? Do I need a window replacement person who specializes in log homes? Thanks
  Question: Looking to salvage:
I have found a log home started with 4 side walls, sitting outside for about the last 7-8 years with no sealer. The structure is up on blocks, it has no roof, and there seems to be 3/4 to 1" of dry-rot throughout the 30" logs that have been hand scribbed. It looks like the company has gone out of business. I am looking to purchase this structure if there is a chance to salvage, or save the logs. I am writing in hopes of getting some advice on how to this process would take p
  Question: My husband and I bought a 2-story log home (circa 1840's) 2 years ago. Previous owners covered the logs inside and out. When we uncovered the logs inside, we found that the hand-hewn logs had been whitewashed. I would like to remove all of the whitewash (especially in the cracks). What is the best way to remove the whitewash? Could you use a sand blaster or would that damage the logs?
  Question: I have a Neville Log Cabin that is 24 X 32. 964 Square feet. I put a full basement under the cabin when we built it in 2001. Is it possible to move this Cabin without taking walls down? I want to move it about 200 feet and build a larger home in its current location. Can you move log homes without taking the logs apart?
  Question: my husband and I are going to begin building our house in the spring and are having the dilemma to either use the log siding with the false log corners or go with the real thing? I would really like to use actual logs but I am afraid that we may have insect problems and rotten logs down the road. What do you suggest?
  Question: My wfie and I have just had a new log home completed near Rawlins, Wyoming. The logs are 8 in swedish cope style. There is an area where water is leaking into the great room from check cracks. The leak is next to a window, however, the window appears to be sealed and not leaking. The water is leaking in through check cracks facing upwards. The check cracks have been sealed with Log Builder brand sealant, however, they continue to leak through. The checks are not wide enough for backer rod.
  Question: WE are considering buying a log home that is quite dark inside due to small windows.Is it possible to enlarge the windows or perhaps install french or sliding doors in existing walls. Can you also remove interior walls or create cut-throught or half walls in order to create a more open floorplan.
  Question: Deteriorating 20' x 34' log home Montana circa 1900-1940, no interior walls, rock foundation and not straight anymore. One rotten log on the bottom. We would like to move it to a concrete foundation. The roof needs to be replaced (we can do). The cabin has a lot of sentimental value. Have digital photos. Can you recommend anyone? How can one log on the very bottom be replaced as easily as possible? Easier to dissemble the cabin? Cost EXCLUDING roof and foundation?
  Question: We bought a 200 yr.old log home, we are wanting to restore it. One corner of the home has settled tremendously due to water leaking from stone chimney, and probably termites. How invasive is it to tear out that corner and reconstruct? Also, how do you suggest we re-finish the interior logs. The chinking is a combination of actual limestone chunks and what looks to be like a mud-based chinking. Any tips on how and in what order we should proceed? The logs are pine.
  Question: We are replacing 21-10' sections of logs on our 22 year old home. (east & west sides) Either termites or some boring bettel ??(North MS area) Current logs are pine but we can only locate cypress. Have logs on site and shaped to replace. How do we treat the new wood logs before installing (for Bugs) and how long before we can install after treating? Then, what is the difference in staining and sealing??

Thank you
  Question: We recently bought a log home that was nearly completed and finished the rest of it ourselves . upon living in the house this past winter we noticed that we could almost feel COLD air coming into the 4 corners of the log house. How do we prevent cold air from seeping between the corners of the log house?
  Question: We are looking to purchase a log cabin in the colorado rockies and have a concern about the construction. Several (2 or 3) logs are split length-wise (3/4 inch wide) both interior and exterior - not completely through. How can this be repaired or will the log(s) need replacement?
  Question: Our log home is built with 1950 to 1880 Chestnut logs salvaged from old buildings in KY. We want to renovate some of the space requiring cutting doorways through interior log walls. Can this be done?
  Question: I have a square log home that is 15 years old. I had a double glass patio door put in when the house was built. I immediately regretted that decision. Do you know of any way to change this opening to a single opening without it looking awful?
  Question: DO I use the CPES between th logs and foundation to stop mold and air filtertion?
  Question: I have a house that the previous owners wife wanted sheet rock in the bedrooms of the home. Had 30'of logs to repair and found out that their contractor put plastic up against the log and sheet rocked right over the plastic, not allowing any air space between the two surfaces. There is a white fungus/mold all over the plastic and logs and the logs are dry rotted from the back side out. What started as 30 foot of log replacement now looks like the total wall(s). Is there any treatment that wil
  Question: We recently purchased a log cabin in Southern Nh and in the upstairs loft someone had installed an air conditioner threw the wall. Drain for the ac was not out past the logs and has water stained both inside and out. I will be removing the ac and need to know how to repair the hole and then how to repair the water staining. If stains cannot be removed can the interior wall be sheetrocked to cover staining?
  Question: We are looking at a log cabin that was built in the 1800's in NC or TN and relocated to central GA. Some of the logs are rotten and the cement in between is falling off. How do you replace whole logs(will they match the others) and what kind of price are we looking at. We noticed that there were blankets at the bottom of all doors for drafts, also, and some of the doors stick at the top and do not at the bottom. Can we put siding or half logs over the old logs? There is no insulation either so
  Question: hi, my fiance and i just looked at a 2 story log home in northeast connecticut, some of the logs are rotted, most of the damage is at the dormer on the second floor is there a way to repair or replace them?
  Question: my son is remodeling a bathroom. Outside walls is logs. How do we get the drywall to fit without having gaps. , because some logs stick out farther then others. Thank you Rose
  Question: i am looking at building a log home in northern mi with my own logs which is better the red pine or the white pine
  Question: We have a log home built 10 years ago from red pine. We have noticed some logs rotting on one side of the home. We are thinking of siding the home after having the logs repaired. Do you have any recommendations. We are thinking a wood composite siding but are not sure of this have ever been done before or of it can be done since the logs are hand peeled and not milled.
  Question: We purchased our cedar log cabin two years ago, and built a double car attached garage as an addition, which we sided in aluminum siding with full intention to side over the whole house, as the logs had not been properly maintained in years!! However, we have begun to side one exterior wall with siding, and I am having second thoughts, thinking that perhaps having the reddish brown stain somehow removed and restaining the logs with a stain. Is it possible to purchase a stain that will be safe
  Question: I have a customer with a log home made of squared T&G logs, it has been painted and now has rot showing up in a few places. How do I go about making repairs? Or do I need to cover with siding? HELP !!
  Question: Thinking of purchasing a log cabin that had been flooded, Structure seems solid but still needs to be dried out. I will be replacing all subfloors and insulation. Some staining on interior walls, whats the best way to remove stains. Can inside be c.c blasted.
  Question: Hello,
We have been in our log home for 10 years and I'm happy to say have had no problems structurally or otherwise. When we built, I chose to leave the interior logs (8" milled pine) natural and put a coat of oil on them. I am now thinking about possibly putting a coat of varathane (what is the difference between varathane & urethane) to enhance the grain as well as make dusting the logs easier. Is this something you would recommend? Can I harm my logs by applying the varathane?

  Question: I'm looking at a log in Nh that was flooded, Water rose 2 feet on first floor. It has since dried out, floors and lower interior walls need to be stripped out. Any thoughts on lasting damage I should look at before purchasing. House sits on block type foundation Insulation under floors all needs replacement, thoughts on what to use for floor insulation. BOB
  Question: Bought Tennessee Log Home five years ago from Dealer/Builder who went bankrupt about a year after I bought home. Noticed house floor and walls vibrated a lot when I had high winds. Finally go TLH to come out. They bored hole in logs and found builder used wrong lag bolts. They used 1/4" x 12 inch nail rather than 1/2 or larger threaded x 15' lag bolt in the walls. They refuse to honor structual warranty. Is there any way to fix this without tearing down the entire house? Jacking up roof and
  Question: We have a new white cedar log home under construction. Our builder has just sent a picture of the front wall of the house showing the center of the wall bows out about two inches. What causes this and how should we expect him to fix it?
  Question: I have a ejpae deck with sikkens cetol dek finish.It is badly sun damaged in some areas but other areas are barley weathered.I was wandering what the proceadures where for recovering the deck back to its uniform original state,without seeing any trademark spots where the sekkins is still good,meeting my refinished work.Same issues with door and window sills(dont want to re finish a whole door for one little spot at the bottom of the door.Can i faux this stuff or not.Whats your advise?
  Question: We are buying our first log home. We were wondering how often do you have to seal/stain the home?
  Question: 1930 log home, in need of major repair. It is a 1.5 story, appx total finished square feet 800. Could you give me rough estimate, of the cost to replace all the logs? (about 12 logs high) Or is their someone in Michigan central/west that you could recommend? Thank You, Bonnie
  Question: Hello,
we just built a milled log home over the winter and moved in late March. We just noticed a few areas where the logs have either turned very dar (almost black), or greyish, or in some areas have some red stains developing, all under previously applied interior finish. All of these stains are on the interior walls. I could send some pictures, if that would help with a "diagnosis"...
Thanks in advance,

  Question: Fireside Logs refers to a unique application they refer to as process 2000, is it really that much better where insects will not invade or are there other applications one could use as effectively? If so what are the other products to use?
  Question: My husband and I are thinking about purchasing a log home & garage in the mountains of central Pa. This will be our first home purchase and we want to know if there are any special things we need to look for concerning a log home. We will probably have a home inspector check the roof, foundation, water, electric and perhaps have an exterminator come as well. Any information and or advice you could give us would be appreciated, Thank you.
  Question: We bought a log home about 3 years ago and it has always leaked in a hard rain. We was going to recaulk and put new stain/sealer (Flood product) on and found that the bottom log on that wall is vert rotten. It is oak log, can it be replaced or what else can be done?
  Question: I recently purchased a log cabin kit and it is now being constructed. I have heard others tell me that the timber frame should not be exposed to the rain and should be covered because it can lead to problems down the road, is this accurate?
  Question: hello, we are currently doing a major reno on a log house and are taking out a 20 foot section of wall and adding a stick built addition and was wondering how we can tie the addition to the existing walls were we cut the logs?? thanks
  Question: I own a 27 year old 2 story log home. On one corner, drainage was not planned for well and the sill plate has deteriorated, as well as several inches of the joists as well. I am an experienced do it yourselfer-but not with this-and would like some suggestions on how to jack the exterior wall corner up so that I may replace the sill plate. Thank You.
  Question: Several log sections have water damage (leaking gutters) and have rotted out. Old house -1930; logs and cement chinking painted. Need to know best way to restore log section. Largest section 2.5 ft long with 7" deep pocket
  Question: The uppermost side wall log has shifted 6" in to the gable end (roof beams run vertical, resting on the side wall logs). The shift has caused the roof to sag and the gable wall to buckle/torque under the pressure. How can I reset this log? HELP as we have windows that will also break soon unless we get this fixed.
  Question: We just looked at a log home today and are thinking about purchasing. On the west side of the house on the bottom log or two there are some tunnels at least 1/4 inch in diameter that have been bored out with small brown flecks in the shavings. Would this be powder post beetle, termites, and what would be the process and estimated cost to repair?
  Question: We have a check on the west side of our Pine full log house that had been caulked 2 years ago. On inspecting it today, We noticed that the caulk had pulled away & water must have gotten in & has caused some rotting of the log. What do I do to fix this. Can I just recaulk it?
  Question: we are looking at a home in missouri. the disclosure states the foundation wall was bowing and steel tie rods were placed. there appears to be continuing problems and deck pier problems..what kind of repairs can we expect
  Question: i have a log home built in the 40s and the log runs vertically. we want to add on an addition, but are having a hard time finding matching logs. i dont really know where to start. we are near ann arbor, MI. help!
  Question: I have a two story cyress log house built in 1992 in Mt. Pleasant Texas. We recently had a fire in one room. Two log walls in that room are badly damaged. they are chared about a quarter of an inch and have cracked very bad. We have had trouble finding someone who works on one does around here! We are not sure if the logs can be repaired of if they need replacement.
  Question: If my log home was built in the 1930s, what are the pros and cons of corn cob vs. silica sand blasting?
  Question: Due to extensive repairs, we are siding our hand hewn log house with cedar shakes. What kind of vapor barrier or tar paper should we use? Also, do we need an engineer to find out what size structural beam (at 15ft) is needed to support 6"x 30ft. log ceiling joists? Thanks for your help.
  Question: I own a New England Log Home, Circa 1976, which has had a tree fall on the front porch roof and cracked some of the support beams that hold up the roof structure. I have two questions. (1) Where can I find replacement beams? (2) Can you recommend a roofer in the Powhatan, VA area that is experienced in roof/structure repair of a log home? I had a company ~ 7- 8 years ago that replaced the roof, a damaged log (with a new section which I got from New England log homes at that time), etc., but
  Question: My 20 year old log home is beginning to split in many places, including the beams. . The interior walls are all flat beams as is the ceiling. Cracks and splits are changing its appearance.Is this natural aging or something more sinister?
  Question: The Northeast corner of our log home has extensive rot on the dove tails. The house is only 16 years old. To save them, I imagine they''d need to be injected with epoxy...HELP!
  Question: You say not to fill with foam, so what do I use that is cost effective? I have one part of a log (2 ft.) that the termites destroyed. The termites are gone. We can't do a partial log replacement because a rock wall is covering most of the damage. We can replace about 10 inches of the log. I injected Liquid Wood (using a meat injector) into the termited area, then added WoodEpox. Now I have about 12 inches of open space inside the rock wall. What may I use to fill this area?
Thank you v
  Question: I have a circa1867 two story log structure. The sill on one corner has dropped due to rot, and probable foundation compromise. What is the easiest temporary "fix" prior to a permanent repair?
  Question: How can I repair my 4x6 Cedar posts (they have been painted) that supposts the wrap around porch? They have up to 1" in depth of rot damage where the handrail and bottom rail was nailed to the posts. Is there a way to repair this without replacing the post?
  Question: what is your opinion on blasting with walnut shells as opposed to cob blasting.
  Question: My house was built in 1819. All of the logs are in great shape except one that has void that has been filled with spray foam. What products can I use to fill the void and is this a job I can do my self?
  Question: Is it better to use a spayer for the stain and borate or should i use a paint brush
  Question: If i cut some trees pine trees down for log replacement how long would they take to air dry before i could use them
  Question: i have move pictures on my pine walls , but i see like light spots where the am i to restore the walls..even when i moved the cross from one wall to another you still see the cross shade on my wall..what can i do..i have put two coats of varathane before i hung the pictures
  Question: I have a 30 year old log cabin that has been stained in a redwood color. I am planning to restain as it is faded. Can I do it if it is raining? The can doesn't specify.
  Question: I have a 2-story log home that was built in 1860. The exterior of the house was originally covered in wooden siding, which was removed by the last owner. While I like the look of the exposed logs, I am worried that they will be subject to deterioration if left uncovered. For this reason I am trying to decide whether to re-side my home. What is your advice on this matter?
  Question: We have a cypress log home that was custom built for us. We read your tip to never sand blast. We live in north Ga. Where do we find a listing for someone in our area that will use the proper treatment prior to staining and sealing? We want the logs brought back to the natural color prior to staining and sealing.
  Question: We read the question and your answer on water stains on the interior walls and you suggested sanding. We already tried that with our cypress log home and it did not work. Water stains are too deep. What product if any can we buy that would take out most of the water stains?
  Question: We have a 20 year old log home and the logs have discolored we had put protector on the logs and they now need something else done. Can we reside the logs with a half log siding rather than trying to refinish the existing logs.? Thank you
  Question: I am looking for someone to restain and caulk my log home near Harrisburg PA. Will need possible corn blasting or power washing. Do you know anyone or recommend anyone near this area.
  Question: Mennonites- The person who put in the windows (not the log guys) didn't leave enough room above doors and windows for shrinkage - some of the logs are being held up from the one below by the window and door frames. Logs are spiked - each opening has a groove for 2x4 along the height - How do I remove the windows and doors to allow for settling and replacing the windows without having the logs twist or fall? What a nightmare! Ame I worrying about nothing? Large 14-16" diameter logs.
  Question: We ar looking at a log cottage in MI on a slab. The logs have been painted and I can smell the mold. One of the bottom logs is bad and the cottage has very little overhangs. My husband thinks tear it down and rebuild? Could you give some names of people that might be able to help me save this place. Muskegon MI 49441
  Question: Our log home built 1860, we are trying to restore it. Inside done.Labor of love! As we are doing the outside there are areas especially around the windows where there are loads of cement. Should we try to remove it? The chinking we've done on 2 of the outside walls has blistered. Do we need to remove it all? Go over it? Please help! Thanks.
  Question: I own a western cedar log home built in 1986 in Kentucky and I need to have a couple of logs replaced from weather damage on the west side. Could you please tell me how much this may cost me in a ballpark figure. I have to get this repaired soon and I do not know who to turn to for this type of repair. Thanks,
Bill Fleming
  Question: How can I seal gaps in a tongue and groove ceiling?

My log house is 15 years old. The ceiling is 1x6 tongue and groove boards nailed to 2x8 rafters. Insulation is normal pink batting between the rafters with kraft paper facing the ceiling boards. There is no vapor barrier between the ceiling and the insulation. There is some separation in the boards where they join. I am concerned about heat loss through the gaps.
  Question: Finishing a 25 year old cabin. What can I use to clean the hand-hewn log beams inside? We covered up the walls with tongue-n-groove but left the beams exposed. Nothing has ever been done (stain, etc.) to the logs. They as dusty-dirty. Also, the outside has chinking, how do I clean the logs and redo some of the chinking?
  Question: Is kiln dried better than air dried? Are tru bolts better than nails or spikes?
Which log wood is best in the SE?
Can chinking be eliminated?
Do you know how good the quality is for Lodge Logs, Wahconah Logs, Heritage Logs? Do you have a favorite manufacturer?
  Question: We recently purchased a small farm that has a
log barn that was built in the 1800's. We are planning to move another barn built in the same era to the property. We would like to restore and utilize the buildings for storage.
What should we do regarding replacing a few badly damage logs and preserve from further decay? What would be the best material to use to seal between logs?
  Question: We have some discoloration on the bottom couple of rows of our log home. We installed gutters last summer, but how can I tell if I need to replace the logs? Inside, they look good.

Thanks for your help.
  Question: I live in South Carolina and purchased a log home in 2001 that was built in 1991.
The company that built it the house called it a Canadian log home. They are no longer around for me to ask any question.
Im looking for any information on replacing the bottom row of logs in the back of the house. They are 4x8 Rough-Sawn flat profile with real 1.5 to 3 Chinking joints. From what I can tell the logs only touch at the corners and have the 2x6 framing for the doors and windows where the logs are
  Question: looking to purchase 1860's log home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Would like an expert to inspect to make sure this is sound. Basement has some dry rot, and floor joists have shims between the joist and floor boards, I thought to prevent squeeks but maybe worse? inside plaster in upstairs sound. also home never had a furnace, is boiler best method? no place to put duct work. ideas? suggestions? all appreciated, thank you. Shawn
  Question: The local Girl Scout Hut is a VERY old log house. Unknown age. It has not been taken care of. Chinking is missing in several area, logs have been painted, some logs have termite damage. Where do I start
  Question: We are reconstructing and joining together 2 1800's log cabins that will have a stone fireplace in the living room area (2 story) and kitchen (1 story). We would like the fireplaces to look authentic but efficient. We also want to be able to cook in the kitchen fireplace with a swing crane that holds pots. Do you have suggestions for maintaining the authenticity look of the fireplaces but also be efficient? Any product suggestions?
  Question: if getting water between log how do you prevent this ffrom happening again caulk with energy seal if so should logs be stain right away and does this help or do you have any seggestions to stop leakage other than caulk thanks joe d
  Question: I have brought a log home in tn it 3 yrs old with the high winds and hard rains getting leaks between the logs only the exposed side what would you recommed to stop this problem and keep from happening again thanks joe
  Question: I have a new england log house w/ dormer. No attic. The dormer apprx. 10' x 33' . The way the roof is done now is 2" tounge & groove decking then 2" iso board, then felt, then shingle. 2" is all the insulation room I have to work with. No vents now exsist. The shingles are frying and leaking. What would you recommend would be the best way to replace this area to maximize the longevity of the shingles. Iso board will have to replaced too, it is wet. The pitch is 3-12. Thanks T
  Question: Just had a new roof installed. Roofer is having problems with leaks where the roof butts into the log dormers. What technique will work best?
  Question: I am installing a white cedar tree (de-barked) as a column, is there a way to remove the cambium layer other than sanding to prepare it for staining?
  Question: I have an aproximately 100 year old log cabin with one corner apparently settling. I assume I need to jack and brace in order to provide proper suppart for that corner. I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed, including tools and material to use.
  Question: How can we clean burned logs on our house? Lightning struck the gas meter which caused a fire up the side of our log house. Some of the logs are only burned on the surface.
  Question: A friend of mine is needing to know how to disassemble a Hand Hewn Square Log Dove-Tail Home and Transport, Preserve and rebuild it. Is there any books on the subject? It was built in the 1860's I think. Thanks. Flassie
  Question: I have a log home that is about 6 years old. The inside walls are clear. Due to a leak in the roof, one wall has gotten wet and has terrible streaking, i.e., dark spots running through it where water seeped into the wood. The light/dark streaking is quite ugly. What can I put on it? Thanks!
  Question: We have a deteriorated log home (circa 1820-40) we would like to have restored, situated north of Lexington KY. If anyone has knowledge of contractors in our area please let me know, thank you.
  Question: We have a 30 year old log home in VT. The outside fireplace stone is pulling away from the house. How can this be repaired? Also, can half log siding be applied to the poured concrete foundation..along the bottom of the house?
  Question: On the outside corners of my home where the logs meet and cross/overhang....when I purchased my home two of the log ends had been chewed on by boxer dogs. What can I do to make them look original and undamaged?
  Question: Dear Log Doctor,

I promise this is my last question this evening... While doing some research on the log home I just purchased, I read an alarming Article excerpt regarding the Company that supplied the original log kit. Apparently , NELHI (New England Log Home Inc) treated logs with pentachlorophenol. Who should I contact about testing ther logs in my home for any potentially harmful substance? Have you received any similar comments/questions regarding the same concern?

Thank you,
  Question: I recently purchased an 18 year old New England log home.
Need to replace a few large casement CraftLine windows and double door(original wood frames), Noticed your comment posted regarding Anderson Windows and was wondering if you can recommend a source/installer in the Honesdale Pennsylvania area. thank you, Rose
  Question: We have a log home, we noticed that the floor is sinking in and bowing in spots. There is one log interior wall that hold up a loft. The house is on a crawl space and we have had to use a manual jack to level. We would like to fix this problem the right way, before even thinking about a wood floor or cermetic tile.
  Question: I have two questions. I am purchasing a 27 year old log home in Marlow, NH, and need some advice on what to use to make a 4" diameter hole through the outside wall for a dryer vent. Also, about 90% of the interior was "stained" with some sort of whitewash material to cover water staining. Is there any way to remove the white wash material "and" the waterstains underneath?
  Question: poor flashing job on top of the sill has caused some rotting on a kit home only 6 years old. Anyway for a do it yourselfer to fix this?
  Question: I have rebuilt a 20x30 1 1/2 storey hewn log house in central Ontario. Th upper floor is 3/4" T&G supported on 6-8" log joists, but is very springy to walk on. How can I strengthen the upper floor without loosing the open concept lower level or having to look up at a steel beam ?
  Question: We recently bought a 20 year old white pine log home in which fully 1/2 the interior (lengthwise) is a cathedral ceiling. It looks great, but it also means that there is nothing on the interior connecting the two 'long' walls, and now we are noticing that the back wall leans outward, and seems to lean further than it did a year ago. What would you recommend to fix this problem?
  Question: We are wanting to replace our windows in our cedar log home. We currently have all wood windows. Has anyone ever put vinyl windows in, I just can not imagine the look of that on the interior of the home. Any suggestions on what kind of windows to put in. Our windows are curretnly 30 years old.
  Question: what is the correct application when applying stone over logs. Do you need to put wood over the logs, or must the logs continue to breath.
  Question: I have a 12 year old Jim Barna home. One of the joist that hold up the loft area made of 4 X 6 yellow pine is splitting very bad from bottom to top. It looks like it will very soon crack in half. Do you know of a repair for this. It is in the dining area ceiling (exposed) and the fix needs to be cosmetically appealing.
Thanks David Kruger
  Question: I have built a square log house in Ireland but find that the rain is penetrating the log ends and making the walls wet on the inside corners. Can I put siding on a log house or is there anyway to seal the corners to stop the rain from seeping through. Can I seal cracks in the outer walls that let rain through.
  Question: 50+ yr old cedar round log cabin in NW Ontario. 20x30. Interior logs are beautiful. Cabin is habitable. Exterior has been painted and has several partially rotted logs (15-20), lots of rotten ends, fireplace smokes and needs to be rebuilt, cabin needs to be leveled (6-10 inches lower along front than in back) would like to add 3-4 logs to height and add a loft. Do you have a ball park estimate for repairs? We are trying to decide whether to repair or replace. Sentimental value.
  Question: where can i buy twelve logs 7 inches in diameter and twelve feet long?
  Question: We have a home that dates back to the 1800's and the living room is a log structure. We have removed all coverings and have the logs exposed. We found hand hewn logs that are a foot in diameter and larger the gaps are about 6" and the logs were installed with the bark still on them and of course most of the bark is off but in some areas it is still there. We need to know the best way to clean them to be able to have them visible in the room. They have never had any chinking in them. Please
  Question: I'm thinking of buying a 1100 sq' 1&1/2 story cabin. I intend to go into the crawl space to check for rot, etc. I know it's painted outside.
Is there anything else piculuar on log buildings I should check out, besides flexible plumbing? Also do you know of anyone in New Brunswick Canada who specializes in log building repair, maintance?
  Question: Hi, I have a 1800's log cabin that has been slated and sided I am planning on getting back to its orginal state. I also noticed that about the 4th log from the bottom is shiffed back 4" but the other corner is right on. any idea what cased this and what is the best way to fix it. I thought about taking the chinking out and putting a chain at the one end and pulling it in to place. Any Ideas would be great
  Question: i own a log cabin in medford nj. looking for a retired fellow use to log repair to e mail me if he would like to do log replacement, corn blasting ,and chinking .alos want to start striping inside logs .
  Question: We plan to repair our log home that has many rotted logs some at 2-4 infches deep. We plan to use half logs matching as close as possible to the old log 9" to 12" round. What should we use between the old and new wood, should we treat both sides of the log? The home was built in 1929. The inside log remains beautiful and intact. Thank you. If any questions call:1-920-231-2428.
  Question: We have a log home that is now 9 years old. One exterior wall has now moved about 1/4 to 1/2 inch outward. This wall is exterior to our kitchen and has pulled the counter a little as well. Suggestions?
  Question: recently built d-log eastern white pine log home i have water leaking around the window in the dining room this wall is on the south and is not covered with a porch also water coming in it looks like from around the bottom log in one other area any thoughts?
  Question: I am a former carpenter and need some advice on how i can raise my exterior log walls that have settled even though they were kiln dried.This is needed as the interior walls are now are bowing the floor due to the exterior wall shrinking in height.The 9ft. walls appear to have shrunk approx 1 inch. Thank you in advance.
  Question: We had the south and west walls of our 16 year old Hearthstone log home restored professionally. (6 by 12 inch rectangular pine with 4 inch chinking) They took out the old pink insulation behind the chink and spline and replaced it with a product called insul-chink. Is this a good product? (I read your column alot---thanks!!--and have seen you mention open or closed cell foam). I also instructed them NOT to caulk the exterior checks because I know how you caution against doing this. Is the insu
  Question: Just bought a 30year old Log Cabin and the floor as a few uneven areas in it towards the rear of the cabin , it also effects the rear door. I went below and noticed that one or 2 of the 2'x8' by 12 Floor Joists is cracked. What is the correct way to replace the joists and level the structure that I can level the floor?
  Question: A log has a deep rot spot about 12"x3". Is this repairable with wood filler or do I have to have it replaced? Is there someone on eastern Long Island NY who does repairs?
  Question: Hi, I have a log home located in central ND. They have found some areas of dry rot in a couple of the logs. Is there a way to fix this cheaply? and who would you recommend in my area?
  Question: we are looking at a 70 year old verticle log cabin in MI on a little stream. Please tell me a bit about the history of verticle log cabins.
  Question: We are having a house built now. Builder put a sheet of plastic as a barrier around the base of the log posts in the basement that sit on concrete bases beneath the slab. Inspector says that's not good enough, and wants us to jack the house up, cut the base of the posts, dig out bottom of post, backfill and then block with wood. Is there any product, like a cap on the bottom of the log, we could use or any other easier/more cost efficient way to meet the code? Thanks. Kelly
  Question: looking for sandblasters (corn cob) in the Tioga County, PA. general area. Buying a 1978 log cottage that needs renovation. Can you suggest someone? Also looking to put in a stone fireplace, will I have trouble cutting out the log wall to insert the firebox, will it interfere with the stability of the structure?
  Question: We are looking at purchasing a log cabin built in 1932 in Southeast Alaska. It has been "finished" with drywall or the like throughout the cabin. Can this drywall be safely removed and the logs restored? Will the drywall have trapped too much moisture? It also has a coat of paint on the outside, should we remove this?
  Question: I have an 80 year old log home. Some logs need replacing and I don't know where to go to for advice. I live in Shoreline WA. and my log home is in Gig Harbor Washington
  Question: Our log home is 20 years old, built from square, yellow pine logs, no chinking between the logs. The problem is with the wall that faces East. The sun has damaged it to the point that most of the logs are soft and splitting badly. I am assuming this wall needs to be replaced. Can you recommend a good contractor in my area - Hendersonville, NC
  Question: The logs have some big splits. whats can i do to stop or repair the splits in the logs
  Question: I wrote to you earlier about my log home and didn't hear from you. Do you send an email back to me with a response or only post the response on your website? Maybe I'm missing the response.
  Question: We bought an 18 yr old cedar log cabin that has more than one problem popping up but the most immediate one is this..we were infested with carpenter bees. We found a local exterminator who sprayed and now we need to fill the holes so they won't lay new larvae. What is the best product to use?
  Question: Stain is peeling on the south wall of my spruce log home in so. Calif.. Home gets a lot of sun exposure and rain.. What should be done to correct problem and prevent problem from re-occuring? What caused problem?
  Question: I have found one log, about 4' section, on my 20 year old yellow pine home that has a soft exterior with small holes. The home has always been coated with Sikkens and kept in good repair. Please refer me to a reputable repair person in the east central Indiana area.
  Question: In consideration for buying a log home, we found (on the weathered side of the home) small braces that seem to be holding logs in place at the point where 2 logs join together. There are a few that are hanging - looks like the nails have come out - so we know that they are a C shape brace (doesn't go completely around the log). I can't find any information on these types of braces and am wondering if they were used as a quick fix. There is some old water damage on the inside of the this wal
  Question: We recently purchased a log home that has not been finished inside. Before the logs were caulked, it had rained in and there are now water stains on some of the interior log walls. How can the water stains be removed? We want to keep the inside logs natural.
  Question: I have just bought a log home that needs to be disassembled. What is the Best way to get the stake (nails) out of the wood?
  Question: We purchased our home 9 years ago and it was stained and resealed twice. We have a log that was soft on the outside and after cleaning it we found a spot about 2 X 3 INCHES. What can I buy to fill the hole?
  Question: Part of my house in Harpers Ferry, WV is log. Very old, dates back to the late 1700's. 3 of the logs that span about 6 ft long are hollow inside. I was told that there is a way to fill them without disturbing the outside to regain their structural integrity. Can this be done and do you know anyone in my area who can do it? Thank You!
  Question: We recently bought a 55 year old log home. The outside has not had any stain or treatment in many years. Two of the walls have what appears to be sun damage, the looks look "parched". Is it possible to treat and recondition the logs, and what products would you recommend for a DIY.

Thanks! Trudy
  Question: I am about to aquire a old cabin built in the late 1800's from doug fir. The homestead is in very poor shape. I plan on tearing it down and rebuilding it on a different location. A few of the old hand hewn logs are rotten, one corner is very bad (around 5 log ends are rotten). Can I replace the rotten ends with other logs that were used as a lean to wall? Is this a project that is way to chalenging for a do-it-your selfer? Also one wall is bowing in about 6 inches.

Do you know of a g
  Question: I have several rotted logs (5 or 6 i think) on my home that probably need replacing. Also, the house is currently painted, would I need to strip and re finish? Does this sound like a very expensive Job? I live in Utah, could you suggest someone to call?


Ed Thron
  Question: Is it possible or likely that I can repair logs myself..have t@G logs with several that have water rot. How would I go about it? Should I get the rot out and replace missing wood with some compound...then re-sand, re-stain?
  Question: hi, our house built in '41 from trees on site, 5-6-7 inhes in dia. It was painted before we bought it 15 yrs ago, maybe when it was built? who knows. we have rot,that after chipping away the bad material ,makes the front of the log flat. so 75% of the log is solid. is there a way to restore the Look of the log, so after repainting will look normal? thanks
  Question: I have a log home that was built in 1975, the era of "amber" detailing. I've purchased a new door & frame with beautiful stained glass- how can I tell if the current door frame is load bearing? I can't tell if the logs above it were placed before or after the door. I can send a photo if necessary.
  Question: I read your answer to how to repair fire damage. We have damage from a recent forest fire. the answer posted would address much of the damage but what do you do when the damage has burned away to a depth of 1/2 to 3/4 inch in one area leavng a depresion in one section of the log? Do you replace the log to get it to original appearances?
  Question: Our 1830s log barn in Mississippi needs sill log replacements due to termite damage. The building is 20 ft by 40 ft. with a cross beam wall, all notched and interlocked. Logs are hand-hewn and massive, and we have been unable to find a contractor with the skills to tackle the job. We have considered stabilizing the logs with metal plates lagged into the inside of the logs, and then jacking the building for sill log replacement. We need some competent advice and an experienced log barn contractor
  Question: I need a person in the Houston Texas area the can help with replacing and/or fixing a rotting log
  Question: 1930 hunting cabin. Needs bottom log replaced. We are placing a new roof and chinking very soon. Any tips for D.I.Y. on shaping local trees and replacement?
  Question: I need to find someone in the Caldwell, ID area that can raeplace some rotted and damaged logs, and can apply long overdue protective treatment. Your referral will be greatlly appreciated.
  Question: How do you repair a fire damaged log cabin? Do you sand the log? or do you blast it?
  Question: Water seems to have found a way into my cabin of near 5 years. I have 3' overhangs, thru bolt system. With strong winds/rain It started in around my NW bathroom window, but have found several areas of the entire length of the wall to produce leaks. How do I seal? Thanks in advance for help.
  Question: I have recently purchased a 8 year old log home in central Wisconsin. Since we have purchased, about 4 months ago, I have noticed significant splitting in the vertical weight bearing square cut logs as well as the support beams in our great room. The weight bearing logs are 2 part and are basically stacked on top of each other (basement to main/main to roof) - the basement bearing logs are the logs in question. Over this winter, I have heard cracking and "settling" sounds probably due to the spl
  Question: We are building a log cabin in Uganda. There are a lot of Eucalyptus plantations around, so we hoped to use these to build with. We can get around 13inch diameter trees, but because of the climate being tropical the trees grow very fast, these are only 8 to 10 years old. If we sealed the ends, treated the logs very soon after felling and kept them covered out of the sun for a while do you think it would be ok?
  Question: My husband and I are planning to build a log home with lodgepole pine. The trees were cut and piled four years ago and we are finding some rot spots on them where the were touching other logs. Some of them have a hollow sound as well. Is there anything we can do to treat these logs to kill the rot and resore their structural integrity, or should we start over? We already have quite a large investment in the logs.
  Question: I'm freezing in this house! Yellow pine about 20 years old. Round logs inside and out, no chinking. Any way to insulate?
  Question: I am about to refinish my new log home. 1) There are small insects holes I would like to get rid of.(are there any fillers) 2) The house has only been stained and I will be applying a Borate treatment, What steps to insure it is most effective? Little lost, Please help.
  Question: Some issues and questions I have:

Logs never treated
Water penetrating @ all window locations and most corners
Water penetrating a base of logs and subfloor
I will be replacing all windows.Looking for a proper flashing detaill ( Weather Shield Clad Double hung with nailing flange, can be removed)

Thanks or your help

  Question: My husband and I are looking at purchasing a log home in central Missouri. The house is a bank forclosure and there doesn't seem to be alot of information availlable. We do know it was built in 97 but don't know if it was a kit or prof built. In general what should we be looking for and is 8 years enough time to do serious damage if the house wasn't maintained properly.
  Question: I was recently asked to perform an appraisal on a log home in Missouri, Upon performing the inspection I noticed several places where the logs have split and you can see thru them to the interior. This is a 9 month old home! What is the recommendation for repairing this problem and estimated costs for a 1410 sq.ft. home. This problem is not isolated to one area it is in various places around the home. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  Question: We are looking at a timber frame house to buy that has had the bottom two courses of timbers replaced due to rot and a basement put under it three years ago. We had heard through the grapevine that the third course had some rot around the spikes but were never repaired. After being sealed and new courses on the bottom, will this continue to rot?
  Question: i want to move a log cabin 1 mile down the road it is 24x24 ithas big 8x16 logs in very good shape very sturdy structure with tongue groove siding on outside my question is can i put this on runners and drag home with dozer or load on drop deck trailer anything but complete disassemble..
  Question: I hope this is the right category. I'm thinking of doing some building projects with logs and wonder if there are some brands of log home kits that you have to repair more than others. Does it make a difference if the logs have been air/kiln dried or are from dead standing timber? Do you see less repairs needed for log homes that have been constructed with a plain butt and pass method with 'natural' unseasoned logs (logs cut from timber on the property)?
Thanks for any info
  Question: Above my logs I have T Siding and It leaks even after we caulked. The water comes in on the top log and runs down inside. This is on the north and south side of our log house.Would putting half log siding over it fix the leaking?
  Question: We have a small log cabin with some pretty dark water spots on the interior logs. We have repaired the outside and don't think there will be further leaking, and were wondering if there is any way to repair or lighten up the interior stains. The interior is unfinished pine, and is rough. Any suggestions? We have tried plain bleach without success.
  Question: I found two logs with significant rot and have cut out and scraped the chips/dust. Until I can get a full replacement job done, can I fill the hole with foam and water putty that dries hard? I saved exterior hunks to then cover the damage until we can get a full exterior job done in a year or two? Is this going to help?
  Question: Working on a project in Tx: Three 100 y/o cabins were dissassembled in Kentucky & shipped, then stored in stacks under plastic w/ moisture- Need professional help w/ assessment of logs' state before construction. Fair number of clearly unusable logs, numerous others with rotted sections- should I pursue this further? Thanks
  Question: My Father in Law has an old home for about 70 years
has been covered with clap board and the logs of the original house are in excellent shape. my question is that recently the clapboard was removed and also the roof was removed exposing the logs. What can I do to keep the logs in good shape until we are ready to rebuild the cabin. Thank You Roger
  Question: I discovered a section of log where water made it into a "top-half" crack and rotted away a section of log. The rotten section is perhaps 1.5" high, 2 inches deep and 24 inches long. fortunately it does not bear a huge amount of direct load, as it is under a window sill. However - what are my options for proper repair (from inexpensive to expensive) in this case? THANK YOU!! :)
  Question: On one corner of my log cabin the end of one of the logs is rotting out. Is there anyway to restore this and prevent it from crumbling away?
  Question: Do you know of a non-destructive way for tesitng for rotten logs besides the hammer tapping method. i.e. ultrasonic, x-ray?
  Question: How do you go about replacing rotted logs of a kit home near the sill?
  Question: We have a western red cedar tongue & grove ceiling in the livingroom. Previous owners covered it over with styrofoam, plastic, and wall panelling in hopes to insulate the ceiling we think. We removed it all to find condensation, mould, dry rot, and black ants nesting between the styrofoam and cedar. The ants are gone, what would be the best way to clean and restore the damage and seal the ceiling, we would really like to keep it. Thanks
  Question: I have a log cabin and the floor is uneven around the cabin and in some places inches different. The middle of the cabin is sinks in from the edges and under the cabin they put wood braces. I had a termite inspector come out and had termites climbing up the wood and I had it fixed. Though there was minimal damage to the home I need to do something under the house to rid of the wood braces and I would like to put wood floor down. Is this possible. Joe
  Question: How do you replace logs that are "dry rotted" low on a side wall,or is it a job for a professional Are you avaliable.
  Question: My daughter has a log home that is suffering from wood rot due to moister and insect damage. Since it would be major to try and replace logs in the center of a wall would you have a suggestion on the best way to tackle this problem. What I find interesting only the sides that get direct sun light are effected. mvcwood
  Question: We are having our log home repaired by a company, they have corn cob blasted, and they are going to reseal and restain, etc. They are also "refacing" some rotten logs, some of these logs are rotten all the way into the interior, should these logs be completely replaced or is it ok just to reface them with log siding? Also, that wall has bowed in, what can be done to fix that?
Thank you
  Question: My wife and I are looking at a summer log home in Nebraska. I'm concerned because it appears that some of the logs have significant rotting around the base of the home. Should I avoid this home?
  Question: How do I repair a partialy rotten log in the middle of a out side wall? Is there an apoxy that can be used for some repair?
  Question: I own a log home built with 12" dia logs. On the west wall I have three or four logs that appear to be hollow and rotting on the inside. This condition is about 6 ft long. the logs are good on the outside. is there a product that I can use to drill hole and inject it into the affected areas to stop and fill the decay?
  Question: We have a log home, have been here for 15 yrs. It was new when we bought it. Over the yrs. the house has settled, and over the yrs.there were small gaps that you could see outside, feal cool air coming in. We were told to stuff them with Ocum, a rope(horse hair) that is treated with something, that they use in boats ect. and log homes, it espands(some).Did this for a few years. This was not a kit but builder built it from trees on the land.Now 15 yrs. later I can still feel cool air in spots, ex
  Question: I need to replace some verticle logs that are located inside an enclosed porch. The bottoms are severly rotted and the damage is isolated to the logs located inside the porch. I'm not sure how to go about this and prevent it from happening again. I would like to replace the rotted areas only if it is possible to cut them out, and then put either new wood in or field stone or brick. Help!!
  Question: We have a log home that is 5 years old. I have some dryrot on a west facing wall.The man. has a lifetime warr. but says the logs were not seaked correctly. They are borate treated. Should they be bad already? john
  Question: We are restoring an original colonist log home in Palmer, Alaska. The bottom log around 3 sides of the home is in need of repair. One definitely needs to be replaced, but we are wondering if there is an epoxy product that can be used on the other logs. The house is a certified historic building on the National Registry, and we are attempting to follow their guidelines of "repair and not replace" unless absolutely necessary. There is no one here that has experience in repairs of this kind, on
  Question: I'm purchasing a 1950's log that has been converted from two cabins into one. The problem is that the rooms are extreamly small. Is it possible to remove existiing walls? Or are all log walls weight bearing?
  Question: I'm viewing a property/log cabin this weekend to consider buying. A previous buyer's inspection shows structural damage-specifically bowed logs under weight bearing logs on one side of structure/this is on ground level side. If I decide to purchase property it will be cash sale. What is my best plan for accessing the damage and possible repairs?
it is a beautiful home, built in 1972. logs are dovetailed.
  Question: I own a 20 year old yellow pine log home and check and seal it every year. This year I noticed a couple of logs that sound hollow. The house is built up on 10 pilings, and the hollow logs are on the second story, about as high as you can get. Is there something I can inject into these logs to stop the rot or whatever? This would be a very difficult area to get up to and replace them.
  Question: I have a 5 year old, 3 story building with 20 inch logs. Some of the lower logs on the south side are showing some significat checking, as wide as 4 or 5 feet. There appears to be some rot inside. I want to treat the wood and chink. Should I do anything about the rot first and what type of products are best for that , for the treatment and for the chinking? I would appreciate any advice, especially having to do with the rot.
  Question: We live in Lake Wylie, South Carolina (10 miles from Charlotte, NC) We are having a very difficult time finding someone that will replace about 15' of rotten log. A Can you provide me with a list of reputable log contractors in our area that specializes in log replacement?
  Question: i have several logs that needs eplaced and weather damage to west side of do we arrange toget estimate ?
  Question: I am trying to find logs to repair alog home that had a fire.the logs are 5and one half inch high by 4and onehaif inch wide, they are round on the outside and flat on the inside. they have one tounge and grove on top bottom.
  Question: I have a log cabin built of white pine. A number of lower logs are rotting. I have a lot of straight white ash and red oak trees available, as well as the means to yard them and have them sawed. Are these hardwoods suitable for a log cabin?
  Question: I spoke with you regarding snadblasting a few weeks ago and you gave me some reallay good advice... SO here I am again.
I need to replace the log ends ont he corners of my cabin and am currently looking for a place to purchase 10-12 logs to do this with. The logs are approx: 5.5" in width. Cedar is preferred but piner may suffice. Do you know where I can purchase these from ?. I am in Houghton Lake Mich. and can drive a distance if required.... Thanks,
  Question: upright weight bearing log has sever check/split from top to bottom. 1" on top 1/8" on bottom. how can i stop this and repair it. thanks
  Question: I am looking at a log home and there is what appears to be water damage to some logs on the bottom. How do you replace them or repair them
  Question: I am considering purchasing a log home that was built in 1983 in southern Ohio. I have done another walkthrough of the home after reading up on tips about maintence. And unfortuantely found some places that worry me. On the front facing of the home there are some areas of the logs that are black and when touched feel soft and leave finger impressions. It looks like the damage is only a few centimeters down. Is this a serious problem or can it be fixed with low cost? Also on side of the hom
  Question: Hi! Have owned a log cabin in northwest PA (Tionesta) for 10 years - bad shape when we bought it. Tore off front porch last year - water had beat up on the bottom logs. Replace the sill plate with treated lumber. But need to do something with bottom logs. Have ordered stuff from the Rot Doctor (can check & see what-at work now - cost $700-I remember that) Have digital pictures that I can email. Thanks
  Question: I own a 5000 sq ft custom log home built from hand cut sitka spruce. a couple of the first story logs are very rotten on the ends. as i live in alaskaand use my home as a hunting and fishing lodge it is only possible to do the work in oct tru may. need recommendation on someone that can replace these logs