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Pests and Insects

  Question: We are thinking about purchasing a log home in Maryland the pest inspector found powder post beetles on the porch and recommend a fumigation the sellers want to just treat it but they did have the beetles in the loft 2 years ago and treated it but now they are on the porch what is the best thing to do?
  Question: I live in northern mn.have noticed about 1/8" holes in our red pine logs that seem to be packed with chewed up leaves.what type of beatles might be doing this?
  Question: Our SW Oklahoma log cabin, built in the '80's, wooded area, near lake, is being attacked by a flying, wasp-like black winged insect. It bores a perfectly circular hole, leaving sawdust below the hole. The hole, between 1/4 and 1/2 inches, looks like a drill was used. This past year we've noticed about 5 holes. My husband sprayed wasp and hornet killer into the most recent hole and the 'thing?' was in there. It poked its head out and then backed up. If the chemical didn't kill it, surely it
  Question: I am seeing a fine bluish tinge dust coming from around the logs near the ceiling . What do you think this is?
  Question: I just noticed some "squiggly" lines/insect trails on the outside of a section of my house made of pine logs. We have it regularly sprayed to deter the carpenter bees this time of year and have never had any indication of the presence of termites (this wallis on a poured concrete base
  Question: Has anyone used Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding using the additives "Bug Juice" and/or NBS 30? Sikkens states they aren't adequately tested or that they are unstable. Just wanted to see if anyone had success using these products with Sikkens products.
  Question: I am noticing termite dust on the floor in one area of my log house. It also happens to be by a window. How can I naturally get rid of them, asthey seem to off and on be active in this one area and I have animals so a natural approach is best.
  Question: I have a 2-story barn built with Hickory & oak from trees on our property. No doubt there were powder post beetles in the trees and over the last 7 or 8 years I am seeing signs of their fine dust on the floors. Their holes are very tiny and probably would take many, many years for them to do any structural damage in rough-cut 2x6s, 2x8s,2x10s,2x12s, etc. About 2 years ago I sprayed the ceiling joists with Bora Care but recently we're again seeing dust on the concrete floor. Did I not spray
  Question: I built a log home in Alaska with three sided logs. I did not peel the bark from the logs on the outside of the house and now as I am slowly peeling the bark off I am finding lots of what looks like worm holes or sqiggles in the wood under the bark and lots of white egg casings. My house is also full of tiny grey moths this winter. Are the moths doing the damage and if so how do I get rid of them under the bark?
  Question: I had a pine log home built 3 years ago..One andonly one of the logs has mushroom growth on the end of the log. What should I do to remove the mushrooms and seal the log to prevent future growth of the mushrooms?
  Question: will heating a 120 year old barn that has never been heated before cause structural damage
  Question: I have a wooden bed, I have a constant gnawing sound under my bed, at times it feels like something's in the mattress, I've turned the bed upside down, again there's nothing there ! It doesn't stop, morning noon or night ! I get very little sleep. There's also vibrations from the chewing, or gnawing ! What can this be ?
  Question: Will Shell Guard Borate kill any Cerambycidae (Spruce Beetles) that are living in the logs of my cabin? The cabin was built approximately 10 years ago out of spruce trees.
  Question: We have a big insect problem in the fall in East TN. We have a custom built log him that is around 10 years old. I don't think the builder did a good job of sealing our home. The bugs are exclusively lady bugs and "stink" bugs and they come in our home in droves. We need better sealing to prevent entry and I have a couple of ideas. (1) roof - spruce tongue and groove with roof paper, styrofoam and Tin - I want to provide a better seal for the roof and also replace the tin- between the spaces
  Question: Have had white pine delivered for carving, few months later when dry enough to carve find manny round holes sometimes am able to pull out 1 inch live large.Is there way to prevent this when logs are first delivered..
  Question: When we use our gas fireplace beetles fly out of it. How do we get rid of them?
  Question: we have a deck situated in Montral, Quebec. there are mushroom spores growing out of the ends and sides of the 6 x 6 hemlock beams and posts. wondering if there is a way to treat it. tried bleach but it did not do the trick... before replacing, we are looking at possible options to save it. Treatment options? Ozone, Aran, chemical... open to review options, but would like to keep the environment as part for the solution.
  Question: I live in Sarasota Florida and have a problem with army worms that have invaded my villa. They seem to come in thru the sliding glass doors and at first they were just in the lania but now are seen all over the place. The lawn company has already sprayed outside last Sept. Any ideas how to get rid of them? Thanks. Ken Walo
  Question: What would cause a white powdery substance to shed from wood near ceiling inside a cabin ? I can see no sign of insects or holes in the wood Could it be mold or decay from moisture and would a dehumidifier help resolve the problem ?
  Question: We have a white pine handscribed log home in NW Wisconsin. About 20 years old. I have noticed a few spots, many around knots, that have a small amount of gray mud like substance and an entrance hole of som kind. It's flat to the log, not built up like a large mud wasp nest I see in barns. Any thoughts? I can't upload a picture or I would send one. Thanks
  Question: I have a log home in MD. We have a gazillion wood boring bees outside. Have seen large black ants in various places in the house. As well as nuisance ants. Stink bugs invade in September and show up in the house. Just experienced a pile of ground up wood on the interior log and floor and don't know who is the culprit. Appears to have initiated high up on the interior wall....
  Question: on a few places between the logs, there seems to be some very fine saw dust ,on the inside of the home only .what do you think the problem and treatment would be
  Question: I have a white cedar log home built in 1988 located in north eastern Pennsylvania. This is my first log home and I'm running into carpenter bee issues. The home is due for a new stain which I understand will solve my bee issue. My plan is to spray the holes with wd40, place aluminium foil inside hole, plug hole and apply wood paste. I understand there is a pesticide called bee gone I can mix with the stain. Am I on the right track? If applying the same color and brand stain do I need to remove
  Question: I have a wooden luxury live board in Maldives I find wood eating bugs making holes I have treated many times with local pest control but the chemical not working I'm looking for a electric or electronic device that has to put inside the walls and I have heard this device works fine in wooden houses in Europe can u help me in this?
  Question: I've been told by a pest control company, that there is a problem with building a log home in South central Texas due to insects, is this true?
  Question: Hi, we moved into our new log home in Ontario Canada about 5 months ago and we have a lot of black ants inside the house. I am assuming they might be carpenter's ants but not too sure. How do we get rid of them? We should have researched about the borate solution I see mentioned all over, but unfortunately, we didn't know about this product to protect the logs. We have some humidity in the home of course since the logs are still settling.
2nd question: It seems that around the doors we have i
  Question: Afer reading many of the posts in this section I think we have a case of the Powder Post Beetle. We salvaged an 8 foot long piece of spruce with the bark on it (14" diameter) to use as a support post in our new sunroom. The tree has been laying on the ground in the pasture for at least two summers. We brought it into the house in December, and recently we started seeing small piles of very fine shavings on the ground and very tiny flies on the windowsill in the morning. We have been spraying
  Question: We got an old barn beam to use as our mantlebefore we put it up, we used bleach, soap, some kind of insecticide on it. It has been up for a few months and we recently took it off and found small saw dust piles underneath it. Does this mean that some kind of bug is still inside the beam? Could it have penetrated into our house? What could it be? What should we do?
  Question: What eats wood some spots are bored leaves yellow looking eggs& a dark sap like substance . Suspect is killing spiders & insects
  Question: I have a cabin in Deposit New York the exterior is log siding
the porch is about 8 to 10 feet above the ground
in early december I visited the cabin and found a very heavy adirondack chair pushed aside to the center of the porch and behind it a large hole was bore into the log cabin siding about one inch above where the cabin meets the porch
the hole was about 3 by 4 inches nearly round mice entered the cabin via the hole any idea what culd have climbed the porch pushed the adirondack
  Question: We have what looks like brown/yellow installation coming inside between logs on one side of our house. In the summer it felt like putty, damp and able to make impressions when touching. Now that it's winter this is hard, crusty and breaking apart. It looks terrible and we are not sure to take care of this problem.
  Question: What resources would an insect use in a log and what for.
  Question: i have a log building that was started, can i use hydrolic oil to seal the logs
  Question: we have a new log home and it is getting full of flies and yellow jackets- i need to figure out how they are getting in. can you help me know what to do- i am allergic to yellow jackets and i killed 10 just today in my home
  Question: Great forum! We have a log home that has powder post beetles. I see some evidence of dust and tiny holes. Not a lot. We will be treating with Boracare soon. Do you think it would be wise to retreat in about three to six months? Thank you so much Log Doctor!
  Question: what kind of bug makes a gray colored home that sticks to stucco and has a small pin hole in it. The home looks like someone threw a peace of clay at the wall.
  Question: I have an old brick home in new Orleans, the brick was painted years ago and is crumbling off in places, I have hundreds of these weird , flat , whitish bugs living under the paint and in the mortar the has oxidized and created a powder. They are flat,maybe 1/4 to 1/3" long , the ones I find are dead and as I said there are hundreds of then under the old paint. They are totally creeping me out and Im very worried about the house being eaten by these things. thank you for any help you could send
  Question: My wife thinks that putting any holes in the log walls of our home (like for hanging pictures inside) is Terrible and will cause problems down the road. Can you tell me why that might be?

Is this actually a serious problem?
  Question: I have almost completed our log home in SE Ohio. I am concerned about pest control, primarily carpenter bees. Is there anything I can apply to the logs before I stain them to keep insects away?
  Question: what could be boring under out of house foundation and a wood deck / it has created a big hole?
  Question: We purchased a log home in 2009. We believe it was a kit from Wisconsin Log Homes shipped to Michigan. The home had a few owners and we believe the home may have been painted at some point. Unfortunately, finding someone who is experienced with log homes is no easy task. On top of the need to have the home corn blasted, sealed and stained...we may have a millipede issue...which means moisture, right? HELP! Please.
  Question: We've got an Amish made oak rocking chair that sits on our front porch. About a year ago I started noticing small bits of super fine sawdust under a specific part of it. I would turn it over a look carefully with a flashlight but have never been able to see a hole or a bug. What in the heck could this be? I recently wrapped it with plastic so it doesn't get into anything else, but I still wonder what kind of bomb I can put in there. Thanks Kurt Sligh
  Question: We just purchased a log cabin home built in 1977 - every time I turn around, the mortar like material falls off between the logs - what are we to replace it with and what type of natural oils could we place on the logs to keep bugs away?
  Question: Hello,
I live in Danvers, MA. I recently, Aug/Sep, painted my house white. Over the past few days I have noticed an infestation of a beatle bugs on the house. Do you know what might be causing the sudden swam of beatle bugs on my house?
Thank you.
  Question: We have a log home in Western Pennsylvania built in 1980. It was a kit home and I believe it's made of pine. Since about 2007 our area of the US has been hit with stinkbugs. My neighbors in traditional homes get very few of the nasty bugs in the house, but from Oct-May we get several a day, mostly on our great room's 2-story, south-facing wall. We've caulked any openings we've found between logs so we're not sure where they are coming in. Should we caulk the entire wall, top to bottom?
  Question: We were told that light spots in a few areas of our house suggest carpenter bee activity. What should we do? Right now it is getting no warmer that 70's during the day in Souther Indiana.
  Question: ive used a borate on my log home twice and there still boaring what do i do to stop them for good
  Question: If you have a house that has log siding and concrete floors everywhere......and the chinking is not finished on the outside of the house, could that be a main cause for having (and keeping) mice in our house?
  Question: I have witnessed on all of the pressure treated lumber of arch built 8 years ago, at every knot in the wood along the grain of the knot there are lines of saw dust oozing , for the lack of a better word, out of the wood. I have inspected for wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, canter bees and termites and have found not evidence of the such. So what can it be?
  Question: I am finishing up on my newly built log cabin. It's time to finish the outside. I plan on using permachink products. What are your thoughts on putting a coat of shell guard on? Is it effective and worthwhile.
  Question: I own a square logged home. My log size is 8" high by 6 " wide. The home is 23 years old. I two areas, same side of building, the walls are beginning to bow outward. I believe I need to mount something vertical and screw the logs into this brace to keep them vertical. (Up and Down)
Would you have any suggestions? Thank-you.

Steve from Ontario Canada.
  Question: is there a way to remove the silicone caulk that smeared on stained logs (when caulking butt joints). I have removed excess between logs but dont know how to get rid of smears
  Question: Have just finished putting stained cedar half logs (from Canada) on my double wide. Is there a way to detract flies, spiders, etc from taking residence. Home is southwest colorado
  Question: I have oak rails on my cabin. The owner before put the rails up with bark and all and varnished them. I'm stripping all that off to refinish. How far to I have to sand before I can restrain? Do I have to take the skin coat off
  Question: how do you kill powder post beetles. i bought some older rough cut lumber and some of the boards have extensive damage from these beetles. can you tell if the larve is in the boards or is just from the holes you can see that lets you know?
  Question: Log home in north Idaho. Not many insects. No humidity. Problem: noticed three small sawdust piles shaped like pyramid about 2 inches tall sitting on the deck right underneath log. Cannot see holes. What is it? How fix? Many thanks. Mak
  Question: I have stained my logs a dark solid stain I need to put some color on the railings on the porch and existing deck along with a balcony on the 2nd floor what colors could I go with It all looks like brown now. Need some pop!!!! Help
  Question: I have noticed small holes (about 1/16") going into the underside of my horizontal cedar siding. They seem angle just above horizontal into the stud space. Is this an insect? If so what is it and what should I do?
  Question: My log home is 13 years old we bought it when it was 5 years old we live in South Carolina every year in the month of May we get a swarm of flying ants. they crawl all over the outside of my building into my home and they die Off, what a mess I have to vacuum, clean inside my cabinets,counter tops,all along my baseboards, they fall from the ceiling onto my bed, its gross. We have the bug man that comes every quarter sprays our home and we do get termites service but They don't guarantee for ant
  Question: We recently noticed tiny pieces of what looks like styrafoam along with mouse droppings that appear to be coming from an area ? between the peak of the ceiling and the beam.
We are thinking that the white pieces are insulation. We have had good success with the electronic devices but this area is difficult to access. What would work best to get rid of them? Any suggestions on tools to access this area?
  Question: I am going to build a log home in central Virginia in a lot that has very little trees, lots of sun exposure. What type of wood do you recommend for that climate/environment? I like both white pine and white cedar. If I chose white cedar, should I still apply a borate treatment prior to stain?
  Question: I am building a log cabin using red pine (D shaped logs ). I have started to cut, mill, peel and stack the logs with plans to start putting them up in 4-5 months. The logs are covered to protect from rain and sun. Should I treat them now for bugs or wait until they start to go up ? thanks.
  Question: We are living in a cedar log home while finishing building and have scorpions. We are in East TN. Any suggestions? HELP
  Question: I have bought my logs for next winter and have seen lots of brown flying insects that look a little like earwigs in the lounge since I bought some of the wood into the house. Can you tell me what they are and if they are coming from the wood??
  Question: what to fill holes before staining from woodpeckers digging for carpenter bee nests. some places are 1" to 2" deep by 5" to 7" wide.
  Question: Our builder uses Yellowstone Log Home logs and as they are stacking the logs we can see some little insect holes. We will be applying borate to the exterior before staining. What about the interior?
Thank You.
  Question: We bought a log home a year ago in missouri. Noticed that summer a lot of red wasp and dirtdobbers. Sprayed everywhere inside and out got rid of all nest. Well now they are even more!! What can I do ?
  Question: We live in the country outside of Eugene, OR. Our log home is about 25 years old. The exterior is stained with gray stain - interior is natural log with clear finish. Today while sweeping cobwebs from exterior logs I observed some type of fly enter a small, perfectly round hole. The fly turned around inside the hole and seemed to back further into the hole. The hole is small and about the size of a small nail head. Upon further inspection, I observed quite a few of these holes in one area
  Question: We have had a problem with woodpeckers pecking out the Knots in our 25 yr old cedar home for the past approx. 6 years. This was not evident prior to this period. We have tried numerous suggestions. Please advise how yo stop them and what products to use to repair the numerous holes. Also what causes this problem??? Thank you, Bill
  Question: We purchased a log home from the original owners who built the cabin out of western red cedar 22 years ago. Wood bees have drilled holes in some of the logs. I am in the process of stripping stain and removing UV damage off to bring back natural color. What is the best product to fill woodbee holes and able to stain and match logs? Also along with the woodbee holes, woodpeckers have also pecked away trying to get to the bees. The house was only stained when built. I am in the beginning process a
  Question: We have a log cabin in the woods in Western WI. We are only there on weekends usually, and not much in the winter. Our problem is something is either scratching or chewing / eating on the wood. Mostly on the front where there is a porch. They don't touch the porch, just the cabin. Around the doorframe is the worst, but it's everywhere. Top of the wall, bottom of the wall, around windows. Everywhere. We think it's either squirrels or raccoons. There are a lot of both in area. We've
  Question: We are considering buying a log home that is 30 years old. The owners said that there are old word worms in the wood. They are going to have the house covered in a tent & use a gas exterminating treated that way & then put on a protective coat. Will this work? Everything I've been reading says to strip it & use a borate solution & then coat. I can't tell them what to do but I want it done properly.
  Question: I saw a moth could this eat wood in cabin wit no saw dust
  Question: i own a white cedar log home from ward log cabin and live in massachusetts. is there a small worm that can infest the log and how would i resolve this situation ? THANK YOU
  Question: I purchased a log home that was built 8 years ago. The owner had an exterminator spray the exterior of the home every three months as a precautionary measure. Do I need to continue this? The only problem I've seen is with carpenter bees . How could I prevent the bees from trying to make nests in my wood?
  Question: I live in a log house that was built around 2003 in California. In one of the up stairs bedroom Ive been noticeing wasps and some lady bugs have been able to get into the room some how. No windows were open or anything and was wondering if they could be getting in through the logs? Also our house is more Lincoln log style with no chinking.
  Question: I purchased a 10 yr old kit log cabin in NY Adirondacks. There were many issues esp moisture which we hv resolved by regrading, installing French drains around perimeter of building and removing lg kerosene tank which was actually leaning on the rear wall causing moisture to be trapped behind it. Upon removing the kitchen cabinets on the interior of this wall we noted insect tunneling, horizontal tunnels with a pile of sawdust on the floor below, it appeared old, no insects, dead or alive were
  Question: Why do I have a fly problem in my pine log home
  Question: How do I cure quaking aspen tree logs to use as decorations in my home? Thanks
  Question: We are looking at potentially purchasing a log cabin in Massachusetts. As far as we can tell it was maintained well and the insulation seems good with triple insulated windows. It is 1728 square ft. log cabin, it was built in 1986 and is being sold by the original owners. What should we consider in purchasing? Also, it doesn't have a fireplace. Any suggestions on having one installed and/or cost? According to the owners each year they paint an exterior wall and interior walls have been du
  Question: We have a 30 cedar log home in Northern Wisconsin. Last week we notice a pile of small wood chips (NOT SAWDUST) laying on the deck where the deck meets the logs. What animal could be chewing on the log and how do we get rid of it. Please help.
  Question: Can hydraulic fluid be used as a preservative for a pine log house? I need mine cleaned and the guy wants to use the hydraulic fluid. Thanks for any help.
  Question: Our Maine log home stained on the outside one coat, not done on the inside yet. We have had it sprayed by an exterminator twice, but is no longer working, no other exterminator near. Is this something a homeowner can do ? Mostly cluster flies, have not seen any other insects.
  Question: I have a recently built log cabin that was built out of poplar logs. These logs were not peeled and still have the bark on them. I have a problem with mushroom growing on the outside and inside walls. This cabin is finished> What do I need to spray to kill these mushrooms?
  Question: In our apartment building, we have 100+ year-old exposed oak timber ceilings. In 2 apartments, we now see a sticky substance forming and dripping, mostly around the knots. Is this an infestation?
  Question: New half-log siding home. Workers used nail gun and sunk nails deeply into siding. Broke surface around nails in lots of places. Looks bad. Haven't closed with contractor. Please provide recommendation. Not happy!
  Question: Are there industry-agreed or ASTM or even mandatory standards for how a manufacturer is supposed to pretreat logs for homes for beetles, shrinkage, and rot? if so, where can these be found? Thanks!
  Question: I have a 25 year old log home located in central Maine. It is Maine cedar exterior walls and pine beams. The ceilings are 1" t&g pine. I have been finding piles of what looks like very fine saw dust randomly around the house. There are no obvious holes above the piles. What is likely causing this and what is the best to treat it? Also the house is only used seasonally if that makes any difference.
  Question: Hi,
We have a log cabin in British Columbia, Canada - on a lake in a heavy treed area as well. Besides the bats, and stink bugs - we re-chinked now that the cabin has settled. We noticed the railings that were not sealed after staining , have wasps eating away at the wood all day. If we sand, restain and seal - will this keep the wasps away or will they eat through even with a sealant or cetol? I will wait for your reply.
  Question: Hi there,
My builder did not use any pest protectant on my log home and I didn't realize that he should have. Is there something you recommend that I can treat the wood with now - it's already been stained & varnished and will be finished in a week. I've seen carpenter ants crawling along the outside, some kind of bug nests along the logs on the outside. I just have a feeling their planning to have a field day with my house! What can I do now? I'm moving into the house in less than 10 days!
  Question: We have a log home in western NC that is about 10 years old. About 7 years ago It was stained with WoodScapes exterior polyurathane semi transparent stain. I power washed the house and tried to apply Seal-Once Total Wood Protection semi transparent stain. The stain just sat on the logs.
2 questions: 1.If I apply a coat of the original brand of stain (WoodScapes), will it adhere...or must I strip the logs first. 2. Some of the logs have a grayish tint..should I treat them with something before
  Question: I am finding these Fly heads, sawdust and insulation pieces(like the strips you put in between your logs when you caulk and spike your logs together when building)I am finding this on the floor near seems of wall and floor. Could earwigs be in there chewing as that is all I can see outside.what can I do UGH!!!! Scared in Vt.
  Question: Hello! We live in southern Utah. We had a pine log entrance with large pine logs for uprights and a log across the top. We went up to leave our house and here it was lying on the ground. If it had fallen on someone or something they would have been killed. What brought it down? We see large black ants making sawdust in some of the wood. What can we do to preserve the remaining wood and use the remaining wood for our cattle gate? Thank you for you help. We are at a loss as to what to do. Carole
  Question: I am interested in staying in an old log cabin, (160 yrs old) this winter. My only concern is will keeping it heated cause any damage versus not having it heated during the winter . It is sealed and will not be a problem to heat. My sister is afraid that having the cabin heated when it is extremely cold and snowy outside will cause more damage than having it closed up and unheated.
  Question: I used X180 to clean a previously stained log wall. I mixed it 50/50 and rinsed it with a pressure washer 7 times. It looked great for a few days and now the wall is turning black. I think that the wall it too acidic. Is there something that I can put on it to neutralize it.
  Question: Family is looking at possibly purchasing a brand new log cabin to build in TN but other than loving the look do not know anything about them. What differences can we expect compared to a contemporary brick home?
  Question: We just moved into my grandparents vacant log home. We are noticing a pincher Bug/earwig problem. We tried spraying the perimeter of the house with Home Defense spray also even sprayed inside the rooms at the base of the walls etc. I have noticed large gaps between the beams inside but I don't know if they need to be sealed? What can I do to prevent insect/earwig infestation? It is also extremley damp.
  Question: Our pine (fresh cut) log shed has consistent sized wood shavings (3/8" long x 1/16" in diameter collecting in a couple of places. We also hear chewing. We see no obvious holes but do see the shavings below the noisy areas.
  Question: Hi- I am in the process of renovating a 135yr old log home near Dubuque, IA (where IA, WI, and IL all come together). I have some questionable places on 2 logs that I think should be replaced- is there someone in my area who works on old log homes?
  Question: We have an insect damaged log that white foam oozed out of today. What would cause that? What is the best way of fixing the damaged log without replacing it?
  Question: We're seeing some very small bugs in our walls that we think we've identified as springtails. Even though what we've read says that they don't bite, we are being bitten at night. How do we treat this problem?
  Question: We have a log home that has been up for 4 years and we just noticed that there are tiny holes about the size of an ink pen tip that are on the logs in some areas. What kind of bug do you think that wound be? They are hemlock logs. They were treated before they were put up with a type of insect treatment
  Question: we had our roof replaced, took out an old sky light, had to order a new one. Two weeks past, skylight is installed. Day latter, little black bugs with wings (flying) are swarming around my kitchen skylight. They are on the refridgerator, on the counter and floor. Mainly staying up in the skylight. What is this and what should I do?> Is this somthing the roofers should address? Thank you
  Question: I had cut pine trees down to make a log cabin, What can I Put on the log to kill and keep all insect way
  Question: We have about 10 little holes from post boring beetles in one of the logs. And this particular log has dark color probably from over staining. Other logs in the house seems to be in good condition.

What kind of work has to be done with this log? Please instruct me with all steps.
  Question: Hello, We have a log home built in 2005 and one wall is bowed out in the middle, but it's fine at the bottom and the top. It's been this way since soon after construction. We have caulked inside and out and it now has a deck roof covering the entire south wall. It was exposed the to sun for about 6 months before the deck roof was added. I know it hasn't moved since because the caulk and chink is still in place. Is this a problem that needs to be corrected? Or just something we live wit
  Question: Just bought a log cabin in Grangeville, Idaho. This cabin was built on 2007. The pervious owner said to spray the logs to keeps any bugs from getting into the logs. What would be the best thing to spray the logs with.
  Question: I have purchased an old house that the exterior is wormy chestnut - there are many layers of creosote on it. Do I replace it, or what is your recommendation?
  Question: What is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants?
  Question: I have a ost and beam house and have recently noticed 1/8 to1/4 inch bored holes in some logs. They r fresh holes as I can see shavings (not dust) produced by whatever is making the holes. I have also noticed a small amount of dust on some logs, not sure if this is from insects or leftover from construction. Any tips?
  Question: We put half log siding made from dead standing timber on our home 2 years ago. We cob plasted, applied penetreat, and then permachink. Last year was exceptionally dry-so some obvious shrink. I am noticing insects moving into some of the old insects holes and cracks in the logs (laying eggs), and the last couple months we have had alot of deer flies on the siding. What is the best product to control these insects? I would like to get a jump on it this spring. Thanks for your help
  Question: I am buying a log cabin kit, with square cut red oak logs. I will need to store it in tarps outdoors near San Antonio Texas, what can I buy to treat logs to help protect them, especially from termites?
  Question: I have an old barn beam that is going to be a mantle piece for a fireplace we are installing. What should i use to treat the log for insect that wont discolor the log? i have no idea what it is we think its oak.
  Question: our log cabin made of white cedar is showing signs of something eating on it. help
  Question: Question #2. the log home we're considering purchasing has a gray paint or solid stain on it. The home has passed several hands. How can I know if the right kind of sealant/stain was used? If there is no way to know, what can be done to preserve the exterior? Thanks.
  Question: We've put an offer on a 2-story log cabin here in Waxhaw, NC contingent on satisfactory inspection. The main support beam on the ceiling of the first floor is bowed significantly. The cabin was built in 1981 so I don't know if this is natural settling and will not bow any more. The cabin has a crawl space, perhaps the beam can be jacked up and steel rods can be bolted to hold the position. Is this a common problem, and has this been done successfully done before. Also one of the interior log w
  Question: We have a log home in Maine, it is about 7 years old, and a new log shed. This winter there is damage from woodpeckers. Any ideas as to what will discourage them? We do have a pest service regularly for the past two years.
  Question: Hello,

I have some spruce and balsam fir logs that I am going to use on my log cabin (repair/addition. Some logs are 6 months old and they have some insect holes that I found when stripping bark. Can I use these logs? Should I keep them away from my good logs while they all dry? Can the logs be treated to kill whatever made the holes?

Thanks, Chris
  Question: My log cabin of white cedar from Maine is only 2 years old. It appears something is at ALL the knots in the entire cabin, inside and out. I can push tweezer all the way in and pull out punky wood. Don't see any insect. only polyurethane on inside, sikkens stain! freaking out, haven't even paid for this place yet.
Thank-you! oh and some of these 'knot holes' seem perfectly round..........

The logs are from Maine, the cabin is in MA
  Question: How much should I be paying to treat a 1200 square foot 3 bedroom log home for cluster flies? The treatment I want is the one where they treat the whole house to kill the dorment flies to prevent them from waking up on warm days during winter. Thanks!
  Question: we are in the process of buying a log home in ME all the insurance companys ask if it is kit built and we are not sure wether it is or not is there anyway to tell by looking at the inside,outside etc
  Question: I'm making several log projects all from cedar logs. Some of the logs have heart rot and one has mold. Is there something I can do to stop the rotting and small case of mold? So I can polyurethane the logs afterwards. The rot isn't too bad and is in small areas from what I see. The mold is a light gray\blue color on one side of the log, and appears that no bark grew there. Also I have found bore beetles when I stripped the bark. There were also bore larva in them. What can I spray the logs wit
  Question: I am looking at buying a panabode house and the people that have been renting it said there was a problem with 'wood roaches' and they have the house sprayed with a pestiside every 3 months! Is this normal? Do all log houses have this problem? Is there any way to get rid of them completely? Thank you and hope to hear back soon, Susanne
  Question: Is it true that mice can nestle in to log homes?? A friend said we should have logs checked for nests.
  Question: Problem with false powderpost beetle infestation in the half log siding on my home. The structure is 2 by 6 frame with insulation, logs on outside. If I do nothing about the beetles, will they infest the whole struture or only the logs?
  Question: Problem with false powderpost beetle infestation in the half log siding on my home. The structure is 2 by 6 frame with insulation, logs on outside. If I do nothing about the beetles, will they infest the whole struture or only the logs?
  Question: What is your opinion on hand sanding a existing/failed stain on older cabin using buffer/polisher with osborne brush?...labor intensive, yes...versus say, Perma-Chink products
like S-100 and Smart-Strip.
  Question: Hi!
When I bought my home in 1991 there was a bow in the wall. The sweet, elderly lady who sold me the home that had been in her family for over 120 years said beneath the plaster was the original log store that her great great grandfather had built in 1867. So I got a sledge hammer and knocked off the plaster.

So my living room is logs-- old, old logs. They're really dried out and collect dust like nobody's business. Is there a way to care for them so they will last another hundred years?
  Question: We have little flying ants that are burrowing into our log posts. The holes are very tiny. Just wondering how to get rid of them? They are on the logs that get all day sun.
Thanks Roger
  Question: I have a finished log cabin made of pine, 10 years old. Lots of sawdust from insect boring holes, about 1/8" diameter. Logs were not treated other than several coats of stain log finish which appears like varnish. I see comments about strip and then borate in other posts. Is this what I need to do, and if so do I need to strip the home every 5 years? This sounds horrible.
  Question: I have a log home made from Poplar. Lately I have been getting a lot of small holes (pinhead size or smaller) with a sawdust pile left underneath it. Any idea as to what bug causes this? Also, how can I prevent it?


  Question: Can you please tell me the name of the products that discourage animals from chewing on log cabins? We have a bunkhouse on a river. There is nothing in it (no food) and we are seldom there. We stained it 4-5 years ago and have not had a problem until this year. Whatever animal is chewing it up (probably a porcupine) is doing terrible damage. I'm not there much and I don't know what to do to stop it.
  Question: Hello, Just purchased a log cabin in RI and is loaded with carpenter bees just had an exterminator but still many flying around a week later what to do?
  Question: Just bought a 20 year old cabin in the North Ga MTns...IT is infested with ants.. The cabin has not been used in years...I had to remove alot of tress around the house and let some sun in... Its located on a creek.. I have recently caulked and restained cabin. I believe there in the roof carpenter ants.. Have had pest control company out with no luck.. There is no attic and they are coming out of the wood ceiling and walls..
  Question: I am from Dryden, NY about 45mins from Syracuse and am wondering if you can point me in the right direction. I am considering buYing a log home as I an really worried about the boaring insect? Any information can help. Thank Youb
  Question: What are the small pinhead sized holes in cedar siding (back side ) that also has water damage thank you Craig
  Question: I have a log cabin around baytown Texas and I have these little flying bugs they look like baby yellow jackets nd they will sting u it's oak log cabin nd they burrow n the wood pin size holes n the wood what r they nd how can I get rid of them
  Question: We built a home 9 years ago and used log siding. We pressure wash and stain every 4 years or so. This year we had to have our flexduct on our hvac system replaced due to internal mold growth. I noticed the knots in the log siding have a powdery substance like mildew.What is going on? I have never seen this before.
  Question: I stained and sealed a large log home last year with Perma-Chink products (2 coats stain, 2 coats sealer), wonderful stuff, the homeowners were extremely pleased. Unfortunately, they have two horses that recently started to bite chunks of the logs off! They called me in to repair the logs, (some so severely torn into that they'll need a complete replacement), but I'm wondering what I can do to prevent the horses from biting into the repair work? Would a borate solution sprayed onto the dama
  Question: My wife and I are looking to purchase a log home in southen maryland that has sat vacant for 3 years. Upon a visit to the home, we noticed evidence of boring insects, and extensive amount of gaps. Additionally, there is extensive vegetation over growth next to the home. We did not see any evidence of rot. What other issues might there be and what would be your recommendations to bring it back to specs? Could you also provide a. Rough idea of cost? The home is 4000 sqft, two story. Thank
  Question: I have an old cabin with some rot issues in a few logs. I removed some of the rotted areas of one log and applied a wood preservative (one with copper). Can I apply an epoxy based preservative on top of the copper preservative?
  Question: Hi, we have a log cabin in central Wisc., its in an open area and something is knawing at the logs on the outside...alot. Its not limited to one area and goes as high as high as the roofline. we had it treated but its still happening. What could be doing this? Thanks
  Question: We are looking at a log sided frame home in Northern Minnesota. The 11 year old half log siding shows numerous sap outflows and insect holes. Should we be concerned or what would be the best fix if we purchase? Thanks
  Question: we are in a log home on the western slope of Colorado, flies are the issue. we still have snow, but as temps are getting up to 50's the flies are showing up already. they are always all over the windows, live about 10-15 minutes and die. there will be dozens and dozens, and vacuuming on floors around all windows 3 times a day or more. we've used 4 bug bombs at a time, and they still return.. any suggestions that will last awhile?
  Question: we have 2 logs that are decaying before this happened there was a moldy fungus looking growth between the logs it is shaped kind of like mushrooms what do you think this is and how expensive is it to replace logs
  Question: I'm considering buying a log home. I know NOTHING about log homes, but am considering this one because of the amount of land that comes with it, and the price. However, I fear that the home is in such bad shape that I'll need to tear it down! Some photos (that the foreclosure agent actually sent me!) are posted at

As I look at them, I see disaster. With your knowledge -- is it as bad as it looks?
  Question: We have a 17th or 18th century log home on a family farm in VA. The logs are all wormy chestnut and the house has the old assphalt siding over the top of the logs. The interior has some sheetrock. All of the logs appear to be extremely solid however there are no windows in the house now and the porch has given way to decay. The roof is still in good shape but the interior fireplace looks as they its caving in from the inside part of it. Of course it has no electricity or indoor plumbing. Th
  Question: We are in the process of selling our 30 year old log home in eastern NC. The termite inspector came our and noted the Carpenter Bee holes in the house. We have tried to combat these pesty things for years with no luck. Well after his report we now have to have an inspection in addition to the home inspection that we already had to determine it's "Structual soundness". How can you tell if these bees have caused it to be structually unsound or maybe I should say how will they determine it to
  Question: I am just finishing up a log cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the woods. The logs are western red cedar with framing and cement on the basement and upper floor. When should I spray for cluster flies, lady bugs, hornets, deer flies, and mice control. The cabin is not quite complete but should be enclosed within two more weeks. I have the outside stained as well as the inside.
  Question: Our log home is 30 years old. I noticed that below and air conditioner there was a sizable amount of a white/yellow foam seeping from a small hole in a log. It had the stickiness and consistency of spray foam before it dries. Outside were two tiny, oval-shaped holes two logs below the log with the inside seepage. There are no signs of dry powder on the outside or inside. Is this an insect, a fungus, or something else?
  Question: I have a pine log home in the gatineau hills Qubec, that is more than 100 year old. The logs are bare wood (no staining or protective products on it). I would like to apply a borax treatment (shell guard). will it be effective if I leave the logs the way they are? i.e, no washing with permachink products of dry blasting. Then should I fill the small holes and, if so, with what product. Thanks
  Question: We have a 2 yr old douglas fir log home ..logs from BC and home in Saskatchewan--very dry. we have been noticing sawdust on the counters/floors in some areas (no holes--just appearing from shrinkage areas between logs) and now see tiny (1/2-3/4 inch) looking millipede type worms...not many...they are dark brown....i don't believe they are powder beetles. what else could these be....supposedly our logs were treated with borate or some type of insect repellant treatment prior to shipment from B
  Question: We are in the process of acquiring a pine log home (20 years old) near Berkeley Srings, WV. The home has sat vacant for 2 years with no upkeep. There is extensive carpenter bee and woodpecker damage. What is the best way to patch the damaged areas and have it look decent. Our home inspector recommended we have an exterminator get right on it, patch it, and then put two coats of Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish on the logs. Is this a good strategy to repair the damage and help prevent future damage?
  Question: We have a log cabin in central CA and have quite a problem with wood peckers damaging the logs, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, they're ruining the logs.
  Question: I'm a real estae agent showing a large log home that has termites really bad, are these log homes repairable and can outside logs be replaced and remainer of house treated as not to get reinfested?
  Question: I have a barn with an infestation of powder post beetles in the beams. The barn is whitewashed. How can I get rid of them? If I would drill small, say 1/2 inch holes every foot or so along the beam, say 1/2 inch deep and put a borate solution in to soak, would this do it?

  Question: Near stone fireplace on wood ceiling there is white growth. What is it, and what will fix it. Its on both sides of the chimney. Its hard.
  Question: I have a 40 yr. old lake house with screened porch. Porch is untreated lumber, all painted wood. The porch has old house borers and we are told they have not migrated to the house. To ensure that they don't in the future, we are considering a tent fumigation as we hope to sell the house next year. Is this what you would recommend?
  Question: Wehave a log cabin and we want to replace the 20 year old windows. Is it the same procedure as replacing windows ona stucco home? Thanks.
  Question: we have a pine log home built about 2 years ago...I believe we have powder post bugs ( deep holes with sawdust under bug with yellowish stripe that flies..i think ). our exterminator gave us this "KILL ALL" solution that we pump into the holes when we notice them. lots of holes last year,.. much less this year. we also spray the exterior of the home every few months with this stuff..we cut down the trees touching the house to try and help with this too..the home is treated and sealed
  Question: Our log home is for sale. We have a three car attached garage. My ex-husband moved at least 15 cords of word in the garage and has stored it there since last fall. Do you see a problem with that?
  Question: I am interested in buying a panabode cedar cottage in muskoka,ontario. It is forty years old and has been neglected for the past two years. What should I be looking for before I consider buying it? What kind of maintance does a log home require?
  Question: I sprayed my Douglas Fir log home with a borate solution a few years before I finally brushed on a tinted finish recommended by a lumber yard that sells log home finishes and other products. I still have beetles in my east-facing shady wall.
I noticed when I recently sprayed a wasp nest that the spray soaked into the logs. If I want to retreat with borate, do I really have to strip the finish if the borate solution soaks through it? Thanks
  Question: My husband and I just purchased a log home in Beggs, OK and we don't know anything about them really. There are some places that have water damamge on some logs. If we put gutters on the home, will this take that problem away?
  Question: Last summer 2008, I stripped and treated my log home with Shell Guard for powder post beetles, I was wondering what I should expect to see this spring and summer? Is there a possibility I will continue to see some powder as the adults emerge or should they be dead?
  Question: We are considering to buy a pine log home in Florida that is built on a basement type structure that floods and drawes moisture to the logs. The house is two stories and has several places with little holes and saw dust comming out. Do we need to replace the dammaged logs and is there a "do it yourself kit" to learn how to replace dammaged logs.
  Question: If I know I have powderpost beetles and the outside has been stained but the inside has not, can I apply a borate to just the inside and expect it to work or would I have to strip outside also and then apply borate inside and out? Also, I have submitted questions in the past. Do you send the answer to email address provided or do we just keep reading through answers to find ours?
  Question: What should I use to seal up powderpost beetle holes on the exterior to weatherproof them before restaining? (lots of holes around entry door and window areas) Should the inside holes be sealed also?
  Question: We built our log home in Idaho in 1980 from lodge pole pine that we cut and stripped ourselves cut flat on 2 sides we sprayed Never Rot on all the logs before building. Put fiberglass insulation between each layer. Been treated with CWF and then Hydralic oil.
Pressure washed this summer to get crud and oil off outside. Sanded it treated with Sun Frog sealer then caulked. Noticed fine dark brown powder coming from between log by window on North side. Any ideas what it could be.
  Question: we just got out log housebuilt six months ago and we have mice, snakes,flies,wasps, weird beetle things and Scorpions coming in. Our contractor never caulked the outside and cut a lot of the logs to the wrong fit so there are big gaping holes. What can we do?
  Question: My question isn't regarding log cabins per se but maybe you know anyway.Just bought a cabin in Big Bear CA.I notice saw dust on a counter top,I clean it, it's back shortly. I've read about a powderpost beetle, wonder if it could be that. But I haven't seen any holes nor beetles.If not, any other suggestions?The ceilings are made of untreated wood & beams, not logs. Recently remodeled 3 yrs ago. If is the beetles, would they be gone by now. Typically not wet/rainy. Low humidity, can get sn
  Question: Putting on new rounded milled pine siding in KY woods. If I use Shell Guard first, should it be applied to both sides of the wood, or just outside? Is there a sealer with a built-in insecticide and mildecide? What tips do you have to maximize the time between reapplications of the sealer? And how can I tell when to reseal?
  Question: Hi, the log cabins I just purchased have holes all over the inside and outside. Are the holes from when the trees were alive in the forest or can cabins still be home to wood boring insects?
  Question: Our insulated log home is 2 yrs old. We have a constant problem with wasps indoors even during winter. Our contractor assures us he has sealed chinked resealed and rechincked and caulked every crack in the structural logs that protrurde to the outside. We can never see the wasps get in. What else can we do?
  Question: I live outside of Elmira NY. My husband and I recently divorced and I kept our log home that we built. Our (PINE) logs came from near by woods and were never treated....hand peeled, sized and built from scratch. It's 24x44. Every other year, my ex would seal it with boiled linseed oil and turpentine. It has not had any attention for the last 4 years and is now in desperate need of a sealer. I love the redish color, but going to lowes today, was told that they have no sealer for a log home, as N
  Question: We have a squirrel (we think) gnawing on freshly stained western cedar siding. Any suggestions?
  Question: Hi,
we have a log home that is about 20 years old. We have recently found evidence of active infestation (both on inside and outside of home) of deathwatch beetles. The insecticide company is advising fumigation. Is this best for a log home?
  Question: Hey Guys.
Last summer I stripped, applied borate (2-coats), re-stained (2-coats) and re-caulked the entire cabin. I had a problem with I believe were powder post beetles (sawdust). Although the amount of sawdust has dimished since the restore, will it ever completely cease? There still seems to be quite a bit of activity going on. Please advise. Thanks.
  Question: I am a real estate agent in Plymouth MA with a log home listing. We are trying to locate a reputable repair company for the home in the area but are having difficulty. Could you recommend someone? Thank you.
  Question: What would be gnawing on the end of my exteral log ends? These are small 1/8" teeth marks. One damaged log end is 15 ft up - with no access. Logs treated 3 yrs ago.
  Question: MY log home is 9 years old and is white cedar. The past few years I have noticied that in the knot holes some type of insect only attacks these holes. They dig it out and I have been finding what appears to be small pieces of leaves used for some type of nesting. I never treated my logs prior to staining them. Didn't know and was not advised to do so by the builder. I stain my hose with a product know as Wood GUard. When I find a knot that has been worked on by these inscects I will dig it out
  Question: I am working at the World Mining Museum and we have an old log Post Office and the logs are starting to show weathering we want to re-oil the logs and also the shingles on the roof. The logs are pine and one side has a lot of dirt on the logs. We have wire brushed some of them to remove the dirt.What else can we do before we apply an oil base to protect them?
  Question: I treated the outside of my home with a powder to get rid of insects. I also sprayed a light antifungal inside at the base of a tile and cedar room. For a day or so it smelled very moldy (it did rain heavily) now all of a sudden the cedar is getting very small round holes (like a nail hole) in it. What has happened ???
  Question: I have black mold/fungus developing in spots on the exterior of my log home - how should I treat this?
  Question: We are located in Utah. We are finishing a basement to look like a log cabin. I bought slab from a local sawmill to simulate the outside walls and am lining the ceiling and inside walls with pallet grade lumber. Ceiling is butted together. All other will be chinked. I have the ceiling up and part of the exterior walls. Backing is sheetrock. I can hear scratching in the slab walls. It appears I have a bug. What can I use to fumigate? Should I be worried about the ceiling? Will I infest
  Question: how do I get rid of porcupines chewing up the logs of my cabin?
  Question: We have a shed clad in hemlock bark from 1903-my husband is going to add on with new hemlock bark he has stripped and dried inside for 1 year. Must he treat this bark with something like borate solution and how would he do that? Please help!
  Question: we just had a log home built and noticed that there are a lot of cracks in the logs is this normal? If not what should we do about this? We have not finished paying our contractor yet. should we?
  Question: I just purchased a log home. I believe it was built in the 70"s. The interior walls were vandalized with spray paint graffiti. The previous owners used a belt sander on the logs and left vertical and horizontal lines in the logs. I am looking for a way to remove the sanding damage. I came across cob blasting and was wondering if this would remove the damage? If not what are my other options? Thank you, Matt
  Question: We have 30 year old BC pine square log home in southern Ontario. We have lived in it the past four years and have exterminated carpenter ants initially. The outside is weathered to a grey which we love. No evidence of beetles. Do we need to treat the exterior with glycol borate? How should we protect the exterior?
  Question: i have a relative that built a log home(30x40fee) has let it sit and now would like to put a foundation of rocks underneath it, how would you raise this home so that we can get a foundation under it. I believe it sits on skids at the moment on top of the preferred site.
  Question: We have a red pine home built last summer in northern Indiana but now seem to have an infestation of carpenter ants. Their activity is concentrated in one spot along the gap between the bottom of the log wall and the edge of the hickory flooring. What should we use to eliminate them?
  Question: I am considering purchasing a Hertiage Log home in NE Ohio. The home was built in 1999 and the exterior looks as it is in need of staining(logs are black in areas and bleached in others) and treatment, (carpenter bees evidence ).

The owner tells me that the home does not need chinking, but there is several logs with nearly a 1/4 horizonal gap going 2 to 4 feet between the logs and the log end to end gaps along the walls are 1/8 to 1/4 inch. It also has several checking cracks on the upp
  Question: My wife and I fell in love with an 18th century log home rebuilt in Chester County, PA about 25 years ago. Our inspector estimates 30-40% of the logs should be replaced due to rot and insect damage. Is there someone in our area that could help us determine restoration cost prior to our buying the home?
  Question: hello I am doing a log display with a bunch of 6" long piecs approx 6 to 10 inch in dia the customer wants to leave the bark on them and hang them on the wall with the end grain out and i am trying to keep them from craking two much they are logepole pine and are going to be cut green is it possiable to leave the bark on? and will sealing the ends right away help it from cracking? thanks for your help
  Question: I live in a 20-25 yo log home. Several log are partially rotted. Can these logs be repaired or do they need to be replaced?
  Question: We have a log home that was built in the late 80's. There is a small back deck. Last fall I noticed that there is some log rot where we had an electrical box. I have disconnected the box and blocked it with small bricks. As I said, there is some log rot. I am looking for suggestions on how can I repair it. We are in the Upstate New York area. Thank you.
  Question: What is the proper method of installing vertical knotty pine tongue and groove wall planks so that they are level; i.e., not leaning to left or right? My contractor uses a long level but still gets it wrong and the boards lean off square.
  Question: Our log home is about 15 yrs. old. We are getting ready to re-stain the outside. The log home company told us that to clean the walls we should use a 50/50 mixture of Clorax bleach and water, washing it off with a hose. You recommend not using bleach. What should we use instead.
  Question: I purchased a 40 year old log home that has been painted 2 or 3 times (too bad for me). Will cob blasting remove all that paint? Will it get the paint out of all the cracks and crevices of the logs? Can you recommend a professional in my area (I live in Salt Lake City, Utah). Thanks for all the great advice on your site!
  Question: We are purchasing a two yr old cabin that has been chinked but has not been stained. The logs have a little bark on them. I like the way the chinking color (sandstone) looks but need to stain to protect the wood. Any suggestions on sanding, staining and keeping the chink looking the same? Your help is appreciated.
  Question: I am purchasing a W loghome built in 1992, stained inside and out in northeast Florida.The owner says it has never been treated for termites. Just had the WDO and was informed there was evidence of past termite activity (swarmers in spider webs) but no damage.She informed me to seal the outside to prevent future infestation. What would you suggest?
  Question: I have a 33 year old 10" no finish white pine log summer cabin on Lake Michigan. We have recently discovered two kinds of insect holes; first, 1/16" holes many on the outside and fewer on the inside with fine dust accumulating below the holes, and second 1/4" holes on the inside with fine long curved threadlike turnings bunched up at the hole entrance and falling below. Have not seen nor heard the insects. Location is 1/2 mile from a road. What are my next steps?
Thank you.
  Question: I have 22' log supports (floor to peak) that I would like to stain a darker color. It appears that a semi-transparent stain was used originally but there is a slight sheen to the finish which makes me think there was a seal coat put on after the stain. Is there a way to restain with just buff sanding the finish? Or would I need to strip all 20 logs? Thanks!
  Question: I have a vacation home in NC foothills...7 years old home with rectangular white pine log double tongue and groove with dove tail ends. It has dormers/no fireplace.

I have lady beetles/wasps getting inside year round.

Whenever I go up it takes hours to vacuum them up.
  Question: Just bought a 25-30 yr. old log home. At night,when the temperature drops, loud, sharp, popping noises begin in different areas. Is this normal? Does the wood expand or draw in more moisture, what is it?
  Question: I have just purchased a log home with chinking. The logs have already been stained, but I wanted to know if I could still treat it for insects? Also I wondered if I needed to take insect precautions inside the house.
  Question: I have a log home in Carbondale, Colorado which was built in 2002. We continue to has a wasp problem. The original contractor did not properly seal the home which allowed easy access for wasps when the temperature drops in the evening. We have completely sealed and restained the home. In the dead of winter with snow on the ground we still will have 3-4 wasps a day that appear. Activity increases if we have a sunny day and the home warms up beyond 68 degrees from solar gain. Any advice on h
  Question: I am corn blasting my log home and have 2 opinions. 1st contractor will corn blast then take out old chink and replace with new chink. 2nd contractor will corn blast then go over old chink where it is necessary. Who is correct?
  Question: Back in Feb 08 I posted this que in wrong area. Can you comment? Please/Thank you.
I have a similar problem with interior knots in my 25 year old white cedar cabin. I was told it was a dry rot issue. There doesn't seem to be any residue in/or around them. Is there something to be done with the empty knots wholes. Should they be treated and or filled with something, ie caulking?

  Question: I am looking for white cedar siding that has not been hewn or ran through a planer 6".I am trying to match as close as i can to my existing logs. I sawed them 3 sides only. Does such a product exist?
  Question: We have never done anything but sandblast some of our interior logs. They are now dust covered and need something done. Do we need to apply a borate treatment before staining? What is the best way to go about it, seeing as all the rooms are furnished. Thank you.
  Question: Is it possible to paint interior logs without any problems.
  Question: We were thinking about purchasing a log home in southern Vermont built in 2003. When we went to check it out in winter, it had been on the market for over a year, and there were hundreds of dead millipedes on the floor in the basement garage! Does this mean there is a serious infestation?!
Also, it's heated by propane, and the 2006 usage was 1616gallons, does this seem high? (It's about 3000sq ft)
  Question: we have a 2 year old log home we go there about once o month. In the winter in the great room near the floor to ceiling windows we have a tons of dead flies and the bedroom with the skylight. what can we do?
  Question: We have beams in the livingroom that need to be stained. What is the best way to stain without all the mess? I would appreciate your expertise. Thank you.
  Question: What are the pros and cons to using log siding on a stick built home vs. building a true log home in terms of pest, insects, maintenance and durability? Thanks.
  Question: We are thinking of buying a log cabin in eastern NC that will need approximately 15 logs to be replaced. Can you give a rough estimate of what it cost to replace a log. Thanks..
  Question: my friends cabin is 28 years old. evidently the logs contained bore worms when installed. Now the pine logs are riddled with holes and the bugs are chewing it 24 hours a day. She can't afford the 10 thousand dollars to gas the house. I am a restoration contractor and will do what ever it takes to help her. Please te3ll me how to kill these bugs
  Question: please respond to my question that I had written about a month ago. TY
  Question: I rent a early 1800's log cabin and am currently remoldeling it. I was wondering if you would know the style morter they would of used way back then or if you had any advice on what i could replace it with? The house is on of the oldest in fort loudon pa!
  Question: I just purchased a log cabin made of Red Pine half log timber siding. The siding is still green as it still has the bark on it. My question is in regards to what would be considered normal "wear and tear" of the exterior log siding and what type of maintenance do you suggest should be done to preserve the timber siding. I also noticed very tiny holes throughout the log siding with small piles of dust, not sure what type of insect it may be. What would you recommend to do in order to extermi
  Question: We recently finished our log home and I have a question about contact between the 4" x 6" Western Red Cedar porch support posts and the concrete porch.
  Question: We have a log home in eastern North Carolina. In November we are having lots of wasps flying around the roof line. Like 50 at a time. Is there any logical reason for this.
  Question: how can we get acid stains off of cedar log walls? we are painting this home. the homeowners want our help. it has left a blackish stain on both sides of the fire place.
  Question: how do you get rid of cluster flies in a log home?
  Question: I have a log cabin made out of pine logs that i built 10 years ago that were cut out of our woods in New york.I never stained or anything to the exterior or interior. The exterior is now a gray and a little black color. I also have noticed that on the interior there are termites.What can i do for the treatment of termites and get the color back in the logs. Is there a stain?
  Question: My husband and I have a 23 year old log cabin. While we can see the black strip the previous owners used between the logs, it is not keeping insects out. We have problems with lady bugs, wasp, lizards, and any other thing that wants to get in. What can we do to prevent these reoccurring problems?
  Question: We ahve a log home. Every fall we have horrible problems with flies. They are awful! We have put fly hotels in each of the windows however, that only puts a small dent in the population. Is there some sort of spray we can put on that would distract the flies?
  Question: Permachink says we need to strip logs before using their products. Used Superdeck previously. They recommend Easy Strip. How do you use and not powerwash? Will light rinsing suffice?
  Question: bought 10 yr old log house in ID. no chinking in interior but the exterior is. Get horrible wasps, flies, and box elders bugs. can they come in through large cracks in the logs? What is best product or solution? Thank you.
  Question: We have an older "kit" log home erected in the early 80's. We have restored the exterior including the borate treatment. We now want to address the evidence of powder post beetles on the interior, but we honestly can't tell if the logs have been stained. We have even applied 'Zip Strip' to a section to see what would lift off and there was barely any difference. We still think there may be some kind of finish on them. Is there anything to can suggest other than sanding that would assure u
  Question: We will be corn cob blasting our home in early Oct. then will re-stain.
You recommend glycol based borate treatment.
Is this used after removing the existing stain & before re-staining?
How long do I have to wait after the borate treatment to stain? We're running out of good weather here in southern Missouri.
Where do I find this product?
Thank you!
  Question: My log home is 31 yrs old, first ten years it was treated with linseed oil. The bottom four logs are black, tried Woodguard X180 to restore without results. What do you recommend next?
  Question: my home is three years old and was stained and sealed at time of construction. The outside of the logs are showing what I think to be mildew. How can I clean them with out doing harm to the stain/seal. The home is located in Louisiana .
  Question: Have a log cabin in lower Michigan. Porcupines are chewing the logs. Anything we can do to stop them from chewing? It is a hunting camp and we are not there all year long. Please advise, thank you.
  Question: I have a 31 year old log home, for the first 10 years used linseed oil. Two years ago had it powered washed, did not remove the fungis on the lower logs. I intend to have it corn blasted, what is the best product to use to preserve.
  Question: I installed cedar log railing on my front porch in July. I have now noticed that some of the round features, which look like knots (filled in, not open) are not solid. When I push a coat hanger in, they are obviously insect holes. Also, the real knots are all showing evidence of damage. Also I've found the knots in the floor of the porch are damaged, some eaten all the way through. Do I have two different pests at work? What do you think is happening, bugs inside the logs (kiln dried thou
  Question: I am building a home with 8 inch round Alaska Yellow Cedar T&G logs with 3 foot roof over hang. Winter will be here as I finish the roof. Can I wait till next summer to stain and caulk the logs? What is the minimum to do before winter? Logs have many exterior checks. and log flat surface, including T&G ,is only 2 inches wide.
  Question: Hello:

I am thinking about buying a log cabin here in Washington state, north of Seattle. It was built in 1935. The wood seems to be full of little holes, pretty much all over. Would it be worth trying to fix it up or is it more than likely structurally unsound at this point in its life. Can you recommend a good inspector/restorer out here?

  Question: There is a small pile of sawdust underneath a ceiling beam in my living room. Any idea what is doing it? How should I proceed? It's a 200 year old wooden house with cedar shingles and wooden beams throughout. Most of the beams are original although there are a few new ones we added.
  Question: My sister just purchased a log home(10 yr old) They are contemplating opening the drywall at the end of their loft master bedroom to try to create a closet of some kind in the attic. This attic that is over two ground floor bedrooms, a hall, a bathroom and the stairway to the basement. They have had a look up there and there are obvious Trusses(weblike). Any advice? They are attempting to get the blueprints of the house and to talk to the builder. Thak you, in advance.
  Question: Project restoration is under way! The process of removing the old chinking is tedious and very time consuming. It is dry and cracked in some places and somewhat elastic in others.

My Question: Can I stain and rechink/caulk over the old chinking?
  Question: we have a 25yr. old cabin in which the exterior walls are covered with very small spider webs. How can I get rid of them.
  Question: I have a log home in northern Ontario Canada, last year I blasted half the house with walnut shell and restained. I noticed that I have a powderpost beetle infestation now.Can you drill holes and inject treatment or do I have to strip the logs again? Also if I strip the outside do I to do the inside as well? I don`t have the problem on the inside yet?
  Question: I am buying a 25-yr old log home. A few years ago the outside was stripped, Shell-Guarded, and stain/sealed. Some old house borer holes are evident. One pest inspector says they are active, another says not. Should the inside be treated and how?
  Question: Just completed total exterior restore on our log home, cob blasting, removal of rotten log, applied borate and 2 coats of stain with NBS-30 all done by a log restore contractor. There were old house borer exit holes that had been analyzed by a pest controller prior to restore. Ive noticed a very small waspy bee looking insect swarming around the holes and have noticed two spots of fresh sawdust. What can be done with the holes to keep insects out, so no further drilling will be done? a small be
  Question: Do you have any advice for for discouraging woodpeckers from pecking at our home. It looks as though it is pecking at the pine trim, not the logs.
  Question: I have heard that borate treatments with glycol take weeks to dry before refinishing. I have also read articles that say the glycol interferes with the bonding of the stain to the logs. What are your thoughts on this?
  Question: My wife and I just recently prchased a log home in NE Wisconsin. When I went up this weekend I noticed flying termite going in and out of small piholes. It is only on one area of the home. the interior of the home is solid as I tapped around every log, however on the outside you can hear the dullness of it near these holes. Can it be repaired barring the complete replacement. Can the termites be exterminated?
  Question: We have flying squirrels in the ceiling of our cabin. It is a drop ceiling. We tried setting traps with no luck. Any ideas????
  Question: My parents have a log home with a horrible snake problem. The snakes are coming in through cracks that they find. Do you know of anything to do, short of selling? Thank you so much, Christy
  Question: I am a painter in maine and a friend has recently bought a log cabin and wants me to restain it. I do not know what was last used nor do they, the old owners realy let it go main tanance wise. Some areas of the logs have weared away and started to gray, Her realestate agent said it could be bleached but she doesn't know anything , just wanted to make the sale
What should I do to prep the surface and what can I use that will come out uniform . Thank you
  Question: Hello, we own a log cabin that is appoximately 16 years old. When we purchased it 8 years ago it had just been stained--we have done nothing since. First, how can I determine what type of home I own and secondly can you give me guidelines on basic maintenance of logs. Do all log homes need to be cleaned, caulked, other treatments etc. I know the original owner did the work himself, I believe it was a log home kit and the home is log on the inside as well, no sheet rock.

Thanks in advance.
  Question: Hello. I am considering putting half log siding (with bark on/exposed) on the exterior of my Barn. Can you recommend a good source for this material, I am in the north texas area. Also, any installation tips would be appreciated too. Thanks

  Question: We live in a 8 year old hand scribed log home. It has a very high pitch roof, no attic. We have squirrels that have moved in. What is the best way to get rid of them and to keep them out. I have heard moth balls are not a favorite of this animal. Any other tried and true items?
Thank you for any suggestions you might offer.
  Question: My father and I built a log home some twenty years ago near a lake on the border of VA and NC. The logs are in remarkable good condition but we have been noticing tine "pin" holes in the logs lately. Do you know what kind of bug these are from and what I can do to get rid of them? The logs were treated before with a UV resistant polyurethane...I would like to reseal them, preferably without stripping you have a recommendation for that as well?
  Question: We have a cedar pine home and every Spring the large carpenter bees attack the wood on the house. Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?
  Question: It seems that we have powder post beetles on a 4 ft. siding of our house and on the base of one of the pedalstals on the front porch.It has been recommended by a pest control that we use fumigation, but I really don't want to do that.Isn't there another alternative that we can try especially since it is localized?
  Question: Our mountain home was just complete with log sidig. We noticed many knot hole that you can see the plastic wrap through and thought these should have been file while under construction. Our builder told us that they need to do this later. Questionwhen should these be filled.
  Question: We purchased a 9 yr old log home in SE GA 3 yrs ago and have been restoring/repairing since. The interior logs have darkened over time with lighter areas where pictures have hung. What is the best way to lighten the interior logs?
  Question: I have a log home in Michigan made of white cedar. The porch has fir logs. My problem is quirrels are doing significant damage to the corners of the home and all the logs on the porch. How do I stop them from chewing everything!
  Question: I have a Moosehead cedar log home built in 2001 and in addition to two major support beams being replaced due to deep cross check splits and torquing I also have numerous knot holes drying out or crumbling out. I also have evidence of round holes on the outside (some type of boring insect) and tons of small to large black ants every summer that come out from under the walls in the bathroom and kitchen. The cabin is otherwise OK but there are many small problems including areas where the logs hav
  Question: Should I continue to hold meetings in a log cabin that has l-2 hollowed logs and 4 that split in half and feel on the grass? The wall and window in the wall have sunk about 6 inches or more. It is very easy to see with the naked eye. The window sills are tilted about 45 degrees towards the ceiling. Am I too worried?
  Question: We have a problem every year with lady bugs! For some reason they love our house. How can we get rid of them? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  Question: I am thinking about buying an old 1880's homestead with several log cabins on it that's in the mountains in Colorado. The log structure appears to be in very good shape, but is very dark and greyed. It's my understanding that corncob blasting is the best treatment to restore the logs, but difficult for a homeowner to do themselves. Is there any other alternative way to restore the logs that would be easier for a homeowner to do? Thanks!
  Question: when you are setting up your log home and you apply borate treatment, how long does this borate treatment last? I keep reading where you tell people they need to remove the finish and apply borate...did they not have borate treatment originally at the time of building? or does it not last long? thanks
  Question: We are having a log home built and we went to see how construction was going and noticed many of the logs had holes approx. 1/4" through out the logs.(The log builder called them worm holes.) Should these be a concern,or should we replace the logs ?
  Question: We've recently purchased land in North Central Idaho with an adorable 100+ year old log cabin. Unfortunately the previous owners have let it go to the pack rats for the past 10 or 20 years. From the outside with my untrained eyes, you'd never know, but when you open the door, you see the surfaces are all covered with rat turds and you don't want to stay too long, much less imagine sleeping there . . . It's a beautiful cabin and I'd love to restore it - do we dare? Or should we just let it g
  Question: OOps!!! We painted our cabin with a oil based paint . Now Iam wondering how the heck I can seal my logs using a sealer with a mildeside and insecticide. Is there anything I can do? Should I go ahead and put the sealer on anyway We used chlorine mixed with water and applied with a back pack sprayer and rinsed it off with the hose to clean the logs did I screw up by cleaning my logs this way? Please give me some good advice.

  Question: We have a log cabin located in VT. It was built around 1968. We purchased this in 2001. We are not sure when the last stain was applied and it has never been chinked. We have drafts coming in when its cold and windy. We also noticed very small black bugs up on the 2nd floor area. They look like oval shaped poppy seads. What could they be and is there a way to get rid of them?
  Question: We have a 1 year old log home and having wasp
problems. Can not determine where they are coming in that but they are gathering at the
windows. (MAJORITY OF THE WASP ARE ON THE 2ND FLR (A FEW ARE SEEN ON THE 1ST FLR)I have seal the outside but can they come from inside the window itself? Thanks.
  Question: I just bought a log home and no preventive maintenance has been done to the exterior in quite some time. No log rot was found.

What is the best method, in order, to restore and protect the exterior of my log home?

I am looking for the most economical way possible and plan to do the work myself.

Thank You.
  Question: Our log cabin is about 5 years old and was constructed with beetle wood. We have 2 minor problems: 1) hornets are building small clay-like nests under our over hang. 2) We can feel drafts in the corner of the walls even though everything appears to be caulked and sealed. Any suggestions for these problems?
  Question: just purchased a 10 year old full log home this winter. now that the weather is warm we think that there may be hundreds of bats in the roof. Is there any thing that can be done other than tearing the roof off? What about what they leave behind?
  Question: My parents just purchased a 20+ yr old log home in Northern Mississippi (20 min outside of Memphis), and though they had an inspection done, we just noticed very small (I would guess about 1/2 centmeter) round holes. We have contacted an exterminator to try and identify what type of insect we are dealing with. Since they have only been in the house a few weeks, we havent' been around to see much activity around the holes. is the alarming part -- there are about 3 logs where these
  Question: I purchased a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. It is not a log cabin, but has slab siding with the bark still on. I was told by a local contractor that the bark is a haven for poisionous spiders. Is this true? If so what can I do to mitigate this situation without removing the bark, or is that necessary?
  Question: I'm about to build a sitck-built home & want to get some real log siding (not the milled stuff) from a local lumbar yard. It will be bolted on from the inside before the interior is finished. We plan to use permachink on the outside. We get a lot of sun (mid-southern Colorado).
My questions are:
Is it possibe to powerwash without damaging the permachink when the siding needs to be restained?
Also, is there any way to power spray on a stain with the permachink, or will I have to tape it off
  Question: need to chink, clean logs for mildew, and stain, which should I do first, I know there is time between each, how muich time between each application
  Question: I recently purchased a log home, built from a kit in 1988 (New England Log Home). My main concern is the presence of carpenter ants, mice, lady bugs, and a few wood bees. Carpenter ants are located in an area that has evidence of both roof leakage and mice droppings. We called an exterminator and he has suggested spraying and baiting quarterly. Based on other comments posted, is spraying recommended?
  Question: We are thinking of purchasing a 25 year old log home. A recent report by a qualified inspector found powder post beetles. They are recommending that the home be tented to treat the problem.
What is the best product to treat with, safety /efficacy.
Should the home be inspected by someone else to determine structural integrity.
Will this be an ongoing issue with this home.
  Question: i have just bought a brand new cabin. i 'trying to find the right stain, and my brother told me about some kind of bug solution to add to stain . so i can keep bee and other pest away.. i want to find a natural stain i want to see the grain of the wood.. can you help i dont want to mess up i live in north georgia thanks
  Question: We are considering buying a 25 year old log home that has had no outside treatments in 20 years. We could hear wood bores in the logs and there are carpenter bees. How bad do these insects damage inside the logs?
  Question: My log home is 2 yrs old. Having problem each summer with lots of wasps and lady bugs. Is there any treatment i can spray on house to keep these bugs away from house?
  Question: I have been living a my log home for a little over a year. I have had a noise in one spot of the chinking for about the same amount of time. It's a crunching or srcating noise and is pretty precistant. The exterminator thinks it is ants (but hasn't seen any) and has treated for such. I thought the problem was taken care of, but as soon as it got warm out I started hearing it again. Is This ants? Is there anything I can do to get rid of what ever is in there?
  Question: We have alot of little holes made from "carpenter bees" the exterminator says there is no solution...try to plug the holes...but they wont that true?
  Question: I have a 25 yr old log home with checking on the outside wallls.Should i caulk the checks before sealing?
  Question: We have a log home in Georgia that was completed in October of 2005. Immediately after completion we noticed sawdust inside the home only around the eterior logs. Some areas have a spiral wood shaving. Our logs were treated with Penetreat and then sealed with Sikkens stain. We also have a terrible problem with wasps and ladybugs. The home has been sealed in corners now, but obiously has an opening for the wasps to come in. The #1 concern is the sawdust with wood spiral shavings. HELP!
  Question: We are buying a 30 year old log home. Logs are dark brown color and there are two or three places on different logs where rot is showing. How can we fix short of log replacement. Also there are two checks. Should we fill? Also, what is the average cost of partial log replacement?
  Question: What is it I can put on my logs to keep birds from roosting & building nests?
  Question: We purchased our log home less than a year ago. We have noticed that some of the rafters are black as well as some of the walls (knotty pine). Could this be mold? Is there a way to clean this such as bleach. Are most rafters stained to prevent this? If so, what type of stain is recommended? Thanks!
  Question: We live in a log home that is 10 years old. This is the first year we have been bothered by woodpeckers. We live in a very wooded area and they have many places to go but for some reason are choosing the south side of our house. I am desperate to find out; first how to repair the damage they have done and two how do we keep them from returning? We really need your advice. Thank you very much.
  Question: I'm looking to purchase a log cabin the logs are from the 1860's the structure is 5 years old. and the roof is 2 years old.
the original logs have a lot of moisture, some rot and small bug holes. Is there a product to temporarily clean the damage area and fill in the rot?
  Question: We bought a pine log house approx. 25 yrs. old. The interior has never been stained, etc. and has old water stains in different areas. How do we get rid of them? Also, next to the stove the logs are full of grease. How do we clean that off? The stove has since been relocated. Thank you!
  Question: I have had a very bad problem with snakes in the attic having families and I can't get rid of them. I have checked for their access but cant find it. Please Help!
  Question: What is a "borate" solution? Where do I find it? How do I prepare it? And how do I apply it
  Question: I have restored most of my log home my self not knowing powerwashing was bad that was sevral years ago. I borate the hole house used proper two part stain put wire mesh between logs some joints where three to six inches then mixed mortar for my joints then installed chinking on top of mortar.just this weekend I saw carpender ants on the top wall log that the roof rafters atache to is that a major job to replace that log its about thirty feet long it seems there eating in only one small area can
  Question: We have a log cabin made out of oak, there are several holes small ones and saw dust/ they are small bee like insects that look like minature wasps. Also the log are dry, is it good to treat them with and oil base sealer waterproofer?
  Question: What is the best way to clean/perserve the log homes hardwood floors. Everyone has a different way. Which is the best for the floor to keep its beautiful finish ?
  Question: When we had our prepurchase inspection done, the inspector told us not to plan or garden around the foundation so not to invite bugs. Is this true or is there a way I can safely landscape and garden around the foundation? It looks so blah!
  Question: I am a single mom in a 30+year old log home in Massachusetts. I am noticing small piles of sawdust from several areas (inside and out), and have seen largish ants on the porch (carpenter ants?). I want to treat the problem immediately, but have several questions and concerns. In addition to kids, I raise honey bees and have free range chickens as well as pets, therefore I am concerned about toxicity. Also, I am wondering if this would be too big a job to tackle by myself and what I might exp
  Question: We have a 5 year old cedar log home, we stained the outside last year. We have noticed alot of flying bugs going into the knots of our logs outside, and they are digging deep inside the logs. I don't know what the bugs are but they are leaving log shavings all over my porch. We cannot strip the home and redo the stain, is there anything we can do? I have sprayed inside some of the knots with insect killer. I was also suggested to fill in the knots with clear cauking, but can they eat thru
  Question: Hi, I am purchasing a 11 yr old log cabin in Delaware. What are some of the things I need to look out for? What are the things I need to do yearly to maintain is beauty ? Is there an inspection service w/ knowledge of Log Homes ? It looks great but I want to be sure. Thanks for your time
  Question: I just purchased a 75 year old log home which has been vacant for quite a while. The floor joists have been rotted out. How can these joists be replaced? Thanks, Linda
  Question: Hi I am care taker of a ranch here in southern california a I live in the log home It has termites and carpenterants big time and on the west side the bottom loggs are ROTTED ! do we tent the cabin including the decking ? help thanks
  Question: We are about 3/4s of the way through with restaining our log home. I am very concerned after reading some of your comments. We have been caulking nearly all the cracks and we are staining with a solid latex stain. Have we totally screwed up? If we have, what can we expect?
We had heard that a solid stain lasts much longer than any other and keeps the squirrels and carpenter bees away.
  Question: I am looking at purchasing a log cabin in Arizona that was built in 1982. The logs on the west side of the home have turned black possibly due to fungis. What is the preferred method to removing the black discoloration?
  Question: We have an 1840's long home (square, rough-hewl logs). The stone fireplace was removed long ago, and the logs in area where it was removed look deteriorated/pulpy/soft/discolored, as if heat caused trauma. The rest of the logs are fine. Is there anyway to treat this damaged area tp preserve wood and make it look similar to other logs?
  Question: We have an older log cabin that we use as our hunting lodge. It was actually a Civil War slave cabin from a plantation that was disassembled and reassembled on another site. The logs are quite old as one would suspect, however, in great shape. Our concern is how to clean/restore the interior. The logs have "greyed" over the many years. When the cabin was reassembled, proper chinking was not used. Is it possible to sand/media blast the interior? Would you then seal the interor of the logs? It see
  Question: Our home is about a year old and still under construction. We had seen some small holes in our logs when they were first put up. Now it seems that they are getting worse and worse. We are not sure if we have an ACTIVE infestation or if this is over and done with. The exterminators have identified them as powder post beetles and old house borers. They say they do not seen any activity at this time but it could be becasue it is still cold. We have been advised to clean some of the construction saw
  Question: I built my Heritage home about 11 years ago. I have 8" round pine logs. Within the last 2 years I have been noticing very small 1/4 inch or less, bee/wasp looking critters( some black, some black and yellow) coming in and out of small very rounded holes, I see frass in some cases on my deck. My exterminator is clueless. I have found they look like Horned tailed wasps, which they say can bore into wood, cause no structural damage but the holes are unsightly. 4 years ago I power washed the logs an
The wood in my 110-year-old log cabin has
apparently never been treated with anything.
It's got some insect holes and small areas
of rot. Should I start by washing it with
boric acid, then stain?
Or should I remove the rot first?

Thanks. You guys kick ass.

  Question: My log home has a stone fireplace with a leak. What should I use to caulk the seam where the outside stone meets the logs?
  Question: We discovered a boring beetle worm inside the beams of one room in our cabin - built around 1956. We heard the gnawing inside the beam and dug it out. It has since spread through to the next room. One suggestion was tenting the home to get rid of it. The home is now empty and I would like to get rid of them. What can we do?
  Question: Have a log home in Northwest Arkansas,we are having a big problem with Wasps entering the home upstairs around this time of the year.Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening or any ideas on some kind of treatment to stop th wasps from swarming around the outside of the house? they definetly like the log home for some reason.
  Question: Have a log home in Northwest Arkansas,we are having a big problem with Wasps entering the home upstairs around this time of the year.Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening or any ideas on some kind of treatment to stop th wasps from swarming around the outside of the house? they definetly like the log home for some reason.
  Question: My family has a small log cabin that we built 20+ years ago. We live in Tennessee and have a problem with borer bees. Then, the wookpeckers go after the bees and destroy the logs. What would be a good woodfilling product and then a good product to use to coat the pine logs?
  Question: I have powder beetles on the north side of my 100+ yr old cabin. Can I handle this myself or do I need a licensed pro? The beetles are suddenly very active and it is pretty bad. Then I need to reseal. Is it worth attempting on my own? Thanks in advance for your help.
  Question: We have a log home in the mountains in Bozeman. This time of year we always get a bunch of moths inside the house. Is there anything we can do to prevent this, or possibly control it more?
  Question: We have a log cabin home in the U.P. of Michigan. We are having problems with porcupines chewing on the log cabin home. Is there anything you recommend we do to put on the log cabin home to prevent the porcupines from chewing the wood?

Thank you.
  Question: Dear Sir, We have an all log home, sweedish cope, situated in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. We visit this cabin maybe once a month. My question is: why do we have so many flies and moths and beetles? I have to sweep the entire cabin everytime we come. Do you know how they are getting in and what we can do to help with this problem? Thank you so much for any kind of information. Ruth Taillac
  Question: I have a twenty-old-log home, not sure when it was last treated for insects. Pressure washed then applied wood guard with UV stain treatment 2 wks ago. Now noticing small, flying 'bee-looking' insect going in/out of holes that were already there. Haven't noticed any new holes. These bugs are very small, about 4-6mm long with yellow and black striped abdomen. Are these parasitic insects or did they make the hole? They aren't carpenter bees because they are very tiny. What would you suggest fo
  Question: We have a log rotted out from water hitting it. Birds are starting to nest in it. Is there something we can put on the log or to fill in the log to stop the damage?
  Question: We found a pile of wood particles in the corner of our bedroom. We have noticed large black ants on several trips, but there were no visible insects or eggs in the pile. Do you have any idea what is happening? What do you suggest we do? Our cabin is located in Boone NC. The logs are Western Red Cedar.
  Question: I have a very heavy infestation of carpenter bees, There are hundreds of holes bored into the logs. Several of the bees have made it into inside the cabin as well. I have treated the logs with a spray on insecticide and a dust application as well. The cabin is about 30 years old and is due for a staining. My question is what do I need to treat the bee holes and what do Ineed to do to prevent them from coming back. Will the stain help prevent the bees for wanting to bore into the logs?
  Question: We noticied a pile of sawdust below a beam that had holes in it prior to building the log cabin. Can you recccomend any professionals to help identify what type of insect problem we have and the best treatment method.
  Question: i have a problem with carpenter bees in my log cabin. for the past five years they keep coming back. i had exterminators treat the house but they keep coming back. someone suggested that i either paint my house or cover the outside logs with varnish or shalak. i do not wish to paint because i like the natural look. can i cause any damage to the outside logs if i use varnish or shalak on it. thank-you joe
  Question: Filling holes completely of Carpenter Bees and wood peckers. Should I get a flowing type compund to fill the tunneling completely or is it ok just to plug/fill the front of the hole?
  Question: What is the best way to get rid of the "carpenter bees" that are drilling holes in our logs?
  Question: We have a problem with boring bees in the Spring. Also,have a small problem with a woodpecker. How or what kind of control can we use for either?
  Question: We have a 60 yr old log cabin that has been vacant except for bats that have moved in, what do you suggest to remove the bat urine from the inside on the logs
  Question: My log home is about 2 years old and we have flies and bees coming in and some water in one area. My main concern is getting the bugs out! I think they are coming in around the perlins, there is obviously gaps and we cannot get to them with caulk.
  Question: I have a problem with bats in and around my attic! Do you have any suggestions on how I can get rid of them?

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