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Half Log Siding

  Question: I bought a log home a few months ago. We are planning to build on and don't know where to get matching logs for the siding. Do you know of any places in Oklahoma? We are located in central Oklahoma but could go anywhere in the state.
  Question: I am looking at a home built with 4x6 T&G log siding. Attic space seems to be log style (post and beam) contruction, but no post, just milled beams on top of walls. Exterior walls are only 5"-6" thick, including 3/4" interior pine walls and 4" log siding. Is this even possible ?
  Question: I have a 24x40 log home on which i want to add master bedroom and bath addition with siding.. On this vast internet I can find no exterior pictures of this...can you steer me to where I might fall nd? Thank you
  Question: Hi,
I have an older home with 2 X 8 quarter log siding. It measures 1 1/2" max thickness X 7 1/4" overall length, with about 1 3/4" flat "reveal" in between boards when installed. It is a shiplap style, not a tongue in groove. Where in the world can a find a replacement siding to match? I need to do some repairs, as time and the elements have taken their toll on this old house! Thank You!!!
  Question: I have a split log cottage in Michigan that was built in the late 40's. The logs are very irregular in shape and width. Some are rotted and need to be replaced. During all of my searches, I can only find logs that are very regular in shape that won't work for my design. Are there suppliers that make what I am looking for?
  Question: I am putting on an addition to my solid log home, but have decided to put real half-log siding on the outside of the addition. Half-logs are 5-6 inch max front to back. Drafter said to use 1/2 in sheathing (ply or OSB). Does this sound adequate, or would you recommend something thicker? Thank-you
  Question: I recently purchased log siding for my house and I am currently staining it and getting ready to put it on the house.. I see that you have recommended screwing the siding on or nailing it..I am leaning toward nailing it but I am not sure if I want to caulk the bottom of the board and then blind nail the top when installing or just face nail it nice and neat.. which do you prefer and why?
  Question: can vinyl logs be used on a brick home
  Question: what all can you use to fill in between logs like are you able to use mud or like what can you make to fill the gamps
  Question: I'm installing half log siding. Do I need felt or house wrap behind it?
  Question: Hello! We're building a structure with salvaged 8" wide d logs / half logs. We've tried a circular saw, table saw, sawzall, and even wedge and chisel to try and cut smaller pieces/cutouts ( around windows, etc) but nothing works. How do we make more precise cuts?
Also, we want to keep the current weathered look as is but want to protect it. What would you suggest?
  Question: We built an addition on to a log home. we want to side the new addition. How do we connect the new siding with the existing logs. They will butt up to each other in corners.
  Question: I have a log house and I want to tin it cause I cannot keep up with the up keep Is that possible
  Question: Do I need to put wood furring on exterior wall before installing half log wood siding?
  Question: I have a house that is covered in pine siding that has been stained. The stain in several years old and is discolored. I want to restain it. What all should I do?
  Question: What or how do I put over a quarter log sided house. What would I put under vinyl siding to fill the curves?
  Question: Half log siding on stick built framing, typical. need to remove direct vent heater leaving a round hole approx. 6" in diameter in siding (from vent). Any slick way to patch the hole on exterior? I have some siding.
  Question: I am adding an addition to my 35yr old pine log home and was looking to cover up the existing log with log siding to match it up. Was wondering if anyone has ever done this or know's how? Just want make sure that if i cover the existing logs that they are not going to start rotting. Thanks for any feedback!
  Question: How do u put log siding over sheetrock of a house already built. Then I would like to chink it.
  Question: I have a hand hewn log cabin built around 1867. It is half log with large gaps. I want to frame it out inside. What must I do between the space between the half loget and the frame wall?
  Question: Hi.....I am having a home custom built with 2/8 white pine log siding. The siding has a lip on it for interlocking. Should any kind of caulking be used between the siding? What would be the best stain to use that has UV, water & bug protection along with being the best overall sealer?
Thank you
  Question: I found yellow pine half log siding and white pine half log siding on sale. The yellow is cheaper. Is there any draw back to using yellow pine for the interior of a home
  Question: Installing siding logs on interior. Only have enough logs to do top to halfway up or down walls. Which?way?
  Question: I just recently installed half round 3 inch logs on the interior of my living room. We ended having 2 long vertical seams. Do you have any suggestions on how to cover them or work with them to make them not so noticeable? Someone suggested cutting into the seam to install a decorative piece of wood that would simulate something like a trim piece, but it would be set into the butt joints. I am just hesitant to actually cut into the seams while the logs are already installed. Thanks
  Question: I can cut D-log siding with my woodmaster planer. I have pine trees that are in need of thinning also. If I cut them into D-log siding, how do I dry them so as not to get blue stain?
  Question: 10 yr old 1/2 log sided home. Cetol 3 step process applied to home when it was built. 3 maintenance coats applied since. Front of house faces direct afternoon sun. It''s looking cloudy/milky only on the front. What do you suggest to fix this problem? Thanks!
  Question: I have a 5 1/2w x 7 3/4h milled D log home and I am missing the ext beam cap ends. I am wondering if these were made from log siding or do they come already made up from some manufacturer. Thank You
  Question: We have a log house alost completed. The log walls on the interior had to be bleached because they darkened outside after sitting for a while. There is a section of the main room that was finished using log siding.The difference in coloring is awful. The siding is very yellow. Should we bleach the siding or is there a way we can stain both so they match a bit better? We at east have a beam separating the two walls where eit is so obvious. Thanks.
  Question: Greetings and happy new year!! I have a WARD log home with an attached breezeway connecting the first level of the house to the garage. I am looking to raise the roof of the breezeway but not sure on the flashing. I have helped build a few traditional homes and done flashing. I have a "mental" image of how I should do it but just reaching out for professional advice. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  Question: We are in the process of staining the interior of our white cedar log home and every stain I've tried looks red or orange. Is this because of the cedar? Is there a way around this? I just wanted a nice brown. The exterior has been stained and looks red, especially in certain light.
  Question: im trying to find a log home restoration company in my area that does corn cob blasting but i had no luck whatsoever. im in Cabell county WV and any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  Question: Can I sit logs directly on subfloor when building a log home? Logs r 8"X12" ten logs high. Sub floor is I joist with 3/4" sub floor.
  Question: Has there been any successful conversions of a frame house to a log home? I would like to keep our roof, but replace the exterior walls (and a couple of interior walls) with logs. Not interested in siding.
  Question: there is a log home here in PA that has not sold for quite some time. Just wondering if we could Sheetrock over logs on interior and what could we do to soften look of log exterior. we would love it if it were at a lake in the woods but nott much call for log homes here in PA
  Question: We are getting ready to put log siding on our home. We currently have all the lumber. How should I prepare the wood? Stain first with an all weather stain/sealent? Or should we install and then stain after it's on the house? Thank you!
  Question: I have 2 pine wood log homes in south Texas.
One is 30 years old, the other 25, and both are
in decent shape. I have had a few problems
with rotting and carpenter bees recently
while woodpeckers and bugs getting in have always been an issue. I am wanting to provide for a better seal
Of both structures. Considering a premium
Heavy paint/seal or stucco. Please help me make
the best decision to better seal houses. Thank you !
  Question: We had a hybrid log home built 9 yrs ago. I would love to replace the siding on our dormers with "fake" stone. Is that a possibility?
  Question: i am building a shed and have some very rough split logs (that still have some bark on them). some are more seasoned than others. we are putting them in a vertical orientation consistent with historical construction in our area. what should i use to seal them and when?
  Question: Im installing half logs on my home and am about completed and realize I sure hope the walls will hold the extra weight and another thing the walls are on a sub floor. Do I need to sure up the walls and if so how?


I can include pictures if that will help
  Question: I am putting half log siding on a retreat that I am building unsure of the nail type any suggestions
  Question: We have a half log sided cabin in Minnesota. Stain is 3 years old and holding up very well. However the bottom two courses of siding are discolored by rain water splashing off the ground. What would you recommend to clean these two courses? (We have recently installed gutters and down spouts!)
  Question: I've installed 2x8 pine log siding with knotty pine T&G ceiling in an addition. Nothing has been applied to the wood. I want a classic "yellowish" look. Do I have to apply a sealer? What color stain? Do I have to put a urethane over the stain? Thanks
  Question: I have a cedar log home. The logs are tongue and grove, 3 1/2" x 6" (slightly rounded; it's been a number of year since logs have been treated; however, all in reasonably good condition. What would one suggest is the best process and products for siding (covering) the exterior of the home including added insulation, UV & mold/rot resistance? Is it necessary to chink the gaps to 'smooth' out the wall and install house warp (could house wrap cause more harm than good) or can one just attach fur
  Question: I have a two story log home in Colorado built in 1973. The bottom part is full log and the second story is rough cut siding which has become a problem with woodpeckers and bats. I would like to replace this siding but want something compactable to the logs on the lower part of the house. What do you recommend?
  Question: I have a log home that was built in 76. Some of the logs are beginning to dry rot. How do I fix this? Also the house was painted and we wand to board and batten the home, as for some reason in Texas a log home without a like parter within a 7 mile radius seems to be a dirty word...
  Question: 10 year old log home. NE GA. white pine interior board walls. on inside about 2 feet and a little to the right above fireplace mantle a black tar like substance oozed about 8 vertical parallel streaks. a little dripped on to mantle. but mostly it is so thick that it maybe dripped along the wall 6-8 inches. could it be a wrap or something that heated up and leaked while using the fireplace?
  Question: We are considering the purchase of a log home that has been painted with off-white paint!!! Why would anyone do that? Anyway, my husband says the paint can be removed with a pressure washer. Should that remove the paint and how do you prevent damage to the wood?
  Question: im building a log sided home. What wood siding would you recomend red white cedar cypress,white oak yellow pine and far as rot resistence wrap and maintanance.. interested in 1/2 log if thats best. and could you recommend a supplier of such siding as im having difficulty . i live in ohio
  Question: Purchased a log home in western NC. Need help with leaks when the wind blows hard and a specialist to stain and do regular maintenance. Can you recommend someone in the Maggie a valley/ Waynesville area?
  Question: when replacing log siding to house, is it better to start at the bottom or the top? I am using the siding with the overlap feature
  Question: I have a log cabin and was wondering if I can put log siding over the existing logs and where I can get information on this thank you
  Question: Bought a home with log siding. 12yrs old with original stain. Stain was wood royal deck and siding semi transparent oil polyurethane fortified. Should I just pressure wash then stain, or try to use something to remove old stain? thanks
  Question: Thinking of purchasing a log home. Great place, one of us just isn't real fond of log.I wanted to know whether board and batten siding could be put over log siding (26 year old log siding) and I really want to sheetrock the inside as well. I'm assuming if either is a possibility that the walls would have to be furred out first, inside and out??? Thanks, Susan

  Question: Our log home gets attacked by carpenter bees every year
My husband doesn't think the holes they leave behind in the logs are causing any structural damage I disagree
What can we do to keep them from returning

The exterminator sprays the wood each year and the bees leave for a while
  Question: Our log house is 35 years old could we stucco over the logs?
I had Home Depot out to look into siding and they said they could not because there would be no way to attach the siding
  Question: I have a log home that was built in 1988. The first floor is a true log home and the second floor is actually stick built and has log siding. I have a few logs that are rotted and the siding is in rough shape. Should I repair the rotted logs and replace the siding on the second floor or just repair the rot and put siding over the complete house?
  Question: My 6 1/4" log home was built in 1984. During the 1990's we were told to paint the logs with a special paint. This proved to be the biggest mistake ever. I now have log rot that I am repairing. I am getting ready to cover the logs with siding. Will the paint have any effect on the logs after I have covered it with siding? Does it need to be completely stripped before covering? Does the chinking need to be removed? Thank you for the opportunity to ask these questions.
  Question: I would like to build my own log cabin. I own 85 acres of cedar, hemlock, pine and large tamarack. I want to cut half logs. I have a wood mizer. do I just lay the log down and cut it down the center and then shave the sides. could use your advice. thankx. R.J.W.
  Question: My husband and I are looking at a 1982 log cabin ther are several logs that have to be replaced and we have decided we had rather put cedar shake siding over the logs is this possible rather than repair about 20 some logs or replace them. What is the process that will have to be done to do this.
Brenda Boone
  Question: i am building a lake cabin in sw mn i would like put log siding on it. i've read that cedar is best but very expensive i found some 10" notty pine reasonable price and like look very much conserned about maintance and how long it will last. would like your opinion on ceder, white pine, spruce, and notty pine siding pros vs cons thank you
  Question: I am planning to install a red cedar ceiling over the in-door pool. I do not believe I can use real cedar as in other areas of the home unless you know of a way to seal with very low maintenance in this humid environment. If real cedar should not be used please suggest a suitable alternate that would blend seamlessly with the existing cedar throughout the home and not create a maintenance nightmare. Thank You.
  Question: Our cabin in northern Minnesota has log siding, we bought it as a forclosure the previous owner did not take very good care of the log siding it is in desparate need of maintenance. The stain is and has been peeling in many many spots, many areas of the logs are now gray and weathered, some logs will have to be repalced due to rot.
How do I go about making the cabin look good again. somehow I have to get all the peeling and flaking stain off, then clean and restore the siding. How do I go about
  Question: I have a 25 year old long home. I would like to add
stone veneer to the bottom 36 inches (approx.). Is there an industry standard to do this?
  Question: I'm fixing to put up kiln dried pine log siding. Should I put a sealant on the backside before putting it up?
Thank you, Scott
  Question: I have a large picture window on SW corner of house. The building plan called for the 13th log to be cut out to accommodate the height of window. about half the log was cut out. this is the top log and carries the weight of roof on this portion of the house. the top log #13 has bowed from the weight of the roof compressing top of window until the vertical windows will no longer close tight. what can be done to stop the bowing? it eventually will cause the window glass to bust from pressure. I
  Question: We put up a red cedar log home in 1992 and its been nothing but maintenance, maintenance, and so on. the knots are as we all know are nothing but old limbs which decayed during growth of tree. most knots are rotted to the point where there was black like sawdust through the entire log. water gets in year round even though I've filled most all knots many times with log recommended products. I'm done with it and wanting to cover the whole house with a no maintenance siding. what type of siding
  Question: Hi. I am converting my home in Alaska to a Corporate Retreat. Inside the retreat I will be having a "Tropical Room" that is 40' X 32' and cathedral ceiling. It has a large swimming pool a Jacuzzi, steam room, and three water fountains, I am worried about the windows. My windows will go from floor to almost to the top of the eve on the roof, to allow visitors within the tropical room to view the Northern Lights. HOW can I prevent foggy windows, or ice buildup when the "Trop Room" is 80 wi
  Question: Hi my name is Ean I split a really nice peas of oke in half an wall like to make it in to a nice looking seat binch for my mom. One have will be for eating on an the other have well be for the back rest. But I was wandering what you'd put on the to have of oke to give it that glassy smooth look an feel.
  Question: what is a log called the has two opposing sides that are flattened slightly
  Question: I have a conditioned garage and I am using 1/2 log siding on the interior and vinyl siding outside. Do I need to seal the 1/2 log's on the inside of the building? I am going to have heat and A/C in there year round. If you do recommend sealing the logs what kind of sealant is best recommended. Thanks.
  Question: How much does it cost to install 8inch quarterlig siding per aquare foot
  Question: We have a nice home in the there a way to replace it with a wood log siding or the appearance of wood log??
  Question: We have a half log sided home.As the logs age the knot holes are falling out.Should they be caulked and with what?
  Question: I have a home that has 1/2 log siding on it with large gaps between the logs andywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 thick and 4" deep what should i do to fill the gaps it would take a lot of chinking
  Question: We just bought a house with log siding on it last year. It is already stained a few years ago. Do I need to buy a stain to put on it or a clear sealant to keep it in good condition.
  Question: I have a half log home that was newly stain about 5 yrs. ago, I need to wash and put on a maintenance coat on. What would you recommend for washing and what product(s) would recommend for the maintenance coat? Thank you
  Question: Have half log siding it has been about 4-5yrs it first stain, I need clean it and put some kind maintenance sealer on,. What do you recommend for cleaning and sealing? Thanks
  Question: Does "Ryan" know anyone in the southern Ohio area who does log home repair?? We have many rotten logs that need repaired/replaced. Thanks
  Question: House is currently being log sided, cedar, hand hewn. I will be using Woodguard stain. I live in Southeast Michigan. Considering the temperatures, etc. should we stain first then caulk or reverse order? Also, what is the best caulk to use and how long to cure and what is the minimum temperature that can occur in order to have it cure properly. I specified Energy Seal caulk, but due to temperatures my contractor wants to use solar seal. This is a rubber based caulk.
  Question: We are building a cabin with vinyl siding on the outside.We want to use log siding on the inside.How do we put window and door facings over the log siding? Do we have to put 3/4 pine facings on windows first and butt up the log siding? Or can we put the log siding up to the windows and put the pine facings out over the log siding?

Thanks for any advice you may offer
  Question: We have a beach cabin in the Pacific NW. It has half log siding and some need to be re[paced. Any source that you know of.
  Question: Can you cover a brick house with log? This house is an old light colored brick that isn't even made anymore. We would love to cover it.
  Question: My logsided home is 10 years old & the stain started peeling off after the 1st winter. It's eastern white pine. Do I have to cornblast or is there an alternative ? Can you suggest anyone local in Maine ?
  Question: I'm installing 8" half round log siding. How should I nail this and what nailing pattern should I use?
  Question: We have half log pine siding on our home built in 2011. It was stained and sealed....the knot holes ooze sticky sap where the sun hits. We had it chisled off..and restained. It continues to ooze. Any thoughts or remedies...thanks, Sue Vautravers
  Question: I am a leader of a Girl Scout troop and we are trying to build a library in our community. A gentleman donated his house to us. It was a wood siding home that had holes and soft spots so we pulled the siding off and found a log house underneath. The problem is half the front is rotted and we can't seem to find an info on replacing. What would you recommend? We live near the Dallas area.
  Question: can you install half log siding on a metal building
  Question: I live in AZ. Had a painting contractor repaint my split log cabin,he never scraped off any of the loose or peeling surface,but sprayed a coat of latex paint over the surface. I'm a retired painting contractor of over 45 years,you don't "spray" paint over a log surface,you must use a primer on all surfaces that have been properly scraped,before you apply you finish coat. This ass-hole did none of the above,what would you have done?
  Question: We have a 73 year old cabin with half-log siding. Some of the logs are falling apart, some have the bark falling off, and some are stil in fairly good condition. Is there some kind of glue, or sealant we can put over the logs so that they stay in good condition for another 73+ years? Or a treatment we can do every few years? Something to prevent further damage, and from more bark from falling off. We are currently restoring the cabin, and are not doing anything to the outside because we want to
  Question: I have a 2 story split log cabin in the mtns. of northern Arizona,I've already painted it once before,3 yrs. ago,need to repaint it again,have heard that you should never spray paint it and it should be primed with a good ext. bonding primer,as well as any flaking surface material should also be scraped first,is this correct?
  Question: We recently bought a small home with wooden plywood type siding but discovered that there was half log underneath. My question is what might be the reason for them to cover it? Leaks, less maintenance, ect. We would love to take the siding off but don't want to run into any major issues.
  Question: We have a log sided home and some of them have a black color to them from weathering. Will this disappear after straining it several times or should we sand those logs down and start over?
  Question: How oftend should you wash your Vinly Siding?
  Question: My log home has been a mess from day 1! I am ready to side it, if I can afford it. I want to go with a vinyl log look. I have hand hewn square logs with dove tail ends and 4 in chink which I know I'll loose that look, but I'd like to stay with the square look. DO you know of anyone who sells this?
  Question: we have a 15 yr old log home, 8" D logs, our south facing wall is a disaster,have had numerous logs repaired (cut and replaced with 1/2 logs)due to rott. its almost impossible to keep a good coat of stain on it and it looks awfull! I would like to some how start over with that wall,, thinking of a vinyl siding or hardy board type, there appears at this time to have no rotting, i see you recommend tyvek covering,, Im not sure siding just one wall woould look good? also what do you do to the corne
  Question: I have a log garage it is old and looks dark and old what can we do to bing it back? It is a large garage enough for 3 cars. my house is updated and would like the log garage to look nice too. Thanks
  Question: I am closing on a house on June 28 in Wascott, WI. The house is already sided with half-log siding, but I would like to have the two-story garage sided to match the house. Do you know of any contractors in Northwest Wisconsin that do such work?
  Question: Hello..We are trying to freshen up an older bungalow with cottage style roof, back and sides are white color stucco, front is half red brick and siding. Quest-I want to put half log siding just on the front of home. Can I go over top of the brick or does it need to be removed first? Money is an issue. I can send a pic of house if needed. Thank You, Kathy
  Question: If we take off vinyl siding to b put on 1/2 logs on the front wall of a 2 story Inn what do we have to put on the exterior prior to the 1/2 logs? The lower floor is under a porch an has ship lap diding
  Question: i need to seal my log for the first time. wat product do you recomend. Ive been told . I think its sickens. Or is there something that does as good of a job which would be more affordable
  Question: I am thinking of purchasing a log home with square logs, not round. Love the home, fits our needs, just not to happy with the maintenance required on log homes. Is there a way to cover with vinyl siding easily? What preparation would be needed on the outside before installing it? Thanks!
  Question: I built a loghouse 22yrs ago and it has been alot of upkeep. I'm not getting any younger and I was wondering if you have heard of round vinyl covers that just goes over each log. We have about 17 logs that need to be replaced first and we don't know anyone who does it. we live in northern Ill.
  Question: my cabin leaks every time it rains, I was wondering the proper way to put siding over it. do you tyvek first strap it then siding, and do you need to vent this air space. There is no building inspecters or any one in my area to ask. Could you please help me out.
  Question: I have a log house that we can't stop leaking. I want to put log siding over top of the logs, What is the proper way to do this. Do you strap it first, vent top and bottom or strap and fill with spray insulation thank you.
  Question: I am a fire code inspector in s.e.Idaho and I have a home owner that would like to side a stick frame house with log siding. What can you tell me about the fire rating of the various types of this siding?
  Question: Im in northwest arkansas. How much should I expect to pay for installing 6" 1/4 log siding.
  Question: What is the approximate cost to replace full log on a home. I have a log cabin I need approx. 12 logs replaced.
  Question: I have a home built out of Structured Inslated Panels (SIP) with quarter-log siding that is (I believe) cedar. I have no way of knowing what if any treatment the exterior has had in the past, but I have noticed that just in the year I have owned the house, the extreior has darkened considerably. I want to refresh it to the nice, honey color it had when it was originally built, but am unsure how to proceed. Where it is panels and not real logs, I am assuming it will be a different recommendati
  Question: i have yellow pine siding on my house that is ten years old i am sanding it down and putting up some new boards what can i do to make the new wood match the old when i stain it the old wood is naturaly going to look darker when stained
  Question: We have recently "distressed" some board that we are going to install on an interior wall. We have decided that we are going to "chink" the boards. We are thinking of using drywall compound as the chinking. Will this work? Will this shrink when dry and cause cracking or splitting? If not drywall compound, what is the best material to use to chink an interior wall? Thanks!
  Question: My builder wants to put Sherwin William Semi Transparent Stain on our new log siding because it is cheaper. We are nervous because we have not heard of anyone that has the semitransparent. Only heard good things about their solid stain and we are not interested in that. Thanks for you help.
  Question: Considering log siding my travel trailer. Wanting to know how much 1/4 log siding weighs per square foot? Please help!
  Question: Building a new house using white cedar log siding on dormers and gables, also using pine log columns on porches and yellow pine ceilings. How do you apply borate to the wood?
  Question: Where to find a dealer in northern va who sells log siding. Need to replace a few boards.

  Question: I saw a store selling ash cutting boards that are simply a slice off the ash log with bark left on them.
How do they retain the bark on them?
  Question: Can I preserve the bark on logs to use as porch posts?
  Question: So...after researching log siding, and simple board and batten siding, we are torn. I know you are the "log doctor"...but hoping you may still be able to dispense some advice on board and batten. What I am most concerned with is what to treat a rough cut pine with to preserve it and keep it from graying. We are hoping to keep it as natural as possible..don't want to change the color. What products would you recommend ? Thanks.
  Question: A local mill produces what they call log cabin siding...with no overlap or tounge and groove...what keeps the moisture chinking required ?
  Question: I just built a 1/2 log pine siding home. i applied 2 coats of cabot oil based stain and seal. but its January, should i put a 3rd or 4th coat or put a straight sealant thatmay crack in the summer when the wood expands?
  Question: We have rotting logs...maybe too bad to repair. Is it possible to cover with some/any other kind of siding? Ie: Vinyl/brick
  Question: Have red pine 1/2 log siding with sikkens one coat process on sikkens says i can not go over it and need to strip off the old to apply with their new log and siding product...what type of company would sell you a high end product that you can not go over the top of to freshen up its worn down finish...what can i do? or do i bite the bullet and pay someone to media blast the sikkens poor quality product from the siding
  Question: how much do the logs stick out past the corner of the house?
  Question: I have a log home that was built in 1990, no chinking, It is a Katadian log home, The longest log is six feet, so many but joints. Its ok, but gettin gdrafty. Is it possible to fram,e and stud the exterior and then side?
This will keep the log interior, but give us a tight shell.
How do I start looking into doing this?
  Question: We have half log siding on now and want to put Hardy plank over it. Can we just put on wrap, fir out and put the siding on? How do we finish around the windows and outside doors?
  Question: which is better to use for log siding - white or red cedar?
  Question: After removing existing stain on cabin, how long can I leave the logs bare before restaining?

Is it necessary to clean and apply borate before staining?
  Question: I have a cyprus log house in MS and I really don't want to deal with the maintenance of it anymore. My question is can I put siding over it and what kind?
  Question: We have a leaking log home. Last resort is to cover with siding. Is vinyl siding or Faux panels an option? Can cement board siding be installed over logs? Stucco? Need all options.
  Question: We have a half log siding cottage which has always been painted we need to strip it off to find which logs need replacment. How long should we leave the logs bare before staining Thank you
  Question: I bought a place in east Texas this past year and am living in a travel trailer for the time being. I have decided to build a log house using cedar logs cut off of the place here. I know that I need to debark the logs in preparation for curing. My question is how long do I have to wait to start building after I cut my logs? Can I cut and debark this winter and build next summer or sooner? I am 60 yrs old and don't want to wait yrs for the logs to cure. Thanks, Reggie
  Question: We just purchased white pine siding for our small cabin (900 sq feet). We had it milled and need to know if we can put it up immediately or should we let it dry. Also, when would we stain and seal it? We were planning on starting on it this weekend, now we aren't sure.
  Question: I have pine log siding with rough cut cedar railings and corner trims. Is there a stain or sealer that you can just spray on? We are fine with the natural color of the wood or we would be fine with it being a little darker. What do you recommend that is a good product thats easy to install and easy on the checkbook?
  Question: In terms of maintenance - and we are not getting any younger :), what siding would you recommend - Wavy Cedar, Wavy White Pine or something synthetic (cement board, stone, etc.) We need this to stand the test of time and weather since this will be generational but wish a rustic appearance. Thank you! J from WI
  Question: I'm interested in possibly re-siding a 16x44 mobile home with 1/2 or 1/4 log siding; existing siding is aluminum. Will it be too heavy? Any special considerations installing it? Advice please!
  Question: I want to install log-look siding to look like my home has a log base. The T1-11 siding is in good shape and I want to install the log siding from the bottom of the T1-11 up about 3 feet. I can't find any information about this option, but I've seen cabins built this way. Do you have any information or advice?
  Question: I noticed from several of your responses to people interested in covering up their exterior log homes with siding to be careful to treat rotting logs first. What is the product you recommend for treating rot?
Secondly, we are thinking of sheathing the exterior of our log home and we like the look of stucco. What do you think about a layer of Tyvec, firring strips, Rigid foam board and then using an acrylic based stucco instead of the traditional cement based product?
  Question: The half log siding on our home in Central Illinois that faces south has numerous cracks up to 1/8" wide and are upward facing. What should I do to treat them so I don't continue to see them get wider and deeper? I just finished 2 coats of Sikkens Log & Siding stain.
  Question: Hi,

I'm covering the exterior of a houseboat with 1/4, 8" logo siding. What would be the best way to seal/stain the logs from the elements?

Could I seal with a varnish or polyurethane? All boards will be above water level...
  Question: I have a community sign made of red cedar logs. Some are verticle and some are horizontal. The sign has been up for 15 years and the vericle one has a dryrot whole in it the size of a fist. it damp inside how can I patch it quickley before the rains comes? Can I put a cedar shingle over it and hope it dries out inside. I want to treat the logs with Seikens before the rainy season the horizontal logs have dryrot in some places as well how do I treat that? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank yo
  Question: We have a log sided cottage with a dark brown stain in new hampshire What is our best way to make it lighter. A light natural look would be nice but I am pretty sure the wood is gray under the dark stain. What is the best way to do this. Strip it or paint over the stain.
  Question: I am considering buying a home in Middle Tennessee with half log siding. Some of the logs are warped and seem to be pulling off, but only a few on certain sections of the home. Would I be able to replace the individual boards? Also, what is the maintainence schedule of owning a home with the half log siding?
  Question: I have a cottage that has half log siding running vertical. I would like to vinyl side it. I was going to go with a tyvek wrap then the siding . My concern is the air gaps created by the valleys of the vertical half log siding , do they make a product to fill this or just let it go ?
  Question: we just put on cedar half log siding and are looking to buy the best clear sealer. some have recomended the sherwin williams - oil based. Can you suggest a good brand that will last? we are not going to put a color stain on it ...want the natural look.
  Question: Please advise on the type of nails and the proper nailing pattern for 2x6 red cypress half log siding. It's going on a wood frame addition that is sheathed with 1/2 plywood. THANKS
  Question: We have a log cabin in Northern MI. We have owned it for 5 years and think it is time to have it resealed. Please explain the process to me and do you have anyone to recommend? The cabin was built in 1956 and doesn't have any mold etc. The original owners had it done over 10 years ago.
  Question: i have a log sided house that has nasty black/gray water stains how do i get it out and back to normal
  Question: is caulking log siding nessary if so with what
  Question: I have 1/2 pine log siding its been on the house for 8 years.It seems to be very dry and there is some black areas in it.Is it mold or from the sun? What is the easiest way to remove the black stuff so I can start staining?And what can I put on it for the dryed and cracking?
  Question: is there a vinal siding company that makes a vinal siding that you can cap over your existing d logs
  Question: I just saw a log home, and the end of every log had a round piece of matal nailed to it, aprox. two inches in diameter. What is it?
  Question: Hello,
What is the best way to remove sealer from wood log siding,so it can be restained.
  Question: Can vertical board and batten siding be applied directly over a log exterior? Tyvak first? Thanks!
  Question: Can sheetrock be applied (well) over interior log walls and what special precautions should be taken?
  Question: Hey LD -- thinking of buying a 23 year old log home. I would like to have it inspected by someone who knows logs. Can you recommend such a person in central Vermont? Thanks
  Question: I'm checking on the best way and product to fix a woodpecker hole in the side of half log siding wall.
Thank you.
  Question: where can I buy 1/2 logs around Montreal Quebec
I want to build a log cabana
  Question: The logs on the west side of our house are extremely dry and cracked which causes is to leak profusely. If we chink and calk, essentially our entire west side of the house will be covered in chinking a calking. Therefore, we are wondering is one can apply stucco to a round-log structure. We are at our wits end with the leaking and constant chinking.
  Question: I took some century old half logs out of an old log cabin that was being torn down. It was all inside and in very good shape. I want to install it in a guest cabin but not sure how to get started. I was going to store it in a tin shed while I learn how to install it. Any advice would be cool or where I might get more information. This will be the interior of my home!
  Question: Pine River Inc from Charlevoix Michegan made a product called e-lot siding. It was rigid insulation covered with wood veneer. They went out of business. Are there any other companies that make a similar product?
  Question: Can I place cemnt/stucco directly over half log siding and expect it to stay in place. We are re doing our old siding and this seems better than removing all the log siding. Thanks, Chuck
  Question: I want to cure some pine logs.After I cut the trees down, do I need to debark them before curing them out or just stack them and let them go.
  Question: We are thinking about putting vinyl siding over our log home because we have a lot of problems with squirrels, woodpeckers, and carpertener bees. We have the logs that have chinking and overlaping logs at the corners. Will we need to put insulation under the vinyl? How hard will this be to do?
  Question: Can you recommend a contractor in N.E. Wisconsin. We are looking at a home with hand peeled, red pine, half log siding. Some of the logs and corners are rotted and need replacing.This 20+ year old home also needs to be stripped, stained & sealed. No maintenance has been done since it was built.
Thank You
  Question: what machine makes log siding out of 2x6 or 2x8 lumber? where can a person buy one?
  Question: My husband and I are looking to buy a house with half log siding in Northern Michigan. Some of it is gray, how do we remedy that? Also, how often should it be sealed and how do we prepare the surface to seal it? Thanks!
  Question: Is there any way to install 1/2 log siding over 3/4 inch wood lap siding without having to remove it?
  Question: I would like to add log slabs to a metal building. I will be chinking and if I can avoid it I would like to avoid adding sheathing. Any suggestions on how to anchor the slabs?
  Question: Can you install 1/2 log siding over wood siding or do you need tyvek over the original wood siding first?
  Question: we are interested in buying a log home. is there any possible way making an existing window smaller if so what are the best options in doing so. Thank you
  Question: is it ok to use 2x4 for spacers between my 4x8 logs and then chink on the edges of the 2x4s with nails to hold the chinking-

  Question: Currently have full brick exterior, and wanted to know if log siding can be installed over brick, and what what type of maintenance is required. Thanks.
Hi,my name is jamie from georgia i wont to build a home framed with 2x6, but i wont to make it look like a log cabin.I have been reading ask the doctor and i see alot of people have problems with logs rotting and paneling on the inside turning yellow.My questions are first what is the best half log siding to use, and what is the best way to keep it up, and for the wood paneling on the inside what causes it to turn and does the fire place really crack the wood.I would also like to have small
  Question: The south side of my house had sikkens applied to it, it has flaked off from the sun exposure and the logs have turned grey, the rest of the house will need some work but its not as bad as the southside, is there any way of trying to save it without replacing it? I'm not concerned with trying to match the other 3 sides, I just want to get it sealed properly again.
  Question: what is the best half log siding to use,and is the thicker the better ,just tring to figure out some info
  Question: we have a six year old home with northern white cedar logs which were orginally treated (or mistreated) with a deck stain when they were new. Can it be cobb blasted to remove it, one company says the logs are too soft and the cob blaster will chew them up. They say they hae to be hand sanded.
  Question: Hi we have a small log cabin .. which we have added to several times.. part timberframe, part regular framing..we want to cover the whole thing in metal roof siding (it will look like a barn).. what do we place (layer) on the log portion under the siding.. do we need to have any air space? etc.

  Question: what product should be used to fill splits in new white cedar posts. The wood fillers i've tried seem to have a green tint when dried.
  Question: I have just purchased a log home that has rotted logs that need replaced. Do you know how to support the walls while the logs a taken out?
  Question: I want to install quarter logs in my livingroom,I have them stained and ready to start.How do I start,what is the best way to attach to the studs, Thank you for any info you can give me.
  Question: We own a contemporary style home built of 2x4 construction we're told. We're interested in adding log siding to it and to some of the inside walls as well. We're concerned with the weight of all those pieces of siding on the house. We've even looked at the siding that has styrofoam centers with veneer to reduce the weight. What are your thoughts about that. Our house is now covered in T111. Any thoughts, suggestions, warnings etc would be appreciated. thanks The Nobles.
  Question: I have red cedar log home and have had nothing but problems since built in 1992. the south side catches all the weather and I can't keep any product on it to last beyond year. The logs just keep checking and sometimes just a small check but in winter when water is within this crack and when it freezes then it's like another layer comes loose and then when it rains water gets through and travels inside and then runs into other cracks or comes to a knot and water weeps down inside of logs and le
  Question: I have a log home in Illinois, and we are wanting to paint it. Right now it is stained a dark brown and has Dark green architecual shingles and dark green windows. What color would be nice to paint our house and what about my front door what color for it.
  Question: I live in East TN and just finished pressure washing the previous stain off of my 1/2 log siding home (pine) so it is completely stripped at this point. Sikkens SRD has been recommended to me to use but am reading some bad stuff about it. Can you provide your expert opinion at this point as to what to use as a staing/sealer in one product and the best way to apply the product? Thanks....
  Question: I was wondering if it was possible to finish a basement with log and chinking look when you have the walls studded and insulated?
  Question: I have a cedar log home. I want to give it a brand new look that will not be too big a job and still be easy on the budget. I would like to put some sort of low maintance siding on it. Will I need a moisture barrier, and are there some sidings that are better to use?
Thank you,
Denise. M
  Question: Should I treat the notches of my log cabin? If yes, with what?

Thank you for your help.
  Question: We recently purchased some mill cut cedar logs, only to find out that some of the logs had small rotting spots. Is it possible to treat those spots prior to assembling our home? what is the best treatment for such a problem? (we would like to save the log if possible) and does this treatment prevent the rotting from spreading to the other logs once the house is assembled?
  Question: I have purchased 8x8 solid cedar columns to support my porch roof. Does cedar carry a load bearing rating? Is it legal in Ontario to use these columns to support my roof or do they need to be 12"? I have 5 posts evenly distributed over 38 feet of roofline. Beam is 3 ply 2x8
  Question: I have a log house built in the 1930's (Full logs with about 4 inches of concrete chinking between the logs) I am adding an addition to the log home. (2x6 stick built) I have pine trees to cut down (8 - 12 inches in diameter) I plan on cutting them in half and trying to match the half log siding to the original full log construction. I think these logs will be heavy for screws even if they dry for a while. I dont want the screws to show. Hoping to cover the heads up with the cement chinking
  Question: 40+ Panabode in Ontario, want to increase insulation in roof (there is little or none). Also what is R value of walls? How to I crease?
  Question: We are interested in a log home that was built in 1982. It hasn't been treated for a long time and some of the logs are rotting. We were thinking that we could just put siding up. Is this possible and if so what is the best kind to put up. Thanks
  Question: We just purchased a log home and are wondering if we should be using a dehumidifier this summer. What is the humidity level that we should keep the house at in both summer and winter? Thanks for your help.
  Question: Have you ever heard of a product called snow block siding for a log cabin?
  Question: what sealer last longest on half log sideing
  Question: Can you stain Smart Siding
  Question: I am interested in purchasing vinyl log siding in Florida could you give some info on this? Thanks for your time. Ed
  Question: my house is pressure treated half log siding from yella wood,how often should it be water sealed,do you have to stain it,also some of sidinf bows out and places shrinks and you can see house wrap what should i do
  Question: We have a 5 year old cabin that is log sided. it is 600 sq. ft. We would like to add a living room on it that is about 300 sq. Ft.
How do we go about that. Do we get another kit and add on? do we hire a contractor? what would you suggest?
  Question: I need replacement logs aprox. 6.5 x 5.0. .
I am living in RI i would like a company to supply this for me in this state or close by
  Question: If I get a wood burning insert for my log home, and I don't humidify the air, will it warp the logs on the inside of the house?
  Question: In my living room, I am going to tie the opposite walls together using log poles on top of the walls. Whats the best way to anchor these poles. Using just log screws thru the wall top plate?
  Question: I just cut and debarked some tamarack trees for a railing do you see any reason why I cant let it sit for the summer and then put it to gether.I know there would be some sap and I like the splits in the logs. or is there a time period for drying ?
  Question: i have a log home wants to put foam on the outside and install vinyl siding some people say airspace , whats the best way to go about this?
  Question: how to install 2x8 lap log siding on interior walls
  Question: My first floor is real log and the second floor is log siding. Where the 2 connect, there is some water coming into the cabin. The original calk has given out. Would you suggest recalking or flashing this?
  Question: i have a large std of jack pine-i am thinking of cutting ea log in half and cure for 1 yr-then build a cabin out of theses 1/2 logs-with the flat side to the inside-the logs will avg about 9"-if i put a 4x4 sq log ea 6 ft with screw from the inside support the logs enough to not cause warping-i would use whole logs but wife wants flat logs inside
thanks leroy
  Question: How do I make log siding from 2 x 6 boards? What tools do I need? Where can I buy the blades?
  Question: I am getting ready to have 8" pine log siding (Interior) hung in my basement and need some recommendations on some popular stain colors. Thanks
  Question: how do you cut your own log cabin siding whats the tools you need. sawmilling lots of pine on my land so was woundering
  Question: I have half hewn chestnut logs on my home. Chinking in between each log. Home is 6o plus years old and I need to replace some of the logs. Where can i get logs to match or same ahnd hewn style.
  Question: I have several large white pines on my property. A logger wants them and said he gets 25 cents per foot and would give me half of that. Is that reasonable? thanks
  Question: I have an over lapped cedar manufactured home, is it possible to side this home inside and out with log?
  Question: I want to build a shower using logs as corner posts with etched glass panels & doors forming three sides. Can logs be used for this purpose or does anyone make man-made logs for wet applications?
  Question: Possible owner of a 1980 panabode home with dark logs. I would like to sheetrock all the INSIDE walls. How do i do this? Moisture barrier? I live in wet S.E. Alaska.
  Question: Have a double wide and want to put log siding on it. What's the best logs to use and what's the cost roughly on a place 52x72. Also what kind of inspections do u have to do on the logs each year. Thanks
  Question: what is the going rate to install half log vinyl siding per sq/ft?
  Question: Hi,
We are currently building a cypress post and beam home with engineered log infill. We are also building a shed that is cypress framed with cypress D Log cladding which is approx 40mm thick. We are wondering how the best way to fix the cladding to the frame to reduce twisting or warping. Can you nail it or do we screw it. The cypress is green.What type of screw would you recommend. I cant seem to access previous questions on the website so I am sorry if this is a standard question. re
  Question: we are remodling our restaurant in the style of a cabin look.its in the phx. valley, so were close to northern az pine stands. where can we buy full logs of various sizes. thanks Rob
  Question: How do I preserve the bark to stay on a log ? I want to use a log as a pedestal mount for a deer head.
  Question: We have a log home that was built in 1988. The first floor is full log and the second floor is stick built with log siding. I have to replace some of the log siding and I also want to install log corners. My problem is that I have no idea who the Manufacturer of my home was. Everyone I talk to has corners that are different than my logs and siding that varries in sizes. I do know my logs notches are very pointy (almost triangle shaped). There are 2 rows of these per log. Any idea who makes/made
  Question: I have 6" hewned log siding the type that is run out of a 2x6 tongue and groove. I need to replace the bottom 3 rows, what would your advise be, on how to do that?
  Question: when installing the first log on afoundation whay can be used to prevent rot down the road
  Question: We are considering buying property with a log home. Not wanting the maintance of a log home we would like to cover the logs with some type of siding. How do you put siding over logs? Have thought about Hardy Board. Could you put foam insulation between the logs and siding?
  Question: We are considering buying a Pan Abode Log home in Upstate NY. We noticed that all of the corners on the outside of the house were caulked and we noticed water marks in the corners on the inside of the house. Is caulking a normal required maintenance step on one of these homes? If so, how oftem and does the old caulk need to be removed first? Could the problem just be that the owners did not tighten the logs with the threaded rod/cranks on the outside of the house?
  Question: We have a northern house in the woods,that has had applied stucco on to wired mesh. We want to cover it with half log. Is that possible,I've heard not as it must breathe. If possible, what is the procedure to do this? I am considering using log oil on them,are there negatives to this product?
  Question: I have irregular shaped D-cut cedar logs. Some of which are rotting due to poor protection from the elements on NE side of the home. I would like to applya maitnenace free exterior. What would work best to cover these logs? Siding, stucco, Stone, etc..Do I need to be concerned about seasonal log expansion if I secure the covering to the logs?
  Question: I have an old log cabin with the lower 2 of the logs partially rotted on 3 sides of the house. About how much per foot should log replacement cost?
  Question: we have red pine 3x8 log siding do we need to stain the back part before we put up the logs. and what all do we need to put on the log. When we get ready to stain.
  Question: We are siding our home with eastern white pine.
We were told to wait til spring to stain and seal it. Should we wait or do it now? Oct.27.
  Question: Hi Log Doctor,

I live in Australia and am in the process of building a cypress post and beam with D-Log infill. I'm trying to find the correct stain to use. I wish we could buy perma chink in Australia.

I am thinking of using a product called Intergran Natural Stain which is waterbased to allow the wood to breath. My concern is that in the brochure it says it has excellent tannin blocking??? Woud this mean that it wouldn't breath ? Can you suggest an Australian product.
Your website
  Question: We have a New England Log Home. We have redone all the interior logs by a lot of hard work and it is now stained with a finish and is beautiful.

We have one exterior wall over the deck area that has been in bad shape. We have scrubbed and sanded, etc. At various times caulk was put in some of the logs. Jammed in to keep water out, etc. I want to put new caulk over top of what is in there. Would that be o.k.? There is room in front for more caulk.
  Question: I have a mid to late 1800 log home attached to a 1908 home. Are there people out there who would buy and remove the log home portion? Thank you for any advice
  Question: I own a half-log sided cabin with half-log inside along with tongue and groove. I have a mold problem - I just purchased a small dehumidifier. What level of humidity do I need keep my house at to prevent other problems?
  Question: What is the going rate to install real log sideing in the state of wisconsin buy the sq foot or lin foot?
  Question: We bought a weekend getaway that is log sided, tongue and groove. There are large gaps forming between the wood in several areas and some of the boards are twisted and warped and actually pulling away. In some areas, the foam behind the siding is visible. The problem is that I can't find a way to re-attach the siding, because in some areas, the screw isn't hitting a stud or furring strip through the foam. A repair man wants to re-side the house from scratch, but isn't there a more economical
  Question: We just purchased a home (CB) in central Florida we want to put log siding on the exterior. Can you please give us a contractor that we can talk with
  Question: We're in the process of building a cabin and plan on using 1" x 12" flat face log siding on the interior walls. My question is do we need to apply anything over the insulated interior walls before we apply the siding. Thanks
  Question: What is the most important and major difference in building a log home in a cold northern state and the deep south area like Mississippi.
  Question: I am installing half log white pine siding over osb plywood, What is the best way to attach it to osb. It is ship lap. Can i face nail it or screw it. Tyvek will be applied .
  Question: We have a pine half log cabin that was unfortunately sealed with Thompson water seal 12yrs ago and has been recoated 2 times since. The last recoat was in 2003. We have used ABR finish stripper to remove the sealer and a garden hose and pressure washer to clean it off. It has a lot of fuzz now and we are thinking it needs to be sanded. Any recommendations of how to do this best? We plan to apply Sikkens log and siding sealer after sanding. Is that a good choice? Realistically how often does this
  Question: I am installing D log siding on a newly constructed home. Questions that I have: 1.) We are using butt joint corners which have large cracks on them. These cracks should not be caulked, correct? 2.) Where the logs meet the door trim/window trim - should this joint be caulked? 3.) the top and bottom of the logs where they join together int he tongue and groove - should this be caulked? 4.) I am looking at using Sherwin Williams Woodscapes exterior semi transparent stain - do I need to a
  Question: We are having a new log home built in Ohio . We are confused about what type of windows would be the best- vinyl, wood, fiberglass. We want low maintence with no white showing. We have read articles about brown vinyl cracking from hot weather. Help, we are very confused.
  Question: We have purchased this unique, hand-split, rough sewn, white pine log siding home. We are concerned about the many gaps, splits between many of the half logs that exposes the tar paper that wraps the house. Is there a caulking or chinking product that can prevent paper deterioration and accept the preservative we will coat the logs with? Should we be overly concerned about these splits, gaps that show the tar paper? Please see the pictures attached. Your recommendation is valued.

Ron & Sandra
  Question: I have a log home with lots of rot. I was thinking about siding over the whole cabin-there are so many choices-would you recommend t111 or smart siding over vinyl?
  Question: When using new pine half log siding, does the back (non exposed side) need to be stained to "seal" the half logs? Using a solid brown stain.
  Question: I have a Pan abode cottage with a few knots that have shrunk and are leaking water through the walls. What do you recommend to repair? I'd like to be able to keep the current finish, if possible! Thanks!
  Question: I am installing 8' cedar v-plank panaling in my family room, the walls have sheet rock on them now, can I just use glue to attach them to the wall without using furring strips?
  Question: We're considering installing quarterround log siding in our basement on the walls. We've just started to go about looking into this. How do you attach it to the walls? And do you have anything you can recommend for a basement ceiling to give it a "log cabin-ish" feel?
  Question: How do i remove bear raw hide oil off ceder ciding
  Question: What color of trim should we use to paint trim of windows and deck thanks.we have a cedar camp /cottage white door .
  Question: Do all half logs have a mill glaze on them? Is sanding the most effective way to get it off? What is the most effective stain to use?
  Question: i have hardi plank siding. does it need to be removed prior to half-log application? or can it be placed on top of hardiplank?
  Question: We need to find a place in Florida where we can buy pine logs. We are replacing rotted out logs on our cabin. Can you suggest a company here in Florida. We would like to pick up the logs vs. having them shipped.
  Question: We bought a log house and have a garage with log siding. We had a fire which thankfully only burnt half of the back of the garage. The siding is an odd size - 2" x 7 1/2" finished size. Where can we find this size? We need 40 pieces 12' long.
  Question: Just built a new home and were told not to put any finish on outside of 1/2 logs for 3 months of weather exposure. Is this true.
  Question: we have a few logs that have cracked and caused rotting on our d shaped log ghome i have ordered the replacement facing need better instructions as to how to remove damage and adhere new facing help please!!!!!
  Question: I have installed a 8" pine log sliding 1" thick in the middle with a 1/2" overlap. I used Cetol 1 and put 2 coats on it the first year. I was planning on putting on a third coat last year when I noticed some black spotting ocurring. It would appear most of the spotting is ocurring half way down from the top and arround decks. This pine was kiln dried prior to us milling it into sliding. It also sat in my garage for 4-6 months prior to installing it on our cottage. I have pictures I could email y
  Question: I purchased a semi load of used 4 inch by 8 inch logs that had been removed from a 8 year old log house. The logs have a latex flat appearing stain that has weathered. Can I lightly power wash these logs, prior to install,then restain ? I plan to use Behr stain with Behr gloss coating over the stain .
  Question: I am installing 1/2 log siding over older wood siding. The old siding is in good shape. Do I need to caulk or fill the but ends of the siding between the joints on the ends? Not the top and bottom.
  Question: I am installing pine half logs in my basement. I had a saw mill cut them for me. the wall is sealed with dry lock paint, 1" x 3" boards, insulaton and plastic is up. Do I need to seal the back of the logs before I install the logs?
  Question: Hello. I have a log home in the North Ga.(rains alot) mountains with Half log pine. The origonal stain is sikkens Cetol. The stain is about five years old and looking work in the weather/sun exposed areas. What kind of log wash can i use and what can i do to bring back the original sealed fresh look when is was seales with Sikkens Cetol? Thanks
  Question: the back wall of my log home is bowing out, about 5 inckes now, what is the best way streighten it back. i have put 4x6 post under the main beams inside, to take some of the weight off the wall
  Question: what is some advantages and disavantages of tamarack wood
  Question: I have a 4X6 solid cedar log home and the exterior is finished in a Behr product that makes it look like a gloss varnish.I have resurfaced it once with Behr gloss exterior finish ,this product was clear and went on like water.Now they have discontinued that stuff and went to a thicker creamier hard to apply ,without getting surface bubbles,product.Would you recommend something else that could be used in this situation...Thank You
  Question: How do we attach log siding to sheetmetal that is put on bckwards?
  Question: I have a log home in the northern Catskills, (Shandaken, NY) One of the base logs that sits on the foundation was cut and replaced with lumber. Then the deck was attached to it. With all the weight of the snow on the deck the bottom log rolled causing the logs above to bow out. What do you recommend?
  Question: We built a Coventry Log cabin Home in Moultonboro, NH in January of 2010...working on electricity, plumbing etc now. We need to stain and seal this summer....can you recommend someone in that area with experience with staining log homes?
  Question: Log Doctor,
We have purchased a log home the former owners painted the logs. We are about to start the process of corn balsting the house and staining. Do you think a oil based paint is better then a water ? Also do you have an idea for cheaper option then guard strip ?
  Question: We have a 1/2 of a logged home and the top half is siding, where the dirt i guess from other the siding has ran down the log siding it has cause it to look black, what do you wash this with that wont take the stain off?
  Question: I'm residing my home with 1/2 log siding. Do you have any recommendations on how to flash/trim the areas where the trim and siding will meet my fieldstone chimney? I'm removing the old 1/2 log siding and the original way it was installed allow water to get behind the siding and rotted the framing.
  Question: I have alot of 1" WHITE PINE that has the edges left natural. I want to put it on some interior walls, with chinking in between. My ? is do I put it over drywall, or OSB? What do I use for chinking?
  Question: We're putting on d-side logging on to our new construction home. How can we install that without the nails showing ?? Is there a way ??
  Question: I want to install log siding on 2 walls inside of my new home in the bonus room above the garage. This is to give the 'log cabin' look to the 'man cave'. The siding I plan to use is NOT tongue and grooved, but I will deal with that problem later. I would like to treat the siding with some type of insect treatment to ensure that I don't infect my new house. The siding has been stored in a barn for several years, so it may have been exposed to insects.
  Question: We just moved into our new home (half log siding) 6 months ago. On the south side of the house, the siding is already starting to grey and fade in areas. The contractor applied two coats of a Sherwin Williams stain to the house. Obviously we are not happy that only 6 months in this is happening. Do you have any suggestions on a better, more long-lasting, product to apply?

Thank you
  Question: i have a log home in north east oklahoma and am trying to locate some half logs for repair any place you know
  Question: I am putting yellow pine log siding on my home. I am also putting on a deck of the same pine. My question is...after putting on the ledger board for the deck will I need to go ahead and put on the deck before I finish the siding or can I finish the siding and then do the deck? The depth of the siding and ledger board are about the the same so I was conserned that the ledger board would not stick out enough for the deck to rest on.

1Corth. 10:31
  Question: We have a cedar sided house in northern Wisconsin. It's about 20 years old, and siding/windows need replacing. We love the log look. With so many products including half logs, e-logs, etc., what product would you recommend? Is there a contractor you would suggest as well?
  Question: cost to install tongue grove 1 by 6 pine
  Question: I have a log home in Northeast, PA, around Lake Wallenpaupak. I need to have it corn cob blasted and caulked and stained. No one in our area seems to do this work. Would appreciate some help. Thanks.
  Question: How do you make a cut for half log if you put a piece on your ceiling and on the wall to make it look clean they would be butted together
  Question: I live in a log home 5yrs old, the logs on my house are starting to get very dark how do i restore them to look new again and keep them looking good again
  Question: log siding our home and trying to choose between smooth or hand hewn. we like the hand hewn look, but although both products are tongue and groove end matched, you can see the joints in the hand hewn siding. is there any thing short of planing each piece before installing to minimize the effect. Or do I have to use the smooth siding for the seams to disappear. We really like the hand hewn. What do we do? Thanks
  Question: We are planning to reside our home with 1/2 log siding. The product we are looking at has two options one has a rough out finish that will show more grain when finished. The other option is a real hand hewn finish which is much smoother. My question is would the smoother finish add to the log or the finishes longevity? Perma chink, right? Thanks for your time. Kelley
  Question: My home has vynal siding in a light gray which showes all the dirt and fly specks. We would very much like to have it painted a darker color. Would you or can you paint vynal sidinga and will dark colors fade rapidly. We are senior citizens and can keep up with the washing of the house all the time. We are tired of the paint,but someone told us the darker the color it will fade out and look terrible. If we can paint it what type name and color would you recommend. Your answer would be appreciate
  Question: I have a cabin with walnut half logs and need about 30' to replace some rotten spots. Do you know anywhere that walnut half logs are available?
And yes it walnut 100% shure
  Question: I need the exterior of my log cabin cleaned and resealed.I have read a lot about cob blasting.Are there other options? Please suggest someone in the Hampton/Newport News, Virginia area that can do the work.
  Question: My 25-year-old cabin in central Florida is 2-story with the 1st story being red cedar logs and the second story being stick-built with red cedar siding. The west first story log wall is stained on the inside from rain and when it rains, it is wet to the touch inside. I think rain may be intruding from the second story log siding and somehow soaking into the first story logs. Any ideas?
  Question: I wrote earlier, but sorry I wasn't clear about "popping". What I meant was the color of the knots is coming through the paint and after putting on the Kilz, they still are coming through. It is worst on the bead board. Any further suggestions? Thanks.
  Question: I need to find 100 linear ft of t&g white cedar 6" half logs in southern new Jersey. Do you know where I can find them?
  Question: We have half log siding and bead board on interior of 3 season porch which has been painted a light color with an interior semi-gloss latex. Porch also has hot tub and has been very humid at times. The knots in the wood have "popped" through the paint. What is the best way to cover? Have tried heavy-duty Kilz and they are coming through that.
  Question: We recently purchased a half log sided home which the previous owners painted grey. We would like to restore the exterior to a traditional log cabin color. Not sure if we want the cost and effort of cob blasting, do you have any recommendations for paint color?
  Question: We are residing our panabode log house. If I want to "shave" the joints back where the logs intersect, (so they are aren't jutting out when we put the siding over it), is there a limit to how much we can shave off? I am just concerned out it will look with the corners jutting out. Any other ideas as how to disguise the corners.
  Question: I have a panabode log house. We live in the norht and 40 below winters are not uncommon. We want to insulate the outside walls and then put a siding over the insulation. Any suggestions for the best type of siding? Hardy Plank has been suggested, but I am concerned about finding screws that will be long enough to go through the siding, 2 inch insulation and then into the log. Any suggestions?
  Question: can half log exterior siding be painted or doesnitnhave to be stained.
  Question: Great Site!
Q. Half log siding over tyvec and osb. I want to put half log on interior outside walls,That are 2x6 with Fiberglass insulation and plastic vapor barrior. then half inch sheet rock. Will putting the siding over the sheet rock cause the sheet rock to mold?
You have taught me much. Thank you.
  Question: Can log siding be placed over stucco - do you recommend applying tyvek first? Or does stucco need to be removed?
  Question: I have a log caboin built in 1948 and it needs alot of work but I feel that I might be able to handle it. Did you recommend that I try andrestore it?
  Question: We have a BC Red Cedar log home that had a leaky roof for a few years. Ater what seemed like a 2 month cold, my wife has been recently diagnosed with a strong allergy to mold. I was under the impression that Cedar is mold resistant, but could the leaking have created mold in the ceiling? The ceiling is vaulted, with a Cedar interior roof - then 12 inch 'non-cedar' joists - then plywood and shingles (now steel to address the leak). What is the reality of Cedar log homes and Mold?
  Question: I have what I believe is an 1850s era log house in NW Pennsylvania. I would like to insulate the roof and let a portion of the rafters remain exposed. About 15 years ago we had the roof replaced. The contractor removed the old tin roof and discovered the remnants of the wood shingles. They nailed plywood on top of the wood shingles and put down asphalt shingles and installed a roof vent. The roof is supported by about 6-8" pole rafters with 2x2s(?) that go across the poles (that is what the
  Question: I have a project involving the removal and replacement of log siding. My problem is how do I remove the existing siding that is bad as it is nailed at the top with the next log overlaping the fasteners. And second how do I re-fasten the new log as the tongue will be under the log above after installation.
  Question: HI i have a half log siding home and i used bear raw hide #13 stain and now it is pealing off what is the best way to remove the old stain,and install new stain thank you jim baldwin
  Question: We have a cabin with 2 x 8 pine 1/2 log siding which was pre finished with a linseed oil based stain in 2005. We have done nothing to maintain our siding since installation in 2005.
A siding refinisher has come out and power washed a small area and said that there is mold underneath the finish on the siding and that he would need to strip the siding and refinish it. The areas underneath my soffit have no mold growth. Does this seem accutate, he wants $11,000 to refinish.
  Question: we are building a house and there is a pole that can not come out so I was going to put a cedar log around it whis is the best way to do this so that it looks like a cedar tree going through the house
  Question: Which type of stain is better for Northern White Cedar half logs used for siding on a log home in Pennsylvania - oil or water based. Any brands you would recommend or suggest to stay away from?
  Question: For log siding, do you need to caulk between the logs (i.e., between the bottom of a log and the top of the log below it)?
  Question: I want to attach log siding to the concrete foundation wall for my log home. What method is recommended for fastening the log siding to the concrete?
  Question: I am a contractor building a Barnar log home . The corners in this home is full log and 9"3/4" wide. Barnar sup halg log siding is 9" wide.Barnar said that this was normal and that I must make them fit. I have never seen a log stretcher and am at a loss as to what I should do. I am now trying to fit the half logs in the center of the larger full log corners . I am then going to try and chenk between the half logs but feel that this is not the way. Help
Mis Matched wood.
  Question: Are hammer marks always expected on log siding? If not, is there a method or special hammer that should be used so hammer marks do not appear on the log siding?
Thank you
  Question: We built a stick frame home with pine log siding in central Illinois in 2006. At the time we stained the siding on both sides before installation. It was never sealed. What do you recommend now for routine maintenance? Washing? Staining? Sealing? From other answers a see that you recommend Timeless wood products - right?
  Question: We have a doublewide trailor house would like to put white cedar log ontop of what it has to make it a log mobile home can we do this and where can we find 1/2 white cedar logs we live in southeast missouri, what is good and bad points? Thank you
  Question: Have knotty pine siding on west side of house, gets lots of sun late afternoon, logs are sapping from sun, have tried scraping off in the fall and sealing it, but by the end of next summer same thing again. Is there some product to put on the knots to make them quit sapping?
  Question: Our house has white vynal, plastic siding can I nail half logs or logs over the vynal siding without taking the siding off? I'm afraid if I take the siding of the insulation will fall of too. What do I need to look for? Thank you for your answer.
  Question: I have a 40 year old Panabode with water damage and rot in one corner. The rot affects the bottom three logs and extends a maximum of one foot back from the corner. How do I cut and insert a corner while accounting for the saddle notch and weight on the corner. Thanks
  Question: Can log siding be installed over stucco? How much, ball park, would it cost to install log siding in this situation, per square? Thanks!
  Question: I have a home that was sided with 3x10 pine half log siding 7 years ago. I am seeing alot of logs that are turning black and have tried various things to clean, bleach, and even sand out the black, but there is so much of it and nothing seems to be working. Can you recommend a product or a suggestion of what the problem might be. I am in Northern Wisconsin if you could recommend a contractor.
  Question: The half log with bark trim was attacked by woodpeckers and is falling off. I want to replace all the trim. What do I have to do to keep the bark from peeling off and the woodpeckers away from boring? Thanks, Leslie
  Question: We have had old outside logs plalnked and want to put on the interior walls with a chinked look. Planks are .75" thick. Would half rods fit? Could we substitute a cheaper product for chinking since it is inside?
  Question: I am looking at buying home in northern Arizona. The appraiser made a big issue out of several cracks in some of the logs, especially some of the beams. Some were 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches deep. They sugguested that a structual engineer look at the home. How serious is this issue?
  Question: I have a 1918 log cabin with vertical log construction. Some of the logs are beginning to get soft and rot on the bottom end as it sits on the rock/cement foundation. Is there a good way to repair these? Or do the logs need to be replaced. If so, what is the best way to replace one of the logs. And how do I prevent further decay of the existing logs.
  Question: We purchased a home build in 1938 that has wood framing. On the exterior of the walls there is tar paper fastened to the studs and then half log siding nailed directly to the 2 x 4s through the tar paper. There is no plywood sheathing and there is no insulation in the walls. The interior walls are covered with wood planks that are also fastened directly to the 2 x 4s. The logs have never been chinked. You can see daylight where there are tears in the tar paper, and there are several gaps wi
  Question: We have a Real Log home - 17 yrs old. Due to poor maintenance, pretty much the entire back side of our house - the logs have began to rot. We do not have the funds to replace the logs. My brother-in-law is a builder. He has suggested cutting back the rot, sealing and putting on some type of cedar siding. Have you seen this done? Can you give me any other suggestions? We are in great need of help.
  Question: repairing water damage to interior logs
  Question: Local mill cut rough slabs (pine) in 1" to 3" thicknesses to simulate log construction . Plan to apply to sheathing on "exterior" walls of 2nd floor U-shaped barn loft which is actually in the covered bay of the barn. Texas. The barn interior/bay gets hot/humid. Tyvec or Tar paper, stain all sides, attach with screws, grid&chink. Worried that the natural slabs (twisted, bowed, cupped) will have voids between them and the sheathing ...and that moisture might accumulate. Suggestions apprecia
  Question: I've got exposed tails on the support for dormer roofs and the exposed pieces are splitting/discoloring. I'd rather not cut them off but will if I have to. I'm considering re-cleaning, filling cracks then covering with flashing... your advice?
  Question: We are having a cabin built in Minnesota with half log siding, the contractor has nailed it up with some of the seams where two pieces of siding are butted together are without the 22 degree angle and no where near a stud. Will this create problems? Should these seems be caulked? Should anything else be done?
  Question: can you restain over the log siding with a different color and do you have to use a paticular product to clean it first? Also does log siding need any special treatment for termites?
  Question: Hello,

We are putting northern white cedar half log siding on our home. I've stripped the old siding and put Tyvek over the sheathing. My questions are as follows:
1) Do we need to caulk in between each tongue and groove or between logs after install?
2) Should I use a good exterior deck screw to attach the siding or galvanized nails?
3) Is the finishing process: Borate, caulk, stain, then topcoat in that order?

Thank you in advance,
D. Jones
  Question: I have a Panabode log home built in 1975. I am doing an addition to the house and want siding to match. I called Panabode and they offer siding but not the half-round I need. They only have a rectangular type. I've called several places but none has a 5 1/2" stacking height half-round. Does anyone know where I can order this from? Preferably in or near British Columbia? Thanks!
  Question: Will corn blasting our log cabin damage the chinking between the logs?
  Question: Will cornblasting our logs damage our steel roof and steel clad window frames??
  Question: Pine log siding oozing pitch. One board is almost entirely white. What is the best way to get it off? Home is 4 yrs old with Sikkens 3 step finish.
  Question: Can chinking be used with Hardy Plank to give the appearance of Log Home? Plan to use under the front porch only.
  Question: i have a log cabin and part of a log is rotting due to the back splash of water. i need someone to fix this and then stain entire log cabin.also would like a quote on cornblasting. pete 207 893-2095
  Question: I need to restore cedar siding on a 22 year old cabin. I am looking for a recommended restoration company / individual in the northern Arizona region. Can you locate one for me? I appreciate your help.

  Question: i am going to build a 20x 30 cabin which i plan to use log siding on . do you reccomend any type of insulation over the sheating, i was just thinking of using tyvex. can the siding be installed with a nail gun ant hte last thing is what do you reccomend for a finish, do i have to stain the wood and then seal it . do you know of any instructional videos that would help. i understand the tongue and grove and how to install but im unsure about how to do the outside cornerd and the window trim t
  Question: i recently purchased a log home in the rochester/buffalo ny (pavilion to be specific) area. the home was purchased by foreclosure and was built about 15 years ago. the home appears to have had no maintenance that i can see. the west side of the house gets the wind and snow. a few logs below the windows are rotted quite a bit. the interior portion show no signs other than some water staining from previous leakage. i am looking for someone that can evaluate this and tell me what can be done. i am
  Question: My 1980 log home located in south central Ontario, 12" square pine logs, needs to be cleaned and stained. The gable ends are board and batton with some darkening. What is the difference between glass blasting or corn cob blastings? Which do you recommend? Any recommended contractors? Any recommended stains? Tks.
  Question: We are buying a log home in NH. In some parts of the house the logs have seperated where the two logs butt together and you can see daylight. What is the best solution to this? What kind of caulking should I use and how often does this happen?
  Question: I was looking at buying a 7-8 month old log cabin. It is too small (1200 sq. ft) and we wanted to put on an addition but were told by a builder that we would have to wait 2-3 years for the logs to settle before would could add on. Does this sound correct?
  Question: what is the best caulking to use for the money on log sidding?
  Question: I purchased some property that has an old log home on it with the square logs. I would like to sell it, but have no idea how much it is worth. Do you have any information to head me in the right direction?
  Question: I've been told that half-log is better than full log construction, b/c it's easier to install elec, insulation, and plumbing; right? Also, why do you recommend against white pine? Thanks.
  Question: I Have a local sawmill that can provide white pine rough cut boards, 2x8 for external log siding at a very competitive price.
I am considering installing them flat on an OSB cladded stick built house, with a chinking space. Each course of boards would be separated by a 1x1 wood spacer, allowing the remaing 1x1 void to be used for chinking.
Do you have any experience of such an installation?
  Question: Any log cabin home builders in the KY,WV,OH tri-state area? Need one who dose butt and pass style. Thanks
  Question: Can you recommend anyone in the Morganton, NC area who does log home cleaning and restaining ?
  Question: When installing half log real log siding, should the flat area of the log which is against the sheathing be sealed before being installed? We have tyvek installed over the sheathing.
  Question: I am building a 28x24 colinal barn. 2x6,16 on center. Concrete foundation,stone floor. I want to use 2x6 white cedar log siding end match nailed to studs. Do I need to put a sub-siding?
  Question: We are considering buying a two story log home that has been sided with vinyl siding. Ther second floor has been renovated with a new full bath and two small bedrooms replacing the master bedroom. The owners did the work which included a "flask" placed to support the new bath on the second floor. The house is located near the eastern Atlantic Ocean in NJ. Is there anyone with log cabin experience who could inspect or inform us of what maintanence the house will need in the near future. We w
  Question: I am building a home in NC using log siding (half D). I am confounded as to what type corners to use. Astetically I prefer sadlled but I am now being advised that they will quickly twist loose even if using kiln dried wood (yellow pine in my case). The alternative being proposed is round vertical corners. Do I need to give up on saddled corners and accept the reality of easier maintenance and better life of a vertical corner approach? If so, is there a particular vertical corner that works
  Question: Just bought a log home buitl in 1986. The interior walls have all turned dark and there is also water stains in places dut to a leaking roof an few years ago.
Can you suggest what I can do to fix the problem or recommend anyone who might be able to. live in western maine @ 1 1/2 hours north west of portland.

Steve Garbarini
  Question: How often do you have to stain the exterior and interior of a log cabin?
  Question: Our log siding has pulled away from the house in several places. The chinking is also pulled, cracked and separated. The siding was nailed in instead of screws. Do we need to screw all of the boards? Do we need to remove the old chinking before putting on the new chinking? This is all less than 10 months old.
  Question: I have a New England log home. They have been out of business for years. Where can I find suitable replacement logs. I am comfortable doing the work myself if I can simply find the logs. Richmond Va. area.
  Question: I'm interested in making my future home look like a log cabin one day - but I want the half-logs for the exterior, and log panels for the interior. I don't want to deal with bug problems and whatever else comes w/ owning a log home- do they make "artificial" logs? Maybe out of hardi-plank or something really durable? I don't want a house framed out of full logs. I couldn't deal with the maintenance that goes with it. Please let me know if they make artificial logs yet - or something to make
  Question: I have a 1930's log cabin with an addition added on both ends. Both additions are 2x4 construction. The original cabin and both additions were covered with log siding. When investigating the tamarack logs they seem in good condition. If i keep the log siding how would you insulate between the siding and logs? This cabin is on a large lake in MN with strong NW winds.
  Question: We are moving into a cedar home that has unmilled interior walls. The wood has not been cared for and is very rough and difficult to clean because of its roughness. We do not have the time and resources to do an entire sanding of the house. I was wondering if there is any sort of sealer or coating that can be put on before staining that will help smooth and gloss up our walls without sanding. I have heard of sanding sealers, is this something that could be used to coat over the roughness?
  Question: I have a log home which was built with pine logs and sealed with Menco stain. The home and coating is 3 years old. This year the surface on all of the exposed sides got a black stain on it which was more predominant the lower down the wall you come. What would be the best way to determine what is causing this stain. I have read about 4 or 5 things already that can cause black stains. Thanks.
  Question: I currently have a vinyl siding home, can you put logs over the vinyl siding to make the outside of the home look like a log home?
  Question: OK, it's early and I posted this question to the wrong area on this site. Oops. We have a cedar sided house that is trimmed in log around the windows, doors, corners and has full logs up along the roof. We are having it restained but don't know if the previous owners used oil or water based stain, although they said they got it from Sherwin Williams. How do we know and what do we do now? Should logs be stained with oil or water based stain - same question for the cedar siding - oil or wate
  Question: I would like to know where I can buy replacement logs for a log home.
Thank you

David Beach
  Question: We have purchased a home that the previous owners covered a log home with vinyl siding - yuk! What do you recommend to restore it back to a log home?
  Question: I have a log home built withfull 8"X8" "d" logs. I want to close in my garage door and can not find log siding the same height. Any suggestions?
  Question: We will build a log siding garage in Arkansas, with solid sheeting inside. Should we put tyvec behind siding and then put inside sheeting?
  Question: Currently having my log home restored, i.e. cob blast, borate, stain. Upper level is whole log but lower is half log. I was told that the sanding removed the galvanizing from the nails (half logs) and therefore these cannot be borate treated as it will create black blotches. What do you think?
  Question: We are trying to decide between Eastern White Pine, Western Red cedar or Northern White Cedar to use for a log home. The home will be our permanent residence and we live in central North Carolina. What are the differences between the three woods in regard to strength, durability over time, and color over the long run. I am concerned that the red cedar will turn brown and get very dark within a few years. Also I am wondering about the long term effect of using The white pine instead of a ceda
  Question: Historic Society has removed 6 layers of wallcoverings from interior flat cut log room, chinkings covered with flattened tin cans. We'll caulk around windows/doors. Can we also apply some sort of vapor barrier material before applying recreated (expensive) wallpaper?
  Question: We have an existing "Pan Abode" cottage that was erected in the early 60's. We have just completely stripped it of all its coats of stain and the logs now appear a blond colour.
My question is simply this:
1. should a pre treatment of some sort be applied before the stain?
2. What brand name stain is best and what clour of stain should we use in an attempt to keep it to its present blonde clour?

I should mention that the cottage is situated in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario Canada.

  Question: Do you know of any log home restoration compamies in Ont Canada. Irequire a few log replacments
  Question: I have a 1948 log sided cabin with reverse board and batten gables. It's a rare find and in great condition. Finish is generally in good shape, but the years of stain, and subsequently surface film finishes are of a bit rough. No blackening from UV or other wood damage, but some peeling of surface film and white opaqueness. I've been advised to (a) powerwash and apply a film coating, (b) cob blast; (c) glass blast; (d) walnut blast; (e) paint or solid stain; and (f) replace the siding. Op
  Question: We have started building a 20' by 20' log cabin. It is for occasional use. The logs are approx 5" on three sides and unmilled on the fourth (facing out) side. We are using butt and pass method with 16" rebar spikes, and half inch plywood spacers between logs. We are 4 logs up and I have set a 2 by 6 frame on two walls for windows. All windows and doors will stop at 84" high and then I plan to put 6" by 10" lumber as a tp plate for rafters to sit on.


I am worried th
  Question: We just purchased a chestnut log home constructed out of salvaged logs from old homes, barns, etc. The home is about 12 years.
We would like to seal the outside logs, deck and
railing. What product or porducts would you recommend? The house is very sound with no wood damage, decay or rot.
Marti Turner, Roanoke, Virginia
  Question: I have a log house and the inside walls are all pine. The pine is now yellowing and i no longer like the look of it.I was thinking of painting the pine what would this look like and what color would you recommend. The room in question is rather small and dark.
  Question: We have a log siding cabin that we think was stained with a clear Behr product about 20 years ago. Three sides have stood up well and we are wondering if we can use the Behr Log Home Gloss over the old stain on those sides. The south side will be sanded and the stain applied to the bare wood.
  Question: I recently bought a log home that has had a strange treatment done to the exterior. The previous owner painted the logs with a mixture of motor oil! (10w-30 to be exact) and stain with UV/insect killer. The logs look great. But I'm wondering if you know anything about this method.
Thank you.
  Question: We are putting pine half log siding on our cabin and we wanted to stain it a dark brown. We bought a gallon that looked good in the brochure, but when we put it on a sample it was too light. It was like it wouldn't soak in. The guy at the paint store just kept adding pigment to get it dark. Is that OK? Is there a different product or process we should use? Also, is it OK to stain once it's up vs before?
  Question: We have a cabin in central MN that has 1/2 log siding. There is an area on the side that is facing north that is green with mold, splitting and cracking away. What is the best way to fix that problem? Also, what would be the best way to clean 1/2 log siding. Thank you!
  Question: We have 1/2 log siding on our house, put on last August, and now have carpenter ants!!!!What do I do now?
  Question: bought a 9 yrs.old log home that had been stained with cwf-uv(redwood) every 3 yrs. and never cleaned or washed. we have owned for 6 yrs. and are going to restain. We appliedbleach and pressure washed. Some natural wood showing most of house still looks stained. Does it matter? What is the best stain?Does it need to be corn blasted?can you use a stripping agent?Can we just restain? Painter wants to strip with pressure washer and just stain over.I need log help in N.C.
  Question: We have a 12x20ft mountain cabin that has shifted sideways from top to bottom (about 2" out of sq). The cabin is a panabode with 2 large screws in each log drilled into the logs below. The cabin gets more snow on one side of the rood, despite being 9 ft of the ground, the roof is largely covered on one side.
How could we best pull her back into square and keep her square. Any advice ??
  Question: I have a log cabin home in Florida. I have several spot on the south and north sides where the logs are rotting it is about 1 1/2 inches deep and I have constant algae on the north side . I have had many different ideas suggested to repair the rotten spots. Wood Bondo, chip out rotten wood and replace with log siding. Please help. Thanks
  Question: What is the best method to make a pocket cut in a 6X8 rectangle log? I need to remove the rot and termite damage from some of my logs. Making many cuts with a circular saw seems to work but my shoulders are giving out.
  Question: I recently bought a log home and found that it needs log replacement, chinking and staining. I cannot find anyone in the Lake Luzerne NY area. Who can I call?
  Question: Do you know if any companies manufacture a chink/log vinyl siding?
  Question: we home a log home in southern illinois carbondale. We need a few logs replaced do you know of anyone in this area to do the job?
  Question: We just built a stick built home with log siding exterior. We heard sikkens is the best, is that true? Also, we need to spray on a solution for the boring bees, what is the best to use before we stain ? Thank You.
  Question: I am getting ready to start repair of my log home built in 1992. I wil be needing 12 in. round milled pine logs. Would you suggest replacing the full logs, or replacing with 1/2 log siding ? What is the best type of sealant/protection for the outside (upstate NY - lots of snow). Do you have any referrals for buying materials for this job ?
  Question: I have a small cabin I use for my shop.One log neededs to be replace. Is there any Web sites or books that shows how this is done.
  Question: I've noticed that most half log siding is manufactured out of 2x dimensional lumber. Is this durable? Should we take any special precausions when using 1/2 logs? And finally, is there a milling machine that will allow us to convert 2x material into our half logs?
  Question: I have a log home in need of repair but can not find someone in my area. I live Martinsburg W.V can you help?
  Question: I have a split sided log home that is in need of residing. I would like to use split log siding again. Do I have to remove the old siding? It is not rotted but the first owners painted it.
  Question: We have a 35 year old Lindol log cabin in Alaska, about 28 by 32 feet, with an original sloping roof. Logs are milled to 2 3/4 inches thick, by 5 inches wide, tongue up, groove down. What are some of the alternatives to improving insulation value, and strengthening/straightening the vertical walls, which are bowing noticeably. It has some insulated siding part way around and a steep metal roof added now. We would like to add on. Is this a practical possibility?
  Question: I have read that you recommend log homes not be pwer washed because too much moisture will stay in the log but what about log slab siding? I have a home with 2x6 framed walls sheathed and covered with log slabs. I have a lot of black stains which i assume is fungus/mold. i need to get rid of that and can't find anyone who does corn-cob blasting.
  Question: I am considering building with 12 x 12 timbers for the wall sections.What should be done to prevent moisture between the timbers.Thanks
  Question: I purchased a home that is partial log and partial log siding (most of it is siding) that has been painted it appears several times. I would like to take it all down to original and then stain. How do you remove the paint? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  Question: We have a 12 year-old wood frame house with pine log slab siding. It has been cleaned and treated twice with CWF-UV Clear Wood Finish. We are not impressed with CWF. Some sun-deprived areas have turned black. I suspect mold but one painting contractor believes its Tannin leaching from the log siding. Your thoughts? Should we wash with TSP/bleach mixture or corn-cob blast? What can we treat siding with to prevent mold re-forming? We like a clean, natural look.
  Question: i have a log home with solid log structure, several logs on one side of the house are rotten and need major attention, we are going to sell, do you have any references in my area .MARION, VA. 24354
  Question: I am repossessing a home that has half logs as siding. The north side has a rotted log and the south side has 3 logs that have pulled loose from the structure. It looks like the house was built in 1979. I am looking for someone to assess the damages and possibly repair. The house is located in Southern Illinois. Do you have any idea who I could contact? Thanks for any help that you may be able to give me.
  Question: I have a log sided home in Payson Arizona. My home faces towards the northeast, and on the southwest side our siding has been weathered pretty bad. The wood is still in good condition, but the surface is rough and checked. I heard somewhere that there is a product that can be applied first to the complete surface of the siding and that would fill/and seal the siding before putting on the finish. Is that possible or is there a better way? Thank you.
  Question: We own a log home building which was a kit from Northeast Log Homes (pine?). The building has not been stained for 7-8 years since it was new. The different weather exposures have weathered the building unevenly. What is the recommended cleaning, treating, staining and caulking procedure in a step by step process to restore the exterior? There is no evident rot so it is simply a maintenance procedure we need. Thanks!
  Question: we just have dormors and a little in the front how much does it cost
  Question: We are considering the purchase of a hand hewn log home built in 1976. I'd like to know what I should do to check it out properly, what kind of maintenance will be required over time, and how are log homes in terms of insulation. Also, the wife would like to know if it's ok to hang pictures into the wood. I figure.... why not?
  Question: We are looking at a log home to buy which was built in 1992. On the interior we see water staining on the walls around butt joints between logs. We also notice a fair amount of rusting of the metal baseboard heaters. Why would so much moisture be getting in? How concerned should we be about the integrity of the logs? How do we go about fixing the staining on the interior? Thank you for your help!
  Question: I was told that we could repair our logs that are rotting by taking out the rot and filling with epoxy? Do you have any advice for small portions of rot on a log where was exposed to too much snow and ice,,?
please let me know
Also do you know who does log home repair in Maine?
  Question: In a previous question about maintenence on a 'full log' home, you gave the following response:

You should plan on budgeting at least $2000 per year for maintenance..... the time will come to strip the old finish off, and that can cost....$10,000 to $20,000....It will need constant inspections......

My question: Is it the same, for a stick built house that just has 'half log' siding on it?
  Question: Hi, I have a log cabin built around 1930 out of chestnut. The logs are obviously hand hewn, uneven, small in diameter - I think the corners are butt and pass. We would like to add an addition to the house and keep it authentic looking. Cost will be a consideration-so I was considering a frame structure. Can you recommend any type of realistic looking siding? Thanks.
  Question: i have read that you recommend using a palm sander with 50 rit sandpaper to sand logs. would an orbital palm sander work on half log siding?
  Question: I have a half log sided cabin and am in need of a couple of replacement logs and log ends . I live SW Ohio. Who should I contact.
  Question: Can an existing solid exterior log wall (6"x8" "D" shaped logs) be covered over with siding such as: cedar board, Hardiplank, half-logs, etc. without causing a moisture problem between the logs and the siding. If so, where (in what sequence) would you install vapor and rain barriers(Tyvek) and perhaps a layer of foam insulation? Thanks!
  Question: Is latex caulk from a place like Home Depot a good substitute for something like Permachink's Energy Seal? (the cost is a lot less but I don't want to use latex caulk if it's an inferior product). Thank you!
  Question: Log siding with decaying "tails" or " butt passes", I plan on cutting off and corner boarding, then restaining. Sound reasonable?
  Question: We are in the process of having some decayed logs repaired and the repairer is confident that he can leave some of the logs that are rotted completely through into the inside simply by covering the outside and applying borate to the exposed rot. This rot is substantial some even having the consistency of powdered dirt and as I stated goes much farther into the log than they are repairing. I don't feel comfortable paying for a job that is leaving me with a half rotten log covered with a piece of
  Question: I have a log side home that has been painted
what would you recommend to take the paint off so that it can be properly stained
  Question: I have a doublewide and would like to put log siding on. Is that possible?
  Question: problem with my interior log are that they have alot of grey look to them how do i make them look new..thank tim
  Question: Where can i find artificial log siding? I seen it once and have not been able to find out anything about it. It looks like a beautiful log house after applied but it is artificial half logs. Can you help me locate this type of siding?
  Question: I am building a frame house with half log siding. I am trying to find someone in the kansas city area that could build me a log railing system for a stairway. Any references or suggestions would be appreciated.
Jon Collum
  Question: We are purchasing a home in northern Minnesota. It has log SIDING on the home and on the garage. Is there anything we should look for to make sure that the SIDING has been kept up over the years? Are we going to have to put special stain on it or anything or is that basically for log homes?
  Question: we have log siding, we just stained one whole side of the house, we do not like the color it is darker than what we had on. is it possible to some how remove this stain and put a lighter stain on?
  Question: We are considering buying an existing 25 year old log home which has been covered with vinyl siding. We would like to restore it back to it's original look. What should we be aware of, any tip would be welcome. Have you ever encountered this before? They said they did this bccause they were never satisfied with the chink.

Thank you
  Question: can you buy pine log faceing to put on a wall to make it look like a log caben inside if so whear and do you no how much
  Question: I've noticed varying gaps between the logs in my home. It appears that the logs are twisting.Where the edge of one log twists up and an adjacent one twists down, the gaps are becoming quite substancial. Is this normal settling? Or is ther cause for concern? Is there any way to minimize this?

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