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  Question: We once put tung & grove on our bathroom & kitchen walls as we had black mould we kept cleaning off, it cured it, as we looked behind wood 4 weeks later it was clean, now have a porch which isent raining in but has a few wet patches, will tung & groove insulate & the walls & stop the wet like it did with the mould in the other rooms, ive a dehumidifyer on at the moment & a radiator?
  Question: I currently live in a log home that was built in 1989 these tongue and groove ceilings have some white and black mold on them what can I do to take care of this can I send them and stain them it is only at the peak of the ceiling also when it is warm outside in the winter the ceiling tends to drip moisture do you know why this is and what I could do to prevent it from dripping?
  Question: What is the best way to keep my interior log walls clean and shining ? Oily polishes attract dust. Thank you.
  Question: I recently purchased a log home that was built in 2003. The interior logs in the bedroom are getting a white haze. It seems that the varnish/polyeurethene is starting to age and has a white haze. The logs are pine and stained natural. What do I need to do to correct this? Thank you
  Question: Hello,

We have a scandanavian log home. Ive noticed the house is very dry with ALOT of static. Being this is not a conventional home, does the humidifier need to be set differently? We've tried turning it up but no change in the static and dryness.
Any info/advice would help
  Question: I have a 10 year old log home .the logs are white pine . The interior logs were covered with clear sikkens finish as recommended by log manufacturer when constructed. The logs look great but the knotty pine areas are darkening . A lot of the knots now look black . None of the flat white pine is discolored- only the knotty areas of the logs. Is this a normal color change over time and should this be expected . It appears to be a uniform change thru out the house which is all logs. Thank you for
  Question: I moved into a log cabin with knotty pine interiors. Within an hour my asthmatic symptoms were exacerbated and have been getting worse daily. Could I have an allergy to the knotty pine even though it has been sealed. If so,is there anything I can do aside from moving? Thank you.
  Question: Hi.

I've been researching log cabins for a short story I'm writing for a creative course. It's supposed to be set in the late 19th century (1970s) in Alberta, Canada and it must respect historical facts. I've read a few biographies and descriptions of real life adventurers who left Europe for Canada, thus discovering lots of interesting things I can use to give my story a natural feel (eg. those insects called 'sawyers').

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything about how they kept the
  Question: We have a panabode log home that was built about 23 years ago ( had been previously assembled) we are now experiencing occasional leaks through knot holes and between logs. We also have a seasonal problem with ants and bees. Suggestions as to how to stop these pests as well do we need to caulk? Reseal this home
  Question: 1. We recently bought a 1973 log cabin. I have no idea if or when tge inside logs were sealed. Dies it hurt to seal them again and what do you recommend for sealing.

2. We are in north Georgia where it's been very humid this summer. Starting to notice some white powdery stuff on inside walls. Is this mold? If so what's the best way to thoroughly remove. Thanks.
  Question: I have 3 rooms that have tounge and groove popular boards on the walls and ceilings that has
Been polyurethaned. What is the best product to clean with so it does not mess with The poly or hurt the walls
  Question: I have cypress walls and sheetrock on top of my cypress walls and they got wet from a flood warter went down what should I do
  Question: I have bought a property which was built in 1850 and during the last 70 years additional pine beams have been added which I have now had sandblasted. Please can you advise how I should treat the beams - wax? varnish? Many thanks
  Question: House built in 1976.two story, peaked, Greatroom has exposed sawn beams along all corners and along ridge line. A wall of windows facing south has stain damage as well . Old water stains have left dark abstract patches on most of the surface. The water problem was corrected long ago but the stains were never addressed. What can be done now ? Chemical or physical solutions ? Will need a contractor because of height and extent of work.

thanks for ANY ideas or links !!!
  Question: Some of the red pine logs near my stove are splitting probably due to the heat. Do I need to repair them?
  Question: My Husband is building a Log Home, so What can I use on the interior walls of a Red Cedar Log Home to Seal the logs to get rid of the "Cedar Smell". I love the Look but cannot tolerate the smell, eyes and nose burn and Divorce is out of the question after 42 years! So I Need suggestions and Quick! Thanks<><
  Question: I have a friend who has an antique cypress wood beam from a structure that belonged to his family. The beam was left out in the rain recently and I'd like to help him find out if 1. The water is harmful to a piece of wood like that and 2. If so, what the process would entail to restore and protect the integrity of the piece from further damage. I don't think the plan for the piece is to be functional but more of a historical memento for display. Any information would help, thank you!
  Question: The interior ridge beam and tung and groove ceiling is turning black on south end of log home. There is some moss growing shingles in that area. I see no water leaking in but I see some wood particals have falling from the area telling me maybe powder beetles. Can you tell me the fix for this? Thank Gary
  Question: My children have inherited their uncle's log cabin. He was the owner almost 20years. He did not believe in cleaning! ! The logs have many, many years of dust,
He was a smoker. The cabin was built late 30's early 40's. The longs have never been treated. The good news no mildew, or mold. They are dry as a bone! What should they use to clean the logs? Thank you for taking my question . I will look forward to your answer. Pat

  Question: Hello. I like the look of a log cabin home. So, I just looked at a log cabin for sale and the cedar smell of the stained interior wood walls & ceiling was overwhelming, since I am very sensitive to smells. What product (other than a basic stain blocker like Kilz latex possibly) and/or technique would you recommend to block the smell of the cedar and how effective would it be if applied correctly, since it bothered my teenage son's asthma as well? White is ok if I have to lose the natural wood l
  Question: i have a small summer house which is 8 years old . it quite damp at the bottom on outside only. i have jetwashed the dirt and mould and have now sanded but there is lots of dark areas which look a bit like mould in the wood. please advise
  Question: hand hewn oak logs, top two logs are pegged on end though dove tail notch. Is this all that holds the roof on? wind won't lift it? All that was there originally, do I do something else now? Re-assembling on new site. thanks
  Question: How do you repair/cover outdoor Vega beams that have splitting areas at the bottoms
  Question: We just bought a 30+ yr old log cabin. The interior walls are water stained from some time ago. Can the water stain mean mold? And what can we do do remove the stains and make sure they are safe? Thank you!
  Question: I have a Mennonite log home builder that cuts short leaf yellow pine logs in January and then builds in the spring to late fall with them. He stores them outside without cover so they are exposed to the weather and I am concerned about them being too wet to build with. He builds using full logs so it has the hand crafted look. However, he mills them flat on flat to stack the walls and then chinks them with log jam. Will I have maintenance issues down the road.
  Question: We are wanting to purchase a 28 yr old log home but need more space for a while until the kiddos move out. There is a loft above the kitchen/dining and its open above the living room. Would it be reasonable to put a sort of plywood flooring above the ceiling joists to create another sort of temporary room upstairs?
  Question: Our home was built in 2004 from hand hewn logs. We've only been living here 6 months and I've noticed that black, vertical lines have started to appear on the interior logs. Most run from ceiling to floor. The walls have never been treated inside. I'm afraid sanding may be our only option to remove them. But I'm most concerned with what is causing them. Any ideas?
  Question: I have a norther white cedar home. stain is natural silken. The carpenter bees moved in and now the large woodpecker have taken large pieces out of logs.What putty should I use so it will stain to match. Store bought turns yellow.
  Question: Should a 7 year old Pine log stair case have a lot of deep cracks in it. Some are half way through the logs and split a 1/2 inch
  Question: AZ house Porch roof (2000)support log exposed - appears to never have been stained. The part that is exposed to sunlight is black, inside looks like unstained wood- we've sanded most of the black stuff off. Putting a dark brown stain on it. Do we need to get all the black off. Do we stain and put a sealer over the stain. Thx
  Question: I have natural logs in a 35 year old
Mountain house in a dry climate (colorado). In last several months we have very heavy dust in house,. Considering oil on logs but unsure? Tired of excessive dust. Suggestions?
  Question: The walls in our washroom are white pine. They have small white spots. Do I have to sand all the walls, and what is the best urathane to use? Thank you.
  Question: Do you have to use anything on car siding if used indoors or can you leave it like it comes?
  Question: how to clean log sided walls in bathroom, i have dust from talcum powder on the walls. the log sided walls have a clear coat finish on them.
  Question: Hello ~ we purchased a home in AZ this last Sept. There's several exterior beams with wide cracks. I'm assuming they are natural. The house was built in 2003 and I don't think the beams have been treated in years. Do we fill the cracks, stain and seal or do we need a professional to look at this?
  Question: Mildew on one corner of log cabin room and on back wall and under couch
  Question: what is the best way to clean interior logs?
  Question: I hired a painter to stain the exterior of my cedar manufactured log home. (flat logs about 31/2 " thick.) He hit it first with a pressure washer & the carpet is now wet along all exterior wall areas. some of the water migrating a foot or two in to the carpet & pad. We are now pulling all the carpet back to but fans on it but don't really know if this is going to save the carpet. Should have he known this might happen & is this a normal occurrence? We live in snow country & have never experienc
  Question: I have an old farm house my dad built in 1940 that is 100% toung and groove pine throughout the interior. What would be the best way to bring the wood walls back to a lighter patina. It has darkened with age and dirt and also does not smell fresh. I know it is not a log home, but think that log home interior methods may work. Thanks!
  Question: we are restoring a log cabin over 100 years old what do we use for the upstairs ceiling rafters are not such that we can just leave exposed thought about tongue and groove but not sure that would be in keeping with that period
  Question: Hi, I have a 5 yr old log home I recently purchased. The logs have never been stained or sealed. On the interior there is a grayish, colour randomly throughtout the logs. It looks like smoke, it's it's not, just the best description I can give. What can u suggest I do/use to remove this prior to staining, I live in Ontario Canada. Thanks
  Question: 3 questions:1. Carpenter bees/bore bees, what is the best way to prevent them from attacking your home. 2. Underneath the two upstairs bedrooms on all the counters and dressers is this dust. No termites no bug infestation just a saw dust covering. The ceiling is just a laid kinda dovetail floor. It only starts falling when kids romp around , is there something we can do to prevent this? 3. The cabin is white pine 17 year old with natural splitting in the wood,would it be good to seal all those
  Question: We are in the planning on installing pine tongue and groove inside our existing brick home. It will be put on over the existing sheetrock. My wife doesn't want to use a gloss urethane, as she prefers a more natural look. My question is, do we need to use anything at all? What would happen to the wood over time if left untreated? Thanks
  Question: I have a mobile home 25 years old, I am getting a large amount of white dust from everything, I assume is from this white ceiling, I have 2 air purifiers and still have a good bit of dust, I feel like it's coming from the ceiling what type of sealer on paint could I put up there to cut down on the dust
  Question: We are finishing our basement and plant to leave the rough cut hardwood ceiling joists exposed (100 year old home). I have cleaned them with wirebrush, soap, and water. Do you recommend tung or linseed oil or other finish to enhance the grain. OR is it best to leave unfinished.
  Question: I am considering purchasing a log home that was built in 2003. The logs are pine. They are tongue and grooved on top of each other. About 5 years ago the previous owner power washed the cabin. With to much pressure, he blow water through the logs where the ends meet and were caulked; not through the tongue and grove. There are water marks on the inside walls where the water ran down. He did this to almost all the outer walls. I have been in the cabin when it is raining and when the snow is
  Question: We have a 10 year old log cabin in GA and just noticed a dark brown syrup dripping down an interior wall. We've been here 6 years and never experienced this before. Any suggestions?
  Question: a stell building system to build a church life enrichment center has been laying on the ground in rainy soaked weather for 5 years. is the metal any good? must the metal be ispected for severe corrosin & cracks/ ca the metal be used to stand up the metal building after years of sitting in foul weather? How must we proceded to use this metal safly? WILL CODE ENFORCEMENT APPROVE THE USE OF THIS STEEL MATERIAL?
  Question: We live in Alberta in the mountains, and we have a cedar log home and real wood floors. What should the humidity be kept at. We are finding that we are having water leak down the walls inside. Are humidity is being kept at about 40 - 45. We also have our fireplace going almost 24-7 unless real warm outside. We also get alot of chinnoks in this area. Is the humidity to hight in our home.
  Question: Do interior roof truss brackets required periodic torqueing?
  Question: My mother built a log cabin in Maine in 1987 and claims log cabins cannot be left unheated in the winter or they will heave and warp and crack. Is this true?
  Question: I have a cedar pole headboard and rails that was stored in a basement, the cedar has a grayish tint to it. Can this Cedar furniture be renewed? I believe the wood has never been finished.
  Question: Question I have a fairly new 2000 sq ft reg brick home 3 car garage kind of horseshoe shaped. Do they make a complete kit I could do the whole entire exterior in 8 inch d logs to completely convert to log exterior. Then is it available to to all the interior in the rustic log side and beams! I want a total log home but where I live. Mustang ok there's absolutely no property available with acreage I have 5 horses 6 acres here like I said almost new home very nice but not the log I want ! I
  Question: We just had white pine shiplap installed on the wall containing a gas fireplace. We are not sure if we should stain it or paint it.
Before it was installed, we had the shiplap in the house for about 6 days.
If we stain it, what do you recommend for products and process?
If we paint it, what do you recommend for products and process?
Thank you!!!!!!
  Question: I have marks on my sealed pine D-Log walls where my pictures were hung. I need ideas on how to make these areas blend in with the rest of the wall
  Question: I did a remodel on an 80-yr old lob cabin. Have lived here now for several years but all of a sudden I am noticing that the chinking on exterior walls (kitchen) is "weeping" inside. Checked the outside walls - no moisture at all. Only inside. There is enough moisture building to then run small lines of moisture down the logs inbetween the chinking. Where could this be coming from? Ceiling is not wet - just the chinking on the walls.
  Question: We bought a home with Vega poles in the ceiling and they are splitting down the middle. Should we worry about them coming down?
  Question: We have flat log walls in our home. They have water stains on them. How can we get rid of the water stains. These logs have not been treated with any products.
  Question: I have done my living room in reclaimed cypress lumber I planed and sanded but i am unsure about putting a clear sealer or anything.. I would really like to leave it natural but I'm afraid of it making the home dusty. What would the dust factor be finished or unfinished?
  Question: We are building a home with 3 decorative milled turned logs in the interior. They are standing up on knife blades and not attached to anything else. We want to enjoy the look and smell of them for years to come. How should we best finish them? I have read that the Osborne brush would improve the rough finish? Is there anything to prevent the logs from turning color yet still let the scent through?
  Question: We're building a log home. The logs were put up last December. Now the 1/2 logs are being installed and there is a big difference in the color. We were waiting until all the siding was up to apply the stain and clear coat finish. What can we do so that everything matches once we apply the stain?
  Question: We had some log benches made for a park I am in charge of, they were made of ash from trees cut down in the park , after completion {5 months after trees were felled}they developed deep cracks which we expected but the bottom were people will sit has a fairly large crack full 7 feet of length. I am concerned this will hold water and freeze and open up crack further and cause rot. What would be the best solution to deal with this? Should we try to fill and if so what kind of filler should we use?
  Question: is is possible to build a log cabin interior with a standard vinyl outside and as an addition
  Question: Im wanting to build a log house out of yellow pine logs. I cut my logs in nov and dec of last year (2014) when the sap was the lowest. we hand peeled over a hundred logs. approx. size 14-24 inches in diameter. the logs are off the ground but laying outside in the weather.
will my logs be ok and not start decaying by this coming spring 2016? thank you for any help??
  Question: I am adding an 8x8 enclosed breezeway to my log cabin,which will be attached to a heated salon in the garage for my wife, what is the best way to join the 2x6 wall to the logs and seal outside wall and roof against the logs from the elements. This addition will be heated. Thank you for your time!
  Question: We live in a log home, the interior walls are rough logs. Dust sticks to the walls,it's terrible! What is the best way and easiest way to remove this dust, it's everywhere. The walls have chin king between the logs
  Question: One room in my log cabin on the bottom flat board of the wood.
Seems to be not as shiny as the other wood but I marked it and there was a section of this less shiny wood but seems to be growing dull and bigger. I haven't done any maintenance like what I am reading now with the murphys oil to make it shiny. The change of wood seems to be growing further down the plank.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated plus I have a picture if needed. First time log cabin owner
  Question: We live in a 30 year old Linda solid cedar log home in Southern Ontario. As part of our kitchen remodel I would like to insulate (rigid styrofoam) and drywall the exterior cedar walls. As logs need to breath should I use a house wrap first or a vapour barrier. Thanks
  Question: I am having pine plank floor g installed in log oiled cabin. Can I use log oil on floor?
  Question: Will rain hurt or ruin untreated pine siding?
  Question: Hello.
Own a 20+ log kit home. 7 inch square logs covered with siding on exterior.
Home was corn cob blasted in August of 2012. Followed by an application of Woodguard Cedar Honey. Clear coat applied following summer in 2013. How soon after can I expect to do anything? Best solution for cleaning before applying another coat? Do I stain again or just seal? Appreciate your advice.
Thank you.
  Question: We have a true redwood, tongue & groove, "D" style, cabin. It was a kit that was built in the early 60s. We have re-stained the outside a couple of times, but are now looking to give the inside a good cleaning. What would you recommend that we use to spruce it up?
  Question: Hello, We installed a knotty pine tongue and groove ceiling mid-summer/a few months ago. Now, the fall temperature drop, furnace running, etc., seems to be triggering cracking noises. It is finished with water-based polyurethane, nailed up in the tongue and perimeter, and also glued to the existing ceiling with a strong construction adhesive. Is it normal to hear cracking noises with this new ceiling, or should I worry? Thanks!
  Question: We have a lot of checking in our beams and logs which I know is normal. One of our A-beams, however, has split all the way to the edge. How can I restore the structural integrity? Thanks.
  Question: Hi we just purchased a log home in northern Wisconsin that is 80 years old. I believe the logs are pine. It's very dark inside and would like to whitewash the inside. Is it okay to white wash? And if so what products could I use?
  Question: We bought a log home in the Black Hills that has log railing around the deck. The tops of the railings are blackened and very weathered/splintered. What do we need to do to refinish/protect the railing? i'd hate to have to replace it. The deck gets lots of sun exposure, by the way. Thank you!
  Question: The interior of my log home has FLAT log walls and some of the logs/boards are discolored ranging from gray to almost black. On some it's almost the entire log/board and on others just a portion. It's not "growing" like mold, but I'm wondering what it is and how to get it back to the original log color. The walls don't seem to have stain or anything on it bare wood.
  Question: What is the recommended mixture of Clorox to water for a power washer when cleaning log siding that has not been stained?
  Question: Hi do you know where I can buy something that will cover 2x4 lumber that would like log's. I would like to make my back porch look like a country porch. Thank you so much God Bless you and your family. Tommy
  Question: On my second story in one corner mid section I have tiny white particles falling from the rough cut lumber. I cannot tell if the timber has ever been treated. What is the best remedy for stopping the flaking?
  Question: I am having a cabin built and the color of the interior side of the logs is quite different than the tongue and groove wood that has been installed above the actual logs. It should be noted that the logs were subjected to a couple of months of winter weather and have weathered because of delays in getting a roof on. The builder bleached the logs before applying a clear polyurethane but the color of the logs and T&G is still quite different. The builder says that the logs and T&G will get close
  Question: My 35 yr old red pine log home in far northern PA has always been maintained with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and turpentine. It appears to be ready for another coating, especially on the South facing wall. Should I continue this same mixture or a switch to a modern stain/product?
  Question: We have a whole log cabin built in 1928 of pine from the surrounding woods (in northern Wisconsin). Over the years, we have protected the exterior with wood so that the snow cannot penetrate the wood (the logs have been stained and protected regularly). Is there an easier way to keep the snow away from the house? The pieces of wood are heavy and difficult to manage.
  Question: I have two issues I need help with:
1 - I need to clean the interior log walls in my cabin. The logs are almost 50 yrs old and I doubt they have ever been cleaned. They also have a large amount of dust on them from
construction renovations. What product should I use?
2 - there is a strange odor left over from the previous owner who was a severe smoker. What is the best way to remove residual odors from the logs?
Thanks for the help!
  Question: We have a Norwegian Log Home in Northwest Colorado that has white cobweb-like mold visible along the cracks in the logs throughout much of the house. How should we go about assessing whether or not we have irreparable damage to the structure?
  Question: I have a log cabin cottage built in 1937. I am finding fine sandust on the floor below one of the roof trusses. Not sure what type of insect and how to deal with it
  Question: Installed a knotty pine outdoor porch ceiling a few years back. I put on a couple of Coates of semi gloss sealer and it needs a couple more coates this summer. There is a few minor spots of mold starting to develop. Can I power wash knotty pine? Should I sand moldy areas? If so What grade sand paper? Thanks!
  Question: im planing staining my log home and want to get the pine sap off the logs before staining the home
  Question: We are building a home. We have pine through out the house. The doors we installed are getting mold on them. We are not living there yet but how do I clean the mold off and stop it?
  Question: I have cypress tongue and groove on the inside of my home. I had several pictures hanging on it and now that I have taken them down you can see where they were hanging (that area is lighter than the surrounding wood). Anything I can do to match the different shades?
  Question: I have a screened porch finished in T&G pine. The pine was coated with water based clear finish. Over the winter, black mould looking spots have shown up in random areas on the pine. What do you recommend for removal?
  Question: I am buying a new home and we close in 2 weeks. I went yesterday and noticed lots of sap seeping through the vaulted ceiling wood plank down the center. The plank was painted (!!) white so the sap is very obvious. I'm worried about health hazards for asthmatics/high allergy family. What do I do?
  Question: (Wrong email before!)I have installed beetle kill pine as exterior ceiling on porch. I want to maintain the blue hues. First do I need to seal it? If so, what should I use that won't change the colors and how would you apply the product?
  Question: I have installed beetle kill pine as an exterior ceiling on porch. I want to maintain the blue hues. First is it necessary to seal? And if so, what should I use that won't change the colors and how would you apply the product?
  Question: How do I clean my wooden interior walls and doors? They are finished with a dry stain (not sure of the correct lingo.) If I use anything damp, it seems to lift some of the stain. I have 5 kids and lots of fingerprints! Help! Thank you!
  Question: Is a steam injected humidifier a good choice for a
2000 sq.ft. cedar log (Panabow)home?
  Question: The 6X6 vertical support beams in our 24 year old cabin are twisting and some significant cracks have developed. Some are open at least 1/2 inch. I am considering drilling 1/2 holes through the beams and putting steel plates on the log faces perpendicular to the faces with cracks. Comments?
  Question: Why do loghomes have issues with icedams?
  Question: We have a cabin built in 1992 using recycled old hand hewned square beams from old barns and cabins.All of these cabins in this mountain development in NC were built this way with modern upgrades. We use it as a vacation home, but no matter what time of year we go there, as soon as we open the front door there is an unpleasant oder that has to be aired out. We have trying various cleaning agents on the log walls and pine floors for 6 years and can't seem to eliminate it. It has a modern basemen
  Question: Does white pine tongue and groove have to be stained
that is on the inside?
  Question: I had a 15' beetle pine ceiling installed above 8' painted walls in an A-frame style living room. Is it necessary or preferable to put a coating on it, or can I leave it to turn gray. Pros and cons.
  Question: What is the best treatment for a new cedar log stair rail with changing the color. Do not want a shiny finish
  Question: Hi. Im plan on building a log house out of 6" by 10" square logs that will be half dovetail notched on ends. My question is im cutting the logs myself and wont to know how long should i let them air dry out before starting to build with them. i have them striped and stacked. Thanks
  Question: Hi. I have pine siding in my home with the rough side facing out. Being rough, it attracts dust and cob webs can be difficult to remove as they stick nicely to the rough wood. I vacuum it. It is looking like there needs to be some life put back into the wood. What do you recommend for rough side out interior wood? Help! Thank you!
  Question: I bought a house, and the ceiling is made with wood instead of drywall... do i have to mantain it with anything?to keep it. What do i do to keep it healthy?i guess
  Question: Hello. We are looking to buy a home in the Pacific Northwest, Longview-Washington. We know nothing about log/wood homes. I'm wondering how they hold up in the wet rainy weather, and some ice storms in the winter. Is there someone I can send pictures to so they can look and give us suggestions on how we would maintain this home, and what type of wood this is? With no insulation how hard are these homes to heat and cool? Thanks.
  Question: I have been living in my log home for a year now (built in 1979-80) and I noticed some black liquid dripping from between my knotty pine ceiling panels. The substance hardens and can be scrapped away but is slightly sticky. What is this liquid and what is my best course of action? Thank you very much for your time.
  Question: We bought some old family land which has a 1936 old original logs which are in most part good shape. The outside is the problem, there is some chinking gone but the logs have been sprayed black with white chinking 2-3" gaps between logs. We are considering putting vinyl over it and adding onto the house to save money. Any ideas if we could strip the black and put back an original log/red color and what cost could run us. Everyone hates for us to see our heritage go to vinyl siding, but really do
  Question: How can i keep 6" pine boards,on my ceiling from curving on there ends?They have been nailed through the tongue and they are seperating.
  Question: Just bought a log home that had some pipes burst last winter. This caused some dark and light colored water stains on interior. Sanding only option? Any products? What kind of stain should I use for a natural finish? Would a darker stain hide the water stains? What's the process to clean and stain interior logs? Thanks.
  Question: I have to very old I'm guessing Spanish door panels. Someone must have stripped them. They are dull and rough looking. What can I do to give them some life without taking away the beauty of looking so old?
  Question: What height do you put the knotty pine up from the floor on the walls?
  Question: We cut red cedar post (Oklahoma) this weekend to replace the post on our porch. Do we need to treat them? Dry them? or what before we install them on the porch. Tired of painting the white decrative post we currently have. Will then shrink in height this summer? Help!
  Question: I have rough cut cedar trim in my log home , I put polyurethane on it to protect it, running my wood stove caused it to look like white paint was splattered on the trim what can I use to remove it without damaging the wood
  Question: Hello Log doctor,
Can to much polyerothane cause toung and grove knotty pine to split?
Thank you, Joanne
  Question: Hi, should we avoid buying a 1980 NC log home because of the cheap interior panelling? The outside looks good, but we're afraid of the panelling hiding mold or damage that an inspector can't see.

We could just see the logs behind it in the cutout for the hearth, so if they did insulate they didn't do a good job. No leak marks are visible on the ceiling and the roof looks good, as does the exterior chinking. Why would anyone put in cheap panelling if it wasn't for insulation? Could that t
  Question: Our log home is 27 years old and it is located in the woods with one acre open around it (in Western NY State). On the inside, the logs have areas with black "STUFF" and I see what appears to be white power, especially in the logs over the shower. Is this mold of some kind and what do I use to clean it? VERY CONCERNED.
  Question: I'm looking at a modest size log home for possible purchase. Have yet to see inside but am told by neighbor that many improvements have been made. The outside looks solid but the logs clearly need a new external finish/treatment for long-term preservation. I'm going to guess the cabin covers around 1600 square feet. What would I be looking at to provide external protection for the logs, what would be the best material to use, and what time of year would be best to do it?


  Question: We have an 11 year old poplar log home (round hewn logs). We are almost ready for stain after removing the old stain. All of the logs are covered with a porch about 7' deep that surrounds the house so they do not get direct weather. However, the previous homeowner did not repair a roof leak and there are a few areas where water has left a line vertically down the logs. In addition, by the time we got back to the front of the house the bottom 2 logs (from sun) had grayed. Will log renew cor
  Question: We moved into our cabin this past February and its our first time owning a cabin. I have noticed some greenish grey mold like stains on the interior walls and am pretty sure the wood is untreated. My question is how do I stop this and what can I use to scrub the walls and remove the stains without harming the wood?
  Question: I have a log home with a red tint color, how could I whitewash or lighten the inside logs
  Question: we have pine beams in our house that in the spring condensation drips off. it is a mess. we live in san diego. any solutions? thx
  Question: I have a log house built in 1980's. There is a few rotten logs with white fuzzy mold on and around the cracks on the exterior walls. What is the most cost efficient and best way to get rid of this mold.
  Question: My daughter and family have an amish built log home was built 3 yrs ago they are now getting mold in windows and frost on the inside of their daughters room why and what do they do about this
  Question: I'm going to be working with green beams. After I've finished my project, which will be inside my home, will applying a natural oil to the wood over time prevent checking and cracking? I'm thinking about tung oil right now, but I'm looking at other oils as well. I'm thinking several applications each year as it air dries. Will this work?
  Question: I have an 18x18 log cabin and the left wall is leaning outward (about 4" out of plumb from bottom to top) and pulling the front and back walls out of place slightly. The right wall is built around the chimney and is sturdy so the front and back are pulling loose from this wall. I have a lot of experience in heavy construction (but not residential or timberframe) so advanced or complicated techniques are welcome, I can handle a challenge. I really want to repair it properly and with lasting stren
  Question: Our log home in the Texas hill country is about 18 years old. Recently it seems like the interior support logs are developing more vertical cracks as if they are drying out. Should I be concerned and should I treat them?
  Question: We have a Douglas Fir log home that is 30 yrs. old. We have been using scotts liquid gold or lemon oil on the inside twice a year, but now the logs are looking gray a month after this is done. When this house was built they stained the inside a dark stain. Do you have any suggestions on what to do about the gray?
  Question: I have and 1800 log cabin that my husband and I are going to move in but before we move in we half to take out a few of the logs what would be a safe way to removed the logs without it twisting
  Question: We have cedar wood walls on the inside of our basement. House built in 1979 - have never had trouble with them drying out, but now have many, many patches that are totally dry. We have applied oil to it consistently over the years and am not sure why this is happening now. Just a week after we oil them, the patches show up again. Any ideas?
  Question: At the end of September or the beginning of October we had our front door painted which is a six panel wood door. After a few days a white residue showed up and the paint rep came out to take a look at it. they applied warm soap and water to the door. By then the days were cooler and we have experienced so e freezing nights.. The residue returned, but now is accompanied by a nasty vertical crack in one panel, which goes completely through the door. There may also be another developing, as the
  Question: Hi Doc,
I just recently purchased a log home, and was wondering if it was okay to use a stain on the interior with polyurethane in it,and if so does it matter if I use a a watr based finish or oil....

Thank You
  Question: I built a cabin 4 years old that is ceder on the inside and ceder siding on the outside. We now have a whitish-gray colored mold inside, not on the walls, but on the interior contents. What is this and how can we get rid of it?
Thank you,
Cindy Hughes
  Question: I have been told that white cedar has a tendency of rotting from the exterior to the heart of the log where branches were removed. Any info would be appreciated
  Question: I just purchased a log cabin built in 1929. The logs are cedar and the exterior is the original cedar bark. It wasn't maintained by its previous owner and has the black finish at the bottom from the snow line. I would like to stain the bark to get rid of the black snow line and protect it from the snow in the future but am not sure if there is a special stain and/or process for staining cedar bark.
  Question: Hi, we recently bought Panabode western red cedar home, both showers surrounded by cedar walls, how often and with what product should we be treating the wood?
  Question: we have bought and lived in our log cabin for 10 yrs, ,which was build 30yrs ago.What do you recommend to clean the interior logs in my home
  Question: We have a log clubhouse in our neighborhood. We've gotten three bids to fix the rotted wood and restain it (it was painted with latex paint about 8 years go). We've been told that we should start this ASAP (before winter). Should we wait until spring or take out the rotten logs, power wash off the paint and get something on the logs now to help protect the logs that are left? And then in the Spring replace the logs?
  Question: we put up pine tongue and groove on our walls. we keep washing the white inspection writing off and it keeps showing back up. how do we get this off so we can poly our walls
  Question: I have a 28 year old 2 story log home, the first floor was built with real logs, where as the rest has log siding. I am wanting to re-paint the house come spring, but the log siding is going to need to be replaced, I've thought about using the shingle look in it's place. Has this look been used on other log homes, if so do you know where I might could fine some pictures of it? Thanks so much!
  Question: We have a log home with a knotty pine ceiling that was never treated. The roof leaked. Is there any way to get rid of the water stains.
  Question: My neighbors son shot off fire works this last summer and burnt my entire 2nd floor roof rafters and bed room is there a good way to sandblast the logs for restoration without deconstructing the burnt logs. i have heard there is now sand blasting with clay pellets or wall nut shells. Does this system have good results and where can i purchase a machine. thanks Paul
  Question: I am going to buy a white cedar log kit and I'm wondering if applying borate to cedar helps protect the wood? The company I'm purchasing from has the ability to dip the entire kit in borate prior to shipping. Is it wise to borate treat white cedar? If so, would you recommend spraying the borate on after construction or dipping the entire log prior to shipping?
  Question: How can I tell if log walls are untreated?
  Question: We recently stripped the stain of of our log home in preperation for new stain, clear coat, chinking, sealing,ect. Basically we are giving it a full makeover. We have it stripped sanded and ready for stain. The problem is that the weather has turned cold and I'm not sure if we can get it stained without the worry of compremising the life of the stain. Is it ok to leave the logs unstained over the winter? With everything preped we should only have to log wash and maybe bleach the logs in th
  Question: I was told when I built my cypress log home that I should not paint the outside of the house to allow the logs to breath and allow moisture to escape. Is this true should I continue to use a stain or is it actually safe to paint if I decide to do that?
  Question: We have a 38-year-old, southern yellow pine, log home in the Texas Hill Country that needs exterior maintenance. We have resealed with TWP before and will use that again, unless you advise otherwise. But first, we need to clean the logs, and don't know how best to do this. The painters who will do the resealing want to use Sherwin Williams DeckScapes Stain & Sealer Remover, but I'm hesitant because of the water application. What do you recommend?
Jean Nance
  Question: We have a log house. It has orange fungus on one of the logs and now the log is rotted. How do we get rid of the fungus? And is there an easy way to repair that one log?
  Question: We have a logcabin upstate NY as our getaway home. We have noticed that when we come on weekends that the humidity level in the cabin gets up to over 80% (that's the reading I got from the hydrometer). Why is that and what can I do about it?
  Question: My husband and I are putting an offer on a square log home. I think it is about 15 years old. What should we look for before making our offer?
  Question: We are installing tongue and groove pine in a man cave do we need to clean the pine with anything before we poly it?
  Question: I am building a log home. Is there anywhere online where it shows how to finish the outside and inside, doors and windows with trim. Also making them air tight?
Thanks & CHEERS
  Question: We live in Florida and have rough cut cedar stair rails. We Keep our inside temperature 72 degrees (F) year around. Is there any required maintain tips you can share? Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts
  Question: Stripping log home. 5/6 years ago it was stained with tongue oil and boiled linseed oil mixed. We've cleaned it with defy oxygenated bleach. Then nutruluzed with defy log home brighter. This process was done twice. 50/60 % of the black came off. But still get a hazey gray look to the logs . What can I do to get the haze off and brighten up the logs. Thanks for your time . Howie from NY.
  Question: I am looking at purchasing a 8yr old log home 1500 sq ft. It looks good on the outside it has been stained, no black or mold but how do I keep it that way. I can't speak to the owners it was a foreclosure, also they have never stained or treated the inside however the inside looks wonderful, do I treat the inside?
  Question: In planning for our retirement home we are interested in properties that line or are very close to saltwater bays and estuaries. Understandably logs have stood the test of time in many regions, is a saltwater environment one of them? Is there a specific treatment you recommend for these conditions? Would Cedar logs be a better suit than Pine logs? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and answers.
  Question: I live in Alaska and just bought an old log cabin on a lake. I want to know how I can clean the interior log walls?
  Question: We have Englishman spruce log home and would like to know what can I spray the outside logs to get rid of the darn flies/ mosquitoes etc...
  Question: So I am looking into buying a log home that has been forclosed on, it has been sitting vacant for at least a few years and the sump pump in the crawlspace has been off the whole time. Due to poor drainage there is water in the crawlspace that is creating some issues. the foundation is still solid but the moisture has created an issue of mold all over the entire interior of the home. It is kind of a white-ish mildew type substance that coats most surfaces. one of my concerns is that the the mold
  Question: I have a log home in upstate NY. We heat with wood from a stone fireplace. I have logs as well as cedar ceiling all throughout home. My question is: how do I keep the logs from drying out due to heat? I use a humidifier and place water on the fire. I bought lemon oil for the logs but have not used it. Just want to preserve and protect from the heat.
  Question: How do I putty log splits?
  Question: i am building a log home with pine and the logs has dried over summer, i now have cracks long ways in the logs where they dried to fast. i have now painted the ends with sealer what i should have done once i cut them. What do you recommend be doing to the cracks in the logs can i use something to put in the cracks to keep them from spliting more. any help would be great thanks
  Question: I have just purchased a new house and it has red cedar ship lap interior siding. It has never been treated and that is fine, but I am wondering how to remove the surface scratches. Hope you can help. I thank you in advance!
  Question: I hope you can help me we have tried everything! We own a modular home. It looks like a log cabin.. We have tried to clean the exterior it looks it has mold it is an ugly brown. We clean it with clorox and then use a seal but it doesnt help Can you tell me how to clean and seal the siding. If you want to see pictures I know only how to do it by text. I really NEED YOUR HELP! I have tried everything our home stores have told us to do it dont work so the exterior of our house keeps getting wo
  Question: my husband and i put up rough cuff trim. how do i clean the dust off it?
  Question: I have a 100+ year old log cabin in Northern WI. It is time to apply new protection to the logs and I am not sure which direction to go. The logs are dark brown and in good shape for their age. I plan to hand sand the logs, not media blast, and keep the mortar chinking. I like the way the cabin looks, but want to maintain the health of the logs. Modern finishes are for modern log homes and are often lighter colored. I want a finish that is in keeping with the age and allows the place to re
  Question: How do I stop exterior shiplap siding from bleeding through the stain/s(many layers)it just keeps coming.
  Question: We are power washing the outside logs and a white streaking is showing on the logs. When we power wash we see a foaming white stuff. Any ideas?
  Question: I just made a rocking chair out of logs. I want to leave it natural looking. What can I use to preserve that look with a nice gross shine.
  Question: I am looking to build a log home soon and I am torn between white pine and white cedar. What do recommend and why? Which wood species will stay lighter the longest? I want my logs to stay as light as possible.
  Question: We have a post and beam home.
We have had some water leaks from the ceiling. I would like to know how to clean the leaks marks which are quite old.
Any help would be appreciated.
  Question: We just bought a pice of property with a 33year old home on it in northern alberta... The house is in great shape. The interior logs have all been stripped and redone .my problem is with the outside, someone thought it was a good idea to stain the exterior logs with a solid color stain ( it's so ugly )
How do I get it back to a beautiful log look, more natural color
  Question: I live in an A-frame construction cabin. Very high ceilings with what I think is a t & g knotty-pine. Recently have noticed in a few areas, a fluffy, flaky, white material coming out from between the boards and collecting on floor etc. With my fist I can pound in that area and see the "stuff" coming out. Place built in 60's. Insulation maybe? At a lose as what to do about it. Please advise..

  Question: what should i do to protect new pine boards (tougne & groove) inside a cabine
  Question: So i have a Log cabin and my friend shot of my shot gun by accident and now i have a hole that goes all the way through my wall how can i fix that? Perferably quick?
  Question: we have a log home and the exterior is weathered grey and is showing signs of deteriorating quickly on the sunny sides. what should be done to protect the exterior and keep the "weather" natural grey look?
  Question: I have a 5 year old covered log porch and the stain on the railing is fading. Banisters are in great shape. What's the best way to prepare the wood for a top coat? Is sanding required?
  Question: Is there a sweeper or attachment making it possible to reach a high area (approx. 22 feet high) in order to clean??
  Question: Crack with sap on an inside 40 year old cedar cottage board?
  Question: I am having trouble with water leaking into the interior of the cabin by the roof the roof is covered with a felt which has no rips or holes but still let's water in through the knots would a boat varnish help
  Question: how to treat log ends
  Question: We just purchased a vacation home that was constructed 30 years ago using 100 year old schoolhouse timbers. The previous owners have never used any stain or preservative on the exterior or the interior. What products should we use to protect it?
  Question: we have brand new log siding. It took us 2 weeks to install & it already has small black spots & dirt. I was told powdered Tide would clean it I was also told to use bleach. I have both, what do you suggest?
  Question: I recently had an old log cabin 18x20 moved onto a new foundation. It is leaning to the north about 4". I'm going to put a completely new roof on it. Is there any way I can line the walls up before I put the new roof on? Thanks!
  Question: I have two frames that are over 100 ys old from my Gramma. They were kept under the steps in a plastic bag that was damp when I pulled it out. It smells very moldy and has black on it, presuming mold and frame breaks in my hands. Should I throw it out or can it be preserved. Thanks.
  Question: We are purchasing a home in Phoenix AZ....the home uses logs on the outside as support beams in the patios. The logs are weathered but in good shape. The home is 10 years old, should we seal the pine logs to help preserve them?
  Question: 1959 Lindahl Cedar Home has moisture ant hole eaten into soffit/overhang area of roof system on North side of house, measuring 2"x3".
What dii I do?
Called a Pest control, they said the moisture has to be eliminated before treating for the moisture ants.
I don't know hat to do. Dose the roof have to be removed to see how much damage has been done?
Or, can it be patched from the soffit/overhang face? Please advise
  Question: Purchased a home with interior knotty pine wall that has been coated with poly. Area where previous owner had a picture hanging and area has not darkened like the rest of the wall. Any suggestions?
  Question: HELP! We put up our logs a couple of years and did not get them stained right away. We bleached with oxalic acid to get out the stains and mildew which worked great. I neutralized with soda water and plain water at least 3 times as suggested. However, the interior logs are now PINK! It will sand out temporarily but turn pink again within several hours. Any suggestions?
  Question: Our log siding is bleeding sap. What is the best way to remove it ? I don't wish to restain it yet, just clean it for now.
  Question: We are in the pricing/picking out a floor plan for a log home. We will have contractors erect the shell and dry it in and we will finish the interior ourselves. Would you please start me off right. What do you recommend we treat it with as soon as it is erected? Do we put treatment on the inside of the logs(in the house)? If so, what? I want to keep the outside and inside as light colored for as long as possible. One contractor told us not to put anything on the inside so it could breathe.
  Question: Hi. I bought a small log home and 1/2 logs were used so from the outside it looks like a log cabin but when you go inside it is sheetrock. I am going to put wood floors in but wanted to know what you would suggest for the walls and the ceiling.
  Question: Thirty-six year old log cabin in WNC, at times, has a musty odor. Should a dehumidifier be run? Will it 'dry out' the logs and split and crack the logs? If a dehumidifier is run, what range of humidity should the unit be set? If it is best not to run dehumidifier, how can mold be prevented. This log is a vacation home. Here in June and July; otherwise, home is unoccupied. Thank you for your advise, Catherine
  Question: I have 1890 cypress beems and drilled holes in them to reinforce them will metal plates. Shorty afterwards a resin is oozing out and corroding the metal plates. Why is this occurring? Is there anything I can do to prevent this oozing (sap like substance) and corroding of the metal plates?
Thank you!
  Question: can you brick a log home
  Question: How do i remove black marks and water marks on pine laminated beams? I'm not sure if they are white or yellow pine.
  Question: I need to replace my cedar log posts holding up my porch. I want to just cut down cedar trees on my own property and use them. Do I have to wait after cutting them down before installing them? Also we want to see about leaving the bark on them. Is that ok? Thank you
  Question: I have a 201 year old log home! Built in 1813. We are restoring the entire home and was wondering what to clean the logs with inside? Murphys Oil? I wiped them down, but was wondering if there was something that helped the logs? Thanks!!
  Question: How do you seal sap leaking from knots in the log siding that has previously painted with a latex semi-transparent stain.
  Question: I have ponderosa pine walls. When I built the house 17 years ago I finished the 6" tongue and groove pine walls and ceiling with golden old polyethylene. Now, I am moving pictures and furniture around and need to refinish the walls where the previous pictures and furniture were as it has not darken like the walls that were exposed to the sunlight. Can you advise me?
  Question: We own a log home made of poplar trees. It is 30 plus years old. We have owned it for 8 years now and have not done anything to the outside log or inside log. My question is...the outside has been stained, what do we do to keep up the logs now? Oil? Do we oil over the stain, do we apply more stain?
  Question: I have a log home that was built in 1999 from a Heritage Home Kit - pine logs - no chinking. There was a coal burning stove in the main room. The cabin was never completely finished, no interior walls/doors. There was little to no upkeep or maintenance done. My current problen is the interior walls have dirt/coal residue that has built up over the fifteen years. I am trying to clean them and have gone over some of the logs five or six times but still have a filthy rag when finished. I started w
  Question: I have inherited logs from a cabin originally constructed in the early 1900's. What is the best way to store the logs?
  Question: Hello Dr., I have 72 year old cabin, rechinking with mortar, caulking top and bottom of chinking. After restaining, painting chink with chink paint. Question is , I want to insulate interior dead zones, in closets, behind new kitchen cabinets, behind accent wall. Any recommendations. Thanx, JT
  Question: I recently dug a pond on my property and unearthed 17 logs that were buried under about 2 feet of dirt in the run of the branch , the logs were cut with an axe and placed there to make a crossing . This is family land and my father told me the crossing was built there in the late 1800's , the loge smell like pine . What can i do to preserve the logs and do you know of anyone that would be interested in buying the logs . I also dug up a pile of smaller timbers but most are broken into 4ft or sma
  Question: We have a 100 year old log cabin. What is the best way to treat the exterior side of the logs. The bottom three or four logs are especially weathered from the snow
  Question: Hi- we had our log home built last fall- it was stained immediately - it is fir- made in Bc and is currently standing in Alberta- we found small Beatle looking bugs inside over winter but now see small holes drilled (1/16") on the exterior- is it Beatles?
  Question: I'm looking to buy a log home, about 5 years old. Will I need to treat the outside logs for weather conditions,if so, how often?
  Question: I have an interior log that looks like someone smudged black paint on. Is this mold??
  Question: Can cypress tongue and groove siding be used in place of Sheetrock inside a house? Will it cause moisture?
  Question: whats the best way to remove old logs and repair a log cabin on a tight small budget. the bottom 3or 4 logs need replaced on 1 side at the bottom and another wall has 1 or 2 that need replaced. is it worth to replace or not. thanks
  Question: Hello, I have a Tennessee Red Cedar Log home. We used tongue and groove red cedar for our interior partitioned walls and pine tongue and groove for all of our ceilings. I sprayed the walls (logs and t&g areas) and ceilings with polyurethane. I found out that you should put something to seal the wood before applying polyurethane (the wood has areas that it soaked in and others that it didn't). Is there an all in one product that seals and applies polyurethane/finish?
  Question: We have a 22-year old pine log home situated on a clearing in the woods. It is currently finished with latex solid stain. We always get mold and have tried many methods of removal, including power washing which I see you don't recommend. Can I use a steamer on the mold without damaging the logs? Any other suggestions?
  Question: in our building water logging at the staircases is a common problem in rainy season. which some times touches the meter room.What is the solution to stop water logging?
  Question: We have a log home and noticed in on corner (outside) we have this white mold/fungus growing. What should we do???
  Question: Pine trusses were white pickle stained in a mill in North Carolina and shipped to Maryland job site wrapped in plastic. Building was framed around the wrapped beams. After two months they were unwrapped and their is black mold stains. Building is not closed in yet and all beams are now unwrapped and are drying out. Question. First we kill the stain with Mold Control by Concrobium. Maybe two applications. How soon can we sand beams for new stain application.
  Question: How do you test an area on the exterior logs to see if it is Black Mold?
Who do you get to clean this if it is Black Mold?
  Question: We have 8" square pine logs with 10" of log exposed at the corners on ten year old home. Currently stripping the finish and plan to do a Shell Guard treatment before Lifeline-7 stain and Lifeline Advance. Doing the Shell Guard as not sure if homeowner who built the home himself used a borate treatment. Top of many log ends have many small and large checks and understand you do not recommend filling. Would the PCS Log End Seal be good to put on the entire portion of the exposed log at the cor
  Question: we have knotty pine paneling in our log cabin, there is a section that keeps getting a light tan dust looking spots on it, wipe it off and reoccurs about one month later. Have had it tested professionaly and the results was not mold?
  Question: My 8"D cut cypress log home is now 10 years old. The last time we had stain applied (5 years ago) we choose the solid stain, which really looks like paint. It is a latex. It now is peeling on the exposed portions of our home and we need to do some work. We are noticing a view places where wood rot has decided to take residence. Nothing to extensive yet. Assuming I need to remove the rot and do some type of filler. Should I totally remove all the solid stain before applying a new finish of
  Question: I have a piece of a Louisiana cypress tree that had fallen down from a winter thunderstorm. It's about 16ft long. We are rebuilding a home we bought last year and I am wanting to put the "tree" in my kitchen at one end of my kitchen island, going from ceiling to floor. How long should we let it sit/dry? Was should the seal it with?
Thanks for your help!
  Question: we purchased a repo log home and it sat empty for a few years and it got some water damage on the logs inside. It would take years to sand it and I like the idea of painting some of them. What kind of paint should I use??
  Question: We have a room with notty pine walls& ceiling , what's the best way to clean them. We were going to use linseed oil
  Question: Advice for maintenance and care of interior cypress walls in a 70 year young farm home located in the Florida panhandle. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  Question: The boards under my bath are wet through and rotten and it is causing a leak through my kitchen which drips consttantly when we are in bath or using sink. i know we have a leak from under the bath as we have had this problem before, so first we need to repair that first. the floor boards are made from mdf, and they are rotten from the leak, i am not handy at all and wouldn't know were to start with either job. could you please advise me on what to do/contact on this matter. thank you.
  Question: I was shoveling the snow off my flat tar and gravel roof and made a hole and now my roof leaks in my bedroom. It's in an area of six square feet.I had used roof patch and tar paper to repair that hole area and it didn't leak until we had some very hot weather for a couple of days and the roof patch melted and came through the hole in my ceiling along with the rain making the hole again.Since roof patch will melt,what is a better option for a temporary repair?
  Question: Our log home (10 years old) makes constant creaking and cracking noises all year long. It seems to come from the roof area. What do you think might be causing this and is there anything we can do about it? thank you!
  Question: Our log home is 10years old. I have been noticing white SPONGEY MOLD on a few of the lower wall logs on our deck. How do I get rid of this for good?
  Question: I have a newly constructed cabin in which case the split log rafters are rapidly growing mold on them. It is not climate controlled as of yet and the logs are not dry, still dripping sap. Bit the mold is growing fast . What should I do?
  Question: What is the best way to install a partition wall in a cabin with exposed rough round logs that runs perpendicular to the ceiling beams without gaps above the wall .
  Question: Should my brand new asphalt roof be shedding sandy particles when it rains. After a rain, I always notice sandy particles on my deck. Just wondering if that is normal or, if it is a sign of faulty shingles?
  Question: Hi, I was just wondering how long a pine log between 4 and 12 inches in diameter, unpeeled, will likely last in the weather before it rots. Im debating peeling the logs as they only need to last a few years for this project. Thank you for your help.
  Question: I put boiled linseed oil a new pine ceiling. love the color but it is starting to get darker. Will it keep getting darker and can I stop it now to lock in the color?
  Question: we have tongue and groove pine paneling and its been 10yrs now, but it keeps getting a darker yellow shade to it. I have bleached it but it doesn't lighten it. What do you suggest?
  Question: Our log home is cypress and at the peak of the 23 foot ceiling it is molding. One, how can we safely remove the mold and Two, any help with the condensation problem.
  Question: The original part of my VA house is 200 year old logs. I have some pest damage on the upper two logs that will require my cleaning out soft wood and retreating. What do you suggest? I must save my old logs.
  Question: Previous owner stained my D log house with a solid color stain over existing transparent stain. Is it safe to just re-stain with another coat of solid color stain or is it best to strip existing solid stain and start over. Also--how messy is corn cob blasting? Expensive? Thanks.
  Question: I have just bought a log home that is about 6 years old. The sides that are covered by a large porch look good. The sides exposed to weather appear to need some work. My question is can I wash it then restain then put on a top coat or do I need to strip it to bear wood first???
  Question: We have a pine log home (no chinking) and I am wondering who you would recommend to corn blast and stain it in Charleston, SC? Also, how often should the blasting and staining be done?
  Question: Will pine still darken even after it's been sealed?
  Question: I have a log home that is six years old,. The bach which is exposed to weather needs to be stained etc. Does it need to be stripped, and sealed? also the white chinking which is about 3 inches wide. It is in great shape. How do I stain and not mess up the chinking. Thanks
  Question: what can I(by myself)do to get rid of or at least cut back on the # of carpenter bees on my deck? One can hardly sit outside the way they dive bomb around.
  Question: In my log home I have a 12" to 14" 12 foot post supporting a ridge pole that has developed large cracks as much as 1" or more and almost full length of the post. Also, some of the cracks go to center of the post. We are located in central Minnesota. The winter this year has been long and cold and the humidity in house has been very dry (20 to 30%). What are your recommendations to fix.
  Question: Last week I pressure washed my log home with PCS woodrenew. The product worked pretty good at removing the old finish. Still have some spots that need a lite sanding, but now I'm having a lot of water marks from the checks. So now if I light sand everything and sweep and wipe all the dust will it be ready for stain? I'm afraid if I use log wash and spray it down again that the water marks will come back. I don't wanna start all over again:(
  Question: We have a log cabin with pine wall interiors and some of the rooms on the boards have green sections/portions on them in different places can you tell me what this is, It has a shiny varnish and I am not able to scrape anything off? I am worried this is not natural? Thanks so much!
  Question: Is there a vacuum attachment for cleaning rounded interior logs? I have rounded beetle kill logs in Colorado. I need to clean up very high. My interior logs are unfinished.
  Question: I live in a log cabin and some of my indoor log have become really discolored and the logs are dusty. The discoloration may be sap seeping out. How do I maintenance this? Do I sand it and restrain it or wash it?
  Question: We are going back and forth trying to decide if we want to purchase a 7 year old pine log home built by southland cabin in Louisiana. I don't know much about log homes and really wish I could get an expert out to inspect it in place of a regular inspector.
Do you know of anyone in our area who could help tell us if this home is going to last?
Are log homes expensive to maintain? Thank you for your quick response.
  Question: GREAT STUFF used to fill crack between ceiling and log walls.How can I remove all the excess STUFF?
  Question: I purchased a log home built in 1983 in Northern NJ. I think it's knotty pine throughout - and it's in very good shape. We just renovated three bathrooms and removed a wall that was covering a log wall in a bedroom and there's dust all over. I'm wondering what product you would recommend for cleaning. The company I'm hiring to clean said that they will first vacuum all dust and then they will use whatever product I want them to to wipe it all down. The logs walls and ceiling are natural
  Question: I have a mobile home based in the south of Ireland. Last year I had new decking put down outside this, to which I applied one coat of decking oil to. As far as I am aware the timber used for this was treated as there was a greenish colour to it prior to I appling the decking oil. On examination after the winter months I discovered the decking area has become black, why is this and what can I use to remove this black staining.
  Question: Water has started to leak through interior walls of log house in one corner. The exterior area where it is leaking is under roof, porch area. seems like water is getting between exterior logs and interior log wall panels. Also coming through checks in those panels. The exterior logs are caulked, but appears water is coming in from somewhere between. Any suggestions? Also, do you have any contact in South Carolina? thank you.
  Question: Hi there, my question is this. I bought my 2600 square ft home brand new. There is knotty pine trim around every window and there are many windows and they are large. Who eve installed the trim, used a very pale putty to cover the nail marks. The pine is now getting darker as pine does but the putty is not and it looks very bad. In several areas he didn't even wipe off the putty. How do I get rid of the putty marks?
  Question: I want to put a shower in an outside corner of my log home and leave the logs exposed. Any suggestions?
  Question: In the process of purchasing a 1980's Lincoln Log home. There is water damage around the windows from prior leaking, a dark staining from the water. What is the best way to remove this staining? Would we have to sand the whole area or would a cleaner work for something like this? I just don't want to sand if it means that the entire house would have to be done to keep the color consistent. Thanks!
  Question: Im in Fairbanks Alaska and I'm sanding down the logs and staining them on the outside of my house. I found the right stain that is was looking for but I'm now looking for something that will go over the stain and make it shine a little and or seal the log. What do you think I should use?
  Question: I recently built a pine log cabin and treated it with 4 coats of yacht varnish some of the pine has gone black how can I get the pine colour back
  Question: We have a log home in Big Bear Lake, CA. Do you know someone in the area that does restoration such as corn cob blasting etc. We recently had some damage from the Titan Storm that came thru with 102mph wind gusts. The water came between the chinking and logs and at the joints as well as around the flashing. Also woter in thru the roof. We are afraid of "wet logs" and the possibility of mold forming in the future. What do you think?
  Question: We built a custom log home 10 years ago -- our only problem is DUST. Is there anything we can use to safely clean and maybe cut down on the dust problem? The problem is the worst during the winter.
  Question: Hi, great site! My question is about small wood pieces on the interior of my cabin. It looks like very small pieces of sawdust. It is mostly in the closets of our loft and in a dormer. We have had alot of issues with wood bees and I am afraid they
are causing this problem. All exterminators in my area say they can do nothing with wood bees. We have sealed and stained the house with perma-chink products. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  Question: I have some double d pine logs that I need someone to you know anyone that does this type of work close to magnolia, Kentucky Once this problem is taken care of I want to re-stain the logs and was thinking about chinking to help keep elements from getting between the logs and hoping it will also help the house to be warmer in the winter. Any suggestions
  Question: We have a 110 year old log cabin that had been papered over on the flat surface of the logs inside in the 1940s. When we stripped off the paper, one area of the beautiful old log wall has been dried out and lost its depth of color because a wood stove was close to it. Is there a way to deepen the color? Thanks.
  Question: my log home is now 10 years old and I have stained it twice. it has been two years since it was staying the last and now I have sap resin dripping through for the first time .why?
  Question: I have recently purchased a chestnut log cabin built in 1929. The exterior of the cabin is stained black and is in need of maintanence. I would like to stain it a more natural wood color stain. Am I looking at too much work here? If I choose to stay with a black stain how much do I need to sand?
  Question: My family room is rough hewn board & batten paneling. The roof leaked in one area & there are old water stains on the panels. I have heard I can clean those out. Do you know what home remedy to use. I found it once but the two product reciepe
has disappeared.
  Question: We are thinking about purchasing a home that was built 7 years ago. The builder chinked the exterior, but never stained and sealed the logs. They are full hand hewn logs from WY. Should we be worried about their integrity? They have the grayish weathering look and have a few character looking spots with sawdust. Should we sandblast or will the bleaching and powerwashing still work at this point? Also what can I expect to be paying in stain/sealing costs every 4 years for a 3600 sqft home. Thanks
  Question: We have a 1780's log house built by a Hessian soldier after the Revolutionary War. I want to remove the whitewash and know it will be a very messy project. How would you recommend doing this? We live in York County, PA.
  Question: My heritage room has cypress walls. After 8 yrs. of hanging 33 various La. items, we removed them to prepare to sell our "too-big" home. All shapes of the 33 items are embedded in the cypress. No one can tell us what to do and we MUST sell but MUST fix the problem.I also have a built-in inside "outhouse" so I could experiment with
that but do not know where to start. HELP!!!! I must fix
this before listing.
  Question: we have log beams in our house and want to know what kind of oil or something else we can use to make our logs not look so dry
  Question: How do I removing sap from 1/2 log siding ?
  Question: We have recently panelled under our eaves with timber sarking (pine) however the builders have left a few dirty hand marks on the pine. Before we polyurathane it what is the best way to remove the marks without smudging it
  Question: we have a small pine board and batten cabin in NY, which is still in progress. We installed our board and batten in the fall, and plan to apply a wood preservative in the late spring, or as soon as weather and temperatures permit. What would be the best finish to use...that will last the longest, while maintaining as much of the natural wood look as possible? I realize that the wood will darken somewhat with the finish...but a natural tan, rather than a yellowy/orange is what we're looking for.
  Question: We have some very large cracks in our logs. Most concerning is one on a waist-high post that holds our rail in the loft. The logs are 9" round. How do I repair them?
  Question: Our home is eight years old & is built with machined white pine logs. We have a moisture problem when the temperature swings from say minus 20 to 35 above Moisture drips from our ceiling which is car siding on a vaulted ceiling. We keep the humidity around 50% We have paper backed insulation with blown on top. Have crawled into the attic and the roof boards are damp as well as the top on the blown insulation is damp about one inch down.
  Question: We just moved into a home that was built in 1981, there are large log beams around the entire ceiling. We can hear them cracking and can now see obviously cracks in each beam. Is there something we can seal the beams with to help with this issue? and what is the optimal humidity for home?
  Question: We have new construction. It appears the builder didn't put flashing in an area which is causing leaking between the floors starting at the ceiling in the lower level because of the deck on the outside it is going to be hard to put the flashing in place. What is your advice? I was thinking the 2floor door with have to remove?
  Question: We have outdoor pine log benches that are 8yrs old and deteriorating . We have covered them during the winter months for the last 2 yrs. What repair and maintenance can we do to extend the life of the benches.
  Question: We have a pine log home in southwest Georgia. The southside has a terrible time staying stained and the logs not seperating. What kind of caulking into the cracks should we use and What is the best exterior covering for this area with log homes?
  Question: I have a double log stair rail and the top one has become very dark from holding it, can I lighten it to match the lower log.
  Question: We have a 1930 cabin in upstate NY. The property has a creek in front and small waterfall in back.
The original owners built the back out abutting a large rock formation. The back floor appears to have been laid directly over
rock. Now, we are seeing moisture coming thru the floor boards and what appears to be wood rot in some areas. We are panicking. What should we do to rectify this---long term? Short term?
We do not live there year round.
  Question: two 6 by 12 25ft beams span interior of living room . outside load bearing wall has slipped from beam an inch and a half . top of wall there is about 4 inches off verticsl
  Question: We live in very old log home. It has been built onto. the outside wall is now in the added on living room. There is a lot of air coming in through the ends of log. Seems as though holes in log open to outside. What is the best solution to sealing those. We rent so want an inexpensive solution. Were thinking stuff with steel wool and use a caulk close to color of log or chinking. What do you think?
  Question: I have a question on cleaning the interior walls of our new log cabin ~ we purchased last December and it was a lifetime of waiting for this! We love it and I want to keep it perfect!! How often is actually safe to clean the walls? I have been using Murphys Oil in water to clean them. I don't want to overdue which I am sometimes accused of when it comes to cleaning!! Thanks for any help!!
  Question: We just purchased a 100 year old home..when we removed The old wall paper from interior walls we found sold wood walls.. Appears to be 1 x 12 cedar but not sure its kind of red in color..We are wanting to keep the wood walls but not sure if we should tret them or if its best covering them up.. What is the best thing to use to protect the wood and to prevent mold or is it best to cover with Sheetrock.
  Question: I recently bought a moisture reader and have been checking each individual log in a room with mold issues. Most of the logs are dry however some logs have a high moisture reading. Is this indicating that these are the problem logs and if so how can I resolve this moisture problem?
  Question: We have a one room log hunting shack that used to be a logger's mess hall. The inside log walls are in great shape and have never been treated They are filthy with smoke, cooking grease, mouse dirt and dust. What's the best way to clean these?
  Question: I just purchased a Barns home. It has rough pine on the interior. Should it be treated ? Any other tips on protecting our new home would be appreciated.
  Question: We installed a tongue and groove pine ceiling, and for 3 yrs we had 1. Coat of sealer on it, and it started to look really dry, so we pu several coats of varathyne on it. And now we are hearing loud cracking, and a in a few boards it has pulled the tongue and groove apart, what is wrong. We have electric heat. We have had this ceiling for 4yrs, and had no problem, what do you suggest
  Question: I have a 2 story cabin and particles and dust keep falling from ceiling when people are walking around upstairs. What is it and what can I do to stop it?
  Question: I have a 38 x 38 saddle notch log home build with 25 inch white pine logs. My partner thinks we should build a 4 foot knee wall on the sides with timber frame and timber frame the roof system. The question I have is do I need a king post across the top wall for support to keep the logs from pushing out? With a knee wall the pressure is on the top of the walls? However I think we need a large log across the top of the wall to tie or lock the walls in to prevent movement. He does not?
  Question: I live in a 100yr old log cabin. Mold is growing on the panelling in the upstairs loft. What can I put on the outside logs to prevent moisture from coming inside and collecting, to dry out the wall?
  Question: I have interior walls of rough cut pine that are showing signs of mold. How do I eliminate the mold and prevent it from coming back?
  Question: I have a large log (approx 4ft high and 2ft across) that I am using in the interior of my home. It is from a tree that was downed 5 yrs ago. My question is, how do I keep it from rotting from the inside out after I seal it?
  Question: What kind of website is this? I browse through the questions looking to see if the one I wanted to ask was answered and all the responses I see...Y'all aren't here to help people. You don't answer the questions that are asked and you refer them to your telephone number just so you can advertise your products. SHAME ON YOU
  Question: We are currently building a square log home. We are close to the first step of treating it with borate both inside and out then in to stain and sealer. My question is do we wash the house before we do anything (borate) or do we wash the house after the borate? Also what are the temps to wash and borate? Thanks in advance
  Question: Hello! I'm the new owner of a log cabin, here in the Laurentians, in Quebec (Canada). The cabin was built in 1930, supposedly by a master builder from Scandinavia, as part of a hotel/ski resort complex. It's the smallest, at 20x24 feet.
I love it, but I'm a little concerned about the two logs that provide support for the mezzanine. They're about 20 feet long and are showing signs of splitting in places. None seem deep enough to break the log atm, but I'm wondering if there's a risk of th
  Question: I am looking for help maintaining my home. I do not have a log home but my home is made with notty pine from the trees that were here and cleared to make room for the build. I seem to be having trouble finding information specific to a notty pine house versus a log home. I want to know how to take care of the high ceiling beams and pine boards, trim and doors, and the stained outside pine siding with a tin roof.
  Question: the exterior siding on my house was in excellent condition. something has happened to it in the last 2 months. It looks like it was waterlogged and now it is brittle and the wood picks right off. Winter is approaching,snow etc. is it to late to repair before more damage is done.
  Question: Interior, 2nd floor ceiling is knotty pine boards/slats. 2 individual slat pieces in two different areas show visible black spots that look like mold. Insulation is above these areas, then a metal roof that is about 8 - 9 yrs old. Are these leaks? What else could be happening and what can I do to clean them? Thank you!
  Question: I have a 15 year old home with a vaulted (26 ft.) cedar, tongue&groove, ceiling. Moisture collects at the peak where the support beams merge and are connected using steel brackets. The moisture is so intense that water drips to the floor below. Dehumidifiers and fans offer some help. Is there a better solution?
  Question: I have a 30 year old Hearthstone handhewn hemlock log home. They have never been sealed or stained. I need to know what product you recommend, Cabot, Olympic, or other. I am trying for a warm brown color semi transparent.
  Question: I am adding a garage to my 13 year old log home, I have just had the building inspector here, and was told I would have to put up 5/8" drywall fire shield
on the outside of the house part......what do I do regarding the drywall having to be as close to the door as possible.....???The drywal being 5/8" cannot be flush to the door casing???? How am I to install???

thank you,
  Question: Can a 50-year-old log house be responsible for allergies or asthma in a child?
  Question: We'll be putting up white cedar log siding real soon, with Permachink stain and gloss sealer. The 2 gables have porch roofs under them, so are subject to splash (standard eves over gables). Will we need, and how do do we provide extra protection to the bottom logs of the gables? Will extra clear-coat do the job?
  Question: What do you use to spray on logs to clean it
  Question: Sap keeps dripping from one board of our wooden beamed ceiling. It has been sealed with varnish and has been on the ceiling for 6 years. It makes a real mess - is there anyway to stop it?
  Question: I had green rough cut pine boards witch I tried to install as interior paneling for a cabin. We came to realize the wood was to wet as white and black mold grew it even prior to us installing it. But we had bleached it and cleaned it prior to installing, but the next day the mold had returned. So we removed all the wood from the interior and have it stacked/stickered waiting to install. The wood has mold stains all over it and is stained to the center of the boards. When the wood drys completely
  Question: Hi, we have rough cut, tongue & groove, knotty pine wood on the inside of our cottage (walls & ceilings). It's been up for about 10 years. It's starting to get dark...I've heard that even if we seal it, the wood will continue to get darker. Is that true? Just wondering what we can do to stop the wood from getting too dark. Thanks, Lynn
  Question: Our builder has told us it is not necessary to clear coat over the chinking still to be done on the eave/wall joints and the log wall corners. Is this OK? The logs are clear coated now but chinking is not finished.
  Question: We have a Log Home...3 years old. We are getting a lot of cracks that normal? Is it too dry? I need to get more moisture in the house?
  Question: A friend of mine has a garage she wants to convert into a studio apt. Can you put up wood walls up instead of sheet rock. And use the Thompson's water sealer on walls instead of paint? My husband is afraid to be doing that for them. He does not want to be responsible.she is letting the son have his way and he has some brain damage.
  Question: Had my log house cleaned an now its all fuzzy. he was suppose to know what he was doing.
  Question: I am building a square log cabin but will not be able to stain and chink before winter. Can I wrap it in Tyvek and do the interior over the winter?
  Question: can I polyurethane the outside pine logs ? if so, what type of poly?
  Question: Our log home was built in the 1980s, my dad had years ago stained it and put polyurethane on it. We are just finding out using polyurethane on the logs isn't a good idea. in these past few years we are finding mold growing, mostly in dark places, behind furniture, in the basement on everything. We have purchased a spray to kill the mold but it comes right back. What is causing it and how can we get rid of it for good? we live in NY, in the winter we use a furnace and burn wood. Is it too damp i
  Question: We have a 19 yr old pine log cabin in northern MI. We don't use it in the winter. Can we winterize it? Turn off the water & heat during the winter? Would his cause damage or cracking to the pine ? Is cracking of the pine a normal part of aging? What maintenance does the abin need?
  Question: We just had someone build us a white cedar cabin. We stained the whole thing 2 weeks ago. I've noticed some black spots on the inside logs. What should I do?
  Question: After pulling up 50 year old flooring from our 100 year old log home, we found all good wood flooring. These are 2inch by 12 inch by 10 ft boards that are unfinished. How should I re finish these?
  Question: We have bark on cedar trim around doors and windows. Is there a sealer to keep the bark from coming off in future? The trim was kiln dried
  Question: I have a pine tongue and groove ceiling on my outdoor patio. Over time it has gotten a bit weathered and is showing. I live in Central Florida. What are the steps to refinishing and preserving?
  Question: My husband and I purchased a log home a few months ago. We have caulked pressure washed and stained the out side of the home and want to concentrate now a little on the inside.. I see all the levelers in the walls and would like to know about how to do this???? our wood floors do have some cracks in between the board and It makes us think it has settled ... Due to the home never being sealed before , or caulked, I would imagine it was never leveled... This home was built in 2005.... Is this som
  Question: I am an owner of a log cabin. My health limits what I am able to do. Mt cabin needs staining. Could I stain the lower part of my cabin this year and do the top part next year. My funds are limited. It is a 2 story cabin. Must I use a spray gun or can I use a brush. Thanks
  Question: I am interested in buying a 12 year old log cabin in central California. The current owner has caulked the horizontal joints (between logs)up to the height of six feet. I am going to assume the joints should be caulked all the way up. My question is this: When it comes time to strip and reseal the exterior finish, will I need to re-caulk these joints all over again? How long should the caulking last using the recommended materials?- Thanks, Tim
  Question: Looking at Historical Chestnut Log Cabin in HotSpringsNC.Very small like cabin perfect for my needs. The crawl space has been very hard to get a substantial look at whole area. Very concerned with mold in crawl space and get into logs . Would you please give me advice? Thanks
  Question: We are going to put stone over logs on sides of house and a short wall of stone a third of way up on front of house (to tie appearnce together). Do we put any special backing, boards or vapor barrier on logs befor adding stone?
  Question: My roof was leaking and re did my roof ,with plywood and shingles. Totally done the right way. My question to you is I would like to knotty pine my inside ceiling. People tell me since it is just a summer home and not winterized that the pine could warp and get mold. That I would have a problem. What do you think? Very upset and confused, to much contraversy.
  Question: We bought a property with a log shell kit(2100sqfeet)sitting there waiting to be built. The logs have sat outside in Alberta, Canada for about 2 years. They still look good but how much has there value gone down because of sitting outside for that long?
  Question: we have a rounded inside N Out log home- probably 27yrs. old quite a few logs on back side are rotting. we have prevously replaces some, too hard and expensive.they are notched when fitting together. we feel we need to cover the whole outside of house, we are sick over this, we don't know where to start, we have tried to think of what would work, do you have any ideas! Help
  Question: 1842 log cabin in e. TN. No electricity. About every other year We treat inside logs with equal parts boiled linseed oil, vinegar and turpentine applied with paintbrush to beams and walls. Works well but wondering if there are other options. Also have terrible mold problem inside if we get too much rain. Use Peroxy Kling spray from Lowe's but would like another non-bleach solution.
  Question: I have a white fungus (now I know what damage it does) and I have gotten rid of fungus but my logs are hollow. What do I have to do to make my home structure more durable? Then, what do I do after getting rid of white fungus fixing hollow logs?
  Question: I would like to know how I might be able to plug checking/long cracks in white pine posts? I have built a fence with Yella Wood White Pine Posts, which have started to Crack/Check, including one very prominent location that I would like to mask. Of course, this is outside. What can I use before I spray a wood preservative so I can make it aesthetically pleasing? Thank You... Tom Campbell
  Question: I am looking at buying a 1980s log home. It looks like is was built with rough hunne logs, there are are a great deal of "ledges" where logs dont match width's with the above or below logs, possible area for water to sit. There is some settling that has open gaps on all the walls, need sealing as logs appear very dried out. Seems like this is a long term fixer upper.
  Question: My logs on my cabin are turning black how do I clean them to get them ready to put woodguard on them which is what I used on them 10 years ago honey stain also iam finding a lot of sawdust with groves on the logs under leftover bark what could cure the infestation of the insect thankyou
  Question: I have read on your web site that (with certain exceptions) cracks or checks should not be filled.

A crack or check may have a relatively low area to volume ratio. The area is the area of the water surface exposed to air; the volume is the volume of water. This means that (unless the house is in a very dry climate) it will be very difficult for the water in an upward facing crack to evaporate. Water in a container with a small opening placed outside will evaporate very slowly, and probably ne
  Question: We own a 25 year old log home which we built. It's time once again to wash and seal the exterior. Is there anything we can use(besides the bleach water,etc) that removes mold,etc. that won't come through the logs? We've pressure washed 2 sides with excellent results on the exterior, however we had some leaks and it's making more work than we anticipated! Hoping there's something that works without the pressure...
  Question: Our log home is 5 yrs. old and is made of white cedar. We've been having a problem with squirrels chewing on the end logs, and sometimes on the deck and logs on the front porch. How can we stop this from continuing since we are only there on holidays, and maybe a couple weekends in the month? I've tried hot sauce as a coating, but I think they like it. I need to stop them from continual damage.
  Question: I recently had my cedar log home blasted and then I stained with sikkens cetol srd. Do I need a maintenance coat over top of the cetol?
  Question: I've notice dark little black holes size of pencil eraser and smaller and it seems to form stalactite type formations that appear to drip from those holes...what is it?
  Question: I have a hand hewn hemlock log home that is about 30 years old. The logs have never been treated in any way. The logs are in great shape, but some areas have darkened and have some mold. I do not want to stain, just clean the logs. Do you
suggest ? I've had so many conflicting advice.
Thank you


ssuggest pressure washing? Bleach solution? Please advise. I've
  Question: I salvaged and used an Alaskan-mill to cut a 10"x12"x16'~500lb beam from a down pitch pine tree (hurricane sandy), to use in a new addition. It was sitting on the ground and water logged. It was molding prior and after planning it. Now it is hoisted into place 12' up and the black mold is back. I am curious about what can be used to cure/treat the wood to prevent the black mold and spores?
  Question: how do we care for restoring interior old logs in an old log cabin boarded up for 15 years? There is some fungus/ mold on the ceiling.
  Question: We have collected barn wood and would like to reuse it in the interior of our home. We have power washed all of the dirt and grime off of it and have let it set to dry completely. We are planning on doing 3 walls with that being said what would you put on it to make it easier to clean once it is installed or do you just leave it at the state it is in and just vacuum it when it gets dusty?
  Question: We have a 17 year old cypress log cabin and need to clean the outside. We know more to use a power washer but are wondering if you could recommend what brand cleaner to use. We heard of a foam cleaner but cannot find the name. Thank you. ...
  Question: I am rebuilding a 200+ yr old cabin. Based on your advice, I applied Shell Guard. I don't want to change the natural aged color, is there another clear preservative required? Recommendations? Thank you.
  Question: Where can I find reputable contractors in Anchorage, AK to strip, chink, and seal my cabin in town?
  Question: Log home built in 1998, was treated with sickens (not sure how to spell that) and the logs over the years, got black from all the dirt that seemed to just get stuck on this stuff. Last summer we pressure washed, it took off 75% off the black, but the logs still have black dirty marks on them, how do we clean them off before we have the house stained? It's never been stained before. Thanks
  Question: Can I rock or put stone over my exsisting log house wall. If I do will my logs be ok as far as breath ability. If I can are there any issues I should know of
  Question: I have a new cypress log home.Can i seal and poly both interior and exterior
  Question: Our home has pine log siding 6 in. wide by 4.5 in. deep. A few pieces of siding are starting to rot:
1. If rot is very shallow, can we just remove rot at surface?
2. It is hard to match odd-sized siding. Can we fill a gap with wood cut to size, cover with thinner siding, and caulk gaps?
3. The house is painted. Is paint contributing to the rot?
4. The siding is not caulked. Should we caulk cracks in siding, or leave checks alone as recommended for whole-log houses?
Thanks so mu
  Question: in the winter we get condensation,water leaks when the stove is on.the ceiling is tongue&groove,vapour barrier,2 layers of styrafoam then roof deck and shingles. how do i fix this annoying problem? 2nd year in home,a roofer says to use spray foam,then redo roof!
  Question: We just bought a 13-year-old, hand-hewn log cabin (bottom) with knotty pine timber frame on top.

Some interior wood (floor boards & joists)do NOT look sealed (dull or flakey), but many rooms were sealed (shiny).

QUESTION: How do we safely clean & seal the remaining interior wood? Some of the floor joists have 'splinters' & black areas (Is this mildew or black mold?)
  Question: How do you replace bad wood in a Pan Abode roof?
  Question: We are looking to purchase a log home built 1908. One of the bathrooms has to be totally redone and my husband is thinking about having the walls of the log home to be part of the shower. I am concern about the water issues -- is there anything we can use to seal the logs?
  Question: Looing to buy a log house constructed with D logs. On the inside all the logs have many cracks, is this normal?
  Question: We just purchased a chestnut log house built in 1942 a few miles outside Gettysburg, PA. The exterior logs have not be treated in more than a decade and I do not know how they were seal and maintained in the past. What is the best way to treat, preserve and maintain them now?
  Question: I am considering purchasing a log home, but am concerned after reading several questions which people state they are covering log homes with vinyl due to upkeep. Why is this?
  Question: I have a 6 year old log cabin that with stained originally and now I have mold here and there on it what's the best way to remove this mold and restain it?
  Question: We currently live in a log home built in the 1980's. This is a wonderful house...but I'm over the log interior. I would like to cover the logs with Sheetrock (if possible). It we can cover them will we need to chink the interior logs? And or put up any barrier between the logs and Sheetrock ?
  Question: My home was built in 2000. I now have a red sticky substance dripping in the basement from the ceiling in several places. It is a dark red/black and very sticky. My husband thinks it is sap coming out of the joist is this possible. If so how do I stop it. and also how do I clean up the mess. Thank you.
  Question: I am looking purchasing a log home. My concern is that in addition to re-staining the exterior a new borate treatment and clearcoat is needed. What is the average cost per square foot for each, stain, borate and clearcoat?
  Question: I have a newer home with log siding and there is sap bleeding out of the siding and I would like to clean it up. What is the best way to remove and clean up these areas? Thanks
  Question: Is it ok to clean the outside logs (bleach & water) when it's raining out? We are planning on cleaning the logs by hand. Thanks.
  Question: I have a 10 year old Scandinavian log home. This year many of the logs have started turning black. It's almost like somebody flipped on a switch - all the logs turning black at the same time this spring. Starts as black dots, then whole
log turns grey/black. We're corn blasting and re-staining-but my question is - what happened? What condition did the logs suddenly get and how do we avoid in future?
  Question: What can I use to go over seikken wood care I would like to use black it is dark brown at present time
  Question: Windows in our log house leak everytime a rainstorm comes through. We have caulked and nothing stops it. What can we do?
  Question: I have been living in a Rocky Mountain cabin near Marble, CO at an elevation of 7800 feet, since July of 2011.
I am a renter and have expressed an interest to the owners, in restoring the exterior of this 1970's era C-cut log cabin. The exterior of the logs has extensive cracking through out, the logs are pretty weathered and dried out. I am currently researching the steps in restoration of logs that exhibit the conditions described above. The preparation prior to staining and weather proofing
  Question: my log house is about 35 years old, im here 12. i often wish i didn't! a rich handyman needs to live here! bugs are overwhelming & the logs chip and peel. i've used outlast q8 log oil 2xs-am told formula is not good now. can you advise me please. thankssomuch
  Question: I'm interested in a log home in piedmont SC. The house was alive with carpenter bees and many many holes. Going on for many years. How can we determine if the logs have been compromised by these bees? SHuld have counted the holes, but didn't. Many thanks.
  Question: I'm building my own log home currently and harvesting my own lumber. I would like to know if box elder could be used for wall studs for interior rooms in the house
  Question: we recently purchased an old cabin which started as a one room log cabin and the previous owners either painted (a dark chocolate color) or stained and caulked between the logs on the interior. we want to restore the logs but have no idea what to do. thanks.
  Question: We have a 36 year old log home. When we first built, we expected cracking and creeking as the logs dried out and that for sure happened, however, now...36 years later, the house is creeking and cracking again. What is happening? The foundation/full cellar is intact with no apparent structural problems. Settling? I would think that would have already taken place. It makes me nervous because it really cracks a lot.
Thanks. Patty (in New Hampshire)
  Question: I'd like to use some pine logs that I cut down about 6 months ago to build an arch for the entrance to my ranch. We live near Durango in SW Colorado and the climate is mostly dry (10-15 inches of precipitation per year) and cool since we're at about 7500 feet of altitude.

The upright logs will be sunk into the ground about 4 feet and will leave about 18 feet of the logs above the ground. I'm in the process of peeling the bark from the logs now. What is the best way to treat the logs so
  Question: We built a pine log home in 1975. We experienced a lot of noise from the logs cracking while drying out. Now...36 years later, we are experiencing a lot of cracking and creaking again. Why after all this time is this happening. It will creak/crack everywhere. Interior walls, exterior log walls, sometimes every 30 seconds and ongoing throughout the night/day. It appears there is nothing wrong with the foundation of the house. We have a full finished basement and that seems fine.
It always
  Question: We have a15 year old log home - the house is at an altitude of 8200 ft in Colorado. Last year we had the house corn cob blasted, stained and clear coat finish. It looks great. The corn cob blaster says we should have an additional clear coat done this summer to permanently protect the logs. It is expensive. Do you think this is necessary? Thanks.
  Question: I have a log cabin with square logs, I get water running in the logs when we get rain from the south east. I have tried everything I know of to seal the logs and check cracks. I have decided to cover it with vinyl siding. Can the dove tails be cut off with no issue and what would be the best way to install the siding over the logs
  Question: I have a two story 29 year old hearthstone log home in Tennessee. Downstairs floors are oak. Upstairs bedrooms and loft area are carpeted. I would like a suggestion on what to replace the carpet with that would help decrease the noise level. When upstairs, all the conversation or tv noise can be heard clearly downstairs. When downstairs, all can be heard upstairs. Is there a floor covering that would remedy this or is it a log problem?
  Question: We have a Jim Barna log home, it was originally finished with a 3 step Sikkens stain process. It's never had anything done to it since and is looking bad, the bottom logs next to the deck are peeling. Can we use a solid color stain over this finish which is very slick. Blasting isn't an option at this point, not in our budget!
  Question: I can not find log keeper anymore. What would you spray on freshly peeled logs to keep them from turning grey, and slow the checking?
  Question: I have alog cabin in tennessee it was originally stained then after3 years hired a contractor to restain but last year a different contractor told us he used a varnish what should i do revarnish or remove it then stain?
  Question: Hello, I just bought a log home and I am closing on it in a couple days. I am reading this and so worried about maintenance (after the fact of course). The outside is very faded and I know I have to get that done, but I want to wipe down the inside. How do I know if the interior walls were treated? I planned on using murphys and water, and a wet rag, as the house has sat empty for awhile.
  Question: We recently purchased a log home built in 2001, it looks like it was never sealed though! Some of the corners are also leaking into the house, its spring and time to move in, can it be fixed?
  Question: The interior sides of my logs have never had any maintenance (in 37 years). How should I clean and treat them? Is Murphy's Oil Soap and Lindseed Oil good enough?
  Question: I built a log about 3 years ago and i have noticed that when we have driving rain water comes in the house where the logs and log siding meet it has a piece of flashing up there for the rain to run off if it got behind the siding. How can i fix that? thanks.
  Question: We have a 20year old home with lots of interior log beams. They have checked over the years. We also have an issue with " field" flies. Do these flies nest in these cracks ? Is there any advantage to chinking these cracks ?
  Question: We bought a kit log cabin built in the 60's. Previous owners put exterior wall air conditioners in. What is the best way to repair the exterior if we remove these units?
  Question: I recently purchased a hand sewn hemlock pine home in TN. One side of the house gets full sun and needs restained. Sikkens was used the first time. I purchased Sikkens and have started restaining. There are places on this side of the house that are darker than others (not darker with stain) and on those particular spots, the stain doesn't seem to show up, giving an uneven look. I tried washing with bleach and water and even a wood brightener with really no change in appearance. Any sugges
  Question: We have a log home that is 33 years old. We are an older couple, so we put vinyl siding on because of too much up keep. We have round logs that are cut out in a curb so one sits on top of the other. The contractor cut the stacked corners off so the siding would fit. Now we have a leaning log wall (it's leaning about 4inches at the top), in our dining room. Do you have any suggestions on how to repair it? We are at a loss on ideas, so any would help us. Thank you, Judy Jones.
  Question: Hi, We believe that some of the logs in our 17 year old log home were infested with Box Elder Bugs as we are inundated with them every year. What can we do to eliminate the bugs that we get every year? Thank you.
  Question: Hi, We have a 17 year old log home. How often should the chinking be re-done or restored?
  Question: what can I use to seal my interior logs without changing their color?
  Question: We have a log home built in 1980. The logs where used hydro cedar poles that were machined down to 8" logs. They were then beveled to fit one on the other and partially hollowed to allow fibreglass insulation to be placed in the cavity. On the interior there are now some places where the logs have cracked and the insulation is showing. In some places the crack is as thick as my thumb. To my knowledge the interior logs have never been finished with any product. Any suggestions as to how we coul
  Question: What can I use to seal knots in my 6 x 12" log walls from water intrusion in high wind rain storms?
  Question: I have a 12 yo log home that we built. The interior logs are stained but do not appear sealed.(they feel like raw wood) The dust situation is becoming CRAZY inside the house. How do I best clean the interior logs and then can you recommend a sealer of some type? Also, is there any kind of general maintenance schedule for log homes regarding staining, treating for pests etc? THANKS!!
  Question: Our log home was built in the early 80's. It has 8 foot ceilings with beams and the tounge & groove floor resting on that. They stained the entire house very dark! How can I lighten the color? I was thinking of using a paint glaze on the ceiling only, alought it won't be in white, it would be darker than that. The walls will still be very dark. What do you think? Thanks!
  Question: We have two log posts in our house with jacks under them. I am looking for something, preferably in copper or oiled rubbed bronze, to put on bottom of wooden post to hide the jacks. Any suggestions on where to purchase?
  Question: I have a log home. When painting the walls, the previous owners got paint on the logs inside. Is there anyway to remove this from the wood without ruining the logs?
  Question: What is the best way to removed mold from the logs on the inside of a log home. Is a bleach solution a good approach.
  Question: Sorry for the 2 questions, but this one is more about maintenance than repair/replacement. Would a 750 sq foot, well-maintained, antique log (1860's) cabin built in 1998 be okay in the winter without central heat or air? It is near Asheville, NC, would be a weekend getaway, and only has a wood stove for heating. I was worried about moisture issues, but then again it doesn't have mold inside and has been at the current location for 15 years. Thank you!
  Question: We own a log home (second owners). We run the air at 78 or below and we have 2 ceiling fans in our living room. The livingroom ceiling is constantly accumulating mold. We have cleaned it off but are still left with the dark spots from where it was. How can we get the dark off the wood. we are in Orlando Florida HELP
  Question: I have a custom home that has a total log interior (not the exterior) with free span logs and a log framed stair well, etc. The logs have been cracking despite a humidifier. The logs still look good but the cracks are beginning to scar me. The logs were kennel dried and shipped to Missouri from Colorado. Do you have any suggestions? How would you go about repairing the cracks if it became necessary? Thank you
  Question: We purchased a 100 yr old log home in southern Michigan. Is it possible to fill rotten logs with an epoxy to stabilize the logs? the chinking is mortar, is that acceptiable?
  Question: I own a log home in Maine, have a properly vent cold ceiling, but ice dam persist, water backs up and runs down the log walls inside. what else can I do to, to keep this from happening every winter?
  Question: Hello
I am looking at buying a log cabin home in California. It was built in 1997 out of milled logs. The entire interior is built out with 2X4s, insulated and dry walled. I have a few concerns; the home has not been taken care of and the logs have some cracks and look dry, there is no chinking or caulking of any king and there are a lot of short logs (shortest being about 2 feet) intermingled with the longer longs which makes for a considerable amount of butt joints.
How concerned should I b
  Question: My wife and I have a log home that was built circa 1810. During some remodeling we found a brick in what would've been an original outside wall between the first and second floor in the stairwell. The brick was set at aproximately 45 degrees in a notched area of the timber with mortar. My question is what was this used for? It seems more like a keystone as the upper floor of the house used to be a boarding house. Could this have been just that for a doorway leading off the stairs to the back
  Question: Does anyone know of a home inspector that does pre purchase inspections for log homes located in central
Pennsylvania? Thanks.
  Question: Hi,
I have a pine log home and the north side of the house has fungus spreading on it, looks like small black specks, I believe it might be artillery fungus (did some research). Would you have any advise on how to get rid of this? Thanks
  Question: Recently purchased log cabin and whoever last painted the ceilings obviously used a roller and splattered paint all over the logs. I can scrape it off easily but there's alot of paint. Any way to wash it off?
  Question: is their an easy way to replace rounded logs on our home, is it really possible
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home in Maine built in 1988. It looks to be kit built but the seller (not original owner) says not so. It is an important question for insurance purposes. Is there a definitive way to tell (and ideally identify the manufacturer if it was kit built)? Great site!
  Question: Recently purchased a house with old board floors on the upper floor which are also the ceiling in kitchen and diningroom. I am finding bits of particles falling from ceiling onto dining room table and kitchen table. We would like to coffer the ceiling but can't afford to do so right now. What would be an easy fix so we could feel comfortable to have company to eat Mel's ove the holidays and not find strange particles on their plates?
  Question: Hi we were trying to get our log cabin sand blasted, borite treated and stained before winter. I have got it sand blasted and Sashco tells me that with the temperatures we are having 40-50 deg f during the day 30's at night I should put the borite treatment powder in the checks and cracks and then caulk them. After this they say it is better to let everything sit bare through the winter and treat the logs in spring. My question is with the log being white pine will it be safe to let them go th
  Question: We are just finishing up building our log home in Montana. We mixed the logs with some drywall for the interior. How would we install rope to finish off the places where the drywall and logs meet. The house has been already chinked and caulked - we just are trying to pretty up these corners?
  Question: we have a rounded log home,we have many rotted logs in rear of house, water is getting in, can we put vinyl siding over these logs somehow, we must do something, the up keep is aweful.we have lived here 27yrs.
  Question: I've been in my home for 32 years termite-free until this year (2012). Are termites dormant?
  Question: I recently purchased a log home built in 1754. I had found one leak over the summer but have noticed a lot more since we were hit by hurricane Sandy this week. It appears that water was going through the actual wood beams. Is there any sealers or chalk that can be used so that this does not occur in the future?
  Question: I have a newly built log cabin (white pine). What is the best stain to use to protect it long term? I have been told about a product called One Time. Is it the best or waht is?

  Question: we are needing to know how to add a roof line to the side of our cabin over the downstairs windows between the top floor and the bottom on the A side of the home.
  Question: Hello,
Should I turn off the heating for the winter? My log cottage is located in Canada (cold winter) and I am not planning on using the cottage during the winer months. Wolud it be better for the log cottage to have the heat off or to keep the furnace on at certain temperature?
Thanks in adance!
  Question: Square hh log home built in 1983. Exterior logs end(cap/crown) are splitting/rotting. We would like to find the best solution to either cut back and cap or fill. Can you please recommend locations/materials for caps or appropriate fill? Thanks. This website is a huge blessing!
  Question: I put on pine half log siding and i have sap coming out of everywere through the sikkens stian.why is it doing that and is there anything i can do
  Question: We have been in our cypress home for about 10 years. I have a white leaching on some of the logs on the inside. I think it is salt. Can it be stopped now or will it eventually stop?
Thanks for all the information on this site.
  Question: My log home faces SE. On that wall I have 2 windows openings that need to be replaced. Both openings are 6 feet X 6 feet. There are 4 windows in each opening. 2shade windows on the bottom (2X3ft) and 2 non opening windows on top (4X3 ft). The windows are separated by a wood post of sorts that form a cross hair in the window. Wife wants 2 side windows and one center window. Question:is the center post of the window a wall support? Thanks
  Question: how do I remove black stains and streaks from interior pine logs without cob blasting or having to use a pressure washer .The logs were treated with a very light coat of velvit oil 12 years ago.will trisodium phosphate or oxalic acid help?
  Question: We live in a 12 year old log home. The interior walls have not been sealed. Is there anything non-toxic we can seal the interior walls with to cut down the dust?
  Question: What is the best wood species for an exterior log handrail system?
  Question: We have log siding on our home and garage. It was staned and dealed using a 3 dip process to the siding. (and might I add, very expensive process.)Can we power wash it or will the stain peel off? Thanks!
  Question: I have a Jim Barna Log Home built in 2002 and I am looking for the same stain I have on my home now. It is Sikkens Cetol 1 078 Natural natural is what is on the label. It is the exterior stain. I live in Michigan was wondering if you can tell me of a dealer that still sells this stain. Thank you Fran
  Question: what is the better quality whitepine or yellowpine log siding
  Question: Is it possible (have you ever heard of) to put vinyl siding on a log home? To avoid the cleaning and staining every three years. Thanks, Don
  Question: I live in a 150 yr old log cabin that was remodeled and covered up. I ripped the plaster down out of 1 room and would like to clean the wooden beams. They are very dark. I don not know how long they have been covered up. Do you have any inexpensive ideas on how to accomplish this?
  Question: We just bought a log home last fall that is about 8 years old. I notice new cracks almost everyday. Do logs crack in the summer and go back or is it falling down around me.
  Question: I had the cedar shingles replaced with new cedar shingles. The cedar trim had been painted. Some of it now needs to be replaced. I planed to replace it with cedar and paint all of the trim to match the cedar shingles. Some say it will look badly. Any suggestions?
  Question: Wondering what is the best stain to use on our 16" red pine whole logs (not kiln dried AT ALL)
  Question: We bought a log cabin in 2005 in the pacific northwest. I've notice that some of the logs are turning black. I've looked online and read that some people blow corn at the logs. Is there something we can do ourselves without hiring someone else to do this that doesn't involve corn. Thanks, Marie
  Question: Looking for log siding in South East Louisiana, can you recommend any company? Having trouble finding the siding and trim. What is the best (most durable) siding for my area; pine, cypress or cedar?
  Question: We have a cedar log home with rounded logs. The logs have never been sealed. This is not exactly my dream home, but after living here more than 20 years, I've come to realize I may live here the rest of my life. It's very dark and I would really like to lighten the walls. Is there any way to safely put some kind of milk paint, stain, white wash -- something on the interior logs to lighten the color withour ruining them? I don't even want to totally cover them. I'd love for it to look l
  Question: We would like to have the old, rotting windows in our 30-year old, manufactured log home (3" tongue and groove logs). But most window companies claim that they can't work with our "thin" walls. Any suggestions?
  Question: how often should a pan-abod house be stained?
  Question: have 183o's cabin w. newer hickory logs added onto second story. New logs stained w. steel wool to match even the gray old logs color. Entire exterior has been treeated withh linseed oil and mineral spirits mixture (3years ago). Question: for the best preservation should i treat with the original mixture or take other steps. Some "experts" suggest UV Protection, others say original mixture (linseed & mineral spirits). I like logs current color. Location: Western North Carolina, elev. 4200.
  Question: Should I powerwash my dock before applying new stain and sealant?
  Question: hello..we bought a 1980's hand-hewn red pine log cabin that was not lived in for quite some time and a true fixer-upper.The house settled and there are many gaps where snow,mice, and wind enters our home.also,lots of trim work to do unfinished because tough to fit wood or sheetrock to logs inside for nice finished look.we use that expanding foam (inside) but very unsightly..(not in corners though)and privacy (no gaps above) would be nice to finish!Any ideas.just want to get it done once and for
  Question: Our cabin's cedar walls had art on them for about 10 years. Upon taking down the art, we realized that the walls have become very faded. They were only sealed, not stained. Do you know of any solutions so that it all blends?
  Question: Our log home was built in 09. Is it common to have leaks when it rains hard? I use brown exterior caulking from lowes between each log and in the joints. Is there another brand of caulking you would suggest. Thank you
  Question: I just purchased 160acres in OR, it was forested 6 to 7 years ago. There is enough firs cut on the property some diseased or rotting, some not? Can these be used to make a log cabin?
  Question: Is it possible to physically make windows bigger on a log house before replacing them. The house was built in 1978 and some of the windows are small.
  Question: My freshly cut and stripped white pine logs have spotty black mold growing in one week flat, despite no ground contact, (on pallets). I have 30 trees to go and need something CHEAP. Whay do you recommed for that? Full sun worked ok it seems, but the wood cracked BAD, making it useless either way. HELP! Called a dozen sawmills to no avail. Everybody keeps saying bleach, but that dries crystalline. Wouldnt that wreck finishing or final appearance? Lastly, can I get that mold off or are those logs
  Question: I am caring for my grandmothers log cabin that was built in the early 1970's we are in New England. To seal the outside she decided to paint the logs. I have noticed since we took down the paintings there are areas that have moisture lines on the walls how do we figure out the cause and seal the inside walls again. I am planning to sand and reseal them this summer.
  Question: I have 2 questions. I am redoing some interior walls on my D style log house. They were previously furred out with 2x4 flat and then 2x4 normal with no chinking and insulation. I want to do it properly, beings I am in Alaska and my electrical panel has ice from the air leakage in the winter time because the air gap holds cold air! I installed a fresh air kit on my wood stove, and that helped stop some of the drafts, but I still need to make my house more efficient. With 8 logs, and R-21 with 2x6
  Question: How do you remove dust that collects on logs. I keep leaving fuzz from the cloth on the wood. A broom doesn't get the dust. What do you suggest?
  Question: I have an oak log house in Missouir built in 1995. I have salt stains on the exterior surface which came from a termiticide Tim-Bor which is a salt based product. Tim-Bor suggested HOT water and a cloth to extract the salt. I stripped off the TWP wood protectant first but this didn't work. Any suggestions? Steam?
  Question: the logs on the inside of my 12 year have never been varnished or anything.what do I do about this
  Question: Hello, we have had a log cabin in England for five years, we have had a new roof put on but we still have the problem that when its gets warmer. Weather there is water dripping. From different. Place in the celling, we leave the Windows. Open but it doesn't. Stop it, last year due to the wetting of the pine we had a flying. Ant infestation. Is there any thing. You could recommend to stop the dripping. Water???
  Question: I live in a log home that has manufactured logs, circa 1976. there are single pane windows in it and we need to replace them. Nothing standard fits. Have you heard of anyone who has had this challenge before and how did they solve the problem.Are there companies that make windows specifically for homes like ours?
  Question: you sure do cover alot of questions...thank you!
We have sheet rocked 99% of the interior but one area where we have put on an addition, still has a few logs remaining. That was the outside wall. The problem is they still smell strongly of polyurethane. our log house was built in 1980. How can I get that off of there easily? Don't mind the logs being there, just the smell!
thank you
  Question: I have an outhouse made of 100 year old barn wood, I was told to put boiled linseed oil on it to preserve it and mix with transmission fluid for color. I did the boiled linseed about 3 yrs ago, this year it has turned gradual black from the bottom up, is this a mold? Can I pressure wash it? Thank you
  Question: In side our home the cedar beams on the inside are cracking allowing a draft to enter. They are the beams that also are the end ones that the other side is to the outside. Some of the cracks are 1/2" wide on the inside beam. What can I use to fill the cracks with a natural cedar colour and also seal the beam. Thanks for your help.
  Question: If a house with flat cedar boards has been oiled, can the surface be treated to remove the oil and then painted?
It is mildewed and blackened over the years and the owner wants paint.I have read several articles that really discourage attempting this.
  Question: Looking for a 6" round brush with pole, to wash my logs>
If you can tell me where I can purchase one, I would be so greatful. Thank you
  Question: I have a tongue and groove knotty pine ceiling in our great room. It is four years old and I am starting to see small areas random through the ceiling having white powdery patches appear. Any idea what this is caused by and how do I eliminate this issue?
  Question: I am looking at a couple different log cabins that were both built in the 70's. One has cheap paneling throughout the interior and the other is smaller, but the interior is exposed log and all interior walls are solid log as well as opposed to studded. From the energy efficiency standpoint, is there a huge benefit to having all interior walls exposed vs covered by paneling, and to having the interior walls be solid wood? Thanks!
  Question: Our log home has 35 foot high ceilings on the gable ends. How do you suggest cleaning the logs that are out of reach of an extension ladder?
  Question: Second try: I build a Pan Abode Cedar home in 1980 on Maui I used the product they sent with the house to stain the interior Cabot wax based stain. Now I would like to restain the interior. How do I remove the old product I would like to lighten up the color. Pan Abode recommended using paint thinner but this seems like it could be dangerous. any suggestions?
  Question: My wife and I are placing an contigent offer on a custom Boyne Falls white cedar long home (built 1978) this weekend. We have heard different things about the need to keep the exterior treated. Normally how often does the exterior need to be re-stained or treated if the home is already in good condition.
  Question: the logs on the inside of my cabin are very dry and are splitting, someone told me we should oil them, is that true?
  Question: We've owned our log home since Fall '07; it was built in '89. It's in great shape and very solid. Fooring is tonge-groove hard wood; have noticed little black holes size of pencil eraser and smaller before, but believe we're seeing more of them. There is no dust or residue, just little black holes which seem to be in a line. Any thoughts on what they are?
  Question: 1.Our D-cut, tng and grv. no.white cedar log home can be drafty at times. I think the horizontal "insulation"they used is tired out. Will Energy Seal Caulk be good on the exterior?
2. Our cedar tng/gv cathedral ceiling is drying out. What product would be good and fire safe for this?
Great site!!!
  Question: My barn's interior was sheathed with rough sawn pine 1x8's that were butted together side-by- side and nailed. After some time the 1x8's dried more completely and shrinkage gaps between each board began to emerge. is there any type of chinking product that could be used to effectively seal off these gaps?


George in the North Georgia mountains
  Question: i just applied spruce log siding on the interior of my cabin. i have it stained was but wondering if there is anything i can do to keep it from splitting. due to high heat conditions.
  Question: Oozing sap from outside door jam that has a resin feel and smells like vicks. Have removed but it keeps coming back. Faces South on outside. What is it? How to stop this?
  Question: Were birch logs ever used in late 1800s/early 1900s for the construction of log cabin/house?
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home in illinois. We went and looked at it yesterday and upon arrival we noticed the entire exterior had been painted not stained. My question is , should this be red flag to the fact that they are trying to hide something? I have never seen a log home that had been painted.
  Question: We have a humidity problem at our cottage. There is a crawl space, & the builders did put plastic over the sand, but then they covered up the plastic with more sand, to keep the plastic in place. We bought a dehumidifier, but should we get rid of the sand that is covering the plastic ?
If so, how do you recommend we keep it in place ?
  Question: We recently purchased a cypress (board and battan) home in Arkansas, and would like to know how to restore, clean and maintain the exterior.
  Question: We have a cypress log home. It is 6 yrs old. The interior side of the log has some water marks that we would like to get rid of. Is there a good product for this?
  Question: I plan on building a log home using used crane mats made out of 12"x12" oak timber. Can you tell me if the butt and pass method can work or what other type connection should I use?
  Question: I live in a cypress log home, I need to restain it but would like to use a sikkens paint, if it lasts longer than the stain. How to I remove the stain alot of it is peeling off, my husband always used a pressure washer and a mild bleach water before he restained..also he caulked around the windows and cracks in the logs what should I use? My husband recently passed away and I am lost on how to maintain this home.
  Question: we've used Sascho's Capture stain and Cascade clear coat on our white pine house...the stain is holding up well and I feel I could just cover the logs with clear you have to strip and restain every time
  Question: Looking at a 6200 sq ft 3 level log home. the main level floor is sagging as you enter the kitchen and the the floor is sagging in the 3rd level as well. is there a solution for this problem. the log home was built in 2003.
  Question: We recently replaced the facia on our home with pine boards. This is the second time we have had to do this due to termite damage. Previous time after priming and painting sap leaked out of several boards. What can we do to prevent this?
  Question: I have new cedar siding on my huse that i painted and after a year it looks like its sweating stain drips all over the new paint. Have you ever heared of this? what an be done?
  Question: We have lived in our log home for 7 yrs. We used square logs with permi chink between. I have sealed up every crack I can find but I still have water running down my logs when it rains and the wind blows. My inside dry wall has been damaged and I want to seal it up completely. I would like a silcone type spray or something. I used CWF with UV as a sealent and we apply it almost every year but my logs are getting dark and I need to know what I should used.I know the water is causing this damag
  Question: Is there a basic price range for a professional power washing and applying a log wash to log homes based on a price per sq/ft. thank you
  Question: I have a remote cabin in Alaska that I have coated and re coated over the years with Behr Rawhide. It is no longer available. What products may be applied over Rawhide? Stripping is not an protection is the objective.

Stephen Neff
  Question: If an appalachian log home was covered with steel siding, is that a problem? The inside is still logs with wood ceilings and beams. Would this be ok to purchase? Or would you need to get under the siding to rechink or something? Thanks
  Question: I have a 2 yr old log home in NC that I use as a second home. It is closed up most of winter. I have been setting my thermostat on 50 all winter. My electric bills are higher than my neighbors who are also snow birds.. I leave refrig. on low and all other power turned off. Does the heat have to be kept at 50 for a log home all winter? I understand that heat pumps don't work beow 40 degrees and my heat strips are probably what are raising my bills. any alternatives?
  Question: My house has pine siding. I stained it with a solid stain but mold is growing on it. It is the worst on the south side. There are hardly any trees around the house so I don`t understand what is going on. Any ideas how to clean it off? Could you please explain it to me as if I am starting from scratch? I can`t scrub and restain this house ever year.
  Question: I have a 17 year old pine log home. The interior caulking has shrunk in spots, there are also some small holes that are letting in cold air. I just purchased some LogJam as that is what the contractor says was used. It is in tubes. My hands and wrists cannot get tired and sore very quickly from using a caulk gun. Would a small battery operator caulk gun work okay for this job? I am hiring a log home contractor to repair the outside caulk and restain it this Spring. .
  Question: What would be a ball park price on repairing 3/4 of a Masonite box chimney and painting the house for a home that is 1600 square feet in size?
  Question: What do you put on the outside of a log home to preserve it. Commercial or homemade ideas if you have any.
  Question: Do you know a good log home inspector/restorer in arkansas around the Russellville area? I found an old log home I may make an offer on but it does have a rotten roof timber and needs a bit of chinking. Thanks a lot.
  Question: i have dismantled an OLD log cabin - was beyond repair but many of the logs still sold for the most part. Small cabin. how to accurately determine the type of wood? what good is the wood now? i don't want to saw it up and ruin a bunch of valuable old wood.
  Question: We just purchased our first log cabin built in 2008. It has been vacant since 2008 and, in an attempt to limit places for insects to hide, I would like to fill the gaps between exterior (log) walls and shower stalls and cupboards. These gaps are present due to the natural shape of the log making it impossible for the stall and cupboards to sit flush against the wall. I was thinking of using Great Stuff to fill the depth of the gaps and chinking over it to make it look more appealing. Is this
  Question: I have interior walls that are drywall against logs, the drywall has large gaps,against the logs, any suggestions on what to use as trim, rope, tongue and groove?? thank you
  Question: someone told me to spray Transmission fluid on exterior to stain and preserve logs. What do you suggest?
  Question: I bought a pine log cabin this summer and now that it is winter I have noticed that it is sweating inside. There are bubbles of water on the floor, and on the side of the walls. I keep wiping them down with a dry cloth, but it's an everyday job. I have tongue and groove pine walls inside, and they in some area's are getting wet. I don't know if I have a leak or if it's from the sweating. Can you help me with this problem?
  Question: i bought i house in october ,know i have the windows leak ,i paid a house inpector the owner said somebody check the windows seal evrythink is ok what can i do can i go back to the owner
  Question: We have a log home and have several bird feeders. This winter we have woodpeckers coming to the feeders (suet also) and they are now pecking on the house. Is there anything I can do to discourage these little devils?
  Question: I need to clean new pine logs prior to applying the interior finish. They are hand hewn and range from reasonably clean to dirty. Suggestions? Thanks!
  Question: We have a log cabin and have leaks down the walls. We have caulked any visible cracks but continue to have leakage. A contractor told me about a product that can be sprayed on a log home to completely seal it from leaking. Do you know of a product like he is talking about?
  Question: The wind blows and the rain just down pours into my home through all the windows almost like it is coming down the walls and into window. At the very top peak of my log cabin I see a 2in gap with ventilation ridge covering the top. Could this be cause?
  Question: I have 2 pine logs that I want to display in my home, my only problem is that they are full of pitch. How I can removed the pitch that is there and keep anymore from returning?
  Question: We are trying to save hydro expenses.Our cottage has knotty pine panelling upstairs and downstairs (I believe this is tongue and groove)each strip is about 3 1/2 inches wide, all floors are laminated wood, again I believe tongue and groove.I would like to turn off the electric heat and have my water drained etc. for the winter months. I have been told this is a no,no as it will cause the floors to warp and the panelling to buckle. Could I have your opinion on this. The area is between Renfrew an
  Question: We are ready to stain the interior of our log home. It is pine logs. There is a few spots of blue stain - any product that can get it out before we stain?
  Question: I'm looking into building a pine log home in the northwest. Will Pine hold up to all this rain? Is it true that pine will turn black with age?
  Question: I have painted my garage with Fast Chad Urethane and did not use enough hardner and now my floors will not dry they are sticky ,what cn I do" Thanks
  Question: looking into buying a log home built in 1980 in southern maine what should i be looking at when i go for showing? should i bring a contracter with me to check for what i might not see?
  Question: I have a 40 yo solid Cypress sided home in Little Rock, AR. There are areas in the wood that have deteriorated i.e. knots. What should I fill the holes with?
  Question: What would the easiest way to clean the bark/sap etc. off of burrells. I have been told to soak them in water and then I was told if I did this the logs would split. Then I was told to clean peel as soon as they were just cut down! Please help me.
  Question: I have a white pine log home. Getting ready to restain and need to know if I need to caulk all the cracks in the exterior logs before staining.
  Question: I have a 5 yr old home with log railings on the decks & stairs. They require resealing with Sikkens Cetol every year or so. I heard about someone who used clear silicone caulk spread on the logs by hand & has held up for 12 years & still looks new. ever heard of this & will it work?
  Question: I have a log home (kit style with 6" x 4" logs). The exterior needs staining and after reading different replies, I think I may have made a mistake! I used a stripper to remove the old stain, then I sanded the entire exterior. Unfortunately, when I used the stripper, I had to rinse it off with water. I've been told by the local paint store to also use a "brightener" this means more water. Am I in trouble because of the water? Also, any suggestions as to what I should use to fill in know
  Question: The floor in our log cabin has shifted, becoming not level, and we believe it is causing our walls to lean in one direction, out of vertical by five or six inches. Our question is this: will the logs come back to their original vertical postition after the floors are leveled?
  Question: I have just purchased a cedar pan log home and would like to know the best process for cleaning and staining the exterior. Can you please advise the options and best quality stain product. thanks
  Question: I am trying to stain a 30 year old pine log home. It was stained 5 years ago a light brown after repairs. There are spots where it looks like bare wood. When the new stain is applied in a test patch it turns those spots almost black. The parts that had stain left look fine with the new stain. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  Question: I have a pine cladded holiday home in England.The exterior has been stained by manufacturers with sikkens wood stain. I have tried to re stain. I've rubbed down and prepared carefully but the paint at the edges just curls and I cannot get a smooth, durable finish.Is it the spirit? Should I use a different, ater based stain instead?
  Question: I have a built in pool with a concrete deck. The concrete has been seaping a white stain around (what appears to be) a clear bead of sap. The contractor keeps returning and painting over these stains... but they reappear within a couple of weeks after they do this. They do not seem to know what is causing this problem... would you have any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

  Question: I'm cleaning a log cabin and the interior walls are raw pine. HOw would a person clean this properly?
  Question: I have a customer who's had their log home media-blasted with walnut shells in preparation for sealing, so the house is basically at "raw wood" stage, (been previously water-based sealed and mold grew under sealant). Customer DOES NOT want any stain/color applied before sealing, but I can not find a product suitable for use w/o staining first. Can I use Perma-chink's Lifeline Exterior and then Lifeline Advance?
  Question: I built a stick-framed, "D" log-sided home in the Smokies five years ago. There are 13 8" X 10' white pine, round, milled posts that support the roof and wrap-around porches. The posts sit on PT decking but still are wicking rain water at the base. Also, the large mortises cut into the posts for the log railings also result in water intrusion. I now have dry rot in these posts. What would you recommend as the ideal log posts? What about white cedar vs. cypress? Appreciate your help.
  Question: We have a yellow pine log home. We are interested in stoning or bricking over our logs. Has this ever been done? We cannot afford the constant upkeep and maintenance. Can a log home be stoned or bricked over?
  Question: We own a 140 year old log cabin near Algonquin Park ,in ontario. Our childredn are really stuffy after a couple of days visit. There is black mold on the inside roof boards of both bedrooms and on the roof boards of a screened in porch that runs along the front of the cabin. How can I get rid of the mold, and what should i treat the wood with to prevent mold? Also I have been cleaning the inside logs ( which have never been stained or treated) with Murphy's woodsoap, would staining them make it
  Question: do they make a log stain and sealer in one mix
  Question: I live in a 28 year old brick home in Eastern NC with pine framing for the doors. The stoop of one door has been oozing sap in the late spring and summer for the last five years, even though we have sealed and painted it. Any suggestions to clear up this mess and better yet, why is this happening?
  Question: I have alot of cedar trees on my property and recently cut a few down for a log bed. after stripping the bark,(very easily removed)a week or so later the bark got what looks like a black or dark green mold. How can i stop this or remove the mold.
  Question: I have a 20 year old cedar log house and I am refinishing the exterior. I want to fill the knots that have disintegrated. What product would you recommend?
  Question: Abeaver has ripped the bark all around the bottom of a pine tree and it is now bare.Is there anything we can coat on it to keep from dying....
  Question: Hello,
I was on Time Less Wood Care and see Checkmate. They say to fill the checks. Would you clarify.

  Question: We have a 20 year old log cabin, and only use it during winter and periodic summer retreats. The center ridge pole is showing weathering and moisture. Looks like a white mold and we would like to know if hot water and vinagar would work in cleaning it?
  Question: Our daughter has recently purchased an older log home in Vermont. Its not in the best of shape and needs tlc. The worst problem is the smell - not a musty smell - just stinks. We have washed the interior with Murphy's Oil Soap and its a little better. They had a leak in the plumbing but that has been cleaned up. Any suggestions on what to do; whom to call??? The smell is getting to her and us!
Appreciate your help.
  Question: We have an exposed deck which is subject to a lot of wear and tear due to our weather. We would like to preserve our exposed logs by putting a cap on them. This would lengthen the life of our exposed logs. Would you recommend covering the log posts and/or is there any negative impact on the log by covering the top? Is there a supplier that you know of that has post caps?
  Question: We have hemlock pine siding that we bought a few months ago and unfortunately it is now moldy. We would like to try to salvage it, what can we do?
  Question: We started building an oak log home last summer and will be ready to stain the interior logs in a couple of weeks. We used a 50-50 water/bleach wash to clean the logs. Should we spray something else on them before staining to prevent termites, etc? What is Borate?
  Question: Our 2 story, open ceiling, styrofoam roof insulated ,27 year old log home outside Nashville has always creaked loudly, especially late PM, worse in summer. Anything that can be done? Thank you.
  Question: I am going to build a white pine log home. A local HVAC contractor advised a system that includes humidity control. If this is addressed from time of build, will it help keep the integrity of log and wood materials? Is this a wise investment or wasted money? What humidity level is ideal?
  Question: Have a cypress log home. on the south side, low, some logs have areas that have some hollow areas. I Was going to drill holes in these areas and fill with Great Stuff. But I read where you said NOT TO .( This can hold Dampness ! )
What do you suggest ? Art Simmons, Chula, Ga.
  Question: I have seen videos of log homes washed with a long wand(tube) with a soft brush at the end. It elimates ladders and scaffle. Can I purchase this equipment and where?..Thanks
  Question: I own a log cabin in Northern Maine built in 1930.I Have a significant moisture problem in the spring caused by a massive fire place in the center of the structure. This 10ftX5ft30ft tall chimney is in the center of th camp between the 30ft kitchen and 30 ft living room.(The building is not heated). In the spring water drips from the ceiling and runs down the chimney in side the building. We have extensive mold on roof and the stringers next to the chimney.The ridge pole (8 in pine log)is rottin
  Question: Considering Mold Remediation in the unfinished basement of our 20 year old log kit home. Have received 3 proposals. Wondering what the proper basic route is after moisture level is brought down to 40%
  Question: Just had my log home exterior totally re-done (blast, sand, and stain). After it rains I have now noticed the log ends looking white / milky in color. Should I be concerned?
  Question: I live in Jarrettsville, Harford County, Maryland, in a log home built iin 1840. The logs are flat sides and rounded top and bottom. Distance between the logs varies because these are/were trees not machined logs.

I took the lathe and plaster off the logs and removed the chinking and daubing. Getting ready to brush the logs clean, preserve them, apply insulation and have them permachinked.

At the SW corner of the house as I was cleaning out the plaster keys that dropped between the lo
  Question: I own a log home in Maryland. The roof overhangs on the 2-story sections are about 18 inches. I'm due for a new roof now, since the existing roof is over 15 years old, and shedding granular particles. Perhaps, I should have this done in 2010. Does your company extend the roof overhangs? Do you have an architect design the extended roof overhangs? Do you keep or replace the existing soffits? Do you replace the shingles after you have extended the roof?
  Question: how often should we need to stain our log home? it is a cedar home.
  Question: We purchased a d log cabin in 2000 from a Georgia builder that was less than honest and short cutted everything we had it inspected after many problems and had what could be found fixed. Recently we had a bad rain up there and the person who checks my cabin said rain had come into and ran down the cabin walls from the gutters. Is this possible.
  Question: What's the best way to protect unfinished cypress wood for a grill stand.
  Question: I have a log home in Vt which was built in the 70's. It appears that it was never stained but natural. It has a lot of dark brown to black weathering. I would like to preserve it. Should I power wash it? Blast it or can I just wire brush it. Then what treatments should I do to preserve the natural color?
  Question: We are looking to purchase a confederation log home in Ontario Canada. We do not know if there has been maintenance done on the home. Do you have the name of a good home inspector that we can get to check the home out before we buy it?
  Question: Do you know anyone doing log home staining in the fraser valley area of british columbia (specifically close to chilliwack or hemlock valley)
  Question: What kind of calk can be used around doorframes and windows on the outside of the log cabin? PLEASE give some suggestions of brands that are sold in Home Depot, Lowes, or some other regular store, not on line. Thank you so very much! Also, I was looking for a borate treatment in Lowes and Home Depot, but maybe I just needed to know the brand, because no one was able to help me there. What brand is sold at a regular store I could find here in Maine? I will really appreciate your answer!
  Question: Hi I live in the UK where it rains alot I have purchased a log cabin which is made of spruce could you advise me on which product to use to preserve the wood and of course is low maintenance,Perhaps a solvent based one ?
Many thanks for your replay in advance !!
  Question: My roof recently leaked and all the interior logs are stained. How do I get rid of the stains?
  Question: We have a log cabin that is 7 years old it was stained and sealed at time of construction. It is now time to seal again. I do not want to change the color at all. what would be the best product and procerure for this?
  Question: SO MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION!!! I did ask a question some time ago and hope to get the answer soon. How do I know you answered it? On some sites there is a notification to person's email. I have been wasting so much time looking through everything repeatedly to see if my question is posted. Should I look at the very bottom?
  Question: I am having trouble with chipmunks around my house digging holes near the house. How do I get rid of them?
  Question: We bought a log cabin in Maine last year, and it is a very unpleasant surprise to us that it needs so much maintenance. No leaks, but no chinking and calking between the square logs either. i think the inside is tong and groove, pine. Don't know what kind of wood is outside. Should we calk anyway? It might look ugly with the calking... Is there colored calking, or the one that will stain just the same color as wood? Or , since there is no leaking, we should not worry about it? We definitely do
  Question: What do you suggest I use to fill nail holes on a new log siding home?
  Question: I have purchased a cypress log home that is 15 years old,previous owner did not keep up with maintance so I am in the process of calking out side cracks. I would like to fine someone in my area that does cleaning and staining of log homes,I live in North west Indiana. Thanks for you help
  Question: I inherited a 30 year old log house that has never been maintained. An inspector found much log rot and his opinion is that it is too far gone to restore. The logs are covered with latex paint. If i install vinyl siding over logs will they continue to rot? The structure seems very stable right now.
  Question: We built a Lindal log home in '05. All the windows leak when I wash the exterior or with even a light, wind driven rain.Thinking this might be a common problem, I've talked to the manufacturer several times with no help.The windows were installed following Lindal's plans. Thanks for any help.
  Question: Great site to review information about log structures. Our concern is a cabin we purchased 6 yr ago, it was built in 1975. Due to neglect prior to us the bottom logs have severe rot in them. One corner is sinking and the log has split, therefore no support for the structure. What would you recommend. we live in northern BC.
  Question: Sir, I recently purchsed a park model home with cypress siding,The wood is new and has nothing done to it.Would you advise me as to what I should do to protect the wood and keep it same color as it is now.Thank you
  Question: We have a 40 year old pan abode cottage. There was condensation on the interior. How can we fix this problem without covering up the logs. The roof is uninsulated.
  Question: I have a Jim Barna log home in MI that is 10 years old. In the past 3 or 4 years, there is either some settling or log shrinkage pulling appart slightly the mating french doors and making it more difficult to lock together the doors and keep the seal. It is most noticable in winter and becomes less of an issue once warm. What kind of re-adjustments would you recommend? Anything special for log homes to consider vs stick built home.
  Question: I purchased a log home last year. It was built in the 70 and in great shape. It has paint on the exterior. I'm thinking about either repainting or stripping and going with a natural finish. Which would you advise? The logs are flat against one another made from a kit.

  Question: I have made an offer to purchase a 9 yr old Tennessee Log Home in Northern Iowa. I have not found any Log Home Inspectors locally so I will have a typical Home Inspection and Termite inspection done. This is a one story on a basement. I do not know what type of wood, who built the home, or maintenance done. What should I look for at inspection, and what maintenance should I do when we move in. Thank you for your help.
  Question: I have a log home with a covered porch around the exterior. This past winter the woodpeckers have had a feast of the support posts leaving large holes and enlarged existing cracks. I would like to fill these holes and cracks with a product that can be troweled on with a putty knife.....wanting something that will restore some strength to the post but will flex with the weather.. Appreciate your recommendations...
Thanks in advance
  Question: I have leftover Lifeline Ultra 2 stain that froze over winter in the garage. Still OK to use or toss it??
  Question: I have square logs w/chinking, located in middle TN, built in 1981. I actually have two questions; First, can I use "Great Stuff" to seal the interior air gaps around my windows? If not, what do you recommend? And second, My interior logs have some type of stain/sealant, don't know what the product is because no history when we purchased. I would like to strip this product down to the natural log color (Eastern Pine) and then clear coat. How do you recommend stripping interior log walls and wha
  Question: our home is 4 yrs old..we had a terriblr time with our builders.. it took them a year to build the shell of our house. It is only 1200 sq. ft).we were doing the rest.. The outside finish on the dormers looks horrible! black on the stain. it really looks bad when it's rainy. what is it and how can we get rid of? also, what product do you recomend when we restain the house? Thanks.
  Question: My son just moved into a new log home. There are a few logs that are starting to have a white color coming through. Could you tell me what that is and how to treat it? Also, he has these little green bugs coming out of the wood we believe. This bug is not from our area so we think it came with the logs. What could they be?
  Question: I have just recently washed my log home with bleach and water. I had a few places that water did come inside. What do I use to seal the areas, maybe a clear silicone sealant?
Thanks, Tommy
  Question: I wonder what can be done to level a leaning trappers cabin. It leans from front to back.
Some people say, I need to get two comealongs,
place 2x6's between logs(vertical) around the cabin before setting the cables over them . Is that a good idea? The cabin is about 10x12 only.
It's very small and, it will be used only in the Spring, Summer, and Fall as recreational.

  Question: I have just bought a small 800 sq ft log cabin in the north georgia mountains. It was built in 2004 using sisson 'd' tongue and grove pine logs. the logs are in good shape but need a good cleaning. can i pressuse wash the logs. is there a cleaner that I should spray on first. i probably will need to reseal logs in the next year or so. thanks
  Question: rain blew in through small cracks of our cedar log walls. Now there are black drip water stains down the walls. Is there an easy solution to remove them?
  Question: Im in the process of purchasing a log home. It has three stories. The basement had some water areas, looked like it was coming from a closet in a room in the basement. It traveled a small stream into the garage. What would cause this? Is there a sealer that goes on the foundation?
  Question: i am part owner of an 80 year old Chestnut log hunting cabin. Most of the logs have age and drying cracks running with the grain of the wood. My partners want to fill these with caulk. I think it will trap moisture and make matters worse in the winter freeze / thaw cycles while the camp stands empty. Beyond the debate what if anything ought be done?
  Question: what is the best product to dust with ?
  Question: What should I use to pressure wash t and G pine that has some mold on it?
  Question: Have exposed wooden beams that were stained and then coated with poly. Sap has come through the poly. How do I remove the sap and prevent this from coming through again. to re stain.
  Question: I want to install a log railing on my porch. The post is 6 inch round cedar log. do you have a suggestions on the best way to secure the post to a cement slab? I seen square anchor posts but no round ones.
  Question: Does salt water spray during storms etc., effect timber log cabins built very close to the shore. I have a site about 35 feet from the shore line and winter sea spray will be my biggest worry.
  Question: I am considering purchasing a 10 year old poplar log home. What immediate maintainance should I perform?
  Question: My home is 5 years old. The origanal owner used TWP and it has been treated regularly with TWP. The logs have spotty bark peices on them are some are curling and falling off and leaving gray spots. Should I remove the bark that is left and how do I do that? One more thing how do you aply TSP do you mix with water? and what is the mix ratio? thank you and great site!!!!!!!!!!
  Question: I have a split log home and cannot figure out a good way to get the dust off the interior peeled logs. Dust cloths leave little pieces of fuzz behind and hauling a shop-vac up to the top of a 30 foot ladder is not something I really want to do. Is there anything out there that can get the dust off without fuzz and risking my neck on a ladder?
  Question: care and treatment of stain and insects of 24 year old log home
  Question: We live in a log house and all interior walls are wood. We have wood and tile floors with no carpet. We have central heat & air. We are experiencing MAJOR problems with dust. Is there something we can do?
  Question: i was in my basement cleaning and my 22mth old daughter was playing with something seaping from the wood beams. my land lord said it was the pine sweating, so i believe it is this possible? is it harmful? why does this happen?
  Question: My friend purchased an old log cabin and removed interior beams: two logs that span the main area at either end from side to side overhead at the roof line and two near the kitchen area from roof to floor. I say they were there for support. Has he made the structure unsafe removing these logs?
  Question: I recently bought a 25 year old pine log cabin. One and only one of the logs is oozing sap. How long can I expect this continue and is there any way to stop it. Thanks
  Question: We live on the outskirts of Phoenix AZ and have a Santa -Fe style home. The logs are splitting a-lot now , we have east/west exposure, is there anything to do? Also what about termite prevention for them to?
  Question: I have a 30 year old Lindal Cedar home. At one time the roof leaked and left a stain on some of the inside ceiling wood. How would I clear this wook. I have tried soap and water with some success. The stains appers to be from the original tar paper.

Thank You

Tom Fisher
  Question: what can i put on newly peeled logs to prevent mould and craking
  Question: We put weatherall stain and sealer water based on our logs in2007 and it looks like it needs more in some places. I tried to clean it with a hose with water but you can still rub off dirt. Can I wash it with log wash from perma chink and then should I go back with the same product - Weatherall? Weatherall has UV protection in the water based product. Can you use Perma chink products over Weatherall?
  Question: I have three log homes with Spruce log siding. one cabin needs to restained. I like the look of Sikens and is what I have used on the three cabins. Give me the run down of what I should do. What type of Sander do you recommend.?
Sikens guide says to power wash, is this correct?
Brad Abernathy -, Oklahoma
  Question: We just cob blasted our four-year-old log home after the Defy finish failed. We still have gray areas that stain darker and cause a blotchy effect. Scrubbing those areas by brush with wood brightener helps, but is too tedious to do the whole house. Any suggestions?
  Question: We are considering purchasing an old log smoke house to restore and convert to living quarters. Is there anything we need to know before we take this big step?
  Question: I noticed that Pro Bass Shops have a large faux Log holding up the corners of the roof. Where can I find these logs? Thank you!
  Question: We have a log home in the Rocky Mountains witha metal roof and it seems that we are hearing creaking and clunking from the roof more and more. Any idea why this may be happeing?
  Question: We have a log home that the top parts of the log have greyed but the bottom part that doesn't get hit by sun are fine. How do I finish the top without getting two tones?
  Question: I'm thinking of buying a log home (age unknown, circa 1800 approx). The outside of the cabin has been covered w/ wood siding (not sure exactly what kind of wood, not cedar though). The inside of the log cabin looks great, but I know nothing about the upkeep of the same. Could you give me some info re: inside upkeep; and how often should I stain the wood siding over the outside of the log cabin? Thank you
  Question: If I apply the new clear Cetol Maintenance to my logs can it also be applied over the Perma-Chink? Thanks
  Question: We built a log home 9 years ago and it's been nothing but a big headache! We caulk constantly, but the walls still leak, some logs are rotting, and we freeze int he winter! We were thinking of wrapping house with Tyvek (sp?) and just putting flat log siding on the outside of the logs?? Would this work? Any other suggestions? Thank you!
  Question: We purchased an Honest Abe Log Home, built in 1981, using the original chinked log. I would like to install drywall on the master bedroom log/chinked walls. What do I need to do? Install it directly to the log walls, or do I need to use some 2x4 as spacing? I'm ready to start now and need to know where to begin as I have no experience with log homes. Thank you.
  Question: What chemical solution best strips oil based stain from wavy red cedar siding? The oil based stain, not mildue or dirt has darkened the wood. The ceday siding is twenty seven years old.
  Question: white pine log cabin,has had wood preservative i need to do anything else,do i have to stain? 10 yrs.old in wisconsin
  Question: I have a 250 year old square log house with chinking. We are putting on fiber cement siding on the outside and wanted to know how to go about insulating before we put on the fiber cement.
  Question: my garage is ready to restain been over 10 years dad used a mixture he used to make himself when he built the place many many years ago he dipped his cedar sideding in a linseed oil, paint thinner, oil bese paint and japan dryers, the place is starting to dry in some weatherd areas time to recoat but what is the formula he used ???? and should i use the same stuff ? he used to say the stains now adays are trash his stuuf seams to hold up good but i dont nkow his formula no way to ask him any mor
  Question: I have a poorly constructed log home. The builder has used "Great Stuff" filler to seal between some of the log courses and in the saddle notch joints. Is this appropriate; is there something better? Also, tell me about "borate". Can I blow this salt material in between the saddle notches and logs to protect against rot and insects?
  Question: I haven't had any treatment applied to my log home in around 8 years; all sides look good except one, the side where the sun hits it the most, it looks faded. What is my best way to go about doing this and what are the cost?
Who does cob blasting in Georgia?
Also, you mentioned that it's very important to have gutters on log homes, why?
The roof over hangs, there's no water running off the roof onto the log walls, so why are gutters needed?
  Question: cedar log siding upkeep. What treatment would be best? New and would like it to stay that way.
  Question: my log home was stained three years ago, looks good but maybe a little thin or worn, Can it be cleaned and a new coat of same stain and sealer be applied? Sikkens product

thanks, rick, frm morganton, nc
  Question: I just had a home built with half-log white pine siding. What do I need to treat it with? And how do I treat it? I noticed that some of the wood is already getting some black spots, and a few places have some sap oozing. I have been in the house about a month. The builder used Thompson Water Seal mixed with some kind of an oil.
  Question: I purchased a 7 year old log home. White pine, full logs. The main roof is held up by 2 massive posts, 24" diameter, 30' high. They support 2 A style posts which sit on top of the side walls plus secondary braces. Well, the gaps between the A posts and the Vertical centre posts have been getting wider and wider. It seems that the side walls are shrinking and the main roof needs to be lowered. The centre posts sit on top of 4 massive nuts. Do I have to lower the centre posts by using the
  Question: Just built a pine log staircase with pine railings in the home we are building; all of the pine is bare wood (we used a grinder to remove top layer of logs/poles); what product/products should we use to seal this wood? We would like to keep wood as light as possible yet seal it so it stands up over time. Should we stain first then cover with a urethane finish? Do we use a water or oil base stain? How does a tinted urethane hold up on stairs/railings?
  Question: I have a two story great room that looks like a ski lodge. The walls are all cedar. They obviously have had water leaks in the past. There's lines running down the walls from past water dripping. Is there anything I can do to make the walls look better?
  Question: I am purchasing a log home in Ely, Mn. X-180 sounds like a great product to treat the logs and cedar siding. Suggested power wash at 500 to 1000 psi. I want to be carful not to blst out the calk between the logs. Help?
  Question: Do you suggest to cut back the log ends?
  Question: I recently purchased a 3.5 foot 10" * 10" barn beam. I am planning on simply putting 4 legs on it and turning it into a bench for our front hall. It's currently in the house drying out before I treat it. My question is what would be best to bring the wood back to life and protect it?
  Question: WHY IS THE #1 NO NO IN THE PERMA CHINK CATALOG , I recieved today?? On page 32 and 33 they offer two products to be used outside as a finsih remover, you apply, the remove
with a PRESURE WASHER!!!!They clearly state this. Now is this a new safeway to do this?, If I call them, they will say yes, its their product, you tell me is this a safe way to do this on my log home!!!!!!!!!!!
  Question: We just finished a room (about 2400 sq feet) in knotty pine and have been told about Watco Danish Oil and Sikkens cetol oil. We want to seal the wood but keep the natural color. Should we use one of these products or a polyurethane. What would you recommend? Thanks Pam
  Question: The logs around my utility sink in the laundry area are dull and water stained. What can I do to the affected logs so they look like the other logs in that room?
  Question: Log home built this past year. Sap drips from roof onto my carpet. How do I best clean my carpet. Can this drip be prevented in the future?
  Question: could you give me step directions on bulding a nornal log barn
  Question: ike after the first treatment on the exterior of my log cabin i treated it with yacht varnish which i was told was the best thing to use then winter came and i noticed water blisters around the outside walls of the bathroom now some of the wood has turned black what should i do now?
  Question: I live in Huntsville, Ontario. We have a deck that has white pine railing,posts and beams that are all covered in black mold. What is the best way to get rid of it.
  Question: We had a cabin built 2 years ago. It's 1,600 sq ft. with a wrap around deck. Cabin is supported on concrete cinder blocks. The decking is supported by 4x4 posts at 6 ft intervals. Built on a slope, the front is ground level and the back is 8 ft high. My question: Are 4x4s sufficient support or should I look at replacing with stronger support (6x6). It's been suggested that in time, I could develop severe problems.
  Question: We are buying a house that has an upper story out of is very should we clean it? The trim around the windows needs to be replaced....once we replace the trim and clean will the colors blend well? Or will the trim look a lot newer and better?
  Question: My parents have a kitchen that is done in barn beams and the barn board. The barn board on the ceiling has some water stain damage from severl years ago. What can I use to lighten the stain and something to put over it. The wood is a gray weathered never painted barn wood. Wood a gray stain/sealer work? Lots of window in the kitchen so there will be good air flow when working on it.
  Question: I am building a cypress log home. The shower in the master bath has 1/1/2 walls that are the interior of the exterior walls. The other walls are framed. Can I 1) use the cypress walls as is unfinished, 2) use the cypress wood but well finshed, 3) must I do the usual and tile over backer board? Thanks.
  Question: Our log home is about 40 years old but was moved to the location it is in now about 12 years ago. We purchased 5 years ago. The problem I have is, part of the master bedroom, I have turned into a walk in closet. The shelving on the east wall, where clothing may sit against the logsl, I have noticed that they are wet and there is ice on some. Of course now there is nothing touching the wall and when there is nothing we have no moisture there. Sometimes if a housecoat is left near the North w
  Question: Some of our inside logs are splitting what are we to do? Also we have been having severe weather swings 70 then teens, rain, snow, ice all in two weeks, last rain it started running down some of the interior logs and through the chink, what causes this and what can we do?
  Question: seasonal upkeep on a log cabin i have heard it must be treated every year is that true?
  Question: I recently purchased a log home. Only in the winter time, with 3 feet of snow up on the roof, I had problems with water drops coming through the ceiling, we had really bad rainy days, but no leaks only in the winter time. I paid a couple of roofers to come and see the problem but they claimed that the logs were never caulked nor chinked. On one of the dormers they seen ply wood and a roof flashing exposed , he claims the the gaps on the logs had to be chinked, do you think that could be a facto
  Question: I live in a Lindal Cedar Home which is about 15 years old. the interior cedar walls which are EVERYWHERE are not clear, but are knotty to the point of distraction! They are sealed. I want to paint or "wash" them in a warm white or gray color so that the knots are not so prominent. What would you suggest to "treat" them to achieve the desired effect of not-so-knotty looking walls?
Many thanks
  Question: Log Doctor, I just brought home a large pine log from NM. The plan is to finish it and use it as a base for a coffee table. What is the most appropriate way to sand, stain and seal it so that it will last, but not seap sap? P.S. We already have the bark off, the log is aged. Thank you in advance.

Charlie Pinson
San Antonio
  Question: I have cut some long leaf florida pine for furniture. How is the best way to drain the sap and how long would it take? the logs are 4" and less. Thanks, Jimmy
  Question: I am considering restorations on the cabin that my father is giving me, handed down from my grandfather. The cabin is ~80 years old and is constructed of white pine logs and swamp cedar rafters. The main issue with the cabin is the two pine trees in front are very close (one white pine and one douglas fir). The roots have actually lifted the front of the cabin I fear. These trees are both about ~120 feet tall. My first issue is the roof and chimney. The chimney has no foundation and is leaning i
  Question: I have rough cedar walls throughout my 4500 square foot house and have not found anything that works on removing pet hair and dust off the walls. I have tried a vacuum cleaner, wet rags, feather dusters that stick to the rough cedar. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  Question: We just took delivery of a new white pine hand-crafted log home. The first three courses of the home sustained some significant UV graying during early fall when we had 5 weeks steady rain during the build. Courses laid later look great, but the difference between these and the bottom 3 courses is stark on the sun exposed areas. The builder bleached all before delivery and then applied TimberTech - to stabilize the logs until spring staining. The bleach really did very little to remove the g
  Question: Does cold air cause eastern white pine logs/siding to darken? I have geothermal heat which requires water under pressure. I would like to shut down the heat and well pump and drain my water lines for extended winter absences. Does the lack of heat cause the wood to darken? Thanks
  Question: The interior walls of our 20 year old cabin, construction is just logs with rubber gaskets, show what look like drip marks. I can scrub some of them off, but don't understand what they are, what causes them, or if they can be fixed.

Washed the walls with a vinegar, baking soda and ammonia with water mix and that helped a lot, but not completely.
Could you advise? many thanks, P. Venet
  Question: How do you get that black stain off the stone on your fire place?
  Question: hello, I am building this spring, using batton and board siding, I really like the look of the chinked log siding on the INTERIOR. Is their a faux chinked log system for interors?
  Question: I had cypress siding installed five years ago, expecting it to turn the beautiful light grey you see at the seashore, Instead, the boards have simply darkened. Would applications of salt water over time give me the effect I'm hoping for? Thanks!
  Question: My husband and I have been thinking about building a log home (or possibly brick). Since we are novices, would you already happen to have a list of log home pros and cons, to share some of your wisdom with us? Thanks!
  Question: I have a 30+ year old 3 bedroom log ranch made by Ward Cabins of Maine and want to re-finish the interior walls. Interior walls are tongue & groove knotty pine and the outer walls are Cedar, milled flat, all are raw wood, no finished applied. Fillers for the knots that have discinagrated in the center? Sanding [takes forever with a hand held osscilating sander] or other method to clean the wood walls? What finish to use? I've tried poly urethane but the Home Depot brand for floors smells forev
  Question: How susceptible are log homes to termite infestation.
  Question: In the October newsletter you say to mount the downspouts 6" from the corner. How about from a flat wall? Do I need to mount the downspout with a 6" spacer between the wall and the downspout?
Thank you,
Heidi in Florida
  Question: I have a prussure treated wood ramp for my shed that has a knot which continues to seep sap. How do I stop the sap from seeping?
  Question: I built a Lindal Cedar Home 5 yrs ago. It is has red cedar siding (not logs). It is time to restain. Will corn-cob blasting work on siding? Will it remove black water stains on cedar plywood? Do you know of anyone around Des Moines, IA that does corn=cob blasing?
  Question: We have an older faux log house. Can you recommend a book or something to learn about the upkeep requirements and how can we find out what brand/type of logs it is made with?
Thank you.
  Question: I paid a company to reastore our 30 year cabin last year. They power washed and stripped the logs, etc. Then they applied weather seal after it dried. Some of the areas need another application. How do I go about this. Do I have to clean the logs before hand again to get rid of dirt, before applying stain? Also, what is the yearly maintenance on the outside for these logs?
  Question: How does the product called Timberwash by Saver Systems, an oxygenated bleach (safe on grasses, etc. as well) , compare to LogWash for cleaning a log home stained using a latex product?
  Question: How do i prevent newly peeled logs from getting mouldy and splitting
  Question: Hi there,

My wife and I dismantled a couple of old granaries(in Saskatchewan Canada and we would like to use the siding in our basement. I was wondering what I could use as a chemical or non-toxic solution to treat the boards to clean them up a bit. I am concerned with a possible smell as the boards until a week ago, were still in place on the granaries.

Any suggestions? I don't want to damage the grey look.

  Question: I'm considering purchasing a log sided home built in 1990. I have no experience with this type of construction. What should I look out for and what kind of maintenance should I expect.
  Question: I'm having a cottage built on a lake with red cedar shingles. I would like to treat the shingles with a clear stain so it shows the beautiful colors of this fine wood. What types of treatment,products would you advise in order for me to achieve this. Thank you.
  Question: I am considering buying a 22 year old log home in Nova Scotia. There is no insulation in the roof and I was told that "log homes don't need insulation". Is this accurate?
  Question: I have been sealing a friends pine log cabin for the past few yrs. What would you suggest in sealing the logs so that they do not need sealing every year? And His pine log garage windows have mold will the solution you recommend with bleach, tsp and warm help clean this up before I seal it again?
  Question: We have an Applachain style log home that we built 10 years ago. We chinked between the logs with mortar. The "mortared" spaces are between 4' and 8'. We would like to use a layer of synthetic chinking to cover the mortar and get a smoother finish. What do you recommend? How do we apply it? Also, we want to treat the logs with Boracar. Will that interfer with applying the synthetic chinking?
  Question: We have asked several questions but have never received an answer nor have they been posted.
We really need some help with a water stain problem.
I found one question on water stain that was posted but it really does not answer our question.
We built a cypress log home six years ago and for some reason we are getting water leaking inside when a severe rain and wind comes. It has caused stain on the interior and we need to remove these unsightly stains. Weve tried diluting bleach with water
  Question: I'm restoring a cabin in Council Id and it has a tin roof with no insulation. I'm making the attic area liveable and would like to know how to insulate the roof without using much of the head room. Thanks for any help. It gets very hot in that area.
  Question: I have a cabin in Colorado at EL. 7700 feet with peeled log siding that has been coated with a clear varnish. The varnish has deteriorated and yellowed and is flaking on the top part of the logs. Part of the logs are turning black. The underside of the siding appears okay in some areas where the varnish has not weathered. The same is true under the eaves where the sun has not hit the siding as much. What process would you recommend to restore the logs prior to placing a new finish? What pr
  Question: I have a tongue and groove cedar ceiling that is 20 years old. At the seams it appears to be turning ash or white in color. Do you know what might be causing this?
  Question: Some of the logs in my home recently got drenched! There are spots that the water seeped inside. Is there any way to restore the logs before they mildew and mold?
  Question: We are interested in buying a house that a bank bought back - so there is no information on how it came to have its problems. What we have seen is 1)bee holes 2)some interior sides of walls are showing signs of water stains running down 2-3 ft from various heights on the wall 3)some floor was ruined due to the cabin's previous owners not winterizing it and pipes burst and there is mold on all wood in the basement 4)the bank is running the a/c but no de-humidifier and it is still extremely humid
  Question: My sliding doors are very difficult to open due to settlement and possible seasonal expansion. The doors are double insulated glass with wood interior and aluminum clad exterior. I haven't been able to find anyone who could help with this problem. It looks like the track was routed by the previous owners as a quick fix. The logs are oak and the house was built in 1992. The exterior tracks are twisted so the screens can no longer function. I'm 6'5" 230lb and I can hardly open them. HELP!
  Question: We have inherited 50 acres and a 1800 hand hewn log home which is in fairly good condition. We are disable and unable to repair the home and not able for the up keep on a log home, so we intend on building a home we can manage the up keep. We have talked to several log home companies about the worth of the house. And I would like your estimate of the value. Its approx 40x60 hand hewn log cabin built in the mid to late 1800's, it is good condition, my husbands grandfather lived in it until his d
  Question: We built our log home three years ago and used Saver System products. We would like to avoid stripping/cob blasting by proper maintenance. Will applying a clear moisture and UV protection product every several years help prevent the need to ever strip and start from bare logs?
  Question: What are your thoughts on Behr Oil Based Deck Stain. The previous owner used it but we are wondering if Deckscapes from Sherwin Williams is a better product. Would you advise going through their whole deck stain remover, revive and stain system that they are trying to sell. Or can we stain over the current stain on the deck after we sand?
  Question: How does one easily remove bark from the logs inside an existing log cabin
  Question: We just finished staining our new cabin with Weatherall UV Guard. Is it necessary to finish with a coat of clear? Will it hurt if we don't? What do you recommend? thanks
  Question: Dear Log Doctor, I have a 15 y/o log home in southwestern Wyoming. I am looking for a good contractor to do repairs to my home, log replacement, blasting, staining, chinking and so on. Could you suggest someone in my area to call for help in repairing my home. Thank you.
  Question: We are in the process of building a log home and are debating whether to put any stain, sealer or Urythan on the interior logs. Do you think this is a good idea, or what do you recommend? We had cleaned the logs with straight bleach to clean them, and they look washed out.
  Question: We are considering buying a log home built in 1988 in southeastern Wisconsin. What kind of yearly or ongoing maintenance can we expect will be needed?
  Question: Hey, infromative site, nice job.
Question, my white pine home has three spots that look like carpenter ant holes. Best plan to irradicate these beasts?????
thanks, mike in wisconsin
  Question: I have some logs that are faded and black. I think the builder used too much bleach, and the stain is not sticking. What can I do to fix this?
  Question: My log home was built in 2004 in Mississippi. I have had no problem until yesterday. When I got home from work, there were hundreds of BEES in my home. I have a vaulted ceiling with 2 triangle windows. The bees were swarmed in the windows and would fly up to the ceiling. Is this a major problem anywhere else, and what do you suggest I do to get rid of them?
  Question: I'm a new log home owner and a novice to log home maintenance. I understand that water based sealers (like Lifeline) seem to have several advantages but is there any technical downside from a wood protection standpoint to using a solvent based sealer (like any deck water sealer and UV block)?
  Question: I am decorating a wooden shelf with log slices & some of them have grown mold. What can I do/use to get rid of the mold? Thanks!
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home that was built in around 1945. We have been told that the outside logs were coated with creosote in the mid 80's (inside is all sheet rock). I know this is very nasty stuff, but have been unsuccessful in really finding input on potential hazards from an application that old. It has been "painted" over many times, but I still need to find out if it was paint or truly solid stain (I had assumed it was stain thinking no one would put paint on logs, but a
  Question: I have a two story cedar log cabin home in central Florida. When the sun shines on the highly sloped roof, I get condensation on the ceiling beams. I have installed a ceiling fan, which helps, but does not eliminate this problem. Any suggestions. John
  Question: We have a rustic log cabin near Glacier National Park, built of Western Larch and well hewn inside with a braod ax to a very even surface. The porch ceiling has never been finished. How would you suggest we finish it? Would random width 3/4" boards be in keeping with the style?
  Question: Sweating or frost in the walls on stick built gable end above where the logs end, in Maine in the Winter time. There is Log siding, sheathing and then insulation. It is wet between the insulation and the sheathing. The inside walls are not put up yet. Please help we are getting mildew and runoff down the walls on the 1st. floor below. Thanks!!
  Question: Dont mean to sound ignorant but what is TSP?and where would I find it?
  Question: What would you consider to use to remove the sap from a stained log house? Mineral sprits and goo gone do not work.
  Question: Sir:

I have access to 60 red pine and blue spruce logs. (12 to 16 at the base. 30 to 40 feet long) They are standing and I am to cut them down. They are all alive. I was wondering if there is a good time of the year to cut them down and peel the bark off easily. Or, do I have to do it with a draw knife. Is there any other hand tool that would work better? I do not have access to a machine driven log peeler. What do ya think?

Frank Kortuem
  Question: Hello. Great informative site!
I just purchased property that has a pre-1840's log home on it. It is in great shape considering, but does need some maintenance and repair. I have no idea where to start really to get this house restored. It is located in central West Virginia and is made of very large hewn logs with about 3" space between them. Some chinking is missing (not much) and a log under the porch is eaten/rotted away on the face but the heartwood seems okay. I don't know who to contac
  Question: How do you remove tannin stains from log homes? We have been told that is why our logs are turning black.
  Question: i live in nc. I've noticed several exterior log homes being painted with a type of liquid that makes the logs look like plastic. Do you know anything about this type of finish?
  Question: We have a 12-year old red cedar home in central Virginia. During the Spring and Summer we have very high levels of humidity, dust and pollen. This combination leaves a thick layer of grime on the logs. We purchased the house nine years ago and begain treating the logs with Cetol products by Sikkens. How do we clean the logs on an annual basis? Is light power washing okay? I don't want to strip the logs, just clean them. Thanks.
  Question: We are currently building a timber frame home. We wanted to use 10 inch channell rustic cypress siding. We love the natural weathered look of an old barn with grays and browns. What kind of stain can we use to achieve that look.
  Question: how can i remove latex paint off mydeck?What stripper do yopu recommend?
  Question: we have wanted a log home for several years, however due to the negative side, we are how looking to stickbuild and use the log siding instead...will this give us the look of a log home without the maintenance of the real logs..
  Question: A friend of mine wants me to come "look" at his csbin and explain what is wrong as I used to be a builder. His problem is that the drywall he hung is pulling away from his logs, which he did not allow to dry. My understanding is that he hung the drywall directly on the logs as opposed to building seperate interior walls. Any solutions? Thanks
  Question: Are the square logs with chinking the best way to go? Worry about other types because of logs touching and rotting eventually.
Thank you
  Question: would you recommend oak log homes over pine or cedar? why or why not? We are trying to decide on a log home to build
  Question: We are looking at a 12 year old heart cypress log home to buy in central , florida. Is cypress a good log, what do we look for, how should we maitain it, some large shade trees in back, the rest in the sun, should trees be left?
  Question: we just bought a log home and the logs are turning almost white on the outside and splitting on the inside. what kind of maintence do we need to do in order to preserve our logs? we live in wyoming and the wind blows badly here.
  Question: we need some information on humidifying our log home: is it necessary and is cold air humidifiers the best, do we need to keep them on year round? What are the benefits? Thanks very much.
  Question: We just built a new log home and the interior logs are finished with a clear coat. My question is what do you use to clean the dust off the round logs and how often?
  Question: I live in Ontario Canada and have a 10 year old cedar log house, I am having a lot of trouble keeping humidity in the house in the winter months. I have a humidifier in the furnace and two humidifiers in the house however, the logs are really dry and cracking. Any suggestions?
  Question: i'm trying to get the water stain out of a untreated quaking aspen log and also would like to pull a crack together. This is only a 3' long log of about 5" caliper, it is being used as part of a interior.
Thanks for you great follow up to your email problems months ago!
  Question: I have a log house that was built in 1770. The logs are in good condition. They have never been treated or painted. I would like to clean the logs. What would you recommend that I do to clean the logs inside and outside.

Thank You.

Harold L. Burrell
  Question: We have caulked our log cabin two years in a row with non silicone based caulk and everytime it rains, water pours into the house. What else can we do?
  Question: When a question was asked about what to clean mold off a log cabin with, you mentioned water and TSP. What is TSP?
  Question: How do you stop the sap from seeping through on a deck made with pine lumber
  Question: My wife is fasinated with log homes. Is there anyone that is producing an artificial log siding that will have the low maintenance quality of a good vinyl or steel siding?
Thanks, Rich
  Question: We have a log house in NW Montana and will leave it for the winter. Is it alright to shut off the heat during the winter? Will this damage the logs or the chaulking/chinking?
  Question: How do you remove birddroppings from your logs?I want to reseal the logsagain this year.
  Question: My mom had a log home built (square cut logs with chinking) 32 years ago in mountains of western NC. Exterior/interior walls are one and the same. Never had any finish or waterproofing applied. We decided to waterproof now. Went to Lowes, where they recommended Olympic clear wood protector, a penetrating oil formula for decks, siding, etc. Treated the back of the house. A week later, very strong odor from product inside the house. Is it penetrating all the way through the logs? Should
  Question: i am looking to buy a 20 yr. old log cabin. it has not been taken care of but looks solid. instead of blasting and resealing can i just put vinyl siding over it? can i use a vapor barrier like a tyvek? will the logs still be able to breath? thank for the input, really love the site fritz in pennsylvania
  Question: need name of log expert to replace logs, sandblast, stain, etc, live in virginia, on the chesapeake bay, house is expose to the salt water air, house built in early 1970
  Question: Our log home has a good solid coat of primer & acrylic paint on the exterior. That's the way it's going to stay, & because of that am wondering if it would be best to leave the interior bare so the wood can breath.
  Question: I was wondering how you get mildew off log siding It just started to mildew last year so it shouldn't be to deep. what would you recommend sealing it with?
  Question: My log home exterior is extremely dirty and has many black stains and black stained drip markings. I'm told it's from dirt sticking to pollen. I live in a heavy pine tree area with lots of pollen. I've tried washing with TSP, no bleach though, but it didn't help much at all. I need to know how to clean these logs without stripping or damaging them. They are very, very dirty and sticky.
  Question: What is the best way to remove sap from untreated logs? Some of it is dried, some fresh. We are preparing the interior for staining.
  Question: Recent (built 2003 - 2006) log and timber A-framed home in UT at elev. around 5 k ft. Siding is pine tounge and groove stained a sunset redwood color. Problem 1: The stain on siding is patchy, and blotchy in some areas. Needs to be re-stained, however the South siding and some on the East is seeping sap. How do I remove the sap to re-stain? Will I have to do this to the entire pine tounge and groove siding of the house? Problem 2: Interior A frame beams also seeping sap in some areas. Do
  Question: In one of your tips you mentioned infusing Shell Guard into small checks to prevent rot. When refinishing my home, we used a product called Penetreat. Will this work as well as Shell Guard?

Thank you,
  Question: I'm in the process of buying a 26 year old log home. It was built from a kit by an outfit in Virginia. They used pine logs that were attached together by use of a 1/4 inch tempered masonite spline that was notched into a one inch groove that ran down the center of each log. The home inspector (who is not a log home expert, although he said he had a lot of experience with log homes) strongly suggested that we have the house chinked and caulked. Given the tongue and groove arrangement of cons
  Question: We have a peeled log home around 25-30 years old in the Catskills. We have a very large front porch where birds have made nests over the years. We are planning to clean out the eaves this Spring. What is the best method for cleaning the bird droppings on the logs located right under the eaves. Thanks!
  Question: Why do we use tongue and groove to build log cabins? I need this for my school homework.
Thank you!
  Question: We are having problems with water leakage on the south side of our log home. When there's rain and wind, the water comes in every single hair line crack (and there are bazillions of hair line cracks). We've rechinked the inside and outside and run calk and chinking in every crack we can get to, but no avail. Is there any spray on product that can coat the entire side of the house, fill every crack, and still preserve the log look?
  Question: How do you fasten half llog siding on and what kind of panelling do you need underneath of it?

Thank you.
  Question: Our historical was given a log cabin made with round logs. the outside has been neglected for quite some time.What is the best cauck to use
(clear or color) and the best preservative for the logs.
  Question: We are purchasing a log home built in 1974. The logs have darkened over the years. I think the previous owner did very little to maintain the logs. An inspector noticed three small areas that may be log rot. Since we are spending a lot of money on the house, I wonder if the drill and fill method of installing epoxy will be a stop gap measure until we accumulate enough money for a log to be replaced. Is there an "average" price for log replacement? Short of spending 10,000 for "corn cob bla
  Question: We are thinking about buying a log house in Magnolia, mississippi. Our home was damaged during hurricane Katrina, so we are moving out of the flood plain. I came across this two story log home it has been restained in the last two years. I know nothing about log homes so what should i look for when inspecting this home. It seems to be well kept. I would like any information you could supply.
  Question: I have purchased a log home built in 1980 some of the interior walls are untreated. I want to give them a good cleaning and put a clear stain on them to improve their look and make cleaing easier in the future. How would I clean the logs? The are red pine hand peeled.
  Question: We are going to retire and move from Ft Worth to NE Texas. We found a small but beautiful ranch there with a Satterwhite log home on it. I have been told the log homes are very high maintenance. Is this true? We do not want to spend our spare time and alot of money to maintain a house. Are ther specific questions we should ask the seller? Thank you, Marie
  Question: My husband and I are thinking about building a red cedar sided house this summer. I was wondering if you have heard of anyone having any trouble with a home that is log sided and drywalled on the inside. Do Red Ceder logs keep a nice color or do they eventually fade and need staining? Thanks a lot.
  Question: the southeasterly facing windows in my log home are leaking when the rain drives against them.I have caulked around all of them,but it does not seem to work.They have done this ever since the house was new.The builder has been no help in this matter. They are the kind of windows that open out,not up and down.I hope you can offer me some advice.Thank You.
  Question: In my area (Knoxville,TN) who is best qualified to replace rotted logs? Do not include Appalachian Log Homes or Dave Carter, thank you please. Enjoyed your website-very informative.

  Question: I am about to buy a log cabin business. this place was built in 1935 and has wood slats between the logs and then it was chinked. the chinking is parting away from the logs in places. none of the logs are in any symetric order so what type of chinking would i use to seal this back up again and are there any special tools or special precautions I would need to do while doing this prioject.
  Question: Just bought a 30 yo cedar home, true log/no drywall, and have dripping ceilings. This happens mostly in the a.m. Also, a converted garage keeps condensation on the french doors. We did put on a metal roof when we moved in. We keep the ceiling fans on reverse to circulate air. How can we stop this before damage happens?
  Question: Out log home is very drafty and hard to heat. Can we caulk the interior which is tongue and groove cedar?
  Question: The logs on the house are very dirty what is the best thing to clean them with.

  Question: My log home has 3/4 logs with 2x6 framing. I have these cracks. in the winter they fill with snow melting then freeze and check more. When that happens it sounds like a gun shot. Can I seal these with stacker caulk? Also where can I get minwood filler putty?
  Question: Do Cedar Logs have problems with core rot?
  Question: My wife and I just purchased an old log cabin, (built around 1955) while looking at the house I noticed that they used quickcrete for chinking. Should this all be removed? There are no apparent leaks in the cabin. And what would be the best thing to clean the logs with.

Thanks Harold
  Question: We have built a log home in 2001 and had to have it refinished because the first finish peeled off. The people we hired to restain in globbed the stain on and it turned black with mold. We just finished cleaning it off exactly as the manufacturing recommended and we have the mold back again on the surface - it hasn't even been a month and it's covered again. it comes off easily with the TSP /pool chlorine solution they recommend but why is it reoccuring??? We followed the instructions to th
  Question: We are having a log house/cabin built. We've found the builder, and he builds with log siding or Satterwhite "real" logs. This is all new to us. What are the advantages or disadvantages of both. Are real logs more cost efficent (heating and cooling)? As far as durability and maintenance... which is better? I guess my first question is would you go with log siding or real logs? And my second question is regarding the builder... he has been building for about 5 years. How can we make s
  Question: are there any big disadvantages to building a log cabin with "bark-on" exterior siding? thx.
  Question: I bought a 75 year old log cabin home in northern Idaho. It was stained or oiled from 30s - 90s. Then somebody stuccoed it (must have been a heck of salesman). Then someone else painted over the stucco. As the newest owner, I scraped off everything loose, caulked all the cracks and primed and painted the entire structure. THEN I found your page. Will the breathability problem be helped by the age of the logs? Should I cut a slot on the underside of each log to let it respire? Help?
  Question: We just built a log home. Due to tremendous rain during construction, It suffered water stains and mildew on the interior. I cleaned the logs with a tsp & bleach solution. I then sealed with Lifeline Interior. The water stains have reappeared and even darker! Did I hurt the wood? What can I do to remove the water stains and not injure the wood?
  Question: Help! we have neglected maintenance & find rot in log ends underneath wood filler applied years ago to cover/fill punky areas.. apparently the sealer wore off/moisture got in& rot is 2-3" deep in log ends.. what to do?
  Question: I am looking at buying a log house. I have been told that it's not a good idea since they are a lot of upkeep. I am a handy, but busy single mom. I've always wanted a log home though. Can you give me an idea of the maintenance I'm looking at above what I would do for any other house?
  Question: I had e-mail you a couple of weeks ago with questions but now 1 is power washing. Our 18 yr old cedar log home needs help. Some of the logs seem a little "tender" and have lost all their sheen..cabin looks dull.
The original owners used Wolmann's..I can't find that here and wonder if we could use Sikkens color just natural top coat. We have some do I remove that if we can't power wash? We love our home and want to make it look so much better. We live o
  Question: How do we remove crayon from untreated interior logs?
  Question: How do I go about finding a contractor who can replace rotted lower logs on 100-year-old cabin? and do some leveling? (whole log construction with long spans, no true foundation, 50x60 cabin)
  Question: We are building a new log home with double D shape logs. The manu. of logs told us they would provide a templete for cutting log but now we cannot get any help from them.We need to know how to cut log to join corners together. Can you please help us? Thank You.
  Question: We are in the process of purchasing a log home, our very first. It is 4 yrs. old and appears to be in pretty good shape. What should we be looking for/asking during the inspection period?
  Question: I have a log home twenty years old.The roof is cedar shakes',is there a way to clean them like you clean the logs to restain them.Also.what is the age limit on shakes.
  Question: I have been having alot of water leaking on the inside N W corner of my 15 year old log cabin. I've tried caulking, but so far it hasn't helped. Help!
  Question: Our Rec Center is a log building. It is 14 years old. On the weather side we have noticed that there is dry rot, enough so that one can press the log surface toward the interior of the log. What can we fill the void with and stop further damage?
  Question: We have a western red cedar log home, purchased 1/01; home built 1987-1988. Supposedly has never been stained only power washed in 2000. We are in the process of cleaning with a product that has sodium hydroxide and bleach and power washing. (Should have contacted you first, sorry.) We need to caulk (d-shaped logs) as we are getting some water on the inside. We think we want to caulk all the joints. Some joints & knots have had clear silicone applied. We are trying to get that out, as it i
  Question: I just bought land and want to use the Cedars on the property to build a camp/retirement house. Can I cut them and use them right away? I plan on milling top and bottom for good flat fit and the inside also. Will it shrink too much and/or how do I compensate for shrinkage? I want to be able to have camp as soon as possible but am afraid using new logs will only cause me problems? Please any direction will be great.
  Question: We have recently purchased a 5 year old log home in northwest AR. It was a lincoln log kit. Anyway, the logs were stained with a base deck stain that looks like a brown base paint, almost. Is there a way to take this off and stain it properly and what stains are good for pine logs.
  Question: We are building a log home and our latest shipment of log siding looks different from the logs we received before. The siding has gray colored sections, where the previous logs did not have any discoloration. Is this anything to be concerned with? Does the gray color mean the log has started to decay? Or is it just "character" as the log company explains? The log is made of lodgepole pine.
  Question: I have a early 1800's pine log cabin that I am restoring. Most of the Logs are in really good shape with small cracks. What should I do to treat my logs?
  Question: We need to put gutters on our log home. What kind do you recommend?
  Question: i am building a ceder log cabin on premative property, and the chinking process is somewhat a mystery to me. i first started out to build a fort for my son and i to have some adventures in, but it soon turned into a big project with ceder tree cutting, peeling and digging. i dont claim to know what i am doing but i do know that i need to chink in between the french style log cabin logs. i cant afford the good stuff, but i dont want to use the mud and moss either. if you could help me with this i
  Question: I am considering buying a log cabin in NH that has been painted. It was built in 1991. It has a regular wood frame at the corners but then the rest is logs. Is there any reason to ever paint versus stain a log cabin. Everything in your web page says to never paint. It is stained on the inside. Would I need to strip off the paint to insure the logs do not rot?
  Question: I have 6" D shaped double tongue and groove logs and water is being blown in when it rains. Can I use something like "LiquidWood" to seal the joints outside? Also have a lot of cracking going on, S side of house, Any help would be appreciated.
  Question: Are there any affects, concerns or disadvantages of putting a log home in extreme dry desert conditions such as Nevada area? What affect will extreme heat do to the logs and what should one do to protect it better, if any? Thank you.
  Question: We have a 6 year old log home that we built ourselves. We live in the woods in N.Ga.. Since we have lived here we have had costant problems in our upstairs with wasp and flies. Especially in fall and spring. Each room will be filled with wasp and will come right back after being cleaned out. Help! our children can't even stay in their own rooms. In the summer wasp circle our home. Do you know any repellents or products we can use on the logs to help rid of these pests.
  Question: Is it necessary to take off the old finish before staing the log home. The finish under the porch roof is good, but the rest of the house needs staining, can I just apply a new coat of stain?
  Question: We have a whole log cabin. The bottom few logs on the interior are getting moldy. I was wondering what the best way to clean it is and how to prevent it in the furture.
Kathy Merritt
  Question: I live in a log house that is very old. The logs still have the bark on them, should it be removed ?
  Question: I have a summer cottage that is all cedar on the inside and half logs on the outside ... Will I hurt the wood if I drain all the water lines and turn off all the heat?
  Question: Thank you for your great web site. I am looking at buying a 24 year old log home in Illinois. It has 8 inch full logs and no chinking. Owner claims, "in 1992 outside stripped using high-pressure washer, and logs were treated with Bora-Care. he stains with latex perma-Chink" should i beware on account of this home being pressure washed? I noticed in different areas in the middle of a wall where a log end or two has warped out maybe 1 inch. Is this a problem? If so can it be pulled back in p
  Question: I have a log home that had ice damage. The insulation panels used for the roofing does not have a vetilation. I there any products that can be used to create a ventilation system for a house with cathedral ceilings
  Question: We purchased a log home it was built in 1987 and the logs inside are very dirty. I have no idea what the logs are finished with and don't want to hurt them when I clean them. I need to know what to clean away all the years of dirt and grim with.

Thanks in advance. Cheryl
  Question: how can I repair large cracks/splits in my logs? can I just use cauk? thanks
  Question: I just bought a cabin that has had an addition using half log siding, the original has full logs which the bark has peeled off. Is it ok to peel off the bark of the half logs and stain or paint everything to make it look uniform.
  Question: We are considering purchasing a log home and we noticed that a lot of sap is coming out of the wood on the outside of the houe. Is there anything we can use to wash off the sap? What can we do to prevent the sap from seeping out? Thanks.
  Question: My porch ceilings, they are tung and groove pine, are molding. It seems to be worse near the ceiling fans. And some of the logs have mold on them. the house is stained with Cabots. What can i use to clean the mold without messing up the stain job?
  Question: I have mold growing inside my log home and there is no apparent moisture source other than a particularly humid summer. What can I use to get rid of it? Then, how do I prevent it from returning?
  Question: how do I put my porch light on after I put log siding on
  Question: I have a cedar log home and when it rain, water runs through and around the knots and into the inside of the logs. How can I stop this problem?
  Question: Hello,

My name is Peter and I have been tasked with "cleaning" my brothers recently purchased 5 year old log cabin. Can I just hit this thing with a low preasure power washer and some dish soap. We live in New England and it looks like he has some moss/mold or acid rain staining, or something.


Peter Meggison
Colorado Springs/Hopkinton, MA
  Question: How would you go about reducing the shift of an existing log cabin circa 1920's-30's? It sits on a sand base next to the St Maries River in MI. The consensus is that some type of foundation needs to be installed. I dont see how that is even possible. Although Im not a professional builder, Ive put up some buildings and I suppose you would tear the floor out and pour a pad of sometype? Any ideas on cost and time?
  Question: we have mildue in the basment. closets, doors, and in side the cealing. not sure about the rugs. we need harkins
  Question: What do I use to caulk between the logs to winterize? There are some "holes" that need sealing. How often and what do I use to seal the outside of the cabin? It is my first cabin and is 9 years old.
  Question: Hi, I think I have black mold on my logs.
What's the best way to handle this problem.
  Question: We purchased a d log home in north georgia in 2000, they builder used silkens stain, we after six months stained the unfininshed deck and rails again with silkens, Everything looks great except one wall that gets direct sun now needs more stain, I have read not to seal the cracks unless letting in bugs or water, so we haven't just caulked the 45 boards and above the windows. Question 1 is there a better stain and can it be put over the silkens Question 2 is there a caulk that will last longer f
  Question: I am interested in buying a log home, however
the outside appearance looks very grey and
weathered. Is there anyway to restore the color to it's original state? If so, is it expensive?
  Question: Last painter did not kill mold (just washed with water) and sprayed weatherseal over. Now the mold is growing under the stain. How do I correct at this point?
  Question: my husband and I want to build a log house from old logs. We have found an old barn with interior logs and also an old farm house which the logs are covered with siding. can these type logs be used on the exterior ? we have been told that these logs would probably rot fast because they have not had weather exposure. If they can be used is there any type treatment necessary to do so and what is the average cost of such treatment?
  Question: I live in Mora MN (central). I have just completed building the shell of a pole building, I am going to be opening a lumber yard. I would like to use logs cut in half for the exterior walls. I've been thinking of white pine and would like to keep it as natural looking as posible. could you tell me how this can be done and the steps it will need to keep it looking good. (the building is in direct sun light) I was thinking of just bolting the logs right to to buildings poles? Any tips on where a
  Question: We just bought a log home in kansas. The SE side of the home has areas that look like peeling of the finish, and greying. Do
I need to just put new finish on it? or strip it and redo the whole side?. I am sure it needs waterproofing. Can you apply finish and waterproofing in one step?
When do you know when to fill in cracks?
is it by size and depth?
Is there someone that you know of around wichita KS that can inspect our home and give us suggestions to maintain it?
  Question: a veryclose friends owns a rental cabin that is 1 year old what should his first step be for exterior maintenence
  Question: I am looking into stripping / preserving / staining / sealing / and chinking our newly bought log home. Its 4 years old, and needs just a little tlc. What order would i do all this work, and if i strip it with a power washer, can i continue all the rest of the work after a couple of days. thank you
  Question: Is it common in log homes for the roofs/floors to not be straight/level? I just looked at a log cabin where the floors are not level and the roof is sagging. I'm looking into having a home inspection but I'm not sure if I can find someone who is particularly knowledgeable about log homes.
  Question: Which is the better wood for log homes, cedar or oak? We will be bulding in the Ozarks of South Missouri in the future and wonder if there is any advantage or disadvantage over either cedar or oak. In respect to the climate of south Missouri does either wood matter?
  Question: Wet logs were used on parts of our new log home. We have mold appearing in various areas inside and out. The builders sealed them wet... We have a wall & shower stall in the bath that covers some of those wet logs. If they were not properly treated, what can we expect in the future, in the bathroom? What can we expect with ALL of the wet logs in the future- more mold, rot, shrinking, shifting, etc.?
Thank you VERY much for this info.
  Question: We stained our cedar house "natural cedar tone" - the color is horrible and turned out a very orangey red. Is there anything we can do to soften the color or repair it - we were looking more for a natural color.
  Question: Purchased 10 year old home 2 weeks ago. The home is in UT where there is snow covering the railings several months of the year. Log railing around the deck has some beatle activity and most rails are splitting due to weather conditions. How should we preserve and or repair these posts & railings? Should the cracks be filled/sealed to prevent further penetration of water? What sort of filler should be used? The previous owner said to stain every 2-4 years. Doesn't look like that was enough
  Question: We have a log cabin in Virginia. We have been told by the owner of an adjacent log cabin that we should cut down all the trees within several yards of the house to prevent rot, that any shade provided by the trees to the house will harm it. Can you confirm that this is necessary? Thanks very, very much.
  Question: I recently cut some cedar logs for a camp I'm going to build from them next year once they've dried (I plan to start working with them this winter in my garage). After peeling the logs I piled them in my garage to dry away from the elements. It's been 3 days and the logs are developing mold/mildew on them (they were very wet after peeling them from the sap). Should I do something different to dry the logs (I'm assuming drying them outside is not a good idea because they'll turn grav from
  Question: Hello,
We purchased a 30 year old log home. to treat rotted log ends at gutter spill areas to treat soft spots in the pine logs ( exterior only ) to go about split / cracked logs
4.what to use and where to buy best possible treatment for outside logs
5.should i fill the cracks and bug holes with....?
6.Did have the hous exterminated against wood boring beetels

Many Thanks,
Malini & Thilo Glueck
  Question: We are restoring the interior of our 130+ year old log home and would like to know the best way to remove old plaster that soaked into the logs. Is it safe to use a wire brush or will that scar the wood. Thanks Alot!
  Question: Is it ok to use a mild bleach solution to clean untreated logs?
  Question: Which is better, a penetrating oil with UV protection, of a 2 stage product and the last stage seals the log form moisture? I have had 2 different painters tell me different things.
  Question: We have just completed our exterior of our log home, which took over 1 year as we are doing ourselves. The interior is rather dirty due to being open to the elements for that long. I know they recomend a bleach and water mixture, but I can't see how I am going to rinse the interior walls without making a complete mess inside. Can I use steel wool or a buffing wheele to clean the walls?
  Question: we have old home borers in a log house we are selling.What can we do at least expense to protect the buyer?
  Question: how do you remove lead pencil marks from log walls?
  Question: We built our D- shaped log home in 2001. We are experiencing all kinds of problems with water coming in and carpenter bees, wind infiltration, etc. In fact, we are currently in a law suit over the construction of our home with the builder. We currently have our home on the market to sell. We are wondering if it is possible or if you have heard of anyone siding their full log home with vinyl siding? This is an option that we are seriously considering and we feel it may be cheaper than gettin
  Question: After owning our log home for one year the spruce logs started checking. The home is five years old. Humidity in Alaska is very low. What can we do to prevent further checking and to fix the checks?

  Question: I purchased a cedar log home. about 30 years old. Logs are flat on both sides, 2 3/4 " X 5 1/2".Tong & grove. No chinking, but not needed. House has been closed up for 3 years and has an unbearable musty smell. Logs are dry and crawl space in dry and clean. Any suggestions on how to get rid of odor. We are cleaning inside with water/bleach solution and intend to refinish logs. I also intend to dry wall the bedrooms and closets. But the musty smell has to go. Please help.Nice web site.
  Question: I have a main beam on one side of the house that has rotted from water sippage. Floor joist and one side of the house is supported on that beam what would be the best way to support the wall, floor joist and roof to re[place the beam.
  Question: How do you care for logs that still have bark on them? (Old 1933 cabin)
  Question: What is the proper way to remove mold off of logs on the outside?
  Question: what questions should we ask when buying an older log home?
  Question: I have slight mildew on 2 sides of my log home. The mildew is on the exterior of the stain. Any problem with waiting a year or more before I worry about cleaning and restaining? Also, what can I use for sealing around windows and doors - latex or polyurathane caulk...or other?
  Question: I have an old log cabin that has been painted multiple times. I have seen some cabins in the area that have an artificial stain per say. The exterior was apparently painted a light beige color similiar to the wood and then somehow they stained over it to make it look like real wood stain. I would like to achieve this look without having to strip all the paint layers etc... Are you familiar with this method or have you seen it before ?... Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advanc
  Question: Hi, I am currently building a log home with logs that were peeled and stored outside 3 years ago. Some of them show the first signs of rot, just in the sap wood the hearts are still very sound. If I use them just for the walls, once they are under a roof and kept dry will they still continue to rot, if so can I do something to stop it. Thanks, John. P.S. Great site.
  Question: how do you clean mold and mildew off the outside logs? I was told bleach water. if so, how should it be mixed.
  Question: what are the proper intervals to wait between powerwash, borate and stain
  Question: I have a 2 level "D" log home, that has Aspen T @ G ceilings and 4 walls have the same aspen on 1/2 of the walls, the log is a rough cut. My question is how do I clean the logs. This is for the int. of the house. I have dusted them with a dust brush but that just brushes away the top dust, I have asked many other home owners how they clean there logs and they all say the same way as I have been doing, Im sure there must be a better way HELP HELP PLEASE!!!!

Cyndi Murphy
Pagosa Spr
  Question: Hello, great site. Quick question. I currently live in a log home that I built myself and am in the process of putting a small additon on. I have some log siding left that was used on the gable ends (2nd flr) and would like to use the siding on the addition, but It has been outside and has weathered. Is there a process you recommend to bring the color back to the siding, it has become very gray, but is still in good condition. I had it covered but the elements still got to it. Bleach, sand
  Question: We haven't done anything to our house it is 10-12 years old (we lived in 4) there is black mold and two small areas of log rot (no gutters) what do we wash with and what do we treat it with afterward. we have a two sided porch some is not covered, thats were the rot is. who is a repair service in or around Chatsworth, Ga.
  Question: The logs on my home are in good shape and to keep in good shape, what type of maintainence routine should I be following. I would like to do it myself. Central oklahoma, no fungus, rot,or insects at this time. House about 10 years old, I have owned for past 4 years. Thanks.
  Question: I recently purchased a log home here in Northern Michigan. I absolutely love it! But how do I winterize the roof? The home is 25 years old and I dont want to loose the log look from the interior.
  Question: I am finding a lot of great content on this website. Thank you! My question is this. How do I keep my logs from rotting in the future?

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