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  Question: We have recently exposed an interior log wall,it is approx 150 years old,Logs look pretty good but I think they need a sealer,What do you recommend,These are hand hewn oak and chestnut logs,only exposed on the interior part of our home,Thank you for any help,Leon
  Question: Our contractor installed the drywall flush to to log beams and did not cut any grooves. leaving us with a very bad fly problem, how would you seal/ finish these uneven lines? will anything solve the fly problem?
  Question: I have sanded my log railings and I am am concerned about the black stains in the larger cracks and post holes, etc. What should I use to (treat') the wood and before I power wash and dry. Or ? Suggestions.
  Question: What is tsp one cup of bleach one cup of tsp to how many gallons of warm water to take mold and stains off of older Log Cabin
  Question: Interior question,150 year old poplar logs,very dry,what conditioner would be best for. logs
Don't want to apply any finishes just help with the dryness of the logs
  Question: we built a log home 9 yrs ago and have had problems with windows leaking the guy that put our windows in we had him redo them 3 times and they still leak any suggestions
  Question: HI, I live in a Lindahl Red Cedar home that was built in 1987 that is out in the woods. The original owner painted the outside. We bought the house in 1997 Some of the interior walls are showing some water stain on them what should I use? Our 8 panel doors are looking dry also want to know if there is product to put on them or if they need to be stained. all of the ceilings still look great. Appreciate your help.
Monica KenneyTolson
  Question: I have a 12 yr old pine log home and over the years have darkened the finish which started with sikkens cetol. I am stripping the entire house and going back to the natural pine finish. I would like your recommendations as to 1-Stripper,2-Sealer and 3-What you consider to be the best Natural Pine colored Oil based stain. Can you give me your experienced input and recommendations? I am 72 and don't want to do this complets strip job again!
  Question: How do you get rid of cigarette smell from log home?
  Question: How can I remove Behr Super Liquid Rawhide no.13
from cedar siding? I hear blasting is not recommended. Thank you!
  Question: My logs have alot of carpenter bee/woodpecker damage, what should I fill these holes with to repair the structural integrity ?
  Question: I purchased an old antique log home, and I would like to know what I can put on the exterior logs to seal them. The logs are in good shape, outside of a few cracks in the wood, but I don't want them to rot. Also, what can I use to fill the cracks in the wood? Thanks
  Question: Hi we are getting ready to build a cord wood home using cedar cordwood after peeling them there is a white and green mold growing on some of them. What should I do to stop this and keep it stoppped. Thank you
  Question: What is the best and most economical way to remove water stains from hand-hewn logs
  Question: I'm on the board of my county historical society. We have an 1867 log cabin. It has been suggested that we use linseed oil on the exterior and portland cement.for chinking and daubing. I think we need a second opinion. Would linseed oil and portland
cement be appropriate?
  Question: Will a log home made with 6x6 pine logs (slightly beveled for chinking) stacked one on top of the other be efficient enough to heat for my family to live in year round in Minnesota?
  Question: I have build a small cabin using log siding and then decorated the interior with some fresh cut and peeled pine logs. How long do I need/want to let them dry before applying finish and is polyurethane the finish most use??
  Question: what would be a good product to spray the inside of a new ceder log cabin?
  Question: Our 1909 Chestnut log home has a dark interior. It has not been maintained in years. How can I lighten it and do I have to put a finish on it. If so, why and what kind of product . the outside has been finished with Lifeline Advance Satin clear coat.
  Question: I have an existing log cabin 1980. Wall is bad and have to replace logs. Can I use 6 month logs to be cut by mill. Or do they need to be kiln dried
  Question: I live on a ranch with tons of ponderosa pine. I want to build a corral using the thinned wood. I don't want to spend the money peeling the logs. I figure that they will last at least 5 years and I can replace them as they rot. How long do you think that they will last. I don't really have the money to purchase pipe and weld them
  Question: The exterior of my cabin has a sticky finish. It was sprayed with this material 5 years ago before I purchased it. what type of finish is this.
  Question: Hi,was wandering? I am thinking about building a sauna,and I would like to use some of the cedar I will be milling up this spring from my property,Being that the sauna has moisture in its operation? Was hoping that maby I could use it rite After milling .thank you.
  Question: I recently completed the dried in shell of a "D" shape pine log cabin. We are planning on using perma-chink finish on the inside but can't find a color we like for the outside. I use Penofin red label for all the decks I build. Is this an ok finish for the cabin? If not what would you recommend? Looking for almost a cedar bark brown for the finish color.
  Question: I am using cypress logs for porch posts. I cut them a year ago, hand peeled them. My question is how to cut the bottoms so they will stand up straight. The bottoms are about 14 inches diameter and the tops are about seven inches. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Barry
  Question: How can I tell if the inside of my pan abode cedar home has been stained/sealed with a product, or if it is just the natural aging of the wood? Home built in 1991. Walls have a smooth feel. Not sticky feeling. Thanks!
  Question: I have a small dove tail log cabin with a red pro-panel roof I would like the logs stained a redwood color and the porch painted and window surrounds painted a light gray color, would this look okay? the porch painted a light gray?
  Question: I Built my log home about 20 years ago. I hate it, Can the out side be redone in Rock are some other kind cover.

  Question: Flying squirrel urine seeping through ceiling boards and running down pine walls in living room. Wildlife removal is coming later this week but in two weeks, the walls have molasses-type drip stains all over the place. I tried white vinegar and water which will do the trick if you get it immediately but is there a way to take them off?
  Question: Our D shape logs have a dark water stain on a large portion of one piece of log in the interior due to past roof leak. The logs are just clear coated and have aged in color in 18 years, how do I get the dark staining out or at least have it blend in with other and not be so obvious. thank you
  Question: We have a 25 year old lodgepole log home. We treated the exterior with penofin oil about 12 years ago and have done nothing since. Now the logs are very dark and we would like to try to lighten them up. Other than hand sanding, is there any way to do this? We have looked at homes that are corn-blasted and don't like how pitted they look.
  Question: What should I caulk with to fill where the chink has separated from the logs to keep air out in places? Also where do they sell the product?
  Question: I just built a cedar log cabin from logs I cut off my property. I notched the logs and I chinked inside and out and debarked the logs. What should I put on the outside to protect the logs from weather and sunlight? What to put on inside to seal the logs
  Question: I am looking at a log home to purchase that needs resealed. Previous owner used kerosene and oil to treat and Seal for the last 5 years should I purchase it? And if so what a good plan of action to reseal and caulk jionts are less than 1/2" mostly a 1/4. Any remedies to correct this. Much appreciate your help thank you, B
  Question: We had some rotten spots on our log home (in Maine) due to splash back. We've had the spots repaired with new cedar logs. We plan to have the whole house cleaned and stained next spring/early summer. Can the new logs wait until then, or should they be waterproofed sooner.
  Question: Im having a white pine D log cabin being built in Rockbridge VA. would you recommend using Prelude on the inside and outside. Also Log end seal on the end of the logs. We are looking at Lifeline Acrylic for the inside and Lifeline Ultra - 7 for the outside. this is our first log home so we want to do it the right way the first time. any suggestion or help would be appreciated.
  Question: We have just stained and sealed some large logs being used in the interior of our new home with Lifeline Advance 7. (3 coats of gloss sealer) I would like to have it glossier for easier cleaning & I love the glossy wood look. Can we now put a coat of Acrylic gloss or polyurethane over it to achieve high gloss for this interior wood with out issues?
  Question: Is it a good idea to coat my log home with liquid vinyl?
  Question: I have a pan abode pine home approx. 42 years. The exterior is showing ware. The exterior finish is peeling, flaking. In spots the log is showing weeping. What is the correct way to restore my home? I would like list my home for sale. I would like to get it looking its best.
  Question: I have a 30 year old pine log home in Northern Arizona, that was treated yearly with Linseed Oil based natural wood preservative (BEHR Natural Wood Preservative to start with). I have been having trouble finding a replacement as the majority of products are now water based. Is there a method to quickly strip this old oil based preservatives and switch to a more readily available substitute.
  Question: i stained pine logs with lintseed oil and turpentine. can i stain over it?
  Question: i just sanded the pine logs on the inside of my log house. They have bluish gray streaks in some of the logs and the rest of the wood is light almost white with yellowish grain in the wood. how can i keep the newly sanded logs light so that the bluish gray streaks will show
  Question: I have a 40 year old red pine log house in upstate NY what type of preservative should I put on the exterior walls--I have used cuprinol 3 or 4 times it seems ok--the logs were untreated when the house was built
  Question: We have recently purchased a log home in Washington state. The home was built in 1980 and one side of the house the logs appear to have turned black from the weather. What would you recommend for taking this off and what to seal it with afterward?
  Question: We have a 40 year old ponderosa pine log cabin and have used a clear (Behr) Transparent wood finish about 3 times. The corner logs have turned dark grey and some of the horizontal logs in parts are doing the same. Is there some product available or inexpensive procedure after cleaning the logs to cover these portions of darkening yet keep the natural log look which we have done with the Behr product mentioned ?
  Question: I have a 15yr. old cabin. Three yrs. ago it was cracking and turning black. I sanded it down before re staining. Also put in crack seal and chinked it.
It didn't work. is there anything you can do to cover it up, meaning something permanent besides siding or cemet planks, which are expensive, but need a permanent solution No more staining, it isn't working, nor is the crack seal, I power washed it first also.
  Question: building a logcabin looking for 24 inch screws to hold them together..
  Question: I would like to treat interior pine beams with boiled linseed oil. I'm hoping the linseed oil will bring out the pine wood grain somewhat and protect the beams. Other pros for me to use boiled linseed oil are; it's natural, easy to apply and inexpensive. The cons I understand are; the beams may darken with time. Any advice?
Thank you
  Question: What is the best way to deter squirrels and woodpeckers from chewing on a log home?
  Question: I have a red pine log cabin made from 6X6" solid logs that are slowly turning black. The logs have been sealed 4X with velvit oil (honey light).How do I remove the stains and with what product.Waterblast?
  Question: I have a log cabin made of white pine. I would like to possibly do some pickling in one of the bathrooms. What is the best product and what kind of prep do I need to do if any?
  Question: what happens if you put tongue oil on a freshly cut live tree. will it die
  Question: I have a 40 year old cherry dinning set by Harden Furniture. The finish on the chair arms has gotten soft and gummy. What can I use to harden the finish.
  Question: I have an oak dinning room tables that has groves in it running the length of the table all the way across. I am wanting to refinish it and would like to fill those groves in with something that would give it a look like a log cabin does with the dried mud between each wood piece. I want something that is made for this and will last the wiping and cleaning of the table each night. We use our table for more than just eating. Then what would you suggest we use as a sealant once we have filled
  Question: I have recently built a log be frame with cedar logs. It is starting to crack lenght wise with the logs at every spot that there is a knot. How can I prevent this from getting worse?
  Question: I'm using lodge pole pine for outdoor hand railing.
What is the best sealer
  Question: We are building an addition to our log home and have purchased Tim-Bor Professional to pre-treat the pine siding prior to staining. We have also purchased Flood CWF-UV5 Oil. For an extra layer of protection can the Tim-Bor be mixed with the oil stain?
  Question: We are using a product on our half log siding called UV Guard, both stain and sealer. We live in WY and it is very windy here. Do you have any thoughts on this product?
  Question: I have several questions. 1) our kitchen and dining area is very dark, the ceiling has nice beams but floor inbetween is wood so doesn't reflect light. I don't want to sheet rock between the beams, what do you recommend? 2) some of the wood inside seems rough and collects dust. I have to vacuum it, can't wipe down. What can I apply to walls to make smoother without sanding? 3) the cathedral peak in our bedroom was getting condensation real bad, now discolored do we need to sand it? We run the
  Question: We need the fire rating on 8 inch western cedar logs. Our insurance just skyrocketed (no claims). We are thinking an auditing clerk thinks it's siding.
  Question: Do you know where we can get Puttylastic for our log home? Ideally it would be somewhere where we can go get it within 50 miles of the Dushore, Pa area. We could also order it to be delivered to us to be used next week. Thank you.
  Question: Hello
We are having the exterior of our 1979 pan abode soda blasted to remove an old stain that cracked and darkened. What stain would you recommend to keep the natural look, but protect against hot summers and snowy winters?
  Question: Hi, we're trying to choose an oil for the interior walls of our Western Red Cedar log home. Danish oil has a slight "tackiness" to the finish and I can imagine it will attract dust. Teak oil has a much smoother finish but isn't very Eco friendly! Also slightly concerned about the flammable qualities of this it completely safe to use on all interior surfaces?
  Question: We purchased an outdoor barrel sauna. What should we seal the outside of the sauna with to keep it looking new.
  Question: our log home has a moldy musty smell !! We run a dehumidifier and the walls are very well insulated any ideas?
  Question: I'm using cwf-uv on deck. It started raining after putting in on. It has know turned white. What should I do?
  Question: Remodeling interior of my home with pine car siding. In need of a post and would like to use a pine tree from my land but not sure if once its debarked and brought inside will it start to sap? Does it need dried and cured, or can I seal it while fresh?
  Question: We just moved into our log home two months ago and put pictures up one month ago. We recently noticed mold and lots of it growing in the seems where the logs come together. Why? And how do we fix it?
  Question: Hello, I am building a great room. I have fresh cut timbers, hemlock, cut in March 2014 and milled in June 2014. They are not kiln dried. They are sitting on saw horses 3 feet off the ground and covered with a tarp. They will be constructed in Sept and we want to treat them before they go up. How do I treat them? We like the natural look and don't want them to yellow. I don't want a color stain. We aren't what to use to stop them from cracking and yellowing.
  Question: I bought 2 log kits, and prints call for using 2-4's between logs, I thought this was accepted as the best construction method, I have seen logs cut with a tongue and groove type notching, and laid right on too of each other. My question is: which method is best, what are the pro's and cons of both, if there is a better method than either, what is it? My logs are red oak and dovetail cut on ends, with steel rods drilled through each end. Thanks-daveo
  Question: We are preparing to re-oil our cedar home. What type of oil do you recommend. I have heard Boiled Linseed Oil & Turpentine. I have heard adding stain to the oil. I have heard Diesel oil? The last one is hard to find I heard. We washed a shrubed as much as possible now are ready to oil. We are hoping to let it dry for 4 days . Thanks
  Question: I am seriously considering purchase of a property built in the 1930s which is log with some stucco portions. In doing some research I understood that staining was needed. However when asking when the sides of the house were stained - ends had been done recently I was told the logs on the side are primarily still covered in bark which naturally protects the wood. Further, t would be a mistake to remove the bark and stain the logs. This seems a bit weird and has put me on pause in regard to what I
  Question: I have an old log house, the interion has stain on the but they are dull and dusty life to them. I would like to clean and then apply a product that give them a low luster sheen. What should be used? Is linseed oil ever recommended vs a stain? I don't want to add any color just the bit of a glosssy finish. Any recommendations on cleaning beside a shop vac with a bruch attachment? Thanks
  Question: i am trying to decide between Defy Extreme stain ( with zinc oxide nano particles) or Lifeline Ultra 7.
What are your thoughts on each?
  Question: I have a cabin in the woods of VT that is sided with milled pine boards. 2yrs ago I stained it with cabots translucent stain (recommended). This spring the entire house was black. The mildew/mold was behind the stain and I had to strip everything off. AWEFUL. It was a first. What clear product would be best to use that would not turn black? I wish I could post photos so you could see!!! Thanks...
  Question: Our cedar log home was painted with Behr liquid rawhide and is now cracking and peeling. We are hand sanding the old finish off and are wondering what reputable products you would suggest to repaint.
  Question: i have a log home that has water stains on parts of the inside logs that I am wanting to clean off.
can I just use bleach?
  Question: Have cedar sided home that was completed in 2011 (now 14). Will power-wash to remove water staining. Like the natural resulting color. Must I apply stain or other treatment afterwards? If so, why? What products recommended?
  Question: Hi I am looking to build a hunting cabin with only the logs on my property, nothing too fancy just a warm place to sleep and hang out and play cards etc. there are only oaks, maple and sycamore trees here which would be best? Do I have to strip the bark? What's the best foundation to use ? Thanks
  Question: We Have a log home , built in 1986 we put a product called velvet heart wood cedar oil based stain on about every 5 years, The first 15 to 20 years the stain was very water resistant to rain ,but now after 2 years the logs look dry and lack the oily finish to resist rain, would you have a recommendation of a product to bring the water resistant finish Some one suggested Linseed oil, would like help getting the right product Thank you Bob
  Question: Bought a 14 year old pine log home in Colorado. The guy who owned it died, so we have no clue what brand or type he used on the stain cover we do see. I think it needs to be re-coated. Can we just assume we should go buy a oil based stain (non-linseed)? I'm trying to avoid stripping the stain off the entire house, which would be quite a job.
  Question: We are considering buying a log home in southern Minnesota. The home was built in 1977. The exterior looks as if it has been allowed to weather naturally. If there was a finish on it it's long gone. We love the natural color the wood has taken on. But, we are wondering if we buy what we should do, if anything, to protect the wood?
  Question: We have a bed made from aspen wood. It looks like a pine bed. When we recieved it from Utah the measurements were incorrect for our king size mattress. The width is to wide. Can the bed be cut down from the size it is now to fit our mattress?
  Question: We are building a new log home in Townsend TN, eastern white pine 8x8D logs. The build is recommending Davlaur wood sealer with chew stop. Have you and option on this product. I would prefer a solid color stain for best UV protect.

Thanks Mike
  Question: I have a 10 year old Idaho white pine log home. We are continually getting flies, wasps and stink bugs in our home. we are double chinked inside and out. We are about to do a refinish on our outside logs and want to add an insecticide to curb the bugs. I have seen ads for Bug Juice. Is this a good product or is there a better one for our problem?
  Question: Hello, I purchased a pan abode home in the interior of British Columbia last year. I am now finding out that I have a problem with carpenter ants. They are dropping from the ceiling. The sellers did not disclose this to us. I have a tar and gravel roof and have no way to get into the ceiling to spray. I have called out 2 different exterminators to spray and I still keep seeing the ants. Do I need to remove the roof? I have found one place of entry from the outside - a hole in the exterio
  Question: How often should I stain my log home?
  Question: We have a log home in north Idaho built is 2001 and an addition put on it in 2006. We finished the exterior with "Severe Weather Log Cabin Natural Wood Finish made by Enterprise Paint Co. a division of Valspar, and purchased at Lowes". This was a linseed oil based product applied in 3 coats yielding a smooth gloss finish. Valspar has discontinued the product and has no recommendation for a follow on product. I'm looking for a compatible top coat product for a touch up. Any ideas? Thanks
  Question: We built a cabin with pine square timbers for interior walls. I cannot tolerate the VOC chemicals in wood finishes. Can I leave my walls raw without them absorbing odors? What are the pros and cons of raw wood vs finishing the wood... THANK YOU... my lungs appreciate your input....
  Question: I would like to put a clear high gloss finish on the interior logs of my log home.What should I use?
  Question: recently I removed plaster and lathe in my upstairs and discovered log timbers and a newspaper from 1897. I don't want to drywall over it! But restore the wood and chickering-any info would be appreciated and want to do it myself. Thank you

  Question: We purchased an 8 ft round cedar post for the inside of our house. It's red cedar cut from the middle of the log. Looks great with beautiful knots...but it's rough. Should it be sanded? If so with what grit? Does it need to have any sort of finished applied before installing?
  Question: We cut cedar rounds with the bark still on for a wedding. What would be a good way to seal it so the color and bark will stay.
  Question: Hey, I have a log home ..the main Support beam in the middle of my home has started to crack...this is a beam that hold the weight from the roof to the main floor...this is making me very this a reason to be concern, also is this a large amout of money to have this replaced. any answers would help...I am in this alone. Thank you. Mary
  Question: Hi there,
How can I clean ends of silver birch logs before sanding them?
Thank you
  Question: Good evening,
I'm looking to get some advise on interior logs with bark on VS bark removed for a great room project. Is there a major downfall to using logs with bark left on?
  Question: Just finished sanding natural white spruce logs on interior, was told to wash logs with 1 cup liquid gold to 1 gal hot water, not sure if this would affect the final seal. permachink interior light natural. Or would I be better off using a different cleaner for these logs. Thanks for your assistance.
  Question: I'm considering buying a log home & it appears the roof had a leak for some time which caused the connecting end of 2 logs to rot completely (or 75% of each logs end) this rotten log/logs is about halfway up between ground level & the roof line. Is it possible to fix/replace or more trouble than its worth? I'm not sure whether to move on & find another home or to make an offer on this one minus repair costs, what's your suggestion? (& suggestion of estimated cost repairs I could be looking at
  Question: I have a log cabin which was built in 1946. The interior logs have very dirty bark on them. Suggestions for cleaning?
  Question: I live in a 97 year old log cabin made of Canadian cedar trees with their bark still on. Do you know of any way to dust/clean them? Thank you!
  Question: We are needing to clean the interior logs of old cabins built in the 20's. These logs still have the bark on them and are collecting dust. How would you clean the dust without removing any of the fragile bark? Could you spray a laquar product on to not continue to collect more dust?
  Question: I have been personalizing custom logs, with last names and some art work for several years.I can not come up with anything to keep the bark from falling off. Is their anything you can put on the back or the log to keep the bark from flaking off or seprating from the logs? Thank you
  Question: Hi, we recently bought a pan abode red cedar home. Can you please instruct us how to clean and protect the wood. We are not interested in staining or varnishing it. It looks great just plain wood.
  Question: I live in Northwest Florida between Tallahassee and Pensacola. What types of trees can be used to build a log cabin. Also when is the best time of year to harvest said logs/timber. Is there a better time to harvest to avoid tree sap, etc. Additionally how does one dry these logs/timber ie. location, time of year and duration etc. Thanks, Tim.
  Question: Have a half log home and I need to apply it's first maintenance coat, what would you suggest using, also what would you use to clean and prep it. Thank You
  Question: Will be building a kiln dried eastern white pine cabin in October in WV. I was told that I could wait until spring to stain/seal. Would it be wise to treat it with borate as soon as it is built to protect it over the winter,or should I just wait and use the WeatherSeal stain/seal (fortified with borates)in spring? Thank you for your advice.
  Question: I have a log home in the mountains of West Virginia. When we have sealed our house, we always have used CWF but not happy with the results. I have been reading some posts and they say to use stain and a sealant. What product do you recommend to preserve our logs and I have noticed a little log rot at the end of a few logs in the same location. How should we take care of this. Thank you.
  Question: I have a 25 yrold log home the manufacturer always recomended CWF.I now have Black mold on the east side and north side
  Question: What is the best way to remove bark that is still on the logs in the interior of log cabin?
  Question: we have cypress posts on wraparound porch. they were initially treated with Sikkens ; we delayed restaining them and now they are moldy in spots and weather-beaten-especially where sun beats on them. I've tried bleach treatment; then tsp w/bleach; then sanding, but the dark spots still prevail. ideas? thx
  Question: My husband and I are planning on refurbishing a chestnut cabin from the 1800's. Unfortunately, it has been empty for many years. Mice and other creatures have been in and out. It needs to be cleaned, but more importantly- disenfected! What should I use to disenfect the floors inside to make it safe for crawling babies? Bottom line- I need to clean urine and droppings! Ewwww!
Thanks for your help!
  Question: is there any product that can be applied over behr liquid rawhide to maintain the look and finish of behr oil so one does not have to remove the liquid rawhide finish
  Question: can you polyurethane white spruce logs on a log cabin home without putting a stain
  Question: I have a doug fir log home in the pacific northwest. Some of the exterior logs are discolored dark brown, a contrast to other good condition logs that have a light brown to orang-ish brown doug fir color. How do I bring the darkened logs back, closer to original color. Also, on some of the logs [both the colored & discolored logs]have little holes with a small pile of saw dust from a bug of some sort that dug into it. I don't think it is termites.. What wood preservative can I put on that w
  Question: We have a 5 year old spruce log home that has never been stained. Is it best to use bleach or a wood brightener before staining. What is the best product to finish the logs? We are thinking of using Australian Timber oil. What do you recommend?
  Question: Do you sell and ship replacement logs?
  Question: What kind of time frame are we looking at to sand the interior of a log home? Is the cost high to have it done professionally? What products do we need to purchase to do the sanding ourselves? It sounds extreme;y involved and tedious. Thank you.
  Question: I planned to put cedar log siding on my house but learned from my insurance company that they will not insure any log homes, cabins,etc. What can I do?
  Question: My aunt has a cedar log home she built in 1992, we are now lookng at selling it. We have filled interior cracks with a sawdust based putty mix and sanded the walls down. She is in fear that since the filler was lighter it will show thru after staining and has decided to just paint the walls!! I believe this will bring down the value. is it not normal to have some fillings of cracks visable? and wouldn't just painting and covering the wonderful wood inside bring down the value?
  Question: We are unable to get cabot deck stain cape cod gray which is the color our deck is stained with now We need a substitute color to stain deck Our house is cedar stained with bluestone cabot stain
  Question: Im looking for any information on Pittsburgh Sun Proof acrylic/oil semi transparent stain .
  Question: my 5x5m cabin was erected on a 7x7m concrete slab 7 years ago(Ireland). Water is getting in from the bottom all around. The edges of floors are starting to rot and the wet is now seeping up the walls at all joins. How can I remedy this situation? Is it feasible to raise the cabin on car jacks or Should I cut the concrete close to the base. How can I repair the damage done. All suggestions appreciated. Thanks :)
  Question: I have a horizontal barrel style outdoor cedar sauna.The knots on top side leak in the rain.Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks in advance
  Question: just purchased a 30 year old pine log cabin. Needs exterior staining and sealing. Not sure whats on it it so planning on stripping off the old finish. Also inside appears to have had a clear coat of some type applied when built. The inside is log and notty pine paneling. looking for your recommendation on what to use on outside to stain and protect I like cedar coloring thats semi transparent to show the woof grain and what would you use in the inside to first clean/ dust the wood and then seal
  Question: I live in Mississippi and own a cypres log home. I have several questions... What is difference in corn blasting & pressure washing!? Can you put a sealer on cypres logs? I have been told no by several(not experts) they needed to breathe.
  Question: I mixed an oil based stain with a water based stain. Will that cause me any problems?
  Question: How do you remove cigarette smell? Sanding? OR is there a product that kills the nicotine smell?
  Question: I have a unfinished log bed can i leave it the way it is or do i need to protect it will it split if i dont protect it?
  Question: How do you remove cigarette smell? Sanding? OR is there a product that kills the nicotine smell?
  Question: We have just recently purchased a cabin on a lake.
It is a pan abode log home. the interior appears unfinished cedar and is in good shape however some staining of the logs is evident. It looks like at some point the some water dripped down the exterior logs on the interior leaving a staing behing log by log. So with the interior of the cedar untreated I need to know the best way too remove the water mark/lines in the wood.
  Question: I have a building that I just purchased that was built in the 80's. It has been painted and I need to weatherize it. I can see cracks(small) or gaps in areas. Have it told that it needs to be caulked. Should I just cault the inside? Or do I need to do both inside and out? Worried about matching cault with painted walls. Outside is grey and inside walls are brown
  Question: Should the interior logs have some kind of sealant or finish on them? They tend to get dusty and it would seem that having a varnish or a coating would help dusting them off. If so what would you recommend? Thank you!
  Question: Some of the logs in my bathroom have a black discoloration, how do I know if I have a mildew problem? How do I remove it if it is?
  Question: I've got a cedar home that had Penofin on it and now it looks green and washes off .So i washed it off and sanded the whole house down nice and smooth. Now what ? i want the natural look even if i have to redo it every 5 yrs.
  Question: Hello,

We are in the process of buying a log home that was built in 1986. The interior color of the logs are very dark red. They are cedar logs. There are all kinds of light fixtures and chandeliers but it is still too dark. I love the wood but like advice on how we can lighten it up to a good extent. What is the process/ steps we need to do this?

  Question: we purchased a new log home package from coventry log homes. they are really good folks to work with. i know from working with wood that cypress is better for logs, but they only use eastern white pine logs. they recommend perma-chink stain. even though the logs are EWP, shouldn't i get years and years of life in these logs by using perma-chink stain and what would i need to do to get maximine life from these logs?
  Question: building a lodgepole pine log home in me.. trying to figure out what to use for an exterior stain. Tung oil, latex or oil ?
  Question: Whats the best sealant for natural cedar posts after bark is stripped? I want to keep that fresh new look.
  Question: Unfortunately, I have two very large Live Oak trees that a power company cut down by mistake that are 200 plus years old. And as bad as I hate it, I was wondering if these tress would make good flooring or cabinet material. My Arborist said these trees were very healthy, and should of lived another 100 years. I hate to make firewood if they could be used for something else. Thanks
  Question: We have a Pan Abode log home, and just wondering if you can chink, the logs. and how you would do that!
  Question: I have cedar ceiling beams about 100 years old. They are solid but I want to clean them. Several of them were put in place with bark still on them. I would like to remove the bark but it is on like cement. How can I remove the remaining bark and then clean the beams? Thanks.
  Question: we just purchased a log home, the interior walls are very dirty and feel sticky. I was told linseed oil may have been used on them an I need to soda blast the logs. This is very expensive. Is there another way or product I can use?
  Question: I have been using your products for our log home. Several years ago we replaced 18 logs. I have found one section about 3 foot long and I have dug all the rot out. i am going to replace with a log skin to match. What should I treat the remaining log with, I remember there was a product you had that "cured or hardend" the remaing log that would be covered? Thanks.
  Question: My husband and I bought a log home foreclosure in Texas. We know nothing about the type of logs and the treatment that was done on it previously. We are wanting to caulk and stain the house and wanted recommendations on the best product for the best price to use.
  Question: I have a 20 year old log cabin in southern Idaho. the exterior has been neglected and i wanted to put the best exterior protectant on it.. I am perplexed by the options and blogs that i have read.Some say Linseed oil blends are best and others say the newer synthetic blends are better.? I dont want to do this process every 3 years, is there a product that will last 8-10 years? and i understand that you need to stay with the same type(oil or latex)you shouldn't mix one over the other..? can i pu
  Question: We have a panabode home that was built around 1960. We want to insulate one of the outside walls with the spray foam, and then cover with siding. If we use spray foam would this act as vapour barrier.
  Question: we have a tongue & groove sided house, behr transparent log home gloss finish has been brushed on. After a period of time the finish has bubbled up in places. What caused this??
  Question: What is the best way to remove water marks on new interior cedar logs.
  Question: I am wanting to build a porch covering out of cedar. I have not harvested the trees yet...waiting until this Fall. How soon can I use the logs after harvesting. I've heard so many answers and not exactly sure what to believe. An older gentleman stated the cedar could be used immediately to construct my post and beams?
  Question: Hello my mother has just had a pine tree cut beside my house. She is keeping some logs from the tree with the outer bark. I live in massachusetts where the wheather changes from cold to hot and I don't on removing the outer barks. What products would be best to use in order to protect the logs from the wheather, bugs, and fungi.
  Question: I am trying to locate Cabot Semi Transparent Oil Based Stain,Cape Cod Grey. I believe the item is discontinued but not sure. I'm in CT and no one has any. Let me know.
  Question: 2 years ago we bought a pine picnic table. We stained it with an oil base stain. The knots are still oozing sap what can I do so that we can use the table?
  Question: We bought a log bed and it is unfinished. What is the best finish to put on this? What should i use?
Thanks for your help
  Question: I'm in the process of sanding a cedar log cabin. There are a few inside corners with an outside corner 3" from it, the 3" piece of visible wall is very hard to get at. Do you have any tips or names of tools that would work on these other than a flapper wheel on a drill or a grinder.
  Question: What is a good replacement for the Behr rawhide currently on my home siding? Am unable to locate rawhide.
  Question: With linseed oil products not being produced I was told to "strip" off the old linseed oil natural colored Olympic preservative and apply new green products currently being produced.What type product (jomax??) do I use and should I use a pressure washer?
  Question: My parents own a log cabin that was built in 1906 from tamarack. Some of the logs near the bottom are starting to decay. What type of treatment do you suggest for preventing more decay?
  Question: 6 years ago previous owner had log homw stripped and stained with TEP cedar tone. Time to redo, does house need to be blaster or just pwerwashed before restain, also TWP,Penofin Log On or Organiclear for longest lasting in lower michigan climate
  Question: i have been cutn down red oaks in my yard and would like 2 make a table out of one of the logs . what is the best thing to treat the top?
  Question: I have a rustic log house built in the early 80's and when it is warm it smells awful. Outside the logs smell sickly sweet up close (they were recently sandblasted and stained with a high quality product. Inside the house smells ripe. cheesy. what could it be and how do i get rid of it?
  Question: I have a wood exterior on my house, which was finished with Behr rawhide. It has been years and has mildewed (dark stains). I live in Alaska, so there is no corn cob blasting. What product can I use to strip andhelp out with this problem?
  Question: would an a880's log cabin have exterior shutters on it?
  Question: We bleached and TWP'd our oak log home with Cedar tone color 5 years ago. It isn't discolored we just want to recoat it to keep protecting it. TWP says we can't recoat over an existing coat. Isn't that possible ?
  Question: I'm leaving some interior post & beams exposed in & around the kitchen area. They haven't seen the light of day for over 100 years. The kitchen has cedar logs for ceiling beams with cedar strips above them. I've cleaned them up very nicely. Would you put anything on these raw cedar beams & strips plus a couple of hand-hewn corner posts, like a clear sealer of some sort or just leave them alone.
Thank you Greg
  Question: I have twenty acres in Central Fla. No cypress, some pine, mostly different species of oak (water and live). Can I mix species? Just building a one room cabin. Build high off the ground? Extend roof to protect logs? Was very thick woods,so leaves and branches are way high. Trees are straight and tall. (fought for canopy). Seems such a waste to have to buy logs when I have so many trees. Can I make these trees work, somehow. I'm 62 so I don't need it (log cabin) forever.
  Question: I am/was a log builder/finisher from Minnesota and moved to Texas. A gentleman in Conroe, Texas asked me to build a beautiful outdoor chapel from freshly harvested logs with the bark left on. Everything I know tells me this could be problematic. The gentleman showed a photo of such a building with bark intact, but had no further information. Is this reasonably possible for a permanent structure? Certain wood species? Certain chemicals? Certain techniques? My research is not yielding solid answer
  Question: We purchased a log cabin that had been empty for 5 yrs, bats had become it's home. We had them professionally removed, have sealed the house, now we have to get rid of the odor without staining the logs. We have tried NNZ. Can you recommend some natural product to disapate the odors without staining the logs? We have blown, vacuumed and removed as much as we can. Called a professional but they wanted to drill a hole in our beam? HELP PLEASE!
  Question: Hi there,
We completely sanded and stained our log home about 7 years ago, and have done very little up keep since then. There are some bare spots now... Do we need to completely sand it again, or can we just stain over top of the current stain? If we were going to re-stain every couple of years (I realize we waited way too long between stainings) do we then need to re-sand every time? The staining part is okay, but sanding is hell, so just wondering if there are any short cuts!! Thanks, ma
  Question: I am building a log home in georgia and one of the wood species offered is Tulip Poplar. what is your opinion on this species? How does it compare to lodgepole pine and western red cedar?
  Question: What do you recommend for cleaning interior logs (cedar)? Our lake house was built around 1930. It's in generally great shape but there are some small mold spots on some of the interior logs. (I guess it's mold, there are just tiny little grey circles.) Since we had some remodeling done, the house is much dryer than it used to be so hopefully the source of the problem is gone. I'd just like to clean the logs.
  Question: Hola,

I live in S.Carolina and want to put white board from lowes to use a window frames on my white pine log home.
CAn you recommend a clear finish that will last more than a few years without the wood darkening much and also protect against mildew.

jerry H
  Question: We are going to built a log home in Florida, can you tell me what is the best wood choice for our logs in the hot climate and bugs in Florida ?
  Question: Hi: I just bought several log homes for use as guest accommodations.Rather than leave the interior logs bare, I've asked the contractor to seal them. He tells me that one coat of poly is sufficient; or, he can poly, sand, and repoly, but it will cost twice as much as he quotes for "sealing" interiors. Are two coats necessary? I know that is what most manufacturers recommend.
  Question: My sofits are finished with pine boards. I finished them with three coats of spar urethane. They are starting to have black spots under the finish. There is no mold anywhere on the house. Any idea of what would cause this and how to get rid of these spots? Thanks, D R
  Question: We recently build new northern white cedar home. The home is currently under roof with all doors and windows in. When we get a driving rain from the west or the south, we get some water leakage "through" the walls. The logs have not yet been sealed, but are of tongue and groove construction with two beads of sikaflex caulk and a strip of weather strip. Do you have any suggestions to deal with this problem?

Thanks for the help.
  Question: In the process of building a Butt and Pass 20x26 cabin. the logs are "D" cut by a friend in the area. No T&G just flat on flat. I was going to cut the logs for a 1x2 spline, But have read that the spline may cause more problems than solve. Plan on using Log hog screws every 2 foot, wondering what you would recommend between runs and exterior?
  Question: We love our small log home but stained the interior before realizing how dark it would be. Adding windows or removing wall stain not an option. Your opinion on painting the ceiling which is V groove covered cathedral. Tried track lighting and just not enough. Must keeps costs down as well. Thanks
  Question: Just built a new pin log home. Finished ouside with Siekens. Wondering what is the best interior finish, lokking at pros and cons of linseed oil, tung oil, or water based poly.
  Question: I have black on the logs on the north side of my log home. Is this a mildew or mold, or dry rot? Do I sand it off before restaining my house? Or maybe clorox wash if it's mold? Thank you.
  Question: hi, We just bought a pan abode home and we LOVE IT! It was built in 1954. Is there specific care and maintenance require to keep it looking this awesome inside and out? Can you recommend any books, techniques or products?
  Question: What is a square ft. price to have old chinking removed, corn blasted, restained, foam backing, and rechinked?
  Question: I have chestnut logs off a cabin built in the 1920's. These logs are 8 inches in diameter, I would like to stip them to ther bare surface. I power washed them but it seems there is a soft pulpy exterior that needs to come off as well as some solid stain. Please help me unlock the beauty of these logs, that I know is just under the surface.
  Question: I have a new log home being built. Builder used regular nails and they are counter sunk about 1/4 inch on spruce log siding. They are staining the siding after a recent rain. How can i fix this problem so i won't have the nails rusting in the future. Cabin has not been stained yet.


Brad Abernathy
  Question: I have an 11 yr old square d log home and when its cold I can feel the cold at the floor level all around the house - what can I do for this? Is there a technique for sealing from the outside at the floor level?
  Question: How to remove rosin from inside new yellow pine log home?
  Question: I am getting a new roof and im unsure of what color shingle i should get. What color shingle would go best for a red log cabin. I currently have a grey roof
  Question: I am building a solid cypress log home on a slab. Do I need a Treated seal or can the logs set directly to the slad. I also thought about a sheetmetal pan under the logs and angle down about an inch. Thanks for any information.

Testing I cut a one foot piece of log and set it on the ground where it is in the weather. I has been there 3 1/2 years and does not have any bugs or insects. Maybe this stuff is good.!!!!

Thanks Harlan
  Question: our cabin was built in 1940s what would you use on the inside logs? it is way to dark in the living room.
  Question: every year, tiny little bees(?)drill my logs on the front porch and posts. what to do? also. carpenter bees between the gutters and house. please help.
  Question: I am trying to decide on the right color roof to go on a weathered log home.
  Question: I Had a cabin built with D logs !0 " or so. finished in Nov 2006, the contractor took his time 17 Mos to finish the job (you get what you pay for) It wasent long until we had a blowing rain from a certain NW direction I think and water came in through the logs. Not always just the heavy blowing rains. I hired another contractor who came out and scaffolded the cabin 3 storys. removed windows reinstalled, permachinked all the joints, added some flashing and I still have water getting in when that
  Question: Log cabin built in 1985 in SW Okla.- linseed oil - ugh. Previous owner tried to remove it with little success. We need to get this cabin exterior sealed but are working on a shoestring budget as this is a second home. Advice?
  Question: i have 1/2 log siding that the 1st 3 rows were getting black spots so i pressure washed them and restained with penofin red label. 1 year later they are almost all black, the siding above looks great, do i strip it? and if so do i do the whole house or just the effected areas? thank you.
  Question: My dining room (Cedar D logs - 15 yrs old) were stained about 1 year ago with a Cabot Semi Transparent oil stain (color milkweed-very light). Can I use Permachink interior gloss sealer over it?
  Question: I have a Vermont Log Home, built in 1977. One side of the house needs logs repaired from rot. Also, color is dark on that side. Do you know of anyone in central Maine that could do this work?
  Question: I have lived in my log hoe for 6 years and everytime it rains with wind the rain comes into the house by the knot holes only.
What can i do to seal those knot holes from the rain coming into the house?
  Question: Our 30 yr old log home in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island in B.C., needs refinishing. It was originally finished with Sickens Cetol stain. Should we sandblast before refinishing.There is no loose or flaking paint/stain, it just needs brightening up. Also the ends of two logs (12ins. dia.) have dry rot. I have cut out holes approx 2ins.dia.and 6ins.deep in the end of each log. Can you suggest anything I can do myself to fix the problem, or maybe recommend somebody who would fix the p
  Question: i have a 24 by 32 log home built in 1977 by north country homesteads inc,it is located in sterling n.y.which is in between rochester and syracuse.i am looking for a reliable company to do various restoration such as chinking or caulking,staining,deck replacement,soffit repair etc.could you recommend a company for this area.thanks wayne thompson.
  Question: My new log cabin sat without stain for 10 months and then the somewhat weathered and darkened logs were sprayed with a bleach/water mix and left to sit for a few hours. The logs were looking very nice and clean and white and then, just a few hours after bleaching the cabin was stained with a clear linseed oil based product. The logs now have black spots and splotches. How can I get rid of the black splotches if it has just been stained. Need help much because I want the logs to be light and
  Question: do you know any contractor that are experienced in caulking a log home in the Virginia area?
  Question: Hi we're looking to buy a pine log home. The current inspection revealed several logs with problems. They are located on the ends of the single story home, going up to the gables. We noted
several logs which had been drilled with 1/8" bit.
When tapped on they sound hollow. Soft, say from water penetration, or outer ring of the logs coming
apart. I'd like to know what the closest center to,
Hattiesburg, MS 39401, for purchasing needed products to correct the problems. A list of needed produ
  Question: i recently purchased a cedar home. water is leaking through the knots and when there is expansion and constriction of the individual timbers, there is also leaking into the house. is this because of poor construction? any remedies
  Question: I am looking for a company which does log restoration (for a log home) in Bragg Creek, Alberta?
  Question: Our cabin was built in 1968 in NC from rough hand hewn logs out of SW VA est to be 125 to 150 yrs old. I've had exposed logs cobb blasted and since I have sprayed with a borate and sealed. I spent 5 days caulking every joint between log and chink. What is the best product to seal the joint between the logs and chinking with a sandstone chimney. It is caulked as far you can see, but I really want to confirm the connection is waterproof. Thanks for any advice! dp
  Question: Do you know what the directions are to make the stain that the DNR uses for their picnic tables?
  Question: In the question on website shown below the individual mentions Fargo Naturoil. This product is actually still available from Cloverdale Paint Ltd. (they took over Fargo in 2002) you can get Naturoil at Cloverdale Store #51 in
Calgary, Unit 6, 4200-46 Ave SE Calgary 403-236-4777.

"We have a 30 yr old log home in SE Alberta. Our home has had regular maintenance and is now due for a recoat. Our contractor had used a product called Fargo Wood Beautifier and Preservative Naturoil. We
are unable
  Question: I am trying to build an "historic luxury" cabin at a low cost. I purchased 4000 board feet of inch thick rough cut oak. I have framed with 2x4 and plywood and now have the oak nailed to the framing with one and half inch tall gaps between each board to give the chinking look. Can I purchase mortar mix to use for chinking? I cannot afford the 150 dollar 5 gallon chinking at this time. The chinking is just for looks.
  Question: We recently stripped our pine log home and restained it with Woodguard stain-oil based. It has been three days since the new stain was applied, the label says is takes 3 days to several weeks to cure. However, the stain looks very blotchy (25 square foot blotches), is this normal in the drying process?
  Question: Wondering what you might recommend to remove the grey color from weathered logs. Is there a chemical on the market that will do the trick?
  Question: My wive and I are looking at building a log cabin in lexington,Va. area we have talked to log cabins dealer in that area that sell from pine and cedar to cypress. every body says their is the best. what would you recommond using
  Question: We just purchased a panabode log cottage in Northern Ontario and the interior and exterior is so dark. What do we use to lighten the exterior and maybe white wash the interior. Thanks so much
  Question: we are looking at buying an existing panabode home, that is to be to be moved.Can a pan abode be moved intact, or does it need to be disassembled? What would we check for, once the pan abode arrived at our property (30 mile trip, by professional house moving company.We would like to create a more open space in the living dining area. is it possible to remove, or just move, interior walls in a pan abode home
  Question: I have an 85 year old milled redwood D log cabin in Ca. (MILD CLIMATE) I coated the entire place with copper green and am now contemplating applying raw tung oil to it. The seller reccomends cutting the tung oil with a citrus oil for the first coat to help penetration. What are your thoughts on the tung oil, and the citrus oil to thin it for the 1st coat? Thanks Eddie
  Question: We are purchasing a timber home in Pollock Pines CA I believe it is a Panabode from the pictures I've seen on line. How can I be sure? and what makes these type of homes special? Thank you
  Question: What are your thoughts on vinyl half-log siding, we live in a snowmobile access only place & would like a log cabin look and feel. We thought vinyl might look just as good and be easier to care for. Do you know of a good contractor in the Cle Elum, WA area who can add log siding to an existing home?
  Question: Our small cabin [12x36] was built by the Amish. It is square logs. We have no leaks and there doesn't appear to be any mold-----but,yet, our clothing has a musty smell. The cabin is only 3 years old and the smell in the clothing is more noticeable. Any ideas as to why??
  Question: I have 13 freshly cut and de-barked 6" X 9' cedar post that are going to be used as porch roof supports. What do I use or what needs to be done to the post to maintain color and preserve?
  Question: Are you looking for experienced, reliable help? I have recently moved from Kansas City to Springfield and am working my way through school. I have run crews chinking, grinding, replacing logs, oiling houses,etc. I have done new construction also. I can be reached at 417-368-9199(home)417-773-6549 (cell)I am familiar with all you do. Am used to "Log Builder" products but can adapt to anything. THANKS!!!
  Question: We have poured individual round footings (16" sona tube)for each log that is going to support our shed porch. I want to secure each log to the cement footing. How can I do that?
  Question: We have a 30 year old Panabode and would like to cut a window between two interior walls,close to the ceiling to let additonal light into the hall from a skylight in the other room. Can we just cut through the logs? Thanks for the reply
  Question: We have a 1950 Pan abode construction cabin with dry rot on the 2 corners with 4-5 logs. Do you have any suggestions on repair. We live in Birch Bay, WA
  Question: From a leak in our roof after a heavy snow, water ran down the wall of our log home. The logs are flat rough and unfinished. The roof is fixed the logs have dried but we are left with water lines on the logs. Is there any way to get rid of them? Thanks Joy
  Question: I am currently in the process of purchasing a log home that has at one point or another, had a cable system installed. I believe that it was installed after the home was completed to keep the logs from separating. Several of the cables have been cut and there is evidance of the logs separating. The log home builders in my area have never seen or heard of such a repair or building method. I think that it is a structural issue that needs to be addressed. The cables are ran on the exterior, through
  Question: can you use motor oil or transmission fuild on a log home???
  Question: I am just sick! We recently had our home half-log sided in pine. We had a "professional" place the siding and stain it. To say the stain job was terrible is putting it mildly. The stain is uneven and there are drips and runs everywhere. The color we had chosen would have been nice at 2 coats, but in some areas it looks like he placed 4 or 5! Help! Can we remove this with stripper or ??? Please tell me there is a solution. The stain used was BEHR semi transparent in redwood naturaltone D
  Question: need to replace a log
  Question: I now own a Log cabin built in 1896 in NW WI. The cabin has a few logs that are exposed to the weather and the rest has not been protected for the last few years. What solution is there for a weather proofing stop gap on a budget and what is best for long term. We plan a new roof with larger eves(in a few years) and a epoxy repair for the rotten log ends. Please recommend a book/s and any thoughts.
  Question: What is the best preservative for a new construction pine log home exteria in Connecticut? Preserving the investment is my concern. Penofin, CTA, Woodguard? It's confusing. Please simplify my decision.
  Question: I am building a new log home by myself. I started it last summer. I bought green wood, fresh cut logs that were milled for tongue and groove. I also bought green wood for the posts and beams etc etc. The wood I used last summer has started turning black (mildew and mold). I should have it under roof by early spring. How should I approach getting the wood back to orignial color before borate and staining? The logs are oak and the rest of the wood is pine.
  Question: When using red cedar log siding, do you advise putting 15# felt paper outside the house wrap, against the cedar? Also, do you recommend putting plastic wrap on the inside of studs, too, before covering inside walls with red cedar dimension lumber? I heard cedar degrades house wrap. Thanks.
  Question: I have a western cedar home that is40 years old.I corn blasted the inside.I want to put in a shower in the bathrom but I want to keep the the logs showing is there a sealent that I could use on the logs. so they wont rot away. TY
  Question: Do you recommend using hickory for a small hunting cabin?
  Question: How often should a pine log home be caulked, stained, or sealed?
  Question: I have recently peeled and stacked ponderosa pines logs into cabin walls. The logs were dried for 6 months prior to peeling, and now have dried another month stacked. I would like to apply a stain/sealer before wet snow falls. A major consumer publication lists Olympic Prem. Latex stain as the longest lasting in their test. I have applied satin Spar Varnish to interior logs before and would like this appearance for the EXTERIOR logs what do you recommend...oil or water stains/sealers.
  Question: We have a handcrafted Log home Lodgepole Pine. It is stained with TWP-100. I have not been happy with the lasting performance would like to later refinish using Perma-chink Lifeline ultra 2. Is there a compatibility issue?
  Question: the tail ends of some of my logs on the corners of my houseare really cracking a liquid epoxy the correct fix?inject into the cracks as much as possible,brush the ends with it?
  Question: what is the best way to remove chaulking from the exterior of a replacement window
  Question: Which do you suggest, Sikkens or Perma Chink? We have stripped the BEHR off and are ready for finish. The home is a Montana Pine, Rustics of Lindberg Lake in Good repair. We live in moist Western Washington. Do you have a suggestion of another product?
  Question: We're going to be building a new home soon, and would like to use half-log siding. Do you know of any retailers/distributors that are fairly close to Eastern Kentucky?
  Question: We have a 1930's log cabin in the woods of Idaho that has several rotted logs that are causing the structure to sink. Do you know of anyone in the Boise/Lowman/Donnelly areas of Idaho that could do the work needed to replace and repair?
  Question: We have a cedar home covered with cedar 1/2 log siding. It badly needs restoration. My research so far has shown two types of finishes: Film Formers and Penetrating Finishes. Film formers include many alkyds, latex/acrilics and varnish resins in solvent or water based finishes. Penetrating finishes are oil or water based products which typically contain a drying oil resin in a stain. Also natural oils are in this class along with some newer water based systems using synthetic oils and resins.
  Question: We are in the process of building a Northern white cedar D log home. It is under roof now, but many of the inside beams and inside walls are dirty from sitting outside. Also, there are some minor water stains. Someone suggested cob blasting the interior, someone else said to sand the walls, a third person said to use a bleach solution to wash the walls. What do you recommend, and when should I do it. Thanks1
  Question: I bought an unassembled log bunk bed from a wood products company. It already has the tenon and holes cut into the headboards and frame. What is the best way to fasten the logs together at the tenons?
  Question: purchased a log home 3 yrs ago - home is now 15 yrs old. I am preparing to recoat the exterior. Have Perma Chink log wash for general overall cleaning. Is there a recommended product I can use selectively to retore/lighten the areas which have darkened most from weather. Also what is best for regular cleaning on the interior logs?
  Question: how do I remove water stains from pine logs. I have been asked to remove water stains to the interior of a log home both full logs and half logs due to a roof leak. The stains range from severe to mild any help would be appreciated.
  Question: We are currently under construction with white pine. All our lumber and logs, both those still in bundles and those already up in courses, are mildewing and molding! There are so many different products and types of products we are baffled as to what steps exactly we should take, with what products and in what order. Could you please guide us with this? Thanks!
  Question: We are considering purchasing a 20 year old Pan Abode log home that has been dissasembled in British Columbia. There are no plans for it. What are the issues with taking down and putting up a used home like this There are no pictures of it assembled and I cant seem to find any info on plans there a site that has old panabode catalouges instructions blueprints etc. It is for sale for 25000 and needs to be transported. Thanks
  Question: what should I use as a replacement for behr liquid rawhide
  Question: I recently purchased a 2+ story log home in Western Oregon that is 30 yrs old and has been finished over the years with boiled linseed oil and turpentine. The logs, of course, are very dark. I cannot afford to have it all stripped at this point, but would like to put a maintenance coat on the lower 3 rows of logs. Any suggestions for a basic cleaning - and other than using another coat of the linseed/turpentine mix, is there another finish that would be compatible, or is it best just to stick wi
  Question: I have an 8 year old eastern white pine log home in North Vermont. It was originally finished with Behr NWF Waterproofing wood sealer and finish and chinked with Puttylastic sealing caulk. The finish has worn off on the lower logs but is still thick on the higher ones. Also, the north east side is black mostly. How do I clean and finish it? Should I rechink? And if so should I remove all or some old chink? What products would you recommend. Are there any "green products" that I could use?
  Question: I live in upstate NY, in a recent bad storm I had a beautiful white burch fall, I would like to use the log keeping the bark on it, what can I put on the bark to keep it on and seal it?
  Question: I have a 25 year old poplar (aspen) log structure that has never been treated and is now very grey with weathering/mold. The structure is sound, how can I restore these logs look new? I was thinking water/bleach (3:1), pressure washing, then Cetol log and siding stain.
  Question: I am in the process of putting the finish on a new 16x24 log cabin made with 8" white Pine D logs. The logs were damaged by the power washer and the first coat was applied on one wall and it looks poor. Is there a good way to make it look more uniform in color and texture?
  Question: I am thinking of using Perma-Chink but only 5 yr warranty. Other manufacturers offer 10 years. Are they all the same? Do you have a preference?
  Question: I live in northern Colorado near Ft. Collins and Greeley. Can you tell me who does corn blasting in this area? Will corn blasting be effective on 8 yr old Penofen?
  Question: What can I use to treat an axe hanle that in dried out from being left outdoors for months?
  Question: We put a latex dark stain on our less than 10 yr old house and it looked so old , I want to go w/ a more orangey/ or I think cedar color .We started to remove w/ a power washer and some deck stain remover. What do recommend that is any easier to remove it? Also is there a stain that will cover any left over stain that we can not remove fully?? What type of stain do you recommend to use to make the place look like fresh wood!
  Question: What's the best way to seal butt joint leaks? Some of the joints are too small (1\16th ") to effectively caulk. What about grinding a vee into the joint (as welders do for butt joints) and then caulking it? Would this cause more problems?
  Question: what problems can i have from using pople trees for log home?
  Question: hello,

I have a 4yearold southland log home white pine. The logs are infected with carptenter beatles what do you recommend. I live in South carolina.

  Question: Our log home was sealed with CWF about 4 years ago. It really needs re-finished, but we need to strip it first. Some areas still have a thick layer and power washing is not taking it off. Any suggestions to dissolve the old CWF?
  Question: We have a lott of red oak on our property in Pa and would like to timber them to build our dream log home. Is red oak a good species for a log home? Do we need to treat the logs before staining? Are there problems we should be aware of using red oak? Any information would be appreciated.
  Question: Our log home is 22 years old and we have some logs that are rotted. We want to cover it with stone or half logs. What do we put on the logs before we fix them to keep wood ants or termites from getting behind the stone or half logs?
  Question: how often a log home needs to be chaulked,stained,or sealed of a pine log home?
  Question: If you were planning to build a new log home near Springfield, MO and were considering oak, pine or Engelmann Spruce logs, which would you choose and why? Please disregard shipping costs when answering.
  Question: I bought a one level log home in WV that was treated a hideous orange color at the time of purchase. It is time to retreat and repair woodpecker/bee damage. The horrible orange is wearing off slowly, but I would like to change to a brown. Should I powerwash it? Painting would not hurt the look of my home, so what do you recommend painting vs staining? What brand of either do you recommend? Also, have you recommendations for repairing large holes made by wookpeckers? Someone told me that it is
  Question: We have a 30 yr old log home in SE Alberta. Our home has had regular maintenance and is now due for a recoat. Our contractor had used a product called Fargo Wood Beautifier and Preservative Naturoil. We are unable to find this product now and are unsure what to use. Our climate is very dry with hot Chinook winds which dry and flake off any type of Sikkens type product. Can you recommend something that will withstand our harsh dry weather?
  Question: does cedar sided log homes need to be borate treated before stained and which would be better latex or oil base stain. Thank you
  Question: Hello Doc, I know women who owns a log lodge. She insists on treating the logs with linseed oil. I have suggested a professional oil based penetrater with uv inhibitors and the other usual protectors. What do you think?
  Question: buying a five yr. old log home. It has had nothing done to exterior since built. planning to clean and restain it. what sulution to clean, how lomg to wait between cleaning, and what product would you use to stain. i think you are giong to say dont preasure wash, this is in ms.
  Question: We had a house fire and I am trying to find info on our home. It was a tongue and groove home made of redwood. The whole house was made of this,no drywall. It was a kit home from, I believe Oregan or California, built in the 70s. How can i find info on manufactors of kit homes from the 70s?
  Question: I have an 1800's log house in Indiana that we are in the process of restoring, the chinking is mostly creek rock and mud with horse hair with an avg gap of 8 inches between logs. I need to rechink it. Do I need to remove the chinking that is there or can I rechink over the exsiting chinking after I remove any loose material, and what is the best chinking to use?
  Question: We just discovered that our contractor used CWF exterior to paint the Interior of our log home. The CWF clearly says only use on exterior--should we remove--corbn blast the interior or will the toxic properties of CWF exterior go away?
  Question: I have a 26yr old pine log house the inside has been stained a dark brown how would I go about lighten it or would I have to strip it
thanks carol
  Question: My house is a 26 year old yellow pine log home and I have maintained it well. I have primarily used CWF stain but have restained about every 2 to 3 years. I am looking for a better stain to use this spring. Woodguard sounds like a good one for exterior. What would your recommend? Also, what should I do to clean the logs prior to staining. Normally I have just used a cleaner and water hose.
  Question: Just bought 1.4 acres in mid-Wisconsin. Want to build 3K to 4K sq ft ranch style log home. Like Heartbuilt and Hiawatha 12" swedish cope log homes but not sure about which wood to use. Choices are Norway Pine, White Pine or Engelmann Spruce. Just based on wood which would you recommend? Heartbuilt does not seem to chink. Is it always required or recommended?
  Question: We have just raised the Cypress Timbers for a timber frame home, the timbers got wet during raising and have grown some mold on them, we have sanded but the mold is still showing, it seems to be down in the wood. Is there something we can use to remove the black stains from our exposed beams?
  Question: I want to use logs in my living room as a divider.
i have access to bitter pecan, cypress, overcup, persimmion, and pine trees. which of these would keep their bark on the longest?
I have family member that bought a bed and the bark is still on it but it looks like they sprayed something on it because it has a gloss about it. Any advice?
  Question: We are getting ready to retire and build a lake home in Northwest Arkansas. It appears you have a serious problem with Eastern White Pine. We have spent years looking for a plan that we like, and finally found the perfect plan. Problem is, the manufacturer of this home uses only eastern white pine. Would you go so far as to recommend we not go with this manufacturer, and if so or not, could you please explain the problem?
  Question: We are building a cabin in Wisconsin. We cut the trees (jack pine) from our land and made them into logs. Logs have been drying for a year, but are grey now. What would you recommend to clean them and stain them with, please give us you recommended brand of products. Also when is the best time to wash the logs, before or after they are up? Are there any good on-line guidelines?
  Question: We have a cabin sided with cedar logs. We like the color of the wood as is and want to use a penetrating clear preservative, but every one tries to sell us a pigmented stain. Any sugestion for a clear preservative or why we should not use it? Thanks.
  Question: we have water stains on unfinished logs inside our home it is less than 3 yrs old is there any way besides sanding to remove them???
  Question: I installed 1/4 pine log siding on my home 1 1/2 years ago form a local building company and they recommended CWF-UV. I have already applied 2 and 3 times and now one side has mold and areas in direct sunlight are aging and CWF is not staying. I need to put a new sealant on it. Can you apply a acrylic latex finish over the CWF applied 6 months ago? Can you get acrylic latex in different colors? I have no idea who in my area can corn blast...what else can I do?

  Question: We have a 20 year old log home = Yellow pine. I am trying to choose the best stain for our home. We have stripped the home of previous stain and sanded and put a borax persever on/ I havesent for several sample - perm a chink, sikins, sascho and tested on the home. All the colors are darker than I was looking for. I want a good stain that has the color of yellow when applied. What stain would you recommend?
  Question: how do you protect soffit facia and windows when you are corn cob blasting?
  Question: hi. we have a 1930 log house in idaho. someone added a bathroom and the shower has plastic curtains hung directly over the exterior wood walls as shower walls. i want to put corregated metal as a tiling for the shower. do i need to put anything in between the wood walls and the corregated metal? Thanks!
  Question: We have a20 year old yellow pine Log home in Delaware. We have purchase east strip and stripped our home. We have tested several products - Prema chick - Sascho - Silkens. We have not found any stain that we are looking for. We are looking for a stain that has a yellow finish to it when applied. All the stains we have tried the wood becomes reddish. We have the logs cleaned and sanded ready for stain. What stain would you recommend and what type is better - Oil base or waterbased.
  Question: We just moved into a log home that is about 7 years old. I have seen a woodpecker on the side of the house. What can we do to protect the house against this bird?
  Question: We are thinking about purchasing a log home and would like to get a home inspection just on the logs and their condition before purchasing. Is there someone in the Blacksburg or Roanoke area of Virginia who would be able to check on the log condition and give us a plan for future maintenance?
  Question: I want to remove boiled linseed oil from an interior wall of my pine log cabin.What would you recommend?
  Question: we have water staines on the inside of our log home its 20+ years old . Logs inside are not pine not treated with anything. Looking for something to remove staines. And what to put on afterward. Also if anyone in the CT. area does this kind of job.
Thank You for your Time
  Question: Is cyrpess superior for log home, does it have to be stabilized every 8 feet, and does it have a "musty" smell. Eastern white pine seems to be the prevelant wood for log homes here in VA, but I want something else, is white cedar better than pine?
  Question: I'm conidering peeling my logs for a cabin with a pressure washer to save time over using a draw knife. Is this a good idea? How soon after cutting down the trees should you peel the bark? Will a pressure washer take off both the outer and inner bark leaving a white log?


  Question: I own land in the MO. Ozarks and want to build a small cabin. I have plenty of Eastern red cedar. Would cedar be better than oak, hickory or other hardwoods. Seems most older cabins are made of hardwoods.
  Question: my pine log cabin is 5yr old and needs to be stained again. what type of stain do i use and where do i purchase this? what type of cleaning agent is used to clean the green off the outside?
  Question: I have a friend that purchased a 6 year old cabin. The interior logs have never been sealed and have grayed slightly. It is not bad enough that sanding or corn blasting is required and we feel that cleaning with a solution of 1 C of bleach and TSP with 5 Gal. of warm water will work. Is there a any additional tricks to brighten the wood slightly without having to rinse?
  Question: I have a custom cedar log home in Florida. The logs on the south side have been leaking with driving rains for years. I have permachinked which helped but they still leak. The only option I can now see is to build a porch to cover them. Am I missing something?
  Question: I live in Illinos and need someone to assist in staining my log home. Do you know of anyone?
  Question: we have a home built in 1985 and have chaulking needed to be redone.Is there a special way to chaulk on log homes? How do we do it? do we use a foam or something behind chaulk? Pull out old? Help!!!!! Thank you
  Question: i have a red cedar log cabin in northern Ontario. I have been noticing that in the outside corners, the roof doesn't clear the corners and I am having dripping from rain fall onto the outer logs and they are starting to rot and turn black. I have had two roofing companies come in and even with an additional piece of evestrough put on, I am still having the problem..Any suggestions?
  Question: i want to seal the log on the inside it's a new cabin what should i put on them
  Question: I have gotten a 100 plus year old log cabin down to only logs and want to rechink it. I am going to pressure wash it soon. I want to know if I need to stain or just water seal the logs or can I leave them natural? They are chestnut logs but have been painted with whitewash.
  Question: I'm looking for someone in the Syracuse/Ithaca area that can replace rotted logs. Thanks for your help!
  Question: I have a 25 year old cedar panabode and want to treat the wood inside and out. How should I treat the wood? What should I use?
  Question: I have a 25 year old panabode and want to treat the wood inside and out. How should I treat the wood? What should I use?
  Question: We had built a new half log shed. It is 10" X12". What should we do to protect this new wood. List all the steps from the beginning to the end. I am especially looking for stain and/or sealer info.
  Question: I have a friend that I met on the internet appox. 9 years ago. She and her husband puchased an old 1870's log home in Ontario, Canada and added on to it. Three years ago her husband came down with Lue Garreg's Desease, and as a result the upkeep on their dream home has deteriated greatly. Her husband just past away approx. 7 weeks ago, and my friend has mentioned that the chinking in the original 1870's portion of their home has become cracked to the point where it is falling out and she has
  Question: I bought a cedar log cabin a year ago. I know very little about the up keep. I want to pressure wash and restain it. Is this the right order and what do I use? But before I do this I have to seal the cracks where the logs meet what do I use and where do I get it? Can you help?
  Question: Have a 26' x 24' "Model Log" home, built in 1984. I have used Boiled Linseed Oil & Mineral Spirits 2:! since new. I had a bid to re-oil and was told NOT to use Lineseed but to use another product that costs $40.00 / Gal (Alaskan log siding ???)and will last 15 years. What do you think? He wants $3000.00 to do the job. The logs are in fine shape now, I just thought it was time to add a new coat.
  Question: I have a log sided home.
The siding is pine the new painter came out and applied cedar stain and it's now freakin orange!
Help what can I do? What product do I use to make my home look normal again?
  Question: We are thinking about buying a log home but I am wary that the guy selling it does not seem to know much about log homes (hence why I am on an internet site asking questions that he should be answering). I noticed that he used Cabot stain on the exterior and was wondering, is Cabot just a bad choice for log homes? Is this something we would have to sand off and replace within a couple years? (The property is well shaded and does not appear to be blasted by the sun)
  Question: My parents own a log home and the previous owners didnt do a very good job sealing around the outside of their chimney. whatever they put inbetween the chimney and the house needs to be removed and replaced. What do you recommend I replace it with?? I am doing the work for them. I have already chinked the entire house but I dont think that that is what needs to be replaced in that area.Thanks!
  Question: We have log dirt coming in from the outside in one spot. What needs to be done? Just sealant?
This used to be a home, but is now a library. Thanks
  Question: We are getting ready to restain some exterior logs on our home which is part cedar also. In your opinion, is Woodscapes a better product than Behr? Also, if we can't get an exact match on the stain but can get close, will it turn out blotchy?
  Question: I also have had woodpeckers do damage to a log on my home. I have checked for the energy seal you have said to use and have not found it. Is it a special brand. Also were can I find the owl with the glass eyes? I have only been able to find owls with plastic eyes.
  Question: We built our retirement dream log home two years ago and are becoming frustrated with the exterior maintenance. We used Defy stain which has not only largely failed, but when we powerwash, apply Defy Wood Brightener, rinse, and reapply the Defy stain, we are getting many darker brown areas along the top halves of the logs. Please don't tell me to cob blast a two-year-old home. We'd welcome any advice that would prevent the maintenance from being a nightmare! Thanks.
  Question: We own a log home built in 1978. We have one or two logs that are rotted. Is there someone in the Rochester, NY area you know of who could do the repairs? Also, we are building an addition on our home and are planning to use log siding on the exterior, but I'm having trouble finding yellow pine in a 5 3/4 inch drop to match the rest of our house. Any suggestions?
  Question: I need to find an interior log cleaner or recipe for cleaning logs. Our logs are twenty-five years old, collect dust, and need to be rejuvenated.
  Question: I have purchased a 100+ year old log cabin on the river which the DNR regulates any changes done and doesn't want to permit magor repair like log replacement,they want to see it gone.It however has some small dry rot places and large cracks on the exterior logs what can I do to insure it does not get any needs rechinking and is painted a dark brown which I would like to lighten back to a more natural color what products and preceedures would you sugest I try.The interirior is in great
  Question: We live in south-western KY. We live in a 15 yr old Gastineau oak home that has had NO staining, watersealing, or cleaning for the last 11 years. We need to take action. Where should we begin? With powerwashing?
  Question: We bought a 1985 pine log cabin, little rot, bad stain, and poor chinking in Maine, and want to enclose it, insulating and plastering inside, cement fiber boarding outside. Should we reconditon the logs first or will exiting problems cease once logs are protected?
  Question: Hi,
I have a cedar deck, the prvious owner of our house stained the cedar(but with the wrong type) so most of the staining has come off.
1) What's the best way to remove the remaining staining on the cedar?
2) What's the best product to put on cedar for protection?
Thanking you in advance,
  Question: I am thinking of buying a 35yr old log home. It hasn't been maintained, lately anyway. It shows some rot behind window boxes and above a porch roof. Nothing that looks to bad, but am wanting some help with what should be done to correct any problems and someone to do the work. Home is in Southern Maine, who/what would you recommend?
  Question: I purchased a hand-hewn log home in Washington, and the bottom logs are getting wet from rain. What would you recommend to protect them? Would board shellac work if applied only to exterior walls, allowing wood to still breathe?
  Question: What is the best wood to use for a log home? Cedar or Cypress
  Question: Where can i find the closest log home supply store near Lake Luzerne NY?
  Question: looking for someone in the Lake Luzerne NY area that does log restoration
  Question: I own a log house in Pawleys Island, SC. It's estimated to be about 25 years old. I saw the question about the "musty" odor in clothing and I also have the same problem. Is the "musty" wood smell normal? What causes it? Any general remedies? Thanks
  Question: If I wanted to refinish a log home, where would I go to find the products and tools needed to do that? I understand corn blasting is recommended. Where woulld I find this product and tools to apply this. Also, staining and coloring products.
  Question: My Timber Log home is 21 years old. Last year before we Weather Sealed our home, we had it powerwashed to remove all of the mildew. Now, whenver we get a heavy rain, water leaks in between some of the logs. We have used log home caulking between all of the logs are around all windows and can't figure out where the leaks are coming from. I have 2 questions:
Where could the water still be leaking in from? and How do I remove water stains on the inside? The interior logs are unfinished and sandi
  Question: when it rains hard i get leakage from the beams that hold the upstairs floor boards,the beams are notched into the exterior walls, i have caulked and restained the outside,and i can't tell from the outside where it is comeing from. it is a pine log home the logs fit together toung and groove,should i try caulking from the inside where i can see where the water is coming from.
  Question: We are putting 1/2 log tounge and groove siding on our newly constructed home. What is your suggestion on the nails I am to use?
  Question: What do i use to seal cedar logs with to keep the bark from peeling off?
  Question: I own a Gastineau Oak Log home. They use TWP on their logs and recommend it. I was researching Wolman F&P natural and was wondering what you might use/recommend. Sometimes log home manufacturers just have a marketing deal with these companies. I just want to protect my investment. The home was built in 1992. I am the second owner as of May of 2006. I'm guessing a stripper/chemical wash will prepare the surface for an even application?
  Question: i have a New England Log home built in the 70's. It is very small and dark inside. I was wondering if there was some way to lighten the appearnance of the logs inside.
  Question: Which wood do you prefer for new home construction, white cedar, red cedar, yellow pine, white pine or other? I understand yellow pine is the strongest, cedar the weakest. Any comment would be helpful. Thanks.
  Question: I actually have two questions, I have a log that needs replacing, 1/2 the log and had someone come out to look at it, to which they said is was a load bearing log and they didn't have the expertise to repair. Any suggestions on who could help just outside of Rochester, New York? The second question is that I had some leaks from my roof, which of course came through and have damaged the rough cut joyces in the ceiling, leaving black marks in a couple areas. I have since put a new roof on, bu
  Question: I was told by the builder that the only compound used between the d-logs and were the logs butt up against each other was liquid nails. Is that a wise and/or common practice?
  Question: In a previous post you spoke of a side grinder, would this be the same as a angle grinder?
  Question: A rew years ago our log home was powerwashed, the person doing the job used little care and forced water betwen the logs causing water stains on the inside. Most aren't too bad, but a few are very dark. I asssume that sanding is the only way to remove or lighten the stains. Three questions: Would a belt sander be the best type sander to use? What grit sandpapers would work best? Once sanded should the sanded log be treated?
  Question: I have purched a log cabin built around 1860.
The logs have been painted green. What can I do to restore the logs?

  Question: We are in the process of building a new log others the exterior logs inside and out have dark runs, black marks, etc...i have used a bleach solution 50/50 and a there a better way to do this...very time consuming and the house is 2300 sq ft. Someone said use power washer...others say don't.. please help.....
  Question: We are in the process of purchasing a log home, and there are several ceiling beams on the inside that have black all over them. We've tried two-part bleach to no avail. My husband sanded a bit but the black goes very deep and now we're not sure whether the beams are rotted, or this is mold, etc. Any idea of what it is and how to get rid of it, if possible? Thanks so much for your insight.
  Question: We have a NEW log cabin built in 2005, the logs have been chinked but we are still getting water coming in thru the horizontal joints. What can we do to stop this?
thank you
  Question: we have a old log cabin approx 45 years old
we need to re chink some spots but are wondering if the new chinking compound will adhere to the old cement type that already exsists
do we have to remove all the old chinking some of it is still in good shape?
  Question: our logs where delivered in may '05 and the house did not get enclosed until jan.-feb '06. the logs have been sitting thru out the winter getting rained on and everything. we have not treated, stained ,or sealed the logs yet due to money. we have cleaned the logs with tsp, bleach, and pine cleaner. how soon do we need get the logs treated, sealed and stained before the logs will runion? and is it ok to caulk the logs before doing any of that?
  Question: our logs where delivered in may '05 and the house did not get enclosed until jan.-feb '06. the logs have been sitting thru out the winter getting rained on and everything. we have not treated, stained ,or sealed the logs yet due to money. we have cleaned the logs with tsp, bleach, and pine cleaner. how soon do we need get the logs treated, sealed and stained before the logs will runion? and is it ok to caulk the logs before doing any of that?
  Question: I have a old log cabin up in Northern Saskatchewan.9 years ago we used boiled linseed oil for finish and protection,we first cleaned the logs with a water and bleach solution.The logs are black with fungus again.Do we do the same treatment and finish or is there something better to do.
  Question: I have a smal log cabin built in 1879 on property in Buckingham County, Virginia - 20x22 approx. - hickory and oak logs - slate roof - partially decayed rock chimney. A few logs on chimney side have decay. Any idea what I can sell this form and to whom?
  Question: I have a smal log cabin built in 1879 on property in Buckingham County, Virginia - 20x22 approx. - hickory and oak logs - slate roof - partially decayed rock chimney. A few logs on chimney side have decay. Any idea what I can sell this form and to whom?
  Question: I have a log home at Milan, Mo. It is not made like thay are today. I have some soft logs under a set of windows. This home I'm approximating at 35 years old. I'm needing to know if I shoud have this sided or what I should do.
Needing to know cost,etc.
Looking for your expertise information.

  Question: I want to put 1/4 logs on a small cabin I have in Wisconsin. How /where do I fasten the logs and where can I buy the screws/nails? Thanks for your help.
  Question: New construction. Eastern red cedar logs. What should we use to treat/preserve the logs as they go up, and after construction, to preserve the color and protect against sun, fading, weather, etc. Thanks!
  Question: My log home is 18 years old. We had been haunted with condensation from the roof. That was corrected by putting on a totally new roof BUT not under where the farmers porch goes onto the cabin roof. The first winter after the new roof there was no condensation but last winter I was in tears as there was dripping where the porch roof covers the cabin roof. .....Can you suggest how we can fix this problem....
  Question: Our log home is built from the logs of two log cabins dated around the early 1800's. We have one spot close to the front door that has a rotten area in the middle of the log approx. 5" x 8" and 3" deep. What do you suggest to fill or fix this area with?
  Question: What type of mainenance should be onging for a log cabin. how offten and when should it be done.
  Question: My log home was chinked with Permachink about 10 years ago. Soon afterwards, bubbles began appearing. The contractor said they would go away. They didnt. We are soon going to be removing old stain and applying new. Do we pull out old chinking or just don't worry about bubbles. We also have a few cracks in chinking.
  Question: looking for clinking material MP 30 for interior logs of 1864 house that we have just exposed.
  Question: We are getting ready to clean, stain, and seal our log house. Can borate be mixed with stain or seal and applied together?
Brian Litz
  Question: Where can I purchase a borate product to spray logs with?
  Question: What kind of rain gutters are out ther that will match my log home and not look too modern or standout?
  Question: What is the best method the brighten interior logs? I have a log home that has never had the interior stained or sealed. I have ruled out liquid cleaners since they must be rinsed with water or pressure washed. I'm considering Osborne brushing or cob blasting to bring the logs back to their original color.

Will Osborne brushing brighten the logs?

What is the general cost for cob blasting. The house is two story and 1800 sf.
  Question: What is the best method the brighten interior logs? I have a log home that has never had the interior stained or sealed. I have ruled out liquid cleaners since they must be rinsed with water or pressure washed. I'm considering Osborne brushing or cob blasting to bring the logs back to their original color.

Will Osborne brushing brighten the logs?

What is the general cost for cob blasting. The house is two story and 1800 sf.
  Question: I have a log home built in 1988. I plan on corn cob blasting and re-staining it in early May. It is a 2900 sq ft home. What sort of stain should I use. I was planning on Cabot.
  Question: What do you recommend for large cracks in verticle logs. Some of the cracks are large enough to stick your hand into.
  Question: Hi,
I have a PANABODE house, what kind of- interior stain do I use?
  Question: We used Menwood to seal the exterior logs. Now that it is time to do this again, can we change to another sealant product, and what would you recommend?
  Question: what exterior finish do you recomend (new constuction)
  Question: how do you repair warped logs around a door entry? is there some cosmetic applications that can be used?
  Question: All clothing inside my log home smells musty...quite strong actually. What can be done to solve this odor problem?
  Question: We love log furnature. We are making a log bed. We are trying to strip the bark off of the logs but it is taking forever by hand. Is there any easier way to do this?
  Question: My "Lincoln Log" home is 19 years old. The first few years after it was built, we had several water leaks around windows and sky lights (which has been rectified). We have "lots" of water stains on the inside log walls and wish to get rid of them. Over the years we've tried several options (ie. bleach). Some of the stains are deep inside the wood fibers and sanding may not be an option. Is there a chemical on the market that would take care of our stain problems or do we have to sand.
  Question: is it prudent to build a log cabin in florida? if so what is the best type of log species? thank you much
  Question: what type of wood is best for a log cabin with square logs, in the 6" x 10" or 8 X 12 range? I live in southern Indiana. there seems to be an abundance of yellow popular in my area, would this be a good choice?

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