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Blasting and Sanding

  Question: I have a hand hewn log home that has never been stained, it has the original wood siding on the outside and wood planks inside covering the logs I plan to show the logs how would you clean them before chinking?
  Question: We have had a company blast our log home in preparation for staining and chinking. Some of the glass media pitted the windows on our home. What can be done short of replacing windows?
  Question: hello,
When i am cutting rot off of my log home ( the rot is half way through the logs ) am i able to just put epoxy over top and then screw log siding in over it?
  Question: I own a mid-century home that is about 50 years old and about 50% of the home is covered in redwood siding that has been painted over the years. is it possible to strip the paint via dustless blasting or another method and not damage the siding? Ideally, I would like to get the siding back to its natural state and not paint it. Thank you in advance for your feedback
  Question: Is there a power tool designed to sand alternating, overhanging log home corners? The orbital sander is too large to fit between the overhanging logs.
  Question: We bought a yellow pine log home and need to repaint the interior. The logs have a reddish tint. What colors/palette work best to show off the logs and keep the focus on the log cabin aspect?
  Question: We have a 6 yr old scandanavian log home. The interior has never been cleaned/sealed etc...I had a quote to do glass media but it's not in my budget. I'm thinking to have the interior sandblasted. Is this a good, safe procedure for the log? Baby info would help
  Question: We lease and manage a very nice log Bed and Breakfast in Idaho. There are 2nd story log railings around most of the building. We have sanded and re varnished the interior areas but need to do the exterior rough wood railings. I was wondering if there is a strip type sander that you can hold in your hands ( one end in each hand) and have the strip go around the back side of the railing so that you can sand these from the deck area with a back and forth motion of your arms. I am thinking something
  Question: We are building our log home and I Osborne brushed the master suite, I checked the moisture level and it was between 12 and 19, I want to wait a while before I clear coat the logs. How much time do I have after sanding/brushing the log before the glazed finished returns
  Question: Hi, when using corn cob, how would i know the quantity of media i would need ?
  Question: I'm seeing many pros and cons to removing paint from existing (half) log house. What is the best way? I'm adding 2 additions with same half logs, however I dont want to cover the natural look of the logs. Do I remove existing paint and try to match color of new logs, or remove paint?
  Question: I have a log cottage when we purchased it some of the logs were stained and varnished is there anyway to remove this?
  Question: Hello! My post and beam home in New England had fire and smoke damage. After researching how to restore the rough (rough hewn) beams and pine tongue and groove ceiling we settled on a soda blasting. They guy we hired exclusively does this work, mostly on log homes. After blasting he sanded/brushed the wood. He is recommending Perm-chink stains - 4 coats (1 prelude, 2 coats Sureshine or color, and a final acrylic coat. It is very expensive. Is Permachink the only way to go? Are there adequa
  Question: do you have to use sandpaper after soda blasting wood?
  Question: I am going to media blast my log home. What size media blaster should I use? Also what spray attachment, size, should I use? And where can I find these things?
  Question: What size corn cob grit do I using for cleaning cedar siding.
  Question: how do you soda blast a log cabin. can you rent a machine. i have a 5hp compressor. is it large enough compasity?
  Question: What do you think of flood cwf clear varnish for exterior log cabin
  Question: What's the best blaster: corn blast or walnut for removing paint on exterior of log cabin (tamarack)
  Question: We purchased a home with cedar clapboard siding. Before we purchased the home, it was painted, but I don't think it was properly cleaned before it was painted. We have had the home pressure washed several times but the mold/mildew just keeps coming back. Is there a safe/effective way to clean/remove the mold/mildew stains?
  Question: I am going to blast a log home with dry ice can you tell me what size of compressor would be needed to the job. Would like to know cfm and pressure.
  Question: I recently moved into a renovated apartment building that was sandblasted, which I was told by maintenance. There are black particles falling from in between the beams on my window sills and floors in the living room. When it is windy out it gets worse. Maintenance filled in the areas around the beams but is this hazardous to my families health?? We have been here since last July and have been told by the owners that it is okay, IS IT???
  Question: We have a very small cabin in Northeast NC that is 25 yrs old. It has square logs on the lower level and wood siding on the gables. The logs are fading and need restoration. Several bids have come in for both glass bead blasting and water pressure blasting. The one that uses water says we should do this until the spring and not to use stain in temps below 40. The other bidder says it is okay to stain in the winter. The manufacturer says no staining below 40. I'm getting conflicting infor
  Question: Need someone to refinish my log home in Rhode Island. It has chinking.
  Question: Have a log home which this last fall. What type of cleaning do you recommend to remove charred burnt log, corn cob,soda,clay pellets,walnut or dry ice. Located near Kenora Ontario Canada. Could recommend a contract to complete this work or place to purchase or rent a blasting machine. Thanks Paul
  Question: can you blast furniture with corn mell
  Question: Looking for someone who stains log homes near Faribault Minn.
  Question: We have a redwood siding home. It was stained with an oil-based stain that is very dark. How long do we need to wait to redo or any other suggestions on how to take care of this problem?
  Question: How do you "blast" the outside of a log home without damaging the chinking?
  Question: We recently put a stick built addition on our 30 year old log home. The logs were re-stained and sealed 3 years ago. We are putting log siding on the new addition and hoping to stain to match the existing structure. The new wood sticks out like a sore thumb because it has not aged. Any suggestions for better matching the existing logs? Should we use a darker stain for now and re-stain in a few years after they have aged? Should we sand the log siding prior to staining? Thank you!
  Question: Hello,

We have a 30 year old log cabin made of Tamarack wood. It has been stained with a dark red color and no sealer was applied on the interior walls. Is there any other process besides sanding or corn cob blasting that can be done to remove the stain and lighten the interior logs?

Thank you
  Question: What product do you recommend using to strip a painted pine log cabin?
  Question: new western red cedar logs hand peeled home,just erected june -what steps do i take and time frame included on the exterior logs , they are not caulked/chinked. i want to do some process before the logs turn color
  Question: We purchased a log home 18 yrs ago. We want to corn blast the house as the wood now has dark areas. Our home is pine and it is 3 inches thick and flat it is a kit we purchased in Quebec Canada. Should we corn or sandblast the house.
  Question: My father has a log cabin in River Falls, Wisconsin and the logs desperately need to be recaulked and restained. I believe the best way to remove the old stain would be to corn blast it. Do you know if those macines and materials can be rented, and if so then where and what is the prooer name for them? Thanks.
  Question: what is Osborn brushing
  Question: I have a log home that has some bat & board on the exterior. We just had the log portion of the home sand blasted off and changed from the Cetol 1, 23Plus Natural Light to a Transformation Natural. The logs look fantastic, but now the Natural Light does't look very good with the new log color. We couldn't afford to sand blast off the whole house, so I need to find a solution to make the current Cetol Natural Light a lot darker to go with the new log color. Can I put 2 coats of Cetol 23 Plu
  Question: I purchased a 7 year old log home. The sides that are covered by a porch are in pretty good shape. The two sides exposed to weather need work. Would a good wash a new top coat work or should it be stripped. In certain areas the top coat is gone and some of the stain is very light . Your opinion please
  Question: Hello, I know this will have different amounts due to different companies but what would an average be per sq ft to have someone blast my log home and decks. Thank You
  Question: We have decided to use electric sanders to refinish the exterior of our cabin. It is not chinked inside or out, but we plan to do the outside at least.Can you tell us what tools and progression of grits you recommend for a successful exterior sanding job? Any other helpful hints that come to mind would also be welcomed. The cabin has a dark stain on it, but it is old and weathered and needs some tlc before we can chink it and stain it.Sanding it ourselves is the only option financially for us ri
  Question: In looking through your site I never see a walnut media being recommended, just corn cobb. Is Walnut a bad choice? Could you please explain the difference between the two medias and the pros and cons of each one. Thanks
  Question: I recently purchased a log home that was built in 1996. It is made from hand hewn Tamarac and the portion above the log wall on the face going to the point of the roof is covered with a rough cut lumber (Assumed to also be tamarac). The western exposure of the house is weathered pretty good (Sun faded and graying) the other three sides are a little bit darker and I believe the previous owner said that it is linseed oil with no stain. What can I do to get the western side of the home back to the
  Question: Hi,
A few rooms (interior) in my full round log home are stained dark. The previous owner never sanded them, just stained them as far as I can tell. We have used a hand help sander and it will bring it to its natural color and we have the stain to match it up to the rest of the house. Is there a way to do this without sanding the logs? Very slow process!!
Thank you!! Love the website!!
  Question: I'm considering purchasing a log house that was built in the late 60's. The owner has painted the house. Is it difficult to remove the paint to restore the wood appearance and how expensive is the process.
  Question: Hi, we are building a home with spruce logs which after sitting (tarped) some have turned dark, would you advise walnut for a media for blasting? and if so to avoid any hand sanding afterwards could we then blast with baking soda for a smooth finish for staining?
  Question: From whom can I rent a corn cob blaster in the Binghamton, NY area?
  Question: We recently removed the lathe and plaster from a 140 year old home and discovered beautiful ceadar square cut logs underneath...we glass blasted all the logs and they have come out beautiful. What would you recommend to seal and finish the log to keep its natural beauty?
  Question: We have an old log home in Riverton, WY. Do you know of anyone who does blasting in the area? If not, and we do it ourselves, can you recommend equipment? Also, we can get blast media from local Bloedorn Lumber. What is the best media to use? The finish is crystallizing on logs and starting to crack. Turning a white, opaque color, too.

Thanks, Ellen
  Question: Hi,
I own a log home in central WA. I purchased it 2 years ago.
Previous owner applied PENOFIN finish right before selling this home.
Now on south side I notice that the finish broke down and my logs look black on the top and it feels like there is no finish left.
I was thinking to refinish it by myself.
My question is: Can I use grinder/orbital sander to remove a layer of wood to expose fresh fibers instead of blasting?
If yes, what sand paper, and stain would you recommend.

Thanks i
  Question: we just had our home walnut blasted and stained with a perma chink product Ultra 7. It looks horrible. Some logs are smooth and some are very grainy. Some covered well and some did not. We did everything to Perma Chinks recommendations. I need to know how to rectify this problem.
Any input is welcome. Our home is a Pioneer Log Home ( western red cedar) and is about 17 years old.
Thank you for your time,
Kate Launder
  Question: I am redoing our 2005 red pine log home with sikkens cetol 1 78 natural, the west sided (shaded) from hot sun and north side are in really good shape but the east side is giving me a problem the sealer coat which I believe was cetol 23 is peeling and the knots are ozing what would you suggest I should do with it, we live in southern Manitoba Canada and repair men are not readily available also the south side was restained two years ago with cetol 1 and chincked I want to give it another coat but
  Question: Hello! :) We have a log home that is in need of removing the stain. We would like to rent a corn cob blaster and purchase corn cob. We live in El Paso, Illinois. This is near Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Do you know of anyone close to this area that rents the blaster and provides the corn cob to purchase? Thank you for your help! :)
  Question: We are the second owners of a 35 year old New England Log Home. The interior of the logs are unfinished. It was probably the cheapest kit the first owner could get, but I'm ready for a cleaner look. There is no symmetry to the logs, no smoothness, plenty of knots. The only way I can clean is to vacuum the logs. I was wondering if there is any way to get a better look to the inside. Can the interior logs be planed in some way to make them smoother and more uniform?
Are there companies that do
  Question: Hi,

I recently bought a Panabode 1200sf cottage (originally built in 1962) that has not been maintained for the last 11 years.

The wood is in great shape (not rotting, dry and solid) but showing wear and I would like to blast the exterior with glass or corn cob as per the recommendations on this site.

Questions are:

1. Which is better for my application, glass or corn cob?
2. How much media do I need?
3. Where can I get corn cob if required (I am in Ontario)
4. Can anyone recomm
  Question: Who can I call to corncob blast my log home near Jamestown, ny(70 miles south of Buffalo)?
  Question: We have an a-frame with wood siding on ends we don't know what previous owners used for stain so we want to corn blast. We can't find one to rent around Island Park Idaho, is there one that can be purchased that will do the job without breaking the bank?
  Question: I have a log home in Spokane WA. Home was initially stained with bear product 3 coats per instructions. I did;nt keep up with maintenace but 2 years ago I started over, I ground off all the stain and discoloration to the point of white logs as though new. I used timberflex by messmers per instructions looked great but after 2 yrs I have dicoloration wherever a crack or check is if facing up or does not have a roof over top. I deduced that moisture was still in those cracks when I stained it. I
  Question: i am currently redoing my log home it has been neglected for 10 years.( I just bought it last year) I have decided to sand it using da sanders and finishing up with random orbital palm sanders my question is what grit should i end with before stain. I was thinking 60 would work, seeing how most hardwood floors stop at that before stain. Also was wondering if you could offer some stain suggestions been considering woodguard oil based stain. A lot of cabins around me use it and they look great. Al
  Question: How do you go about replacing a rotten log
  Question: I am giving consideration to purchasing a log shell which is 1400 sq ft. The seller says it's a $70,000 shell which he's offering at $30,000 because he doesn't have the money to finish it. The logs have weathered because they've been sitting outside and appear to have blackened a little. The logs are about 10" round and the joints appear to be tight. They are sitting outside in Ontario Canada. I am wanting to know if it would be advisable to buy this considering the price and the fact that i
  Question: We purchased a Tamarack log home built in 1986. The inside logs have been stained a dark red and cause the place to be too dark. The windows are quite small and the roof is cathedral style. The interior logs look as though there is no shine or protection other than the stain (color) itself. They are constantly collecting dust. Can we sand or corn cob blast the interior logs so that they become lighter?
Also, what kind of treatment, sealant protectant can we use to relieve some of the heavy dust
  Question: I need to restain my log home. Would like to start with the natural wood. I live in Kansas. Where would I find the closest contractor to corn cob blast my home? How much would it cost?
  Question: I am looking for someone to do sandblasting/corncob blasting for my log siding house in Faribault, Minnesota (45 miles south of Twin Cities) since I am not able to find anyone who could do this job for me.
  Question: Approx how much corn cob media to blast a 2100' 2 story log house?
  Question: I'm looking to restore a log home in the Taylors Falls, MN area. Can you recommend any companies in the area? Thanks.
  Question: bought a log home that had burnt how can we clean logs on inside that burn
  Question: just had log home corn blasted and planned to use cetol by sikens but find it dark cause of the rough log caused by the blasting. We would like to leave it light but with a bit of a shine to show teh knots, etc. Would weathershield work?
  Question: Hi, great blog! Thanks for sharing your expertise. I'm thinking of buying an old log home which has the interior logs completely painted white. Is it possible to actually restore completely to original log finish with corn blasting? What is the expense of this procedure?
  Question: Could you please recommended a company to corn blast a log home in Mass? I would like to obtain a quote. Thank you!!
  Question: Just bought on old school 1980s log home in NH. Never treated, needs cleaning. Do I clean with light wash of water and bleach or can I sand blast or grind off? Also has a dark stain or dark brown paint on a few logs, it was never completed. How do I remove this myself? I want a nice natural looking finish. Trying to save money and do all work myself. Also has rotten logs need to be replaced. Any order to all this repair? Any products, tips would be helpful.
Also never been chinked or caulked e
  Question: just bought an old log home ;needs everything. know anybody around calgary, red deer, [alberta canada]
  Question: We have a log home that some of the wood had darkened. We stained it 2 years ago. But it looks old and not good. What do you estimate it should cost to have someone come and sand blast our logs. 60 by 30 foot home. Logs are on one story. Thanks
  Question: When did people start using sand paper? Did they have sand paper in the 1860's? If not, what did they use?
  Question: We just looked at a 800 s ft, 60 yr old lag home that looks pretty good. No bowing of the walls, they are all straight, interior needs a little cleaning but logs look great. Can you recommend someone to evaluate the structure in Northern CA? High Sierra's. Foundation is 3 rows of concrete block that looks recent. Lower outer logs are a little gray, but no visible evidence of moisture inside. Has all settling completed?
  Question: Newer log home in Alaska and going some insulation. Had thermal images done and major air leaks all along the interior ceiling, so I sprayed foam along seam, inside of thermal barrier. -20 degs. for 2 weeks, warmed up over freezing, now have water dripping down inside walls, leaking through vapor barrier? What did I do wrong and what do I need to do to fix It please, I love this house, but i'm losing.
  Question: found a log cabin built in 1984 the logs have carpenter ants prob termites an have been painted on the exterior I don't mind the labor or the work does tenting help? also whats a cost of a three car log garage.. in texas
  Question: i have 8" pine logs as post for my deck i sanded them an use a very good sealer an stain. but about 2 ft from the bottom its turn black. i sanded it all down is there a sealer to use so it wont turn black.
  Question: i have a log cabin that i purchased and use it as a rental. In the inside of my cabin on one of the logs i have a candle fixture hanging. it is only for decoration not for use. one of my previous renters decided to light 2 of the (3) candles that were hanging and it burned my log in two places. my logs do have a interior finish on them and it don't look like it burned all the way through to the bare log, i tried to wipe it off thinking it may come off but had no luck in doing so. I thought abou
  Question: could we throroughly clean and sand a 15 year old cedar shingle siding (to create an even honeish color) and seal it in the Spring. It is fall now in the castskill mountains(upstate NY) and there are good and bad days. I understand you need a lot of good above 40 degree weather for drying and staining. What happens if I wait to re stain in the Spring time. Could we re stain even if the weather is not perfect. We greatly appreciate your advice. thank you. OLga
  Question: Just purchased a log home with a neglected finish. Started cleaning the stains with Wolman's deck bright and stripping with HD-80 and neutralizing it. Used a power washer on one side but after reading here about the evils of power washing, I am considering corn cob blasting. Do you know of anyone in the N.W. Ohio/ Southern Michigan area that does this work? Is there a place to rent in the area? On the side that was power washed, should I apply the shell guard and leave it sit over the winter an
  Question: I have a log home that ia 20yrs old. Was a rental unit for a long time and not maintained. We had a company come stain it and they used Behr stain that did not last or protect the wood. We are in the process of getting bids to sand blast off the old stain and start over. What is a aproximate cost on sand blasting a 2100sq ft log home? So far the first bid is seems very high. I need some average costs to go by. Thank You, Heather
  Question: We have an entire interior wall that was damaged by water leaking through the roof due to ice damming. The water issue is gone and a new roof has been put on. but the interior wall as water stains now. Would you recommend sanding the stains out or can we walnut/cob blast the interior of our cabin? And which would you recommend?
  Question: I have a log cabin that is no more than 10 years old.
I am having trouble with mosture on my tongue and grooved ceilings which are catheral celings.
The cabin had been closed up for more than a month and I had not been up to empty the dehumidifier. The ceiling had mildew all the wa across it in the middle of the ceiling.
I have a large fan window as a ceiling window.
Where that window is located is where the mildew is the worst.
How ever if i turn on the air conditioner for a while it appea
  Question: Had some black spot fungus in a few areas of my pine soffets. Have removed the spots. I am applying Sikkens Cetol Door & Window. Can I roll it on and then back brush for convenience as everthing is overhead and awkward.
  Question: we visited a house for sale up north in the Montreal Quebec Canada area it has spruce vertical exterior siding that is black and gray. can this be cleaned and stained afterwards. Love the house,it was built in 2004, but I am afraid of the cost of upkeep etc.. can you give me some info on this. Thank you
  Question: I have a 1920's log home that has been painted in northern Michigan. Is there a place near me to rent corn blasting equipment to strip?
  Question: Hello, I am looking to purchase a log cabin home and am told it has a couple of logs to be replaced. Can you give me an idea, not an estimate (understood) of what I could expect to have to pay to have a couple of logs replaced? I am sure there are many factors, I just need an "order of magnitude" guess-stamate. Thank you so much. Lance
  Question: We had our log huse power washed a year ago, they had lots of experience doing log houses they say. The south facing side of the house most of the stain peeled off and the hand hewn wood has 'feathered'. It was restained and looks horrible. What can be done to "fix" this? Would sanding mess up all the hand hewing?
  Question: would like to recoat cedar home have used behr rawhide and have been satisfied still in good shape what product do you recommend thank you
  Question: Looking for someone to Corn Cob Blast my home in in Northeastern PA, near Milanville.
Looking to corn blast log siding, decking and apply stain to both.
  Question: The log home I recently moved into near Frederick, MD, was built in 1986 and the original roof needs replacement. I'm not certain that the problem I'm writing about--small brown or black dots proliferating on window sills and other surfaces--is directly related to the condition of the roof. The spots, or dots, are easily rubbed off. Varnish? At first I thought they were from insects, but a pest inspector said probably not. The most baffling thing is that some of the spots are not in a direct l
  Question: Any contacts were I can rent corn blasting equipment in sacramento Calif area?
  Question: 5 years ago we applied weatherall 2 coats of stain and 1 coat of gloss. It is peeling we plan to corn cob blast or glass blast which do you prefer. We live in western Nebraska, lots of wind. We erected a new garage and tried permachink ultra 2 sequoia brown stain with 1 advance gloss top coat. wanted to do this to compare products. 8 months later already peeling. What do we do before we tackle our house which is 4800 sq ft. Do we have to wash it after we blast it, or stain it after blsting it?
  Question: Hi, I purchased a log home in RI this year we are fixing it up it was neglected. We got a painter who power washed it and stained it with linseed oil then caulked between the logs it looks great, but just read never power wash a log cabin are we in trouble and what can we do? thanks
  Question: I have hand sanded about half of a neglected red cedar cabin. The cooked out portions turn pink after enough sanding, but it is tedious work. Would walnut shell or cob blasting work on damaged wood with residual log oil on much of it? If so, is there a place I can rent one in Reno/Lake Tahoe area?
  Question: Where can I rent a corn cob blaster at in indiana
  Question: We live in southern Ontario and soon We will be building a back porch. The main frame will be exposed and constructed of 8"x 8" rough cut Southern Ontario cedar. My question is should I stain it or not and why.
  Question: I recently purchased a foreclosed log home in Alaska built in the 70's. The logs are 12'' 2 sided logs and the house is 2 stories with a daylight basement. The roof is a full hip. The roof rafters has spread mildly causing the outer walls to bow out. More or less the top 5 courses of an 8 course wall are leaning out anywhere from 2'' to 5''. Any suggestions for pulling the walls in so the roof can be repaired? I'm looking at chain falls, come-a-longs, any ideas. Plan push/pull wall
  Question: We just a cabin that is 75year old we are in the process of restoring it.From what I can tell it appears it was originally stained and then painted with many coats of paint. This past week I hired somemone to corn blast the exterior. It turned out GREAT very little rott to my surprise. My question is this I am going to sand all the logs with a orbital sander to some out the what the corn blasting had done. Here comes the question should I treat the logs with any type of chemical to prevent wood
  Question: I cut tamarack logs 10 months ago for my cabin in NE Minnesota. It is very humid here,and the logs are black/grey,bleach solution didn't work,but the logs are good and dried out. Since tamarack is very hard, and I haven't chinked or installed windows yet,is it ok to sand blast it since it is cheaper than cob blasting?
  Question: We just bought a 13 year old log home near Grand Lake in NE OK. The side that is exposed to the sun the most is almost black. I experimented with a stripper and powerwashing on a small section and you would not believe the thick, gooey stuff that comes off but it takes three applications to get down to the wood. I was looking for a product that might work better and came across your website. I am sold on cobb blasting now. Do you know where I can rent one in NE OK, SW MO or NW AR? What do
  Question: I build my Real Log Home, in 2000. Pine "D" shaped logs. we never did any treatment to the interier log walls. It was a wet year when we buit it, and there are still water stains on the walls. What is the best way to finally get rid of them? I was thinking sanding, and if so, what kind of sander?
  Question: is there anyplace in the pittsburgh area i can rent cob blasting equipment ?
  Question: We bought a 20 year old log home. I'm not sure if there has been any maintenance done on the outside. We plan on restoring the outside shell this spring, however we are running low on funds. Is there other methods of stripping the stain before we preserve the wood other than using a blasting method? If not what kind of blaster would you recommend? I wouldn't think the cheaper ones would do the trick. Thanks
  Question: We are in the process of buying a log house in Southern California. It is a log cabin that has unfortunately been painted on the exterior and interior. We have heard that exterior painting causes rot in the logs. Is there any type of paint that does not cause rot in the logs? We are looking into walnut shell blasting to remove the paint, but it is very expensive, and we want to know if there is a possibility that that exterior paint is ok to just fix and maintain, or if it will defnitely cause r
  Question: Looking for rental equipment and/or subcontractor to corn cob blast my log home in Central Florida. Can you recommend a company/subcontractor?
  Question: I have a 66 year old 500 sq ft log cabin I would like to refinish myself by sanding. Orbital or disk sander? What grit? How long after sanding can I wait before applying a new finish? Thanks
  Question: I live in Northern Michigan. I've had full natural sized logs that had surface rot repaired by attaching 1/2 logs to them. The problem is that those half natural various sized logs only get about 4 years before they rot. What type of log should be used? The problem is the lower logs where the snow lays on them for months. I prefer the 1/2 log method being it's easier than a full log replacement but if I have to do this so often, it may not be the best way. The inner half of the logs are solid.
  Question: I have a & year old Jim Barna log home. The Sikkens stain never penetrated and is now flaking off. I want to take off the old paint and start new. I believe the logs have a mill glaze on them that caused the problem. I am thinking of using a Saburr wheel to take off the finish. It will strip and sand at the same time. I want something to scratch the logs and let the stain penetrate. I don't think the Osborn buffing cup brushes will remove the mill glaze. What is your opinnion? thanks AL
  Question: i have cedar tongue and groove ceilings and they have water stains. they were not varnished and were only stained with minwax natural stain. is it possible to just varnish the wood or will the stains still show
  Question: Do you have a ballpark figure on the cost to strip and stain a house your size? Also, about how often it might need to be done? Thinking about buying and wondering what is involved in maintenance.
  Question: I am pealing the bark off of mountain cedar post and needing to sand the sand the inside grooves and the out side. There is also a sticky sap issue. Can I take the cedar post to the car wash after cleaning most of bark off? and/or is there a sanding tool for the inside grooves? How do i sand the outside of the post with the sticky sap problem clogging the paper? Can I clean the sap off with a thinner? sorry for all the questions.
  Question: We recently purchased a half log home. They had a bunch of extra logs that weren't used when house was built approx 27- 16'ers. Most of them seam in good shape. just weathered a little. I stacked them up with 3/4 slats in between and covered the top with tarp but allowing air to flow threw on all sides. We are building a accessory building and i am hoping to be able to use them for the front just about 36" wide from ground up to tie the house in to the shop. Kinda of like chair rail. Will they
  Question: We need some maintenance on the exterior of our cabin. I have had a hard time finding someone in the central Ilinois area. Can anyone recommend someone good?

  Question: We applied Cetol to new cedar shingles that apparently were not dry and either tannin or mold has caused the shingles to darken and even turn black in some palces. What is the best way to remove the Cetol, brighten the shingles and keep the natural bright look?
  Question: Looking to purchase a cedar log home in Northern WV. The home was built in 1998. The owner stained 3 years ago with out cleaning. The stain on the house looks good. Should there be a concern? And if I were to purchase, could I clean myself and restain. If so, how would you recommend cleaning and what type of stain.
  Question: I am taking over my Mom's log home. The house is about 20 years old and has never had anything done to the inside. The outside has been stained years ago. What can I do to the inside that would get a nice natural looking result with the least effort and cost :-) Also would like to be able to wipe down the logs after. Thank you in advance!
  Question: I live in a mtn. community in Colorado. Between Montrose and Gunnison. This spring I want to blast my whole log home, red-wood porch and log railing. I know it is a big job but I don't know of anyone in this area that is licensed and insured. I am so worried about getting ripped off and not a good job. Watching DIY-netword makes me ever more worried. Plus I need carpentry work done outside. Should I hire one for whole job or seperate people
  Question: Hello, I have had several people estimate blasting the old stain off the exterior of a log home. However, some areas are tacky after the last stain was applied four years ago and there is a bit of mold growth. One vendor said that we should strip off the old product and leave the logs to dry throughout the winter; we do have snow. He said the logs were still tacky because the logs had never completely dried out and the mold may be coming from the logs themselves. Is it ever advisable to strip th
  Question: We corncob blasted our log home and then applied penetreat. We then applied one coat of transformation stain by sashco. We have applied one coat and are noticing an unattractive blotchiness. Can we even this out with the second coat by applying more heavy to the light areas and lighter to the darker areas. I am very frustrated as I have spent a lot of money and cannot afford to have to redo what I have done.
  Question: I powerwashed our Cedar, full log home and was wondering if there are negative effects on the log if I waited until Spring to stain and seal? I live in Northern Wisconsin. It is already in the 40's at night, so fFall is uponus and Idont want to stain/seal to have it turn out bad or not last.
  Question: I made a mistake - I just built a small (10x12) cabin with poplar logs and pine trim. On the interior, I brushed on high gloss oil-based poly thinking the reflective surface would look brighter. I wish I had stained it with a clear, flat finish. I only brushed on one coat. What are my options? Thanks!
  Question: Is there somewhere to rent a corn cob blaster & purchase the bags needed in Dallas, TX
  Question: i we just bought a log home 2 years ago, and it proably has not been treated for 10 years. Can you sugest anyone around great falls mt 59405, thanks
  Question: Have you studied dry ice blasting timbers? If so, is dry ice a good media to blast with or is glass better?
  Question: We are looking at a log home to buy in southern alabama and the log home has been painted twice we have no clue how long it's been painted . I think it 20yrs old .I've read you shouldn't paint a log home . Should we have a expert look at it. What do you recommend ?
  Question: Corn blasted 55 year old cedar log cabin.Did a good job but logs have rough finish.Is osborne brush best way to smooth out some? thanks chuck
  Question: We are looking at a 35 yr old log home to buy, on the inside of the walks it looks like there is some seperation in places and the chalking needs to be redone. Are the walls moving? What would we have to do to fix this? Are we going to run into alot of problems in the long run? Thank you!
  Question: We recently bought a 20 yr. old cedar siding house. The previous owner used CWF UV oil based stain. It looks almost black in some spots. We would like to strip, and restain with a lighter color. I see that you usually recommend Corn Blasting. We would have to do this ourselves, as we cannot aford the high cost of having pros do it. could you please give me some info on where to start. we live in Spartanburg SC. thanks much, Sherry
  Question: Where in Kentucky can I rent a buddy blaster for corn cob log home restoration
  Question: Can you sandblast a log to remove the bark before curing it?
  Question: how much should it cost to clean, remove old caulk, fill seams with foam, treat with "bug Juice", and apply 2 coats of stain and one of varnish, and re-caulk? My home is 38x48 and I live in Romney, WV
  Question: We plan on blasting the exterior of our 25 year old White Spruce log home in interior Alaska. Can you recommend the type of sandblaster and blasting media that would be best to clean and lighten the wood? Do you know where we can find the equipment & media in Alaska?
  Question: We have a handcrafted green larch new home. It had to be erected this wet and snowy winter. There are black streaks and greying on both the interior and exterior. Sanding somewhat works but am wondering if there is anything I can do about the black in the checks and cracks. Otherwise it will look really striated. Wanted a clear interior finish.
  Question: we have a 1958 panabode in the northwest. its a refrigerator all year long. we are willing to loose the looking at the ceiling and add insulation and sheetrock as it is so dark , we are wondering about the type and the air space that is is cathedral throughout. I know we could do a outside steel and foam but would like to do the inside for the light.
  Question: i am refinishing some cedar furniture for a friend . she tired to do it first and made scrape marks in the wood with a razor blade . how can i conver them ?
  Question: Can you use clorox to clean mildew off a sikkens house?
  Question: we just had our cedarsiding sodablasted and want to know if there is something we should clean it off with before appling stain, and also what is the recommened stain to use that hopefully we won't have to re-do for some time
  Question: Replaced extended corner logs due to rot from rain run off. Is there a flashing material that is thin and easy to bend to cover top log?
  Question: What would it cost to power wash a 1750 sq ft log home and apply a sealant?
  Question: We are adding an addition to the back of our log home. We had logs that cantalevered out to form an upstairs balcony. Those logs have been cut back and will be inside the new addition attic space. Do those log ends need to be treated with anything? They will not be exposed to the elements since they will be in the new attic?
Thank you
  Question: We have an 1860 log home that we are restoring. We are cornblasting it this weekend on the interior. Would like to seal or finish the interior logs with some natural substance. Perhaps linseed or tung oil. But am worried that maybe the permachink won't adhere. Any advice on natural interior finishes?
  Question: I am about to purchase a 1982 satter white log home. The owner painted it last year and I know I need to remove the paint but there is no one here that can corn cob blast or glass blast it. What would you recommend? How often will I have to stain it after I use permachink on it? Thank you!
  Question: If a log home was stained with Sikkens and then Natureguard gloss and now has some areas faded and peeling what procedure is needed. Shaded areas on the north side and under soffit are very good. Does the whole home need to be blasted and stained. Shouldn't a gloss finish be avoided to prevent this in the future. Thank you.
  Question: I hired a contractor to stain our log home. I noticed a lot of fuzz on the logs on 2 sides of the house. The contractor already stained the logs with the fuzz, should I make him redo the 2 sides of the house or will the fuzz go away?

Thank you for your help,
  Question: My father recently removed an old antenna from my roof. Unfortunately, he allowed it to scrap the side of the house as it came down. It was stained last year and I wasn't planning on re-doing it again. Do you think I need to sand the entire wall and restain? Or can I get away with sanding only the small scraps and staining those spots only? Will the scraps show up? Can I fill them in with wood putty? I definitely don't want to make more work for myself than my father has already has made
  Question: Our log home is 10yrs old and the stain we used was discontinued because when they change to formula to meet EPA requirements the finish no longer worked.
As a result our house which was finished natural turned dark. We had someone remove the stain on the front and one side. He brushed on a chemical stripper and powerwashed it off. It worked, but now the wood has all this pulp on it. The man told us that the pulp would blend in once we applied the fresh coat of stain.

Is this good adv
  Question: What size nozzle is needed to corn cob blast? How many cfms for the compressor?
  Question: We have a log home. We are going to add on to our home. How close can one cut the log ends back to the saddle ?
  Question: Where can you purchase borate solution? We need it for a shed that the floor is starting to rot.
  Question: I have a 30 year old pressure treated pine house. On the sunny sides of my house there are black areas and the wood look dry, underneath the porch it looks fine, just needs to be restained. Can I just restain the parts of the house that aren't "burnt" and pressure was the rest and let it dry out and restain that in about 6months. Do I need to corn wash or will pressure wash be enough and if I need to corn was, do you know anyone in central Louisiana?
  Question: I have log home hase paint on logs can I sand or sandblast if sand what kind of sander
  Question: Hi, we bought a big panadode rancher 7yrs ago. The house is 55yrs. old and the exterior is painted white, most likely with lead paint. The paint is coming off in many spots, exposing the natural wood. We would like to either paint over or remove the paint, which is a big job. What would be you recommend we do? Thanks for your advice.
  Question: 200 - yr old house - we are exposing hand hewnlog walls on the inside anbd rechinking. How do we clean these- considering blasting but don't want to lose adze marks etc.
  Question: I live in Northern Ontario and was wondering when is the best time to debark pine logs that have been cut.
  Question: We have a log home near Bethany Beach Delaware. The house was built in 1982 and we have had the north wall replaced once due to rot about 12 years ago. The wall has rotted again and we are having it replaced currently. The contractor said that we will need to blast the whole house and restain the whole house as well as re-caulk the old logs that remain. What is a reasonable amount to ask for this type of job? And what products do you recommend? Do you know of anyone in the Delaware area who
  Question: Do you do work in western Colorado...I have a log home in Co.....between Montrose and Gunnison... I need blasting and sanding ..logs and railing
  Question: Where in Tn can you rent an air compressor to do cob blasting with. Also where can you buy the bags of cob blasting material to use? Is there anything else we might need in order to do the job propery?
  Question: HELP! Our clear cedar is turning black, we built the home 10 yrs ago. Used Sikkens Cetol 23 plus, applied 3 coats to front and back of the boards and then installed them on the house. Have reapplied Cetol 23 plus every other year since. Why is cedar turning black?? And what can we do to fix it?
  Question: I had 11 white pine logs replaced professionally on my 125 year old log cabin. Is there a way to speed up the weathering process so that they will more closely match the old logs (never painted or treated) in their dark grey color?
  Question: My 125 year old log home had paneling over concrete (!) for insulation, I suppose. Removing concrete etc. leaves logs with white stain. How best to remove this stain? Thanks
  Question: we have a log home with the square logs about 1 foot in dia. we had an interior fire that charred the logs in the living room about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. wht is the best way to restore them. can you recomend a contractor for an estimate. we are located in paris ill. area
  Question: there is a 40 year old log house for sale here that
has several rotted spots in the logs. the logs are grey with cracks . the house is located in haskell texas and i was just like to know if there is anyone near here i could have take a look at the house to see what needs to be replaced and what kind of exspense to exspect before placing a bid on property. thank you.
  Question: I have a Cedar sided house. It was severely weathered, with failed Flood CWF-UV (8 years old) and mold/mildew. We cleaned it with oxygen bleach and powerwashed. Most of the stain is gone, but the wood is fuzzed. 2 do i best remove the fuzz, and can i wait until Spring to put the stain/sealer onto the exposed wood? I would like to take my time and de-fuzz and prep the house.
  Question: I have a cabin being built logs are really graying on me,whats the best solution?Cob,soda blast,or some kind of bleech solution?They are white spruce,also looking for someone in manitoba that has a blaster for these 2 products.
  Question: Where can I rent a cob blaster in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
  Question: Does the humidity level affect the ability to corn blast?
  Question: just had new spruce railings put on our deck. Raw wood and clean. Should we use Sikkens, Penofin, cabot oil or olympic. We would like a natural looking finish, no high gloss look. What do you recommend applying? Annually? One coat or two?
  Question: can u sand blast a log home to remove stain. I live in Deer lakes Pa and can not find a Sand blaster to rent
  Question: I am considering the purchase of a 12 year old log home and have some questions. We do not know what type of stain was originally applied to the exterior of the home and when it was last done. One side of it is very sun damaged/bleached. Other areas are very dark almost black. The interior has some areas of water stains. Is this a large expense and where do we start? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Greg
  Question: Would you be able to recommend a log home repair/replacement professional for the Keyser, WV area? I have read over the listed questions and answers and this apparently is our next step.
  Question: I've recently purchased a 10-year old, cedar (half) log home. Home is sound, but is clearly ready for external cleanup. I'm struggling with two big questions: First, cob blasting versus chemical stripping and, second, an oil-based product (like Sikkens) versus an acrylic (like Perma Chink). I've had lengthy conversations with professionals interested in the job but am very confused about which way to go. Each presents seemingly strong arguments for their "optimal" solution. Help!
  Question: I have a Marco sandblaster,can it be used to corncob blast my log home?The company says it can.If so what size and tip do I use?
  Question: Young and energetic,can I remove old exterior stain by sanding.Can I use an electric sander and what kind?How long should bare logs be left in the elements before restaining.I guess I need the whole process.Thanks.
  Question: my husband is sanding in between the logs and he is frustrated cause he cant find a tool that fits between the logs he needs to sand off the old stain which they did but the stain in between is giving them a rough time any suggestions
  Question: We have a new scribed log home [white pine] that we are trying to stain the exterior. Because of discoloration, we had it cob blasted. Do we have to sand before staining? It is somewhat rough after the cob blasting. Do most people sand too and are there advantages in doing this?
  Question: just purchased, a 17 year old, half log home from forclosure. So i dont know what was done or how it was done stain wise before i bought it. The stain is not to bad yet, but could go for a fresh coat. What is the propper procedure? strip old stain, and how? Then re-apply a new stain. what is a good quality stain? Then can i put on a clear coat of some sort to protect and make stain last longer? if so in the future i can just keep putting on a clear coat, insted of having to redo it all the time
  Question: We started building our log home last summer. Before getting the roof on last fall, we had many days of rain. Over the winter, the logs have turned a grayish black on both the inside and outside. A few of logs have what I think they call "blue stain" in parts of the log. They are white pine logs. We just had the interior cob blasted and it left a fussy finish. The surface color drastically lightened, but the fuss on the surface does still appear gray in areas. We are planning on sanding an
  Question: When the man, whom we bought our house from, built our log home, prior to building the roof he didn't tarp over the erected logs and allowed rain to stain the interior walls. It looks like black water stains throughout all the exterior walls. How can we get rid of these stains?
  Question: I have a log sided house that was originally just wood sided. They strapped it and put on log siding. I have found from replacing windows that there is a gap between the old wall and the new log out side wall that is open at the bottem. Should this gap be sealed to creat a dead air space or left open for circulation between the two walls.
  Question: I recently bought a log cabin that the previous owner used marine spar varnish on the exterior. I keep reading that this should not be done, but no one ever says why not. Why not use spar varnish on exterior as long as it is UV resistant?
  Question: I have a 40 year-old Pan Abode log home in northern Ontario. I have always had some trouble with a bit of mold on the interior walls if anything was pushed up against the outside walls in the wintertime because of condensation on the walls. I have another problem since we installed a woodstove in the basement. I now have a whitish-greenish mildew forming on all of the outside walls near the floor and extending up to about shoulder's height. I have scrubbed it off but I am concerned about why t
  Question: I am building a cabin using log siding on the exterior. I wanted to use Behr(Premium) semi transparent stains. I will be using a very dark color for UV protection. Have you heard anthing bad about the product and is it a good fit for that type if material?
  Question: We purchased a log home about 13yrs ago that had not been maintained well. We ended up putting $20,000 into the exterior having rotten logs replaced, etc. I believe the logs are Pine. We have since covered the home in a solid Behr stain. My husband is continuing to find rot, even in some of the replaced logs that have been stained. Did we use the wrong stain? Any other ideas/suggestions?
  Question: Hello. I am putting on pine log siding with a hand hewn finish in Wisconsin in late Sept. Do I need to let the siding dry before I put on Permachinks water based Ultra stain? Should I treat for the potential "mill glaze"? Or do you think it would be better to put a preservative on and wait till next year to stain? Thanks !
  Question: We have a tongue and groove log sided house. The interior walls are tongue and groove also. I have noticed black "blobs" about 1 foot wide on an interior wall. Could this be mold? And where would it be coming from? The only thing I can figure is that there are a few wood bee holes on the outside, but they are probably 6 feet away from the black spots. How would I treat this?
  Question: Hello
I have a panabode og home in the Niagra area.
Winters are typically 10-20 degrees F (-10to-20 C)
what should the humidity level be so that there are no issues with the log house?
  Question: ll he did was pressure wash the logs and stain right over the darkened areas! Now the edges look bright but, the majority of the home looks very dark(blackish). We had himstop everything for now. What can we do at this point? Can anything take off the new stain just applied or do we need to now go with a solid color stain? Help! Dean
P.S.The house is 5 years old with log siding
  Question: We own a log home that was built in 1982 and the previous owners had a liquid siding applied a few years ago. Can this be corn blasted and can you suggest someone in Central Florida. Thanks!
  Question: I have a log house 10 years old with Sashco bronze pine stain and Cascade sealer. My contractor is suggesting I use walnut shells instead of cob for removing the old finish. Which do you suggest and why?
  Question: I am in the process of building a log home. We had to cut the all thread, that run through the logs, shorter for the center beam to be hung. We ended up cutting the all thread with a grinder and then it rained so the ash ran down the logs. The log walls are now a black dingy color. We tried to spray off the logs with water but that only made it worse. How can I get the black residue off the logs?
  Question: We have log home with 3 coats of Sikkens Cetol 1. We are ready for maintainence coat. House looks great now. Contractor suggests there is future concern that Sikkens product will trap moisture leading to rotting and has recommended we consider cob blasting and one coat of wood preservative product. Your thoughts? We're shocked...we did exactly what log home manufacturer suggested.
  Question: Why do you not like using an osborn brush? I can not afford to have someone cobblast and I don't see the point in chemical stripping if I have to sand it anyway. So why not just use the the osborn brush to remove and then re-stain?
  Question: Raw-hide finish on exterior, corn blasting not available, next option sand blasting ? or chemicals. Live in Alaska.
  Question: what mesh size and pressure to you recommend for corn cob blasting
  Question: do you know of anyone who corn cob blasts in the buffalo, n.y. area?
  Question: We are looking to buy a log home that was started but not finished. The roof was not shingled and the inside corner logs where water has ran down is now black and white. It has only done this to mainly two spots in the house. The outside logs are just dull looking so hoping that blasting will do the trick on that and of course a new roof. Can you use bleach on the mold or should you just blast it? Or will these need replaced? This house is in NW Indiana and not sure of any log home specialists b
  Question: We purchased a 30 yr old Ward Cedar log home. The previous owners can't remember what was used to "paint" the exterior logs. It is a solid brown color (looks like brown paint!). We really love the look of natural wood, can you suggest where to go from here: blasting, stripping etc. Thanks
  Question: We have a 1950's pine d-log home. It was painted when we purchased it 3 years ago. Some of the logs are now rotten. It is worth it to have it sandblasted or should we just put a new coat of paint on it? Also, I've read that corncob blasting leaves the log surface rough. Is that correct?
  Question: I have recently chemically stripped my home. Before I restain it I need to either sand it or use an Osborn brush. Can either be done? Should both? What is the difference?
  Question: I have a cedar log home on Pelee Island in Lake Erie that has been painted for a number of years and has some obvious rot in some logs and old cement repairs. I will be corn blasting it this summer. Can I leave the cabin without a finish on it over the winter to allow it to dry out and repair stain and finish the logs in the spring?
  Question: Do you reccommend a primer/sealer on logs that have been cob blasted to insure an even finish?
  Question: my grandparents had there log cabin painted with [ alvis spray on sidding] they were told it would never have to be painted again now they are having problems with cracks,and rot will corn blasting get this paint off ?
  Question: Is it best to use an Osborn brush when sanding prior to staining?
  Question: We just combined chemical stripping with power washing (erroneously). We are going to wait 1-2 months before applying stain to the power washed side. On all sides some 'fuzz' developed. Do we need to sand the house and if so could we do it now or wait until it is time to stain it? Will we need to clean it again before staining?
  Question: How do clean newly erected log walls that have a log of pin pitch on them? Sanding is not going well.
  Question: Are you able to recommend someone to walnut shell (or corn) blast our 25 year old log cabin. We are located approximately 60 miles outside of Vancouver, British Columbia in the Hemlock Valley ski area. The logs have not been treated in at least 20 years. Thanks..........
  Question: We have old (25+ years) water stains on the interior of our logs. Sanding just lightens them. Anything else we can do? The interior logs were never finished.
  Question: Do you know of any corn blasters in the South Lake Tahoe, California area?
  Question: I am in the process of buying a 33 year old log home in MA. The home has been stained a lite blue color and looks awful. My question is can I restain the logs to a darker color or should I corn blast and start fresh? I am on a tight budget and plan on doing the work myself. What do you suggest?
  Question: I have purchased a 30x22 log cabin located on the oceanside. It's about 30 years old and the exterior walls, though sound, are pretty bllack with dirt and possible mould. How would you recommend cleaning them and how should I re-finish afterwards? Thanks
  Question: I need to strip the finish off of my logs, so I can spray it with bora care. I was wondering if there were in any corn blasters available near Warren, PA? If I were to use a sand blaster how careful do you need to be when spraying the logs?
  Question: We have a Cedar tongue and groove cedar log home that needs to be totally refinished on the exterior do you know of any companies in Alberta, Canada that could Corn Blast our home
  Question: is corn cob blasting get best results before I stain my log cabin and how long before iam able to stain it ? how do i get rid of water stain in my inside wall ?
  Question: Is there problem with using pulpwood to build log cabin?
  Question: building a log cabin in N.E. Minnesota. near Duluth. Would like to corn blast prior to staining. Do you recommend a corn blaster in the area?
  Question: we have a log home built in 1973, it is milled log with the logs being 3x5. We made the mistake and had it 3/4 covered stained 4 years ago. It looks as though the house has been painted. We now want to remove the heavy duty stain, and then apply a new treatment.
Can we powerwash and then apply linseed oil? We live in central wyoming.
thank you
  Question: I want to rent a corn blaster, but I don't know where or even if they are in my area. I live in Burlington Kentucky 41005.
  Question: Hi Log Doctor!

What is the best method or tool for debarking pine logs? Is there anything wrong with leaving the bark on the logs for interior use? Is there an odorless insecticide that you could recommend ?

Thanks for your time!...Donna
  Question: I am exploring renovating a 60 yr old log house in Estonia. the wooden wall & ceiling logs are brown & black, so the room is very dark. Can I just paint over them? (I have read answers about corn cob blasting, but i doubt it would be available in the country).
  Question: our cabin is two years old, stained and sealed with sikkens,color cedar. Condition is good but looks as if it needs to be freshened up. What is to be done to prep logs and do we use on it? Both,what is it called Cepal 1 & 23? Thanks for any input. Rick
  Question: We live in Winston-Salem, NC and are looking for a company in the area (or close to) that does corn blasting. Any suggestions?
  Question: What kind of sander/grinder do I need to use to sand interior log walls? rpms , models ,etc.
  Question: where can I rent a corn blaster or hire a compay to do it in New Hampshire?
  Question: We put cedar siding on our house and used Behr deck plus semi transparent stain in 2002, last year we noticed the stain was coming off of it like dust, and some places it looks like it rained and the stain ran. We were wondering if anybody else has had this problem. We know we have to restain it, but we don't know what to use, and do we have to try to get the old stain off first.
  Question: I have a 2000 sq.ft. log home with cedar on the top parts and lower levels. So far I only have had estimates that include powerwashing. After reading your answers I'm wondering if I should ask for sand or cob blasting. My garage is log sided and is 24 by 24. I'm located in Colorado. Any help would be appreciated. Contractors would also be appreciated. Thank you.
  Question: We have a cedar panabode home that is approx. 35 yrs old. We are refinishing the interior and have sanded down the logs and would like to use a waterbourne satin clear coat. We assume that the finish was oil previously but we do not want the darkness anymore and would like to lighten it with the waterbourne clear coat. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks.
  Question: I am intersted in purchasing a 28 year old 3 X 7" double tongue in groove cedar log house in need of a complete exterior refinish. The detached garage is cedar siding. A contractor has informed me they can not be sandblasted as the finish will be ruined, so needs sanding - which will be laborious and expensive. Can cedar be sanblasted or cob blasted, or is sanding the only way to strip & refinish? Do you know of any contractors in Northern Alberta, Canada?
  Question: How do you change inhes i nto sq.ft
  Question: out cabin was built ~~1920 on a remote site (power but 15min by boat from road) on the French R south of Sudbury,Ont. Are you aware of any knowledgeable contractors in this area .... need replacement/repair on the corners, which are dry/rotted. Thanks
  Question: I own a log cabin in Australia (and there is not much resource over here). Its old - built in the 30's from a hard wood gum. The logs have turned black and grey in parts, expect they were once treated with creasote. We want to bring these back so we can stain them. However don't have corn cob blasting here. We've got soda or dry ice blasting - would you recommend any of these?
  Question: Hubby and I purchased a log home almost 3 years ago that was built in 1982. The logs on the outside are VERY dark, and it is peeling everywhere. I am reading online and seem to find opposing ideas as to the best way to strip the logs. Which is better, corn cob blasting, or using a remover and pressure washing it off? Also, what needs to be done afterwards?
  Question: where can i rent a cob blaster. i live in the tulsa oklahoma area?
  Question: My husband and I are planning on building a
16 X 32 log cabin in Minnesota. Our budget allows us to build with 6 inch square pine logs.
We are wondering if this size of log will provide enough r-value in a Minnesota winter. Any advice on this issue is greatly appreciated.
  Question: I have a A-Frame cabin with no insulation on the roof. It has a new roof so I wanted to insulate from the inside over the tongue and grove ceiling. Any unique ideas other than insulating and adding another layer of tongue and grove. I was hoping keep as much of the beams showing as possible.
  Question: What was the approximate price of a 5 gallon pail of log chinking in 1985?
  Question: I live in Ontario. Own a cedar panabode log home. It is approx 30 years old. It has been stained a solid dark brown for years. Would like to strip, go to natural stain. Had company demo soda blasting ..worked well. Do you recomend Soad or corn cob and why? The process appears simple enough. Is this a do it your self project? Please advise and any other helpful hints Thanks
  Question: which medium is better to clean the interior logs of a white pine full scribe log house? Dirt and pitch are the problem. We don't want to clean the logs right down to new wood. Should we use a palm sander or a sandblaster with corn or glass beads. Thanks, John
  Question: I purchase a log cabin that has one wall that is leaning out, either due to the builder not insuring level, or the logs twisting is there any way to fix this.Thanks
  Question: what is the best and fastest way to STRIP stained doors and then restain?
  Question: How long should I wait for my cedar wood to dry (after it has been through the mill and cut into lumber) before I can work with it? The wood is still moist from natural processes. Thanks.
  Question: I just finished building a back country shelter using three a popular logs for the ridge beams. I sawed the tree a couple of months ago and peeled the bark and stored the logs in the barn until needing them. They looked nice but as soon as I installed them on the shelter and it got rained on a few times the logs turned black with I guess mildew. Can I use clorox and water to remove the staining ??
  Question: We just bought a stockade style log home( logs are vertical not horizontal)in Fairbanks Alaska. There is quite a variety of sealant between the logs, spray foam, chinking, fiberglass insulation. What type of sealant should be used between vertical logs?
  Question: I oversee a campground where we have several logcabin structures. We need to restore several exteriors and are concidereing purchasing our own corn cob blaster. Where is the best source to purchass a blaster and corn cob bags in the south west part of Missouri?
  Question: I live in Georgia and work in a job where I come across a lot of southern yellow pine logs of different sizes from saw timber to pulpwood. Can I build from these logs and do you have a recommended site or book for more information on preparing and building with these logs .
  Question: We built a log home. The home was power washed and stained with WOODguard on the same day in temps about 40 degrees during the day and 20's a night. We now have very streaky coverage and a lot of black moldy looking exterior walls. Is this caused by an error in application? How would you recommend we resolve? THANKS
  Question: I have a cedar log home just put up. The logs are relatively green. I need to prepare them for finishing but can only do the inside until spring due to weather. What do you recommend for proper sanding preparation.
  Question: I would like to purchase interior/exterior log cabin siding for both inside, ceiling @ walls various types. I have no idea where to go. thanks keith
  Question: We have an Eastern White Pine hand hewn log house in Indiana.
Two years ago I applied to the interior logs a waterborne transparent finish for interior woodwork made for light-colored woods which has a white matte finish and has UV protection.

I want to remove this material and have researched sand/cob blasting, stain removal agents, pressure washing and scrapping. I have decided to sand with a palm sander but it is a large area and will be labor intensive and will reduce the profile of the
  Question: In general, how does the expense and quality of work compare between corn cob blasting and hand sanding? Blasting bids are about $2.75/sq. ft. (labor & material) Thank you.
  Question: Is it feasable to corn blast our home ourselves?
How do we know what to get and where to rent?
Our home had sikkens on it and was let go so it is peeling and exposed for about 7 years before we recently purchased it
thank you
  Question: We have a log home that was stained a real dark brown we would like to get it back to a lighter stain color, will we be able to do that?
  Question: Our interior cedar walls have never been sanded. Thanks to our cat, we have scratch marks underneath all of our windows. If I only sand the scratched areas, then re-apply the poly will there be a noticable difference when looking at the wall? Or will it be best to sand the entire wall surface? Also will it be ok to do this with a palm sander? Thank you for your help.
  Question: I bought a 30 year old pine log home with an interior finish that is too dark. I am going to sand it with an orbital sander to bring the wood back to its natrual color. What grit sand paper do you suggest for the old finish removal ? What grit sand paper should I use for the wood sanding prior to appling the clear coat finish? Thank you.
  Question: Have a very small bathroom with no bathroom fan for moisture removal. Mold has grown on the 2 x 6 ceiling and the log floor joist's. Need to strip all, it is very tight area. What is best method?
  Question: Anyone in the central Wisconsin area that does corn blasting on cabins?
  Question: Yellowstone log, what is the best product to stain new logs with and how long can we expect it to last? Is cob blasting really necessary before stain is applied to new logs?
  Question: Our shell was built five years ago, 18 to 24 inch diameter logs, scandanavian scribe. No protection has been applied to the logs. We are now ready to build and are being told that the log may not pass inspection. What visible signs are we looking for and is there qualified people that can inspect our home in Michigan. I do not want an $80,000 bon fire.
  Question: Anyone ever heard of the term spaulking (sp?). We built a log cabin about 5 years ago. In several spots on some of our outside logs the outer layers of the logs are cracked and separating from the log (just in small areas). Looks like a veneer drying and coming up on a table. When I chip off these loose layers (about 1/8 of an inch) there is good dry log. The logs were peeled and dried as normal before cabin was assembled. What can / should be done for this?
  Question: I am currently looking into refinishing my log siding on my cabin. I have had 2 bids, only a couple hundred dollars difference between sandblasting and corn blasting. Which is better, the corn blasting or the sandblasting?
  Question: I needed to know if I can use a conventional sand blaster with corn media to corn blast log siding?
  Question: We have a 40+ year old spruce log home in the BC interior and it has darkened considerably over the years. Our painter suggested corn blasting but a local corn blaster says the surface will then be too rough to apply our preferred coating, Sikkens Cetol 1 and 23, and would need to be sanded. Is that correct?
  Question: I have a Pan Abode home and one wall is curved inward. The home is on a concrete footing with cinder blocks holding up the floor. Any idea on why the wall is leaning in? And any idea on how to fix this? I called Pan Abode and they have never experienced this problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  Question: We purchased a 75 yr. old hand built pine cabin in manitoba, Canada. It has little of the origional stain on it--is mostly pitch black with mildew and weathered wood. We used Woods wood conditioner on the logs scrubbing them with hard bristle brusches and rinsing them with water run our of a hose. We were then advised to allow the logs to dry, treat them with a boron product and then eventually to use a solid stain. I am concerned that we may have added moisture to the logs and will contribute t
  Question: We have a 25 year old larch log home that had black staining and resin beads. A contractor walnut shell blasted it. Now it still has resin bead and the under side of each log is still dark and tacky. Should the shells have removed all of the old finish? Is there a product we can use to dissolve this? Can we apply a finish over this? Will a darker finish hide it better?
  Question: How do you get water spots off of a dining room suite?
  Question: I have a home to strip, or cob blast which we think was coated with linseed oil. It was put on very heavy and allowed to run and drip. Will cob blasting work? What is the best way to remove old heavy lineeed oil? How much should this cost? 47X29 8foot walls.
  Question: Restoring board & batten siding. Live in west of Ottawa, Ontario. Does anyone rent cob blasters in the area? Is there any contractors who do this in the area? I would rather rent though. Thank you.
  Question: I was prepared to buy cob media 20/40 at $32. per 40lb bag for blasting however I was told that a local company was getting much better results from using Glass Oxide at $8. per 50lb bag. Should I cob or glass blast an original 1920's hand hewn cabin in NC, also the cabin has a chinking made up of a portland cement recipe.
  Question: Hello, We have a rough square log home we purchased four years ago. It had dark spots inside when we purchased it...figured it was the wood. I just noticed in some of the bedrooms (where there doesn't seem to be stain applied) tiny black dots. I'm not sure if these weere there before or not. Is there any danger? should we sand and stain...we live in the home with our children
  Question: We hired a contractor to clean our new log home he reccommended soda blasting, alittle rain got on the logs and created a dark brown streaks what can we do before we stain.
  Question: Could you please tell me when the building of homes with tongue and grove exteriors started
  Question: just pruchased a log home built in the 60's located in NW Montana. Inspector doesn't think anything has been put on logs that are weathered gray. Will corn blasting brighten logs? and be able to accept a light color stain? Do we apply the Borate solution before or after staining? Thank you for your expertise.
  Question: I've reconstructed a small, 12X16 perimeter and 15 foot at ridge, original hand hewn log cabin in Saluda NC 28773. circa 1890 never painted or stained
I can't locate a cob blaster closer than TN and its expressive! which doesn't not even including the diesel compressor and generator to run it.

I've decided that sandblasting will be the type of equipment that I can purchase/rent readily and economically.

My question is...can you please recommend what the minimal PSI and or CFM requi
  Question: hired contractor to take old stain off 12 year old log home.He used 2500psi oower washer and blasted away finish of my logs,he did no sanding,applied borate the next day and then applied Sikkens Log and Siding right over the borate. Is there ANY chance this work was properly done in any asspect of the work?
  Question: I have a cedar log home that is 17 yrs old, i heard wood bores in my bedroom wall in Feb, i thought it was to early for Carpenter bee's but i did find a fresh Carpenter Bee hole 5- 10 ft from the area i heard the chewing. I have used CWF since day 1 and really cant afford to blast the house. I have already pressure washed the house and getting ready to apply the penetrate prior to resealing. Thoughts on the wood bores vs the carpenter bee's in Feb? (the noise stopped afte two monthes and ther
  Question: The interior of our log home has water stains on the outside walls. It was like this when we purchased the home. We thought that possibly the logs were stains before the roof was put on. Can water stains be removed from the logs and if so how? The exterior logs are a dark brown color so we can't tell if there are water stains on the outside.
  Question: WE have a pan abode red cedar log home. We are the origial owners and builders. We built it in 1985. We used the stain recomended by pan abode (BEHR) for the exterior which consequently mildewed and made logs sticky. Interior is great.We want to refinish (clean/strip & "paint" the exterior. What procedure and company should we go with? Could we do this ourselves? ( We have a power washer. (PA website says to use a specific stripper) When should we do it . We live in NH (northeast) it is July now
  Question: Have rough cut cedar board and bat siding. Have been thinkng that corn blasting would be the way to go on removing the BEHR #13 that has black mildew on it. Suggestions on removal and if corn blasting is the way to go, what grit pressures etc. should I use?
  Question: I have a 2000 sq ft log cabin in Tehachapi, Ca built in 1989. Due to aging and wrong color stain, the house looks too dark. Do you know who I can trust in my area to completely blast, sand and stain my house a lighter color. What would I expect to pay for this kind of work?
  Question: Hello, is there anyone in the Portland (Vernonia )Oregon area that you would recommend to corn blast my log cabin ? Thank you Caroline
  Question: anyone in the New Hampshire area doing corn blasting?
  Question: I have a 8yr old log /log sided home, the original owners used multiple coats of CWF cedar tone on it,, I had it power washed and in a few areas some of the stain came off,, since its several very small patches, no bigger than 1sq ft areas,what is the best way to patch the areas,?
  Question: We are in the process of re-finishing our log home in Ontario Canada. We had a company cob blast the exterior. Unfortunately, the finish on the logs was very hard to get off and the wood came off in chunks in places. We purchased the house about two years ago and we were told the finish may have been a Sikkens product. I am told this is notoriously hard to remove. We have had to grind down the logs with sanding discs to even out the surface and remove some of the finish that didn't come off. Is
  Question: I just bought an older log home and want to corn blast the old finish so I can give it a new uniform finish. One side looks like they painted it and the other side has a stain. Will a 20/40 corn media work and how many pounds should I purchase if the walls are 28' wide x 54' long x 8' tall?
  Question: I bought a log home built about 30 yrs ago on a small island off the coast of BC Canada.The home was built out of douglas fir logs taken from the land. It appears that not all of the cambian layer was removed which has resulted in a rather dark interior. There also appears to be some mildew damage that seeps no more then 2 mm into the logs ( each log is roughly 12inches thick). What is the easiest way to remove the darkness and to restore the wood. Keep in mind we live in the home. If sanding
  Question: I need the name and phone # of a corn blasting professional in southeast Minnesota orsurrounding area. thanks you
  Question: I've recently been asked to Demo and rebuild the entire interior of a hand crafted log home. We are working on numbers for the adjuster. Is there a SF industry standard that the adjusters use to come up with replacement cost?
  Question: I have a log cabin, 15 years old, in western Minnesota. it was built with GREEN TREATED pine D- style logs. it is a very dark brown and sun faded in large areas. I would like to refinish it by corn blast or sanding. BUT will the green treated effect what I want to do? Will it take stain ok? Who corn blasts in my area?
  Question: 1) If we want to save money & do the work ourselves - is sanding a good choice?
2) If we can find out what stain was last put on our house and use the same stain - is it necessary to remove the stain that still looks good?
  Question: We have a log home in the UP of Michigan. It is 25 years old. Until 2 years ago, we sealed it with CWF oil, and re-did it every 3 years. We would power washit, then apply the sealer. It always looked like new. Two years ago, we applied Penofin, and it looked beautiful for about 9 months. After that it started turning black.gets darker and darker.Called Penofin and was told to use 50 50 bleach and water. Did nothing. Now we just want to get rid of it.and put something on it that won't turn black
  Question: Our 14 year old log cabin is in Macon, GA and we had it inspected and it is due for a new finish. Can you recommend someone in Central Georgia that will do corn cob blasting and help us?
  Question: I am building a new home and using pine log 1/4 siding. I have been told several different things how to seal it. I want to leave its natural color and put clear on it. What do you suggest I use? Thanks
  Question: I live in southwest Wyoming. I have a 14 y/o 8" swedish cope log home. I have been trying for years to get someone to come look at doing repairs on some bad logs, refinishing and basiclly bringing the house back up to standards. Everyone that has come out to take a look had less knowledge of what to do than I did. The last owners really did a poor job on maintenance. I have my hands full trying to keep up. Would you be able to help me find someone in this area with some experience to help me out
  Question: Guesstimate for log grinding & staining. What should we estimate log grinding and staining will cost us for a new handcrafted log home(interior and exterior, labor + stain) . Logs are only on the main floor exterior walls(1,900 sqft) and 2 logs high in the loft area (800 sqft). tx, sigi
  Question: I live in Whitefield, N.H. and I am looking for someone in this area to corn cob blast my single story log home or to rent a machine, any suggestions?
  Question: I Have a 40+log home in upstate NY and it has some rotten logs and cracks in many logs. I would like to know if there is a material I can fill the cracks to keep water out and any further damage to logs.
  Question: I live in a remote area of northern Canada and do not have any access to a corn blaster. What is my next best option to refinish my log home. The south facing wall is very sun weathered.
  Question: We live in the Yukon and do not have access to a corn blaster period. I have a large log home which needs refinishing. Logs are very dry and sun weathered on the south side. What is my next best option for refinishing.
  Question: Considering buying 60-yr-old vertical pine log cabin in Northeast MI. Inside is gorgeous, but outside hasn't been maintained for 5 yrs. Almost no protection on the wood & rot is showing on the bottoms of some of the logs.
I need to look at repair costs if making an offer. Home is 30x24 (720sf). Any idea what it might cost to make these repairs? Also, is sand or cob blasting safe on logs this old?
  Question: I have an 11 year old log home. The logs, and railings need sanding and treating. What grit sandpaper should i use to sand, and should I use a regular sander or an angle grinder? Would you finish with a nylon brush?
  Question: Hi! 1985 log cabin, painted by mistake previous to our purchase. Will corn blast, wanted to know if chinking on exterior only is a no-no. Backerade necessary? Cluster fly issues in VT. Recommendations on a source for corn cobb material (do-it-yourself job)?
  Question: I Treated a portion of a log on my home with used motor oil> i like the darker look and the idea that it will last a long time. If I dont have a problem with the looks, what is the downside?
  Question: I live in northern British Columbia Canada and have a log house that has been accepted in the Behr class action suit. I would like to corn blast the house but there is nowhere near that rents units. I do have access to a sandblaster and large industrial compressor but I would like to know were to purchase the proper nozzle set up in Canada.
thank you in advance.
  Question: what is the best way to remove the bark from cedar post.i am wanting to make furiture. thank you, mike
  Question: I have a panabode home that was built in 1964. It sits on a crawl space and has a slab addition in the back. In February of 2006 165,000 gallons of water flooded from a water tank above the home into the crawl space, although it did not reach the floors --- it burst the crawl space doors open instead. In the interim, the cinderblock foundation crawlspace has absorbed all of the water, which has seeped upwards into the logs. The logs are now cracked, the paint over them peeled off and molding
  Question: I bought a 14 year old log house and it had been painted with a water down grey paint by owners. can i get that off and stain it? If so can you recommend someone in my area outside of charlotte, nc thanks
  Question: I have cut a nice sugar maple log with a large burl. Want to use it in our new home. What is the best way to remove the bark?
  Question: Is there any way to restore cypress bevelled board siding which is cracking and splitting after 18 yrs. of southern exposure in coastal NC? It was never treated. Have photos if needed. All other sides of house are okay. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  Question: We have a cedar log home built in 73. It is 4x8 double tongue and groove log walls. Some mildew is showing on the exterior and the knot holes and a few joints need sealing. What cleaning agent should I use and what's best to seal the knots and gaps with? Is there then a sealant or finish to keep the natural cedar color? Yearly washing? Pressure washing? Thanks
  Question: If the exterior siding has splits in some places how would I repair that and is that considered normal wear and tear, major or minor??. Can you recommend a qualified Log Contractor in Ky to perform repairs. The log home company used tobuild this home 5 years ago has gone out of buisness. Any suggestions is appreciated
  Question: The inside of our log home is tongue and groove. When pictures were taken down, we now have much lighter wood. Is there anything we can do so it matches the other wood? Thank you.
  Question: I'm an insurance adjuster and am researching feasiblity of repair to a partially burnt log home. The logs are aprox 8" thick; charring is 1/8" to 1/4" deep. I understand that cob blasting will take the char off of the surface. Is it fine enough to penetrate the natural cracks in the wood for a thorough cleaning?
  Question: I own a 25 year old Panabode red cedar log home, which I love, but has been painted. After getting estimate for blasting and refinishing, I'm thinking - why not just re-side with log siding? Why wouldn't this work?
  Question: Can you recommend someone besides Mike for Cob blasting?
  Question: i have a 30 year old pine and oah log home. 6x12s with chink. i beleive it was orriginally stained with burnt motor oil mixed with transmissoin fluid. we are getting ready to stain the home. is it possible to use the oil transmission mix again and how is it mixed and applied? 3 sides have lasted well for 30 years only one side is bleached out so we are ready to try the oil mix as it held up so well? do you know how they used to do it and how it was mixed?
  Question: I have a small log cabin in Colorado. Unfortunately the eaves were not built out far enough to cover the log ends and I have a bit of damage on my log ends. Can my roof be extended to cover the log ends?
  Question: I have wood boring beetles. They are not really bad yet. We will need 70-100 linear feet of log replaced (largely due to water damage), the entire 1000 square feet blasted, approx 250-300 square feet repaired (there are some exit holes but the logs still sound solid and could be repaired with something like permachinks ebalm/ewood or some similar product, the entire 1000 square feet chinked, caulked, stained and sealed. D-shaped 6"x8" yellow pine
  Question: we have an old log house that was built in the 1800's. i uncovered alot of the interior walls and cleaned them up, tore out the hay and mud that was original an rechinked with a masonry cement. i am now doing another part of the house, a 12 x 18' room. there are gaps of 4-8 inches between logs with rocks stacked in the gaps. do you have a better recipe for the chinking. products like perma-chink would cost me a fortune.
  Question: We have a log home about 20 years old and are planning to corn blast the wood and restain. I was told it wasn't good to corn blast the cedar portion of the home--just the logs. Is this true? If so, why and how should we remove the stain from the cedar? TSP product with power washing?
  Question: i have a 25 year old log home w/no finish or chink on ext. int. is chinked and finished. what is best method to prep exterior for stain and chink? will corn blast affect int. chink if done now?
  Question: Thinking of bidding on log home. Power washed, stained and chinked about 5 years ago. Seller said some areas may need clear coat applied to keep water out as it is wearing off. Cost of maintenance may be issue in future. Any average costs involved in maintaining you can estimate? The amount of work & $$$ involved almost scaring us out of even bidding on this lovely home. Thank you.
  Question: We recently purchased a small log home in Northern Minnesota. The entire interior has been painted with thick white, and we want to restore it to the natural log. What is the best way to remove the paint myself if I am working in small areas such as the bathroom and bedroom. I asume any sort of blasting would not be appropriate. Sander? Grinder? Stripper? Thanks!!!!
  Question: I own a panabode cedar log home (built 1978) in central Washington state---dry side of state. It came with a glossy, slightly pigmented protectant on exterior. What do you recommend for cleaning, removing mildew, and then refinishing the exterior? Thank you.
  Question: Our log home had been power washed to clean and prep for new finish. The new finish failed I guess because we power washed and should not have. It looks like the logs were not dryed out completely when new finsih was applied. If we corn blast the finish off how long should we wait to apply an new finish to make sure the logs have dried out enough?
Thanks for your help.
  Question: I am hiring a contractor who will be brushing on a Perma Chink stripper material. He will be pressure washing this off after 30 min or so. Will this pressure washing cause harm to the logs as you say POWER washing will?
  Question: Hi my wife and I own a log cabin that is about 30 years old. We have been here for 10. The house was finished with a brown solid color stain That I don't think protects very well. I live in upstate new york by the vermont canadian borders," plattsburgh area" and wonder if anyone in my area does the corn blasting? I think that is the way I should go. Also the logs were never chinked and that should be done also, any advice would the a great help. Thank you for your time.
  Question: Is it a bad idea to stain over chinking between logs? The job would be so much easier w/spray rather than hand staining each log to avoiding getting stain on chinking.
  Question: My parents bought a log cabin that dates to the 1960's. As it turns out, they have had termites in an interior wall. They would like to repair it. It has a tongue and groove system on the top and bottom. They in live near Canton,IL. He said that they are 6'" or 7" counting the tongue. Yellow pine is what he thinks they are. He needs the equivalent of (7) 12 foot long logs. I would appreciate your response. Thank you very much,Jeffrey LeRoy.
  Question: I'm a contractor in NH that has been regularly applying DEFY to a log cabin for a customer on his log cabin. The majority of the house is smooth faced log siding, not full logs. The customer wants to change to Sikkens and therefore I need to remove the DEFY. He does not want to corn blast as it will cause indentations in the siding. What chemical would you recommend to best remove the DEFY product?
  Question: I am thinking of purchasing a 25 year old log home that needs the outside stain stripped and refinished. From my research, corn blasting appears to be the best method. I live in Manitoba, Canada (approx 10 hour drive north of Minneapolis) and I can't seem to find anyone close that does corn blasting. Do you know of anyone? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  Question: Why does newly applied spar varnish over a striped, sander sealer coated and sanded wood surface stay tacky in spots for a long time?
  Question: i chinked both sides of my logs and sealed top cracks will this grow mold inside logs
  Question: Corn Cob Blasting seems to be the best solution for removing other stains and cleaning. What is the approximate current rate charged to do this type of work and how long does it take?
  Question: I am considering purchasing a log home from a friend of mine. He built it in 1978. It's deminsions are 98'X23'. Over the years with repeated stainings the exterior has turned a very dark black. I was told that lighting the appearance would be impossible b/c the stain absorbs deep into the logs. Is this true?
  Question: I am concerning buying a log house 18 years old. It has been sprayed with Burl 10 plus fence
& porch stain. There is some rot which has been sealed with G.E. silicone. The inside walls
at the knot holes has water stains. How do I correct this? Does the Bulr plus 10 product need to come off? What do I putty the places
after I dig out the rot?
  Question: We moved into our log home in December 2005, it's ten years old. We have exposed timber rafters and the interior walls are the pine logs themselves. My question involves the splitting that I see on the logs and timbers on the interior of the home. There were many splits and cracks when we first viewed the home and we thought they were quant and added character but recently we have seen new ones. I have also heard the logs snap during the night during cold spells especially when we had a fire go
  Question: We have half log siding on our house in northern canada,it was treated every 3yrs.with Behr rawhide oil.turning black now and what do we do to remove it ourselves.
  Question: I need help!! We built our dream home 2 years ago in Central Florida. We used Cypress siding & Trim for everything on the exterior. We picked our stain color, a Ben Moore Natural Redwood semi-transparent. When the painter started applying it by spray it was almost a dark chocolate color. He said he was putting it on thick so we would not have any problems, and it would not fade so quick. After he completed the job, it looked to me like 4 coats of dark brown paint, no wood grain showing. Now th
  Question: We built a small log cabin (Red Pine) last summer (2005). We would like to clean up the logs to brighten up the wood and stain/ seal it this summer. Questions: 1) How would you recommend that the logs be cleaned before staining (power wash, bleach & water, both)?
2) How long should we wait after cleaning the logs before we stain?
3) Any thoughts or ideas on what kind or type of stain or sealer to use as this will be the first time these logs have been treated? Also, do you recommend that
  Question: i recently aquired a panabode home that must be relocated .what is the best way to disasemble the home with the least damage?also what is the best way to re-asemble the home as i do not have the house plans
  Question: My wife has a Beauty shop in a log home, it's 30+ years old. The outside has been painted. What is the best way to clean and then repaint? There does not appear to be any chinking on the building, the logs are vertical vs. horizontal. Logs have slots on both mating surfaces with a pc of wood inserted between logs. Should there be chinking?
  Question: Have a custom log home built in 75...eastern white pine, stacked logs (round inside/out). Logs were left extremely rough: extended knots with bark and a lot of skin left behind. Logs are now almost black and I'm trying to create a lighter, smooth surface to the INTERIOR. Using chainsaw to cut nubs. Using razorknife to remove bark and skin (lots of insect damage just below surface ). Using Permachink Energyseal for chinking. MY QUESTIONS: Using a 5" makita disc grinder/sander...and I'm chewin
  Question: We have a 20' x 9' area of our house that had the wrong color of stain applied. Sikkens said we could use a chemical stain remover or corn cob blasting. Is there someone in Illinois that can do this? We are by the Quad Cities.
  Question: I need to clean the interior logs of our handcrafted log home before applying a sealer. From reading other answers, I assume I need to use an orbital sander. If that is so, what grit paper do I need to use?
  Question: My Panabode has leaky knotholes when wind drives the rain into the southeast side of our house. What is the best method to seal them?
  Question: We are thinking of buying an old log cabin that has been moved and reassembled. Trouble is that is small (250sq. ft.) and we would want to add on. How hard is it to add on and keep everything looking original. It has a shed type roof and we were thinking of starting at the peak making a conventional roof and doubling the size of the cabin. What do you think?
  Question: I have a log cabin,in Ariz. I understand we need to corn cop blast. Can I rent this machine, where is the closest to me. My cabin is 1800sq ft log, my garage(3car) log sided I think all pine. Time wise can this be done in a weeks vacation? Help!!!!
  Question: My question actually involves treating logs before they are put into the home. We are taking quite a few larch trees off our property and have already peeled the bark off. They will be then be used this April to be added as decorative posts, beams, and rafters. I've built tents outside above the ground made of tarps over the logs while leaving space enough for air to flow under the tents and at the ends of the tents. While the tops and sides of the logs seem to be keeping dry, I have notic
  Question: I am getting ready to purchase a log home in KY. The exterior has some visible damage and some logs have been cut away on the outside surface. What kind of ballpark cost will be involved in restoring the damaged logs and restorign the finish?
  Question: what is corncob blasting?where do u find this @?what do u stain the inside logs with,thats alredy been stained?how offten do we have to do the inside and outside?
  Question: I am finishing a 9000 sq foot hand drawn log home and I have a problem with the chinking contactor. He said Im not sanding deep enough in between the round stacked logs, therefor his chinking wont cover the unfinished portion of the log. Is there a magic log sanding tool that will reach deep enough. Im already using 7" discs on angle sanders. Blasting is not an option
  Question: I live in southern New Hampshire near the Vermont there a resource near for corn cob blasting?
  Question: Do you know of anybody who successfully un-assembled and re-assemble to another location an old log house (1920's)? If so, do you have any recommendation on the procedure and reference for professionel help in Northern Maine.
  Question: My builder caulked all of the checks and cracks on my new log home pine logs. He then applied Log Boss a water base stain hoping to cover the caulking which should have not been done in the first place. It did not cover the caulking. He then sanded the caulked areas and re-stained with Duck Back an oil stain. It now shows the sanded spots as light areas. How can you get the caulking out of the cracks and checks? Will corn blasting get it out? HBow costly is it to hand san after blasting. T
  Question: We have a log home, parts of which date back to the 1880s. Sadly, it has been painted with gray alkyd paint that we want to have (based on your advice in this column) cob-blasted off. Can you refer us to any contractors in Southeastern WI (Milwaukee, West Bend, etc.) with experience with cob blasting? No luck in the phone book so far. Thanks!!
  Question: i have a newly built log home,the exterior was sanded with an orbital with 120 paper, 2coats of stain,sprayed and backed brushed ,my clear sealer is showing a very high sheen is there a deglosser i can purchase or will the sheen die down in time...
  Question: Can you recommend a corn cobb blaster in the Gainesville/Buford Ga. area please? Also any restoration people, same area?...Thanks..
  Question: Where can I find someone to corn blast my log home? Springfield, Missouri
  Question: our new log home was treated with wolman cleaner and then pressure washed. the norh face side was very gray and the pressure wash was set to high and the grain is raised. should we sand? when should we stain? we live in Vermont and winter is around the corner. we wonder if corn blasting should be done next year and then stain.
  Question: We have a log cabin that was built in 1947 and has been painted "white" twice. The paint looks like it can come off easily because we have peeled some off. We would like to restore the logs back to the "original" wood and seal and restain it. Can you recommend someone near Grayling Michigan that can do this?
  Question: We purchased a hand peeled pine log home that has been coated with XL-100. The house is approximately 4,500 square feet and was build in 99. We have decided we would like to re-stain the house with Sikkens stain after removing the old stain (using a contractor). Our neighbors had terrible problems when their contractor used corn cobs and made their logs rough and then coated them, forcing them to have their house completely hand sanded to recoat at a tremendous cost. We have had one contrac
  Question: Stained log home with woodguard (colonial red) exterior two years ago. Want to change to lighter coloring. What will it take to remove the darker oil based stain?
  Question: I am really tired of the old flat looking dark stain on my interior log's. Is there something on the market i can use to re-stain that will lighten the wood or a paint proudct which has really low fumes....Ginger
  Question: I purchased a log home a hear ago in MI. I need to blast, restain and caulk as well as replace some rotted logs. How often should I plan on restaining, caulking and blasting this house in the future? Should this be done every couple of years or longer? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  Question: I have a 25 year old cedar front house and have used Behr Liquid Rawhide for about 15 years. The product is discontinued. Is spar varnish a suitable product to use without stripping?
  Question: we are restoring a log home that was built in the 1800's maybe even earlier. my question is this. the home has no chinking and never has. the logs are stacked on top of each other and are flat on the inside and out with the dovetailed corners. its a 2 story home. have you ever seen a log home like this before? there are no gaps and it was pinned together with wooden pegs. we were told to use walnut shells to blast the inside walls. when we tried to do it with our sand blaster it wouldnt push it
  Question: Looking for parts for A-Bec Industries abrasive blaster. Particularly a pneumatic deadman switch. Any ideas??
  Question: We are getting ready to use the Blaster Buddy on our log home. I was wanting to know if we will have a problem with the heat and humidity
affecting the corn cob grit?
Also, after we get it blasted what should we put on as a mildewcide. We are going to be using the Behr Log Home #15. Is that a good
product to use?
  Question: I live in a log home built in 1987. Some walls in the house need to be sanded. They have scracthes and are dirty. How do I go about it?? Do i need to do the whole house. also do people seal the inside of thier log homes.
  Question: We just purchased a log home with the Behr product on it. Can Behr still be contacted with a claim for product failure?
  Question: Is a corn blaster available in Alberta CANADA and how is the best way of putting a log back into placethere is only 5 logs plus roof above
  Question: A contractor here in Texas used more sand than cob to take off a solid stain off my log and cedar sided home, and it is very rough textured now. Saschco stain and clear are on now, but is this rough finish a good thing or bad? This is on the softer aeromatic cedar from Central/East Texas.
  Question: 1) How do we find out what the R value of a panabode log home is - red cedar, square tongue and groove inside and out?
2) How easy is it easy to put in additional windows?
3) What is involved in repairing rotted logs bottom and top areas of house?
  Question: We have a panabode log home. we have strip the log on the exterior. We would like to know what kind of varnish to put on. We want to enhance the richest of the cedar log.
  Question: I live in Northern Virginia (Manassas) is their a dealer I can rent a blaster in the area or a contractor. Thanks
  Question: what is corncob blasting? i've never heard of it. and can you recommend a log home co in SE michigan where i can find stains, caulks etc?
  Question: corn or sand blasters in Maryland, any suggestions on who? Don't you guys operate in this neck of the woods?
  Question: I have a log home that has a grey color - can't tell if it is paint or stain. Do you reccommned corn blasting be done by do-it-yourselfers? Where can the equipment be rented?

  Question: I live in western ky and am looking at a pre-owned unfinished log home. It is a repo so not much info is known. where can i find a checklist of things to look for. i do not know alot about log homes. I would like to make sure there is not alot of major repairs.
  Question: Looking for someone to corn cob blast my home.

Can your refer me to someone in the Knoxville Tennessee area?

  Question: I'm considering buying a Panabode log home with tongue and groove exterior, in a highly exposed location in the northwest. I've heard reports of high moisture levels in Panabode log homes in winter. Also problems with insufficient insulation between logs, admitting cold. Anything to this? Any research I can read? Thanks.
  Question: We are still working with our insurance company to fix our home after a hail storm this summer. They want to do a test run by sandblasting and powerwashing, then staining and sealing. We have a candian western red cedar log home. Can you give me some suggestions on why this should not be done? Thanks!
  Question: we are building our log home and looking into staining with Woodguard. It has been rough sanded exterior by builder. Do we need to use mill glaze away type product even though it has been sanded? Thanks
  Question: How do you strip an old stain and sealer off of a log home in order to apply a new stain?
  Question: We just bought a cedar log home and one of the bedrooms was painted with one coat of latex primer and two coats of latex paint. These walls are the interior part of the cedar logs that for the exterior walls of the home. What is the best way to strip the paint and not damage the cedar wood underneath? And then what do we do to restore the original finish of the wood (a golden finish)? Thanks for your help. Danny
  Question: I have a log cabin, and the walls leak when the wind blows the rain to the walls. What can be done?
  Question: My log home exterior (only 2 years old) needs to be stripped due to a poor job of applying the sealer by the contractor. I have power washed it but not all the old sealer came off and it appears in fact to be dirt under the sealer that remained. I have heard of "cornblasting". Can you tell me about that and the cost?
  Question: i have the old behr finish that stays tacky in places and was told chemical removal would have to be used instead of blasting. any advice? chemical to use? thanks
  Question: I am trying to remove paint from my log home so I can restore it to its original stain codition. What is the best way to remove the latex paint. Thanks Dan
  Question: I bought a log home, 20 years old, built with pine. others hav out a terribly dark satin, inside & out. The inside looks dark, dingy. what can i do that , as a single woman, will not break the bank. thank you
  Question: Can you advise me on repair for cedar siding? I have Behr liquid rawhide 14 on my house and it needs to be removed. I saw that you advised corn cob blasting to another person for their log home. Will this work on siding or will it erode the wood too much?
  Question: I am buying a log home in St. Joseph, Mo. The house was completed in 1980. It looks weathered and in need of some kind of maint. What about water blasting? or is Corn blasting the way to go? What kind of chalking do you use?
  Question: We have inside cypress logs and before the outside got caulked, we ended up with water marks on the cut cypress wood inside. What can we use to get rid of it and where can we find it.
  Question: I have a cedar log cabin which the exterior is turning black. What can i do to restore the exterior color back to normal, and is there any treatment which would prevent the logs from turning black again? Thanks-christy smith
  Question: I have an A-Fram with tounge and grove, do you have an easy way to strip and restore?
  Question: have a half log home up norht and woud like to bring out the natural wood. It has been painted. Had estimates but said that only maybe 90% would come off.
Do you think that we could take the rest off and restore this ourselves??
  Question: We have a 10 year old canadian cedar log home. It just went through a tornado and has severe hail damage to 60% of it some if 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch holes peppered all over the house. What is the best way to fix this and get our home back to its orginal condition.
  Question: We have uncovered 3 log walls in my parents house. what is the best way to re-chink these walls, and preserve the beauty of the wood?
  Question: What can I do to repair interior walls that are gouged and nicked? They are finished in polyurethane, I don't know if it is water based.
  Question: My log home was spray stained a dark brown by the previous owner.Can the color be changed to a lighter honey type color by spraying over it?If not ,what needs to be done? Thanks, John
  Question: I one a new white log cedar home (3years old) that the contrator place a water proof sealant on at completion of construction. I happen to notice approx 3-4 foot section turning grey. I was told that the entire house should be corn blaster, stained and resealed. Is all of this really necessary? It will cost me an additional $15,000.
  Question: Hi
We just bought a vintage 20's or 30's pine log home painted solid brown color. We wanted to corn blast it to the original wood but the guy we hired advised us not to. He power washed the logs and now we are waiting to apply the stain when the logs get dried. Our concern is: he suggested a solid stain to cover the original brown paint. He said he could not strip the paint to the bare wood because the logs are old and corn blasting would do a lot of damage to the logs since there is some
  Question: live near Madison, Wi Have log home 22 years old. Contractor applies semi-transparent stain in error last summer. How can it be removed without damaging or killing shubbery, lawn etc?
Tried corn blasting--cuts in too deep. Also have three logs that sound hollow and spongy-about 6' long. They are wis (white pine??) What is the best way to restore? Outside appearance is OK yet.
  Question: I have a PanAbode cedar log home with Behr Liquid Rawhide #13 applied to the exterior. Needless to say after 10 years it looks terrible and is still tacky in areas. I have settled the lawsuit with Behr and now I need to get this stuff off of my home without putting gallons of toxic material into my ground water. Nothing seems to take this stuff off of my home. Can you offer any suggestions??? Thanks Bill
  Question: after staining my co. spruce logs, twice the last 6 years, it is turning black in areas not covered, steaks are terrible. it looks like mold but a simple bleach soloution doesnt touch it. the product was cuprinol. ive seen this on other spruce cabins in this area. hot,wicked sun, and very high hummidity. ive done plenty of sanding in my life, please no more. youre help would very appreciated. thanks scott
  Question: I have a log home that when it was built was treated with old motor oil. It was done several years after I bought it and is now soaked into the logs. how can i remove the oil. Maybe with sand blasting or pressurewashig with some sort of solvent, Pleaes advise. thank you
  Question: My hand-cut log home is solidly chinked with Sashco's Log Builder. Will corn blasting remove or damage the Log Builder to the point where it will need to be replaced?
  Question: My husband and I have a log home that has been painted over with either a reddish paint or a solid stain on the exterior. Can this be sandblasted or is our only alternative to paint over it?
  Question: we've owned our log home for about 2 years now it was a foreclosure. the people who owned it stained the home a dark brown color we would like to get it back to it s natural color. sanding seems like it will take forever and have heard of the corn blaster but where can we find one and can we rent it.
  Question: Our logs are flat--inside & out. Some outside endcaps need replaced. Where can we get those. Can interior walls be blasted--we have some water damage due to frozen and burst pipes. Where can we get flat logs to replace a chimney that will be removed. Our house is cedar laminated to an inner layer of another wood type. The logs fit together in tongue and groove fashion. House was built in 1977. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.

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