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Log Home Staining

  Question: can you use a water base stain over a Cabot oil base stain that was applied 6 to 7 yes ago on a log home. Home was built in 1989 and is located in Jackson Hole out in the direct sun. Very dry climate.
  Question: Hi I am living in a small log cabin, the interior logs are really orange yellow, and I'm wanting to change them up. There is a finish on them, however, what is the best way to paint, whitewash, or restain over them so it's not so yellow looking cause I like the wood grain and want to keep it, just dont like the yellow orange color anymore. I'm just ready for a new look. What have you all done with interior log walls?
  Question: I've watched many videos on staining interior pine walls of our cabin and have got numerous suggestions. I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say or the procedure you think I should follow. thank you
  Question: We have a 10 year old pine log home, originally stained with a dark brown from Lowe's, we need to restain it, a different color. I know that it will need to be stripped, but can we do it ourselves with a chemical stripper, and what do you recommend?
  Question: I have a 1930's log cabin in Upper Michigan. Can I paint the interior of the cabin, leaving the outside with a proper stain, without the risk of encouraging rot? I have read painting the outside prevents logs from breathing.
  Question: We have a 100 year old log cabin made of wormy chestnut. I wanted to know the best way to treat and stain these logs?
  Question: We have Cabot semi-transparent stain on our log home. Can we put clear on top of it and if so what product. Or, do we just keep putting semi-transparent on top of semi-transparent?
  Question: Howdy! We are in the building process as we write. We have been told to wait at least a year before we chink. What are your thoughts on that.? Also, what people roduct do you recommend for chinking, Perma Chink or Log Jam chinking or is there a better product?
  Question: We have a forty year old cabin near Flagstaff, AZ that has 2 X 8 Ponderosa Pine Log cabin siding. The stain color has become too dark brown after periodic stainings, so we chose to have the siding walnut blasted, and a test section was blasted. We thought we had already decided on the perfect Amber/Honey stain with Messmers Timberflex Log Home Formula, Natural Cedar stain, based on experimenting with blasted samples. However, blasting of the actual siding had to go DEEPER to remove the stain
  Question: Stained log cabin several years ago with sikkems , peeling need to re stain , what do u reccomend ?
  Question: I have a customer who wants us to pressure wash her log home.Then she would like us to oilbase stain it when it dries.Do you reccomend this procedure .
  Question: We live in Alberta and have a panabode log home which was built about 23 years ago ( it was moved from a previous site), the last years we are having fly issues as well now occasional leaks in walls. What do we need to do to reseal ?
  Question: We are doing a maintenance coat on the log cabin only some parts of the logs have turned cloudy..any reason why this might happen in certain spots on the logs but not others. We have finished 11 walls with the same product and it only showed up on one wall???
  Question: I am staining a new log cabin with Wood Guard Honey base and I need to know if I can use this on my decks also or do I need a different type of stain and if so what kind and a color the matches the Honey Base
  Question: I am looking at purchasing an existing log home. The home was built in 1980. The current owner painted the exterior of the house in 2006. The used a very thick paint. You can not see any grain in the logs. Do you feel this will lead to rot and damaged the logs? Would you strip the paint and go back to a recommended stain? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  Question: 30 Year old log home, direct sun most of the day. Want to reseal and/or waterproof. Chinking and general condition is very good, don't know if any other restraining was done lived here 3 years
  Question: I have a cedar siding home (looks like a log cabin). Should I be looking at the restoration/restaining the same as if it were a log cabin, or is there a difference in what I have vs a true log cabin home?
  Question: Bought a log sided home that was stained and varnished in 2002. The condition ranges from very good to no finish what so ever and wood in cracked and gray. I dont want to spend the money to blast it but would like to use a solid color stain on it. Do I have to remove all the varnish or can I use some sort of primer or etcher on the wood now before I stain it. Any info or ideas would be appreciated.
  Question: Can i use log wash to clean the exterior logs and then go back with linseed oil and turpentine. 3 to 1 ratio
  Question: Just purchased 150 yr old hand hewn tamarack log home in northern Wisconsin. The house is finished with Sikkens butternut. It needs restaining this year. Has some insect infestations. Can painter power wash, treat with borate and restain?
  Question: I purchased my log home from southland 5 years ago. I am in the process of restaining it. I have a 5 gallon container about 3/4 full. Can I use that, I purchased it from southland also. Thanks
  Question: (third try with question--maybe I am just not looking in the right place for a response?)

Dear helpful Log Doctors, We have a 100+ y.o. log cabin in NC, likely pine. The cabin has long overhangs on all but one side, where it is in shade and the logs look a lot darker, though feel dry. As far as we can tell the logs have never been treated. Both inside and out everything has always seemed fine. Is it still necessary to seal them? If so, with what? And should we worry about the shaded, dar
  Question: I have a pine wood log house on the Chesapeake. The stain (oil based Sherwin Williams tinted Woodguard) has weathered and is now very uneven (down to bear wood almost in some spots where it faces the elements). I would prefer not to use a solid stain. Is there something that I can do to even out the stain prior to using more Woodguard or would you recommend a semi-solid? If so which one? Thanks
  Question: Can I & If so, How do I...Paint my already brown stained Cedar Walls with a Weathered Gray stain?
  Question: I applied sikkens maintenance last summer. I have enough left to do the two sides of our house that get a lot of sun. Is it ok to apply it two yrs. in a row??
  Question: What product is it best to use to clean an existing exterior stained wall
  Question: Can I use oxiclean to clean the exterior logs on my cypress log house.
  Question: Used the Natural Sikkens for the outside of logs back in 2003. Even after annual cleaning there is black mold embedded in the stain. Thinking about restaining but with different stain color. Advice?
  Question: My wife and I just got finished re-staining our log home. We decided to go with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Solid Color Stain. Although it looks great and covered very well, it has a flat, no sheen appearance as pretty much expected. We were wanting to know if we can add a clear top coat to this particular stain to make it more scuff resistant and add a light sheen to it. I'm not sure if it's ok to clear coat over this stain. If it's ok to clear coat, what product would you recommend?? Thank


-TSP is used for washing surfaces prior to painting, especially exterior surfaces. Liquid bleach is often added to TSP if there is mildew on the surfaces. The TSP and bleach act in concert to both kil
  Question: I used behr oil latex redwood stain, I want to use Outdoor Spar Urethane, Gloss Finish will that work
  Question: Hello, I'd like to make a classic log ranch style entrance on my driveway out of 2 Douglas Fir trees I just fell. Is this possible? Will they rot? How should I prepare them? Is there a coating I could use? I know they use Douglas fir on log homes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chad
  Question: I want to restrain my cedar log house. The stain is wearing. Can I pressure was to prepare for staining? What is the best method of preparing my logs for a new coat of stain? Should I re-chink?
  Question: Hi,
On one of the corners of my house the log ends overhang the roof. There is some discolouration there due to the run off from the roof. All the other log ends that overhang at the other corners of the house look great and maintain the same stain color as the rest of the house. I am preparing to restain the logs this summer. What is your suggestion to get the log end back to its original color? Can it be stained over top of?
  Question: Restoring a large 35 yr old log cabin. Lots of half log replacement. 2 years ago someone blasted and sealed the home with a satin to semi gloss finish. Don't know what. I found a good stain match but struggling with a satin to semi gloss topcoat. Any suggestions on a good product?
  Question: I used Cabots semi solid " new redwood color " and loved the look 3 years ago . I just stripped and Festooled sanded the entire deck and applied Sikkens SRD natural to my redwood . Color is to light but I feel with a second coat I could be happy with it , to deepen the look . Can I apply a second coat a week later of course wiping the excess off and be ok ? If not I need to strip the whole deck . Would a good stripper leave me a good base to apply whatever I want ? Thx
  Question: Is Pittsburgh sun proof oil penetrating stain compatable with sherwin Williams super deck oil based stain. same usage
  Question: Have sikkens natural color on 8 yr. Old yellow pine home. Contractor sprayed .. It looked bad so brushed sikkens on a few yrs.later ,now peeling. Sanding off peeling but most of the sikkens sill on logs. What options do I have if any besides total restoration.
  Question: Our builder has applied 2 coats of Superdeck transparent stain to all of the exterior and interior douglas fir timbers and trims of our home. The result colour varies from blotchy dark brown to reddish. How can we even out the colour? Is it harmful to use this stain inside?
  Question: Can i paint the exterior of my log home? We've sean many painted log homes over the years but I've heard conflicting opinions. My log home is 70 year old chestnut. Please advise...ty
  Question: I have a log home thats about 21 yrs old. the previous owners did not take very good care of it at all when i got it it had never been stained or treated and had water damage and covered in mold.I sanded it down and put three coats of stain on it. it looks nice but ive seen many cabins with a nice hard gloss finish over stain. this gloss that ive seen it seems to dry with a hard coated finish. could you tell me is this a poly of some kind? where could i find a safe product like that? thank you.
  Question: What size sprayer tip do we use to apply perma chink log home stain to new home
  Question: I used sickens stains 10 years ago when my cabin was new. Now it needs repainting. Some of the Sikkens has disappeared while other areas it is still there. How can I be confident that a latex outdoor paint will adhere to the remaining sickens stain?
  Question: I pressurewashe d in the summer the sealer is a yellowish brown and is peeling back can I sand this huge house or seal over the old
  Question: Can I sleep in my cabin after staining?
  Question: My painter applied Weathered Teak SW stain too heavy on my cypress beams - I wanted a lighter application and now have no idea if this stain can be lightened. I had him sand it, but it is still too dark - coffee colored stain....What can I do - to lighten it and make it more gray/brown?
  Question: What is the range of expense on the following:
I.....Applying preservative and staining a new northern cedar Log home, located in western mass.
II.....We want to apply a preservative to the Interior tongue/groove cedar walls and ceilings....cost??
  Question: We are trying to find a paint color for our front door that will go with the Ultra 7 bronze stain that we used on our cedar log house. The cedar logs came out with a red / orange cast. We have now had our door five colors and getting close but no cigar.Looking for paint color ideas.The last color we tried was a cheap color place can of spray paint I found in the shed that was walnut / nogal 2006. It was a partial can and out of trial and error I tried it and we like it the best. The only thing i
  Question: Is it good to put a stain on a log homes and change the color on the porch and deck
  Question: What is your opinion on 2 different color stain on the house and different color on deck and porchdeck and porch of a log home
  Question: I have sanded down my log cabin (cedar) and some of the paint is left in grooves, I like the look somewhat but now I want to stain it. What do you recommend - oil, waterbased... prime it? Help I tried 2 waterbased stains from Sherwin Williams and don't like them... too light. Thank you in advance!
  Question: I have a 30 year old log cabin. Logs are white pine. I recently had the inside corn blasted back to the natural wood and now it's time to stain them. Can you recommend which interior log stain or protectant is best, in your opinion? There's so many products out there I'm not sure what to pick. Thank you!
  Question: Can I use log oil over sikkens sealer stain? They are real logs and not chinked. Will it absorb or will it not take and turn the existing sealer into a gummy substance?
  Question: Past owner put Behr Solid Color Weather Proofing All-In-One Wood Stain And Sealer on the exterior logs. Is this ok or does it need to be removed. Thanks.
  Question: I'd like to stain the chinking on the interior of an old log cabin. Since this will be on the interior only can i just use a standard brand of stain from my local hardware store? (i understand that chinking absorbs stain differently than wood..i'm ok with that) ty
  Question: Not sure if last question submitted log home was stained 2 year ago with one step outlast medium reddish brown it didn't hold well can I use a different stain over it if so what kind do u recommend and 2500 square ft with a deck how much should I order
  Question: I'm going to be retaining a log cabin the person that did it 2 years ago used one step outlast the medium reddish brown it didn't hold well and the people want to use something else but same color first question can u use different stain over the outlast and what would you recommend also 2500 square ft how much of it would I need to order
Thank you
  Question: How can you determine if the stain on your logs is either oil based or latex? We moved into a log cabin and we don't know how long ago the logs were treated and what to do first. Thanks!
  Question: We put super deck exterior stain on our inside cedar walls now we have an odor. Will polyurethane interior sealer work or do you have other suggestions? Sherwin Williams sold us the product saying it would work. HELP
  Question: can i paint the interior pine covering exterior logs inside the house
  Question: Our log home is 125 years old..Large log maybe Chestnut and chinking..The logs seem fine..Should we seal it? With what? Thanks
  Question: We'd like to paint the interior of our panabode log home white in the kitchen. What product can we use? Can an interior latex paint be used and still allow the logs to breathe? Is it safe to use an exterior solid stain like SW Superdeck inside? Thanks!
  Question: Can I put super deck log home oil over chevron oil? Or what is the process for this?
  Question: Our new home has fir beams by the front porch and back patio and pine T&G under the eaves. We chose Sikkens Log & Siding in Dark Oak but after 2 coats it looks lighter than expected. We'd like a darker stain with less of the red undertones. Will adding 1 or 2 more coats help achieve this? We also looked at preferred colors in SW Woodscapes but were told Sikkens would be less maintenance. Any suggestions on what we can do now?
  Question: Have and 1815 hand hewn wormy chestnut log home. The exterior has been covered with siding so those logs are protected from the elements. We cleaned all the white wash from the interior logs and now would like to coat them with something that will reduce the "roughness" of the surface. In other words, when I run a towel across the log it will pull lint and strings off the towel. What do you suggest?
  Question: How do I remove old charcoal colored stain off of my yellow pine log siding home ?? I want to restain the logs to a natural cedar look ???
  Question: We live in a panabode log home built in 1978 in Quebec. What is the chance that the logs were treated with PCP? I have a number of autoimmune conditions which might be linked to PCP treated wood. How do I test the home or myself for PCP exposure?
  Question: have 7 month old log cabin with mould in one corner washed with bleach but still stained wont sand off havent stained all inside yet would this be the problem
  Question: I just bought a log home that has extremely dark stain both inside and outside is there a way to remove it and stain it lighter? Another question is the outside has been abused and the stain looks weathered pretty bad, the problem is that carpenter bees infested the home any suggestions on removing and preventing them from coming back?
  Question: We are purchasing a log cabin built 2008 interior logs are natural they have not been sealed or stained. Should they be sealed or stains and what should you use. Our realtor told us that leaving them natural is what most people do?
  Question: Bought a log home built in 1980. Until ten years ago it was well maintained then sonld appears no work done by this owner.
Don,t know where to start. It is a "D" log
Needs Windows, roof, log cleaning staying (caulking???).
Limited budget so 60K in one summer out of my ability.
Where should I start. I am a capable handyman so will do much myself.
Please advise.
The wood is in great shape, and the exterminator gives clean bill of health. Passed VA loan guarantee.
  Question: I purchased a new log cabin kit in Tennessee. It is actually log siding and not true logs. I want the cabin to look offwhite. Perma chink offers butternut but that is the lightest stain I have found. Is there any way to stain the log siding to make it look lighter than that? Thanks so much for your help. Apparently this is a rare request and no one in my area is clear on how to do this.
  Question: if i treated my cabin with protection then 2 coats extra onslow oil and still its showing weather changes darkening in places can i use another colour say sickens product over the oil. will it go over ok or do i have to stick with oil coats now . many thanks Deby
  Question: I hired someone to reseal my log home. I was surprised when he showed up in the rain but he said he would be wet anyway. He started the week after Christmas and I didn't think the weather would be cooperative. He applied the stain under the porches when it was raining and it seemed to take a while to dry. Today he arrived when it was about 28 degrees and the Sikkens wood finish said nnot to apply in less than 50 degrees. When I suggested that I was concerned and I even called Sikkens and t
  Question: what's the best product to use on first time coating interior logs. Current they're natural and we feel a coat of some matt clear finish might be in order. Can we use MinWax Poly or is there more suitable products specifically for log homes.
  Question: I purchased A Log home built in about 1987. it has a dark stain but is lighter where Leland cypress trees had grown next to it. The carpenter beetles and woodpeckers are giving it a bad time what should I do?
  Question: We recently painted out log home it rained and now there is brown liquid on the logs? What us it and what do I do?
  Question: I have leftover exterior lifeline stainn.Can I use it on the interior
  Question: I recently purchased a log home that is circa 1860 in Door County, Wisconsin . The interior of the log has stayed pretty much the same color but the outside of the lof appears charcoal color and much more frail. I know I have to treat the exterior as moisture just absorbs into the wood. How do I treat it? Boiled or unboiled lindseed oil or some other product? Perplexed! Thank you.
  Question: l will be restaining and resealing my log home l bought 2 yrs ago this coming spring. Do l need to do anything to the interior walls of the logs, l wipe them with Murphys oil soap twice a year? l have some cracks in the logs on the inside, is that something l should be concerned about, do l need to put chalk in the cracks? thanks
  Question: help! I'm building a home in the spring. We love the cabin look and want tongue and groove interior and want to stain them ourselves. I am very picky about the stain. I stained multiple boards with minwax oil based stains and wasn't sure on the colors I got. I was reading that oil based stains are more likely to
Change color over time ?? I freaked out and tried a water based stain permachink lifeline accents and interior stain. It was so
Time consuming to apply with a brush and try backbrus
  Question: Building a new log home-may use white cedar or pine--still not sure..sawa video re staining(GoldenEagleLogHomes)..guy wet the new logs,bleached them, power washed them..allowed 3 days to "dry", the applied stain#1,caulked, then applied stain #2. Didn't SEAL logs at all. Isn't this the totally wrong way to do it??
  Question: Hi there,
considering whitewashing the interior log walls of our home for a modern update. there are plenty of scandinavian log homes that seem to have been painted - i know this is not good for the logs. So, is there a white stain, that will coat like paint and still let the logs breathe? Thanks
  Question: How do you repair logs that have been power washed against the grain? They look like they have been hacked with a hatchet. Do you have suggestions for professionals in the Flint, Michigan area that can assist with this restoration?
  Question: I've got a Western Cedar home in South Louisiana. It's time to re-seal/stain the exterior. However, since I've last done so, I've had knot holes fall out of the planks (mainly due to woodpeckers) and other small cracks that require filling. I've used PC Woody 1-part for the filling but found that the stain which I've already purchased (Wolman F&P Oil Base) does not penetrate this putty (even though it says it accepts stain). What should I do to get a uniform color with the Stain I've p
  Question: Can you recommend log oil brand and/or type for my log house it has pine logs and has been pressure washed resently.
  Question: just finished erecting my logs!! should it be stained immediately or can I push that job up till spring??
  Question: how much does it cost to do a 1800 square foot log home with ultra 2 stain sealer
  Question: how much time does it take to cover 1800 square foot log home with sealant
  Question: I have recently purchased a log home constructed of D shaped logs. One of the bathrooms tub/shower is located up against the exterior wall and the wood is exposed. This bathroom is to be used on daily basis. What do I need to do to protect the wood from the daily showers and soap build up.
  Question: We live in southwest Iowa and are building our first log home. We are using 2 1/4"x 8" hand hewn pine log siding. It will be exposed to sun most of the day. We prefer to keep the color as natural as possible or slightly darker. What do you recommend, a stain or a sealer or both? And what brand do recommend?
  Question: We are restoring a old family log home. One outside wall (log) will be an inside wall of a new room. The logs are hand hewn and had never been stained. My husband wanted to touch up a few areas with stain and ended up staining all of the logs. Is there any way to remove the stain? I would like it returned to the original condition if possible? The logs are cedar.
  Question: Hi. I am restoring our log home. I am trying to match the Blue-Gray paint it had. I need to use stain, Because paint is bad for log homes. Is there a way I can color a log home stain to blue-gray?
  Question: Front post and beam has been stained to light and needs to be stained to a darker mahogany color. They say it won't work because lighter stain is in the pores. How can we make it work to the darker stain?
  Question: we hired a professional painter to stain & seal our pine log cabin. The previous owner used sashco stain med. brown transparent. this painter used Sherwin Williams super deck semi transparent stain, med brown. We are very disappointed in the color. It use to be a honey natural color, now it is brown. What can we do to get this back to the color it was?
  Question: i recently bought a Lincoln log house. Stain is good except in front exposed area. The stain rubs off with my hand. How to I prepare fir new stain. I have a power washer and all the tools. Better to brunch from bottom or use airless?
  Question: We have a log home that was stained in natural color sikkens log and siding in 2000 and again in 2008. We have just washed off dark spots with tsp and bleach. We are being told that the sikkens product has changed due to environmental reasons and after being purchased by PPG. Our painter is suggesting we use a latex semitransparent stain called wooduck by harrisons paints out of canton Ohio. Our home is in northern Michigan. Do you know this product? Do you think sikkens has changed. We want to
  Question: log are dark oak and the living room is dark...what kind of lighting can I do besides lamps. Wondering if you can put lighting on the board above the windows. Need ideas on how to lighten the room.
  Question: We just purchased a home that has pine paneling throughout the living and dining room walls. How often do you need to stain the walla/recommended upkeep?
  Question: I am building a log cabin from the logs on my property. Cutting down the logs, hand stripping them, notching them out and putting it all together on sight. I have been told that I should not stain the logs because they will last longer and it will just require a ton of maintenance re-staining every year or two from then on. Any thoughts on that?
  Question: Can 1/2 log pine siding be installed without stain for the winter? We live in northern Albwrta Canada, and temperatures are already dropping below zero ( october7th). If stain could be applied in these temperatures, what kind should we apply?
  Question: Hi. I am working on a log home that was made in the '80's. It has exterior paint, I believe, and it has become weathered. Do I need special paint, or will exterior paint work? thanks.
  Question: just bought spruce log home in Alaska. notice end logs are gray & split on ends, not cover by roof.can i cut & cap these, or coat with a weather product? these logs are what floor was built on, then cabin walls. thank you
  Question: Building new log home with logs,from Southland and we are having Rain every day for last 4 weeks. Logs were molded in and out so painter power washed with bleach solution. Now rain again logs,get wet and mold is back. What do we do. We are using sickens pro lux.
  Question: We need to re-stain the exterior of our log home & have a couple of questions on what a few painters offered. One was to apply a one coat stain & then a one coat sealer. The other suggested the Sherwin Williams Woodscapes, which I like. Both were going to lightly power wash. Can I go a lighter shade with the Sherwin Williams & does it need a sealant over the two recommended coats. Thank you.
  Question: we bought a log home that was stained on the exterior with ferrous sulfate. It has preserved the wood wonderfully, and has repelled mold, mildew and bugs. I love the gray 200 year old look,.. was wondering if I could lighten it up just a little with a light gray stain? Thank you
  Question: Hi, I have cleaned and pressure washed the logs. Been drying for two days now, but we expect 15-25 ml of rain tomorrow. I have hired help to get the pine logs stained with woodguard (oil based). How long after the rain should I wait to stain? Can I cover the logs with plastic? This has always been an issue for me. Can never seem to get a good window for staining. Can never fully rely on the weather forecast either. Please help!
  Question: Great info here! We are considering buying an air lock cabin 31 years old. Cant tell if dark stain or what on logs. Knots are white at ends and other areas. how to cover up white knots and put stain? Cant really pay to sandblast and seal.
Logs really dry and ugly. Inside very nice.
S.W. woodscapes, solid?
  Question: We built a log home and sealed with wood guard. We want to restrain with Sikkens. We were told there is something we need to put over thewoodguard first but cannot remember what it was or why, any suggestions on how yo proceed?
  Question: My log home is getting a makeover on the exterior. I'm having old stain stripped and rot replaced and chinks and joints sealed. I'm staining myself with permachink lifeline ultra-2 which requires a clear coat after staining. Should I go with a gloss or satin finish?
  Question: First time loghome owner. The home is white pine constructed in 2004, the finish is dark but applied only to half the house. I am preparing to strip the old stain and try to clean/strip all other logs of there greyish hue from sun exposure. I'm at a loss for technique and product use. Best approach to strip cherry shade stain from white pine for restaining? And best approach to prep the sunexposed greyish logs for new stain? Please Help! Thank you in advance.
  Question: My cabin was stained in 2007 with a water based stain. It has faded and I have heard sherwin williams makes a solid latex stain that can be used on cabins. Besides cleaning the logs is there any other prepwork needed for a solid latex stain? I would also like to know if the solid stains are commonly used on log cabins? Do solid latex stains look good on a log home?
  Question: Do you know if 2 different colors of Sikkens Log and Siding can be mixed to achieve a different, in this case lighter color. Teak came out too dark, and I was thinking of mixing 50/50 with Natural Light?
  Question: Used wood guard stain in the past. Need to remove old
Stain and replace with a compatable stain.
Is oxyclean good to clean log homes with and is
Lovitts a good stain to replace wood guard.
  Question: Can you seal between the board and batten of a house with chinking of will it cause it to split. If so should I seal first without chinking so it will have something to adhere to
  Question: Gentlemen, I just purchased a 4 year old cedar log home. The original stain is Sikkins 'Redwood'. The rails and spindles are weathered out quit a bit. Walls are in good shape. My question is, should I expect the power washing remove ALL of the old Sikkins? I am still seeing a lot of stain still left on the wood. Can/should the old stain be completely removed, or the spots left by the 2500 PSI pressure washing be just stained over with the same Sikkins? I plan on using an Osborn brush to smoot
  Question: I have 2 questions. We have a 1980's log home. Pine is all I know. The previous owner had painted the exterior which we removed by hand and refinished with a product called Australian Timber Oil purchased at Lowe's. It is flaking/chipping. 1. Do we need to sand it again and start over or clean and apply a new coat? On the interior we have done nothing. It is time. I would like to sand the surface of the logs as they are rough and hard to keep clean. Then seal with just a clear sealer. 2. What
  Question: have a log cabin built 1937 southern side starting to fade looks like a mix of tar with a thinner what was used then to treat,or stain log cabins then it is located in northern michigan
  Question: I have a question regarding a log home that my Wife and I are considering purchase on. On the inside walls there are a couple of logs that have either warped or skewed out of place. It appears they have come out about 2 to 3 inches from their proper place on the end of the log from being perfectly aligned with the next log. Can you tell me if this is an issue? Will it cause further problems down the road? Can it be fixed? I have a pic but did not know how to attach?
  Question: Our log home will need restained soon. I hear cob blasting damages the wood. Would you recommend cob blasting or pressure wash the old stain. If it fails the water test, do I need to remove the stain first?
  Question: Hi, I have a pinebeetle logwood bed, I have sanded it, but not sure what to use on it as I would like a little darker color (not the yellow) - I tried a test on a log, but it does not pick up the stain evenly - don't want to start over want to get it right the first time. Any suggestions would be great. Lots of knots and imperfections in the bed which make it so unique but want to finish it correctly. Thank you for your time.
  Question: My wife and I are building our third new southern white pine log home 6x12x random lengths 90% complete.We have used wood guard products on the other homes and are wondering if you would recommend anything different like twp exterior and varnish for the interior. thanks
  Question: hello
i want to stain my log home with a solid color stain.
can you recommend a good manufacturer of this stain?
i looked at sherwin williams woodscape and it had bad reviews but that might be the appliers doing.
  Question: I have an older pine log home logs have never been cleaned or finished, would love to find away to clean the wall and stain for fresh clean look what can I di other than sanding or scrubbing with bleach
  Question: My cabin is stained a dark brown and was done 2 years ago. The HOA tells me that in 4 years it will have to be retained in Sikken teak which is much lighter. Is this possible to do? If so, it seems to me this is going to be really expensive. Your thoughts of the least expensive way to comply.
  Question: What is the recommended way to clean and restain a log home with chinking?
  Question: My log home is stained and sealed well on the exterior. For an interior room I am considering dry wall which will be approx. one inch from logs. It will be painted. Is this okay for logs to breathe ?
Thank you !
  Question: We are restoring a log-cabin that has been turned into an office building for a church congregation. The logs have some faily bad rotting sections and have been painted over. We plan to media blast the paint off then fill the rot sections.. What do you recommend for a filler and what would be a few good brand choices of solid-coat stain to use?
  Question: Our log home is about 5 years old. It was stained a very light color. Now it's turning very dark in places like mildew? What should we do. Help!
  Question: Hello log people,
My question is,
I am trying to get the roughest texture possible on pine logs for rustic furniture without it becoming furry. I have tried a hand held power grinder with a 16 grit disc and am getting close. Maybe that disc on a random orbital sander/grinder so there is no circular type pattern, or was thinking of trying a steel wire circular brush on a drill motor. Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance -Chris
  Question: We bought a house that is cyprus and it's stained blue but we want to change the color how can we do this.
  Question: I am applying Sekkens Log & Siding Cetol on pine tongue & grove for a garage ceiling. What is the temperature range that I can apply the stain on the boards in the garage? Thank you.
  Question: Our log home is sided on the outside. The inside is original, but an attached garage is also sided inside and out. I keep finding bugs in the attach garage area, coming into the house. We just purchased the house. How do I find where the bugs are coming in?
  Question: Hi My husband and I just purchased a log home. The outside has been sided but the inside is original. I wanted to know if there is a way to change the stain color. It is too orange for my taste. It looks like a clear coat is on it or maybe the stain leaves a shinny look to it. Do I just re-stain over present color or do I need to remove stain or gloss first.
  Question: Super site!! My log home has a water based stain on it for about 10 years and needs to be restained. What should I do to prep for an oil based stain since the Colorado sun/weather has taken its toll.
  Question: We have a log building with dry wall interior that is from the 1920's. We are interested in insulating it between the log and drywall and the gap is about 1/2 inch. Do you have any recommendations of what type of insulation to use?
  Question: I'm putting new white pine hand hewn siding on the inside of my house. I want it to look 200 years old, grey and weathered. I experimenting but cant get the right look. What would you suggest?
  Question: We would like to know how we can add a little shine to our interior logs in our log home without using varnish .
  Question: We have bought a ranch in Texas with a 1986 D-log home. It has weathered silver (stain is gone) on most of one side, and the other 3 are good to patchy. It also has some test areas of various odd stain colors. We are going to use SWms Woodscape solid stain and Energy Seal caulk. Which is first - stain or caulk? Do we remove the old caulk or caulk over it? We have not found a local cob blasting Co-not many log homes in this area. In lieu of blasting....what prep is essential. We're doing
  Question: I have a 6 year old oak board and batten house that has never been stained. It has some graying and staining on the wood. What brand or type of stain would you recommend for it.
Thanks, Kevin
  Question: I am working a cedar home I just purchased. The exterior stain is 7yrs old ish. Areas under my porch cleaned well and look brand new after re-coating. However, the exposed areas are broken down, moldy and needs redone. I want to work the house myself..Palm sand at 40, log wash, boracare with moldcare, stain (is that acceptable?). Can I work this full process one side of the house at a time over a year or so or will I have issues with the sides not matching since they done several months apart? A
  Question: Please help. I have a a frame home and we sand blasted the whole interior ceiling, then palm sanded for two weeks , grain is still open. every thing we try seems to turn very orange . oil, stains, varnish, we are not pleased, way to orange, and the open grain that seems to look dirty after we apply. what now....
  Question: Hello, you have a wonderful site here. I am considering the purchase of a log home that has cedar log exterior with pine interior (must be fancy logs half n half) I guess they mean interior component (flooring, cabinets, etc). My first question is the previous owners smoked inside, is it possible to clean the wood enough to remove the smell, it seems to me it would penetrate the logs. Secondly,the exterior is a very dark brown and I would like it a lighter color, how would I go about that? Lastl
  Question: I have a pine Honka Majat log house which has been stained with a varnish from lidl and I require it to be removed and re-stained and then clear varnished. With that in mind what European products would you recommend to Re-stain it and clear coat it to a golden brown colour?
  Question: We just built a new home in north Mississippi with cypress boards on the outside. It was completed in August. Can we wait until next summer to stain it or will the wood become damaged before then??
  Question: Just bought a log home and want to go pickled white on all interior surfaces except for support beams. Was built in 1994 and left natural so orangey looking now. Can I use Perma-chink Interior Accents pickled white on all interior surfaces? If so do I need to sand first or just use log wash?
  Question: I apologize if this question has been posted, but I didn't see a similar question or answer. We had our log home professionally stained in 2005. The contractor used High Sierra in Natural Cedar color. This stain is now Transformations Siding and Trim and the same color is still available. My question - we washed and stripped our home and were going to go with Perma Chink Ultra 7, however the only 2 colors I remotely like on our wood is cedar and bronze. We've only done small sample sectio
  Question: I just put behr premium wood stain on my deck and hate it. can I get another stain and go over it or do I have to strip it
  Question: We are in the process of building a red cedar log home with real, round, logs and no chinking. We know that we have to wait until summer to stain the outside as our temperatures here in Alberta are dropping! We want as dark a stain as possible and were wondering what your recommendations would be? Thank you and what an awesome and informative website!
  Question: We have large exterior hemlock beams that are graying and would like to return them and preserve to their original color. Suggestions Please:)
  Question: I sided our home with new oak log siding and was instructed to stain it with TWP 100 .What is your thoughts on this as a first staining product. thxs
  Question: We just corn cob blasted our 14 yr old log home. We would like a recommendation on stain that would keep the natural log color . The oil based Honey color we tested looks too dark. The clear water base seem to be the lightest. What would you recommend please? Thanks so much!
  Question: I inherited a log home (siding). The house was built in 2003. My son was preparing to restain and was instructed to pressure wash with TSP and bleach....which we have done. It certainly got the dirt off but some areas seemed to be stripped down to bare wood while other areas not so. It's different in various areas of the house. Some places even have places where the wood looks slightly shredded. Not sure what color was originally put on. I thought about going with Sikkens dark oak but af
  Question: We are staining and sealing our log home with Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding. How long after it rains do we need to wait to seal the home? We cleaned it with the solution they suggested and waited 72 hours but it started raining and hasn't stopped for two weeks.
  Question: Stained new log home with Sikens Log & Siding. After 2nd coat, some dried logs were fine and some not. Some have a white haze appearance. What could have gone wrong? What can we do now to correct it? Thanks.
  Question: we are just finishing our log cabin in brian head ut. our last cabin we stain a brown color, this cabin we would like it to stay the light pine color and look natural, is that possible???
  Question: Our log home is 8 years old. We are in the process of selling it. We have taken down pictures and the wood (pine) behind them is much lighter than the wall. Is there something to put on the faded area? We really do not want to sand and re-stain the walls.
  Question: I am currently having a new log home built in Northern Pennsylvania and my log exterior will be finished in late October. I don't think that the weather will allow us to stain it this year. What will happen if we wait until spring to stain the home?
  Question: We are getting ready to retain our log home. It has chinking between the logs. The owners before us said they used thompson water sealeant.. we were told to pressure wash the outside then apply the stain. Do we stain with a brush or sprayer. Also do we have to make sure it will not rain for a certain time after its applied.
  Question: The interior of our log cabin is just not appealing to me anymore. The wood has just been stained with a clear coat, therefore our interior has a yellowish/orangish look. I am wanting to stain the entire inside a darker color. What is the process of doing this?
  Question: My fathers log home built with white pine was painted with Rhino Sheild four years ago. At that time the wood was in very good condition. It had been stained since 1995. We now have rotting wood. Rhino Sheild advertises that water can not get in. If water can't get in, how does it get out. I noticed the treatment has cracked and the some of the wood is soft and wet. what is your recomendation.
  Question: I used Sekkens deck stain last Saturday - it took about three hours. Yesterday (Tuesday0 a rash appeared first on my chest ten spread to back,arms and legs - today to my face. Can I have had a delayed reaction? What can I do for the burning itchy feeling?
  Question: We purchased a log home that is 18 years old. It has original paint or stain on it. We are not sure what is on it. I thought stain but someone else said paint. If stain, it is not very transparent. It does not look like a traditional paint. Much of the stain has worn off except for the covered porch area. Some of the logs have some graying and black on them. What should we use to cover the gray and black on the logs?
  Question: I have 20 year old cabin looking to strip the dark brown oil based stain off and start new. The d-link logs on first floor are cedar but I believe the siding used on second floor is pine. I am thinking about changing second floor siding to a "log type" siding. White pine seems to be more prevalent here in North Georgia do you think that would be okay to use on second floor in combination with cedar logs or will color be way off between pine siding and cedar logs when I try to stain with a semi t
  Question: Can you use a deck stain on exterior log home? If not, why?
  Question: I have a log home that was originally built form a kit by my father in the early 80's. I remember him treating the logs when I was a kid but I don't think that anything has been done to them in 15+ years. I want to preserve the home and make it a rental property. I am at a loss of what to do. I can find lots of suggestions on what to do as regular maintenance but none on a home that has been neglected for this number of years. There are some areas that are really grey and others that look
  Question: I own a panabode that was blasted and restained a couple of years ago.Random sections of the log ends have gone a deep red.What is causing this?
  Question: I am considering building a log house in East Tennessee. What species of tree (logs) would you recommend to use, and why?
  Question: I just stained my new out door pine post and beam entry way the stain is a little darker then what I would like will it fade over time
  Question: I just finished sanding old black solid stain with 40 grit and then finished with 80 on an old natural half log eastern white cedar home. However, I still have to do, detail sanding in between where logs meet and corners. I'm in CT and time is running out to get stain on. I plan to use logwash and she'll guard RTU and then lifeline. What can I do to prevent remanding next spring. I was not going to use prelude. Would that be enough to winter through? Can I just use shell guard and then log wa
  Question: We just purchased along home that was built eight years has not been stained inside or outside.what all do I need to do to the wood before staining. It is cyprud
  Question: Why can't you mix NBS 30 with perms chink lifeline products
  Question: I am prepping my log home to be restained. My painter wants to power wash and then wire brush to get the discolorations and black off the wood. I am hesitant about this. Can u advise and what aditive can I use to ward off carpenter bees! Thank you
  Question: Our 1871 cabin was just cob blasted on the inside. Do you recommend a brand of stain? We want to go light.
  Question: We had our log lake home professionally stripped down to bare wood, stained and sealed using PermaChink products in 2012. We are located on Lake Huron in Michigan. This year it needed to be stained and sealed again because it was fading in some areas and we think it was because the stain and sealer were sprayed on so we brushed on a coat of Lifeline stain and sealer. Prior to staining/sealing we washed down the home with Log Wash. We finished applying sealer on August 9, 2014. It looked bea
  Question: Just stained my siding with thompsons all in one seal n stain. But to light. Can i go over it with a darker stain? Same kind.
  Question: I hired someone to re-stain my pine log home. The last step in his prep was power washing and he must have went too strong with the pressure as it actually stripped off some of the wood. (i.e. there was sawdust) He's now staining and there are dark spots where the bare spots were. He tells me these will fade over time and the color will become more even - is he telling the truth? It looks pretty bad right now.
  Question: I have three gallons of Sikken Log & Siding that are unopened, they are 8 or 9 years old. Sikkens says the shelf life is 5 years max. I opened one can to stain a piece of trim. Once it shaken and stirred enough it seemed go the wood just fine. I am ready for a maintenance coat should I stay away from this old stain or use it up? I have searched high and low for information on true shelf life without success. Thanks!!!
  Question: I have a log home built in 1998. It is in need of stripping and staining. Current product is woodgard oil based that is very thin in areas not covered but thick in covered areas. I will use chemical stripping. What products should I use? How should I treat thin areas vs thick? My sealant is energyseal
  Question: What is the best stain/paint to use on a spruce log home with cedar board and bat trim and a pine deck? My goal is to make it all as close to matching as possible.
  Question: I need a sealer that will not fade on tongue and groove pine that we lightly burn, on the west side of the house, that will last
  Question: PLEASE tell me HOW to get wood stain off my WINDOWS!!! karl's wife!!!
  Question: Which is better in a northern climate cedar or birch railings?
  Question: Which home would you recommend to build in central mississippi. Eastern pine log home or a modern stick frame home?
  Question: Great website! I submitted a question a few weeks ago, but my email was down and I didn't get the answer. So here is a simplified version. I have hemlock beams that were cut in May and have been drying covered outside up in saw horses. They are being used on interior only. What should we use to finish them, and should we use a finish like gloss? My husband wants them to look natural and I don't want them to yellow. It would be nice to see the grain and nots. Thank you!
  Question: I am staining the outside of my log home that has a white chinking between the logs. Is there a good approach to prevent the stain from running onto the chinking? I am using a oil based stain called WoodGaurd, which is really runny. Is masking tape the only option?
  Question: What method do you recommend for keeping stain off of the window glass when you spray the logs?
  Question: ALS is putting us a log home 'in the dry'. I understand their logs are borate treated and are put up 'wet'. The construction seems to be good with 'slots' and adjustable posts allowing for settling. My question: Do we stain it as soon as they finish or wait a while for logs to 'dry' good?
  Question: I have a pine ceiling t&g. I want to seal it so it doesn't leak what do I use , and how do I apply it.
  Question: I am repairing some woodpecker damage, i was planning on using E-wood, but am stuck between lifeline or sikkens stain. I am in the process of stripping, but afraid the E-wood repairs will drastically show through the stain. Is one better then the other for going over E-Wood, or should i use a different filler. I used NBS-30 and eliminated the rodadentrin that they were attracted to, just trying to repair the small amount of damage left behind
  Question: We just had our log home re-stained after the initial application 3 years ago. The color is much darker than the first time. Do we have to just accept the log color getting darker with each application? We use Messmers UV stain as recommended by our log producer. We live in Colorado at 9200 feet altitude.
  Question: How we get paint samples that were painted on stained log house?
  Question: Staining a new 6x8 d shaped eastern white pine logs for the first time that will get a lot of sun beside perma chink what due you recommend thanks
  Question: I cob-blasted and stained my home 6 years ago. Now it's time for a maintenance coat. I used High Sierra Natural Spruce 6 years ago. High Sierra is now Transformation Siding and Trim. Problem is Natural Spruce color was discontinued. I would like to know of a similar color / brand that is compatible with High Sierra Natural Spruce. Any suggestions?
  Question: We used Sikkens 078 Natural on some interior cedar posts. They are a "golden yellow." Is there any way to tone it down a little or are we just going to have to live with it? I suppose we should have opted for a clear finish or "Natural Light" in the Sikkens line.
  Question: We have log siding and it is turning like black in places. We thought about staining it a dark brown. What stain would be the best dark brown stain to use that will last the longest? and should we clean it before we stain it and if so what should we use to clean it with?
  Question: I have 2 questions. We just bought a real log cabin, no chinking, there was an outside fire that charred a 10x 10 foot area with the charring going in ata qurter inch at the worse part, the rest it superficial. How do I get rid of the charring, sand blasting? Router? Help!
Question 2... The inside is beautiful log but it still seems raw or untreated or in sealed. Can you seal it without the shinning look...
I can send pictures of fire damage and interior logs...thank you so much....Jay
  Question: want to remove stain form our home and start fresh, was going to use a chemical stripper, my question is what can you use to remove a pigment stain besides buying stain stripper like s-100, strip brite, etc... will wood bleach, work like you would use on furniture, or even normal bleach then apply a ph balancer?
  Question: another question, What is the best way to patch the holes that were made from small birds on cedar siding. The holes are mostly smaller than 2 inches. Then how do you keep this from happening again.
  Question: I am rebuilding a cabin using logs from an old cabin that belonged to my grandfather. There are not enough logs for the cabin I am building, so I am adding some new logs. The logs are ceder and were stained a red/brown color. Is there a way to strip these and stain them a lighter color? if not what is the best way to match the old logs with the new ones?
  Question: I have a small log cabin in Jamestown,RI. The roof was coming down & push out the side. New logs from Maine corrected the problem. Old Masters Wiping Stain (Cedar 11916) was applied. The Logs have not dryed. Please know that your input is sure appreciate. Again, Thanks.
  Question: What product should I use to clean cedar log railings prior to re-staining? There appears to be some mildew and dark streaky staining. I' m not sure about bleach?
  Question: I just stained my log home with Cabot Australian Timber Oil and don't like how it has a flat finish. Is there a sealer I can use to give it a glossy look?
  Question: My wood siding has Behr semi transparent oil based stain which has mildewed over time. Is there any effective product available to remove this.
  Question: osoteI've a 35 year old cabin that has several 'railroad tie' style retaining walls. While the cabin itself has been oiled/stained every 3-4 years and looks great, I doubt anything has been put on these logs since they were set in place. They are still doing the job but are greying out, getting deep grooves in the grain pattern. I've no idea if they were originally treated with creosote or what type of dark oil was used for original water sealing. Is there something I could spray/apply to
  Question: log home is cypress 1 and a half year ago I put a clear stain sealant on after getting it back to the bare wood and now it is like a white color and I am staining it a dark tint but I noticed there is some darkening of the wood more on the black side but almost to where I didn't even notice it should I clean the logs again
  Question: I have a home here in north Alabama that is sided with western cedar. We have been using Behr semi cedar stain and it has usually lasted about 3-4 years before needed restained. Is there a stain that will stay glossy longert and last longer?
  Question: have sanded my logs but do not like sascho stain, it looks like paint. Which stain looks most natural and still does the job?
  Question: I have cabin which was built using 150 year old logs in the Boreal forests of Quebec. I got this place this spring and there was very little maintenance done to in in the past 10 years, the logs are very grayed and dried out. My plan for a treatment is to first spray all the exposed log walls with a solution of borax 1.5 lbs per gallon. With a deep soaking of borate I will allow it to fully dry then spray a solution of 2 parts linseed oil to 1 part natural turpentine. This will then be sprayed o
  Question: Michigan cedar log home needs power washing/cleaning and retreatment....used Cuprinol last time 14 years ago to treat wood after washing...what should I use today for washing and re-treating?

  Question: We have purchased a 30 year old house which has what we think are Oregon beams. We have sanded back to re varnish and have exposed several patches of dried red sap which we can't sand out. We don't want to paint.
Suggestions? Thanks.
  Question: what's better lifelines exterior stain or Sherwin Williams woodschapes exterior stain for my log home?
  Question: My wife and I are looking at a Log Home the current owner states he stained with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Acrylic Solid Color stain 5yrs ago. Is this an acceptable product?
  Question: I was told that and oil based semi transparent stained was best for hand hewn logs. What would you recommend.
  Question: We are building a new house after losing our log sided home in forest fire. We have log features on the outside of new house and the logs have been stained a golden color. They look great. But when the stain was applied to the interior accent logs they look way too yellow - unnaturally so. Any suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks.
  Question: I have a garage with quarter log siding sealed with 2 coats of Sikkens Teak . I'm about ready to apply the Sikkens 003 maintenance coat after 3 years but need to remove some pine sap. What it the best way to clean off the sap? Thanks
  Question: Father in law has a log cabin that needs to be re- stained... He is not sure what he used on it the first go round, I know that it was oil based, does it matter what we stain it with now as far as brands go? Are there brands that are better than others as far as not looking out of place??
  Question: I have a 35 yr old Ponderosa pine log home in central NC. The logs are from Montana. The roof has a deep overhang and there has been no damage to the logs but I want to know what needed to be done in way of maintenance for the logs. Also any suggestions in cleaning the interior ROUND logs? Thank you for your help. stw
  Question: My builder stained some timbers a medium brown (like cedar color) in the sun so he says. When I get to the house the stain is WAY darker. Like super dark brown. He says he thinks the sun changed the color of the stain. Could this happen or is he pulling a fast one on me? The timbers are for the inside of my house.
  Question: Our 22 year old kiln dried log home has been stained twice. Can we waterproof it this time instead of staining? We have also had wood pecker damage where they tried to get a wood bee who had eaten into wood. What can we do for this? Thank you!
  Question: We use a semi-transparent stain from Benjamin Moore but every 2 years we have to strip our pine log siding due to black areas where water hits. Is there a better stain that would help prevent this? We would like to keep our wood on the lighter side and not use a solid dark stain.
  Question: can you paint the outside of a log house if the inside logs are stained? I know some people paint the inside of logs but not outside. Any information would be appreciated.
  Question: I have a pine wood siding cabin. The wood was starting to turn dark in certain areas and I wasn't sure when the previous owners last stained it. I then decided to bleach the wood using bleach, TSP, and water (recommended use). We tried from the bottom up and top down. We tried a bleach sprayer and even a mop. In all cases we experienced extreme streaking. First, how do we avoid streaking? Second, can we fix the streaking we already have? We tried the Sikkens Cetol Log & Ciding stain and it did
  Question: All things being equal, would Behr Deck Paint work on a log cabin?
  Question: Me and my husband were looking to buy an unfinished home and I was wondering if you could give me a roundabout price as to how much it was cost to put logs around it.
  Question: What do they use to get that bright shiny yellow look on pine wood on the exterior of cabins brands etc.
  Question: I have extended some decking, the old is 2 yrs. old, never been treated , just weathered. How can I get new to look the same , thanks.
  Question: My log home has simple trim around windows. The space between the trim and rounded logs creates ideal spots for bees. Does anyone make a molded insulation that conforms to the rise and fall of the logs? I do not like to use the spray foam as it seems to shrink. Looking for a hardened product.
  Question: I have a log siding house (Interior and exterior) that I built 2 years ago.
It is white pine, 2x12 T&G.

I am trying to wrap my mind around what each of these log products do...
I used sikkens Log siging on the outside. It is yellowish and cloudy type of color, although, it applied VERY well, and hasn't changed in the 2 years that it has been on the house. (I put 2 coats)

But now I am trying to decide what to put on the inside. My 2 year old pine on the inside, has just started having
  Question: I stained some interior redwood cabinets yesterday, and today am applying a clear, oil based polyurethane. After applying the polyurethane, the wood is looking gray. What could be the problem?
  Question: All the interior ( pine) logs in our 33 year old log home that were originally left natural and only had one coat of satin polyurethane applied when first built, have now turned an ugly orange color. All the ceilings are tongue and groove pine,and were left natural as well, and also only one coat of clear satin polyurethane applied at the time of building; these too have turned an ugly orange color. Aside from sanding all ceilings and walls (which thankfully are the flat side of the log)is ther
  Question: I have been renting a log home and am considering buying it. it was built in 1987 and was not very well maintained. Look like it probably was not ever restained, but most definitely was not in the least the last 10 years. And there is an unknown amount of carpenter bee damage. There a lots of visible chambers (not just the entry holes) in areas. The bees were treated with some kind of borax last summer by the landlords, but they are back. How big a nightmare am I looking at?
  Question: I have a log home that is about 20 years old. It has a orange red stain on it but would like it to look like the color or old barn wood. Can you recommend a stain color?
  Question: I have to finish my log home. I have had if for two years. It was built in 2002. The previous owners could not remember what was used as the initial finish. They said two years ago they used the Cabot Australian Timber Oil. With looking into things I have narrowed it down to Sashco Transformation Stain Log & Timber or Lovitt's Natural Gold Stain. Any opinion on what would be best to use near the Canadian border in Minnesota?
Pros or Cons of each.
One more question, is end grain sealer w
  Question: I have wood siding on my house. They are basically 2X8 boards planed down to look like half logs and I think they are untreated. The Sikkens 1-2-3 product that is on it now has failed. I had the old finish sandblasted from the siding recently. I washed it with a bleach/TSP solution. While it wss wet, the wood had dark brown coloration on the grains and other areas. I have a feeling when I apply the new stain (Log and Siding) these marks are going to come back. Is there an inexpensive way t
  Question: We have an adobe style home with pine log columns, and Vigas holding up our large porch. We've used Spar Varnish in clear over the past 14 years to keep them as close to their natural color as possible. However, the past few years they were neglected and the varnish has worn off and the wood damaged (grey in areas). We had it power washed, and it looked really nice, almost new, but now the Spar Varnish in clear that has been applied looks almost like a dark brown on the wood. We had the p
  Question: I just recently bought some land in northern Minnesota. I plan to use the western red cedar trees in the area to build my log cabin with. my question is can I build my cabin right away after felling And sKining the bark of the trees? I know you Should Dry them out first but I would like to get going on it right away. what would be the problems if I decided to build a Log CAbin right after the trees are Felled?
  Question: what kind of brush should I use to stain a very porous log? It has many groves, pits and uneven places on it. I used a regular paint brush and i had to go over and over , back and forth up and down to get it completely coated. The stain is a lighter stain than what is on so I want to cover completely. Oh I am a new log cabin owner, the cabin is 40+ years old and in good shape. Thanks Bruce
  Question: I looked for a similar problem and didn't see it so I apologize if you've answered this. We had a problem with water trickling down and outside log wall. Now there is a slight water stain mark on the inside flat wood wall. They are pine. How do I remove the stain?
  Question: We are using restore on our outside deck just finished first coat, it's lighter than expected. Can we use a darker shade for 2nd coat.
  Question: We have a 10yr old Southland log home which was originally sealed with the product supplied with the log package. This lasted a few years then to freshen we washed, then stained with latex sw woodscapes. All was fine for about five years but had some mold and darkening so painter power washed and spot bleached mold areas. This made a mess due to bleach runs so Southland recommended bleach it all and apply stain. We did...all was well till we chose to have the cabin pressure washed this year.
  Question: We purchased a cabin that has 1/2 log siding. It's painted barn red. Guessing 40 years. It's pine or fir. It's peeling bad. We have tried painting only to peel and flake off. Thinking about sandblasting and then staining. Do you think this can be done? Thanks.
  Question: I'm going to put 1/4 log siding on our new home, I had a friend use ciderside Cedar oil for the exterior with good results so far... Would you recommend it... And can I put a shiny top coat over it
  Question: I have a log cabin made with eastern cedar. The original stain is Olympic solid siding stain. It has peeled in some areas and needs to be redone. What is the best way to prime the areas that have peeled so the new stain does not start to peel again?
  Question: My log home in W. Mi is the exact same as the one you feature in the photo gallery. It has a Sikkens finish that is 5yrs. old, peeling, flaking on 2 sides and all around the deck railings/rungs. I need less expense and maintenance. What do you think of stripping and redoing the finish in sections,i.e, west side/rails now, another side or two in a year? Cedar logs; concerned with carpenter ants/bees. What would you use in place of Sikkens? I love the golden honey color. Want a trip to Grand Rapid
  Question: We have a log home that was built in the 70's. It has not been stained or sealed in the past seven years at least (this is when we bought the home). I have no idea how to go about this process from start to finish. Do we pressure wash first, and if so do we do it lightly just to remove dirt and debris or do you want to get the old stain off ? I received something in the mail for log wash, not sure if we should use that. We have pressure washed it every year lightly just to remove debris and som
  Question: I have to stain a log home for a customer. It's been stained before. There are black mold like spots on the siding. How do I get those spots off, so they won't show when I restain
  Question: I was asked to fix a newly built barn that was sealed improperly and it is covered with lap marks and blotchy finish. The owner seems to think if I just power wash and apply another coat of the original product that that will do the job but I'm not sure.
  Question: We have 150 year old hand hewed log cabin. One family member says that the logs were painted "barn red". The logs need to be sealed from insects and the question is do we re-paint with a red paint or do we use some sort of stain? I'm concerned that it wasn't really painted but it is in fact some sort of thick red stain was used. help!
  Question: Our cabin style home is very dark inside and the log walls have a darker stain on them. We are thinking about lightening up the kitchen with either paint or colored stain to help brighten it up. I don't see many articles about this, do you have any recommendations on a light colored stain and the best way to apply it.
  Question: We bought a log home and have contracted with someone to clean it and restain it. He left a brochure with my hubbie today. Many years ago they used Benjamin Moore Moorwood Deck and Siding Sequoia Redwood. We tested some of the stain on a log in back and it is definitely a darker color than the logs are now. The logs are in good shape. This contractor wants to use Cabot semisolid and he thinks we would have to go with walnut to cover it nicely. My question mainly is Why Cabot? I would t
  Question: I have a log home that will need to be stained soon. I believe an oil based stain was used before. I was planning on using Sherwin Williams woodscapes acrylic stain based on what I read here. When I emailed Sherwin Williams about applying the stain over my old stain they said it couldn't be used on a log home. Is there another solid stain I could use? Do I need to remove the old stain? Thanks so much.
  Question: We have a log home not sealed or treated in over 20 years. We are in N Cali (hot in summer & rain in winter). We need to seal some cracks, protect from hot summer sun & water proof for heavy winter rains, protect from insects and bees & maybe restore some moisture to our dry cracked logs? So much info about oil vs. sealer, what do you recommend?
  Question: What product can I use to repair my log siding that is damaged by woodpeckers?.. They have chipped off a few areas on bottom of siding
  Question: We have a cedar post and beam home that is approximately 45 years old. Main living area beams show some splitting. Would you recommend a humidifier, if so, a model.
  Question: Boy, am I learning a lot from your site! I am interested in purchasing a 1989 log siding cabin, they painted it, what is the process and cost to restore it back to its original wood?
  Question: We are going to have our pine log cabin cleaned and re stained. If I go with Sequoia SW what would you recommend for decks? This is in Blue Ridge GA
  Question: What should I get to remove the stain that's on my log home? We want to change the color on it.
  Question: What's the cost per sq.ft to power wash 2500 Sq.ft.log home
  Question: My fiance and I are building a house and we are planning on using T & G log siding... What is the proper way to stain brand new siding before installing? Do we need to stain the back side of it as well before applying it? What is the best stain to use and do we need to polyurethane it after staining it... what is the best way to prevent wood boars?
  Question: We own a pine log home and have treated it several times with a stain sealer. We are tired of having to go through this process every 3 years. We are thinking of painting the logs using a good quality ext. paint and primer. Would the paint last longer? Should we even paint the logs
  Question: Do cedar trees have to season before building a cabin out of them
  Question: We just had a log home built. We chose to stain/seal the exterior ourselves but not sure what to use. The logs are dry and ready to go. We want to keep the stain on the lighter side.
  Question: we have a hand hewn log side home. It was stained once 7 years ago. It badly needs to be restained. We used Sikkens. I am wanting to know if I can pressure wash and restain over old or do I strip it first. If I need to strip it, what is be best way to do this?
  Question: We bought a 200 year old log cabin that has logs that look sort
Of like railroad ties some of them are in bad shape and need
Replaced.where can I get boards to replace them?
  Question: We recently bought a western red cedar hand hewn log home. The home was stained 22years ago when it was built, not sure what was used and it was not treated. We do not like the darker color stain but if you scrap the log with your fingernail you can see the brighter color underneath. Will log wash do the job? Also the side of the home that gets the most sun is gray. What should I used there?
  Question: I.e. U.V. damaged interior redwood tung and groove walls.Is there a way to mitigate damage other than just sanding thru it ? Thanks, Mike
  Question: Hi Doc. Love the site and learning a lot! I have recently had white pine T&G planks installed over sheet rock on the inside my cabin to give it more of the wood cabine look. I would like to stain and finish the T&G to achieve that traditional Honey color. Sounds like Perma Chink Light Honey and a Semi-Gloss acrlic finish is the way to go? Anything else? Thanks!
  Question: What is the best way to remove a thin line of old white paint on an interior log, left by the previous owner after renovating the kitchen.
  Question: Does anyone know the going rate for staining and painting a 2100 sq ft. house in Wisconsin? What can I expect on price per sq.ft.
  Question: i am looking to purchase a log home that was built in 2008,it is 2136 sq feet,i don"t know what kind of logs were used,or the stain that was would i address this and what would the cost be for someone to come and clean and treat the exterior of this home. thank you,
  Question: What would be a good water based breathable an flexible stain or sealer for the back side of 2x8 log siding? Also, what are your thoughts on applying a insecticide such as Timbor to the log siding? Would this be applied before stain and sealer and would it be applied to both sides? Thanks
  Question: We purchased a cabin built in 1987 from an Appalacian Log Home Kit. It has been stained twice with Solid Color Stain we believe from Sherwin Williams. We know it has been stained twice. Can another coat of the same brand but different color be put on it or should it be cornblasted?
  Question: I'm renovating my kitchen which currently has no ventilation. I'd like to add a hood with an outside vent. Do you have any recommendations for adding range hoods in log homes? Thank you.
  Question: the older log home i purchased . that has never had a finish applied. seems to have small damp areas were the logs cross and so have been cut into ... could this be a result of moisture being absorbed via the end grand ... and wood applying a finish coat , stop this from happening.
  Question: purchased a hand built log cabin camp . it seems to have never had any type of finish applied,,, inside or out. and now seems aged , what products would you suggest i use to clean the interior and exterior.. and suggestions as to what i can apply to give me a traditional log home look
  Question: Just getting ready to put 1/4 round white fir log siding on a cabin. The siding has been dried. I am tying to find the best stain and sealer on the market for longevity. I live near Yosemite and the winters can be snowy and cold. Summer can get up to 90 degrees. The cabin does not get much sun. I have looked at the Permachink Ultra 7 with the Lifeline Advance sealer. What is your thoughts on this product? Would you recommend other products over the Permachink? If so, which ones? Thanks soo much!
  Question: What is your opinion of Cabot Austrialian Timber Oilq for exterior staining?
  Question: My log siding is 4yrs old stained,do I stain right over with lighter color or dark color stain, and deck is 2yrs old no stain on it what would match
  Question: I am buying a hand hewn log home that is white pine was built in 2002 and is located in new hampshire. The exterior is chinked although pretty messy but the logs are pretty dark and I'm not sure what was even put on them and the last time it was stained and cleaned. How should I proceed. I'm thinking of buying a pressure washer and trying with a brush to scrub and clean logs but do I have to get them completely stripped before I stain or is a thorough cleaning good enough. Then what st
  Question: We are considering buying a home that is in foreclosure and has 1/4 log siding. The home has been vacant for at least one year and in several places individual boards have begun to peel back from the structure. First, should all of these boards be replaced or if they can be reattached to the structure will they be OK? Second: It's probable that the siding hasn't been cared for in several years. If we buy the property can we go in and clean it, seal it, and move on; or is it likely that the sid
  Question: We have drift wood and would like to give it the sun bleach look. What would be the best way?
  Question: can I use an interior varnish on interior support Douglas Fir logs in my home?
  Question: Can u use sikkens for inside my cabin an do u spray it r brush it
  Question: Random question - Haven't found anybody who can answer this question for us and hoping you can. Exactly how far does log home stain generally sink into the wood? We had our home stained (first it was sanded down to remove weathering because it had never been stained, then it was stained with Woodguard. Unfortunately, the Woodguard has made me sick because of an illness (Chemical Sensitivities) and even 6 months later, we are realizing we need t find a way to get the stain off. We are considerin
  Question: What is your favorite exterior stain color to use on pine siding ? Having a hard time deciding on a permcahink color and need to do so asap! Kinda like Cinnamon but jus seems to red and overwhelming , would like something light brown like cedar and make the knots look dark' any ideas?
  Question: I bought a log home kit from Southland log homes and I am still working on the basement and house subfloor. I put the logs on the ground on 4x4's and covered them with 6mil black plastic. The logs are mildewing and wood sap is coming out of them. How should I resolve this?
  Question: We were remodeling an old farm house an found that the living room is actually a hand hewn log cabin. Where do we start? We want to restore it but have no idea how.
  Question: We recently bought a log cabin with rough hewn (flat sided)logs with wide chinking (synthetic, I assume) inside and outside. Some of the backer material is coming loose at the seams and in some areas, it is lifting out. It looks like fiberboard strips! Is this acceptable? Do I need to remove it all and redo it? Unfortunately, previous owners used silicone caulk on the seams. Some areas seems spongy. I have now idea type of stain or chinking. Opinion please. Thank you.
  Question: I am looking at buying a forclosed log home built in 1930. the logs on the inside are perfect, but the outside has been covered with wood siding. What is the reason someone would cover logs with wood siding, and can it be reversed. Thanks.
  Question: Our square log home is currently under construction in eastern Kentucky. They are the square 'fitted' logs that, we were told, requires no chinking. We have heard from other's that we need to chink and perma-chink was recommended due to the elasticity to move as the log dries. We hear so many different things on 'what to do next' and we'd like to hear from the experts on what we do with our new logs, unstained etc, and what we need to do to insure the logs are maintained correctly. Do we n
  Question: I have just built a pine log cabin and after treating with Tim-bor borate I was considering using tung oil instead of a stain. Would this provide good protection or is tung oil going to cause issues later on
  Question: I have purchased a 200 year old cabin. I need some recommendations. 1. The logs are gray and the last time it was protected is unknown. What should I do? 2. Chinking appears to be whiteish concrete. What can I do to protect/stain the wood and not stain the chinking? 3. Some areas where the wood meets have small cracks where wind can be felt, how should we seal the crack?
It's a wonderful historical home and I just want to maintain preservation. Thank you for your input and recommendation
  Question: We just built a Blue Ridge Log Cabin in Indiana and the temp outside now in late oct going into nov is only around 40's. Is it ok to wait till next spring when temps raise again to get the first stain on.

  Question: Our log house was finished 4years ago. It is time for maintenance. What is the ideal range of temperature to stain? We are in NC at about 1600'. Also we have black mildew on the shaded side of the house. TSP best for that?
  Question: Log home, stain woodscapes from sherwin williams, water based
solid color stain,
can i put satin clear coat over,
if so who'S product.


  Question: My wife and I are in the process of finishing the inside of our log home, I had a friend give 3 gallons of Sikkens Cetol interior clear, witch is petroleum based, I needed some more and come to find out they quit making this product 3 yrs ago and now all that they offer is Cetol BL witch is water based and dries a lighter color than the petroleum based also does not cover as well, do you know of a similar product in different brand that I could try. I am only about half way done clear coating t
  Question: I have a weathered old looking gray log archway over my driveway that was not sealed when it was built 7 yrs. ago. I think it is birch in Alaska. How do I bleach it clean and seal it to its original light clear wood ? It is ugly now compared to the beautifully pealed logs 7 yrs ago when it was new.
  Question: Need to blast off the sikkens from my log home, it did not hold up well on the South side. An aquaintance suggested TWP 200 series as the finish. What are your thoughs.
  Question: My log home is stained white or very close to white. What color stain should I use to restain? I am getting tired of white.
  Question: Which timber do you think will stand the test of louisiana weather better for a front porch beams, western red cedar or Douglas fir?
  Question: We are looking to buy log home that is 1450 sqft and built in 1976. To the internet trained eye it looks well taken care of. It was stained with a solid light brown color 2 years ago. When the time comes to stain again if the exact product is not known what do I have to do? just log wash and add another matched color? I would also like treat the interior with a protective product, any recommendation? I do not have experience with the chinking process but would like to save money, while the house
  Question: I recently has a balcony rebuilt. They used Sikkens Cetol 1,23. I noticed it was applied wrong, meaning Cetol 23 as fist coat, then Cetol 1 as last two coats. When I told them about this, I was told it was fine. Can you please tell me if this is true and if how, and if it's not true then what are the effects of this? Thank you for your knowledge.
  Question: We just stained last year half logs and now need to clear coat. Can i use the same stuff i use on my deck or what can i use. Its oil base thank you
  Question: Have a log home 5yrs old. (pacificloghomes) Stained with Timberpro coatings product. Along small cracks the stain has not hardened and wood is damp under it. U can peel it off running your finger nail over it. This is mostly on north side of house.
  Question: Our house is actually an old barn built around it. However, the corners were left on the exterior to create a covered porch. We orignally treated with Penetreat and borate sticks in the ends. And finished with a colored finish, I can't remember the name of. My question is, what can I re-coat it with? It is looking dry and the carpenter bees are drilling into it. I was told to paint the beams to deter the bees, which is fine but I need to clean and re-treat with a good sealer/insecticide/so
  Question: brand new log home will the logs get darker after staining
  Question: We have redone a home with log accents and our stairs have log stringers. What is the best product to use on the interior logs and what is the best maintenance?
Many Thanks!
  Question: I have an oak beam above my fireplace that has been wood stained is there any way I can get it back to its original oak colour
  Question: We are building a cabin with kiln dried pine in WV. The logs were not treated with borate. It will be completed in October. Do you recommend staining and sealing the logs in October or should we wait until early spring. Thank you.
  Question: What stain do you recommend for a cypress log home built in 2002 and stained with oil finish about 2005?
The finish is quite dry by now
  Question: I have a log cabin in Indiana...I used Cabot brand natural stain that did not have any sheen to it about 7 years is now faded and black and I need to clean and redo it. I was recently in MN and saw lots of cabins with what appeared to be a polyurethane finish that I really you have suggestions for that?
  Question: We have a home with log railings on the deck. They were oiled by a "professional painter" with Pittsburg Paints Sunproof Semi Transparent Neutral Base Plus Superdeck 1901 Cedar about 2 years ago. Some of the rails appear to be drying up. How should we apply a new oil to them and what would you recommend to use? Cabin is at 10,000 feet and encounters 100+ MPH winds at times and 30 to 60 feet of snow each year.
  Question: We live in a log home that was built 22 years ago. We bought it 5 years ago and at that time we knew it needed to be stained so we have done it twice. We are looking for a good quality stain that goes on with one coat and has a long lasting life to it. What would you suggest?
  Question: I built a eastern white pine log home 22 years ago. Have very dark/black patches on 3 coarses that are exposed to direct sunlight. Is there a way/product to get rid of the discloration? The rest of the home is in terrific shape--esp for 22 years old! I recoat w/ sikkens every 3/4 years.Appreciate any suggestions--Thanks Dan
  Question: After staining our pine log cabin with Sikkens base coat, verticle lines appeared on the logs. What caused this and how do we get riid of the lines?
  Question: We bought a 12 year old pine log cabin. It was pressure washed, then completely sanded. The logs looked brand new after sanding. But after applying Sikkens Teak base coat, the majority of the logs have large areas of black, not only at the knots, but in other areas of the logs as well.
  Question: We have a 27 yr old log cabin from a kit w- an addition that is 10 yrs old. It has been stained with cuprinol nutmeg brown now the product is no longer on the market. What do you recommend for a stain and what process?
  Question: I'm considering restaining my cedar log house. Is there a stain that will cover my "Permachink" chinking evenly and give it a consistent look ? Edging the uneven chinking lines would be an imense job and I'm not sure it would look that good .
  Question: Is Glidden Stains good for log cabins
  Question: Just bought a log home built in 1977. Its been stained in the past on the outside but hasn't been done for awhile since it is bare wood in spots. How should I go about prepping the logs for restaining. Was thinking about low psi pressure washer if so do I just use water or is there a formula to use with the water? Any idea of a rule of thumb what cob blasting cost like a sq ft price or average
  Question: My log home is on its second coat of WoodGuard, Dark Walnut (logs and trim). The current coat is ~5 years old. I wish to change the color of the trim only. Is there a product I can use to cover the WoodGuard stain?
  Question: We are ready to stain the interior log siding before it is installed. Do you recommend that we stain the back of the siding, too? We did for the exterior, but interior? Let me know. Thanks.
  Question: What is the best product/procedure for weatherproofing and sealing holes/ large checks in older log home? would like to seal everything up to increase energy efficiency but want it to look good when done.
  Question: The chinking on our log home works (keeps the weather out) but was not tooled after application and as a result looks terrible. Is there a way to remove chinking and start over, or at least remove the majority so we can go back over it properly? I found Permachink buckets in the attic so I believe that was the product used.
  Question: what is the best log stain for northern climates we live in nh..winters cold real cold but again summers can be hot! any names? thanks wally
  Question: time to touch up stain for my log cabin. do you have to remove the old strain every time or can we just stain over it...the stain in many areas are in really good shape. the time and cost of corn blasting every4-6 years just seems cost prohibitive. it is just touching up here and there. thanks a lot
  Question: I have an old log house; I sand blasted off the very dark color that was on it when I bought it and applied one coat of Sikkens Cetol SRD a few years ago. The logs look extremely thirsty now; I'd like to apply Cetol Log & Siding for some added richness/sheen; will this give the logs plenty of 'nourishment'? I read that 2 coats are
recommended; is this correct?
  Question: We just bought a log cabin home that was built in the 1940s!! The entire exterior is a dark red/ maroon color including the chinking which i suspect is masonry! My question is could that be a stain or is it more likley paint due to the fact that the chinking is the same color?
  Question: We just built a log home using red pine and want to stain it a dark brown, however, the red pine is so busy! Must we use a solid stain to simmer that down? We hate to completely cover the grain. We've tried some soft wood conditioners but have had no luck.
  Question: My log home is due a staining this year, we do it every 5 years, however, I just sprayed insect and bore bee treatment on it, should I pressure wash it before staining? If so that will remove my insect treatment right? Or should I hold off until next spring to do the whole thing over again?
  Question: What can I use to over Berh super liquid rawhide #12 on my home since it has been discontinued?
  Question: I'm a first time home buyer and am looking at a log home built from a kit back in 1978. At first glance the place seems to be in good shape, but what should I take a closer look at? IF I buy the home what would you suggest to do right off the bat to ensure a longer life for the home. Specifically kind of finished or seal could help with heating? Should I make sure to recaulk from the inside?
  Question: the interior of our log cabin is more orange than we would like. is it necessary to cornblast the surface before restaining it? Is cornblasting even done on the interior?
  Question: I have just purchased some land and it is full of birch trees. can they be used for a log home? without them rotting that is.
  Question: We have yet to put the roof on our log home and the interior logs look moldy. How can I clean and bring back the natural wood color? Thanks, Jenny
  Question: We are putting log siding on our new cabin exterior. Should I put stain on the back before we install it?
  Question: We just bought a log cabin that someone painted light blue. We would like it to look like real wood by painting it brown. Any ideas on colors and how to do it? It was built in 1950 and it is not a real log cabin it is vertical logs. Thanks
  Question: have 1930's chesnut log home. previous owners used marine varnish on home, gloss finish and it is peeling all over. I would like to use superdeck log oil on it. what do i have to do to use this product effectively. I know i have to sand the old finish off, is it possible.
  Question: If both sides of the logs are not stained/sealed with a breathable product (for example if only one side is), isn't that reducing the overall breathability of the home and isn't that bad? One thing I personally love about log homes is that they are more breathable which means better air quality and less chance of mold. (yes this means increased heat loss, etc. but i'd rather have good air). If we have a breathable stain on the outside but a not breathable sealant on the inside, aren't we pre
  Question: Is it possible to keep the weathered gray look of an exterior log home and still treat and protect it properly?
  Question: I have 6x6 rough cut cypress posts to go on my wrap around porch. What is the best stain and sealer to use on them? I don't want to change the color of the wood, just being out the grains in the wood.
  Question: We built a cottage 8 years ago out of pine logs. Ever since a knot on one of the front (southern facing)logs has leaked sap. Is there a way to seal it? We were hoping it would dry out over time but it doesn't seem to be happening. Thanks for any advice you can give us.
  Question: If i use the Perma Chink ULtra 2 on white pine log siding along with the top coat. What is involved as far as maintenance in years to come when I need to restain? Will I have to sand the top coat off first?
  Question: I just bought a home built in 1987 with 20" hemlock logs. It has never been stained, and is very dark gray. My insurance company required new porch railings. My contractor made railings out of white pine, but they are very light. He wants to bleach the rest of the home, then put some sort of clear coating on it. Is this the right move? The house has 24' tall ceilings, and would cost a fortune to corn cob. Would the pine darken to match the hemlock if left alone?
  Question: I am going to build a Square timber(5" x 8") sauna with flat on flat joints. What would you recommend for sealing between the logs? Would have to withstand 250 degree's F and water. would you use a EMSeal or caulk or both?
  Question: i am looking at a log home that apears to need something on the wood inside and outside
  Question: how to strip off old stain sealer. what chemical
will do the job?
  Question: HELP! We are getting ready to stain pine log siding for the interior before we install. Do we need to stain the back (1 coat)? The front will get 2 coats of stain. We did stain the back of the exterior.
  Question: I have an older log cabin - around 35 years and looking a little rough. I was wondering if the new paints out now for decks and concrete, such as Restore or Rescue would be applicable for the outside logs. The appeal would be the various colors and longevity of the coating. Those paints seal cracks and can make rather smooth surfaces if using brushes instead of the rollers. Do the logs need to breathe on the outside, which might not make this a viable option?
  Question: Ok two questions: 1. If I use water and a scrub brush to clean the exterior logs on a home that was treated with motor oil do I have to treat the logs with motor oil after? 2. Can I use new motor oil instead of used? I am trying to sell the house and the front is just dirty and grimy. That is why I am cleaning.
  Question: I am looking into buying a log home. How often should it be blasted and stained?
  Question: Buy a log home and owner capped the ends of the logs on the corners of the house. I love the looks of logs on the end that cross over. Can you add the log corners? Also owner put tile on logs on the back splash in the kitchen. Is tile easy to remove and restore the logs? Thank You
  Question: We have a new deck. the beams and posts are rough hewn Douglas fir, but they seem too fuzzy. What is the best way to remove the fuzz while keeping a rustic look, and what is the best natural looking stain to protect it against the elements?
  Question: I built a small d shaped log cabin one week ago what do I need to use clean logs before staining and is skkiens good stain or what do u recommend thanks
  Question: I have a cedar log home and the exterior has a linseed based product called Fargo on it. It has black areas forming on some of the logs and I would like to get rid of the black and some run marks from the Fargo and recoat. Can I clean the logs with Murphy Oil Soap? or do you have any other suggestions. I don't want to sand everything.
  Question: Our log home was built by the family around 1977. It was not stained after completion. It was stained about 20 years later with CWF cedar stain, we have not had any problems, but are concerned about your comments, the black mold when mean moisture is sealed in (right). We do apply stain every 4 years or so. Is there another oil based stained that you recommend. We are not able at this time to blast to remove it. Also is Borax laundry additive the same or similar to Borate?
  Question: We have a new hose with log on the outside. The bottom of the logs have turned black. What would you recommend we do to take the black off so we can restrain. Also, is there any way to prevent this from happening again?
  Question: We bought a white oak log home that has sat for fifteen years the previous owner used a honey color stain/sealer what can I do to get it if and back to natural color so I can reseal the home
  Question: I just constructed a new log sauna from tamarack, the logs are square on three sides so I would have to use caulking as opposed to chinking. Do I caulk before I stain or after?
  Question: We are having pine log siding with 1.5" chinking in our mountain home. We are hoping to avoid a yellowed or honey color. What is the best stain product and what would you recommend as a color finish for a cozy feel? Thanks so much!
  Question: Hello,

We purcahsed a log home and I don't like to stain colour used on the inside walls, can I use a darker stain on top or should I strip the surface before staining?

  Question: 7yr old log house. Silkens stain
Lakeside of house needs restraining, can I just apply silkens again after cleaning the logs
  Question: took pictures off interior log walls which are pine wood panels- they are bleached now. how do I get the same color of wall back?
  Question: We are building a new log cabin which will have one South/West facing wall without much overhang. We ahve been told that oil-based stains/seals (Sikkens or Gemini TWP) will do better on such a cabin than latex based stains/seals (permachink).
Better means we would need to reseal less often. Is this true?
  Question: I have some old hand hewn beams & logs. I've pressure washed them to get the dirt out & they look good but I want to put a clear finish on them so we don't get slivers. I was going to sand them 1st but don't want to take out the ax marks & that will be quite a project in itself. Can I just brush or spray the finish on. I want the real shiny look & what finish product should I use. Thank you very much!!!
  Question: I own a 25+/- cedar log sided house in PA. The house has been stained with Sikkens in the past. The house has gotten very dark on the exterior. We are having the house corn blasted to restore the original color. I need to find a stain to put on the exterior after we have it blasted. I would like to find something that will not darken the wood/change the color when it is applied. Any recommendations?
  Question: Should I stain the exterior of my Log Home from the bottom up or from the top down?
  Question: We just bought a vacant 1875 Log Home. We've torn off the wall boards that were put on in 1903 or earlier and have exposed the wood beams. What would we use to clean and seal or preserve them?
  Question: Hola, I have a log home and the interior walls are covered with 1 by 8 white pine tongue and groove.
The boards were white when I put them on ten years ago but have since turned brown even with a coat of minwax latex urethane. Is there anyway to bring that wood back to the original white or close to it?

Jerry H
  Question: We built a a log home 5 years ago in NE Tennessee. The contractor ran out of money at end of project and went extremely cheap on stain. 2 years ago we had cabin blasted down to bare wood and put on Permachink with a "reputable" contractor. Now some of the areas getting direct sun have faded and pealed off logs showing bare wood. 95% of house still looks great. Old contractor to ill to work and has retired. New contractor wants to go to bare wood again!!!! Can't the faded areas be worked and
  Question: We live in Southern Utah, at the North edge of the Mojave, where humidity is typically under 20% and in the summer it's closer to 10%. There's rarely snow on the ground, our summer highs can top 110'f. Our milled log, 'D'log cabin was built in 2007 and stained within a couple of months. The logs came with a certificate showing they were dried to 8-10% and are Douglas fir/white fir. We sealed it by brushing the oil based stain on in a circular motion, then rubbed the oil based Behr wood stai
  Question: We built our house with white pine, we have been here 4 years, love the house, I get this itchy red rash every year from april thur september, will putting a sealent on the wood inside help? Thanks
  Question: does it truly help to put "bug juice(product to deter carpenter bees)" in the stain before applying.
  Question: Why does stain turn out darker after cornblasting logs? Any way to fix it to lighter stain.
  Question: Inside window sills are black in places with water damage. a professional house painter used a Scandanavian oil to seal them, 10 years ago but the damage was already there. How can they be restored, what to use to reseal them?
  Question: UV rays have darkened inside walls of our log home which are a pine paneling. The areas under the wall decor have remained the original color. How do I lighten the walls as to not to be able to show these marks as we are selling it?
  Question: what is the average cost to pay a contractor to install half log siding on a 2300 sq foot house
  Question: We stained the interior logs (white pine) in our house with Permachink interior stain, then followed that with a clear coat of Minwax Clear Polycrylic. However I noticed that the Minwax polycrylic tends to collect dust. Can we overcoat the Minwax with a coat of Permachink clear acrylic stain? If so, do we need to first sand the logs?
  Question: Just purchased log home built in 1980. Not much maintenance done in at least 10-15 years. How can we tell if the interior logs have been varnished or stained in the past? Also, what is the best suggestion for caulking between the logs many gaps where sunlight comes in. Thank you.
  Question: Hello. Im a paintiing contractor, and haved applied the wrong stain to a fresh rough sawn pine post and beam for the exterior of a building. The product used is Permachink Lifeline exterior in Gentry Grey. I need to remove the grey and apply the Dark Natural. any thoughts?
  Question: how would you remove excess mildew of already stained logs. Already pressure washed the house and looking to get remaining residue off?
  Question: I own a 2007 home in the forest. The outside of the home is Hearty-Board but the big beams outside are stained. I am having trouble with black mold. I also tried to sand down some parts of the beams and stain them again but it didn't take. What is wrong
  Question: what kind of paint is best to use on an older log cabin?
  Question: Two questions. First, we have sanded our log home to bare wood and are getting ready to apply Perma-Chink products. We plan to use the Log Wash first, but how long should we wait between the log wash and allying the stain (Ultra 2) ? Can we stain the next day (the instructions only say to apply stain within 4 days of doing the log wash.... not specific enough). Second, I have read that the dept of forestry uses melted paraffin with their stain to prolong the life of the stain without any mainten
  Question: We just purchased a log home built in 1986. The interior logs have a dark red stain on them and look very dark and unattractive. I'm not sure what kind of wood the logs are made of, but I can see the beams are the original color and much lighter. What can we do to get rid of the dark red stain and lighten the wood back to it's natural color?

Thank you,
  Question: We recently purchased an old log home built in the 1850's. There have been a couple of additions and we'd like to paint them. We are torn between going with a greyish blue or choosing a paint with more of a brownish tone. Which way should we go to complement the old logs and maintain the character of the residence?
  Question: I just inherited my fathers log home and was wondering what to use to clean and stain/seal the logs. I have heard oxyclean could be used, but not sure. Also heard to use Olympic stuff for the stain/sealer. I have been checking into Permachink and thinking about using their stains. What is the best way/products to clean and stain/seal the logs?
  Question: I have a Southland Log house that has been stained with Wood Guard in the past. It still has some color and is very dry. It has been 3 years since it has been stained. The homeowner wants to go with a slick finish like Sikkens or Austrailian Timber Oil. Can this be done without stripping and if it needs to be stripped, what should be used?
  Question: I am preparing to stain the sun bleached areas of a log home. Is it alright to stain(oil) over existing stain(oil) instead of stripping it back down to bare wood?
  Question: The log home I purchased has been well maintained, I believe they stained the outside within the past 12 months with a "4 year" stain. It passed the sprinkle test and the water beaded up and remained for over 30 minutes. Would a new coat take or would it not absorb and be wasted
  Question: I just purchased a 13 year old log home that appears to have not been touched in some time and needs to be refinished. the previous owner used a Behr product and I would like to switch to a better quality stain. I plan to use and osborn brush to prep the wood. Can you give me some advice on choosing a good stain?
  Question: what finish do you put on wood vertical house after power washing
  Question: We have a new construction log home in the Alleghengy National Forest. The outside has been stained/sealed. Is it really necessary to stain the interior also?
  Question: What type and brand of stain do you recommend for log siding and for a pressure treated deck?
  Question: My wife and I purchased a 6" thick 8" tall D log home that was stained 5-7 years ago in upstate NY on the VT border. There is what I assume to be black mold where water splashes back from the porch under the 9/12 pitch roof. Also, I believe there is UV damage on the east facing wall with graying and stain peeling. Also, spaces between the butts of some of the logs (sometimes almost 1/4 inch). Checking has started inside and out; is this normal?
  Question: we have a log cabin in MN and we want to have it re-stained. I notice that some cabins have a shiny finish or glossy finish on the outside. What is that? How does that happen? does it last longer than regular staining?

  Question: Last summer while cleaning the ceiling trusses in my living room , I noticed the thru-bolt nuts in the gussets were loose . I tightened all nuts to 15 ft/lbs. Now in the following spring I am noticing a lot of large checks on all of the trusses which were not present before . I also installed a pellet stove in that part of the house the year before , but didn't see any problems with checks . Did tightening gussets cause this ? Should I loosen nuts back to hand tight hand ?
  Question: Do you have any experince or test results with a product called Continental WeatherSeal? In researching exterior finshes theres seems to be quite different then most. They push the thickness of the product. I have a 30 year old log pine home I just purchased and I will be stripping off the old finish(not sure what's on it, may be Sikkens) and starting from bare wood. Confused on what to use the cabin is in Northern Wisconsin so harsh climate is a consideration.

  Question: We are thinking of purchasing and existing log home that was built in 1977. The owner has maintained it beautifully, stains it every 2 3 yrs.
We don't know anything about log homes. Heard about insects, mold, carpenter bees, etc lots of problems could happen. We have not spoke to owner only realtor. We are in our 70's and don't want to make a mistake on purchasing a problem. We assume the settling and any leakage, cracks, etc would have shown up as it's 36 yrs old. My question is how much m
  Question: Our 12" pine D-log home was stained with Sherwin Williams woodscapes stain followed by two coats of permachink lifeline advance clear coat almost 4 years ago (new build) and is starting to fail. What is the best approach to redo the failing areas? Do I need to totally strip the finish and start over? A Cobb blasting company recommended that I blast and restrain the whole house with their 4 coat oil stain for 30k, help!
  Question: having my log home stained the guy from the log home place came out , pressure washed the home with log wash but was a little harsh on the wood and feathered it he has cauked between each log joint and now has begun the staining with sikens , but the stain in places has bubbles and you can see where he ruffled up the wood on some of the logs, he made me a quote of $5000 to do the work and is tring to go up on the price now , i have given him 2500 already he has been in the log home business for
  Question: Hi. We are having a painted tin roof installed on our 20yr old wrc log home. How contractor is concerned with how we will be able to safely and 'easily' maintain the second story without messing up the tin. We use lifeline. Any suggestions? thank you.
  Question: I'm building a pergola next to my home. My home is a gray,black and white color scheme and I would like to stain the pergola a dark shade of gray. Sashco was recommended, but they do not make a dark gray. Do you have a suggestion for a very long lasting, oil based sealant/stain? Also, do you have a recomendstion as to solid or semi-transparent. Thank you!!
  Question: I am in Maine and have a Western Red Cedar log home with full big logs from Canada. It is about eight years old. The exterior finish is clear/light, and there are now mildew specs/patches on it. I can't tell what was on it before. I want to have the surface stripped & cleaned and retreat it, but I don't know of a product that will hold up without mildew. I have tested everything common on virgin wrc, and seen mildew specs appear in one month to six months. Sikkins was the best, but after six m
  Question: Looking to re stain our log home. Logs are in pretty good shape. We would like a light simi trans that helps with insects and water.but we dont a great deal of money to spend. Any suggestions?? Thank you
  Question: My cabin was built in 1986. It is cedar (unsure what cedar) the logs are square and thick so 14 inch maybe. Somebody painted/stained it gray 10 years ago. I want the gray off and then stain to best applicable to its honey color?
  Question: We are buying a log home in the mountains of central Pa that was built in 1998. The home was stained then but hasn't been stained to my knowledge since and seems to be in good shape (no peeling etc.). I would like to stain it now. What should I do to prep the logs before staining.
  Question: I have purchased a 20 year old log home.Logs and home from northern Ontario.Interior has never been treated or sealed.Its past time to do this.White pine logs.Some have sap on them that has made it hard to match other logs that dont have the sap.What interior product will seal these logs and not turn orange.All the clear products I have tried have turned orange.Looking for a nice light brown color.Help.Harv Proctor
  Question: Hi, we're restoring a 140 year old log cabin that our great-grandparents built .. has a beauitiful grey patina plus some brown as it was covered with board and batton so was well protected. Today, we just cleaned it with log wash and next week plan to use the borate solution. We don't really want to stain it as the colours are beautiful as is but would like to apply a clear coat and then then leave it alone. What would you suggest? Thank you.
  Question: I have a round log home it was built in 1975 I live in southern ontario canada. the logs havent been stained in about 10 years, my queation is what kind of stain would i use and is there any kind of prep work i should do before restaining? the colour now is a light brown. Thank you
  Question: Hi I'm buying a 65 year old cabin in montana and it has very old, dark stain both inside and out. Is there a way to safely remove the stain so a lighter honey colored stain can be applied? Thanks
  Question: I have a front door that was painted using BEHR Scandinavian Oil Wood Stain 617 country pine. This has been replaced and I want to know the replacement so I can paint it the same color.
  Question: Corn blasted our yellow pine log cabin 5 yrs ago. Left the logs very rough (were smooth, which I prefer) Stained with TimberOx. Now logs are very dark. Prefer a honey color. Any suggestions?
  Question: We have built a new cabin and have ordered hand hued 10" half log for the interior and 4" X 4" trim around the big windows from Wisconsin Log Home. Our builder and stainer suggest we put up the logs and trim up first and then clear coating twice with sanding in between coats. Our stainer says he is going to spray this on. Do you have any suggestions on varnish material that will improve the yellowing concern? Does this sound like a great plan or is there a better option?
  Question: We built a log home approximately 26 years ago from a kit. It was stained with Sikkens. We have re-done it a couple of times, but the last time we added more stain to the end where it weathers worse. Now we need to completely re-do it. We have done some research and found you can use the Smart Strip to completely get the old stain off, but this is pretty pricey. Another option we have considered is using a solid stain, which I understand is like paint. If we go this route, how would we nee
  Question: We purchased a 7 year pine log home. One side of the house was never stained. How do I find out what type of stain was previously used. It is a really dark almost solid stain. I am guessing it is a Sikkens product as the previous owner/builder has many cans laying around but none of it matches the logs. I had a log home builder look at the surface and he started that I would not have to clean the unfinished logs and That I could just throw some stain on the them. Advise? Looks like i may b
  Question: I have made my own pine log siding with 2x8x12 kiln dried lumber from big box store. I'm using cedar tone stain for exterior and interior. My question is how do I get the shine on the logs after staining them what do I use for that ?
  Question: Bought a 20yr old tennessee red cedar log cabin. Needs to be stained and sealed and treated for boreing bees. Logs are in great shape (dark brown) some boards going up to the gable on one end has discolored from the sun. Logs are rounded on the sides and tung and groove top and bottom (no material between them). I have 2800 sq ft of surface area to cover. What do I need to do and what products do you recomend. Thanks!
  Question: what product can we use on the interior of our log home? D-shaped logs.
  Question: I bought a log home in colorado sitting at 8,000 feet. I do not know what kind of stain was used on the logs. I have had the home for 3 years and it is most likey time to restain it. How do I find out what was used on the home before and what I can put over it.
  Question: What are tannins and are they harmful?
  Question: I am looking for an interior and exterior stain or sealant for our Oak dblock home. We are beginning to get some black mold where the rain backsplashes. We will put a roof on the walkway this summer, Spoke with one lady that says that she had someting applied that was like a polymar, can't find out anything about this. HELP
  Question: we baught a pine log home 6 years ago, a portion of our rear south facing wall had to be replace and now in winter it has become an extremely cold corner(behind our kitchen cabinets) this morning noticed the newly placed logs had ice crytals on them at the exterior whereas the original logs didnt, the house is pine, just wondering is it possible inferior logs were used for the repair< can i frame sprayfoam and clad the rear wall< dont want to rip kitchen cabinets out< i am running out of ideas a
  Question: I am building a large hand hewn hemlock log home in the No Ga mountains. We are using Perma Chink Ultra 7 on the logs. The siding is rough hewn board and bat. We are considering using Perma Chink on the siding but were put off by the price. Is there another stain such as Olympic, Cabots etc...that will give the same performance for a lower price. I would also like a recommendation on the interior. We want a natural look on the interior logs and we like the rich look that an oil stain acheives bu
  Question: If I hang shelves in my new log home will the screw holes for the shelves ruin the logs and how do I hang them without leaving holes in the logs? My home has mostly log walls. I know with drywall if later on you want to take down a shelf you can patch the drywall but how do you handle that in a log home?
  Question: We have a log home that is about ten years old. We live in the mountains of Colorado at about 8,000 feet and our home is in the direct sunlight. We have been using Superdeck stain, applied every three years or so. Unfortunately, the stain does not seem to hold up on the sides of the house with a lot of sun exposure. These logs are showing considerable checking and cracking. So here are my questions...
1. Is checking and cracking a natural result of having a log home in the Colorado sunshi
  Question: We just bought a 15 year old, half log house in Georgia.
The color of the exterior is great and has a color and a shiny look to it that we like.
We'd like to make sure that we maintain it correctly.
If the color is correct and there's no discoloration to speak of should we restain it and then put something over the top? Or is there something to put over the top of it to seal it and maintain the shine?
  Question: want to turn front porch into enclosed bedroom
  Question: Hi, we are currently purchasing a chestnut log home in NY and it hasn't been stained (outside) for probably 20 years. It looks extremely weathered. In the spring I want to start prepping for stain and urethane but I'm unsure of the steps I need to take. I'm wondering if a pressure washer is sufficient to take off the old finish. Also, once the power washing is done, if that is sufficient, what cleaner should I use? I'm thinking of going with Sikkens as my stain. Thanks!
  Question: I. Am currently building a log cabin out if 6x8 classic D white pine. The logs have weathered slightlly from being out during the summer. The interior I would like to keep close to natural as possible with a shine on the wood. What would you reccommend
  Question: We just bought a large log home in East TN built in 2009. I have no idea which type of log it is built with. The logs are squared on 3 sides and rounded on the 4th (or exterior). There is less than an inch gap between the logs and it looks like there is some material present between the logs (i can see through larger gaps). There are a few rooms on the inside (1st floor) that are bare wood. The upstairs is all finished with sheet rock. I have a few questions:
1. Do we seal the inside OR t
  Question: My husband let the interior logs darken too much before we put our tongue and groove walls up (partitian walls). He sanded the log walls to try to lighten them and then clear coated all the walls. The log walls are still too dark and it looks bad to me. Is there any way to fix this?
  Question: can I leave the interior of my newly constructed [white pine 6x8 D logs]untreated?
  Question: I have a natural white pine fireplace mantel that is untreated. I would like to make it a touch darker than the natural light color without using polly. What do you think?
  Question: We want to refinish the intereior walls of a 12 yr. old log home (larch) which was finished with an oil based Sikkens Interior Clear. Can we apply a water based product over it or do we have to sand all the logs first? Is there a product we can apply which would eliminate all the sanding?
  Question: Our log home was built in 1986 of square white pine logs.They were never treated and have greyed over the years. We have just added an addition which looks the same except the new logs are of course the whitish in colour. Two it Ok to never treat the logs and is there any sense in trying to remove the grey from the original logs and then let it all age more or less equally...if so, what is the best way to remove the grey??
  Question: I plan to lightly pressure wash a log home treated with behr approx 4 years ago.Is there a stain that we be compatable.
  Question: I recently bought montana log siding and my nails and screws r splitting the wood what size do i use

  Question: I recently purchased a 12 year old log home. I do not know the history of the original log application care, nor the followup maintenance care. I would like to stain the interior logs a darker color this winter. Overall the interior logs look good, but there are a few logs that have cracks in them. I would like to do what is necessary to correct the cracks, as well as whatever is necessary to do the job right prior to staining the logs. With that in mind, what steps should I be doing to the inte
  Question: Hello log doctor, we have just applied Wodguard exterior on a newly constructed lodgepole pine log home. It looks terrific. It sounds like we may have fading fairly quickly. Should we plan on a second coat soon? When? And we plan to sand the inside and then use Lifeline or Woodguard interior. Both are acrylic/latex finishes. Is there something better we should use? Thanks
  Question: Two questions:

We have seen two log home companies, one caulks the outside logs and the other does not not. Which is better or required?
Is there any advantages to a modular home, built in a factory?
  Question: We stained with ultra 7 color bronze after media blasting. Can you lighten the color by adding the clear coat to the ultra 7 stain, it is darker than we anticipated.
  Question: We have recently finished assembly of our red pine log cabin. It is late October and with temperatures dropping quickly and rain/snow being in the forecast in the near future are we better off waiting until next spring to stain/seal the logs? My main concern is that I want the logs to be perfectly clean before staining to avoid any mold growth, but I would like to be able to use the cabin as soon as possible. Could we just use chinking to insulate the log cabin now, then wash it in TSP Bleach wa
  Question: I am buying a used log home built in 1989 that needs to be stained badly,I am told it will be to cold to stain now and need to wait until the spring. My question is can I at least wash it and bleach it now just to give it a cleaner look or do I need to wait for that also.
Thanks Pete
  Question: we used perm chink water based "Lifeline Exterior" stain and "perma chink "Lifeline Advance exterior clear coat" to finish. Can we apply sashko's stain and sealant without sanding the logs?
  Question: We are thinking about purchasing a log home in North West Oregon that was built in 1982/83. Is there anyway to determine which log home company provided the logs/kit?
  Question: trying to install lights & receptacles, do they make any product that would these devices be flat on the log home
  Question: I manage a log home and it is in need of staining. The property owner is getting ready to pressure wash and stain his home. The weather has been very wet with very few dry days. Would you advise he waits until spring so the logs will dry better prior to staining or will the weather not effect the logs.
  Question: Just bought a log cabin. Carpenter bees have destroyed many parts of the logs. Cabin has not been stained for 7+ years and is in need of reconditioning. The carpenter who built the house said he uses TWP stain. What would you recommend for treating the carpenter bee damage and staining the cabin?
  Question: I just media blasted my log home, now I need a coating, what are the best coatings?
  Question: We are doing prep work on our 12 yr. old pine log home. After pressure washing, cleaning with oxyfoam and rinsing are presently sanding off with angle grinder and random orbital are close to getting ready to stain with a penetrating oil sealer. It is taking longer than we anticipated. We have been checking moisture of logs and they are drying well in our 90 degree heat. My question is how to we clean logs when we complete sanding? Blower, water rinse? Will rinsing off mean another week to dr
  Question: Thank you for the great information. We have purchased a 15 yr old log home which the owner painted a deep blue immediately after construction. We are having the paint removed with a cob blaster. We wanted a semi-transparent stain but the contractor says hes contact at the local Sherwin Williams store has informed him that the paint may have seeped deep into the wood and may not allow even/deep stain penetration with a semi-transparent. The result could be really bad spotting. Instead they are s
  Question: Finish build. our D.Fir log home in NH - 3 mnth ago.Propos.from paint.vary in applications and in products. Told by log smith by chainsaws - sanded in Canada). Now darker.Like the lighter color from past. Paintrs told not to sand - just apply. Some say top coat - some don't. Some want to use Sher. Wil. or Sansin. Home was expensive - don't want to make a big mistake.
  Question: I used Sikkens Dark Oak Cetol Log and Siding Coating on cedar garage doors and home owner wants to brighten without darkening them.
  Question: We are considering purchasing a large log home in Maine. We would like a "log home expert" to assess the condition of the house since we have no experience with log structure. How would you suggest we find this person? We live near San Francisco CA. Thank you.
  Question: Our cedar log home Glidden honey-colored stain fades in 2-3 years. We do not simply brush on new stain, of course, because the appearance is then badly uneven. So we get it sanded. That works but is very expensive. Bleaching after pressure-wash has been suggested, also very expensive. Any other suggestions? Darker stains are unappealing.
  Question: we stayed in a log cabin in alaska that had what appeared to be stained with gym seal. it was very clear and shinny. it looked to be 1/4 inch thick . what do you thin they used. would it work in tn?
  Question: Our white pine log wasbuilt in 2012. we stauned
We built our white pine log home in 2012. Stained it with Wolmans oil base. It seemed to do well for 5 yrs. Pressure washed and stained with same stain. looking for a longer lasting pproduct. what do you recomend. Dan

  Question: Would it be ok to polyurethane the inside of the logs? Also what should be used to clean mold on the logs?
  Question: We just purchased a log home in North Carolina built in 1991. Has stain on the home and deck. Deck is pealing. House has mildew on it. After cleaning should we paint or stain?
  Question: We are building a log home in southern Indiana and will be ready to stain in late October. What does the temp have to be to stain? We are using permanent chink lifeline. Thanks. John and lori vance
  Question: We stained our log home three years ago with A Rymar clear water based product, Some areas are pealing and the areas which get the most sun are the worst. What product do you suggest going over this water based product with this time
  Question: Just bought a large 30 year old log home in the central california foothills. The wood has not been treated for over 12 years (last was with linseed oil). This house has cost too much after buying already (2 new AC units, etc...) In about 3 years my financing will be improved. What inexpensive stain (not $80 a gallon, more like $20-25 ), can I use to hold me over for a couple of years , where I can do it right with media blasting first? or should I just use linseed oil again like the previous
  Question: can you place a solid color oil based stain over a oil based weather seal product on a log home. thank you
  Question: I stained our log house 7-8 years ago with Cabot's semi-solid oil-based stain. I just had it powerwashed and I am considering going to a water-based stain because the oil-based stuff seems to mildew very quickly these days. My painter feels that there shouldn't be much of a problem with changing to water-based. Do you agree? Also, was wondering if you have any experience with the Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams water based semi-solid stains..
  Question: we have a very large commercial building that has pine log siding..the finish is peeling in some spots and the yellowy color is not attractive. what is the best way to remove all the finish? can the siding then be left unfinished to grey naturally?
  Question: We are getting ready to reside our cabin in the Adirondacks with a half round smooth log siding, trim will be rough sawn. Moisture is an issue due to tree cover. Do you recommend an oil or water based stain. We do want a translucent color and I do not like a shiny finish. Any advise would be appreciated.
  Question: I have Cabots clear solution on my half log siding, but on the south side where sun hits it the knots turn white and stain soaks into wood. I stained it 2 years ago and it looks bad again, the rest of the house looks fine and was done some 5 years ago. I was told to put shellac on the knots then stain. How about the wood area that is dull where stain soaks in, do I shellac them too? Is shellac the best or is there another solution. Thanks
  Question: once you have your log cabin built how long should you wait to stain the outside?
  Question: The log home we just purchased needs to be stained. My painter was going to use superdeck (not log stain, but just what you use on regular siding/decks) - is this ok?
If not, what do you recommend? I do not like the shiny look.
We live in a harsh climate of high desert and lots of snow in Lake Tahoe.
  Question: Is Amteco twp 1500 a good choice for a prefinished log home in the upper midwest ?
  Question: We stained our log home about 3years ago with Ben Moore exterior oil stain it's starting to fade out ,would like to use Sherwin Williams woodscapes latex solid stain, logs are in great shape and clean my concern is latex over oil finish, home is 25 years old. Thanks, Denny
  Question: We clean a new log cabin using bleach. Our logs now have streaks on them. The first. Coat of clear stain was already applied. How do we get rid of the streaks from the logs now?
  Question: We have stripped our 2" thick and
4" wide t&g pine floor and are now ready to seal. We are considering the sure shine by perma chink but concerned about it going on clear because it is water based. We like the look of a poly based or oil based coat, but live in Alaska and have limited variety. Our other choice is products by verathane or flood. For an amber golden look without a stain do you recommend the sure shine?
  Question: Have decided to proceed with corncorb blasting the exterior pine log siding and decking. How do WoodGuard brand stains rate, by your standards?

Thank you for your time.
  Question: My log home was built in 1988 (white pine)and was finished with CWF a couple of times the last CWF-uv at least seven years ago. It has darkened quite a bit to the point of looking dark brown/dirty. Have been power washing - looks great. What is the best finish to use at this point in time? We would like it to remain lighter and bright - honey-like. We live in a wooded area in upstate NY - Endicott. Also, how long should this new finish last and can re-power washing be avoided by inexpensiv
  Question: I recently purchased a log home. The logs are very dry and "splitting". This is purely sun damage which has dried them out. I recently started to stain with CWF-UV. The color is very dark in the driest areas. Almost like a purple. Is there a way to restore these before next staining in a couple of years? I have about half the house done now and plan to finish it this week.
  Question: where can i rent a corn cob blasting machine near manchester ten
  Question: We are installing milled kiln dried 2X12 Douglas Fir / Larch log siding on our Montana ranch home. We want to keep the natural color look. What is the best product or products to use? We have a commercial grade airless sprayer and plan to treat the siding before installation inside our large shop. Thanks in advance.
  Question: the exterior of our logs are stained with a semi-transparent product from Lifeline---they need to be restained and the consensus among the wife and kids is to change to a solid color stain---are there any foreseeable problems i should be aware of before making this change---thanks
  Question: Hi, my Dad says that logs need to breath. Is this true? Wondering if my Mom can paint the logs of thier cabin.
  Question: We just purchased a log home in Waxahachie, TX. We know nothing about them but are learning. I have done a search online for one problem, but haven't come up with an answer. We have two areas on inside walls where sap is running down the walls onto the floor below and is causing a sticky problem. I have tried Goo Gone to remove it from the floors, but I don't think there is enough Goo Gone in the world to clean the mess on the wall. Can you help?
  Question: Just purchased a cabin which has been painted with a latex stain. A specialist said this is as bad as paint and needs to be stripped and re stained. What to do?
  Question: I have owned a log home in southern Vermont since 2007. The house was built in 1989. The stain on the house seems to be in good shape and I would like to keep it that way. I have not put anything on it since I purchased the house and I do not know what the previous owners applied. A local log cabin builder/restoration business is pushing a product called Transformation Stain. Have you heard of this and is it a good product to use? Thanks.
  Question: I just re stained my deck after 3 years with the same product that I used originally. (Super deck semi transparent stain) almost immediately after applying I started to get air bubbles all over the new finish. Why? I prewashed the deck with deck wash. The weather was sunny and about 60 degrees
  Question: i stained a cabin using Woodguard, i am not happy with this product(neither is my customer) would like your opion about the compatibility and the general consensus of SW Q8 log oil
  Question: We recently purchased a 104 year old log cabin and we are wondering what to do to maintain the outside of the logs as they appear to be dryer and much more weathered than the interior walls. I am assuming it has been treated with a black stain, but I was hoping to change it to a weathered grey or smokey transparent stain. What is involved in this process of removing old stain and applying new stain? It there anything we can do to ensure longevity especially on the south facing wall? Thanks
  Question: I have a log home on lake in Mt. Gilead , Ohio and it needs restoration with restaining, etc. I need somebody that is reputable to do the work. do you have any contacts you would recommend in ohio? I am also thinking of going with composite boards to cover my 2 decks and 2 docks. what do you think of that option? Thanks
  Question: we havepurchased a cedar log home what would you recommend to use for staining? thank you
  Question: In my area, I have a choice between SuperDeck Log Home Finish and Sikkens SRD. Ignoring for a moment your preference for non-oil based products, between the two of these, which would you recommend for exterior log cabin application?
  Question: What are you thoughts of using Cabot Australian timber oil on a pine log home?
  Question: I have a log home I applied Sikkens cetol and cetol 23 sealer to. I applied several coats of the sealer especially on the east and west facing sides. It has held up well as it is 10 years old and the house sees wind, ice, snow, hail you name it. I am going to reapply a coat of sealer this spring. Mainly on the west and a little on the east sides down low where the sun is at its worst I have some chipping of the sealer/stain at the log checks. Everywhere it has chipped has been at a check (checks
  Question: We finished cabin ceiling with tongue and groove cedar planks. We used Cabot natural stain which is great but even with our sanding preparation we have dull and shiny areas. We have completed two coats with some improvement but dull areas are still a problem. What can we do to help the look or will it even out with time?
  Question: I recently bought some 2x4s that appear to have black mold on them. Is this safe to handle?
  Question: When restoring dark, dry interior logs using the sanding method does all the precious stain need to be removed or just most of it? The previous stain was a darker walnut and I don't mind going back with that color. The old, 30-40 yr old stain has penetrated very deep into our pine interior logs. So much thanks!!!
  Question: I just started staining the ceiling beams for my log home which will be built in the upcoming weeks. I am using Permachink Lifeline Interior clear stain with Sure Shine topcoat. I added UV Boost to the stain as per package instructions. My beams are turning out a terribly ugly bright yellow and no one can figure out why. Do you know what could be causing the terrible yellow color? The UV Boost is bright yellow in the original bottle and I'm afraid that could be the culprit despite Permachi
  Question: House weathered slightly on south side& certain areas: have slight molding problem and sun has slightly darkened the logs- what products should I use to correct back to original(logs are pine) and were treated once by builder of house !
  Question: We just purchased a 40 year old log home a year ago. The exterior was originally coated with creosote and has not been touched since (as far as we know). There is no rot, no insects and the logs are very dark from this original treatment. However,some sections are fading that are in direct sunlight. What is recommended for re-staining over the old creosote finish? We dont mind the dark color. We cannot afford corn blasting at this time. Thank you in adavnce
  Question: how often should you stain a log home?
  Question: I have a Log home and would like the exterior logs to look shiny what can I use?
  Question: I have a 20-year old cedar log cabin. I've been using transparent UV sealer (Defy Advance) on it to preserve the natural color, but now the sun-facing sides are bleaching out. I think I need a transparent stain with UV. I've heard most about Defy and Lifeline. Any recommendations?
  Question: we are getting ready to apply a fresh coat of stain to our log home there are some dark spots on it and some one recommended sikkins primer how do I treat these spots before I stain
  Question: We are in the planning phase of building our log home. I am interested in finding low or no voc stains and sealants to use on finishing the home. Are there any of no voc products made specifically for log homes? I have the same question for synthetic chinking as well. Thank you so much!
  Question: Is it anything that you could use on logs to protect them from the weather?I like to use nature for a flower bed and I would rather use logs,than stone.
  Question: We have a log cabin. In 2003 put two coats of Waterlox Original and two of Waterlox Marine on the exterior. It is now weathered and stained, but little to no pealing has occurred even though winters are extreme and elevation is high. Due to the now extreme cost of Waterlox or similar products, we have decided to paint instead. Powerwashing beforehand has been recommended but we are remote and have no on-site source of water underpressure or even a stream. All gloss is gone from the varnish
  Question: Should you use semi transparent or solid wood stain on log siding.
  Question: We have a 1 year old cedar log home, we stained it with cabbot semi transparent stain last fall. The problem that we have is the cedar porch ceilings are blotchy (very shiny where the knots are and dull on the rest of the cieling). Is there anyway to take the shine out of the stain? Maybe a clear polyurethane (flat finish). Something easier than Cobb blasting it off. Thanks, Ron
  Question: 1.)my log cabin built in 1996 is fading on the interior logs. Am not sure what product was used originally,- can i use Sikkens to stain the interior, and do i have to use a 2 step system, and use a clear coat after the stain.
2).The exterior was restained 2 years ago using oil base Penofin- what do you suggest when the exterior needs to be restained next time?
  Question: We built a log home 9 years ago; the first time we brushed on a coat of all purpose exterior oil base Menards stain 5 years later we sprayed on the same stain. I don't like how the East has weathered and looks dry. Some one recomended Sikkens brand stain but I am unsure of how to prepare the surface for new stain. What is the best prep and best stain. Does a clear coat help with the dry look. We have areas that are black and run from some nails. I saw you stated sikkens brand needs an app
  Question: I have a few rough (chainsaw) carvings in our yard in South Florida. I put woodguard on them last year and am looking for better protection. Can I put a Spar Varnish over the woodguard?
  Question: The rough sawn boards of my log cabin porch are showing signs of a white powder when i rub them. They are under the roof and are on the north side getting no sun. Do I need to power wash then apply waterproof stain?
  Question: We are putting cyprus board and batting on the outside of our daughter and grandchildren's home and my husband wants to use a deisel fuel mixture. do you know the pros and cons of this? Thank you for any help you can give us.
  Question: How do you properly protect logs that are 100/200 years old for the environment? Please help we were thinking just motor oil???
  Question: After applying an oil based stain to cob blasted logs, will an oil based solvent lighten it significantly? If so, do recommend one solvent over another? How will chinking (log Jam) react to the solvent.
  Question: I am building a new home with Cypress logs. Do you recommend an oil based stain, and if so what brand? Also, how can I measure the moisture content of my logs?
  Question: We are using white pine logs for the interior of our home. I want it to resemble a log cabin look. What color stain should we use?
  Question: We just bought a kit log home built in 1990 in Hawaii, and appears to have had no maintenance in this time. I can see a little sunlight through the walls. Can you recommend products to preserve, fill in the gaps between logs, stain, stain remover, stop bugs. All for interior and exterior. Keeping in mind our moist climate and constant UV and salt breeze. There has already been stain applied but it needs to be redone in a different color. I don't have a clue where to start. There has been
  Question: My cedar home was powerwashed and stained with seikkins semi transparent product. The house has turned very dark. Can it be powerwashed with tsp
product to lighten. Thank you
  Question: My log home in New York was built in 1985. 3 years ago we had it restained with Cabot oil based stain. We have used Cabot on previous occasions and had no problems. This time, it was the newly formulated stain. Within 6 months the wood started turning black. Had it power washed - still black. Used Cabot problem solver - still black. Finally used combination of a Linzer cleaning product and bleach. It cleaned up fairly well with this. Now, 2 years later it's in even worse shape. What d
  Question: I have an old log cabin in southern ohio. It was built in the mid to late 1800's and added on to in the early 40's. I am going to remove the 40's section. This will expose the original cabin chinking and logs. I will need to rechink and seal one side. The other sides have been covered with ceader siding that is very weathered. What are my best options? Someone told me to seal the ceader siding with used motor oil. That would be less flamable than the dried out old ceader. I don't really like
  Question: In 1980 I used a wax based stain made by Cabot to stain my interior cedar log walls. Now I want to restain the walls to lighten up the interior. Is there a way to remove the old stain? The logs are water stained and discolored and I am hoping to take old product off and restain to bring back lighten cedar look.
  Question: We had a log home (pine) built during the sumer and fall of 2011. As the weather turned colder upon competion of the cabin, it was recommended that we not stain the exterior until the temperature, both day and night, would exceed 50 degrees. Some parts of the exterior logs have weathered to a gray color, and it appears that they should be washed before any staining is done. As there is no stain on the exterior at this time, how do you recommend preparing the cabin for staining.
  Question: As a teen I was highly allergic to different tree pollens, grasses and weeds. We renovated a home two years ago and installed pine board and cedar walls. I have had recurring bronchitis (6-8) times a year)and no doctor can tell me why. Could it be an allergy to the boards?
  Question: I have just bought a log cabin that is about 30 years old. The interior wood needs to be restored because it has become quite dark in some places and its very dirty. I would prefer not to sand because of the huge task and so I have looked at glass blasting but not sure if it fits in with my budget. Is there a natural wood paint that I could use to lighten or tone the wood without first sanding or blasting it. Or do you recommend using an electric planer to clean the wood surface with. Many Thank
  Question: One wall on our 12 year old log home has weathered and the stain is starting to flake in places and numerous areas of graying are present.We believe the original stain used was Sashco.Can you please advise us which treatment and products to use to rectify these problems.We live in the UK so if you know of stockists here or any who would ship to us that would be great.
  Question: I have had trouble with high sierra honey tiber as they changed from oilbased to water base house looked very blotchy. Cob blasted off white pine logs. Then applied Penofin it looked great at first now is black and very blotchy what works best to strip the penofin off. And have you heard anything about Wood Iron wood finishing thanks
  Question: I cut down a cedar tree to use as a flag pole. I have shaved off the bark to expose the smooth wood under it. How long should I let the log dry before applying an oil?
  Question: We have a douglas fir log home and I don't like the color the bare wood has turned into - an orangy-yellow. When the logs were first cut, there were a gorgeous light honey blond color. Since I haven't stained the interior, would wood bleach be my best solution to bring back the lighter color?
  Question: What would a ballpark price be for restaining/sealing the exterior of a 2300 sq ft log(pine)home.
Thank you
  Question: I just purchased and old hand hewn beam that I put in my new loft. It was reclaimed from an old barn. It is aged and dirty. Can I just bleach and then stain it? It is already installed and we want to finish it right. It is 12' by 13" by 8" so it is a hefty showcase beam. should i then coat it with linseed oil? Totally at a loss as to how to finish it as a piece of beauty.
  Question: Hi, installing pine tongue and groove to ceiling and walls, what kind of clear stain should we use, any certain brand,and how many coats . Thanks!
  Question: we have just purchased a log home made with 100 year old logs. they do not appear to have ever been stained. should we stain them?
  Question: We are building a timber framed home the whole interior of the home is all wood what we have white pine tg hewn siding and half logs, oak timbers, and red cedar for the trim what do I need to do before I stain the interior. Also some of the White pine tg siding has black on it. I think it is mold i've tried bleach.Thank you
  Question: I have made a mantle of Oak. I filled nail holes and other imperfection in the wood with wood filler. I stained the bottom of the mantle first to test for problems. I area of th mantle where I sanded the filled holes are a lighter color than the rest of the mantle base. Since it is on the bottom of the mantle, not too concerned, but I would like to avoid this on the front and top of the mantle. I am using a dark water based minwax stain, so applying another coat make the color darker. It th
  Question: We are moving and have taken down the picture we had hanging on the walls of our log cabin. The "picture" is still clearly visible on the wall. Is there anything we can do to make the space on the walls the same color as the rest of the walls or will it do it over time?
  Question: Log Doctor,

I am currently in the process of prepping my spruce interior logs for staining, and I have a question regarding what interior product to use. At the local hardware store they suggested Varathane premium diamond wood finish outdoor semi-gloss clear. They said it will provide more UV protection. I purchased a few cans however I noticed on the directions that it is not recommended for interior use. Is there any issue applying an exterior product on interior logs? Alternatively I
  Question: Our home was stained some years back with a pecan color stain and then covered with a gloss top coat. The house got to the point that walls in direct sunlight and/or areas with no overhang had no finish left while other areas still had the gloss finish. Last month we did a low pressure wash with bleach and re-stained the home with Woodguard warm pecan. The color of the walls with the new stain match the previously stained walls however the finishes are different. Previously stained walls are glo
  Question: Re-staining pine log home. Original finish was Rymar Rain Wet Sheen. Should I stay with Rymar Rain Wet? Should I consider another product, and would it apply over the Rymar Rain Wet? Thanks.
  Question: I have a 1984 built log (whole log)home with exposed chinking outside and would like to stain the home. It currently has what appears to be a water based stain in dark chestnut that we would like to change to dark, almost black stain. Any suggestions for product brand? Also, any ideas on how to eliminate or decrease indoor spiders in the home (Maine)?
  Question: We just had our 12 year pine log home re-stained. The painter used sikkens- natural finish. Our home is now much darker than the original color we were looking for. The painter did power wash and bleach for the prep work, and now he is telling us there is nothing that he can do. What options do I have?
  Question: Hi, I want to change the color of the interior logs in my home. My husband bought this pre-built shell over 25 years ago and it was sitting exposed to the elements for at least 3-5 years. He reconstructed on our property in 1991. The interior logs are dark and dry. I want them to be lighter and have a shine to them making it easier to clean. What should I do? HELP!
  Question: We just had our Dlog home cornblasted to get the Siekens off of it and are going to restain it. What would be the best thing to use to stain and seal the logs? The home is at approximately 9,000 feet in Colorado.
  Question: We have a 30 year log home and the interior walls are very dark. I would like to lighten the walls and prefer not to sand them. Can I paint them with a solid color stain?
  Question: I have a new white pine log cabin with a covered wrap around porch so that sun and rain very rarely if ever reach the logs. I would like to stain them a weathered silver grey so that they look like they have been there for 100 years.The logs have been hand hewn. Every stain I have tried on scrap pine looks like paint even Cabot's Bleaching Oil. Can you recommend anything to try.
  Question: Do new logs need to be washed before staining? IF so will just pressure washing do? or should you put a chemical cleaner on it?
  Question: I just put up new log siding on my home. How long can I wait to to seal it?
  Question: Thanks you for the answer on the post beetle and the use of Boracure.....if I strip my logs and apply this solution to protect them from any current issues or future how soon after the application can I apply my new stain and varnish? Thanks
  Question: We are cornblasting and re-staining our cabin in Colorado. The contractor is talking about using Watco but I can't find out anything about it. I am concerned
  Question: Our builder put log siding on our new home a year ago and it is turning grey in places. It is splotchy looking, uneven, some places look like there is nothing on the siding at all. Our builder did not apply a stain at all just used a product that is a clear coat, brand name is Flood. It looks aweful. What can I do to start over with a stain and sealer.
  Question: Recently purchased a D style log home in northern michigan near Cheboygan. The logs are verticle with slines on both sides. The home was built about 30 years ago but no one knows the origin. Of course the outer wall is the inner wall as the about 4" thick. How would you replace any individual logs? Also is there a good varnish removal process or product other than a scraper or heat gun.....thanks
  Question: Why are some acrylic solid color stains for decks not recommended for siding?
  Question: building new home in mountains of Virginia; what is best treatment/stain for cedar board siding? treat both sides of board or just side exposed to sun?
  Question: Looking at a log house for sale built in 1981 , talked to previous owner who was actual builder he also built ten other log houses in my area about what he stained and or sealed outside logs with . He told me he mixed his own solution of diesel, parafin (sp) wax, some uv blocker and some other stuff he treated every five years, logs look great no sign of rott or strange coloring. I no you don't approv using diesel as a sealer so my question is how bad is it for the logs,are ther any health iss
  Question: We purchased a log home 4 years ago. It was finished with Behr Cedar log Home Stain. The North and South sides of the home look really good, but the east and west side are starting to weather. Will the product thatBehr has to clean the logs be enough to use to get the log back to where we can reapply the new coat of Behr log stain, and it will look even?
  Question: my wife and I have a log cabin as a get away place. But lately when she's there within an hours she starts snezzing and gets all clogged up. Don't know what I need to do. I have bleached the walls and keep it super clean. Any ideas?
  Question: Our log home was built in 1989, we have been here since 2006. I believe it is the original treatment on the logs, which is very dark and may be walnut. It is well past time for us to do something with it since the lower logs are starting to weather. I know we have to pressure wash it, but then what? Will pressure washing it take the color off to a degree? We don't want to make it any darker, so what color stain(?) should we put on? It is a one story home, so I am planning/hoping to do thi
  Question: I am building a 1500 sq foot house in mountains of Virginia (2500 ft elevation, rustic setting). House will have standing-seam metal roof. What kind of siding would you recommend? log siding (pine or cedar?)? hardieboard? redwood? other?
  Question: what is the best brand of solid stain to use on a cedar log home.
  Question: my log cabin had some peeling of sikkens stain. i needed to apply more stain. i washed it with tsp and bleach. then power washed it. a whith residue is now on the logs, how do i get it off? what can i do? help!!
  Question: We have a 100 year old pine log cabin that we had moved to our land and love the natural look of the wood and are not too keen on staining (we did have the borate applied). The folks doing the chinking have strongly recommended Lifeline staining for UV protection and a clear coat. As I go through the the questions/answers I have seen the following responses that might be in conflict:


We have a 150 year old log cabin,built with hand hewn square logs. We have cleaned them. What ki
  Question: Spar varnish applied to exterior logs cracks from winter movement of logs, so is there any benefit as a wood preservative & UV blocker by from cutting oil based stain with spar varnish in a ratio of 1 gallon stain to 1 pint spar varnish?
  Question: what kind of undercoat can i use on exterior wood but i want to but a stain on top and a varnish finish, what can i use?
  Question: Is it ok to apply spar varnish to interior walls of a white pine log home.
  Question: Log Doctor,I own Dun-Rite Painting in Boone NC I use a great deal of Sikkens products.How ever one of my customers is having a very large log home being built completely out of Cedar.What products would you advise using on the exterior and interior cedar.Thanks for your time.Spencer USMC
  Question: were looking into purchasing a log house but on the inside what would be logs are like tongue and groove beams quite large just wondering if theres any way to brighten the interior or wood of the house?
  Question: What would you recommend for the outside protectant on a camp in Old Forge, NY. I apologize I recall you previously said neither sickens or Q8 what would you recommend. Thanks again
  Question: New white pine log camp in Old Forge, NY, should we use sickens or Q8 for the stain. Thanks
  Question: Brand new cabin built from spruce. Haven't put anything on the logs, as I don't want any chemicals or anything gassing off, which would also defeat the purpose of living in a natural wood home. Someone told me do the ends of the logs with a mix of white glue and water-just to seal them. I was thinking this on the entire home. Looking forward to your reply thnx
  Question: I just finished my basement with D-log pine siding (half round). I want to keep its natural look, so what is the recommended stain to use for the finish?
  Question: I am bidding a 5 year old home that has sansin 2 or 3 coat system on it.The house is full log consruction.Last year another contractor started to restain it after pressure washing it.Owner says the next coat of Sansin started to seperate after application.Any ideas on whats happening ?
  Question: Is flood solid stain ok to use on a log home?what do you think of flood solid stain?
  Question: Hi, my current log home is approx. 9 years old. It was stained by the previous owners 2-3 times with olympic maximum stain. I was wondering if I could apply permachink lifeline ultra over the current stain or do I HAVE to remove the previous stain and then re-stain. If I do have to restain what would be the best method to remove the existing stain? Thank you!
  Question: We have a 2 story 2025 sf white pine cabin that is 18 months old. It was originally treated with Sikkens but sprayed on by the builder. We see some spots that looks like it needs to be retreated. How much stain will we need? do we need to let it dry 1-2 months before staining? Thank you for your advise
  Question: Do you have a recipe for staining log home with diesel and/or motor oil
  Question: we have just cleaned a pine log home with 1x8 t&g pine porch ceilings and there are lots of white spots in the ceiling boards and trim. Also on the logs there are white streaks or runs. we cleaned from bottom up with 4w to 1 water and bleach like normal. Then pressure washed. what is the spotting and streaking from. the spots are behind the old finish. thanks
  Question: I have a log home (D-log system) manufactured by Old Timer Log Homes in Tenn. that is no longer in business. It was built about 1994. The logs had Pittsburg exterior rez stain & wood preservative semi transparent oil in a charcoal color on them. I pressure washed the house last fall and was needing some suggestions on what to treat the logs with. All of the stain didn't come off and I was thinking about staining over it with a color that I like and having the more rustic look. Is this OK? How d
  Question: We are in the process of building a log home in Western NC using 12 inch pine D-logs. We are going to use the Perma-Chink on the exterior. What do you recommend on the interior? The builder says he normally does 2 coats of poly with no stain. I like the look of the bare wood so should I go with a light stain or does in matter as long as it is sealed?
  Question: I bought a small log home last fall and decided to replace the bath tub with a soaker tub. When the surround was taken down (am not replacing it) we found the logs were a much faded colour. What do I need to do to match up?
  Question: My log home has some type of "backer rod" which looks like some type of spackling. It's starting to come apart and I have no idea where to get the material to repair it!?!?
  Question: we had a chimney leak and we think its creosote (could be something else) that ran down our sealed interior log wall, we've tried everything and can't get the dark run stains off the wall. sanding it makes it look worse b/c the logs are hand hewn and they won't sand evenly with the uneven hewn texture. is there anything you can think of that would work. the logs were not stained a color just sealed with Sashco's Symphony clear coat. thanks!
  Question: We have put log siding on our home. We stained it all before we put it up. Now a year later, our siding has turned black in most spots. Even under some of the nails, Black runs. Used the right nails. What can we do to fix? What went wrong?
  Question: when the home is being restained how do they prevent that from getting on the chink , or during the maintenance coat what is the normal protocol,how is this typically done
  Question: I purchased a western red ceder log home that was painted with an exterior flat paint. What is the best way to bring it back to it's original wood ready to clear coat?
  Question: What is the best way to determine the type of wood used in a log home? & are there different procedures used to clean the exterior of different species of wood?? I have a 23 year old "d" log home that is rather dark on the exterior & would like to clean, treat,& seal it.
  Question: I have a log home and have applied a clear finish on the exterior logs (pine) for years. A couple of years ago I wanted a color so we bleached and power washed the exterior and scraped off the loose flakes. We then applied a paint coating and now notice white spots on all sides of the house. There is no adhesion problem; just white spotes. Could this be from the bleach not totally removed from pressure washing or what would this be? Solution?
  Question: Just built a log home, the contractor is applying Minwax clear semi gloss water based polyurethane on the pine paneling. Some of the boards are turning a urine colored yellow at the ends. He sanded it off and re-applied and it did it again. Is there something in the wood causing a reaction with the poly? Any answers will be appreciated.
  Question: New construction,log siding.What do you recommend Sikkens or Q8. Camp in Old Forge, NY
  Question: My home was built in the late 70's of milled round logs manufactured in Bozeman, Montana. It has been sandblasted and will be sanded in preparation for staining. The logs are either fir or pine. Is there a way to tell which they are? The gable ends are tongue and groove pine and the garage doors are cedar. I would like all parts of the house to show the gold of the logs with the wood grain and knots to show up brown rather than red. Please advise me regarding staining to blend these diffe
  Question: I am building an addition on to a 150 year old log house. The East wall will become an interior wall, but it's treated with creosote. How can I remove the creosote - it's only surface deep.? Will sand blasting work?
  Question: I am pressure washing a log home that has been previously treated with a oil based stain. Pressure washing with bleach doesn't remove the oil based stain. The owner bought a cleaner from Perma Chink and it isn't getting the job done. There is a lot of graying and black mold /mildew on the logs. Some of the old stain is off leaving sun damaged wood. What do you suggest I do in this case? The customer isn,t willing to use a buddy blaster.


Jerry Miracle
  Question: I have recently purchased a 6 yr old cedar sided house at 9500' elevation (lots of UV) and very low humidity. The siding looked very dry and blotchy. I hired a contractor who put on one coat of Super Deck. The blotches are gone, but the wood still looks very dry. Several painters have now looked at it, and all recommend putting one or two additional coats of an oil based stain on the siding. I know that you strongly prefer the latex based stains. It wouldn't bother me if the result is a darker
  Question: I have a log home we powered washed it and used bleach and water to clean the wood. I now want to stain the wood before winter is olympic semi transparent stain a good one to use? I would also like to put some kind of gloss over it but not one that will peel as it gets old. Any suggestions?
  Question: We have a 150 year old log cabin,built with hand hewn square logs. We have cleaned them. What kind of stain/preservitive do we use now?
  Question: my mother is allergic to pine trees, and i want to build a log home and so does she will this allergic reaction to pine trees be a problem if so what other kind of piece of wood could we use to build the log homes with?
  Question: HELP> our hemlock pine home in sw pennslyvania is about 33 years old and in need of exterior cleaning staining, ect.. we hired a co, they used mixture of bleach & tsp and pressure washed entire house looks beautiful, then they used cedar dynamite caulk, also looks beautiful, PROBLEM when they started to brush on SIKKENS SRD in NATURAL OAK it is turning all the beautifull honey oak colored wood to an UGLY DARK BROWN/BLACK...what do we do?
  Question: Where can I rent a Blaster Buddy or Cob Blaster in Muskoka? I live in Huntsville, ON.

  Question: We applied Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 to our new log cabin 5 years ago. As the northeast wall leaked severely we continued for the next two summers to reapply Cetol 23 and caulk with an acrylic sealant. Two years ago we had the NE wall chinked with Permachink which eliminated 90% of the leakage. We still have some leakage around windows, (caulking seems in good shape and we continue to patch any caulking that lets go), and some log ends. also the finish is peeling on some logs. How would you recom
  Question: I have a older log home that has never been treated and the logs are grey,what can I do to restore them?
  Question: How can I remove the fuzz from my log home that is already stained without ruining the stain.

Thank You
  Question: We recently purchased a 30 year old green log home kit that is badly in need of exterior stain. Where the logs are all full, and all different shapes/sizes, how would the Sherwin Williams Woodscapes latex would look in comparison to using a more transparent stain like Life Line? We would like things to blend in nicely but don't know what is on the house (definitely oil based). We plan to sand as we are unable to afford cob blasting. Would latex stain help to blend in and cover any areas tha
  Question: Do i have to stain my timber house or can i leave it so it looks weathered-thanks for your time
  Question: I have installed red cedar half round log siding on my home. I applied a water sealer with a stain pigment guaranteed for five years. We applied three coats. Within a year patches of white have risen to the surface. I reapplied the product recently as a test in a few of these areas. When it becomes dry the white comes back. How can we fix this problem? The house looks very speckled. Sad.
  Question: We have 5 cabins in southern Ontario built in the 1920's. The original oakum is still between many logs, but of course is dry and falling out. We have heard that putting in more oakum is pricey and inefficient. Is chinking a better way to go, and why? Thanks...
  Question: I moved us to the country when my husband suffered a head injury and needed to be away from the noise of the city. We moved into a log house that was needed some help about 15 years ago. My husband was not able to do a lot and I didn't know how. We chinked, but not much else got done. We now notice that some of the logs on two sides of the house (mostly infront and in one back corner) are rotting. We have thought about having a covered veranda built all around the house to give it more pro
  Question: I own a Timber Log home that I built in 1983in Johnstown Ohio.
The home is fine except the interior finish.
My wife has worked for several weeks trying to remove the polyurethane coating that was applied when the home was new. Sanding has not worked very well and stripping is out of the question.
I would like to know if blasting the logs with walnut shells or corn cobs would be a way to remove the finish and leave the surface pristine?
Does your company do that kind of work?
If not can you
  Question: We recently bought a red pine log home in VT built in 1978. It was corn blasted, repaired, caulked, and stained using a Transformation oil based stain. The variation in color from log to log is more than I care for, some logs coming out too dark relative to others. I have been told that you can't use semi-solid or solid stains on logs as it won't allow the logs to breath. Is this correct?
  Question: Are there any type of logs used for a log home that do NOT need to be stained on the outside of the home?
  Question: I have D log yellow pine log house in southern Maine that has been stained with CWF UV. I just cleaned it with Sashco CPR and am curious if I can use an oil based colored stain? Clear CWF-UV looks good for a year but rapidly fails on the west, south and east sides. Will the oil based stain last longer that CWF-UV. Do you think Sashco Transformation would be good?
  Question: We built our log home 13 years ago. Have done routine maintenance every 3 years. Always washed the logs with a power washer and let it dry for at least a month before staining. The last time we used a power washer the psi was higher than we realized. It chipped some of the stain from the logs. It is not bad but we are concerned it will not blend when we start staining. Can we stain over the area the power washer stripped or do we need to sand the area first. If so, what type of sander do we
  Question: our log house is open logs inside we have a lot of dust that is hard on my wife how can i stop this
  Question: We have bought a 20 year old log cabin that has been painted gray. We would like to restore it back to a nature color, and unsure of the best way to do so. We have been told to corn blast it, however that is a little out of our budget. We were told not to powerwash it, however, I see a lot of people here on this site have done so. I have also been told to use a solid Cabot paint to just go over the alreay gray paint. Any ideas that you might have would be great. Thanks for your help.
  Question: We own a pine log home in OK that needs one log repaired due to rot, and the rest completely refinshed. Do you recommend anyone in this area? Also I have noticed we have a lot of milipedes in our house, all log exterior, wood floors throughtout inside, any ideas why these are coming in? Thanks!
  Question: I have 2x6 frame construction and have log siding over that the siding is 3" at the narrow side and 6" at the fat side. I built the house in 2000 and put Messmers Timber FlexII on it> I took pressures washed it off and just put 3 hand brushed coates of Timber Flex back on it. I live in Amgel Fire NM in the mountains above 9000 feet. what should I do to help protect the finish and should I go back with a latex product after thie. I love the natural color of the ogs and do not want dark finish
  Question: Some of our logs are cracking. What would you recommend we fill them in with? Thanks.
  Question: I have a 20 yr. old log cabin.We used Behr oil but now the logs have turned black from I think mildew. I would like to know the best way to strip an re-do the logs...I live in p.e.i, Canada hopefully you can tell me of a product I can get on pei. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you
  Question: I am a woodcarver and i ran across a problem when i was almost done carving, a rotten spot, I hate to have to make it into fire wood is there anything that i can do to make it to where i can still carve?
  Question: We have a 1000 sq foot 3 1/2(log) panabode home in Northern Canada. In the winter I can barly keep the house above 15 degrees (c) with the fire on and furnace running. I notice wind comming throught the cracks where the wood joins at the edge of the house. Should the corners of the house be siliconed? Any feed would be much appreciated.
  Question: We are installing 2x8 log siding. We are installing ply wood to studs then felt tar paper, then a reflective bubble house wrap then 1x2 furring stripes. Do we need to seal the back of the logs before we install to 1x2's, If yes what should I use? What do you recommend we stain the rest of the house with and in what order?
  Question: I have a new shed , the walls are made of rough sawn pine, horizontal and overlapping. What type of stin should I use ? I want to make it a dark color ? I've been told by the builder of the sged to use Cabot... but I've also heard that Woodguard is a better product... thank you for your help.
  Question: I recently found little wood shavings in my log home near an outlet where there is a chink in the log and was wondering what it might be from? Thanks!
  Question: I have just powerwashed and am looking for a good product to preserve the wood. Any suggestions? Woodguard, Sikkens, Log Q8, Flood, Cabot are some that I have researched.
  Question: I have a 5 year old log house in Maine that I am in the process of chinck filling with log builder. I am going to clean the house; on the sunny side of the house the stain is all but gone (I am sanding this side). My question is this: what type of stain should I use to match the log builder repaired log cracks, and is there any extra prep I need to do to that sunny side I have sanded? The house was stained previously with a semi-clear Behr product.
  Question: can you tell me the difference between superdeck log stain and superdeck exterior stain? I like the natural color in the exterior, but they do not offer anything that light in the log finish.
  Question: My husband own a log cabin and the logs inside are bare. They have no treatment (raw wood) so we have a lot of dust throughout the house. My husband has breathing problems and I was wondering if this would have something to do with it. He has lived here for 20 years.
  Question: Is Sikkens Log and Siding stain a product that you would recommend for a cabin that is half-log pine, currently stained about ten years ago?
Also, what is your opinion on power-washing it prior to staining?
And finally, how do we achieve a slightly glossy appearance? How common is it to have a slight sheen to the finish?
  Question: I have a new hunting shack that needs some small gaps filled in. I will be using this to actually hunt in. I want to fill the gaps with non-smelling material. What would be the best solution ? Thanks and hope you can help
  Question: I am thinking of buying a prefabbed home that is stick built in a facility and shipped to the contruction site in panels for quick assembly.This panelized home has eastern white pine siding.Is this going to be high maintainance? What do you treat the siding with and how often?
  Question: I just bought a 13 year old kit log home with d-logs in New Hampshire. I dont know to much about log homes but the finish is a semi-transparent stain and is faded and i need to do something to it. Could i go over the existing stain with a solid color stain? Does it need any preping other than a wash? Does the solid color stains need a clear on top? Thanks for you time, Matt
  Question: What type of product should I use on my pine floor boards? Would I use the same products I would on the interior log walls?
  Question: Is there an outside preventitive maintenance that can be done to help with bugs? A monthly or yearly treatment.
  Question: The upper curavture of the logs on the south side of my home are becoming very dark. Is there a way to lighten without blasting? I used Defy stain (Teton Bronze). How can I tell if the color is due to mold or the sun? I know you are not a fan of powerwashing logs, so what do you recommend to remove dust and pollen? I can e-mail pictures if that would help. Thanks you for your advice.
  Question: We are buying a log home that is about 3 years old. The interior walls are pine and have apparently darkened over time. Everywhere the previous owner had hung pictures is noticably lighter than the surrounding walls. Is trying to match some stain for the lighter areas the only possible solution?
  Question: Log Doctor,

I am in the process of re-staining my log-sided cottage. The original stain was too orange, so we are applying a darker color. Most of the house looks fine, but there are several sections where the stain has a grey film. It is not dried out wood, but more of a film on the stain. Do you know why this happened, and most importantly, what I can do to remove the grey film?

Thank you!
  Question: I have a 25 year old log cabin. Just had it retained
over what is there now there are dull spots and shiny spots contractor said this is normal and the sun will even it out Is this normal?
  Question: We have a log sided home and are going to pressure wash it and restain it. I cannot decide between Superdeck Log Home Oil Finish and Superdeck Semi-transparent Deck & Siding Stain. It would seem to me that the Log Home Oil Finish would give more protection, but maybe there really isn't any difference but color choice. Thanks for your advice.
  Question: Our older log home was stained with a dark oil based pigment product seven years ago. This has mostly baked off under sun glare (off the six months of standing snow in northern North Dakota). The local vendor tells me that I can use a latex stain over the old stuff if we buff off any shine. The logs look dry and very little of the old finish remains. We're thinking of Log Wash from Perma Chink followed by Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Latex Stain. Does this sound reasonable?
  Question: I have the opportunity to buy some Olympic Cedartone deck stain very inexpensively. I was planning on purchasing some Sikkens stain from a log home company. Both are high solid oil based stains. What are the drawbacks of using a deck type stain vs. a stain specific to log home application like Sikkens?
  Question: How can I restore a varnished teak table with water stains? I would appreciate your answer.
  Question: Wow first things first this is a great site, Thank You. This is a two part question. First I am a first time log home owner and am trying to learn my way around. Is there a book or web-site or even a class that you would recommend? I believe I have found the answer but I want to double check. There are a lot of different opinions out there about cracks and checks. They seem to be used universally. I have a crack on the top side of the log it is not very bad yet, and I am trying to keep it that w
  Question: We just replaced our front porch flooring with fir T&G. We stained it with Sikkens SRD semi-transparent. Love the color (ebony) but we were hoping for a more satin to semi-gloss finish rather than so matte. Plus I can tell it's going to scratch easily. Is there anything I can apply over to harden it and give it a shinier finish? The porch is covered and faces East.
  Question: Just bought an 8 year old cabin. Lifeline was used to stain and seal. The clear coat is missing from the tops of most logs. Some are peeling to bare wood, some protected are like new. If I use Permachink again, do I need to strip or blast the house before restaining?
  Question: We had our logs powerwashed before applying stain, at completion of powerwashing i noticed some of the logs appeared to have discoloration and stains. Why did this occur. Thankyou
  Question: We just bought a 33 year old Log Home in Connecticut. It is very dark inside. Is there a way to lighten the interior walls? How do we know when the exterior needs to be re-stained or treated. Also the interior seems damp is this normal? It sits in sun/shade mix location. Thanks
  Question: We just bought a 33 year old Log Home in Connecticut. It is very dark inside. Is there a way to lighten the interior walls? How do we know when the exterior needs to be re-stained or treated?
  Question: Our house has log siding. Two sides are exposed to the weather the other two are covered. There are also two dormers.

I am looking for a contractor in the MIDDLE TENNESSEE area who can corn cob blast the exposed sides and perhaps apply a finish that matches the unexposed areas (they still seem to be in realy good shape.)

Does anybody have a contact? Thanks!
  Question: I have a past customer that has used pure tung oil on the interior and exterior of their camp kits. (they bought two) This spring when they opened them up after the winter the discover white pasty looking designs all over the place. Do you know of any draw backs to tung oil on cedar logs? The camps are located in central Maine.
  Question: I've read in your answers never to apply polyurethane to the logs, in my case interior of new logs. Is Miniwax Polycrylic Clear Satin ok on the interior? New house, builder just put on 3 coats of it. Will it not be a problem being in the acrylic family?
  Question: We recently replaced cedar slats with d logs. I used Olympic Maximum on the house and love the color. When I stained the carport, the color turned out differently. I think I may have stirred up the mix more for the carport. This is from the same can. How can I remove this from one of my structures in order to match up the colors?
  Question: We have rough sawn pine boards on your log sheed that are leaking pine pitch from the knot holes. How can we remove it and stop it from coming back?

Thank you
  Question: My exterior log walls need restaining. One refinisher offers to brush on stain, the other says to spray. Which is best for coverage and longest protection. The house in GA and situated in full sun. Thank you!
  Question: Purchased a log home last year.The pine logs were stained with cwf-uv.I liked the color,but it needs restained.The west side is lightly faded,but not terrible.The cwf-uv seems to be doing a good job.Do I just clean and reapply new stain and do I use clear or tinted stain.I live in northern Illinois and am in a very shaded location.
  Question: We have an 80+ yr old barn w/ vertical slats that had been previously tx w/ creosote. What is the CHEAPEST way to preserve the outside of the barn? I care more for function than beauty. Someone recommended asphalt fence paint.
  Question: Will trisodium phosphate dull the shine on Behr liquid rawhide? Is there anything else that you could recommend for cleaning our logs as they are quite dirty?

  Question: I bought a log home and needs to be restained. I also have some logs that have rotten in the front under the front stairs. Some other logs sound hollow and I dont know if they need to be replaced because they look good. My questions are, what type of stain from sherwin williams would you reccomend, whats the average cost of replacing a log, and would a hollow sounding log need to be replaced if it looks ok or is there something else i can do to it.
  Question: If borate was not used before staining, is there any benefit to applying a coat of that before a maintenance coat is applied?
  Question: Very large, wrap-around deck to be stained. I would like your opinion on what is the better product(s) to use(Sikkens,Sherwin,Behr)regarding cost. Will cost me a fortune if I use Lifeline. Need at least 200 gallons.
  Question: tHIS SUMMER I WANT TO STAIN THE EXTERIOR OF MY LOG CABIN. The cabin is over 100 years old. I dont think the exterior has ever been stained, to my knowledge anyway. My question is, can i use deck stain to do the exterior. thanks
  Question: Not yet installed, I have brand new Northern White Cedar D-Logs.
1. What prep is needed (any sanding, etc)?
2. Is borate needed (being that Cedar is naturally insect repellant)?
3. How is borate applied?
4. On house interior, if the cedar is left bare (for natural scent) are there any negative consequences?
  Question: Dear Doctor,
I need to caulking a log home. I found in the Internet two producer Perma Chink and Sashko. Shall I choose Energy Seal or Log Builder? Which one is better?
  Question: We're having a large addition built onto our log house. The contractor has left the addition exposed to the weather, rain & snow, numerous times. We now have water streaks all through the logs both upstairs & downstairs. We are now noticing mold growing on the logs. The roof is finally on, but the windows are not in. He says he will "make it right", but I'm concerned. What is the proper procedure to take care of the problems. I might add that water also leaked into the existing home bo
  Question: I recently had a subcontractor pressure wash a log cabin and had informed him we wanted it sealed possibly with clear austrialian timber oil. The cabin finished up a deep honey color which left me with a very dissatisifed customer. Is there any way to remedy this situation thanks Moss
  Question: Hi - we just built a 4 season porch with tongue & groove cedar walls/ceiling. We do not want to stain the cedar but have been told we should seal it. What type/kind of sealant should we use?

  Question: I am getting ready to stain my half log staircase for the first time and want to know what type of stain and topcoat or varnish is the most durable and scratch resistant?
  Question: What is recommended to seal checking? We've been investigating Check Mate 2 - is this a good product?

Our stain didn't take and we are having to redo the stain within a year, it looks like its chipping do we stain everything or should we "spot" stain? Also, do we need to re borate?

Thank you very much!
  Question: I have used Behr White Cedar NO.80 stain to stain walls inside my log home.. it appears this color has been discontinued.. Can you tell me what I can use as a replacment stain ?
  Question: I have new porch with peeled cedar logs as cornerposts, 8 - 10 inches in diameter. They will be exposed to blowing rain periodically, and direct sunlight daily. I would like to know best way to treat to preserve beauty as they are still light-colored (not sure how they got that way... bleached maybe). I appreciate any information and have enjoyed your site even tho I have a brick ranch!
  Question: I have a new log home and will be stainging it myself. I have yet to find anyone with any product that they are completly happy with! I want to get the best coating possible and am not apposed to oil base products. Eveyone that has a latex base product is very unhappy, the oil base folks are OK with what they have used. Help! What do you recomend for eastern Oregon. Thanks.
  Question: We are building a butt and pass log home out of dry downed lodge pole pine. We noticed that there are quite a few termites flying around and entering into bored holes in the wood. What is the best way to get rid of these termites and when should it be done?
  Question: Dear Doc.
We built our pine log home in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada in 1986 and put a sikkens product on the exterior. We have never reapplied it. Now we have bees drilling holes in the logs and even in the chinking. (perma chink) I have sprayed bug killer on the logs to no avail. Can you recommend how to get rid of the bees and what stain we could use over sikkens. Or what is the best protection we can put on the logs to protect them from bees and weather.
T. McMillan
  Question: After cob blasting our log home (original stain-Sascho High Sierra 10 years ago) I get very different opinions as what to reapply: Sikkens Cetol SRD vs Weaterguard vs Sascho High Sierra. We are located near Snoqualamie Pass, WA (65 miles east of Seattle.
Any thoughts about the Sikkens products are greatly appreciated.
Thank you-Jerry
  Question: Do you know anything about ( CABOT ) semi-solid stain?
  Question: My wife and I bought a 1984 kit pine log cabin last year. The interior walls have never been finished. This summer, with high humidity the walls have come alive! There is white mold where the logs intersect. Some mold spread to the ceiling. I've cleaned the ceiling with H2O2 and started dehumidifying, but Im afraid of doing the walls myself. How should I proceed? We're on a tight budget, I have allergies (penicillin too), and my wife is pregnant. Toxic chemicals and mold both concern me.
  Question: 52 year old log cabin (half logs). Outside has been maintained periodically with creosote. 5 gal of creosote is still in garage. How do I prep surface before applying more creosote? or if not creosote, what should I use? North side is starting to fade and some areas leave dark residue on fingers when logs are rubbed. Browish liquid came off when I hosed it down to get rid of spider webs. Please advise.
  Question: I am in the process of purchasing a log home built in 1975. It appears to be well maintained. We are getting ready for the home inspection. My concern is the exterior is stained dark and it appears blotchy in certain areas. How do I tell if this is mold or stain discoloration?
  Question: breathable, breathable breathable, is this really so important in a finish? I have a western red cedar home with no finish at all on the inside walls. My problem is that when I use my wood stove for heat, the dry air creates big checks and cracks in the logs. So would'nt it be better to use a finish on the interior that is not so breathable to prevent this problem?
  Question: Log Doctor - we built our own log home many years ago and used CWF on the outside of the logs. I have been reading your responses to the questions regarding CWF and you appear to "bash" the product. Thought you may interested in knowing that we are quite happy with the product, it has done a wonderful job for years for us ! You do not really give details as to why "you are not a fan of the procuct", so I am not sure what you feel the problems are? At any rate, we are presently looking to do
  Question: We recently purchased a 7 year old log cabin that is in need of a new coat of stain. I have no idea what kind of product was used previously. Is there some way to determine if the existing stain is oil based or latex?
  Question: I have a Cypress log home built in 1982. The logs are fine, however the front and back cypress facia boards are sun faded. Should I apply some kind of preservitive or stain to prevent any dry wood termites from getting to it. Some of the wood is it's natural gray(aging) look and some of it is almost white.
  Question: my mother in law has just had a log cabin built
this year and there are major cracks in the logs
almost all of them the the contractor used them should she still pay for them or is this gonna cause problems. ps she payed for new logs.what causes the cracks in the logs?
  Question: I'm in the process of building a log cabin the old way. One week ago, after applying the first coat of Perma-Chink's Lifeline ultra 2 on 300 square feet and the second coat on 100 square feet of the house, we decided the color was not right. Would Eazy Strip, by Perma-Chink, be the answer in removing the stain off the logs, keeping in mind that this is a hand hewn log without smooth surfaces? If so, would it take off all the stain and how much trouble would it be? The chinking has not be
  Question: apparently Behr white cedar stain has been discontinued. Do you know what it has been replaced by or what would be the closest color?
  Question: I purchased a home with log siding that is stained rather dark and has spar varnish over the stain. the parts in the direct sunligh seem to fade rather quickly. I also wish I could lighten the color some. Is there any alternative to completely stripping the entire house and starting from scratch?
  Question: Do you reccomend using a sandblaster on a:
1) cedar deck (with a solid stain)
2)Treated wood deck (with a solid stain)
  Question: What are the concerns in a 30+ year old Cypress log home? It has been neglected over the past 5 years, and it looks that at least one side of the house will need the siding replaced. Aside from that replacement, should we consider a sealant or is there any other maintenance? Don't know much about log homes or where to start and what kind of $$ we are looking at having to spend for this.
  Question: I am considering purchasing a cypress log home that was built in 2006. Not sure that anything was ever done to the outside logs and was wondering if you need to treat, stain, etc cypress logs. The exterior finish looks great, but a couple small areas look like they are fading. The house itself is pretty well protected from the sun with tree cover. Also some of the interior is aspen wood. It does not appear to be finished in any way and really looks great. Is there any need to finish this w
  Question: I have a cedar log home. Curently there is a semi-transparent and I believe a light solid over that. I would like to sand, but it is taking for ever. If I sandblast do I need to sand afterwards and is the post sanding very time consuming? Is sikkens semi-transparent reccomended for stain? I have also buit an extension and the logs I used were srtipped and they have been up for two years now. Do I need to sand or can I apply the stain directly?
  Question: We purchased some pine log siding about a year ago to put on a garage building. We just got to putting them up and some of the wood has some stained spots from incidental exposure to moisture where they were stored. It seems like a couple spots may be moldy.
What can we do to clean the affected areas and bring back the natural color before applying borate and stain?
  Question: I have a 'Wilderness' Log home that was built in 2002 with an unknown stain (I think they use Sashco). The stain still looks good, but it's obviously time to restain it.I also now have carpenter bees with mild resultant woodpecker damage. My plan was to 1) apply insecticide and repair damage 2)Wash house with log cleaner and brightener 3)Apply the same(i hope) color stain 4)then apply a borate treatment.
Is there anything else I need to do to prep the wood for staining? Do you think the bora
  Question: last summer i completely demo-ed and rebuilt a wrap-around wood porch in centr mich lake house with clear douglas fir timbers, railings, facia & flooring. i wanted to keep the natural beauty of the wood and sealed everything with only linseed oil. as the porch is open, the floor has a couple spots that weathered. what should i do (and products to use) now to clean and finish touch-up or re-finish completely?
  Question: I have a new pine log cabin... should I poly the walls, tung oil, or leave them alone?
  Question: We build log homes but I still haven't found a good way to re-stain logs without discoloring the chinking. We've been cutting in with a brush and it takes FOREVER. Any tips?
  Question: We have just finished puting on the 1st coat of
Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding Natural and we cannot decide which caulking to use for the cracks. Should we use Conceal or Checkmate? The Sikkens has a slight gloss to it and we do like the idea of the conceal since it has texture but wondered if it would look okay. Can you help? Thank you so much.
  Question: What is corn-blasting? How is it different from sand-blasting.
  Question: Last year I bought a log home that was built in 1986. The man that built and lived in it was an older man, and put siding on the exterior to protect the logs. I took the siding off and I got a Sikkens stain. It was supposed to be a natural finish, but it dried very dark. I just put one coat. Any ideas why it dried so dark? I am using a tan colored chinking. I am afraid it won't look right with the stain color.
  Question: When I came home from work yesterday, I noticed that something has been eating between the logs on our home. There were shaving all over the floor. Any idea what it could be and what to do about it????
  Question: I have a yellow pine log home from Southland Log homes in the NC Mountains on the New River. I am preparing to restain it (home is 4 years old) for the 3rd time. The last 2 applications were with Wood Guard (terrible product and nasty stuff!). How should I prepare the logs and siding? What is the best cleaning solution? Do I have to remove the old stain? Thanks!
  Question: Just bought a 80 year old log home. Insides are tongue and groove hardwood on all surfaces. Have gone dark. What is my best option to give a bright look?
Outsides are wood siding, which is gone dark as well. Will sand blasting work ? I was advised to use 'borocare' for termite protection both inside and out. Is this a good idea. What make and type product do you reccomend for finishes inside and out.
  Question: i just sent you a question about cedar vs pine. i meant to write White pine, not treated pine.
  Question: I live in New England and am currently shopping around for a log home kit. I was wondering if it is worth the price difference to build it with cedar rather than treated white pine.
  Question: We just purchased a new 2007 Breckenridge park model home with Cedar log siding. We need to seal or stain it. Any recommendations on what to use and how to apply it? The park model is located in Western MN lakes country.
Thanks for the help.
  Question: Hope 3rd times a charm for question,
Doc, our log home was stained and sealed with Sikkens product 3 years ago. Looks like it could be freshened up a little. What do I need to do? I 've never owned a log home so I need your help. Can I wash the logs, restain and seal with the same product to give it that new look?

Rick 5-14-08
  Question: Moved into a new log home (white pine). Some of the interior logs have a grey/black stain on them, I believe from where they were strapped. The interior was sealed with a polyurethane. Tried using bleach, but it didn't lighten the areas. Any suggestions?
  Question: I applied sashco capture and cascade 7 years
ago. Do I need to wash the logs first, or can I reapply stain and top coat? Also, do you think there is a better product available?
Thank you for your response.
  Question: We bought a log home this year. It hasn't been mainained for years. Most of the stain is gone and the logs are weathered grey. We plan on washing with a chlorox/trisodium phosphate mixed with water, then stain with Olympic semitransparant oil based stain. You seem to favor latex. Is there that much of a problem with Olympic Maximum oil based stain. Thank you. John
  Question: About 6 years ago we bought a 75 year old log home. It has been painted for I don't know how long. It needs to be repainted, but it appears the logs are in good shape. We are considering painting over it in a different color, but the comments I read about painting are making me think twice. Total stripping seems prohibitively expensive. What do you suggest?
  Question: Which is the original color a new house in the walls??
  Question: Built log home in Midwest from square pine logs purchased from Amish 4 years ago. Serious illness occurred in our family and we no longer had the money to stain or weatherproof the exterior. We also could not get it thoroughly caulked. There seems to be no resulting permanent damage, but exterior logs have unevenly weathered and are now quite unattractive. We must sell with ongoing health issues. What would be the cheapest/fastest/easiest exterior solution for us that would still enhance an
  Question: We have a log cabin that is about 20 years old. The varnish (bear oil stain) that we have been using on it over the years has turned many of the logs dark and almost black. What chemical or procedure do we use to remove that black look and bring the natural color of the logs back?
  Question: Aftersanding interior walls.What kind of clear sealer can we use that will not yellow?
  Question: I have a 4 year old southland log home.Put polyurethane on interior log walls now everything our carpet,walls and clothes are turning yellow. How do we fix this and will it harm us to breath this? who do we call for testing? Please e-mail me soon
  Question: 4 Year old Cedar log home in W. Michigan. Exterior needs attention in its entirety. Betting builder used a latex semi-transparent, but cannot confirm.
QUESTION: Is it feasible to power wash , log wash, brightener possibly then spray base coat w/semi-trans (cedar tone..ish) and BACK ROLL w/block skin(1 3/4in nap) then spray re coat for ascetic consistency? Minimal sanding desired, will this avoid a blotchy look.
  Question: Hello Log Doctor,
I recently purchased a one story 1600 sq. ft. log cabin in AL. The previous owners painted the logs dark brown and now the paint is chipping. I want to strip the paint, seal, and stain the wood. What is the best method for stipping the paint off? I am really trying to stay in a budget, but would it be more cost effective to have someone else strip, stain, and seal? If so, do you know someone in the Huntsville, AL area to help with this task.?

Thanks for your help!!
  Question: We just bought a 10 yr old log home last year. We cleaned the back deck last summer, and noticed that some of the stain on the back log walls came off. The house needs to be restained. We like the color, which we think is Sherwin Williams Woodscapes (the can was in the basement). If we wash the logs with Log Wash and the stain comes off unevenly, will we need to blast it before we stain? Or will we be able to stain over the existing without it looking blotchy? Could we not wash it and ju
  Question: Just finished staining the inside of my fir log home with an oil based stain, the color I chose turned out much more yellow than I like, is there anything I can use to tone down the yellow and achieve a natural cedar color??
  Question: There is pine car siding on the inside of my home. it is stained a cherry color, and is turning orangeish. I want to strip and restain a warm honey. Do I have to take down the paneling first??
  Question: I just bought a small (12x30, with 12x12 loft)brand-new pine log cabin in WI. The exterior has already been stained. I would like to finish the interior for easier maintenance/cleaning. What would you recommend I use to finish the interior? On other sites I have seen suggestions to use tung oil, is this an option?

Thank you.
  Question: What is the best one coat application process stain/sealer available today?

Would you use any of these?
Sansin SDF
Superdeck Log Home Oil Finish
Rymar Xtreme Weather
Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label
Messmer's UV Plus
  Question: We just purchased an 1850's log cabin, that's been covered with wood siding. We are in the process of taking the siding off and the forest pine logs are in good shape! Should we bleach them to try to get them back to their original color...or just use some type of sealant to keep the weathered patina?
  Question: We used a clear polyurethane on the interior of our logs and on the T&G interior walls and ceiling. The logs turned a warm honey color and the T&G turned yellow. They are both white pine. Will they over time blend? Or can we apply a tinted stain to the T&G boards over the clear polyurethane to try to match the color?
  Question: I painted the interior log walls in my house with polyeurethane clear cloat, and now I want to restore the log walls to their natural finish. What is the best procedure for this project? What do you think would be my expense ?
  Question: Is there a differernce in yellow pine vs white pine logs, both kiln dried, in terms of structural integrety, rot/insect resistence etc. Looking at having a home built from one of the many manufacturers. Right now comparing Southland Log Homes with Honest Abe.
  Question: Dumb question:
I am about to buy a log house that was built in 1987. -I think from a kit. How can I tell what kind of wood the logs are?
  Question: I am building a log home, have you ever heard of not finishing the interior walls, I have heard that it is easier to keep clean.
  Question: Building cypress log home and want to turn it silver grey. What kind of weathering agent sould I use, I have read that Cabot #3244 is good.
  Question: right now my walls in my lake home are white, any sugguestions on color scheme for a lake home in northern wisconsin, boulder junction.
  Question: I'm building our log home this winter and the shell should be done in the spring. My question is when is the right time to Borate treat the house And stain the house???
  Question: I hope this is not a sacrilege but I want to paint my log home --on the inside. Well, I'm looking at a log home w/flat horizontal boards on the interior walls. It has nice windows at the ends of a great room but the whole wood interior just needs lightening and I need more light . So I would like to know if interior walls like these can be painted and/or bleached-white washed. The finish on these walls is a flat, matte -not acrylic or anything shiny. If this can't be done, I can never buy
  Question: Hello, I own a 2 yr old Eastern White Pine log home in the Smokies. My shower enclosure is barely 6 ft high and the rest is the exposed log
wall. It always gets very wet during showers. This doesn't sound right to me. Am I damaging the log wall?
  Question: We have had our Hemlock log home for about 20 years now in SE Missouri. I recently power washed and used a Behr silcon sealent about a month after power washing. I have just read your warning about silicon sealents and power washing. We have bare logs on the inside and most all the checks in the logs are not sealed. My question is, is the silicon mainly prevent the logs from breathing? What should I do now?
Thanks, Dale
  Question: We recently purchased a lake home that we are looking to put log siding on and I was wondering what types of stain you would recommend. The location is Central Illinois where it gets pretty humid in the summers. Someone told me to look at Outlast Q8 log oil but I can't find too many product reviews. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks.
  Question: Dear Log Dr.:

We are replacing 20 logs in our home. The origional logs are pine and we are going back with Cypress. The logs that are being instaled seem to be wet. When the contractor hits them they have wetness coming out. How long before we can Borate and stain?? Moving into the rainy season as well here. What should we do?

Best Regards
  Question: Have 25 year old cedar channel lap siding installed with the channel out. Has Woodscapes Semi-Transparent Cedar Bark on it. built new garage and installed cedar same way. Love the cedar color--what clear product would last longer than 2 years or should I go with Cedar Bark again?
  Question: Live in CO front range, very low humitidy (less than 10%), house was powerwashed to strip stain off. How long do we wait before treating with borate solution?
  Question: Used Superdeck stain on exterior on 11 yr old log home. Been redone 2 times. Been 6 years since last done. Wanted to use Permachink this time. They say we have to strip first, do we?
  Question: Iown a kuhns bros. log home.The house is two years old and was was stained with woodguard.Beforehand I powerwashed with bleach and water.I was told this was not good so im letting the house go this year before restaining.what stain(latex/oil)and how to prep?I want to do the best possible thing regadlessof the work!!
  Question: We've been building our dream home and have put log siding on it. without going into detail, some of the siding was applied in early spring '07 before 3 months of rain. And some has been applied fairly recently (it's now Oct '07). The older siding shows some blackening, we assume is mildew. We are planning to power wash all the siding, then stain with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes soon. Should we only wash the siding that is blackened? Or do it all? And can we use bleach on the blackene
  Question: We've been building our dream home and have put log siding on it. without going into detail, some of the siding was applied in early spring '07 before 3 months of rain. And some has been applied fairly recently (it's now Oct '07). The older siding shows some blackening, we assume is mildew. We are planning to power wash all the siding, then stain with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes soon. Should we only wash the siding that is blackened? Or do it all? And can we use bleach on the blackene
  Question: We have just finished putting log walls and roof on our home. The logs are from Montana and a mix of engelman spruce/lodgpole pine. The logs were pretty dry when we got them, but got wet some during construction. Very few of the logs had mold (white or black) growing on them when we uncovered the original bundles. We treated the ones with mold with a product called 30 seconds. Now we would like to finish the interior and exterior. Now that we have things dry, I hesitate to pressure wash o
  Question: Where can I find log steps for my new log home? I haven't found but one website that carries steps.
  Question: We had our log home sand blasted. He started to stain and the stain we chose was Sikkens Cedar color, the stain came out MUCH darker and red than we thought. We had him stop and bought the color natural and had that applied instead. The house is finished and it looks yellow and orange and fuzzy. The stain is darker in some areas and lighter in others. I am very frusterated and don't know what to do to fix it. I wanted a nice carmel color and for the logs to be glossy. Please help!
  Question: We've just finished construction of a cedar log home. Acrylic or oil based exterior stain - what's our best option?
  Question: What is the best way to remove water stains from the interior walls of a log home? Some of the stains are from when the log home was built in 1992 and others are from leaking over the years. The leaks have been repaired. The interior walls have never had any finish put on them. Thanks
  Question: Our contractor hired a stainer to prep and stain our log home. The only prep work they did before staining was to powerwash the logs. This left water streaks over ALL the logs which the stainer stained over the top of. I have 2 questions: 1. would corn blasting be the best method to remove these and to start fresh? 2. What is the normal prep work that SHOULD have been done before staining? THANKS!
  Question: Could you please recommend a product to keep as natural a look as possible w/out too much greying for cedar siding? Reapplication won't be too much of a problem. If the cedar has been on the house untreated all summer, will we have do any treatment prior? It's not grey but not quite as yellow as when first put up. Thank you.
  Question: Our log home is 10 years old. When we moved in, we used a danish oil on the interior logs. Now, I would like to put a coat of urethane or varathane on them. What is better to use?
  Question: I recently boughta new log home package made of douglas fir. I heard a lot of controversy about oil and water based finish. I want to know the right finish that would preserve my log home . The log home was sprayed at the log yard to prevent mildew and what is the next step for us to do?
  Question: We have a 22 yr old log home. The previous owners stained it with SW Exterior Alkyd Wood Preservative, but the color is too dark for our tastes. It's overdue for a staining, wearing thin in some areas. Corn-blasting seems to be fairly expensive, so we're considering going with a lighter-colored solid stain for now. What type of stain should I use to go over the old stain? Also do I need to use a borate preservative or similar product when re-staining? Thanks!
  Question: I bought a 4-year old unfinished log home that has not had any exterior finish over most of it. I am sanding the entire house and then want to use Sikkens Cetol SRD on the logs. Is this compatible with Permachink Check Mate 2 and Energy Seal? Should it be stained before caulking or caulked first? Also, should I use a borate treatment first? Thanks Much.
  Question: My husband and I built our log home in northern MN. I'm looking for a home remedy for staining / preserving our logs. Do we use only a stain or a combination of linseed,stain for pigment with a turbintine for bugs. What is best combination to use?
  Question: Hello, Our log home has had black streaks in the interior since we bought it under a clear stain. I just noticed tiny black dots on the interior and I'm afraid it is mold. It is throughout the interior of the home. Will allergic children we need to find out what it is and fix it. Most rooms have a clear shiny coat of something...but the bedrooms don't look like they are sealed. We live in the home and will occupy it when fixing. Help. Also , I am staining the exterior with a solid stain
  Question: Hi Log Doctor,

We just bought a log home, and I understand that it was last stained about 3-4 years ago. It is currently ready for new treatment. We are planning to caulk, then power wash and clean with a bleach solution, apply a preservative, and stain.

I've contact Sherwin Williams several times, and I am getting conflicting information. Is Sherwin Williams Woodscapes a product that can be used on log homes? If not, can you suggest a few brand names?

Also, are we on the right t
  Question: I have a 16 year old log home, 10" d-style pine logs, all the knots are leaching and dripping sap on the exterior. I am going to strip the house and restain. what can i do to prevent sap from dripping from these knots? Thank You
  Question: Just purchased a Cypress log home which has a honey color interior which has faded a bit on some logs in some areas. Not necessarily from light exposure. Would like honey finish consistant throughout all logs on interior of "D" logs, and clear seal it to make it look good. Can I use the honey stain on faded and not faded logs and end up with the same color? What products would be best for the Cypress Log interior?
  Question: What about shingle oil on a newly built log cabin?
  Question: I have a log home made of western red cedar. Yesterday I power washed half the house and today I read that you say I should wait 4 weeks before staining. Would this also be true if I sanded the house and then washed it? I am going to use Permachink products and they say it breathes. The problem is that it rains so often here and we have a good weather window. Also the logs are bare on the interior.
  Question: I have a customer that has a log home that was stained with a product called "rawhide" appox 5 yrs ago it is now orange what can we do? The look is like apoxy on the wood
  Question: We bought a log home that outside has not been maintained for at least 20 years. We are on a tight budget, can you recommend the products we could use that are available from a home-depot to prepare the wood and to stain?
  Question: I have to stain my log home and was wondering is the correct way media blasting verses using a stripper to take off the old stain and sealant? I would need to drive 150 miles to rent a media blaster. Would "eazy strip" be just as good? Also, we used lifeline in the past but was wondering what your best feelings on stains are. I have heard that sikkens is also good, but does it let the logs breathe?
  Question: wehave just bought a panel boat home and want to whitewash the log. can u tell us what we need to do
  Question: We have been building a log home for about 2 years on our own to save on contractors costs. The roof is ready to be installed and I need to do something to the logs because they are weathered. I was told to bleach them and to start from the botom up. Is this true? My logs are cypress and I would like them to be the lightest color log possible but yet have a shiny wet look. What do you recommend and in what order? Thanking you in advance. T.F.
  Question: we have a 20 year old log home and used sikkens every 5 years it is not lasting more than 2 years the dealer said to strip it entirely off and start over. this home is 4600 sq. ft i told him he was crazy. any ideas. also the sikkens on the deck is not last more than a year. what can i replace it with it is getting very costly to do every year. can u put any other stain overtop of sikkens without stripping

  Question: We are considering purchasing an old log home which appears to have been built with telephone poles soaked with creosote, but the inside of the home smells very strong of creosote. Is there any way to get rid of this odor? Seems like it would be harmful to a persons health to be inside this home as the smell is overwhelming.
  Question: I have to apply a waterproofing to my oak logs. I know you have recommended waterbased Permachink products but I came across a silicone based waterproofer by Cabot. Any reason I should not use a silicone product on oak logs?
  Question: I am considering having my log home blasted this winter. The home is currently painted with several coats of latex paint with a couple of layers of transparent and solid stain. The home also had T-111 siding on the gables and other non-log walls and Hardi-plank on an addition. I want to restore it to a stain finish, replace the T-111 siding with a fiber-cement product. Will the latex or oil based stains offered on your website work on fiber-cement products and will there be a color differenc
  Question: Our log home in Ohio has been coated with CWF since it was first built in 92. We are trying to determine if we can switch products, to what option would be better for our home which is one floor full log, one floor log siding. Also, are there products that can be applied over the existing CWF, or would we need to corn blast?
  Question: We had red pine log beams that were cut down by the builder last Oct. installed in our new home. They are now dripping sap. What can we do?
  Question: I have just completed building a white pine log cabin. Can i use a regular generic polyurethane to do my inside? What prep work is required first?

thank you
  Question: I have new 1/2 log siding on my cabin, how do I clean it, and is woodscape semi transparent srains a good product?
  Question: can a oil based urathane finish be used over a water based stain/sealer on interior logs
  Question: I have a forty year old Panabode rancher in Langley, B.C. It was painted (I think) and after reading your many answers I wanted to know if removing the paint with Wood Bio Wash was a good idea?
  Question: looking for cob blast contractor in lakes region of NH
  Question: We have a 6 year old cedar home that we have stained with Cabot Water-based Clear solutions 3065 Pacific Redwood. It is in need of staining and we are having trouble finding this same stain, due to new VOC regulations in NY. Can you tell us where we can find it or what we need to use to obtain a similar color/finish.
  Question: We are re-siding and putting up western red cedar on just a portion of our home. Could you please recommend a product that would allow us to keep as much visibility of this wood as possible, while keeping it from greying? We're doing such a small portion in this manner that reapplying won't be a problem at all. Thank you!
  Question: 1) I recently bought a log home built in 1976 what is the first steps in pepareing the log for a sealer.
2) The original home owner left a case of caulk the brand is Sikken is this good for the chinking
3) What brand of log sealer do you recommend for my log home I live in New Hampshire
  Question: Hi,
I have a cedar sided home which was last stain in 2000/2001 and due for another treatment. The stain used was a semi-transparent oil based stain CWF 50% clear and 50% cedar. I would like to be able to get more life out of the treatment, not just 5 years. What are your thoughts on power wash the house, add 1 coat of cedar tone Cabot 5/15 year stain, add another coat of cedar tone Cabot stain and finally adding a latex stain. Would this increase the protection and life of the stain? And
  Question: I just purchased a three year old cabin that the builder stained but never sealed. Must I remove the stain before re-staining and what can I use other than corn blasting (if any) to remove the stain?
  Question: We purchased a log home that is 24 years old and the outside logs are in desparate need of being refinished. the rawhide has worn off in places, and there are areas of black from where water hit the logs. What do we have to do first in order to stain it? Do we have to remove the rawhide before staining?
  Question: we have a log home and some of the bottom logs are starting to rot. Is there someway to repair them with something like a fiberglass mixture?
  Question: I made the mistake of putting a sikens stain on a pressure treated deck that is covered and not really exposed fortunatly I have only done a third of the deck LOOKSVery dark and has a tacky feel. Is there something I can strip it off with
  Question: I have a bad oil stain job that is turning black.We don't have corn blasting. We plan to sand. Will we get enough of it off to apply borate and a latex stain? No one told us about borate. Need to start from scratch. Thanks.
  Question: We bought a cedar siding home that has log at the corners, window frames, etc. 1 1/2 years ago. The lower part of the house where it gets the most weather wear needs restaining. We talked with the previous owner and she "thinks" it was done with a water based stain that she got at Sherwin Williams. Can we restain just those boards that need it or do we redo the whole house. We aren't sure of the color of the stain. Also, we were told we should seal the boards that are cracked. If so, what
  Question: we want to stone the entire s. end of our log home,due to needing all new windows and trapazoid windows can you stone over the exsisting logs or do we have to cut them out first?
  Question: we have a 30 year old cabin that we are considering putting a solid color stain on due to the darkend color it has gotten to be. we are adding on and afraid we would never match the you know where we could view existing log homes done this way?? pics,etc.
  Question: I recently moved to CA south SF bay area and purchased a log home. I am having difficulty finding a someone with log home experience to stain/seal the home. Can you offer any recommendations?
  Question: i am looking to build a cabin in south eastern tennessee how will white pine hold up vs cedar for the cabin walls
  Question: We have a 13 year log home, Lifeline Ext has been applied 5 years ago. We want to clean the exterior which has mold spores. 1. what is the ratio to use water-tsp-bleach to clean? 2. Can we use a log stain by Cabot over the Life Line>?
  Question: I wrote you from AR and have lost info about person you recommended to look at our log home. Could you send me that again please? We are in Fairfield Bay. Thanks.
  Question: Having trouble finding the stain I used on my log siding ten years ago. The No. is # 615 Golden Oak. The name on the can is ( Scandinavian Oil Wood Stain ) Natural Hand Rubbed Lustre with Wax
  Question: Is it ok to use polyurethene on exterior log walls as long as they walls are covered by a porch and recieve very little sunlight
  Question: Hi, my home is part log and part half log siding finished in Behr Rawhide #12 (Transparent). A discontinued product. After 9 years it seems to have worn away in patches that are now weathered to gray. What can I apply over this product and how do I prep the surface. No one in my area does corn cob blasting. thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Gord
  Question: i have a log home that has been polyurethaned on the outside what do we need to do to take off and re-stain thanks
  Question: Hello- finished a log home in Erie Conty PA and it will be about 14 months old and am now looking to get ready for a finish for the outside- what is the true and best prep for this? (powerwash vs corn blasting) and we are looking for a lite and natural look for a stain- people are pushing us towards the 2 step Cetol sikkens product? what is your recomendations? 1st time at this and Jane and I do not want to make a mistake- meeting with some contractors in late April and would like to go with s
  Question: I want to switch exterior semi-transparent oil based stain from Woodguard preservative and stain to a Sherwin Williams woodscapes Poly semi stain. Do you forsee any potential problelms switching without removing Woodguard (put on only two years ago and fading). Thanks
  Question: My husband and I bought a 30 year old log home in Oklahoma. Since we don't know the home's history, I'm not sure what it has been treated with, but it needs it bad!! Where do we start?
  Question: My husband and I bought a 30 year old log home in Oklahoma. Since we don't know the home's history, I'm not sure what it has been treated with, but it needs it bad!! Where do we start?
  Question: i have a red wood patio. It has oil based red wood deck paint on it wich is severly chipped. I want to get rid of the paint and use stain instead, but i cant get the paint off. Is there any way of getting rid of the paint without staining it?

thanks for your help!
  Question: Please Help! We recently purchased a Log Cabin in the Colorado Mountains. The logs have been painted with a BROWN LATEX PAINT! We are wanting to remove the latex paint. We have researched this process and have come up with 5 different answers? Corn Blasting, side angled grinding, stripping, etc. We are confused on what process would remove this paint. We have been told by a Professional that corn blasting a painted log will be too agressive to remove the paint. This would leave gouges in the log
  Question: We recently bought a 7 year old pine log home. The logs starting cracking this winter, expecially bad are the logs that run from the outside of the house all the way through it. Huge cracks. Now, all the stair railing are cracking open. My dining and living room walls are no longer beautiful. We installed a humidifier to keep humidity at 40% and still logs are cracking. Any solutions to this?
  Question: We are renovating a log cabin that is 36 years old. How do we remove black cresote that dripped from a wood stove pipe onto sealed and treated pine logs?
  Question: we used oil based polyurethane on the interior of our walls when we take down pictures or anything we have hanging on the walls there are faded or lighter spots where the picture or etc was hanging. what can we do to fix this??
  Question: correct blast media for log siding - I have read that blasting with sand will damage log siding, and other places have said its ok to use sand as long as you are careful and smooth the wood out afterwards. Is it ok to use sand as a blast media for stripping exterior stain on log siding?
  Question: Our logs are rounded and are getting dusty. What is the best way to clean the log walls?
  Question: We are planning to redue our home in log siding.
What should we be looking for in the siding? Red, white or yellow pine vs ceder? Tounge & grove vs ship lap vs square butt? Vertical corner vs butt & pass. We are researching our options however, we keep coming up with different answers to our questions?
  Question: Ok ok I got it better late than never- never power wash a log home, but it was and like the person above the logs are fuzzy. You didn't answer the question, what does one do to get rid of fuzz.
  Question: Hello, again and again, ok the previous home owner used Werther water seal, You said was a no no, does this have to be corn cob blasted off, wore off or what, do we stain over this?, Also this is a half cypress log/half framed, back side of home is framed with vertical cypress planksiding with one inch strip, does that explain the werther's??